House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 6, Episode 5 - Chapter 70 - full transcript

Claire allows her enemies to think she's incapacitated as they plot to remove her from office. Doug's investigation leads him to uncover a secret.

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CLAIRE: Previously on House of Cards...

DOUG: What time did she die?

STAN: I don't, um...

Sorry, I know it's a weird question.

If it's not him, then,

how did she die, for God's sake?

What do you think
really happened to Cathy?

DAVIS: I guess you got lucky then.

No one is that lucky.

MARK: If the talks on Syria
have broken down,

what's he doing here?

If we do nothing,

the chaos will continue.

So, here's what I want.

Russian exclusivity on all offshore
oil and gas exploration.

MARK: And she said nothing.

Why didn't you tell them
I invited you?

Bids will be contingent
on my approval.

You can have
the oil and gas, the ports.

And 20% of profits
from the resources passing through.

I accept.

Rachel Posner?

TOM: Somebody with her name

is bouncing checks
in and around New Mexico.

What's going on with you and Claire?

CLAIRE: Congressman Cole.
I'll put him on my ticket 2020.

Pardon Francis as well.

SETH: There is something that
you should know about Francis' will.

He left you more than those cuff links.




Good day, Calonice.

Claire, what are you doing?


You're supposed to
be on-stage right now.

"Calonice, it's more than I can bear.

"I am hot all over
with blushes for our sex.

"Men say we're slippery rogues..."

"And aren't they right?"

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

We're all gonna die one day.

(SIGHS) What?

I'm gonna be dead.

You're gonna be dead.

And they're all
gonna be dead, everybody.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Are those my earrings?

(HALTINGLY) I didn't think you'd care.

You do it.

You be Lysistrata.
You know all my lines, right?

You can't just...

What about the show? Claire!


GREGORY: We're almost good.

We just have to adjust the lights.

That's fine.

I did wanna
thank you personally for doing this,

I really appreciate it.

Wait till we're finished
before you do that.

(CHUCKLES) Well, I won't
deviate from the questions.

You can ask me anything,

as long as it's about the...

The President.

Can you get away from me
with that, please?

- I am fine.
- Sorry, Mr. Shepherd.

It's just that
the lights are pretty harsh.

It's fine. Let's go.

This Russia debacle,

it's essentially a 20% tax

on American companies

that are just over there
trying to help out the region.

It's the latest in a series

of disastrous steps

taken by this White House.

And you wonder...

You wonder why Congress
was looking at legislation

to take the nuclear button
away from her?

Well... As a patriot,

as an American who loves his country
and, yes, his company.

We can do better.

We can do so much better.

Even Bill Shepherd,

who the last time
he was interviewed on air, was...

Was never.

Even he felt compelled to speak out.

Well, she's the head of my party,

and I have to say, I'm at a loss.

Her entire schedule is empty.

Presidents have
gone missing before...

DOWD: But there's a difference between

clearing your head at Camp David,
and going full-blown Howard Hughes.

She hasn't been seen publicly

in three weeks, or heard from.

Except for a late night pardon
for her husband's Chief of Staff.

Which many consider
a strategic mistake.

Well, Doug Stamper has issues.

Everyone in her administration
has issues.

Sean Jeffries, the Press Secretary,
has resigned.

And there are probably
more departures to come.

Her Cabinet has had enough.

And if she thinks a pardon is gonna
keep the U. S. Attorney away, she's...

- She's...
- ...depressed?

I don't know about depressed...

You know, she looks either
very disturbed, or depressed.

But I mean "disturbed."
Can you really say that?

Look, hold on. Hold on.

I'm asking a very real question

about her ability to lead here.

Have you seen this photo,
because we have.

Now we're not here to diagnose,

but you look at this
and you need to ask.

CRUZ: On behalf of our country,

that woman
undid 30 years of foreign policy

by acting like,

pardon my French, a... (BLEEP)

But now, now we're into a new phase.

When the White House lights are on,
but nobody's home.

I mean, she's home,

but she won't leave.

Been hunkered down in there

for 23 days and counting.

she's stopped doing anything.

She's paralyzed.

A paralyzed... (BLEEP)

And there's nothing more dangerous
than a paralyzed... (BLEEP)


I think she might be the worst thing

that has ever happened
to this country.

SOS. Save our souls,

save our ships, take your pick...

This (BLEEP) is real.

I'm Melody Cruz,

and that's what I got.


That's quite a snapshot, right?

Unique. Carefully calibrated.

Pain, hysteria

and just a small dose of crazy.

Claire Underwood,
like they've never seen before.

It's actually
not as easy as it looks.

See, in order for me
to make that face,

I have to imagine

the perfect combination of things.

Here's the recipe.

First, I have to
think about all the ways

in which men have tried to

manage me my whole life.

Then, I think of

America's worst fear

when it comes to
a female in the Oval Office.


And finally...


Francis J. Underwood.



Madam President...

Are you ill?

If you're ill,
I'll call the White House physician.



Just get out, Mark.

Claire, this has to stop.

Please, just leave me alone.

You are alarming the nation.

- You need to get up.


I've prepared a short statement,

explaining your absence
and announcing your return.

You can deliver it

in the Rose Garden this afternoon.

I promise you
this is for both our sakes.

(CRYING) You don't understand...

If you would, please.

Claire, look at me.

- Look at me.
- Get out!

- Please get out. Just leave me alone.
- You are not only

digging your own grave,
you are burying the presidency.

- Stop it. You can try. Will you try?

I can't, Mark. I just can't.

I can't.


Don't worry. I have a plan.


AGENT: Excuse me.


We're good here?

Yeah? Thank you.

Was it paranoia
or is it due diligence?

You tell me, Mark.

We both just lived through
what that bitch is capable of.

No, something is definitely wrong.



I mean, she can't even
put two sentences together.

ANNETTE: Are you sure?

I've never seen her like this.
She's a mess.

Well, either way, that...

That doesn't change where we are.

Mark, when Conway imploded,

we recognized that

you were a little...

Squeamish about stepping in...

And we appreciate that.

BILL: But it's time.

- You'll make a great president.
- We'll see to that.

Now, wait, wait.

Let's be clear, okay?

I know we've been
hitting her pretty hard, but...

I can't condone another attempt.
I can't...

Calm down.

My God, Mark. I mean, really.

There are other ways.

Okay, so we're
talking about impeachment,

or a congressional government?

25th Amendment. Section Four.

Which has never been used.

ANNETTE: It's built for speed,

intended to smother
a crisis of confidence.

Reassure the public.

Reassure the world,

that continuity remains
in the American government,

even if a President becomes...

Unable to fulfill his duties.

Her duties.

- It requires her to be unfit.
- And she is.

I mean, our lawyers
have already looked into this.

She only needs to be deficient.

The language is
vague and accommodating.

Mark, if you have
any doubt about this at all...

MARK: No, I'm just listening.

The Cabinet is yours.

You have relationships
inside the Senate,

the House,

on both sides of the aisle.

It's a natural fit.

- But the thing has to cascade with...
- Precision.

A chain reaction

beginning with a letter to Congress,

signed by the Vice President

and a majority of his Cabinet,

recommending my removal from office.

And how do I know
that's what they'll try to do?

Because the 25th gets personal.

Bill likes me being
the damsel in distress,

he wishes I were.

Where you headed?

STAN: I have family up north.



Cathy's sister still on the Cape?

Hyannis, right?

It's good.

Family's important.

Especially during trying times.

I'd invite you in,
but I really should get back to...

Hey, you know, there's still
something that I can't get straight.

If we can
go through it one more time.

So, she was picked up by car

- to be taken to the doctor...
- She wasn't feeling well.

And you were with her the whole time

- leading up to the embolism?
- Mr. Stamper, enough.

I'm just trying to
understand what happened.

I don't need you
coming around here anymore.

You know exactly what happened.

You have the coroner's conclusions.

And that's that.

I'm in mourning for my wife

and I'm not reliving the final moments
of her life anymore.

Not with you.

I think your wife was murdered.

I'm closing the door now.



- Hello?
- AMBURG: Doug.

Fred Amburg here.

Whose phone is this?

This one's mine. I just got out.

DOUG: I had no idea.

I talked to Cole this morning.

Heard an interesting thing
about our esteemed shrink.

You know that sabbatical, leave,

whatever you want to call it.

You are looking for him, aren't you?


AMBURG: He's in a cabin
down in Virginia.

RAY: Here you go.

Would you mind if I...





RAY: Don't say another word.

Don't speak. Just wait.



My apologies, I took a wrong turn
and wound up in some stairwell.

We don't have much time
until we have to get back upstairs.

MARK: When, uh, Marcy

first came to me
with this proposition,

I was, uh, stunned, to say the least.

Until recently... I don't know.

I didn't realize
how truly bad things were.

But, unseat the President?
Jesus Christ.

The President's my friend.

And while I worry about her

mental state,

I worry about
the state of this nation more.

HANNA: Mr. Vice President,

I admire you greatly.

But I'm not used to
this kind of thing.

Back rooms, after hours.

We need to take every precaution.

HANNA: And yet we're still at risk.

Just by being here.

I'm sorry,

but I believe in the sanctity
of the office of the presidency.

SIEGERSON: And that's exactly
why we're here.

You're asking us to betray an oath.

I'm asking you to speak your mind.

A concentrated effort,
all of us in this room.

We may not be able
to save the President

but we may just be
able to save our administration.

HANNA: The 25th is not
just about timing.

It's about secrecy.

And the Senate
hasn't kept a secret since...

Earl, I appreciate that.
I have the House

and I'll take care of the Senate.

SIEGERSON: I'll prepare a letter

detailing the President's
dereliction of duty,

laying out a case for Congress

and for posterity.

And when the time comes,
you'll all be notified.

MARK: Look, we're all patriots here.

(SIGHS) Our first concern,

our only concern, has got to be

the survival of our nation.






- Sit. Take a deep breath.

Sit down.

Dr. Rosen, sit down.


How did you get in here?


I'm assuming you're here
because you're suffering.

And if it's not over Zoe Barnes,

it's over some other soul
that you've torn apart.


You're assuming I'm here because
I figured out what you took from me.



All personal property should
have been returned upon release.

You're right. It should have.

There's no accounting for the
behavior of supposed professionals.

(CLEARS THROAT) I once met
this psychologist, socially,

who told me about
a party that she hosted once

for a group of her peers.

Just a roomful of shrinks.

At the end of the night,
she was cleaning up,

she went into the bathroom

and she saw that one
of her colleagues had smeared shit

all over the bathroom wall.

Now, what kind of fucked-up person
would do something like that?

Hmm. I guess it's true what they say.

That shrinks are
the most fucked up of all.

Such a violence to that act.

But violence is a funny thing.

You know,
it's not so much the physical pain

that victims can remember.

It's the feelings around it.

The fear.


Where is it?

The will you intercepted?
Where is it?

I don't have it anymore.


(GASPING) I don't have it!

What was in it?

He left you everything.



Take it.

Thank you.

I thought it was a strange question.


When you asked me what
Francis Underwood had given me.

That's how the will ends.

"Remember the last thing I gave you."

Don't call her, or I'll be back.

Hope you figure out
your problems, Doctor.


CLAIRE: Take it.

If you want it, it's yours.

Do you ever wonder if
you're living somebody else's life?

Whose life are you living, Jane?

Not me. You.

You seem to be
struggling with your identity.

If that's not too impertinent to say
to a sitting President.

Come keep me company
while I put my jammies on.



Your little show of compliance

at the funeral as you made your

side deal with Viktor.

Makes me wonder.

And now what?

What do you call this show?

How to turn 323 million people
against you in three short weeks?

Congratulations, Claire.

You've become
a problem for everybody.

And, just so you know,

Syria may be too far gone.

Tell me what to do, Jane.

I was at an event tonight.

An event
the President usually attends.

And how was that evening?

The storm that's gathering
is a rough one.

When do you think they'll strike?

I have no idea.

It's late.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

I think I should move out.

I understand.

Stick to this course,
Madam President, and...


KELSEY: Full house.

You must be looking for

different answers
to the same questions

we've been going over for the last...

Now, 24 days.

And the President
still hasn't left the Residence.

- And this is where I say...
- REPORTER: Kelsey, come on.

For now, the
ground-breaking accord with Russia,

which aims for a
just and lasting peace in Syria,

speaks for itself.

So, unless there
are any more questions,

or shall I say new questions? Yes?

Isn't the Vice President
really the one running the show?

Essentially acting as President?

There are members of the Cabinet
who are saying as much.

Well, firstly, I would refrain from
using the word "show,"

when it comes to the White House,

and, uh... Yeah.

That's all for today.


Are you sure you're not hungry?

The soup is quite nice.

I don't know how you can...



No, I'm glad to see you're eating.

Madam President, it's beyond repair.

You understand that, at this point?

You've lost the Hill.

You've lost your Cabinet.

You've lost the country.

You've lost.

Your own party can't even
find a reason to support you.

I entreat you...

You entreat me?


And are you speaking to me
as Vice President?

I'm speaking to you as a person.

Blame it on

the strain after Francis's death,

the strain of the office itself.

Language can be found, but,

the best you can hope for now

is a dignified exit.

What's so moving about him,

is he can't help himself.

He can't help being decent.


His glorious flaw.

What this means is,

they're gonna go through with it.

No. Mark,

I'm staying right where I am.

OFFICER: You got two minutes.

(SLAMS) That's not Rachel Posner,

is it?

You knew Rachel Posner.

Uh... I mean, yeah, I guess.

Enough to use her name
for someone else's ID?

That's what you do, isn't it?
Kind of pay the names forward?

- No.
- What name did you give Rachel?

I don't remember. I don't.

When did you last see her?


Um, couple of years ago, or something.

It was where she worked.

Is she dead?

I got nothing to do with that.

- Did you help kill her?

I'm talking to you.

Hey, hey, hey, man.

Look, I want my lawyer.

Do you know Doug Stamper?


What name did you give her?

What was her name?

- Lisa.
- Lisa?

Yeah. Lisa Cassie.

- Lisa Cassie?
- Cassie, Lisa. Yeah.

TOM: Lisa and Cassie?

Back at the White House.

You took his room.

It's bigger.

Can you tell me
why it was so important

that we meet here and now?

Honestly, I was hoping
we could meet in the West Wing.

I haven't left the Residence in...

Well, I'm sure
you still read the news.

And your pardon

hasn't helped me or Francis.

I don't feel comfortable here.


Whatever bad memories
you may have, Doug.

Sometimes, it takes a long time

to understand who's
the real source of our harm.

And I have failed
to make you trust me,

and that's a shame.

I trust what I know.

You have enemies,
and they underestimate you.

And how do you think
they'll come at me?

Has Congressman Cole
said anything to you?

I think she's alive. Cathy Durant.

I don't know where she is
or what she's up to,

but I knew you'd want to know.

I want you to know something.

Francis died in this room.

I told everyone it was in my bed.

But it was right there, on the floor.

Whoever killed him.

Am I missing something?

Whoever killed him

will get what she or he deserves.

Timing decided
the shape of the universe.

- MAN: Who said that?
- Me.

Hell is truth seen too late.

Did you say that?

Thomas Hobbes.

Usher, your bet.

Uh... I'll check, please.

Don't be polite.

I've played with you before.

I know you're holding.

Bill, you sure?

I can deal you in on the next hand

I don't play.

Is it true she's a basket case?

Or just a plain old Democrat?


So, I'll have the letter.

That's $100 to see mine.

And when it comes time, Hank,

I don't want to end up
on the Senate floor

with a piece of paper in one hand...

And your balls in the other?

We've all been there.

Let's keep my balls out of it.

Usher, you want me to whip,

but you don't want me to tell
my senators what they're voting on?

And pass without debate.

I'm out.

At least tell me
what they're getting.

A new resident in the White House.

MITCHELL: Well, Mr. President.

Are you in or are you out?

I'll call.

And, uh...

Bump you $500.

DUNCAN: I would never
call this enemy territory.

It might sound quaint,

but I believe in the republic.

Well, thank you for coming.

It's not sustainable.

This media onslaught.

I wonder if you'd consider
calling off the dogs.

All I'm asking for is a pause.
Couple of days or so.

You flatter me, Madam President.

But my reach only goes so far.

It seems they want you to resign.

Who's they?

Who isn't? Pardon my bluntness.

Oh, no, I enjoy bluntness.

Saves time.

But should I resign for
the high crime of being a female?

I think the reasoning
goes deeper than that.

I think,

and this is just my perspective,

- if you want to hear it.
- Oh, please.

Dueling agendas
between my family and,

well, you,
have taken on their own life.

And in some sense,

your husband just
won't leave you alone,

will he?

I can't change history.

I bet sometimes you'd like to.

Wouldn't you like to erase him?

Madam President,

your dead husband
told my mother things.

Things you don't want
the world to know.

A dead man's words are worthless
as far as I'm concerned.

Not when his claims can be verified.

It's possible

to make the
memory of a person disappear.


Move them far into
the background, anyways.

There are ways.


You're a very confident young man.

Even your deeds can go away.

Now, I can make it easier
for all of us to work together.

Does your mother know you're here?


Just out of curiosity,

what's your first memory?

Your first memory of her?

That's a strange question.

I was just curious.

I have a photograph
of her catching me.

My mother had
thrown me up into the air

and my uncle snapped a picture on his

new Nikon camera.

She's beaming. Gleeful.

I treasure that photo.

It's how I like to think of her.

Do me a favor.

Ask Annette.

Ask your mother where you came from.

It's still light out?


You're very dehydrating.

I know, I know.

You want to talk about the deal.

You excluded me, Jane.

When the dust settles,
I'll give you what you want.

Never doubted your value.

Have you seen my phone?

It's in the rest room.



Did you do something to my...

I went to the EPA. There is nothing.

Jesus Christ.


There are people
walking around this town,

dressed down,
acting like they belong.

But I know they don't.

Have you been threatened?

Come on, they're too smart for that.

Well, so, they're following you.

But if there's nothing,
then there's...

I have screen shots

of the e-mail chain.

'Cause it's wrong what they did.

'Cause I'm so stupid.

So stupid,
to believe in doing the right thing

in this totally fucked-up world.


There's an e-mail from
Bill Shepherd's office in the chain.

(SCOFFS) I told you.

They knew.

They knew somebody was gonna die.

I gotta go.

Hey! Hey, wait. What?

Your phone.

- What about it?
- I don't trust it.

I got rid of mine.

I swear, it felt like they were
following my phone and not me.


(STAMMERS) Look, I gotta go.
I'll reach out to you. Okay?

No, what...





(PANTS) She's somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

Ma'am, she poses a significant risk
in enemy hands. You know that.

The United States
does not negotiate with terrorists.

No negotiations.
Options are being drawn up at SOCOM.

But nothing can happen
without an executive order.

Well, then.

That's gonna have to happen
when you're President.

No one's secrets are safe
with Jane in captivity.

That may be more concerning
for you than it is for me.

Kicking the hornet's nest.

Time to move this thing along.

Arrogant little prick.

Please, just calm down.

Did you think I wouldn't find out?

I'm not staying
if there's a name-calling.

Oh. There's not enough
names to call him, Annie.

Such stunning stupidity.

Nice alliteration, Uncle Bill.

This towel is smarter than you.

This window is smarter than you.

This rug is smarter than you.

Hello, Seth.

Hello, sir.

Seth is smarter than you.

The sweat on my brow
is smarter than you, Duncan.

- Jesus H. Christ, spare us.
- Because the sweat on my brow

would have at least known not to pay

an unsanctioned visit to the
President of the United States.

Get your hands off him.

I know you're
not feeling well, but...

Well, what the hell
is that supposed to mean, anyway?

You can't act like this.

You know, I was trying to help.
She invited me and...

And you went, like a fucking idiot.

I wanted to be a bridge.

Shut up, both of you, just shut up.

God, is there anything
we haven't done for you?

Well, you know,
that's what people do for family.

- Anything.
- Listen, you shouldn't have gone.

She can't be trusted,
as I've told you a million times.

He jeopardized our timing.

He jeopardized our timing with her!

I can't stand the sound
of male arguing anymore.

You know, she told me
to ask you something.

She told me to ask you
where I came from.

ANNETTE: Seth? Seth?

Sixteen weeks.

The one from
the pregnancy with her husband.

BILL: Annie, I think it'd be a mistake.

ANNETTE: Seth, confirm it.

SETH: That's right. Sixteen weeks.

Her husband told me.

But you don't know
how it's gonna play.

Okay? It could backfire.

Get her sympathy.

BILL: Just saying, the narrative...
ANNETTE: Who waits sixteen weeks?

- can't be controlled...
- What kind of person?

That's what people
will be talking about.

Let's get Mark on the phone.

We start this now.

is what we called her.

The lady at Central Market,
where she worked,

said you stopped by a few times
asking for her?

She owed us some money, but...

She dead?


Uh, I don't know.

There's not much in there.

Some letters.

Scraps and lists, and...

Picture. Nothing, really.

Our country has a problem right now.

The President.

She has ignored the advice
of her senior advisors,

people who have studied
and fought battles.

Her state of mind
has left us in a weakened...

(SIGHS) We need to hold the line

until our country
gets back on course.

That is a truly stunning video.

What is your reaction

to the Secretary of Defense's
critique of this President?

Secretary of Defense Hanna
is a four-star Marine General

with over 40 years
of service to this country.

I understand his frustration.

Is there any truth to the idea

that Mark Usher

is the Dick Cheney
of this White House?

No, there is only one Dick Cheney.

O'DONNELL: Okay, fair enough.

Mark Usher is
the Mark Usher of this White House.

So, how would you characterize
the Vice President's role?

The Vice President has the
full support of the entire Cabinet.

O'DONNELL: And the President?

Well, the President
speaks for herself.

O'DONNELL: Are you suggesting that
the Secretary of Defense

is not the only one
who's frustrated with this President?

SIEGERSON: You know, Lawrence, this town
feeds off of rumor and gossip

and it's counter-productive.


SIEGERSON: It's a distraction,
I don't work that way.

O'DONNELL: You don't work that way.
How do you work?

How do you work with this President?

You have a call. It's your President.

O'DONNELL: And is this
a dysfunctional administration?

SIEGERSON: My relationship with this...

DAVIS: Claire.


I just need to know exactly when
they're going to pull the trigger.

Don't you want to come home?

You look like you're having fun.

I see real affection there.

And, listen, there were
rumors about Tom and me,

of course, but nothing to them.

He was like a brother to me.

So comforting.

Which is what makes this
all the more difficult.

The truth is, Kelsey,

the Russians killed Tom,

and Mark Usher covered it up.

Now, I'm doing my best
to hold him accountable

but I need your help.

I need you to tell the FBI

about your relationship with Tom.

- Madam President, I...
- I know. It's fine.

You just say you were dating.

You were in love.

And in a private moment,

he told you about
his suspicions regarding Mark Usher

and his collusion with Russia.

And the last time you saw him,

he was on his way
to the Vice President's home

to confront him.

I'm not going to let the
Vice President get away with this.

You and I, as women,

we have to fight back.

I need you by my side.


And before we transmit the letter,

I'd like to suggest
we all take a moment

to bow our heads

and pray for this great nation.

Could you pass me that letter?

And gather all of your things.

Every single Cabinet Member
in this room is dismissed.

You're all fired.


Escort them out.

You know,

I never took you for someone

who wanted to
get himself into the Oval.

- All it is, is a four-year job...

- ...eight if you're lucky.

Hey. Where are you?


Right. I'm on my way back.

Listen, if she prevented the signing,

that's obstruction.

And likely, it's impeachable.

You hear me?

Details are still coming in.

But we're being told
there are reports that

the FBI has today
been provided evidence...

Mark, get to a television,

or a computer,

or a goddamn radio.

...outside the logs
with Russian officials.


This leading up to
and during the President's

recent polarizing Syrian peace deal.

The FBI's expected
to look into the matter,

but has yet to announce
whether or not

they are opening
an official investigation.

If so,

this could be a catastrophic setback

for an
already-beleaguered administration.

Before we begin,

I'd like to offer you
the chance to resign.

I'll leave you to it, then.

I never had any contact with
any Russians outside the logs.

- None.
- WENNIGER: You vacationed at

Deputy Foreign Minister
Zorkin's family dacha

on the Black Sea in summer 1999.

MARK: That was 20 years ago.

GILBAR: Let's work backwards,
start with questions

that have arisen after
Ms. Kelsey Stewart's deposition.

MARK: Who?

We located her phone
in a liquor store in Bellport.

DUNCAN: She knows about the app.

We should assume so.

Have you told my uncle yet?

- I can't reach him.

I can't reach your mother, either.

We have some men
tracking the journalist,

but we don't even know if she
has her hands on anything yet.

- Package for Mr. Shepherd.
- Oh. Thank you.

This is addressed to you.

Leave me alone, please.

My name is Catherine Durant.

Today is Tuesday, July 18th, 2017.

And the time is 8:37 p.m.

Now, before I begin, let me just say

that every punishment

that history will surely
visit upon Claire Underwood,

will be exactly what she deserves.

I rue the day that I accepted

her husband's offer
of Secretary of State.

Now then,

I hereby swear that

everything I'm about to say
is the truth.

Her husband has disappeared,
as of six hours ago.

Do you want to hear any more?

No. I know the rest.

Do you think
the Russians got them out?

Ah, no. I'm sure of it.

Do you think
she sent it to anyone else?

We would know about it by now.

CLAIRE: I've asked Nathan
to be available to you.

I know how well
you two work with one another.

We'll find her.

And Doug, I haven't forgotten about
the promise we made to each other.

I hope you haven't.


TOM: I just got back from New Mexico.

What did you do with Rachel?

Or is it Cassie?

I'm five minutes away.

DOUG: Hang up the phone.

- Doug?
- Hang it up,

or you'll never hear from me again.

I'll come to you.




Are you still listening?

You're a fool to think
she'll protect you.

Seems fitting, somehow,

that you're
the first person I meet with

after I've returned to work.

There's something
very full circle about it.

So, you've talked to your son.

Or, rather, not your son.

Do you know
how developed a fetus is by then?

Sixteen weeks is beyond the beyond.

That is what 16 weeks looks like.

That is what
I can't get out of my head.

I'm quoting Melody Cruz here,
by the way.

She just taped her segment,

due to run tomorrow.

Visual aids and everything.

For the first time ever,

Americans will hear the story
of a childless President

who had an abortion,

while married, at 16 weeks.

I wanted to see your face.

I wanted to see
Frank's betrayal register.

(SIGHS) Nobody can keep
their mouths shut these days.

Not even
to-the-death secrets are safe.

It's shameful.

But honestly, what's worse?

That he betrayed your secret

or that you waited until 16 weeks?

You and your party.

Your moral rectitude, how convenient.

You don't even believe
half of what you say, Annette.

Run it.

Cruz's piece.

Run it.

And then go home

and talk to Duncan
about the beginning of life.

But actually, before you go,

I want to show you something.
Come with me.


Meet my new Cabinet.

I just wanted to see your face.

Thank you all for
assembling at such short notice.

And I want to thank you

for your willingness to serve.

I am looking forward to
building a new America together,

and our work begins today.

Now, if you could all

place your left hand on
the Constitution in front of you

and repeat after me,

I do solemnly swear

to take no prisoners.