House of Lies (2012–2016): Season 2, Episode 2 - When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet - full transcript

Marty and the Pod head to Las Vegas to help an aging casino regain its luster. They are joined by Tamara, Galweather Stearn's newest partner-level consultant and rival of Marty's from business school. Clyde is seduced by the VIP bottle-service Las Vegas nightlife. His ties to club owners, the Dushkin Twins, will prove to be valuable to Marty. Jeannie finds a passive-aggressive foe in Galweather Stearn's interim CEO, Julianne.

Previously on House of Lies...

A lot of weird stuff
happened that night.

I blacked out...

So, did we...?

I don't remember, either.

My name is
Julianne Hofschraeger,

and I am the interim ceo.

We are promoting
Jeannie Van Der hooven.

Got the big old
please-don't-sue-us promotion.

You're the new Jesus Christ,

and I am counting on you
to close like a motherfucker.

Mr. Pincus?

We're gonna build

a better goddamn casino.


You're goddamn right.

Fuckin' Vegas, baby!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

I love you.

Oh, man.

Ah! You see that?

Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Or should I say,
"viva lost wages?"

You ever heard that?

Well, you know,
maybe to be safe,

you just shouldn't say
anything at all.

Ah, you know what, Clyde?

Your words can't
hurt me. Not here.

Uh-uh. Not in the most
majestic city in the world.

God, where the eiffel
tower is a stone's throw

from a venetian gondola.

Where if you want
to walk from a...

A giant slot machine to a
world-class art gallery,

all you need to do is
cross the bellagio lobby.

Simple as that.

Tickets to the museum
will cost you 15 bucks,

but as the poster out front
says, it's worth the monet.

I'm excited.

Oh, yeah.
I can tell.

Marty, this is where Jeannie
would usually jump in.

You crushed it, guggenheim.

Yes! Oh, no, no. The other thing.

Oh, shut the fuck up, Doug.

Shut the fuck up, Doug.

Hey, did you know Vegas
has a sister city in China?

Yeah-- huludau.

This is it, boys.

Soak it in.

Does it get any
better than this?

Oh, my God.

Come on. Faded glory.

Once you've lived with the gods,
you can't wait to get

a taste of that sweet nectar,

as it trickles down your throat
one more time.

This place is just in need

of a little love,
and we have just the magic. Huh?

Stating the obvious

and making a fat old check
disappear in our pockets?

Hut, ho...

♪ Ta-da!
♪ ta-da!

Hey, Jeannie.

Thanks for coming.

Oh, oh, careful.

This is how things got
started with the last guy.

So, um, I know that
you know, at this point,

that I have made a, uh,

pretty successful career
helping wayward companies.

Mm... "The titan of turnaround."

Hot new erp,

or asset reduction
plan is always

gonna make the headlines,
but, um,

do you know
what the secret sauce is

in every successful bounceback?

This is a wild guess,
but is it the people?

Boilerplate, okay, yes.

But that's because it's true.

You find the best people,

and you cultivate 'em.

Now, I know
that you and I have just met...

Actually we met a few years

back... briefly.

I volunteered
when you ran for governor.

Really thought
you were going to win, too.

Yeah, so did I.

Well, I guess you wouldn't have
spent $100 million

of your own money if you didn't

think you were, right?

Yes. You know,

that number has been overstated.


Jeannie, um...

I asked you here today because

I would like to play
a mentor role for you.

I can't... I-I can't

even imagine
how that must have felt.

If I lose a quarter

in the soda machine,

my day entire day-- ruined.

And you lost
400 million quarters.

Wow. I, um...

I feel like

you're not embracing the spirit
of what I'm offering.


That's because I feel like the
spirit of what you're offering

is horseshit.

You don't care about me.

If you did, I would have gotten
a real promotion,

and not an empty title bump,
and you certainly

wouldn't have hired a bunch
of women above me.

You don't want to mentor me.

You want to fire me.

You want to fire all
of the whistleblowers,

but you can't,
because what you do

care about is
avoiding a lawsuit.

You're not going to sue.

It would make you poison
out there.

But you know that.

But what you don't

seem to grasp is that

while firing all
the whistleblowers is indeed

not a viable option,

we could get away
with firing one,

especially if she's not
measuring up professionally.

Now, your work

here has been excellent.

I presume that won't change?

But, um, sometimes things

are just... whew!

Th are beyond our control.

Millions of years,
dinosaurs ruled the planet.

Then this meteor just falls
out of the sky and poof,

no more dinosaurs.

We have hired

an impressive set of gals.

A couple of 'em

came highly recommended
by, uh, Marty...

whose opinion
I know you trust quite a bit.

Is this supposed to scare me?


As if that's possible.

No, the hotshot young


On the fast track to partner

who starts fuckin' her boss,
just in case...

A girl like that...

she's not afraid of anything.

Hello, dear.


From galweather stearn.
You can go in.

Your associate's

already in with
Mr. Pincus.

Our... associate?

Is in there?

Are you sure?

I thought Jeannie didn't
get here till this afternoon.

grandson-- he's adorable.

Oh, yeah. You have children?

I do. Two
girls-- five and three.

Oh. You got your
hands full.

I don't think that's Jeannie.

Mr. Pincus.




Good to see you again, sir.

Good to see you.

I see you've met Tamara.

Oh, she's fantastic.
Where did you find this one?

Uh, found her right here.

Yeah. Terrific.

Thought you started next week.

Ah. Nope.



The emerald's had a good run,
but if you've been downstairs,

you know
something's got to give.


Is it a major remodel?

Do I start fresh
from a new location?

Well, we'll...
I was thinking, you've got...

Mm, yeah. Yeah.

Uh, well, we'll run the
numbers on both, uh,

as well as exploring
the cost-benefit

of various style options.

Now, does the new emerald stick
with an old-school vibe,

or does it go in the direction
of a place like the vibrato?

The vibrato?

Yes, sir.

Fuck that shitty casino.


And the carpetbagging fuck

who fucking built it.

I'm gonna build a fucking ass
clown nightclub of a casino?!

I'd sooner
you shit down my throat!

Fucking vibrato!

Fucking fuck fuck!

You'd prefer

something classy,

elegant, but contemporary.

Exactly. She gets it.

She's a peach.

So, uh,

That surprises me.

Yeah, we were one
and two in our class.

One... two.

Of course. Yeah.


It's just Berkeley.
It is Berkeley, yeah.

Blowing your mind, right.
Kind of.


I mean, who knew they even
had a business school?

Lot of people.
I guess.

No, I didn't, though.
I didn't.

I'm not surprised.
No, not me.

I knew they had a great football team.

Oh, yeah, they certainly have
Harvard beat on that count.

Oh. That's where
I went-- Harvard.

Oh, of course.

We got it.
We got it.

What was he like back then?

Oh, Marty.
Let's see.

He, um...
He wore cornrows.

What?! He wore cornrows?

He'd play his guitar
all the time,

even though
he only knew one song.

- Oh, man.
- Cornrows.

God, were you awful.
God, was the song awful.

Yeah. What was the
name of the song again?

"Smoke on the water."


What a terrible gift
you just gave me.

What? "Smoke on the water"?

Don't listen to him, Marty. Daddy!

That song kicks major ass.

I don't need the help, Doug.



I don't really like surprises.

Uh, actually,
you love surprises,

as long as you're the one
keeping people off-balance.

Oh, Marty, I've been out
of the game for six years.

I don't have time
to be delicate.

But trust me,
I am not here to outshine you.

Well, good luck
if you are, boo,

because I'm the goddamn sun.

♪ Game over...

Hey. Hi.


How was, uh, your
meeting with Julianne?

Oh, great.

I had sex with her.

You know me.

I see a senior partner, I
cannot keep my hands off of them.

That is true.

At least she's cuter
than the rainmaker.

And she thinks there's more
to foreplay than, uh,

"hang on, let me
take off my glasses."


Uh, where are the boys?

Oh, uh, they're having lunch.

At the emerald.

Uh, Clyde and I are gonna go to
this club later and tear it up,

if you wanted to...

I'm still not drinking.
Not s-since...

Oh, yeah, yeah, right,
right, right, right, right.

♪ This fine day...

Listen, I feel like, um...

We're really dancing
around each other,

and-and I was hoping
we could...

Let it remain really awkward.

We are very much
on the same page now.

Best for everybody.

All right.
I'm gonna...

We've done this enough.
Probably. Yep, I'm gonna

go to my...
I'm going to the...

Uh, how's that
Parker house roll, man?

I don't know, man;
Haven't had it yet.

Do you want to grab one for
yourself? No. Certainly not.

Certainly not. Okay.


Oh, yeah, pasta salad.

Make sure you get a big ol'
scoop of that, buddy.

Is there a problem, Douglas?

Not for the casino, Clyde.
Not by a long shot. Yeah.

I'm factoring in
the bulk price of the penne,

the olive oil, pimento,
as well as labor costs.

Each statistical unit
of pasta salad

is valued at, oh, I don't know,
roughly three cents.

Who cares! I'm so bored
right now. Meanwhile...

Don't say "meanwhile" -- it means
you're gonna keep going.

Meanwhile, the equivalent
serving of shrimp

requires a layout
of well over a dollar.


Open your eyes, Clyde.
Don't you see

what's going on here?
The buffet's rigged!

No way! They got cheap
product up here at the front,

no! And meanwhile, the big-ticket items

are here right at the back,

so that by the time dupes
like you get to the shrimp,

your plate's already full.

Well, I don't even like shrimp.

Huh? That's
not the point.

How is that not the point?

Personally, I can
take or leave shrimp.

If I'm being honest, I think
I'm a little allergic to it.

But today I am gonna gorge
myself on it! Do you know why?

Because you're a fuckin' idiot?

'Cause I'm not a fucking idiot.

Nice try, pal.

Oh, hey, Jeannie.
We're just over here.

Oh, Jeannie, Jeannie,
Jeannie, Jeannie.

You actually missed
an amazing flight.

Marty confessed to everything
that hpened on that night.

But don't worry,
he was very complimentary.

How stupid do you
think I am, Clyde?

I think...
Don't answer that.

Yeah. Are you guys going back to caesars

after this, or are we gonna

get some work done?
Well, once Douglas

single-handedly wipes out the
earth's shrimp population...

Yeah, for real?
What is going on?

Good question. Buffet's rigged.
Do not. Do not.

Good-good question. No!

We're waiting here for Tamara.

We're gonna sift through
some data. Tamara?

As in Marty's b-school
friend Tamara?

Is-is here?

Oh, you're gonna love her.

She's great. She's srt,
tough, easy on the eyes.

Kind of like a black Jeannie.

I mean, not like a black, uh,

genie, you know?
But like a black...

You know what I mean.

Why don't you judge
for yourself.

Oh, hey!

Hi, Tamara. It's a pleasure
to meet you. I'm...

Jeannie, yeah.
Your legend precedes you.

Hi, guys.


Should we get some work done?

Well, maybe give us
five minutes.

No, we don't need five minutes.

Let's pop down some...
Doug guggenheim?

No. Huh? No, uh,

Doug guggenheim here.

you know you've been banned
from all betting areas.

You need to leave.

What's going on, guys?

No idea.
I have absolutely no idea.

How is this...

Keno? You're
booting me out for keno?

Like I'd waste

my God-given
talent on keno.

If I have to ask again,

it's gonna be far less pleasant.

No need for that, sir.

No need to make a scene.
I'm leaving.

It's not problem at all.
Put down the shrimp.

Well, now we
have a problem. Sir,

I paid $7.99 for this shrimp,
it is coming with me,

and there is not a goddamn...

Oh, yes!

Put down the goddamn shrimp.

All right! All right.
This doesn't end here.

Oh! He's got one in his mouth!

He's got one in his mouth!

I have no idea
what that just was,

what?! But it was the single
best moment I've ever seen

in my entire life!

Do it again!

Do it again! Do it...

It was a major
card-counting operation.

Up and down the strip.
And it was Doug's system.


And how much did the gugg make?

Dude, his share was
well into six figures.

But this happens--

he has an attack of guilt,

decides to give all of his money
to a homeless charity.

Oh, you dumb-ass. "Oh, you
dumb-ass" doesn't explain it,

'cause then,
a couple days later,

he has second thoughts,
goes to the charity

to try to get his
fuckin' money back.

Dirk mcgirt! Dirk mcgirt
comes in with powerpoints

and graphs, tries
to make the case

that having easy access
to food and blankets

actually makes the homeless
more vulnerable

when they're released
back into nature.

You can't say "back
into nature" when

you're talking about
people. Human beings. I know.

Opening shots have been fired.

You're at war, gentlemen.

We surrender.
We do.

We'll sign a treaty!

Please! Okay.

Oh, here... yo!

Dushkin! Oh...!

Ugh. I apologize. I
apologize ahead of time.

But these guys are
good for business.

What's up, man?

I feel your dick a lot now.


Marty, Marty,

this is Kyle and Alex dushkin.

They own this place.
How you doing?

What's up? Oh. There
we go. Nice to meet you.

Sweet threads!

So, you're in town

consulting with Pincus, right?

That's the truth.

My dude Carlson

fucked his shit up!

Pincus had his eyes
on this site.

Carlson rolls into town,
hoovered it out

from under Pincus
to put up the vibrato.

It was epic!
Oh. Put up the vibrato.

Carlson is the shit!

Fantastic. Wish I'd known
about that this morning.

Might've helped. Fuck. Marty,

can you turn around
so I can check out the vent?

I don't think
I'm gonna do that.

All right, Marty.

My brother's a total
Peter puffer about clothes.

I swear, one day I'm gonna need
to give him the heimlich,

'cause he'll have a dick

stuck in his throat!


I didn't hear
any complaints when I

was burying it deep and wide
in his stepsister's ass!

Oh, yeah!
Ooh! Ooh!

Enjoy your night.

Thank you, my man.

Do that.
Whoa! Yo!

We love it! Oh, oh!

Good to see you.





The real wow?

Five years ago, those guys,

they're running the door
at a series of clubs.

Now, a whole lot of hustle and
fuckin' zero shame later... yeah?

Revenue is up $50 million.

Stop. 50 fuckin' million dollars.

Look at them.

50 fuckin' million dollars
those guys have!

Douchebag twins!

Only in America.

It's actually dushkin.

I got it. It's my fault. Yeah.

I apologize.

Do you want me to give
it to you straight or curvy?

Give it to me straight.
Go. There's greater flexibility

with a new build.

Yeah, which is more than offset

by the value of the real estate!

Do you want to explain
to me why this idiot

isn't at the meeting?
Yeah, well, Doug

is not allowed here, and we
don't want to fuckin' hang out

where he likes to hang out.

You see your man over there? Oh, yeah.

Hey! Hey, Marty!

Jesus, I'm sorry, guys.

Right. So this is how.

Can you see me?
We'll do this.

Yeah, whatever, Doug. I mean, obviously,

we're still gonna have
to prepare the deck,

but I think we can put a stake

in the ground at our dinner
with Pincus tonight.

I mean, the remodel's
the way to go.

What do you think, Tamara?

Um, I actually...

Well, it's
pretty clear-cut, Marty.

The numbers kind of
speak for themselves.

Speaking for themselves--
that's a novel idea.

Why don't we let Tamara

do that.

I focused

on a web-based strategy.

Like online poker?

That kind of thing?
I've played it. I've played it,

If you guys need
to know anything about that.

I'm just gonna lower the
No, no,

more sweeping, more sweeping.
A full-scale,

pay model gambling app
that integrates

into existing social media.

And if Pincus

were to acquire one...
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

yes, yes, you could re-brand
the physical casino

and bring in
a major new revenue stream.

That's actually fuckin'
brilliant. Exactly.

Fuck off, would you?!

Is he getting beat up?

Hold on a second, guys. Can you
hear me now? Can you hear me now?

Yeah, I can hear you.
You're yelling

in my fucking face.
Get away from me.

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.

Oh, watch out, I know karate,
man... I know karate!

Do you want to die
twice, motherfucker?

Get the fuck out of here.

Here's the one thing

that that doesn't consider,
is that it is illegal

for money to exchange hands
in cyberspace. Uh, it is,

for now,
but I expect that to change.

Well, what if it doesn't?

Or what if it doesn't

within ten years?

Or within 20 years?

And, uh, good old Pincus
is pissing in his diaper

in a nursing home somewhere
unable to afford

his pudding cup.
The law

is gonna change, Jeannie.

Unless it doesn't.

Well, it will,

because politicos
won't be able to resist

the potential tax revenues.

Unless they can!

Uh, you know, Jeannie,

I've actually been doing
a lot of reading on this...

Oh, well, if you've been doing
reading, then I'll shut up.

Uh, would you?
Because that would be great.


Listen, I know that you have
been spending a lot of time

with little babies,

and that that's super hard,

and God bless mothers,
but for those of us that

have been in the grown-up world,

what you need to realize
okay, Jeannie, uh, Jeannie...

Is that it's unprecedented...

Jeannie, Jeannie.
Take it easy.

You want me to take it easy?
Yeah, take it easy,

Jeannie bean.
Well, I don't...

She's off the reservation,
Marty bean.

Okay? You can't tear apart
our entire analysis

based on an article that
you read. Do you know

my friend Sam foster, the deputy
Attorney General of the United States?

Because he seems

to think that
it's gonna be a done deal.

A social media portfolio
makes a shitload of sense.

That being said... eh...

Convincing an old-school guy
like Pincus

to have any real buy
into this is gonna be a slog.


So we're gonna go
with the remodel.

You happy now?


Can I get two gin
and tonics, please?

Well, guys, here's what I think.

Uh, can you... can you hear me?

So, what's the next step?

Uh, well, we will get
you a formal set of numbers

by close of business tomorrow.

And next day, you start
meeting architects.

That soon?

Oh, yeah. Time is

Where'd you learn that?
The fucking vibrato?

It's actually a pretty

popular catchphrase...

You have to bear with me--

I'm like a goddamn snail

when it comes to change.

But I'll get there.
Oh, don't worry about it.

I mean...

- This is the move, right?
- Oh, yeah.


Yes, sir.

Tamara? What?

You favor the...
The new build?



to be honest, I think

both options are mistakes.

I'd probably go in a
completely different direction.

Could you excuse us
for a moment, Mr. Pincus?


Can I talk to you over here?

Excuse me, sir.

That's a nice-looking

jacket, man.
Where'd you get it?

Your mother.

So what the hell
are you thinking?

If he goes down
either one of those roads,

it's gonna turn off the lights.

Yeah, maybe it will,
maybe it won't.

But more to the point,
who gives a shit? I do.

I've spent years
developing my brand.

Oh, my God.
Could you hold my hair?

'Cause I think I'm
gonna throw up. Marty,

if a client asks a question, I'm
gonna give him an honest answer.

We are a team, okay? That's
what that pod is in there.

If there's a dispute, guess who's
the tiebreaker. Oh, so I'm supposed to

break out my pom-poms and
sis-boom-bah for the remodel?

Yeah, like we got a chance
at that after the piss

you took all over it in there.

"Hey, Mr. Pincus, I know that
we said rehabbing your casino

"was a terrible idea.

"We didn't mean it. J.K.

It's opposite day."

I thought you were smarter
than this.

I thought that you were smarter.
Marty, you're a great salesman,

but when a job's done, how much
repeat business do you see?

I don't give

a fuck about
repeat business, okay?

When I'm through with a job,

I'm staring at a
boatload of cash.

Galweather stearn is staring
at a boatload of cash.

You're getting table scraps.

And what happens
when you leave galweather?

If you ever leave.

What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, Marty,

here you are, 15 years later
into your stint at galweather,

dropping checks into the
laps of people you hate,

eager for a pat on the
head and a "good boy."

What the hell happened
to Martin kaan?

You didn't hear, Tammy?

I won.

Vanquished my foes.

Galweather stearn
is my bitch now.

A bitch that's spitting out
hefty bonuses

for work I could do
with my eyes closed.

Now, I'm gonna go
in there and try

to sweep up the mess
you just made. Do you think

you can keep your mouth shut
for five minutes?

Say "yeah, I can hold
for Mr. Carlson"

and then get out of there.

Yeah, I'll hold for Carlson.

Welcome back.


Will someone tell me
what the fuck is going on?

It's, uh...

It's complicated.

Our team is in a, uh,
tricky position, ethically.

Mm. You see, while we believe

that a remodel would be
incredibly lucrative for you,

we have another strategy
that would just...

God, it would just blast
the dead bolt off of fort knox.

Yeah, that's true.

Uh, unfortunately,
we're unable to propose it

at this time because we've put
it in front of another casino.

Now, I don't think I'm
crossing any lines to say

that this... other
guy's a tremendous

It's fucking Carlson, isn't it?


I'm not at liberty to say.

Uh, but suffice it

to say that's why Tamara

would rather line
your pockets than his.

And to be quite honest,
I agree with her, but

as I've said, we, um...

We're having trouble
squaring it ethically.

And you know, Marty,

if we're talking ethics,
what could be more ethical

than, uh, letting
the good guy win?

How's he gonna find out?
Who cares?

It's not like
we're passing nuclear codes.

Pincus, pincu... ow.

Why don't you tighten
it up, drunky? Sorry.

Well, uh...

All right, I'm gonna tell
him. Sure. Do it, baby.

Let's go.
I can't believe this.

Okay, uh...

Our guy in Washington

assures us
that the restrictions

to online gambling
are about to go bye-bye.

So acquiring a technology
that melds

casino gaming with social media

and then partnering with a very
strong Vegas brand will...

It's just gonna lead
to ungodly profits.

Ding, ding, ding. Huge.

You're gonna be right back in.

Forget that. You're gonna be
fucking king of the game.

You want to be the king?

Social media.
That's it.

Yes, it's coming, but you got
to get in front of it.

As of right now

there's 20 million users
playing slotomania...

You know, my-my


patented something

called a magnetic stent.

It's a big deal
in bypass surgery. Yeah.

Now, I turned down
an opportunity

to get in on the ground floor.
You know why?


I'm bored even telling
this story.

You know.

I have nothing
against making money.

Don't get me wrong.

But I love what I do.

I still get a thrill walking
through the casino,

and I'm not gonna get that from

a bunch of...
Faceless nobodies

fingering their iPads,
waiting for their dicks

to get hard again so that they

- can jerk off to more porn.
- Hey, you don't have

to sell that to me--
I understand.

But you don't have to make...

Have to make a
decision right away.

If you'd just allow us...
Thank you

but no thank you.

Please tell me you talked to
Carlson last night at the club.

If by "talk to Carlson" you mean
I didn't talk to Carlson

then yeah.

Great. And, uh,

what do you propose we do now?

You take it, drunky.

Carlson, Carlson, Carlson,


Carlson, Carlson...

I'm not implying

that you guys don't know

I'm just saying...

Look, we don't just
know the dude.

We're seriously tight.

Yeah. Like peas in a bowl.

He's here all the fucking time.

Well... not all
the fucking time.

I mean, where is this guy?

Look, Bill Clinton
loves McDonalds, right?

Doesn't mean that the guy
putting pickles

on his big Mac is his bff.

The doctor said to me, "that's
not a rash, that's a lesion."

and I'm just
penetrating very hard...

Because I'm so up in the air...
Did you know Tamara's here?

She blew the deal and

showed up to the fucking party?

Cat claw noise.

we all lost, Clyde, okay?

Hey, if-if you
can find one

who's not a total
dipshit a-hole, uh,

I would be down
for a little something.

Excuse me?

A guy.

What's the dj's story?

Is he... you know what?
Fuck it.

I'll take care of it myself.



Someone needs to put
a roofie in her drink.

Oh. What'd you just say?
I would never.

I would never.

Wow, this looks so... hard.

So it's a little bitty...
Clyde, Clyde, Clyde...

I'm so sorry.
Yes, what, Doug?

Check out my hand--
the only thing between it

and that vagina
is a sheer piece of silk.

Uh, you win again, guggenheim.

Well, let's hold it up.
All it took to make one friend

was several bottles of $2,000
cristal, so good for you.

- Wrong.
- Okay.

How? Incorrect, Clyde. Look at the menu.

Champagne is $20.

Oh, I'm so sorry, my friend.

It's not a decimal point.



Uh, shit.
Marty, Marty, Marty!

I only had, like, two glasses

of that champagne, so when
we're splitting the bill...

So, break out the white
sunglasses and the Dane cook cds

because you and I are going out

raging tomorrow night with--

Wait for it--

the douchebag twins!

- Oh, fantastic!
- Oh, shit!

God, not even two glasses.
If you look, I'm not...

Oh, fuck it. Have some more

because I got another

little tasty nugget to give you.

Well, let me heat it up.
Nom, nom, nom, nom.

They are right now
in negotiations

with Michael Carlson...

Oh, my God.

To open a club in...

Say the fucking vibrato.

Wa for it.
No, say the fucking vibrato!

- The fucking vibrato!
- Come on, baby!

That's what I'm
talking about, Marty!

Boom, baby!

Give me that.

Tamara, a second of your time.

Has Marty always been the man?

Oh, yeah, Marty's
always been the man.

You're goddamn right.

- Oh, this is big, daddy.
- Toast to me.

I don't know.
I mean... it's overpriced, honestly.

♪ And I wondered

♪ how I got there

♪ find my way

♪ back to, back to us...

♪ Got to find my way...



♪ Got to find my way...

I love you.

♪ Back to us

♪ got to find my way...

I love you, too.

♪ Back to us...

♪ You get

♪ get me

♪ you get me, me, me