House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 6, Episode 6 - Chapter 71 - full transcript

Claire makes staff changes. The Shepherds try to recruit Doug to their side. With Mark facing intense scrutiny, Jane offers advice.

CLAIRE: Previously on House of Cards...

25th Amendment.

She only needs to be deficient.

The Cabinet is yours.


There's an e-mail from
Bill Shepherd's office in the chain.

They knew somebody was gonna die.

(THUMPS CAR) That's not Rachel Posner.
Is she dead?

TOM: I just got back from New Mexico.

What did you do with Rachel?

MARK: She's somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

But nothing can happen
without an executive order.

Well, then. That's gonna
have to happen when you're President.

The Russians killed Tom,
and Mark Usher covered it up.

I need you to tell the FBI

about your relationship with Tom.

You're all fired.

Ask Annette. Ask your mother.

She told me to ask you
where I came from.

Meet my new Cabinet.

I just wanted to see your face.

The will you intercepted?
Where is it?

I don't have it anymore.

He left you everything.

That's how the will ends.

"Remember the last thing I gave you."

Francis died in this room.

Whoever killed him

will get what she or he deserves.


- DOUG: Tom. Tom, you here?




NEWS ANCHOR: Sources say that the FBI
was made aware of the evidence

linking the Vice President
and a number of Cabinet secretaries

with several senior
Russian government officials.

Meanwhile, President Underwood,
who still has not commented

on the matter, in what could be
construed as an attempt

to distance herself
and her administration

from the apparent collusion,

has fired all the accused
Cabinet secretaries,

making way for the first-ever
all-female Cabinet in U. S. history.



Not one, not two,
but three abortions.

The third one at 16 weeks.

Think about it. That's not
a few cells or a collection of cells.

It's more like
four and a half inches long

and three and a half ounces.

At 16 weeks, the President's baby

would have been the size of this.

My fellow Americans,
there are certain parties out there

that hope to use my private life
for political gain.

I'm going to say this exactly once.

For many years, my late husband
and I tried to start a family.

I downplayed that fact
in the past because...

Well, it's a painful subject.

When I finally became pregnant,

the baby wasn't viable

and the pregnancy had to be
terminated. End of story.

The baby was viable.

Francis and I, as parents, were not.

So, let me be clear. This is the last

I will ever say on this subject.



I am so proud of every person
around this table.

Each of them has served this country
with honor and distinction.

Some as Deputy Secretaries.

They are all accomplished Americans

and members of their
respective departments.

But I'll let them speak
for themselves.

Hello, my name
is Jennifer Baumgarten,

and I am the Acting Attorney General
of the United States.

Jenny's going to come in very handy.

And as far as
the Justice Department is concerned,

I share the President's commitment
to cleaning house.

REPORTER: But isn't it customary
for the Vice President

to attend all Cabinet meetings?

Not necessarily, no.


ever since I joined
the Underwood administration,

the President and I have
worked together on a daily basis.

Hand in glove.
That's the way we work.

Is it true that you were asked
to resign?

What? No, no.

And the Russians and me,
it's preposterous.

Look, the President and I agree

that the best way to find out
who's behind these accusations

is to appoint a special prosecutor.

And let him or her do her job.
Thanks very much.


Okay. Great. Thank you. Great.

Okay, good. Thanks, thanks. Bye.

JANINE: Did she find him?

Tom? Did she find him?

No. Front door was open.

Dog's not there. No one was there.

Okay, Tom, I am so sorry.
I felt I had no other option. I mean,

I swear, I saw someone inside your...

No, I know. I know.

We can go circle back and take
another look if you want, but...

That doesn't sound like a good idea.


WOMAN: That's your fax.

Great. How much is that?

$1.90 for the first page,
$1.25 for each additional.

And it looks like you've got
quite a few additionals coming in.

But, can I just...

Let me just figure out
how much it's gonna cost.

That's more than enough.

Yeah, thank you.


WOMAN: Here you go.

- Thank you.
- WOMAN: You bet.



102.7. Why did you
send the nurse away?

BILL: Because she needed to eat.

And I feel fine.

ANNETTE: I find this anything but fine.

No, no, look,

this fever's good.

I don't think
it's supposed to last this long.

You want me to change the sheets?


What's the point?

You know I support you
no matter what.

Whatever you want to try,
but this is...

Research is very good.
Proven effective in Europe.

Do you remember how Dad used to
make me wear long sleeves at dinner?

Do you miss them?

Her, not him.

He was always so sure
about what was right.

Mom's doubt actually allowed her
to deepen as time went by.

Depth is overrated.

Do you want to cancel tomorrow?

We can't cancel.

What's wrong, Annie?


I keep calling Duncan.

And I've heard nothing
and he still hasn't gone home.

You knew he was gonna
find out someday.

Maybe it's for the best.

If you're hungry or thirsty...

DAVIS: Angry. Tired. Frustrated.

I should've been debriefed by now.

Again, if you need water
or a cup of coffee...

This is ridiculous.

- Excuse me.

No visible scars. I assume
you've been looked at by a physician?

It's protocol.

So is talking with a senior member
of the Agency.

That won't be happening today.

You're essentially burnt.

When it comes to your work
with any of the Agencies.

That's the term, isn't it, "burnt"?

Not necessarily.

Virtually always.

Nobody knows what you said
or didn't say while in captivity.

I didn't say, Claire.

"Madam President."

And have you heard about Mark?

He's made
quite a spectacle of himself.

I don't know how much longer
I can keep my voice out of it.

DAVIS: I guess he thought he could
come out from under it.

Yes. Well, the people that know
us best, know best how to hurt us.

President Underwood...

Actually, I've gone back to Hale.

You're wrong if you think
I have anything...

You are foolish
if you don't tell me what it is.

Guess which kind of people
I'm done suffering, Jane?



You were wise to come.

(DOUG SIGHS) I told you and
I'll tell them. I don't want the job.


Doug, just promise you'll
hear them out before you do anything.

And just so you're aware,

Bill's not shaking hands
at the moment.


Doug. May I introduce you,
Annette and Bill Shepherd?


You remember Fred Amburg.

Doug, for the record,

I really enjoyed
our conversations in the facility.

Come on, man.
All roads lead to Rome, you know?

And Annette and Bill are Rome.

Come. Sit down, please, Mr. Stamper.

BILL: These guys were just leaving.

COLE: Well, Mr. Shepherd, Annette.


COLE: Talk soon, Bill.

AMBURG: Annette.


BILL: Frank spoke very highly
of you, Doug.

You cold? I can have 'em
switch off the AC.

Humidity in this town, my God,

makes you feel like
you're living inside

the mouth of a dog, doesn't it?

Frederic Gustav Amburg
is my very best friend

for over 52 years.

We've traded marbles, stocks...

A fiancé, once upon a time.

Please. You're making me nervous
standing there.

BILL: Jesus Christ. Get over it.

You should consider yourself lucky
you had Fred to talk to in there.

You're like the guy
who finds $999,000

and says,
"Yeah, but it isn't a million."

Brett Cole will be the Speaker.

Next in line,
if you don't count Mark.

BILL: We've gotta get this woman
outta there.

Mr. Stamper, my brother
gets a little impatient

when it comes to the President.

We know we share
a common enemy in her.

All right. Whatever he left you
must be damning.

We know that much.

Frank knew you were
the only other man

who truly knew
what his wife was capable of.

The only one he could trust to do
the right thing when the time came.

Unless Frank was wrong about you.

BILL: A letter opener?

What does that mean?

How did you
get your hands on the will?

ANNETTE: It's called reach.

You see, the thing is,

whatever brings her down
could bring Francis down as well.

Now, you listen to me.

Frank was a hell of a guy.

We were going to accomplish
great things together.

But this is too damn important
for the future of this country.

A future that includes you.
The past is just that.

Hold on a second.

Do you work for the brother
or the sister?

The family.

She's not that fond of you.

I wanted you to know.

What? That I was working
for them all along?

One way or another,
Francis got both of us hired.

We know you've been meeting
with Tom Hammerschmidt.

You need to stay away from him
for a while.

God, this thing takes forever.

I have done nothing wrong.

And I'll tell you something,
I am going to expose her.

DAVIS: And yourself.

And then where will you be?
You're not thinking, Mark.

What happened? Did she get to you?

She got to you,
is that what you're saying?

I'm saying something's changed
in those steely blue eyes of hers.

Walk away. My recommendation is
walk away from this shit show.

No. I'm not doing that.

You never even wanted this.

And now you're willing
to fight to the death for it?

Who said anything about the death?

Fuck her, Jane.

Fuck! Fuck her.


Forgive me, but why
is your timing always off?

I tried to get you out.

Out. What a quaint concept.

When the only way out
was never to get in the first place.

- I swore. I swore.
- Ow!

I swore I would never set foot
in this house again.

What the hell are you doing here?

The optics are awful, Mark.

I mean, really.

It's the only place I feel safe.


CLAIRE: It looks lovely.
I don't blame her for choosing it.

And that blue-green color,
it's so specific to the French Alps.

Azure, yes, azure.

Well, of course.
Our little tariff agreement

caused some consternation, Viktor,

but I don't regret it.
Tell me you don't either.


Right now?

Nothing, really.

Just planning for the future.

Out with the old.

MARK: Yeah. And exactly who the fuck
was Jennifer Baumgarten

- 72 hours ago?

Because I want you to push
for a special prosecutor.

Or... Well, hearings, then.

Because it will if you...
Mitch, don't give me that.

It will if you do.

Because I was a Republican
a lot longer than I was a Democrat.

You know it.

Listen. Listen to me, Mitch...

CRUZ:...regarding the Vice President.
There's no denying it.

These are serious allegations
that cannot be ignored.

And something tells me
this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean, how deep does this go?
And to what end?

What? No, I'll call you back.
'Cause I need to call you back.

Look, people want to associate me
with one party or another.

I'm simply an American
when it comes to values.

Way of life. You have Ms. Stewart

meeting with Tom Yates
in the Vice President's home.

Tom Yates, who we now know

was someone the Russians
were very interested in.

And now you have the Vice President

holed up in that safe house,
assuring us that everything is fine.

Every news outlet
is asking for comment.

It's terrible how people live
to see others fail.

It's going to be hard for me
to continue here in any capacity.

On the contrary, Kelsey,

I am naming you
my permanent Press Secretary.

Ma'am, I...

I'm going to announce it
the next time I take questions.

For the time being, though,

I think I should handle
the daily press briefings.

I feel like I need to give them
a little face time.

You don't understand, I can't...

I will let you know
when you need to speak.

Don't worry,
we'll get through this together.

Listen, I saw this
in my closet today.

And I thought of you.
I want you to have it.


Tom was looking
to move back to New York.

We would have coffee,
the occasional dinner.

He told me he was involved
with somebody

he couldn't get away from.

That it was killing him.

I can't think about it.

I won't think about it.

What to do about Kelsey?

I mean, look at that face.

Enjoy the bag.

Hi. So, what Melody Cruz
just said on the air?

That was your son, I'm guessing.

You need to talk to him or I will.

Keep your voice down. Bill's resting.

Where's Duncan?

Not here.

Bill. Bill Shepherd?

Won't be seeing you today.


Still wearing it?


Why are you allowing me to be gutted?

- Gutted?
- Yes. Gutted.

Gutted, gutted.

I told Melody Cruz to run the piece.

I have been nothing but loyal to you.

The Press Secretary was
in your house with Tom Yates.

Oh, my God. Come on.

Even if there isn't
an ounce of truth to it.

Mark, you're the face
of this whole Russia fiasco.

It's bad for the country.
It's bad for Bill and me.

You need to get rid of it.

Burn your house down, if you have to.

Anything that connects you
to the story,

and get a hold of yourself.

CLAIRE: How's the Bureau feeling

about the latest revelations
when it comes to Mark Usher?

It's difficult when all the evidence
is coming from Russian intelligence.

But we have to follow every lead.

To be honest, ma'am,

the Vice President
is well-liked around town.

Yes, but we're talking about
very serious crimes here, Nathan.

Yes, ma'am.

So, tell me, once Doug knew
you were listening in...

He's been operating,
pretty much in plain sight.

He tried to meet
with Tom Hammerschmidt.


And he met
with Bill and Annette Shepherd

at the Hay-Adams.

Also, he returned to his apartment
with a canine.

Doug has a dog?

There's one in his apartment.

Another thing that
caught my attention was,

the two men we have
following Doug's psychiatrist

from the facility contacted me.

Seems Dr. Rosen was pretty shaken up.

He said he blacked out and fell down.

But, I mean, it doesn't
make any sense...

You sound very distracted, Nathan.

- Excuse me?
- I don't know

if it's the lack of sleep
because of the night feedings,

but I wonder if you're still
capable of doing the job

that I expect of you.

I promise you, ma'am,

I'm fully capable
of executing my duties.

Boy or girl?

A boy.

Well, I'm so happy for you, Nathan.

They do say second marriages
are the best.


What time is it?

Don't worry about it. Are you okay?


Can I check your temperature?


Every time I wake up, you people

put your hands all over me.

When I went to bed,
I was 53 years old.

I don't know how old I am.

(SCOFFS) All right, was Mark here?
I heard these voices,

I was going in and out. Seth?

Bill, maybe you should
go back to your room.

No, I'm not dead yet. Was he here?

Yes, but...

Okay. Well, where is Ms. Skorsky?

SETH: We have people looking for her.

We're fairly sure
she's still in the D.C. area.

Well, but what does she have?

We now know that
Ray Meyers was faxing

some kind of document
to a copy shop

- here in the city.

And anything from your Doug Stamper?

No, sir.

Bill, please, you're still feverish.

Can you give us a minute?

Of course.

Where is he?

DOUG: He's safe.

Which is more than I can say for you.

You know, at times, I can't tell
if you're making a threat

or offering help.

Why is Seth Grayson
looking for Janine Skorsky?

I'm assuming the men who turned
your place upside down

were looking or her.

She's working on an article.

Though she'll have
to find some place else to publish.

Her newspaper was bought
by the Shepherds.

DOUG: We still need to meet, Tom.



And Doug,

you lay a hand
on that innocent animal

and I swear to Christ,
I'll beat the living shit out of you.

Your dog's fine.


I know you look up to my brother.

And you've been very attentive.

But he's not well. Okay?

And from this moment on,

any information you think he needs,
I need to hear it first.

I understand.

He will recover.

Thank you for saying that.

Doug Stamper doesn't like
to be told what to do.


It only works
if he thinks it's his idea.

Listen, it may be
none of my business,

but I haven't been able
to reach Duncan

since he received a package
from the White House,

I don't know what it was.

But he was very upset.

Thank you.

You're right.
That's none of your business.


I urged him. Believe me,

I urged him to resign. But he listens
to me half the time, at best.

I need you to understand.

I don't want to hurt Mark again.

There was a troubled young woman...

I wonder why so many stories
have to begin that way.

I know, I know. I hate this story.

I hate that I'm telling you.

I'm tired
of the disposable girl story.

She started as a volunteer
on Brett Cole's first campaign.

Mark and I were consulting.

Brett's wife was
as pregnant as could be.

And the troubled young woman
wouldn't leave him alone.

Well, that's how
Brett characterized it.

Did he encourage her attention?
Enjoy it?

You bet he did.

He's a man with a man's ego.

Anyway, of course, it became a mess
in all the ways these stories do.

And suddenly it was Mark's job
to clean it up.

He leaned on her too hard.

Badgered and berated her.

"You're ruining Brett's future."
"You better disappear."

And so she did.


She jumped off the Roosevelt Bridge.

It fucked with Mark's head, Claire.

He lost his nerve after that. He...

He started to question everything.



And I'm sorry. I'm...

I mean, this is, this is not me.


You're saving him,
you know that, right?

Now, tell me the truth.

Did you help Cathy get away?

The FSB have been very helpful,
so you know.

They're very close to locating Cathy.

I've noticed that you
always adjust your hair

right before you tell a lie.

I want you to know I forgive you.

She wants to try and impeach me?

Be my guest, I cannot wait.
They hate her, you know.

The House, all the Senators,
they hate her guts.

By the time this thing is over,
she'll be begging me to...

DAVIS: Don't do this.

Everything I've done
for that ungrateful...

DAVIS: Don't let this happen again.

I didn't take proper care of you.

As a friend.

Machiavelli died in exile.

Boss Tweed made a deal
with the Governor,

but in the end, was never released.

Where are you, Jane?

And Nixon was a prisoner of his past

till the day he died.

All men

who had no idea how to walk away.

I am still in possession of his body
and I'll use it, if I have to.

Oh, God.


No matter what you hear,

I was trying to help you.


DOUG: It's around the back.

You did good.

DOUG: What is it?

What does she have?

You don't have to
concern yourself with that.

DOUG: I delivered her, didn't I?

Whatever Janine Skorsky has
will never see the light of day.

She has no right to it.

And her source will be
singing a different tune

when he sees
the jail time he's looking at.

Listen to you, Mr. Grayson.

By the way, what's your title?

Vice President
of Research and Outreach

for the Shepherd Freedom Foundation.

You're like a starfish, Seth.
Your legs grow back.



Here's her article.

DOUG: And the e-mails?

There's a copy attached.

Seth's on his way.

And Janine says
thank you for the heads-up.

He'll bring the cavalry.

Calamity Janine can handle herself.

My dog?

All right, then.

Did you kill Rachel?

I need to hear you say it.

You need it for yourself.

I did.

But you won't find her. No one will.

Turn yourself in.

Take me.

Point me in the direction
where you left her.

There are people who cared for her.

I cared for her.

Did Francis

kill Zoe?

Tell me if Francis killed Zoe.

Is this still off the record?

Will it be enough for you
to know the truth?

Because you're never gonna
be able to prove it.


it has to be enough, or I walk away.

No. Someone has to answer...

Jesus Christ, he's dead.

But her?

You said it yourself,
she's as guilty as he is.

I'm saying, maybe more.

Maybe he did it all for her.

What'd you got?

No. Do we have an agreement?

I give you the truth,
and you leave him out of it.

I can't do that.


It's not a just world, Tom.

But sometimes you have the chance
to make the right person pay,

even if it's for the wrong crime.

Is that enough for you?

Because if it's not, I respect you.
And we can say goodbye.

No, no, Doug. It's not enough for me.
And I do not agree.

Tom, I am never going to tell you

that Francis killed
the three of them.

Zoe, Russo,

and LeAnn.

But you already know the truth.


Yes, I do.

On the record.

From here.

What did she do?

SETH: Ms. Skorsky?

Members of the U.S. Attorney
cyber task force are on their way.

I'm giving you a chance.

And I'm giving you a chance
to go on the record.

Emails, or any correspondence written

while at Arcas Refinery or any
subsidiary of Shepherd Unlimited

are the sole property
of Bill and Annette Shepherd.

Were Bill and Annette Shepherd

aware of the possibility that
workers might die at the Arcas plant?

Get that outta my face.
We know what Ray Meyers sent you.

Did you use the Arcas accident

to get the citizens of Bellport
to sign up for this app?

An app that you helped develop

for the Shepherd Freedom Foundation?

Ms. Skorksy,

they're about to confiscate
your computer.

And any devices.

You can take it right now.

You're not gonna find anything here.

I knew you were coming, Mr. Grayson.

GREEN: Doug?

I'm ready to see the President.

CLAIRE: You expect a person
to be true to his character.

You're so careful. You're so good
about cleaning up after yourself.

Why didn't you just get rid of him?

MARK: Well, Francis wanted it otherwise.

I was so hoping you'd surprise me.

What are you gonna do, Mark?
You gonna pull out the body?

Drape it over the tombstone?

Gelsemium is known to be used
by Russian intelligence.

I want you out of my house.

But from what I understand,

you're pretty much a murderer anyway.

You don't normally
make mistakes, do you?

But when you do,

they are something.

Was there some hope in you

that the troubled young woman
would do herself in?

That Congressman Cole
would be relieved somehow?

I'd like you to get out
of my house, Claire.

It's important to be organized
and ruthless.

Three piles, I always say.

The stuff you wanna keep,

the stuff you might need later
that you put in storage,

and the stuff you have to destroy.



Jane, it's me.

(DAVIS SIGHS) I'm so sorry.

Hey, hey.

I don't care that you told her.

You hear me? I don't care.


I have the worst migraine

of my life.


Jane, are you okay?


MARK: Are you okay?



CLAIRE: I almost forgot.

There's always a fourth pile.

The stuff you don't know
what to do with.

Can I get you some water?

Something stronger, maybe?

No, thank you.
But don't let me stop you.

I take a month off drinking,
come every Labor Day.

Kind of an academic calendar ritual

to prove to myself
I'm not actually an alcoholic.


I'm actually abstaining myself
at the moment.

For pursuit of...

Clarity, I guess.

Would you like to sit down?



He's crazy.

Certifiable. You know that, right?

Doug got out
of a psychiatric facility

all of a month and a half ago.

And no matter how hard he tries
to revive his political career

or get back in the game...

He's a delusional liar.

And to tell you the truth,

maybe he was
a better wife to Francis.

Which is why he was never
able to see things clearly.

I mean, what did he tell you, Tom?

What do you think he told me
that you don't want me to know?

Oh, boy.

The fantasies he must have
reported to you.

You need to pity him.

You really do. I do.

Madam President,

this type of intrusion
into a civilian's home...

Listen, there's no denying
that Francis was

a desperate man who did, yes,
a lot of desperate things.

And I don't know.
Maybe towards the end,

he was slightly deranged.

But whatever he did, he did alone.

I was not complicit.

And do you remember
the last interview

you did with my husband?

And the conversation ended
where he asked you if you'd believed

what he'd told you.

Do you remember
how you responded, Tom?

I do.

I said, "Not for a second."

Madam President,
when it comes to your complicity,

I think it's best if we meet
under more formal circumstances.

I'll be sending over a list
of questions to your press office.

You can answer them by mail, e-mail.

Or if you prefer, face-to-face
and on the record.




How many years
did she clean up after you?

My mother, the housekeeper.

From the second I saw you, Duncan.

Your beautiful
little scrunched up face.

Like an old man.

I just knew. It was instant.

We just belonged.

We belonged, we did.

Why didn't you legally adopt me?

I guess, because I didn't have to.

And my father?

Was it...

No, no, no.

A one-night stand.

She said she didn't remember
his name.


I went to see her.

My birth mother.

She lives not more
than half an hour from here.

Did you know that?

Did you talk to her?


I couldn't do that to her.

I just...

I just watched her.

How could she let...

I knew I could take care of you.
I knew she couldn't.

If not now,

I hope you can forgive me.

You okay, Duncan?

Help me, Bill.

Who your real parents were,

where they came from.
I never cared about any of that.


Well, you know why.

Say it.

Who he is, Bill.

I don't need this.

- Stay where you are.
- No.

Duncan, if you and I are
to have any chance,

you need to stay right here.


say it,

who he is to you. To me.

- Honey...
- Who is he, God damn it?

He's not one of us.

You're a coward.

Letting Claire Hale say it for you.

Well, I hope you die.

Let's go. Now!

DOUG: The e-mail links to corporate
minutes that clearly indicate

a foreknowledge of hazard

that resulted in catastrophic harm
and loss of life.

In attendance and party to consent
of this corporate policy

was the entity's
Chief Executive Officer,

William Shepherd.

Arcas Refinery is liable.

As is Shepherd Unlimited.

The corporation
and Bill Shepherd himself

can be charged
with involuntary manslaughter.

Expose him as a murderer
and cost him billions in the process.

Is Ms. Skorsky publishing?

Mmm. I made sure of it.

It's a better story
once you arrest him.

And the article
will justify the arrest.

SETH: We can get some lawyers in here
and delay, at the very least.


Well, then we can make sure
they walk you out the back.

No, no, no. I want the cuffs.

President's gone too far this time.
I want the whole world to see.

And my sister?

You could've handed me this anywhere,
why here?

Seemed appropriate.

You never struck me
as nostalgic, Doug.

Could this be
about the posthumous pardoning

you've been imagining for Francis?

You don't belong here.

I sometimes worry
about your imagination.

Your slavish devotion.

You can't think beyond him.
Not really.

I can imagine you
not in the White House quite clearly.

Oh, my goodness.

You keep saying things like that,
I might not be able to let you leave.

What did you do with it?

The will.

Did you burn it?

He left me everything.

You know it and I know it.


Excuse me.

I get sleepy so early these days.


I'm not going to be told
what to do anymore, Doug.

Not by you,

or anyone, or any man,

ever, ever again.

- Here, Tom.
- Thanks, Dan.

- No problem. Whenever.
- Won't be long. Promise.


Turn. Sit, sit.

Good boy, listen.

ROBBER: Get down. Below the counter.

You do exactly
what I told you to do before, okay?

It's all about having fun.

You be a good boy.
It's gonna be all right.

You just have fun, right? Okay.



And in breaking news, just in.

We're sad to report that
one of the Washington Herald's

most accomplished journalists
and editors,

Tom Hammerschmidt, was pronounced
dead at the scene of a robbery

gone terribly wrong.

The White House was quick to comment,

as the President had sat down with
the award-winning Hammerschmidt

for an interview only hours before.

Along with her condolences,

the President used the opportunity
to call for greater gun control,

particularly in our inner cities.


CLAIRE: The last thing he gave you.
If you don't tell me what it means...

DOUG: I was kinda hoping
you could tell me, Claire.


Tom Hammerschmidt is dead.

Cathy, Jane. Bill Shepherd
is going to prison.

Mark has no one to turn to.
It's just you and me.

Give me a moment, please.



Please know. (SIGHING)

The thought of accelerating the exit
of three poor souls from this Earth

is beyond painful.




Sorry about that.

Not at all.

I'm not worried
about you anymore, Doug.

You wouldn't do anything
to hurt Francis. You're not capable.

And see, the thing is,

whatever Francis left you,
it doesn't actually belong to you.

We entered our marriage
with a his, hers and ours agreement.

You keep and do
whatever you want with yours,

I keep and do
whatever I want with mine.

My daddy and mother insisted,
as you can imagine,

but the prenup we had, had a clause.

If ever we have descendants together

and one of us is first to die,

we agree to waive our rights
to everything passed on.

By which I mean,

all of Francis's assets

are entitled to his heir.

If he should have one.

Francis and I have been blessed.