House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 6, Episode 7 - Chapter 72 - full transcript

While the Shepherd family attempts to diminish Claire's power, Doug goes off the grid but continues angling to advance his agenda.

There are two kinds of pain.

The sort of pain that makes you strong.

Or useless pain...

the sort of pain that's only suffering.

I have no patience for useless things.

I turn around and see her,

my darling wife,
poised on the front stoop.

Surely she saw everything.

The killing, the lying about it,
but doesn't say a word.

She just enters the house
in quiet compliance.

This is love.

Everyone should be so...

My beloved Americans.

My heart is very full today.

I am here to talk about the future.

And the future has become very personal.

We are gathered here at the very center
of our great nation

to celebrate this historic
Women's Conference.

This is a profound moment
for all Americans.

But it's also a perilous time

in our history, my friends.

Because the American oligarchs out there,

they are coming for us.

They are trying to strip me
of my constitutional power

as your Commander In Chief.

Now the lower court ruled in my favor,

but now they've taken this case

all the way to the Supreme Court.

And they want my finger
off the nuclear button.

And I have to ask...

Why do you think that is?

These oligarchs,

through an innocent seeming app,

have been trying to steal the midterms

by crawling your phones,

invading your privacy

and telling you how to vote.

Now, are you gonna
let them get away with it?


We need to tell them to wake up!

Say it with me, Lebanon, Kansas.

It is time for Congress to...

Wake up!

And it's time for the Supreme Court to...

Wake up!

Now, my purpose is to elevate America,

fight for America,

and if it ever came to it,
die for America.

I will be father, mother, leader
and friend.

Thank you so much.

Father, mother, leader...

liar, killer.

Rest in peace, Rachel.

When's the footage from?

It's from several days ago.

He's been staying at a cabin.
Childhood cabin for three or four weeks.

We suspect he's in the mountains
outside Los Cerillos now.

And did he find where he buried her?

We're still not sure.

Ma'am, I got a tip from a former agent.

One of the ones poking around Gaffney
on behalf of the Shepherds.

Doug recently reached out to Seth Grayson.

Do we know what was discussed?

No, but it's the first time?he's contacted
anyone connected with the Shepherds

since you last spoke to him.

Well, if he's trying to get caught,
let's catch him.

So is Duncan Shepherd testifying or not?

His lawyers are negotiating the terms.

They're hoping that he could meet
behind closed doors.

Well, then he needs to be subpoenaed.

Every congressperson we've spoken to

- agrees he should be and yet...
- They're delaying.

I mean,?there's no real desire
to move this app investigation along.

They're protecting their own.

The House asked for these hearings.

The theatre is good for them.

But we are in constant contact

with the?Democratic members
of the committee, ma'am.

They're feeling the pressure.

Well, clearly, not enough.
We can start arresting congresspeople.

Pull them out of the chambers
if we have to.

- The whole point of the hearings...
- Is what? Obfuscation?

What? We're talking about invasion
of privacy here.

The US Attorney is resistant
to pressing any kind of charges

- without hard evidence.
- The app is the evidence.

- This is grounds for prosecution, Nora.
- Yes, maybe.

- But the US Attorney would argue...
- Replace the US Attorney.

She's been dragging her feet
on this for months.

Ma'am, we still live in a world
of due process.

- That would send a chilling message...
- The message is we need to protect our democracy.

On a practical note,
we're canceling the?fourth stop today.

Upon reflection, we decided Toledo
would be redundant with Cleveland.

Pam, it's fine. You can be honest.

The Commander In Chief is feeling
a little woozy today. That's all.

And yes, maybe a little cranky,
but nothing serious. I promise.

When we touch down in Des Moines,

Nora, you can head straight back to DC.

Is it Slavic, "Skorsky"?

Polish, in my case.

You must be lonely.

I asked the press corps
to take?the second plane,

so that you and I could meet privately.

Four months ago, you met with two people.

One of them's missing
and one of them is dead.

My life has certainly been punctuated
with loss lately.

And just a bit of great luck.

Tom Hammerschmidt was not lucky.

No, he wasn't. That was tragic.

That's why I think
you should pick up his mantle.

And tell the full story
of Francis' political career.

Are you messing with me?

No. Far from it.

You did a great job investigating
and exposing

the Shepherd Freedom Foundation app.

Its nefarious uses.

We can't let congresspeople get away
with things like that.

I wonder if you'll get them in line

before the Supreme Court
takes your power away.

Tom Hammerschmidt and I,
the last time we spoke,

we talked about my husband.

And my hope is
I could pick it up with you.

I have a lot that needs to be said about
Francis, his crimes and misdemeanors.

You want my story or don't you?


Oh, it's these mini contractions.

They're, um... called Braxton Hicks.

Do you have kids?

No, I don't.

Oh, the baby's really moving now.

It's kicking. Do you want to feel?

No, thank you.

Such a strange feeling.

To be wholly responsible
for the life of another.

Also, I hear,
when you have kids, you never...

sleep quite the same again.

There are two kinds of pain.

Doug Stamper sent me that text,

he said it comes
from your husband's diary.

Now, I ask you,

who should I interview, you or him?

I know that some of you are here

because you're not sure?I'm gonna be
around at next year's gathering.

Oh, no, no, I can see it on...

On your faces. And it's true.

These last few months,
I've had to look back.

But I'm excited. I am.

As my sister told you,

there are changes coming to this country
in the next few months.

The kind that I haven't been able
to accomplish

in the 20 plus years
that I've been at it.

It'll cut regulation for the people,
give every man a chance.

You lead a man to fish, and he...

You want to lock me up in prison
for that, then so be it, but...

Seize my assets. Hmm.

Did you read...

finches dream?

Yeah, yeah.

They can... They have the...

They can sing to themselves
when they sleep.

Where was I?

I have congressmen who want to break away.

Separate themselves from this.

Well, deflect and compliment.

That's how I survived the Hill.

...republic, army of clerks...

These hearings will blow up on us, Mark.

Now, one way or another,
we all used that motherfucking app.

And yes, they've been good to us, but...

why do we all have to pay
for what the son set in motion?

Anything you want to say about Duncan,
you say it to Annette.

Well, I'm asking you to say it.

I can't believe I'm looking to you
for help again all these years later.

You were vice president.

I've rebuilt my career
at least three times, Brett.

And I will continue to do so
as long as I have to.

Too bad Jane Davis won't have that chance.

"What I am to Claire
is not what I am to Zoe."

Do you know what it means?

Does he believe you should know
what it means?

Yes. He added,
"And that's what he left me..."

It belongs to some diary
that Francis kept.

But not part of his presidential papers?

Whatever it is, it's information
that President Underwood...

President Hale wants kept out
of the light.

Doug implied that she got pregnant

so as to keep him
from what was rightfully his.

When will you speak with him next?

My guess is the next time
he finds a payphone or a burner.

I'd like to meet with him.

- Annette.
- You're going to be famous, Brett.

Well, there's fame...

and then there's notoriety.

The bill you had your name on
all those months ago...

will be upheld in the Supreme Court.

This is Judge Abruzzo's majority ruling.

- How did you...
- We helped him write it.

It's worded in such a way
that her powers will be diminished...

over time and across the board.

Mark gave you a sense
of what we're thinking?

A bit.

You just need to run out
the clock?on these hearings.

After the midterms,
you can send a powerful message.

Over the years, we've been lucky enough
to support an array of talented

and like-minded politicians.

We've essentially operated
like a third party.

And one day,

in the not too distant future,
we'll make it official.

Brett, you will be the leader
of that party.

You'll be our man in the White House.

I told Brett how thankful we are

for keeping Duncan out of the spotlight.

I won't forget all you've done for him.

Well, that's actually
a very good question, Bob.

Where do we rank
as a country in the world?

You have to ask that. We're 17.

That's where we are. 17th.

- That is a disgrace...
- Speaking of disgrace,

I have a question for you, sir.

Did your family make you sick

with their chemical plants
and their toxic sites?

Get her out of here.

You made yourself sick.

- And you're killing all of us.
- Somebody take care of this young lady.

Of course he's going to take me out.
You're killing all of us.

"I'm not gonna lie, I despise children.

There, I've said it."

What the hell is wrong with you?

"Thirty minutes ago I received a text
from Zoe.

- She intends to apologize, no doubt."
- Wait, wait, what's that from?

That's what I'm saying.

Doug, come here. Let's meet.

"Rebellion on all fronts..."

"Claire, Zoe, Russo.
I must not lose my resolve."

Hey, stop. Where are you?

No, no, no.
That's not how this is gonna work.

Doug, we can find you.

It won't take very long.

I'll tell you where I am right now.

Right in the middle of nowhere.

I'm five minutes from out of here
and out of fucking mind.

She just wants to sit with you.

I'm going to tell you what I want said
and how.

They have the lawyers, the money.
I don't.

They do what I tell them,

then I know we can meet.

You will get everything that you are due.
I'll make sure of it.

When will I hear from you again?

I'm so sorry that they called you
onto the plane, Dr. Larson.

I feel fine now.

All the same,
you're getting close to a time

where jumping on and off a plane
may not be the best idea.

You said you'd been feeling run down.

- Yes, a little bit. But...
- I think we should get

you back to DC to do some blood work
as a precaution.

Okay, that's fine.

But unless I'm putting the baby in danger,

I've got two more appearances today.

I'd advise against that.

I cannot be the indisposed president,
Dr. Larson.

I'm sure you're fine,

but your sample tells me
you're a bit dehydrated.

At least let me get you on an IV.

It won't take long.

We'll get your fluids back to normal.

Is this really necessary?

He's a grown man.

If you'd rather have Seth bring me
the signed documents that's fine, too.

Annie, you have to admit

- this is the most cockamamie thing...
- That's Dad's word.

And please don't confuse me with someone

who's willing to listen to one more
of your goddamn opinions.

Each of us will legally adopt him.

And when we're dead and gone,
it will be Duncan...

who is the face, voice and embodiment
of Shepherd Unlimited.

I'm doing this for you.

- I'm late.
- I'm signing.

Is it your plan to keep avoiding me?

- Bill.
- Lordy, what exactly is it I did to you?

You think you know what's best for me.

I am not our father.

Would have been swell
if you'd realized that sooner.

So glad you got to spend some time
with your friends like this, Bill.

I can't get that woman out of my head.

Do you think she was right?

Did we poison ourselves?

Is Abruzzo impeachable? Yes.

Would the Senate convict him?

Who knows?

But what does it matter?

You need him scared, and this might do it.

He received an interest-free loan

from a Shepherd-owned entity
for a lake house at the same time

that he was ruling on a case that involved
another part of that company.

Is everything all right?

Yes. Sorry.
I'm just a little bit dehydrated.

Why hasn't this ever come up before,

Abruzzo was never fully-vetted.

By you, by anybody.

In a way, the fact that
he was railroaded through

has proved
to be your opportunity.

And the rest of the court?

Locked in.

Abruzzo's the swing vote.

We at the Shepherd Freedom Foundation,

freedom being the operative word there,

believe in the individual.

I could argue that our foundation is

more inclusive, more forward-looking

than any so-called progressive agenda.

Oh, listen.

Listen to you. You are so programmed
that you can't hear my argument.

Nathan. I wish I could help you.

Withholding information from
an ongoing investigation is a crime.

If you know anything
about his whereabouts,

suggest you tell me.

What are you gonna do
when all this is over?

I mean, think about it.

How long before you become the one
with too many secrets?

Our president scares me.

If anyone knows
what she's been up to, it's you.

You have children, right?

How many wives?

Leave them out of it.

Can you?

My father was a cop.

My mom's a widow.

It's a hard life, Nathan.

All those years at the Bureau.

The time you put in,
all that experience, it's valuable.

Where's Doug?

The thing about these events,

there's cameras everywhere.


No, because this is where
I turn to the camera.

And I say,

I don't know.

I'm sad to say, but there is
a Russian troll factory

that has begun to manipulate
your husband's accomplishments.

That's awful.

No. We caught them. But for instance,

records of his years at Harvard,
his years at the Sentinel,

are virtually impossible?to track down.

Now, instead you find fabrications
about him.

They filled the air with noise,
so to speak.

I know from last we spoke,
you were concerned

something like this could happen.

Well, I was.

That someone had mentioned the possibility
to me. But I had no idea it could be done.

We have unfortunately entered an era

where our digital truths are vulnerable.

In that case,

couldn't these trolls amplify
my husband's crimes as well?


And those would be
very difficult stories to take back.

Viktor, that would be terrible
if that were to happen.

History belongs to the highest bidder now.

Well, I hope his reputation
can survive his crimes.

And I hope...

No, no, no, no, no, no, not now.

Claire, something wrong?

- How's she doing?
- She's tachycardiac

with elevated respirations,
Q5 contractions.

You're 26 weeks pregnant, Madam President.

We need to give her four grams of mag.
Start the drip.

Francis Underwood?

Francis Underwood.

Francis Underwood?

Why do you say his name like that?

Why would you get engaged?

I'm not engaged.

- Gretchen said...
- Gretchen should mind her own business.

I haven't answered him yet.

The sex can't be great with him,

it just can't.

The sex is great with you.

I thought we were gonna
fuck our way across Europe

and China and Africa or wherever.

Hmm. Who says we won't?

- Francis fucking Underwood.
- Reed. Would you stop?

I mean, come on. The guy's not your type.

Oh, because you are?

I'm your parents' type.
But I wouldn't be if they really knew me.

Which I guess is another way
of saying yes.

- I am your type.
- Hmm.

Francis is the patron saint of animals.

He never stops talking. Every time
I see that guy, his mouth is running.

Because he always has an audience
and you never know what he's going to say.

Claire Hale.

What do you want?


I want...

every door to be wide open

and stay that way.

Then call him...

and tell him it's over,
because you're coming with me.

I am?

Hi, Francis, it's me.

I'm five minutes away.

Someone will have to get
to the bottom of it, Madam President.

I mean...

Pitocin induces labor.

She'll never practice again.

Is the baby gonna be okay?

The baby is fine.

Here we go.

Would you like to know the sex?


You fucking cunt. It's a girl.

I'm coming for you, Claire.

I'm not gonna run, Nathan.

35 degrees, 28 minutes,
22 seconds north,

by a 106 degrees,
8 minutes, 58 seconds west.

What are you talking about?

It's where Rachel Posner is buried.

Let me ask you something, Nathan.

After all this time.

All these years together.
Everything that we did for Frank.

Stuff with Lucas,


the terrorist kid.

Everything we ever did. Are you seriously
telling me, you're gonna choose her?

Literally, all I care about
is getting out of this alive.

Get in.

How is it possible
we still haven't found him?

Last time anybody saw him,

he was in New Mexico
near a border checkpoint.

You honestly believe he's out
of the country?

It just doesn't fit, Nathan.
It's not like him to leave.

When's the last time he had contact
with the Shepherds?

I gather he did convey

a few more curious quotes to Mr. Grayson.

But at this point, the feeling is

they're like the ravings
of a crazy person.

We'll speak later.

How did he get...

Oh, no, no, no, sweetheart.

I will not reap...

what your father has sown.

Is everything all right, Madam President?


I was just looking for something.

Ma'am, Congressman Cole's here.

Shall I send him in?


- Madam President.
- Brett.

I wonder if you would do me a favor.

The George Washington painting.

Would you mind hanging that back up
over the mantle?


Thank you so much and thank you
for coming. Please have a seat.

Now, the Shepherds started
backing you when?

Was that during or after your tragic
affair with the poor young woman?

My wife knows about the affair.

- There was no way I could have predicted...
- Don't worry.

I wasn't planning on using that
nasty little piece of business.

I just wanted to gauge
how long this was going to take.

So, putting the Senate aside,

how many members of the House
were using that app?

Ballpark figure is fine.

That's what our judiciary hearings
are trying to determine.

I'll go straight to arrests if I have to.

This is treason, Brett.

Somebody will go down for it.

So, I guess the real question is will you?

Because I know the chair in this room
that you're gunning for

is not the one your ass
is currently warming.

Forgive me.

I think pregnancy
has brought out the sailor in me.


What you're going to say to the press
as soon as this meeting is over.

You're going to say
that you asked to meet with me

so that you could report
some good old-fashioned quid pro quo

that came to your attention.

That my recent Supreme Court appointee

was found trading

a favorable ruling for a lake house.


And that you and I both knew

that the only choice you then had
was to go to congress and initiate...

No Supreme Court justice
has ever been impeached.

The good Justice Abruzzo wouldn't want
to be the first then, would he?

Justice Abruzzo...

is black.

Which makes this all the more...

There's that word again,


Madam President.

Before you explain to me how we shouldn't
be meeting or how Brett shouldn't be here,

separation of branches and all that.

We are considering a case
that will directly affect

the office of the presidency.

I know, a case based on the monumental
piece of legislation co-signed by Brett.

But the three of us standing here
right now have nothing to do with that.

Isn't that right, Congressman?

Yes, Madam President.

I'll let the speaker explain.

'Cause you have a number of options
to consider.

And I want you to know how
truly embarrassing it is for me.

The sad fate of my choice for the court.

And by the way, I love Lake Champlain.

I've only been there twice,
but I'll never forget the thrilling shock

of the cold water on my feet.

My grandson has MS. He needs to swim.

Oh. I don't judge, Justice Abruzzo.

I'll correct that. Except for mendacity.

That I can't support.

And, Brett, when you report this back
to the Shepherds,

give them my best.

As a Shepherd, it's your duty
to give back to the arts

and the communities you're involved in.

You know, everything we've ever done
at Gardner Analytics is to serve the user.

You've made that clear, yes.

And yet, you were aware of the amount of data
the user was essentially signing over to you.

No more than any other application.

But the White House is saying
that the Shepherd Freedom Foundation app

went beyond any other application.

That it allowed congressional campaigns
complete access to the user's phone.

Some are even saying that the app
is essentially mining peoples' psyches.


You design the thing,
but at the end of the day,

you have no idea how it will be used.

Mr. Shepherd.

Could you excuse me
for one moment, please?

I'm Agent Slater with the FBI.

What's this about?

Please come with us.

I'm not going anywhere
until I call my lawyer.

Mr. Shepherd, please.

It'd be best if you cooperated.

Abruzzo is recusing himself.

On what grounds?

His conflict of interest.

This is about the future
of the presidency.

He's using his military service.

Get him over here.

It's too late, he can't reverse himself.

I decide when it's too late.
I will not have that ruling upheld.

Who else can we get to?


Annette, do not turn on the TV.

What are you talking about?

They took him.
They came in with a warrant.

What do you mean they took him?

They're using his work with the app
as grounds to charge him with treason.

I promise you,
we will do everything we can.

But anyone connected with the app
is distancing themselves from it

and you.

It's finally here.

Where did these changes come from?

Directly from the Shepherd family.

His mother?

Look, just do your thing.
Let's get it on tape.

Nazi-like tactics?

You bring up Nazis in any situation
other than the Second World War,

you've already lost the argument.

I mean, come on, we all knew
what Duncan was doing.

Is anybody really surprised?

- I mean, really?
- Melody...


- What are you...
- No.

She's polling in the high 70s.

We're looking at close to 80
by the midterms.

The anti-corporate rant

is gaining traction.

She's weaponized her feminism,

and it's grown tiresome.

"I'm a mother, I'm a general."

Spare me.

Anyone that popular is bad for democracy.


So, the pros.

After her death,
with the vice presidency vacant,

our friend Brett Cole will be president.

We suspect we'll get a call for stability
and unity.

Heal the nation, we all know the drill.

The cons. We're gonna
take a hit in the midterms.

I think we hold on to the House.

The Senate is a long shot.

The markets will fluctuate for a while.

I've brought Lorraine in for that.

She's got some impressive
computer models and projections. But...

all in all, we're confident?we can absorb

whatever financial hit?an assassination
would have on the economy.

We're talking about a quarter point loss

in the GDP, at the most.

And what about all the conspiracy nonsense
we'll be hearing?

The theories are a useful distraction.

And eventually, they consume themselves.
History will back us up on that.

There's one hiccup. It's a big one.

She's with child.

That is a variable we don't know how
to account?for in our models or predict.

We use it. Play into it.

We'll make her a martyr.

A victim of the times.

A feminist icon.

God, she might even end up on a coin.

As long as another Zapruder
doesn't show up.

Jack, that's not funny.

Well, that's as much as I want to know.

Yes, I think it's best
if you all leave now.

I'll take it from here.

Bring him in.

It's 11 o'clock, as they say.

You want what I have.

Actually, I want you to hold on to it.

I told Seth, and I'll tell you again.

I want to bring her down, but not Francis.

Don't you know that's impossible?

Even if she killed her husband?


my goal and yours have become the same.

Does she call you Doug?

Or does she do that Francis thing of hers.


You know what we need to do.

You keep mistaking me for someone I'm not.

I don't care about you or what you want.

But you do care what Frank wanted.

And it's time you admitted it.
Frank wanted her dead.

This seems too personal for you.

All politics is personal.
You of all people know that.

And you want her dead, too.

And neither one of us can do it alone.

You'll come to your senses soon.

You're no fool.

You want to protect what he left you?

It's the only way.

Congratulations on the ruling coming out
of the court.

They still haven't decided.

But we all know how it's going to go.

Please, sit down.

Nora Cafferty...

has a secret.

Excuse me.

I assume you were worried
about the scare with the baby.

I spoke to President Petrov.

He's informed me that ICO
is trying to acquire a nuclear device.

Yes. They are.

So why didn't you tell me?

I have full confidence in you, Nora,
and your abilities, but this concerns me.

You cannot under any circumstances

withhold information that is essential
to our national security.

I had such high hopes for you.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to have to say this.

I was hoping the Supreme Court
would rule against you.

That they would take away the football.

And I'm not the only one
who's starting to feel it.

This is my house, and I want you out.

She's ready to condemn her husband.

So why aren't you?

It wasn't a thief who killed Tom.


- I don't think it was.
- Look,

- Tom and I were working on...
- Okay, I know what he was working on.

It took me almost a month to find it,
but it was on his dog's collar.

It was the same thing
Lucas was working on and Zoe before that.

Always with the same problem,

no one will believe it.

- Look, I laid it out for him...
- Without any evidence.

Or do you have any?

All there is, is your word. And what
is that even worth these days?

I mean, what the hell are you protecting?

I can keep driving. I don't mind.

Or you can help me finish the story
of Tom, Lucas, Zoe, you


maybe me.

I tested you. And you passed.

That's basically how I see it,
Madam President.

You're impertinent.
That was clear from the start.

No, I'm ambitious.

Which is something that I've always
admired, from afar, about you.

Even when you were attacking me?

Forgive me.
I become aggressive when I'm nervous.

It's always been that way.

Can we start over?

Because I think I finally understand you

and what you're trying to do
for this country.

I can help you get your message out.


- All right, settle, people.
- Okay, let's begin.

Let's go in four, three, two...

First things first.

Despite what the odds-makers have decided,

I am going to be the mother
of a baby girl.

- Wow. Congratulations.
- Thank you.

And have you picked out a name?

Um, not yet.

I need to see her face first.

What do you most wish
the American people knew about you?

Something surprising.

That I like nothing more than to laugh.

And what does the prospect
of becoming a mother,

while being the leader of the free world,
feel like?


I didn't expect to deliver Francis' child
as a widow, of course.

But I have things to do

for my unborn child,
for this unformed nation.

I want to create
a progressive and productive Hale legacy

for the ages.

Speaking of which.

Why did you return to your maiden name?

Well, I think your question
answered itself.

Maiden name.

The assumptions behind that expression

led me back to what I can only call
my name.

President Hale,

why the delay

in nominating a replacement
for the vice presidential vacancy?

Two reasons. One, constitutionally,

Congress needs to confirm the choice

and our current Congress is dirty.

We'll have to see what happens
with the midterms.

And two,

if I've learned anything
from partnerships,

you have to choose someone

who'd take a bullet for you.

And, Melody, I'd like
to come clean on something.


The truth is, and it pains me to say this,

but the truth is, this country

never got to know
the real Francis Underwood.

I'm not sure I ever
really knew him myself.

I know you saw it, too.

He was impossible to know,
like all con men.

He played us all.

Come and get me, Doug.

She leaves me no choice.