House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 10 - Chapter 62 - full transcript

The Underwoods and their team angle to undermine the revived committee investigating Frank. Hammerschmidt's investigation heats up.

The dead sleep with their eyes
open, my grandfather would say.

They're watching you from the past...

Jackie Sharp.

Romero wasted no time.

What good are you?

You Democrats are full of surprises.

Her lawyers won't let
us get anywhere near her.

Because they're
negotiating her testimony.

How the hell did we get here?

Romero was privy to information.
Someone from within the party.

He's threatening to go
after her for whipping votes

in exchange for campaign funds
from a Mr. Remy Danton,

who, shockingly, she was sleeping with.

Well, she's not testifying
because of an affair.

She's testifying 'cause she
doesn't want to go to jail.

Which is the only reason
anyone testifies.

Doug, keep at the rest of the
Democrats on that committee.

Make sure they stay in line.

I'll keep working my side of
the aisle, but... uh, Romero.

He's a prick.

Mmm-hmm, prick
who still wants whip.

Terry Womack has been very loyal.

Yeah, well, there's loyal,
and then there's good.

What has Womack brought you?

Did he kill the Declaration
of War Committee?

Did he deliver Missouri
for you in November?

That's enough.

Let's give it to him.

Look, sometimes you have
to make hard choices.

I'll talk to Terry.

Romero's gonna have to find a
place for him to land, and...

where that is matters to me.

That'll be all for now.

Yes, sir.

Put Doyle on this.

We already vetted Romero.

No, I mean on Usher.

The body is
remarkably well-preserved,

except for the extremities,
which frostbite took care of.

But dental is intact.

Our counterparts in Antarctica
are cooperating fully,

and the body will be in our
possession within the next 12 hours.

I'll have it in transit after customs.

We'd like the body to
get lost in transit.


It needs to get lost.


Okay. Thank you, Assistant
Director Green.

Uh, keep in touch.

- I thought you'd gone to bed.
- Can't yet.

- Who's that?
- No one we know.

Tom, I said it's no one we know.

You ever hear about the
5,000-year-old man they found

frozen in the Italian Alps?


His skull was caved in... from the back.

He probably never saw it coming.

Beaten and left for dead.

Left for dead is an ancient concept.

You know, when you freeze to death...

the last thing you feel is extreme heat.

That hurts.


I saw Francis out there.

He seems on edge.

Can you blame him?


Shoplifting is the worst of it.

A couple of recent street buys
that led to court-mandated rehab.

That's where she lives, where she works,
where she scores...

But all I see here is a woman in
her 20s, trying to get to 30.

- She's a concern.
- I don't get it.

She was in touch with Gavin Orsay
before he left for Venezuela.

- Doug...
- Nathan!

There's a bite to your tone
that we might need to discuss.

She's a loose end and an addict.

That's a bad combination.

It's a clean slate.

Donald Blythe's taste was
a bit too dark for me,

so I stripped it all back.

I have chosen one painting so
far that's on its way, though.

Thad Peterson's body is taken care of.

His name is John Doe.

I'd recognize him anywhere.

This would've been very
embarrassing to some interests

that are important to this country.

And I wouldn't want the
family to see him this way.

What's the news from
the Jordanian Embassy?

Aidan Macallan still won't reveal
what he did or didn't tell Petrov.

Well, the president wants him
brought back from his asylum

to the United States immediately.

I think we should give
it a little more time.

You know, I wonder if it was such a
good idea to bring you in on this.

- You promised...
- I know. I know. Ahmadi...

We've got Special Forces
on the ground, tracking.

Russia's presence in Syria is making
this more difficult than I once thought.

I need to know what
Macallan told Petrov.

It never ceases to astonish me how
talented men are at making a mess.

Uh, it's not gonna serve you
to go after your own party.

You never stop.

Jackie Sharp will never testify.

Well, then she'll go to jail.

You can't prove it, Alex. You
can't prove the quid pro quo.

She seems to think I can.

If you play it a little differently, you
have a chance to get what you want.

We're offering you whip.

- I don't want it anymore.
- What?

Jesus Christ.

Ways and Means, then.

The keynote at the next convention.

What I want is for Francis
Underwood to go to jail.

How is that gonna help you?

Really? How's it gonna help you?

There's another way to go at it.

Wanna make a name for yourself?

You wanna make the president's
life a living hell?

Draw it out.

Keep the committee going
but at a slow burn.

Aren't you working for him?

Members of the administration,
you bring 'em in one at a time.

You could ride this for a couple
of years and secure your place.

While you keep the president in check.

Don't end it before it's begun
by calling Jackie Sharp.

You know I see good things for you.

Let me plan out your next eight years.

Hmm. The candidates you worked with...

how many of them have waited and
waited and lost their moment? Hmm?

Yeah, that's right.

I'm reading the moment,
and this is mine.

Let me out on Third Street.

- I'll drop you at Rayburn.
- No, I always walk the final 50 yards.

Never know when you might get
a chance to press some flesh.

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.

Hi, I'm Alex Romero.

I represent the Seventh
District of Arizona.

I want to know what
keeps you up at night

so I can work all day to address it.

The future belongs to all of us.

I hope I can count on your support.

What do you think, Mark? Huh?

I mean, you're the expert.

Right here.

Romero said no, and the
usual offers don't interest him.

Oh, he's interested. He
just hates himself for it.

I am making headway with the
Republicans on the committee.

They all have pasts, most
of them have witnesses.

One way or another, Jackie
Sharp won't be testifying.

So why are you having so much trouble
with this one young congressman?

He's tenacious.

He reminds me of you.

Well, I don't see that at all.
We'll talk later.

I could reach out to Danton...

We expose him, he'll expose us.

- Well, then what do you suggest?
- That I go on being presidential.

That's the only way that
I can deal with this.

It's my first 100 days, for God's sake.


we're going to get our hands on Ahmadi.

There aren't enough
Ahmadis in the world.

Not for all we've done.

Then what?

Destroy Romero, for one. Can
we at least take care of that?

And then who? The rest
of the Democratic Party?

I know what I'm doing, Claire.
I've been president before.

So have I.

Get me Terry Womack.

Your job as vice president is to advise.

My job is to make the decisions.

Terry, yes, I'm just checking in.

Mmm-hmm. Well, I want you to
know that we support you.

That bastard asked for whip,
but that's never gonna happen.

Not while I'm in this office.
I wanted to assure you.

I've always tried to help where I can.

And you couldn't help at
Health and Human Services?

The agency does some amazing work.

Well, you were quoted as, uh,
calling your position a dream job.

It's possible to have
more than one dream.

I can have my assistant give you a tour.

Uh, show you some of
the video from Haiti

and some of the work that
we've been doing there

over the last several months.

I will be sure to include

your organization in
the piece I'm writing.

I believe in the work
you're doing here.

Thank you.

What was it like, uh, working with
the Underwood administration?

They were fine.
Let's leave it at that.

You know, I've met with, uh, many
wonderful organizations so far.

- The Virginia Children's Defense Fund.
- They do some great work.

Mmm, uh, The Talbot League?

Another terrific group.

The Anthony Moretti Memorial Fund.

I don't know anything about them.

Organ transplantation awareness.

Oh, is that right?



I'm so sorry.

It's rude, but I was famished.

Thank you for meeting me.
Let me get you a menu.

Uh, no, thank you. I have
a lunch right after this.

Good. You should
always have one on the books.

- Miss Davis?
- You're worried about Aidan.

Do you call him anything for short?

Why would you ask me that?

I don't know if the
president, or vice president,

has informed you, but Mac is fine.

It's what he knows is the problem,
and who he may have told it to.

He wants to stay alive.


But those are the ones you
have to watch out for.

Last I spoke to Aidan was
minutes before he got in a cab.

I don't know what he
has or what he's done.

I only do what I'm told.

I'm in the Hoover Building.

It's the ugliest building in...
in the city.

I close my eyes as I walk in.

Stop by any time. Especially
if you're in the mood to talk.

We could use someone who
says as little as you do.


- I've been looking for her.
- I have no idea where she is.

- Let me help you with that.
- No. No, I'm okay.

- I'm happy to carry it for you.
- You're scaring me.

I'm just worried about her. That's all.

I'm clean.


At least I'm trying to get clean.
Please leave me alone.



If you hear from Rachel, just, uh...

tell her I've taken care of everything.

She can come home and
everything will be fine.

I miss her, you know?

I'm sorry.

You going to answer that?

So, was I right?

Your phone is ringing.

Uh, oh...

You know, you can just hang it up
by pressing the button on the side.

- You don't have to decline...
- I'm a creature of habit.

So, yeah, you were right.

This phone has only been used
once to call one number, once.

I mean, I used the
manufacturer's serial number

and tracked down where
it's distributed to.

It was a, um... a shop in Dupont Circle.

And who did it call?

Comes up unknown.

But the prefix...

And, look, you're gonna have to
talk to the police or the FBI.

- I just can't keep...
- Don't worry. It's on me.

The prefix on the call, it looks
like a government number to me.


He followed you? When?

- I've got to...
- Yeah.

Okay. Okay, if you feel safe
where you are, stay there.

I'm coming to you.


So what couldn't you
tell me over the phone?

Jackie Sharp.

What about her?

You really don't know?

I thought this was coming
out of the White House.

The story's about to break that she
traded legislation for campaign funds.

The source?

So, unconfirmed.

It's going to be on
Drudge within the hour.

You really don't have anything to say?

If it's true, it's just sad
to see the unexpected fall

of a once rising star in
the Democratic Party.

Stop it.

Sharp would've been a
get for the committee.

If you're still willing to appear,
we're still willing to talk.

See ya.

This is not how we do things
in this administration.

You wanted her not to testify.

And there's no way Romero
can force her to now.

You've put my press secretary and his
staff in a very difficult situation.

It was a leak, and it
didn't come from you.

I really felt this was the
way to get ahead of it.

This is getting ahead of it?

I guarantee you her lawyers tell her to
plead the Fifth now, across the board.

Most importantly, where it concerns you.

But all of this happened while
I was negotiating with Petrov.

Oh, to the public, you
were the First Lady,

sitting vigil by your husband's bed.

So, actually, all of this happened
under Donald Blythe's watch.

I'm sorry if you think I overstepped.

I was trying to protect you.

He did the right thing.

Oh, I don't mind what he did.

I mind the way he did it.

- LeAnn...
- Madam Vice President.

I'm sorry my schedule is so full.

No, I completely understand, with
everything that you're dealing with.

I'm sorry for being so insistent,

but I thought you should know that
Jane Davis came after me yesterday.

Came after you?

She wanted me to work for her.
I didn't know if you knew.

In what capacity?

That, I'm not clear on, but it...

She wanted information
about Aidan Macallan.

I hope you know I would
never say a word.

Thank you for bringing
this to my attention.

Ma'am, I was hoping we
could discuss my future.

Oh, LeAnn, I would love to discuss
your future, but not yet.

If you would like, ma'am,
I can help with Aidan.

Anything that's required.

That's good to know.

Did you think LeAnn
Harvey wouldn't tell me?

I never assume what people
will do or won't do.

I thought we were
working well together.

We are.

Well, going around me to get information
will only create discord between us.

I wouldn't want that, Claire.

- Miss Davis.
- Mr. President.

I'm sorry I'm late.

The vice president has
told me that your contacts

have once again lost track of Ahmadi.

Yes, as I explained,

Syria is like a different
country one day to the next.

Yes, well, you can thank
Viktor Petrov for that.

Oh, I do.


Oh, you'll have to excuse me, Jane.

The schedule is crazy these days.

Oh, of course.

Really? The State
Department, the Pentagon,

we can't get close to Ahmadi?

I just want peace.

Yes, there's nothing that
makes profits like peace.

And nothing makes peace like profits.

Mr. President, may I be blunt?

Well, I would never accuse
you of dullness, Miss Davis.

There's going to be a gas attack
happening in the city of Homs.

If you were to, let us say,
draw a line in the sand...

and if this tragic
attack were to happen...

the US government would have to send in
an additional 30,000 or so soldiers.

To protect the oil lines, to keep
Petrov from getting into Damascus.

And, of course, to protect the people.

That's venturing close to occupation
with those kind of numbers.

All I'm saying is maybe the
Declaration of War Committee

could finally debate what
they were mandated to.

A war.

Do you know Mark Usher?

Yes, we worked together.

He was handling a congressman.


Has anyone offered you anything?

Oh, no, I'm good. Thanks.

Have you ever worked with Jane Davis?

Davis is the stepfather's name.

A one-term senator.

Uh, anyway, yeah, she was interested
in a client I had, at some point.

A candidate for Congress.

Poor guy. The minute Usher realized
he wasn't formidable enough,

he just dumped him. Let him go.

But that's Mark.

He has an eye for talent.

Likes to keep you close while
he keeps himself remote.

But he disagreed with
some of her positions,

the money went away.

Listen, don't let Jane fool you.

She can seem a bit... haphazard...

But once he's done with you...

it's as if a switch gets turned off.

But she is merciless.

Single-minded as a single mind can be.



What? Forgot to eat today.

What have you got for me?

- I don't know.
- Don't do "I don't know."

Saw Meredith Lee.

I mentioned the Moretti Fund,
organ transplants, uh...

She got a little tense, but...
I don't know.

Why didn't you tell me you were fired?

- Oh, that was you?
- Who talked to your girlfriend? Yeah.

How long?

What's the difference? I'm tapped.

What are we doing here? I
don't like eating in my car.

I think Laura Moretti's husband
was jumped on the donor list.

- Where the hell did you get that?
- My gut.

I can lay it out for you.

Yeah, you say something
like that, you better.

Sarin gas. Mostly against civilians
in suburban areas of Homs.

- We're dealing with animals here.
- It's horrifying.

Now, you know I've always shown
restraint in the past, but...

I'm going to be making an executive
order for military action.

Air strikes followed by ground troops.

You'll need to present to the UN.

Where is this intelligence coming from?

Well, it's all there in the briefing.

But if we know this is going to happen,

well, then why aren't we
stopping it before it does?

Francis held on to your
resignation letter.

And he wants to tear it up.

I know how difficult these past
few months have been for you.

We've really asked a lot.

Once we're on the other side
of this military action,

you have our blessing to leave the
administration if you choose.

But, of course,
we'd prefer if you stay on.

Hope that goes without saying.

Using weapons of mass destruction
against civilians is a war crime.

I appreciate the opportunity to
see this through to the end.

We were hoping you would say that.

Thank you, Cathy.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Are you worried about her?

We need to start thinking about the
people we surround ourselves with.

Which has made me think of Tom...

who doesn't really have a reason
to be here anymore, does he?

Not an official one, no,

but I thought maybe we could
bring him on as a consultant.

Well, of course, that's
entirely up to you.

There's just only so much time
and energy in a single day,

and I think we need to
constantly be asking ourselves,

"Am I spending it as wisely as I can?"

- Thank you.
- Jane, I'm so sorry

- to pull you away from your party.
- No, no, no.

When I heard your voice on the phone...

I just... I just...

- I don't know what to do.
- Did something happen?

The Underwoods are planning air
strikes and a troop surge in Homs.

- How awful.
- Do you know anything about this?

Petrov is making the
whole region a disaster.

No one who ever got tangled up in
the Middle East came out ahead.

Let Petrov own it.

There's something terrible
that is going to happen...

that we can prevent.

I see.

I'm scheduled to present some
kind of red line at the UN.

- But we can still pull back.
- How can I help?

Talk to the president,
the vice president.

I will.

They're terrible, terrible
people, aren't they?


be very careful with them.

Of course.

That's from an old friend.

Are we still friends?

Of course.

He says the liver the president received

was supposed to go to a man
named Anthony Moretti.

And he says that Doug forced

then Secretary of Health
and Human Services

to put the president at
the top of the list,

which resulted in Moretti's death.

Oh, and Doug also has become
involved with the man's widow.

That's a nice touch.

And does... does he have proof?

About the relationship?
It's easy to prove that.

But the list, he knows that
Meredith Lee is hiding something.

And he's ready to go back
and talk to her about it.

Do you trust him?

I don't know why he'd
make any of this up.

Hey, I'm outside.

Did you have a good time?

I never do at those things anymore.

Necessary evils.

It's not like the old days, when you
used to meet surprising people.

Uh... did people get less surprising
or are we less easily surprised?

Well, exactly.

- This is me.
- She asked me about you.

- I figured. What'd you say?
- That you're...

formidable, etcetera.

Yeah, I told him the same
about you, etcetera.

He could be a great president.

But does he want to be?

And what is great?

And then there's her.

What about her?

What about her?

Because if Bob or Terry
were the ranking member,

I'd be talking to them.

I want Romero's clerk stripped.

Yeah, whatever budget he's got
for his seat on that committee.

No, no, I'm asking for
the sake of the party.

Look, we survived Jackie Sharp,
but it's not gonna end there.

The truth is I'm being punished

for fighting for the issues
that our base cares most about.

Yes, and thank you.

Doyle says there's
almost nothing on Usher.

He likes to gamble, usually wins.

But here's the thing...
Doyle spoke with Marshall,

who we know did not have a happy
exit from the Conway campaign.

Now, he said that before Usher
joined our administration,

he was grooming Romero
for a presidential run.

Sir, I believe he's playing both sides
of whatever this committee is after.

I'm not
a Democrat, Jeffrey.

I'm still a Republican, just happen
to work for the White House.

All I'm saying is let's rein
Alex in while we still can.

'Cause after he rips
through his own party,

he'll come after ours,
wouldn't you think?

Yeah, and Jeff, you're the chair...
No... What? No, listen.

Wait. Wait! Wait.

And you owe me, and we both know it,

and that's not the kind of
thing I like to say out loud.

What is?

When did that happen?



Yes, well...

just because Walker's
gonna take the stand,

doesn't mean he'll say anything. Right?


What was that word you
said to me this morning?

The one no one uses anymore?



Some of my favorite
animals are crepuscular.




Jesus! God damn it!


- Claire!
- I'm in the kitchen.

Walker's gonna testify.

- When?
- Early as next week.

He's gonna say the same
thing he said to Hammerschmidt.

There's not gonna be any new damage.

- We don't know that for sure.
- Let's get Usher.

You bet I'm gonna
talk to him in the morning.

Where are you going?

To get some goddamn space in this house!

I can take care of Walker.
We'll make him an offer.

A place back on the stage,

chancellor of some well-endowed
university. He'll take it.

He just might. But first, I want
to know what you have on Romero.

I don't have a thing.

- Please.
- Doug, let's not be rude.

I find that impossible to believe.

If I did, you would know it.

You and I have been at this a long time.

You wouldn't even consider a
candidate without vetting him first.

I thought Alex had a future.

Yeah, a run for the presidency
as I understand it.

He's clean and crisp as
a starched white shirt.

You're gonna have to
make a decision, Mark.

You wanna work for me
and Claire, or not?

I have already reached out
to members of my own party.

I've used my political
capital to help you.

But you're still not
answering my question.

I think I have.

And I don't need to convince you or Mrs.
Underwood of my worth.

It's an honor to meet you.

Seth, Mr. Jeffries will catch
up with you momentarily.

I'm going to keep this brief.

If what you're saying is true...

Doug Stamper saved my husband's life.

He did.

And he also cost someone else his.

Well, I suspect you're the kind
of man that wants many things.

But you have made a mistake.

There's only one thing, professionally,
that I've always wanted.

- It's to work in the White House.
- Hmm.

Seth will see you out.

Sorry for the interruption.

You were saying...

Cathy was always a very good person.

At her core, she has a core.

Bless her.

This whole Homs initiative might
be too difficult for her.

You know... you're very hard to read.

Which makes sense.

For the last several years,
you've been a familiar face.

Must get exhausting.

Must be hardly any people you
can even share a laugh with.

You should figure out how to
take full advantage of me.

I can help you get what you want.

If you tell me what it is.

I enjoy helping others.

I think you know what I want.


But do you want it now or in four years?

I want the whole world to
see Ahmadi's capture...

on every news outlet and every screen.

For the good of the party, I'd
prefer Mr. Walker not testify.

I'm considering taking myself off
the Declaration of War Committee.

- Alex, you don't have to do that.
- And you can do what you will with it.

But that's conditional on the
president doing the right thing.

Uh-huh. And what is that?


Again, I'm only thinking of the party.


Who the fuck do you think you are?

- Oh, don't use that language with me...
- Shut the fuck up.

You have no idea, none,
about what you're doing.

- I'd like you to leave my office.
- Now you listen carefully to me.

- I said...
- Shut up, Alex!

Here's a headline for you.

"Alex Romero colluded
with Governor Conway

to use the Declaration of War Committee
to help him win an election."

- No.
- Please, you know you did.

- See how easy that is?
- Get out!

You're gonna be all alone at your
hearing. I just left Walker.

He's gonna plead the Fifth.
You'll look like a fool.

You want to be out front? No
one has a problem with that.

They want you there, because
you'll be the first to fall.

"For the good of the party."

Sleep tight, Congressman.

- Who knows about Will?
- No one, not yet.

What else?

Why I'm still protecting
you at this point...

I don't even understand myself.

Walker's gonna plead the Fifth.

And Romero won't rock the boat.

Thank you, Mark, I appreciate that.

I would suggest you
schedule a press conference

for right after the hearing.

All right.

Tell me the worst thing
you've ever done.

It's hard to pick.

- I'm serious.
- So am I.

Pretended to love someone when I didn't.

In a way, that was the worst.

Did the person know?


She pretended not to know...

but she knew.

It was awful for her.

But I paid for that mistake, too.

Those types of things, they take a toll.

It's strange how some
choices mean nothing

and others govern the
rest of your life.

I've done some terrible things.

You don't have to tell me.

Francis killed Zoe Barnes.


Francis killed Peter.


And so many more are gonna die.


You don't scare me.

I should.


Shh! Not anymore.

How did you get here?

A door opened, I walked out.

That doesn't sound right.

I got a visa and a flight tonight.
I just...

I just wanted to see you one last time.

Wait. Who's getting you out?

That doesn't matter.

- What did you say?
- Honestly, nothing.

We have to talk to the Underwoods.

- Nah, I don't think so.
- This does not make sense.

Well, you always liked
to drive a nice car.

Aidan, come with me. I'll fix this.

You come with me. I've a
way for you to get out.

Well, all right, then.

Now, don't you tell anybody
you saw me until the morning.

Why would I tell anyone
I saw you at all?



- Here, take this.
- No.

Come on. At least until you
get on the flight, all right?

I'm out.

Can't sleep?

It's freezing out here. You
should have a coat on.

I like it.

Don't meet with Walker.

I think it's a bad idea.

It'll remind him of his
best course of action.

You're wrong. I'm sorry,
but you're wrong.

Usher has it under control.

You always do what you want.

Tom doesn't want to leave.

Tom doesn't get to choose.

It's cold. You should go in.

If you could get me Doug Stamper's
addresses for the last three years...


And do you know what happened to the
photo strip of Rachel and Lisa?

It's gone.

We need to lay out
our positions ourselves.

I'm already on my way to New York.

I don't want you to say or do anything
that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I won't contradict the administration.
That's not my wish.

We need to draw a line in the sand.

Yes, of course. Should
I get on my flight?

I think it might be best if you
turn around and come back.

Whatever you think.

We'll let Walker plead the Fifth.

Then we'll regroup and make
sure we're on the same page.

Okay. We need to head back.

"Beware entangling alliances," Mr.

You know, that quote is often
attributed to Washington,

but it was actually
Jefferson who said it.

Anyway, I wanted to catch you before,
uh, Mark and your lawyer got here.

Mr. President.

I know this hasn't been easy for you.

Well, the truth is, one can
get used to almost anything.

Well, at any rate, congratulations.


You're about to become the chancellor
of one of our finest universities.

It's a high price we pay
for respectability.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.

And to thank you for all you're doing.

In not too long, you're going to
become one of those ex-presidents

whose work will make everyone...
forget the past.

I was once the President
of the United States.

Yes, you were.

You stole the presidency, Frank.

Now, Garrett...

This is ancient history, but
by modern political standards,

my election was a landslide.

I was gonna change this country.

But then... uh, things happen.

People lie...

You lie to keep up.

The things that you've been
lauded for all your life,

those are suddenly fatal flaws.

People who've been with you
through thick and thin,

who you thought would never
fail you, they fail you.

You make strange alliances
with unsavory people.

And it all becomes clear way too late.

And no one else truly understands.

Except someone who's
been in the office...

You can't expect the office to do
anything more than what you bring to it.


- I'm doing this for the party.
- I know.

And it's admirable.

How's Tricia?

Well, it's taken time, but we are good.

The kids are doing well.

Well, this is just the beginning.

You and I are gonna be working a
lot more together from now on.

Is that so?


Tom, it's a busy morning. I don't
have any quotes right now.

When you have a moment,

I'd like to sit down and ask you
some questions about Lisa Williams.

I'm sorry. What are you talking about?

Let me know when you're free, Doug.

If you'd like a statement,

Seth Grayson's office will be
issuing a press release shortly.

You live near Dupont Circle, don't you?

I will go on the record
and say yes, I do.

President Walker,

it's been established in Heather
Dunbar's special prosecutor's report

that we have reason to...

Congressman, as I mentioned to the chair

and the other distinguished
members of the committee,

I am advising my client to
plead the Fifth at this time

for all questions regarding his tenure

as President of the
United States of America.

I must say, uh, that as a fellow
Democrat, this is highly irregular.

Yes, Congressman, yes.

But in light of ongoing

Actually, I will answer the
congressman's questions.

Please, ask your question.

Under your administration,

millions of dollars were
illegally laundered

from Chinese businessmen to
affect American elections.

Is this true?

Yes. That's true.

And can you
tell us what, if any,

was then Vice President
Francis Underwood's

involvement in this scheme?

Well, it appeared to me, he was
one of its chief architects.

And, uh, what exactly do
you mean by that, sir?

It was his idea.

Mark, I think you need to
be elsewhere right now.

Are we gonna bury our heads
in the sand with this?

No, you're going to leave,

and the vice president and I are
going to decide what to do.

Walker reneged. We had a deal.

We will let you know if you are needed.

- Sir...
- That was not a request.

Why did you have to go talk to him?

There has to be a way out, Francis.

Does there? Is there?

Or is this my presidency?

Forever with a target on my back.

Haunted and hunted.

LeAnn, if you're hearing
this, it means that I'm dead.