House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 8 - Chapter 60 - full transcript

While Frank attends an elite men's weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov.

Crow of Elysium, we honor thee!

We honor thee!
We honor thee! We honor thee!

No mortal flame can destroy common woe.

Just one fire can conquer.

Fire that burns in the
fields of Elysium.

Hail, brothers! Many brothers!

Brothers many, make brothers one.

Hail, fellowship! Hail Crow
in his verdant kingdom.

Common woe, be done!

Hail, brothers! Common woe, be done!

Set us free! Set us free!

Set us free! Set us free! Set us free!

Yeah... look around.

Some of the most powerful men in the

world are gathered in this clearing.

Members of one of our country's
most exclusive clubs.

Invitation only, unless, of
course, you invite yourself.

They gather here to
seek God between the

branches of these magnificent trees.

They eat together, they
piss next to each other,

and they carve up the world
like a Sunday roast.

This is where the real power is.

No women or presidents allowed.

The former, I am not. The
latter, I will be again,

because I have managed to reduce a

national election down to one state.

And while these men here can't swing
the votes of an entire nation...

one measly state?

Well, that they can do.
And that's why I'm here.

So welcome to Elysian Fields.

It's strange for you, isn't it?
Without him here.

It's not strange, ma'am.

LeAnn's in Cincinnati, trying to
close the deal for the debate.

The president will make a series
of appearances across the state

as soon as he gets back.

If he survives the weekend. Anything?

No phones allowed.

Well, we're dividing and conquering.

This Chinese trade agreement is going
to make Ohio voters very happy.

It could help us win.

- I didn't know the deal had closed.
- Well, we're on the verge.

The president can make the announcement
in Canton when he appears.

Oh, no, I'll be announcing myself...

since I did the deal.

Doug, you are very sincere...

- and very loyal to Francis.
- And loyal to you, ma'am.

I hope you know that.

I don't mind it if you
call me Claire, you know.

I'll show Ms. Davis in.

Hi, Jane.

Would you mind going over
these numbers with me

before we meet with the minister?

I have what China says they'll settle

for, and what I know
they'll settle for.

And listen, I want to thank you
so much for helping us with this.

I'd like to see an
Underwood administration.

Doug, that's all for now.

Yes, ma'am.

- You can show me.
- I don't want to.

You don't have to protect me.

Each of them has a story.

Even if they got lost somewhere.

It's harder to disappear
than you would think.

But Rachel...

is nowhere.

I recognize that neck.

Frank Underwood, as I live and breathe.

Well, I owe you this.


He didn't expect you to show up.

I'm always happy to see old friends.

And make new ones. Frank Underwood.

- Benjamin Grant.
- Oh, of Pollyhop. Of course.

You're a big supporter of my opponent.

He's a forward-thinking
guy and a friend

who should be president right now.

There's no talking politics or
business while we're here, gentlemen.

Yes, we don't want to poison
all this nature with words.

You know the motto.

Yes, "Buzzing bees, sting not
here." It's hard to miss.

Ted, I think you know everybody.

Common woe never stood a chance.
Mr. President.

First time you've been
invited, I understand.

I'm almost sure there's an insult
in there somewhere, General.

You know, Ted and I just had the
most remarkable piece of red meat

at a steak house out in Canton.

I can't remember, do you like prime rib?

- In the right company.
- Uh-huh.

If you'll excuse us,

Ted and I promised young Benjamin

here we'd find him an adult beverage.

- Drink?
- I'd rather not.

You know, everybody was looking forward

to spending some time with the general.

And now you're here as well.

After this weekend, who knows?

Maybe this goddamn bastard of an
election will get itself resolved.

Oh, one little piece of advice

that I could give you as
long as you're out here.

If you don't bother the yellow
jackets, they won't bother you.

So why didn't you invite Conway?

Brockhart was invited instead.

So there's not going to be a
debate next week, is there?

Not a presidential one, no.

I should really be in
Ohio, shaking hands.

Yeah, you bargained to
get in here, Francis,

and now you're here. So
let me suggest something.

Fuck Ohio.

This is the campaign.

The general is a traitor, you know that.

The general is trying
to be a politician.

You would have done the same.

Yeah, but better.

President Underwood?

President Underwood? I'm sorry, ma'am,

but you're needed in
the Situation Room.


I wanted a moment with you before
we join the rest of the team.

- Oh, I was briefed on the way over.
- Not fully.

A Russian research vessel
is stuck and sinking...

Yes, they claim they were
taking core samples,

some global warming nonsense.

But they were looking for oil.

There was a distress signal and then

all communication just shut down.

We're the only country in position to

rescue. So, 20 minutes ago, we offered.

- They declined?
- And denied.

Petrov does not want us
to see what's on board.

I understand this is
a difficult decision

but there are human lives at stake,

and if help arrives,

- Petrov will be forced to take it.
- Okay.

Well, thank you. I need to speak
with President Petrov directly.

A rescue at sea and a
chance to embarrass us?

Just before your second Election Day?

Sounds like I would be helping you, hmm?

The boat sinks, your crew dies.

How is that going to look at home?

I tell my people how things
look, and that's how they look.

I want to show you something.

Wait a minute. Hmm.

- There. Do you like my face?
- A beard doesn't suit you.

I wonder how your citizens would
feel about what you've done.

I could return your
crew to Russia, Viktor.

You could return Aidan Macallan.

Ah, I don't like to
quantify human worth...

but Macallan's is higher.

Social media is a powerful tool.

If there is any rescue attempt
by the United States,

I will tell the people of Ohio
exactly how you look to them.

Exactly how you disrupted
their state's vote.

And they will believe me.

Oppenheimer was a member.

That tree right over there,

right under that tree,
Manhattan Project was born.

And right under this one,
I'm relieving myself.

I hope you're not equating
me to the atom bomb.

What do you want? Cabinet position?

- Frank Underwood...
- Judicial appointments?

- Legislative support?
- Ah, buzzing bees, buzzing bees.

Oh, right. Because the Manhattan
Project had absolutely nothing to do

- with business or politics.
- I want you to breathe.

I want you to look how the
moonlight cuts through the trees.

Take this time, Francis, to
know your other attendees.

Think about what kind of
president you really want to be.

What am I supposed to do with that?


Oh, is that what you told the general?


Clandestine coup.

Oh, yes, that's the stuff
of real leadership.

People with money like uniforms.

Mark, just tell me what they want.

They're waiting for you.

You're up early, Mr. President.


Are you hungry? I have, uh, eggs,
and orange juice, mountain oysters.

You mean bull's testicles, don't you?

I prefer to call things what they are.

Ah. This is unexpected.

I thought you'd stay out there
campaigning till your dying breath.

What, and leave you out here
all alone in the wilderness

to make all these important decisions?

You've done well by me, Raymond.
I'd like your support.

I've done well by your wife.

Who happens, at this moment,
to rule the White House.

Tell me you're not peddling
influence with your wife?

Who, you mean the current acting
President of the United States?

For the next two weeks.

A little restraint? Now, that...
that would be unexpected.

How do you like your eggs?

In the afternoon.

Good morning, Mr. President.

Oh, no presidents here at Elysian
Fields, isn't that right?

Only former ones... or future.

Well, I won't call this politics, then.
Just current affairs.

We had a real chance to get Ahmadi.

Our campaign was briefed.

I think a little more than just briefed.

Do you have an extra
pair of socks, Raymond?

After 30 years of military service,

you'd think I'd arrive prepared.

Oh, I'm sure someone around
here could find you a pair.

- Under my bunk.
- Thank you.

He's a good man.

Hard to find anybody who
distrusts or dislikes him.


So do you want eggs or not?

With this rate of tariff, I'm confident

it'll have a mitigating effect

on the anti-dumping cases.

I think this is going to work.

I'll need to run this by my State
Councilor for Foreign Affairs.

I think this is a very good day
for both of our countries.

Yes, it is.

There's an American on the boat.

The Russian research vessel.

- And how do you know that?
- Mr. Xu told me before you came in.

I will need proof of that fact.

Of course, but we are only telling you

because we know you'll
want to rescue him.

And China is willing to
help in any way we can.

I'm just curious, Mr. Xu, why are
you so focused on this situation?

For humanitarian reasons.

Thank you for your time and
cooperation, Madam Acting President.

It's contingent.

The minister won't proceed
with our tariff deal

if we don't give him assurances
that the rescue is underway.

Why do the Chinese care so much
about what's on this Russian boat?

I don't know. I was
just informed myself.

Are they working together?

Again, I don't know.

Are you working with them?

I work with everybody.

But that's beside the point.
There is an American on board.

And you believe that?

Well, you wouldn't want
to make the wrong call.

Bull's balls.

A giant crow.

And billionaires
chanting, "Set me free."

Well, this place says everything
I feel, but can't express.

He can't be your friend.

Tusk doesn't have any friends.

He's, uh, an associate.

- Really?
- Mmm.

And how does he associate with you?

Oh, to hell with the buzzing bees.
No one else is heeding it.

A network president, a telecom CEO,
the vice presidential candidate.

What do you think they're
all talking about,

- the last book they read?
- What are you reading?

Your face...

which tells me how much you
don't want to be here.

Mr. Tusk was a major donor
on Will's campaign.

Yes, so it's interesting
that he wasn't invited.

We're partnering on a project.

Large-scale data storage
centers in the desert.


I need to get ready for my talk.

"The Life After: What We Leave Behind."

Hope you'll be there.

Smell that.


I know you're a fan.

Even though I don't smoke
anymore, doesn't mean I can't...

Who called this weekend's
gathering? You?

No. Tusk did.

- Why?
- Hmm.

We think the Chinese are

right. There is an American on board.

This is Thad Peterson.
Retired two years ago.

Director of geophysics
research for some

of the country's top oil companies.

We strongly suspect
he's on board the boat.

Working with the Russians.

Where's the proof?

This was sent from a Russian
sailor's cell phone

before communications were cut off.

Get on the radio and call for help!

His wife confirmed that this is

Thad Peterson's voice on the recording.

In 24, 36 hours tops, that boat's gone.

Yes, but that doesn't prove that
Thad Peterson was on the ship.

But, ma'am... he is an American...

No, we can't be sure until we
have a passenger manifest.

Let's reconvene when you know more.

- What is it, Cathy?
- Your decision not to intervene.

If an American is working illegally,

he will not be on the manifest...

I haven't made a decision. I'm
waiting for more information.

This is about Aidan Macallan.

I am very confident China is lying
about an American being on board.

There is something on
that boat they want

and I can't proceed until
I know what it is.

They say they're motivated
by saving human lives.

But that's not what's driving them.

And I just find it so frustrating when

human life is treated
with such disregard.

We're sorry.

The proverbial walk
in the woods is not for me.

Navel-gazing on some forest path.

Contemplating mortality. Immortality.

No. History is earned.

You win the day, and then
you win the day after,

and you do the same thing
every day until you're dead.

And you're remembered not for the

winning, but because you never lost.



Doug, can you hear me?

I need some leverage out here right now.

- What's going on?
- Conway is finished.

If they win,

Brockhart will do all
the heavy lifting.

He'll essentially be the president.

We should have used the oppo.

Listen, Brockhart is Tusk's pick.

I need to find a way to force
that old man to support me.

- Sir? Mr. President?
- Do you hear me?

I'm here.

Tusk has some deal with Pollyhop. I
need to find a way to stop that.

An executive order...



A little restraint...

would be unexpected.

Mr. President?

- Doug.
- Sir?

Don't do anything.

I don't understand.

Don't do anything until
you hear from me.

- Sir, what about the Pollyhop deal?
- Do you hear me?

- Don't do anything...
- Mr. President, I...

Have you tried calling him back?

There's no answer. What should we do?

Nothing. That's what the president
said, so that's what we'll do.

- Should we have his team pull him out?
- No. We wait.

Ma'am... if we don't handle
this rescue correctly...


Let me find a way to get the
president on the phone with Petrov.

No. Francis doesn't
need this distraction.

I disagree.

I know you do.

They say we're only
remembered for three generations.

What would one have to
do not to be forgotten?

Young Benjamin here knows what's coming.

Who cares if he's never
heard of Johnny Carson?

Poor old Tusk. He wears that game
face, but he doesn't fool me.

The future terrifies him
because he knows it's short.

For the record, I have
heard of Johnny Carson.


He tucked my
parents into bed every night.

I've been given special permission to

show you what we've been working on.

Imagine the possibility of your
brain, your consciousness,

stored digitally in real time.

I mean, what is immortality?

In time, even Grant's
vision will get old.

It will happen, as it
does for all of us.

Now this is still in the early stages,

but we've been collecting and storing

Raymond's memories,
thoughts, quirks and tics.

This is a mock-up. But eventually...

this Raymond... will feel as real
as the one standing before you.

I like dirt and rocks...

and facts.

No argument here.

I trust only what I can hold in
my hand or see on my horizon.

Well, but you can't just sit
back and admire the view.

I've learned you've got to
grab the present by the balls.

That's where the American people live.

You sound more like a salesman
than a president, Mr. President.

Well, if we're Americans,
then we are salesmen, right?

That's our birthright. Cars and
phones and a gallon of gas.

That's not how I see America.

I'm a patriot. I serve.

Well, then, we salute you, General.
But you serve to what purpose?

So the rest of America can sell.

I mean, you and I, right
now, this weekend,

we're here at this camp
selling ourselves.

Character speaks for itself.

People want a president they can trust.

No, they don't. They want
a president they know.

And I know them.

The only future I'm interested
in is the next four years.

So, yes, I'm selling tomorrow
and the day after that

and the day after that.

I'm selling a boy who used
to live on a peach farm

who now lives in the White House.

I'm selling a tomorrow that you
can see and touch and feel.

Now, you take that away, and I don't
know what this country has left.

Except a group of grown men

standing around in a circle,
all staring at a small screen.

Looking in instead of looking out.

Heck, give me a peck of
dirt any day of the week.

Hear, hear. To a peck of dirt.

- Hear, hear.
- I will drink to that,

but I will also drink to the
general, a good servant.

To the general.

I promise you, this deal
is on the verge of falling apart.

Right before your revote.

I... I'm only the messenger, by the way.

We can't let this deal fall apart.

Agreed. But the rescue has
to happen immediately.

You seem personally invested in this.

Oh, no, no. I'm just
looking for a solution.

I had a thought.

I would be willing to
allow the Chinese sailors

that are stationed on King George
Island to board our icebreaker.

Then, purely for the in-house cameras,

we let it appear as though
the Chinese led the rescue.

Now, of course, the whole
time, the Americans

would remain in charge of the boat,

but the Russians don't need
to know our involvement.

I imagine that would be acceptable.

I'll relay this scenario to Mr.
Xu immediately.

But I'd also like to round
up the tariff to 20%.

We have a firm deal at 19.

I know. But suddenly, it just
doesn't seem high enough.

I think they'll be okay with it.

Fingers crossed. I'll do my best.

- That went rather well, I think.
- It did. It went very well.

You've exceeded everyone's expectations,

the way you handled yourself
all weekend, but...

Brockhart's someone they can predict.

Don't get ahead of yourself.
This is not over.

What are you gonna do, Francis?
Are you gonna use the oppo?

Well, it seems to have
worried you enough.

He's still only the vice
presidential candidate.

I'm leaving.

You don't have to go.

No, I know. I don't
have to do anything.

Do you remember when we first met? You

almost joined my second campaign.

We sat down at that little
greasy spoon in Gaffney.

Yeah, if you'd signed me on, you
would have won by a landslide.

I won anyway, because I never lose.

You know why I didn't
hire you back then?

Because when you went
to pick up the check,

you told me I didn't have to pay you.

That you would work for free.
I don't trust that.

Because no one works for free.

Madam President,
I'm afraid I can't agree to 20%.

- The economic implications...
- We're at an impasse.

I'm willing to keep the
conversation going,

- but in the meantime...
- We'll do nothing until you agree.

Madam President, people will die.

Which is why I'm surprised
you won't agree to my terms.

I can't agree to the terms
without the approval

of my State Councillor
for Foreign Affairs.

There are 112 people aboard the vessel.

113 if you count Mr. Peterson.

Now, it will go under in 20 to 32 hours.

The temperature of the Southern Ocean

right now is 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

A body will freeze to death within
45 minutes in water that cold.

And, of course, one loses the
ability to swim long before that.

Minister Xu, are you still there?

Collaborating with President
Petrov is always a mistake.

The 20% tariff will help
you keep that in mind.

I'm waiting.

It's up to you if they live or die.

- The crew?
- All rescued.

And Thad Peterson?

You were right. The Chinese were lying.

He's the only one still unaccounted for.

The admiral says there's still
a chance to save the boat.

Let it go down.

And whatever Petrov has on it?

We're doing the right thing, Cathy.

You got what you wanted, Viktor.

The boat is gone. Now let's get
back to where we left off.

What will it take to get Aidan
Macallan back on American soil?

He likes it here.

Leaving, Mr. President?

You can put that in the car, thank you.

- Are you all right?
- Better now.

Are you drunk?

- You want a pull?
- No.

I hate this place.

These men.

Their privilege, their presumption.

The deal with Tusk was a mistake.

Do you know...

Raymond wants to be frozen?

Put on ice until a later date.

- I have to get going.
- Will Conway's my friend. But...

this won't end well for him if he wins.

You take care of yourself, Ben.

They have a recording of him.

I'll be right there in a minute.

You have to promise me

Will Conway never finds
out this came from me.

You know
I'm gonna be the president, right?

- I hope so, sir.
- You hope so?

I just mean I'm pulling for you, sir.

I'm gonna be the president,

and you're gonna flip me those
motherfucking controls...


I think this must have been
recorded by the pilot.

We should go to MSNBC and CNN first.

- We can go wide.
- No, let's wait.

Francis, you heard what I heard.

And it'll be just as good tomorrow.

Have Doyle confirm it. I'll
see you in the morning.

Why not do it now?

We need to wait for the president.

Stories are still swirling

around the events leading up
to a daring Chinese-led rescue

of the crew of a Russian research ship

stuck in ice for almost four days off

the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Although the ship was lost,
every crew member was saved.

Russian President Viktor Petrov

expressed his gratitude to the
Chinese government this morning.

Exhaustion must be
catching up with the candidates,

as President Underwood and his
running mate took the weekend off.

General Brockhart was nowhere to be
seen, while only Governor Conway

- made a pair of quick appearances...
- Hey. the Cleveland area.

That tap water is gonna kill you.

There are worse ways to go.

I have a confession.

What'd you do?

I've had somebody watch you
sometimes when you go to New York.

Her name's Karen.

Who is she?

I don't know you get to ask that.

She was my teacher.

Theology, among other things.

I don't know why I did that. It's not...
about jealousy.

She saved my life, actually.

I'm glad.

Well, we won't be seeing
Karen for a while.

She knows me. She could
see how I feel about you.

Ma'am, an initialed agreement.

What exactly was on that boat, Jane?

Uh, the Chinese and the Russians had

access to technology
they shouldn't have

and didn't want to lose.

And now they've lost it.

What aren't you telling me?

What did you want out of all of this?

I told you what I wanted.

I wanted that American off the boat.

He was the technology.

Here, give me that.


Tom Hammerschmidt.

Detective, I got the drive.

Uh, no, I just put it in.

And... the time stamp says
November 3rd, 2013, 8:13 p.m.

Hold on a second. You all right?

Yeah. I just need to
get out for a minute.

I'm here.

I know. I know you're busy.

And I can't thank you enough, I...

Let me back you up a bit.

Okay, so this is two
days before she died.

The governor sounds unhinged.

It bothers me, though. It came
too easy, don't you think?

Yes, but if we use it, we'll win.

I don't know, Claire. You
know these types of people.

You should have been there.

Why would they hand me... He
just handed me this. Why?

When they've never wanted
me, not from the beginning,

no matter what I do!

- Fuck 'em.
- I intend to.

And how do you intend to do that?

I'm going back to work.

I'm going back to work.

We're glad you came.

I hear those weekends can,
uh, take some recovery time.

I must say, I didn't expect
to be back here so soon.

Well, Mark, we asked you
back here because...

we've come into possession
of a second audio recording

of your candidate on an airplane.

- He's been recorded saying...
- I know what he said.

I was there.

So, we were wondering if
we can discuss how...

we might be able to work together.

We can accomplish a great deal.
The three of us.

Now, before you say anything,

let me tell you how this
conversation's going to go.

You're going to talk
about party loyalty,

and I'm going to talk about
how weak your candidates are

and that you really have no choice.

And then you're going to say that
your ticket can still win Ohio.

And I'm going to say, "No, they can't."

But what's going to go
unsaid in this conversation

is that Claire and I...

are willing... to do anything.

And we know... that
you are no different.

Okay, I can start by setting up
some meetings for both of you.

I can't do that publicly, of course.

I suggest you release whatever
you have slowly. One at a time.

Let's make this build.

Once it gets out,

I'll make sure the Republicans don't
come to my candidate's defense.

I was in a really bad place.

I couldn't do anything.

I couldn't leave my apartment.


It's mysterious, isn't it,
when these things happen?

Or maybe it never happened to you.

But I woke up one day
and it felt like...

everything I contemplated
doing, everything,

from going to the coffee shop...

to... reading a book, writing
a chapter, it was just...


As in?

As in... pointless.

And Karen, bless her...

she helped me find a point.
Or, not find one.

Realize the possibility of one.

Were you together?

Yeah. We were married.

For about three years.
A million years ago.

She's a good person.

She's just... having a hard time.
So I'm trying to help her.

- Find a point?
- Mmm-hmm.

You ever been that dark?

I wanna be with you.

I love you.

I think I might love you, too.

That's the script for
the 30-second spot.

We don't wanna hit him too hard.

There's a risk of kicking
him while he's down.

Who's doing the morning shows?

Friends. They'll respectfully
question Conway's ability to serve.

And then in the nightly news,

we'll have veteran rights activists
arguing for better care.


Sir, the plan is to go
after the governor first,

and when the general
comes to his defense,

we use his hot mic comments
to take him down, too.

Congratulations, sir.

I wanted to be the first to say it.

We still have to campaign.

Yeah, but you're going to win.

We are, Doug.

We are.

Common woe, be done.