House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 5 - Chapter 57 - full transcript

Nine weeks after Election Day, the Underwoods work to consolidate their power. Leann tries to track down a missing Aidan Macallan.

[protesters chanting] Not my president!
Not my president!

-Not my president!
-[all] Not my president!

-Not my president!
-[all] Not my president!

[chanting continues]

The people are angry.

Nine weeks ago,
we had an election in this country,

but because two states refused to certify,

neither Conway nor myself
received the 270 electoral votes

required for victory.

So they gather here every morning
to exercise their magnificent right,

guaranteed by the First Amendment...

to let their angry voices be heard.

And so, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
and half of January have come and gone,

and all three branches of government
are in crisis.

The Congress is in disarray,

the Supreme Court is down a justice
and doomed to deadlock,

and the executive branch
is without a boss.

You see, my feeling is, I think
the Founding Fathers, they just got tired.

And really, can you blame them?
I mean, you can't think of everything.

Black swans, Murphy's Law.

I mean, at a certain point,
you just have to sign off

and cross your goddamn fingers
and hope for the best.

Or adopt "flipism,"

a pseudo-philosophy of life
in which the most important decisions

are made by the flipping of a coin.

It was first introduced
in the Disney comic book

Flip Decision, one of my favorites,

in which Donald Duck
is persuaded by Professor Batty

to make all the most important decisions
based on the flipping of a coin.

"Life is but a gamble.
Let flipism guide your ramble."

We've had this sort of trouble before.

The election of 1800,
Jefferson versus Burr.

They wound up in a tie.
73 electoral votes each.

That was the number required then,
and that's when Congress

tried to address what the Founding Fathers
just couldn't imagine.

And, poof, the Twelfth Amendment was born.

And it says
that if the states don't certify,

it's the House that chooses the president

and the Senate that chooses
the vice president.

Now the House is a bit of a mess,

but the Senate is rather democratic
in how they choose the VP.

One person, one vote.

But if there's a tie...

and this is where Donald Duck comes in,
it's resolved...

by the toss of a coin.

A solution that's elegant as hell.

But then there's no elegance
in modern politics. It's mostly hell.

The identity of the next President
of these United States

is once again in the hands
of a bunch of self-serving,

money-hungry, boot-licking,
power-seeking politicians

who can be seduced or sucker punched
or blackmailed into submission.

And all I need is just one more vote
than the other guy.

As you can see,
the Founding Fathers didn't plan for this.

But I did.

Meet your new daddy.

[theme music playing]


You can feel it, right?
It's like you're there.

Doesn't that look just like it?

To me, it is that place.

-You okay, man?
-[breathes heavily]

Huh? Yeah. Of course.

[Tony] It really helps. Very effective.

Yeah. [stammers] I'd be happy to help you
find more funding for it.

If you're feeling a little worked up...


Little worked up?

I was elected President
of the United States over two months ago.

But somehow,
Congress is now deciding the election.

So forgive me for being a little...

-...worked up.

I don't think Tony was implying anything.

Of course. Good.

I'm gonna get myself ready.

I don't want to go to the event
looking like this.

Right. [chuckles]

[Hannah] Thanks, Tony.

[Doug] Romero's chief of staff
insists he's not in town.

-And do you believe her?

But she's been in D.C. longer than he has.

At some point she'll take care of herself.

Well, did you tell her
I have no interest in discussing

the Declaration of War Committee with him?

I expressed our desire for a civil and
productive meeting with the Congressman.

Well, find him. If he wants to hide
from me, he can do it to my face.

Yes, sir.

Oh, and, Doug. [sighs]

How many protestors are out there today?

More than yesterday.

But they're doing their best to divert
them away from the White House.

I don't know what's worse...

the sound of their chanting
or the sound of silence when they're not.

I'll get to work, sir.

Good morning, Augustus.

Well, Eric, I... [stammers]

I'm sorry.
[stutters] They told me to sit, but, uh--

Oh, no, no, no. It's perfectly fine. I...

I can't imagine anyone else who would...

well, enjoy this more than you.

You know, I only started it
after you and I met in Spotsylvania.

The attention to detail is... It's just...

It is, yes.

[stammers] I've got...

I mean, I...

[sighs] I'm sorry, I'm a...
a little overwhelmed by the moment.

[stammering] It's just...

I have this feeling, as if, uh...

I've imagined this somehow.

I know that sounds, uh...

[sighs and chuckles]

Uh, you've even got the button
on his haversack.


I think people underestimate...

the importance of detail...

to the overall impact.

[chuckles] Yeah.

The Bloody Angle experts
would be very impressed.

[stammers] When we met in Spotsylvania,
how did you know...

so many specific things
about Augustus, uh...

about Augustus Underwood's death?
I mean, the very spot where he died?

The... the fact that his skull
had been crushed with a rock?

That they buried him in an unmarked grave?
I mean...

the detail of all that.

Hope you'll forgive me, uh...


I was meeting
Vice President Francis Underwood.

I... thought he deserved a good story.

[stammers] Oh...
Wait, wait a minute. You...

-you made all that up?

-I took some liberties.
-[Frank laughing]

But, well, I don't know, once it started,
it came to me so clearly...


-It's Eric, yeah?
-Yes, sir.


[Eric] The crowd?

Yes. I'm sorry,
what were you about to say?

I don't mean to overstep, sir...

but the people out there...

I don't care what they're saying.

And the way I see it,
a person's destiny is, you know...


We are in uncharted territory here.

All right. But, Donny,
do me a favor, okay?

-Let the Constitution--
-[stutters] Can I finish?

Hold on.
Just let the Constitution do its job.

Okay, Joe, Joe, I'm gonna finish for once.

You've got voters
filing individual suits...

-[Joe] Right. That's fine. Tennessee and Ohio,

and they are jammed up
in the Supreme Court.

Like everything else, the day-to-day
workings of this country are on hold.

Okay, they may be on hold, but guess what?
Last time I checked,

everybody was still getting
their Social Security checks.

-Yeah, but if the debt limit is reached?
-Oh, come on. Let me finish now.

Again, it's why we have a Constitution.

I know it looks messy. Democracy's messy.
But guess what?

[chuckling] There is a method
to that madness.

I don't know, Joe.
It's more madness than method right now.

I mean, if the government does shut down,

those Social Security checks,
they might not go out.

If the government shuts down, who knows
if Congress can even pick a president?

Each state in the House
just gets one vote.

So if smaller states
like Delaware and Rhode Island

can't reach a consensus...

-No, it's true. I mean, if one or two

of these really stubborn
members of Congress

decides they're going to hold this up,
it could be months.

Look, that's what I'm saying.
The road to 26 votes is not an easy one.

All right. Strange days indeed, Mika.

So are these the start to short stories?


They're nothing yet. Fragments.


I mean, clearly, this is about me.

-Uh, this is my mother.

-And this is us.

-You can't write--
-I'm writing.

It's what I do. I'm a writer.

-I know you're frustrated, Tom, but--
-I wouldn't say frustrated.

Well, it's invasive.

-Write about your own experiences.
-This is my experience.

Listen, Tom,

just because we've decided
Francis and I need to stay here,

doesn't mean you have to.

So if you have things you need to do,
you should go ahead and do them.

I'll be spending my day
convincing the Senate to vote for me,

so there's no speeches necessary.

Yeah, okay.

You know what?
I do have some things to do.

Some people I need to check in with. So...


-[knocking on door]


-[door opens]
-You ready, Mrs. Underwood?

I'll have a car waiting for you.

[door closes]

So do you want the good news
or the bad news first?

Always the bad.

The president's approvals are down to 19%.

And the good?

They're worse for Congress.
And you're at 30.

Well, thankfully it's Congress
we have to convince now, not the public.

These are the remaining senators
we'll target before the vote.

All women, by the way.

The biggest challenges will be
Indiana's freshman senator Susan Newman.

Mmm. The constitutional lawyer?

Uh-huh. And Hawaii's Kerry Kuilima,

who seems to be enjoying
getting to wield a little power for once.

I need to tell you,
there is a lot of pushback on the Hill

about the simultaneous vote
for president and VP.

The country is terrified it'll lead
to a split ticket.

There's threats of a filibuster.

Well, the Dems won the Senate,
and they want to vote when the House does.

That decision's been made.

And the vice president
won't allow a filibuster of any kind

onto the floor.

Ma'am, have you contemplated
how it could possibly work,

you as vice president to President Conway?

That's not going to happen.

[softly] Of course.

I did learn one true thing
about Augustus Underwood.

[Frank] What?

He was dead. Cold.

They put him on a cart...
bunch of dead bodies to bury.

Then, after a full day and night...

he woke up.


Someone stole his shoes
and the buttons off his uniform, but...

he lived.

Few days later,
he caught up to his regiment.


[sighs] I have to get back to the madness.

I hope I get to see you again,
Mr. President.

Eric... [stammers] what do you do
when you're not, uh... reenacting?

I'm an actor. [chuckles]

Uh, sometimes. I mean,
I'd do a lot more if someone would let me.

So, right now,
I'm mostly a personal trainer.

-A personal trainer?
-[chuckles] Yeah.

[smacks lips]

You know where to find me.
[stammers] Uh, and, sir...

no matter how dire things look...

you're gonna come out of this alive.

You're an Underwood, after all.

[chuckles softly]

No, don't...
don't "chief-of-staff" me, Eleanor.

No, don't give me his schedule.
I don't want to hear

about how Congressman Romero
is meeting with his constituents

-or stuck on an Acela train.

[cell phone vibrates]

You know, it's Fazio, right?
The pronunciation?

Eleanor Fazio?

I... I just want to be sure.

Because when the president wins,
and he is going to win,

I will remember your name.

I still need you to review this release.

Now, obviously, the goal is to combat
the "hiding out" narrative,

emphasizing the work that they're doing.

[cell phone chimes]

-Is it a personal matter?
-Business. It's always business.

I'll e-mail you my sign off.

Wait a second. I need an update
on their schedule for tomorrow.

-We're almost there.
-I want to know how you found out.

If he needs help, that can happen
after he makes it to the White House.

Mark, you're not answering my question.

If word of treatment,
any kind of treatment, got out--

[sighs] His friend was showing him
the therapy. That's it.

-Please don't insult me.
-Who do you think you are?

Inserting yourself
into every aspect of our lives.

Your husband's campaign needed help.
Help arrived.

-Yes, but--
-Help that you, most of all, pushed for.


-Who told you about the VR therapy?
-He did.

[footsteps approaching]

[Conway] Let's go.

What's going on?

I was just telling Mark
how much I miss having Marshall around.

Well, he's still around.

[cell phone vibrating]

Where are you going?

I forgot my bag.

It's right here.

[Mark] Hello. Yeah.

Yes, sir, he's right here.

-It's him.


[Conway chuckles]

-You have no idea how bad this could get.
-We don't wanna be late.

[Conway] Well, I couldn't agree more.

[Conway chuckles]

She might have gone to Santa Fe.

You don't believe me, do you?

I would need to see something, Lisa.
Something concrete.

I have a photo. I have one, but...


Look at me.

You're not the first person
to come here making false claims

-about Underwood and his cronies.
-But I'm telling the truth.

Everything you're saying
you could've read in the paper.

That's how I realized who he was.
His picture in the paper.

Which makes your story harder to prove.
We're talking in circles.

What about Doug Stamper driving me home
when my car broke down,

telling me his name was Peter
and that he sold insurance?

-No one can corroborate that story.

Rachel could.

-You should finish that.
-I'm not hungry.

Maybe I am. I don't know.

I want to thank you for reaching out.

I am not saying I don't believe you.

But there's already enough evidence
out there to take the president down.

And now, with this election,
he'll be accountable for even more.

-I'm certain of it.
-I don't care.

I don't care about Underwood.
I want you to talk to Doug Stamper.

I want you to find out
what happened to my...

Whatever, forget it.

-Uh. Hold on.
-Thanks for the sandwich.

[indistinct chatter]

All right. Hold on.

[Romero] There's a story
that I love about LBJ.

Uh, it was back in '64 or '65.

A congressman was ducking him...
and he came back to his office

to find the president
sitting in his chair...

waiting for him.

The president expects to see you
within the hour.

Miss Fazio can give you the specifics.

-He was wearing his cowboy hat.

President Johnson.
You left out the best part of the story.

[cell phone chimes]

We closed the place down last night.
Thanks for the invite.

Bunch of us are headed back to
the same spot tonight, if you wanna come.

Cool. Uh, he has a late lunch today.
Won't be back till 4:00.

-Oh, I just needed to drop this for him.

Next time, just ask.

[Sean] See you tonight.

[sighs] You gambled and you lost.

Actually, my bloc gained seats
more than eight weeks ago.

-Which I suspect is why I'm here.
-Don't overestimate your position.

Or underestimate mine.

You still haven't been
elected president, sir.

Yeah, but the presidency won't matter once
the party turns its back on you, will it?

When Bob Birch puts all the rest
of your sheep in line,

you'll be begging
to come in from the cold.

And two years from now,
you'll be back in Phoenix

replaying this very moment
over and over again in your mind

and realizing
it was the beginning of the end.

Patricia Whittaker
and the Democratic Party

will wipe their hands of you.

-I'm loyal to the party.
-As you should be.

As you should say.

But really...

what's your leverage?

The committee? That's done.
You see, you've already put out, Alex,

and Will Conway
is not taking you to the prom.

My conversations with the governor and
any position that I may or may not have--

Oh, listen to yourself.
Do you even believe you?

You are awfully confident for someone
who's already lost the election once.


Do me a favor.
Forget the presidency for just a moment.

You don't have...

the capital to build on the congressional
revolution that you've started,

-politically or otherwise.
-Our movement wants to explode things--

Oh, please.
Spare me your progressive PR bullshit.

You want what they all want.

Access. A better seat at the table.

Your name before the rest.

And that is something that I can give you.

And how many votes
do you want in exchange?

Just three from your ever-growing bloc

would assure me the win
in key delegations.


Maine, Wisconsin and New Hampshire
are still in play.

All three?

I believe in you, Congressman.
Do you wanna know why?

Tell me.

-Because I trust ambition.

-So this is a straight-up bribe.
-Oh, no, Congressman.

A bribe is something you can refuse.

Now, since you haven't been around
the block as many times as I have,

let me walk you through how this works.

Excuse me, Mr. President,
but I do know how this is done.

Oh, well, that's good to hear.

I'll start with Maine. [sighs]
She owes me.

You know, we did meet
once before, Mr. President.

At a dinner, during the 2012 convention.

-I tried to introduce myself to you...

-You don't remember, do you?
-Why would I?

Why is the moderator
so interested in Brockhart's opinion?

Has everyone suddenly forgotten
now I'm at the top of the ticket?

No, of course not.

Are we done here?

Yeah. We should talk about
tomorrow's schedule. [sighs]

Uh, vote's looking good now.
[inhales deeply]

We still need to talk to as many
congressmen as we can.

Well, you figure it out
and give us a call.

And, uh, enough with the events
targeting the Armed Services.

We got as many Congress people
as we could get out of this.

No offense, General, but we need
to divide and conquer. Okay?

Will, I was speaking with Mark...

-...and I want you to know,

if you need to talk about anything,
I'm available.

The only support I need, General...

is that of a vice president
to his president. Okay?

Senator Talbert's priorities
are affordable housing

and closing corporate tax loopholes.

And access to higher education especially.

-The call is in ten.

Why did Aidan Macallan run away?


Why did Macallan run away?

I wish I could tell you.

Clock's ticking.

Yes, give me Tom Yates'
driver's number, please.

[cell phone vibrates]


Yes, ma'am.

New York.

You drove all the way to New York?


Who's he with?

I don't know. A woman. Older.

I don't know how that'll work, ma'am.

Yes. Yes, I'll try.

No, I understand your concern, Senator.

Student loan reform is a priority for you,

so it will be a priority
for the president and me.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Well, Louise,
you as a pillar of the party,

it will be much appreciated
if I can get your help tomorrow.

And it'll just be you and me
and a couple of your...

female colleagues in the Senate.

Okay, well, I look forward
to a productive dialogue.

-Better late than never.
-Sorry I missed dinner.

-Why the back?

[sighs] I'm pretending you're an Uber.
Just help me out.

My sister-in-law.
She came when you couldn't.


Do you think the dead judge us?


[grunting softly]

[continues grunting softly]

[breathing heavily]

[both sighing]

What did he do
that you liked the most?

Here... in bed.


Sitting up was the best.

Legs around each other.

He'd run his right hand up the back
of my neck into my hair and pull it.

My hair and my head back...


And with the other hand,
he'd pull me in and out.

Always looking at me.

Seeing me.

You want me to do that?


[indistinct shouting in the distance]

It's so nice in here.
You can hardly hear them.

Oh, trust me, I can hear them.

With New Hampshire, it's what?

Twenty-four. With Maine, 25.

-Twenty-six if we get Wisconsin.
-Where's Tom?

He needed to get some air.

-Wisconsin is being stubborn.
-Then who else?

Iowa, maybe Colorado, 24, 25.

How was your
great-great-great-grandfather Augustus?

He goes by Eric.


He admired my craftsmanship.

-We should make a play for North Dakota.

In the Senate, I think you can
swing some votes from Missouri.

Did you ask LeAnn about Macallan?

She didn't know anything. I believe her.

We have to quit again.

Otherwise, they'll kill us.

[man on phone] No Macallan.
He was there, though. Left his belongings.

Anything from the National Police?

No. CIA's man in the palace
isn't even sure he's still in Jakarta.

They'll find him, LeAnn.
That's all I can give you.

I appreciate your help.

Kerry, Susan, what can I get you?

-I'm fine, thanks.
-I'm good with water.

-What about you, Louise?
-What are you having?

-Splash of vodka on ice.
-Make it two.

Susan and I were talking
on the way over, Claire.

This election mess has left us all
facing some scary possibilities.

-Conway wins in the House--
-Which is far from inevitable.

But if a split ticket were to happen...

[chuckles] it would be
bad for this country.

No, Conway is what
would be bad for this country.

Let's hope the House does the right thing.
But as far as the Senate,

I am very grateful that we have
Donald Blythe steering that ship.

Mrs. Underwood, I'm sorry to say this,
but no matter what you're offering here,

I can't support the president.
And, by extension, I can't support you.

It's not you, Claire. It's him.

Susan and I
are on the same page about this.

[Louise] What if this isn't about
Francis Underwood, huh?

It's Claire Underwood
who has the promising future.

I want a woman in the White House.

And if she has to start
as a vice president, fine.

But it's time.

-It's time.
-I hear that, Louise, but I'll say it...

A vote for you
is a vote for Frank Underwood.

Listen, I understand your concerns
about Francis' record. I do.

If Conway wins,

wouldn't you want a Democrat
to keep him in check?

And what if a vote for me
isn't necessarily a vote for Francis?

Twenty-one promised for you, sir.

Twenty-three for Conway. Two deadlocked.
Four unknown.

But I think things will shift
once they caucus.

-All right, let's bring him in.
-Yes, sir.

[Romero clears throat]

-Have a seat.
-I won't be long.

Well, then, stand like a man
who doesn't know whether to sit or not.

Congressman Romero,
do you have good news for me?

Have your progressives seen the light?

I did what I could, Mr. President.
I couldn't sway the bloc.

Couldn't... or wouldn't?

Maine and New Hampshire are noncommittal.

Congressman Wolcott
is turning Wisconsin for Conway.

[Frank sighs]

Tell me a different truth.

They aren't listening to me.

They believe supporting you
would do more damage

to the Democratic Party and the country
than a Conway presidency.

Well, I am sorry that it has come to this.


As am I.
I'm sure we'll meet again, sir.

[Frank] Yes, but before you go,
just take a look around this room.

Study every detail, every aspect.

Because this is the last time
you will ever step foot in here.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

And to think you
could have made yourself memorable

in so many other ways.

I'll make sure
he never sees another committee, sir.

Oh, no. He wants us to put up a fight,
make him feel bigger.

He's just read some polls
and thinks I'm in trouble.

That's why he's coming after me.
All right, we have 48 hours.

I have to work Colorado
and shore up Tennessee.

But Maine, Wisconsin and New Hampshire
must be turned by any means necessary.

All caucusing will end
by noon on Thursday,

and then the vote in both the House
and the Senate is scheduled for 2:00.

Well... I don't make the decisions, Chuck.
I just relay them.

No. No, there will not be
a statement at this time.

[stammers] Well, because there's nothing
to state until after the vote.

[softly] Close the door.

Right. Yes.


Yeah, please don't make me say yes again.

Crazy days in these United States.

[sighs] So you wanna tell me
what was so important

-I had to get you through the gates?
-Girl named Lisa Williams came in.

Says she was Rachel Posner's girlfriend.

-[phone ringing]
-Said Doug Stamper knew Rachel.

Feels like maybe he was involved
in her disappearance.

And she said the words "Doug Stamper"?

Rachel Posner went missing around the time

Stamper was carjacked
and had his head bashed in.

And this Lisa thinks...

Well, she's not sure exactly.

-Well, can she prove a connection?
-It's all instinct at this point.

[sighs] Come on.

You want a tour of the White House,
you could just straight up ask me for one.


-Is he making anything of it?

Not yet. But the information about her
is on the top of his desk.

Lisa Williams.

[phone beeps]

[woman] Mr. Grayson,
you have a call on line three.

[sighs] Well, I gotta get back to it.

If Tom follows up on her, let me know.

-Thanks for the pass.
-It's temporary.



[cell phone vibrates]

-[sighs] LeAnn Harvey.
-[Aidan] Always burning the midnight oil.

-You ready to join me?

Do you have any idea
how much jeopardy you have put me in?

You should've gotten out
when you had the chance.

You think you're out?

-Listen, I need you to do me a favor.
-Where are you?

Get the FBI, CIA, and whoever else
is looking for me to stop, now.

[sighs] Okay, Aidan, you know, just...

come back here,
and we will figure this out together.

If they keep coming after me, I will start
leaking things about the Underwoods.

You don't wanna do that.

You have no idea
who you're working for, LeAnn.

God damn it.

You have an update for the president?

I've been juggling senators
most of the day.

And your congressman from Maine?

Is still my friend's father
and is still too busy to meet.

So was Wisconsin and New Hampshire,
until I forced them to.

You have your style, I have mine.

The president doesn't care
about style, LeAnn.

Just get the congressman
by the vote on Thursday.

Will just walked in.



Talk soon. Bye.

[Hannah sighs]

-That your mom?
-Yeah. She sends her best.

Yeah, okay.

-Where's Charlie?
-In the living room.

Lily's playing in the den. [clears throat]

-Where are you going?
-I should change.

-You keep walking away from me, Hannah.
-Oh, please.

Why would you invite him here?


He's a friend. He's your friend.

And I thought maybe... it'd be something
that you'd be interested in looking at.

-I'm doing all I can.

-All you can?

Like doubt me? Like think that you know
better what's in my mind than I do?

You know, you're the one who told Mark.

I had to deny
I had anything to do with it.

See, these people, Hannah...
Usher and Marshall...

they're hired hands.
They can't be trusted.

And Brockhart, he's in it for himself.

But... but you, my darling, my love--

-Stop it.
-Stop what?

What are you gonna do?
Take the kids and go to your mom?

[scoffs] As if you would.

You already picked out
the White House china.

You want this more than anything.
To be president.

Don't you dare judge me
now that I want it, too.

Yes, Congressman,
but flights are considered bribes.

Yes, Congressman,
it's not your DUIs that concern us,

it's your daughter's.

Well, you should've done a better job
hiding the payouts. I mean, really.

Yes, I'm sure you are...
but how old was he again?

Yes, and he was in the choir,
is that right?

But you can never erase an e-mail,
even my dead aunt knows that.

Well, get back to me as soon as you can.

-Maine finally looks solid, sir.

New Hampshire doesn't, though.

I've been sitting in here for hours
busting my ass, getting some results.

We should have secured New Hampshire.
How did LeAnn get Maine?

She cashed in a favor.

Well, why couldn't you
do the same goddamn thing?

It doesn't make sense.

I thought I had him. I mean...

And it's not just New Hampshire.
Wisconsin should've folded.

Should have?

What's going on, Doug?
What's happening?

Is there some issue with your commitment?
Your loyalty?


Perhaps you
just aren't worthy of my trust.

I have given everything to you.

Almost the entirety
of my professional life, Frank.

You watch your tone.

The things I've done...

The things that I have done
to help keep you here,

and you're gonna question my loyalty?

Well, if we can't win, we have to
make sure that Conway doesn't either.

Maine coming over
only means he won't get to 26.

A deadlock isn't a win. But at least...

I'm sorry, Doug. I was out of line.

Let's get back to work.

It's not just what he did
with all the data.

Aidan had access to everything.

We need to get
the CIA and FBI off his trail,

-and I need your help.
-You're causing problems, LeAnn,

which is the last thing
that we can afford right now.

-Macallan sealed his own fate.
-I delivered Maine, Doug,

which is more than you can say
about New Hampshire.


I'll owe you.

Not enough.

Has the president spoken to you
about Aidan at all?


Is he on a kill list?

The United States of America
doesn't have kill lists, LeAnn.

I am the only thing preventing Mac
from releasing what he has.

And my guess is, whatever it is,
it'll implicate you, too.

Am I wrong, Doug?

[LeAnn] Someone close to Senator Mitchell
woke me up with the news.

[Frank] Get me the vice president
on the phone.

[Claire] That is not going to help.

[Frank] Well, how do you
intend on dealing with it?


-Don't do it.

I know what you and Senator Mitchell
were planning.

Do what you were supposed to do.

Move the anti-filibuster measure forward
so the Senate can vote

-and elect me vice president.

-All voices should be heard

out of respect for the American people

and the gravity of the vote
before the Senate today,

the first like this since 1825.

The House is about to vote, Donald.
What is going on?

Let's get this done so you can go home.

It looks like Conway is going to win.

And no matter what people have told you,
the Senate is voting for Brockhart.

-It's country over party, Claire.
-Are you flexing?

I'm stalling until the House vote happens
and then the Senate votes accordingly.

You'd do that to the party to which
you've devoted your entire career?

The country needs clarity and resolution.
That's the most important thing.

There'll be another election
in four years.

But look...

I saw you when Francis was in the coma.

What you're capable of
when given the opportunity.

[sighs] You still have a shot
down the road. I'd vote for you.

Whatever you think,
I know I have the numbers.

I don't think so.

But come on.

You're not like him. Be patient.

You're a fool, Donald.
You always were.

You and your dumb, dead wife
that you never, ever shut up about.

Principled? Idealistic?

A champion for the people?
What did you ever actually do?


The great crusader?
I don't think so.

You just liked the position
of the bumbling idiot that you are.

The optimist. The idealist.

You loved it so much
that you couldn't even make a deal

or move a single thing forward.

You have a legacy of nothing.

Sign the measure,
get the Republicans off the floor,

start the vote now.

Do you know what I just realized?

Your initials...

they're missing an "n" and a "t".

[door opens]

The vote is inconclusive, Mr. President.

Neither you nor Conway to 26.

Still alive. What about Claire?

[stammers] This is impossible.

I'm as surprised as you are.

Maine. There was no heads-up on that.

Look, I know this is frustrating.
It should be over.

I... I'm the president.

I don't care what they say, I...

I'm fucking
President of the United States.

[Mark] No, you're not.

The vice president
will be acting president

for as long as it takes
the House to decide.


I should make some calls.