House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 9 - Chapter 48 - full transcript

At the convention, Frank and his team publicly push for Secretary of State Durant to be chosen as his running mate, but privately push a different agenda.

Kentucky, you have 53 votes.

How do you cast them?

Madam Secretary,

as a senator for the great
Commonwealth of Kentucky,

I'm proud to speak
on behalf of the delegation's chair.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky,

home of the Derby, the Wildcats,

and the birthplace of bourbon,

for Vice President of the United States

casts 13 votes for
Secretary of State Catherine Durant,

11 for Senator Joseph Baker of Nevada,

nine for Governor Randall Smith
of West Virginia,

seven apiece for
Governor Jill Haley of Florida

and Congresswoman Sharon Pierce
of California,

five for one of our own,
the Mayor of Louisville, Jill Carson,

and one vote for the First Lady
of these United States,

Mrs. Claire Underwood.

you have 61 votes.

How do you cast them?

Isn't this exciting?
You can feel the electricity.

Been a very long time
since an open convention.

I'm surprised you didn't get
a few votes yourself, Senator.

I'm not running for vice president.

Neither is Claire Underwood and she got one.

That was my vote.

Trying to throw some levity
into the proceedings, sir?

Hell, no!
I think she'd make a terrific vice president.

- Mrs. Underwood!
- Mrs. Underwood!

A couple of questions,
Mrs. Underwood, if you have a moment?

I only have time for a few.

Welcome to Atlanta, Mrs. Underwood.

Thank you.

Can you comment on Senator Sheer's vote?

Well, I am flattered.
But it's all in good fun, I'm sure.

Mrs. Underwood,
he says he'll vote for you again.

Well, I am encouraging everyone,
including Senator Sheer,

to vote for Cathy Durant.

Both the president and I think
she is the best choice in the field.

You changed everything we wrote.

There was no imagination to it. No rhythm.

We've been writing their speeches
since they took office.

We know what we're doing.

Well, do you want it to be good,
or do you want it to be yours?

The vote I'm most excited about

is the victory our
background check legislation

got in the House yesterday.

So I'm hoping that the Senate
will follow their lead soon,

and that the president can sign it into law.

I have to go. Thank you so much.

Thank you for inviting us.


It's me who has to thank you and your son.

He saved my life.

No matter how tragic the circumstances.

I want you to meet
some of the other recipients.

This is James, who received
one of your son's kidneys.

And this is Luisa,

who received your son's heart.

Luisa was at the top of the list.
She was hours away from dying.

If we could, let's all get together for a photo.

James? Right here.

- You come right here.
- Okay.

This way. Great.

The president isn't shying away
from his transplant.

I think it's a smart move.

You can't deny it, so why try to hide it?

Plus, I think it underscores the importance
of the vice presidential situation.

Wait, roiling out the donor's mom?
That feels a bit exploitative.

I... Look, hold on.

A little compassion, the kid just shot himself.

And with a handgun, no less.

Legally purchased.
Let's not put this on the gun.

I am sorry, all of this,
the whole thing, the convention...

It's theatrics.

Bring on the circus.

It's a lot more fun
than some four-day infomercial.

Let's talk about the contenders themselves.

There's almost a dozen of 'em...

- Can you lower that, please?
- ...really have a chance.

Durant, first among 'em.

It's 11:00 in the morning, day one,
and they're beating Ellen.

Less traffic on the website, too.

People aren't watching the videos as much.

This sold over a million copies.

Five times that many read it online.

That was last month. This is this month.

We announce a stellar running mate.

He eviscerates Underwood on ICO.

We have not one, but two Vanity Fair
covers that Pollyhop's pushing,

and all you give me is excuses.

The point was for us
to drown out their convention,

not the other way around.
We need to steal the thunder back.

So go where the thunder is.

I've been one heartbeat away
for almost two years.

My heart's not in it anymore.

I'm going to head back
to Vermont after November.

Maybe start teaching again.

Who are you supporting, then?

On the record, Cathy Durant.

And off the record?

I'm not the biggest fan.


She wasn't much help
during the Russia crisis.

- She closed the deal with Petrov.
- She took credit for it, sure.

But she fought the deal
every step of the way.

Nothing would've happened
if it weren't for Claire.

The First Lady?

The former ambassador.

We're closer in Kansas,
but still not close enough.

Did you speak to Jefferies when
you were there for the House vote?

He's leaning on Fred Simms.

If Simms could deliver
two or three delegates...

That could push Kansas over the edge.

I can call Womack.
He's got some friends over the border.

- What about Pawley?
- Pawley?

Sheriff Pawley in Fort Worth,
old family friend of my dad's.

He's close with some superdelegates
from Dallas.

Yes, he's on board.

Gotta love those sheriffs.

- That's how we do in Louisiana.
- What about Enright?

I'm meeting him for coffee at the Hyatt.

In fact, I better get going.
I don't wanna be late.

Now, if we could lock up Virginia...

It would send a very big message.

And then Kentucky next.

He's got a big old crush on you.

We better get you on a move.

Enright is a stickler for punctuality.

You know, I'm having fun.
I forgot how much I miss being whip.

You whip 'em. I'll sweet talk 'em.

- Nothing like leather and sugar.


Senator Sheer.

Senator, you did a fine job.

Yeah, I better get prime time,
not one of these midmorning speeches.

8:00, Wednesday night. I called Patti myself.

Do you know the main thing that separates
a politician from the rest of the species?

A politician is the one
who would drown a litter of kittens

for 10 minutes of prime time.

Secretary Durant. Editor in chief, Politico.

It's all right.

Adam, are you covering this yourself?

First open one since '68.

It's humid as hell, though.

I just got here and I'm already soaked.

On the plus side, I hear they have
the best strip clubs in the country.

Can I ask you a couple questions?

- Well, I'm in a hurry.
- Just a couple.

Nothing on the record.

Tell me about the rumors

regarding the deal you struck
with Petrov in Brandenburg.

What rumors?

That it was the First Lady
who brokered the deal, not you.

It was a team effort. Who is your source?

I can't. You know that.

I'm afraid that's all the time I've got.

Have a good trip, Adam.

The president was on site
this morning for a press briefing

at the Truxton Marquis with Karen Williams,

the mother of Daniel Williams,

the organ donor who provided his liver.

Alongside him were all
of the donor organs' recipients.

Ms. Williams took time
to speak with each recipient

whose life was saved
in the wake of her son's passing.

The president used this solemn event

to express his gratitude
for those who share their lives

for the health and welfare of others,

whether through organ donation
or through their work.

The president's condition
has improved dramatically

since his organ donation.

The entire country was on edge
throughout his time in the hospital.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel,

who saved President Underwood
from his health crisis,

left this world by giving back
to so many others

he never expected to touch.

Lasting tributes like this
will not be forgotten.

Currently, there are more
than 122,000 men, women and children

seeking an organ transplant each year,

most common needs being
the kidney, liver, and heart.

And while the number of donors
has increased over the years,

recipients are still in for a long,
potentially fatal waiting period

before a healthy, matching organ
becomes available.

Waiting lists for these types of transplants

can last from days to months on end.

Although President Underwood's
critical condition

pushed him to the top of the donor list,

he was fortunate to have received
a donation in time.

Many status one, or most in-need patients

do not receive a transplant
in time to save their lives.

- Tennessee! You have 77 votes.

How do you cast them?

From the Volunteer State...

The president will be
with you in a moment.

...we cast 73 votes for vice president

to Secretary Catherine Durant,

and four votes to Senator Joseph Baker.

- Cathy!
- The meeting with Enright went well.

I put a call into him afterwards.
He said you charmed him.

- That puts us where?
- Nine-forty-nine.

We won't make this ballot,
but we're getting close.

Next one. I'm sure of it.

Let's talk once we get the final numbers.

Will do. Bye.

Texas, you have 237 votes.

Do you have my call list for tonight?

How do you cast them?

Madam Secretary, my name is Ruiz Trejo.

I see. I ran into Giovanni in the elevator.

You can cross him off.

And cross off Milford.

She said she's gonna
back Baker till the bitter end.

We cast all of our votes
to our native daughter,

the First Lady,

and the future Vice President
of the United States of America,

- Claire Unden/vood.

Thank you, Texas. And thank...

All 237? Nice.

My mother brought
the hammer down on the holdouts.

I just emailed you my donor lists
for Austin and Houston.

Should be at least two million in the bank.

- Ms. Jones.
- Oh, that's great.

Oh, I gotta go. The cameras are here.

Ms. Jones, the entire state for the First Lady.
Will you comment?

I think our unanimous vote
is all the commentary you need.

Now, the president endorsed your race,

your mother's vacant seat
during the State of the Union.

He sure did,
and I'm proud to be the front-runner.

Did that endorsement have anything to do
with your support of the First Lady?

Look, I won't deny that
the Unden/voods have been good to me.

But no. They asked me
to vote for Catherine Durant.

And while I think Secretary Durant
would be a wonderful woman for the job,

I think Claire is the best woman for the job.

Well, I really appreciate it, Diane,
and I know Cathy will as well.

All right, we'll speak soon.

New draft.

LeAnn wanted me to work in some phrases

and keyword amplifiers.

All I'm asking is you make the call.

He'll listen if it comes from you.

- It seems very clunky.
- I agree.

Is there a way to
put in what she wants and make it

- more elegant?
- He's still pissed

about that limp-dick defense bill
I killed when I was whip...

Maybe, but I have my limitations.

You don't have much faith in her analytics,

- I don't think.
-lt's paint by numbers.

Yes, well, she also says

that you've been alienating
some of the other speechwriters.

Well, their mediocrity
is what's alienating them.

I'm allergic to it.

- I work better alone.
- Let me speak to Bryce

and then see what I can do.

That's right. WestCAM should do it.

- Uh-huh. Well, tonight if you can.

The morning is fine if you can't...

I have to go. Let's discuss the speech later.


Yeah, all I need is just three more
from your state and we've got it.

Yes, just a few more.

Like, three.

Yes, and so do I. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Good night.


I feel like we haven't even
had a chance to say hello

since you came on board.

You're a busy man.

I don't know the opposite.

It has its upsides. Like sleep.

- And friends.

How's the, um...


If it weren't for the pills,

I could go through entire days
without even thinking about it.

I wonder what that kid would think,

if he knew that part of him
was inside of the president's body.

Tragic, huh?

But, then again,

one man's tragedy is another man's treasure,

-isn't that right?
- Trash.


"One man's trash."
That's how the saying goes.

Oh, right.

How's the speech coming?


Well, this is for the introduction
to your acceptance speech,

but shouldn't it be for her own acceptance?

You want Claire to win, not Durant.

A First Lady as the...
That's ludicrous.

I don't think so.

- And I don't think you do either.
- Oh.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But if I'm right,

she's gonna need the speech
to end all speeches.

It would be good for me to know that.

I have some more work to do.

Governor! How are you?

Yeah, well, I wish I was in Oregon, too,
but I'm here in Atlanta

where it's muggier
than a street hooker's twat.

I am honored to be mentioned with
Secretary Durant and Senator Baker.

They're seasoned politicians.

But I already have a job,

- First Lady of the United States.

Well, Texas is over 5% of the vote.

And my home state, so let's not
make more of it than it is.


Congratulations. I think
you're in fifth place now.

- With you in first, where you should be.

Secretary Durant, do you think
the First Lady has a shot?

- I think Texas just gave her one.

Kidding aside, do you think she has
the foreign policy experience?

It's beside the point.
And like I said this morning,

I encourage everyone, including Texas,

to vote for Secretary Durant.

Mrs. Underwood...

You know what, if you'll excuse me,
I want to get back to the phones,

make sure Cathy gets this nomination.

- Thank you.
- May I have a moment?

Oh, of course.

Did anyone ask you about Brandenburg

or any of your people
and your involvement there?


No, we put that to bed.

That's what I thought,

which is why I was surprised
when Adam Gould told me

that he had sources saying
you deserved all the credit.

We all agreed to what
our version of the story is,

so somebody isn't toeing the line.

Well, I'm sure it's not White House staff.

I bet he's just fishing,
trying to start some rivalry.

Well, I'd be grateful,
if he asks you, or anyone else...

Of course.
And I've been sticking to our story,

which it was you that got
the Russians to back down,

and I was just there to support you.

That wouldn't look good to the delegates,

the fact that you met with Petrov without me.

It would look like I wasn't in command of...

No one needs to know what we discussed.

You have nothing
to worry about, Cathy. Honestly.

I can get you on the phone
with the Secretary of Agriculture,

but if you want drought relief,

I'm gonna need more than
just Stevens and Lopez.

Has anything been set up with Baker yet?

Tomorrow morning, in his room.

Well, that's cutting it close.

He's at a big dinner with the Florida
congressional delegation tonight.

Well, all right, and call me back.

The rumors have gotten to Cathy.

Well, we did want them to spread.
That was the idea.

I think one of us needs to speak with her.

But the plan was to wait till it was inevitable.

If we don't involve her sooner than later,
Francis, she could turn on us.

All right, you take your meeting with Baker.

- I'll talk to Cathy. You set that up.
- Yes, sir.

How much are you going to say?

Just enough to prepare her.

A lot of calls about
Mrs. Underwood in Russia.


Ignoring, which is the same as confirming.

- Good.
- Claire in there?

She's speaking privately with the president.

I'm sure she won't mind.

Where are we with LeAnn?

- She's clean.
- No.

I refuse to believe that.

Doug, if our campaign manager
bites the dust, that hurts us.

I gave you a task.

And I'll keep at it.

Nice coverage on the liver thing
this morning.

I emailed you some links.

Boys are older now, both married.

Got a third grandkid on the way.

We don't get out to the lake much these days.

Washington takes its toll.

It sure does.

I've made a lot of sacrifices
over the years, Mrs. Underwood.

Time with my boys, that's a big one.

Who knows if I'll win, but I'm in the mix.

And I can't sacrifice this opportunity
to pave the way for Cathy Durant.

You won't win, Senator. We both know that.

But I can't help her.

Now, I realize you two don't get along.

She despises me.
And I have to say, the feeling is mutual.

Oh, listen...

The moment she became Secretary of State,

she got the Republicans to remove me
from the Foreign Relations Committee.

And Francis was very upset about that.

But that was the past.

Let's talk about the future.

This support for Claire,
it's caught us both off guard.

But you are my choice for vice president.

Nothing has changed on that front.

Well, my only concern are the rumors.

They could damage my chances.

Yes. And we'll do
what we can to combat those.

That's what Claire said, too,
and it's much appreciated.

But, if, and... God, it's a big if.

But what if

support for Claire picks up steam...

You don't actually think that will happen?

No. I mean, a First Lady as VP? No.

The party wants someone with experience,
and so does the country.


But it is an open convention,

and so we have to operate with the belief

that anything could happen.

The press is certainly enjoying imagining it.

- Well, sure. It makes for a good story.

Yeah, and it's the kind of coverage
that we can't really control.

You know, I mean,

these things have a way
of taking on a life of their own.

Like the Zoe Barnes story did about
my nomination for Secretary of State.

Except that one we planted.

- And this one you didn't.
- Absolutely not!

I mean, Claire was mortified by those votes.

What you're saying is if the coverage
influences enough people...

Well, we have to be prepared for that.

I mean, of course, politically,
it would be a disaster.

Maybe, maybe not.

You don't think so?

Personally, I think Claire
would do an excellent job.

I am very surprised to hear you say that.

You don't believe she would?

Well, I've just never really considered it.

The First Lady? As vice president?

Well, 251 delegates think it's a good idea.

Most of those were from Texas,
which was a lark.

Was it?

I have as many delegates as you do, Senator.

But if you start pushing yours my way...

You double.

And take the lead.

And then Cathy puts you over the top.

That's the idea.

So she's in on this?

She will be.

Well, let's say Claire does take the lead,

however unlikely that may be...

- Very unlikely, I would say.
- Let's say she does.

What do you propose?

I honestly don't know.


You'd have to support her, wouldn't you?

You can't abandon your own wife.

True, but I can't abandon you either.

If she took the lead, I suppose
I'd have to support her, too.

No, I would never ask you to do that.

But you don't have to ask.
We're on the same team here.

Well, to be perfectly blunt,

what's in it for me?

What would it take?

You're doing the selling. Make me an offer.

Let's say Claire gets it.

I assume I stay on, if you get the general.

Oh, absolutely.

I cannot imagine the next four years
without you being my Secretary of...


You'd give me Cathy's job?

We're prepared to.

- Doug.
- Madam Secretary.

We have an issue, sir.

When I first warned
the president that ICO would grow,

and grow quickly, he did nothing.

Yesterday, the leaders of ICO
sent out this tweet.

"As Suwar is ours.
Soon heads will roll into the Euphrates."

That wasn't just in Arabic,
that was in English,

and sent out in 16 other languages.

They're media savvy,
they're recruiting around the globe.

They have the money
and the manpower now.

Once they get to the Euphrates,

they'll have a choke hold on northern Syria.

We must act, Mr. President,
and we must act now.

Normally, there's a tradition
of sportsmanship

when it comes to conventions.

One candidate lays low

so the other gets his or her
moment in the spotlight.

But not only is the president ignoring
a great threat to the world's security,

he's insulted the one man who
stood up and spoke out for us all.

When this profile came out

about everything the general just mentioned,

the White House said that
he was politicizing terrorism.

And when I announced
that General Brockhart

was going to be my running mate,

the president's campaign said, and I quote,

"lt's a shame the general
traded in patriotism for careerism."

Now, I don't call that very sportsmanlike.

I call it disgraceful.

How many wars has the president
fought for his country?

I think we all know, none.

And he questions the patriotism
of a man who has fought in many?

You hear me, Mr. President.

I demand that you do something about ICO.

And I demand that you make
an apology to the general.

And we're not leaving Atlanta
until you've done both.

Live on every network right now.

I gotta hand it to him.
I wonder if this was his idea,

'cause it's almost something like I would do.

We ignore him. It's 95 degrees.
Let him sweat it out.

I think the longer we ignore him,
the more attention they'll get.

I agree with LeAnn.

So apologize.

It's only pride.

I can do it if you want, sir.
I wrote the statement.

It only works if it comes from Francis.

Claire's right.

And we can do more than just apologize.

I can meet with the bastard.

The issues the governor and
the general raise are important ones.

They transcend party affiliations
and, quite frankly, politics.

And so in that spirit,
I'm inviting the governor

to come here and join me, so that
we can have a conversation privately

because whoever becomes the president
is going to have to deal with ICO

and all of the other terrorist threats
that we face around the globe.

So I'm looking forward to hearing

whatever ideas and solutions
that they may have,

because a smart president
will steal good ideas from anyone.

Let's kill them with kindness, shall we?

- Governor.
- Mr. President.

Would you please
put the general on the line?



your service to this country is greatly valued

and your patriotism is without doubt.

And in the heat of the campaign,
well, we went too far.

We issued statements
that we shouldn't have,

and for that I want to apologize,

and I do hope that you will accept it.

Far more important to rne than an apology
is eliminating ICO, Mr. President.

I couldn't agree with you more, General.

If you'd be so kind as to put
the governor back on the phone.

I received your invitation, Mr. President.

And will you join us, Governor?

Only if it leads to real action, not just talk.

FRANCIS". I can promise you, Governor,

and the rest of America
that it will not just be talk.

Then, yes.
If it truly leads to securing our freedom.

Thank you very much.
I look forward to seeing you.

Thank you all very much.

Right this way, Governor.

Do you think this a good idea?

What choice do I have? He called my bluff.

Welcome, Governor.

Thank you, Mr. President.

I have a room set up for us.


Have some lunch.

We've got ham, and I think some turkey.

I'm good, but thanks.


After the stunt you just pulled,
I would've thought you love ham.

You put this here on purpose.

Well, a little reading material, you know.

Something to pass the time.

I just got a text from Ben Grant saying

searches for this issue is

going through the roof
since we showed up here.

Ben Grant owns Pollyhop...

That's right.

And you own Ben Grant.

Isn't that what power is?
The people you collect?

You really screwed me with that webcast.

I had everything all planned out.

The Federal Election Commission,
the Department of Justice.

I was looking forward to watching you
go down in flames,

maybe even behind bars.

Well, I'm sorry I ruined your fun.

It's a bit embarrassing, though, isn't it?

I mean, sharing all your most
intimate moments?

Videos of your children?

I'm proud of my family.
Why would I be embarrassed?

Well, just that you have to stoop
so low to win everyone's love.

It feels a bit desperate, doesn't it?

You're 15 points behind in every poll.

So, if anyone's desperate, it should be you.

The key to being president
is not only winning your battles,

it's winning them with dignity.

- Should we talk about ICO?
- God. Why would we want to do that?

It's why we're meeting.

Oh, right.

"Real talk, real action."

That's what you're all about, isn't it?

Well, I suppose we could if you want to,

but then again we could just take
a break from it all and relax a bit.



This turkey tastes like rubber.

It's better than eating a real one.


I always wear protection when I'm
getting my dick sucked by the Democrats.

You Okay?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Don't make me laugh when I'm eating.
I nearly choked to death.

That is one way for me to become president.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Mmm.

Do you mind if I take these off?

They're brand new
and I'm still breaking 'em in.


You like to play video games, right?

Now, how did you hear about that?

Tom Yates.

Oh, yes.

Tom Yates.

That's one person you weren't
able to collect, were you?

What did you do to get him back?

Look, I'm sure he was tempted.
He is a fiction writer, after all.

You're a New York Republican.

That's an attractive fiction, isn't it?

And you're a Democrat from South Carolina,
that's even bigger fiction.

Well, there you go.

And I'm a New York Republican,
which is basically a Democrat.

If you were a Democrat,
you'd be unstoppable.

You'd be the new JFK.

And if you were a Republican,
who'd you be? Nixon?

Nixon was a far more effective president.

The only reason people glorify
Kennedy is because he got shot.

You've got that going for you,
too, now, don't you?

And you've got your search engine
and all your little home videos.

See, if people want a piece of you,

you give it to them, right?


Is that what people want? A piece of you?

Do YOU play video games?

No. My kids do.

There's this one game that
my son Charlie, he loves to play.

It's called

I have to admit, I might have played it
a couple of times myself.

You start out as a little dot.

And then you go around eating
these other dots and you get bigger.

And the bigger you get, you gotta avoid

getting eaten by the bigger players.

Meanwhile, you're trying to eat
the smaller players.


Sounds a little like running for president.

So, are you playing with
real people right now?

From all over the world.

Here, you try it.

- Oh, I got eaten.
- Press that.

Ah. Oh.

I see. It makes you small again.

Yeah, you gotta start over
from square one every single time.

Oh, God. I got eaten again.

I wonder what the other players would think
if they knew who they were playing against.

I'm rather enjoying the anonymity.

This is unprecedented.

The president and Governor Conway

are meeting right now
at the convention hall.

Two candidates, face to face.

They've been in there for about 10 minutes,
supposedly discussing the [CO situation.

While the private meeting
between the two candidates

continues behind closed doors,

delegates on the floor are gearing up
for the next round of voting for...

We should head down.
The next ballot is starting soon.

-I'll be down in a minute.
-In the second round of voting,

a quarter of the delegates
changed their votes,

support for First Lady
Claire Underwood is picking up steam,

thanks in part to today's breaking story

about Mrs. Underwood's involvement
in the Brandenburg negotiations.

A single vote from Senator Scott Sheer

expanded to support
from the entire Texas delegation.


You've got a call.

Yeah, I better take that.
They only call if it's important.

Yeah, this is Will.

Yes, put it through.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

Go ahead.

Damn! Nothing.

The fog of war.

A back room within a back room.

Whatever's being plotted in there,
I can tell you it's no good for me.

It's at times like these I wish I was Nixon,

- had every nook and cranny bugged.

- Mr. President?
- Your colleague.

How targeted can he get?

We really shouldn't be
discussing this over the phone.

Can he isolate a specific person?

Technically, yes, but...

A conversation?

There are catch mechanisms
in the program to prevent that.

He can override, but it leaves a trail.

He's still figuring out how to mask it.

Our friend from New York.
I want to know what he's saying right now.

Sir, I strongly advise against that.

I also advise that we hang up.

All right, I'm hanging up.

Governor, should we head out?

Just a moment, Mr. President.

There's a great deal
of anticipation in Atlanta...

Who was that?

The president.
He just wanted the latest delegate count.

...and we're minutes away
from the next ballot.

Here's a graphic of the last round yesterday.

Secretary Catherine Durant
led the way with 22% of delegates.

Doug hates it.

He hates what?

That you have direct access to the president
without going through him.

He wants you gone.

Doug told you that?

He wants me to dig something up on you.

I haven't found anything yet.

And you won't, because there isn't anything.

I know.
Otherwise, I would've found it by now.

Why are you telling me this?

Because either you're gone or I am,
if I don't deliver.

Unless you give me something.

---First Lady Claire Underwood,

- a surprising fifth place show.--

It can be small. Nothing too damaging.

Just so I have something to show him.

In my 30 years of covering
presidential politics,

I've never seen anything like it.

Sorry about that.

That's all right.

Shall we go out?
The next ballot is about to start.

You want to watch it together?

It might look better, the longer we're in here.

- Like we grappled with the future of America.

Unless you'd rather be
out there with the masses.

Oh, Christ. The masses.

- I feel the same way.
- We will now commence

the third ballot

for the nomination of our party's
vice presidential candidate.

We will start with Alabama.

Madam Secretary,

the great state of Alabama,

for Vice President of the United States,

casts 29 votes
for Secretary Catherine Durant,

26 votes for the First Lady Claire Underwood,

and our three remaining votes
for the Mayor of Mobile,

Alabama's own Jane Winthrop.

Roll Tide!

Alaska, you're next.

Eight votes for Secretary of State Durant,

six votes for Senator Joseph Baker,

four votes for First Lady Claire Underwood.


you have 476 votes.

Two hundred and thirty-three
for Catherine Durant,

152 for Joseph Baker,
91 for Claire Underwood.

That's huge for the First Lady.

That puts
her in third, and she's closing in on second.


Twelve for Durant,

11 for Claire Underwood,

four for Baker.

Hawaii, you're next.

Seventeen for the First Lady,

and 14 for Secretary of State
Catherine Durant.

She's got a real shot.


Well, not so unbelievable.

Forty-four votes for Catherine Durant,

35 votes for Claire Underwood.


you have 61 votes.

How do you cast them?

Madam Secretary,

Louisiana casts its 61 votes
for President of the United States

to Secretary of State Catherine Durant.

Louisiana, I assume
you mean vice president.

I mean president.

Madam Secretary, the state of Louisiana

believes this convention should be open

for all parts of the ticket, including president.



As the convention agreed
to yesterday morning,

we are taking vice presidential
nominations first,

in order for that process to
take place over the full convention.

We have one candidate for president.

Any further discussion
on that balloting will be taken up

after the vice presidential
nomination process is complete.

If you do not cast your votes,
you will forfeit them.

Madam Secretary, we, Louisiana,

cast our 61 votes for vice president,

also for Catherine Durant.


I work for the man.
I'm on his cabinet.

Would you run against him
if his nomination were in play?

My goal is to run with the president,
not against him.

Look, I love my home state of Louisiana,

-but they're a live bunch...
- She'd do a good job.

She's a much better
Secretary of State, though.

I'm confident this will all work itself out.

I've considered keeping her on
after you lose.

Have you spoken to President
Underwood about their defection?

Not yet, but I'll be speaking
with him shortly, I imagine.

Hey, this is part of what a...

- Your call.
-...convention is all about.

I wish I could take credit, but she called me.

Then again, when opportunity strikes...

Thank you very much.

Definitely not the way to win with dignity.

...Durant commenting
on her home state of Louisiana.

If you win at all.

We should get back out there.
You've got a nomination to fight for.

The president and I, we had a great talk.

We even watched the vote together.

But I'm sure you'd rather hear
from him on that than me.

Well, thank you, Governor.

Today has certainly been
full of surprises, hasn't it?

But, then again, Louisiana is the state

that gave us Huey Long after all.

As much as I would like to discuss this,

I have to get on with the business

that the governor and I have just discussed,

because the business of
the presidency trumps running for it.

- Thank you, Governor.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

- Thank you all very much.

I'm happy to answer...

I want Cathy in my room, now.

I already called her. She refuses to meet.

- She what?
- That's what she said,

and then she hung up.

Her staff won't return my calls either.

For this to work,
you have to go back to Washington.

I can't leave while you're dealing with this.

If you stay, it will look like
you're taking advantage

and campaigning for it.

And the key is to make it look like you're not.

I'll speak with Cathy.

No, look, I've got that covered.

Question is, how we justify your going.

It's not Washington.

It should be Texas.

- Your mother.
-lt worked before.

I'll leave first thing in the morning.

Take Tom with you.

- Tom?
- He already knows.

- Did you tell him?
- He put it together.

He said, if you win this thing,

you have to give the speech
of a lifetime, and he's right.

Whatever you say in that convention hall

will lay the groundwork for how we
sell this to the rest of the country.

And that is why we brought him back, right?

You can sleep like that? Sitting up?

I can sleep anywhere.

I'm lucky like that.

We have work to do.

All right, let's work.

This could be better.

Read it for me. Out loud.

"I've been my husband's partner
in marriage for 29 years."



Like you're going to say it at the convention.

"I've been my husband's partner in marriage

"for 29 years.

"Now, it's time for me to be..."

So I can see your face.

"I've been my husband's partner
in marriage for 29 years.

"Now, it's time for me to be his partner

"in the White House for the next four."

You're right.

We can do better.