House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 3 - Chapter 42 - full transcript

Claire joins Frank as he campaigns in South Carolina, but he doesn't trust her. A disastrous scandal blindsides Frank on primary day.

John! We're paying you to clean cars,
not read the paper.

Yeah, okay. Sorry.

♪ Oh, what a... ♪

♪ What a fellowship
What a joy divine ♪

- ♪ I'm leaning on... ♪
- ♪ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms ♪

- ♪ Oh ♪
- ♪ What a blessedness ♪

- ♪ What a peace is mine ♪
- ♪ Yes, I'm leaning on... ♪

♪ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms ♪

- ♪ Oh, yes, I'm... ♪
- ♪ Leaning ♪

- ♪ Oh, yes, I'm leaning ♪
- ♪ Leaning ♪

♪ Yes, I'm safe and secure
from all alarms ♪

- ♪ Oh, yes, I'm leaning ♪
- ♪ Leaning ♪

- ♪ Yes, I'm... ♪
- ♪ Leaning ♪

♪ Leaning on the Everlasting ♪

♪ Arms ♪

When I think of the goodness of Jesus
and all that He's done for me,

my soul shouts out, "Hallelujah."

- Hallelujah!
- Amen.

That was absolutely beautiful.

You sang it as heavenly
and as loudly as we do in Dallas. Amen!


My mother and I are proud to introduce
a man who fought for you in Congress.

He's fighting for you now
in the White House.

We wanna help him to stay there.

- Amen.
- Amen.

President Frank Underwood!

All right!

Thank you.

You're all wonderful.

Thank you.
Please be seated.

You know, it's on a morning like this,
in a church like yours,

that I'm very proud
to be a South Carolinian.

"How many of you drove to church?

Let me start by asking, how many of you
drove to church here this morning?"

How many of you drove
to get to church here this morning?

And how many of you drove together?

Well, I can appreciate that.

Gas prices right now are putting a strain
on everybody's pocketbooks.

Isn't that true?

I think maybe more here in Gaffney,

at least I feel it here in Gaffney
more than anywhere else.

"Especially here in Gaffney.

Now, as president,
I feel responsible for that.

Or maybe, I feel even more so here.

You know, we've never been a rich town.

You know, a lot of times in my childhood,
I thought to myself,

'Why, we just, we were almost like
an invisible town to people...

We didn't matter.'"

That we didn't matter.

And, of course, I was a white boy.

And as poor as my family was,

we still were a lot better off
than a lot of your families...

who not only had to
struggle through poverty

but had to fight racism as well.

Now, how many of you remember 1973?

"Now, how many of you remember 1973?

When gas prices were
as bad as they are today,

and we had to wait hours
just to fill our tank.

Why, OPEC was trying
to hold us hostage then

just as Russia's trying
to hold us hostage now.

But somehow...

our little community, why,
we came together, didn't we?

We came together, didn't we?"

We looked out for each other.
We were there for each other.

Now, maybe we didn't matter
to the rest of the country,

but we sure as heck
mattered to each other.

We're still struggling with poverty,

and racism is still something
we have to fight against.

But I know that this town does matter.

That all of you matter.

And I don't just say that
because African Americans

represent half the vote in this state.

I say that because,
despite our troubles...

we are one community.

One family.

And that gives us strength.

That strength is a powerful thing.

It's not invisible.

It radiates.

I place my faith in God
to give me purpose.

I put my hope in you to give me strength.

Yes, sir.

And come tomorrow,
when you vote...

I hope that you will
place your trust in me... help continue to lead this country
as we have led this community, together.

Thank you all very much.

Good morning.

I'm LeAnn Harvey, traveling to Washington.

The First Lady isn't here yet,
Ms. Harvey,

but you're welcome to board the plane,
if you'd like.

Uh, no, I'll wait until she gets here.
Thank you.


I just sent the research.

- What's the gist?
- The anger, it's biblical.

- Uh, gas prices?
- Yeah, gas is school.

Gas is work.

Gas is the family trip to Disneyland.

Every cent it goes up
is another six points on the anger index.

We predict that $7 a gallon
will get you riots.

What about the First Lady?

Oh, she's faring better than he is.
Sympathy for the sick mother.

Thanks for the rush job on this.

Well, you're a friend.
And this is far more interesting than...

testing names of anti-depressants
for five-year-olds, or...

what color cross trainers
soccer moms will drool over.

- I thought you hated politics.
- I do.

But anger?
And seduction?

Those are interesting.

- Mother, my earrings.
- Yes?

You took them.

I did no such thing.

I said I don't...

You're taking my money.
I took something of yours.


When you leave today,
I don't want you coming back.

Oh, I'll come and go as I please, Mother.

This is unreal.

You sure we can count on this guy?

He loathes Francis.
That we can count on.

But use your best judgment.

Who compiled this?

An analytics firm I contract with,
one of the best in the country.

- They can be trusted?
- Yes. I work directly with the owner.

Francis really needs this win
in South Carolina.

He sure does.

Let's release more
of the strategic reserve.

That might slow down
the price inflation, but it won't halt it.

How are you two ladies
enjoying those ribs?

Mmm, I'm gonna need a nap after this.

Well, you'll have time. I have two hours
of fundraising calls to make.

It was very nice of you to let us
stay at your house, Mr. President.

Well, that's how we do things
here in Gaffney.


Listen, I am not gonna negotiate a bailout
if he won't budge on privatization.

If he wants to let his own people starve,
so be it.

He may look for relief from Beijing,
and that would...

The only thing he hates
more than us is China.

He won't kowtow.

But if Petrov does cave to them,
that puts the global energy...

Look, Cathy, I have to call you back.

- When?
- About 30 minutes ago.

- So this will be your box, number 433.
- Thank you.

Would you like to open up
a savings account with us?

- Debit card?
- No, the box is fine.


- Would you mind if I...
- Oh, sure. I'll give you some privacy.

Thank you.

Good to see you.

You, too, Francis.

I'm surprised.

I don't hear from you,
then you just show up.

Mmm, to be honest,
I wasn't sure until I landed.

You've gotten some sun.

Tractor-pulling event yesterday.
I should've worn a hat.

- Are Doris and Celia here?
- They were.

I set up cots for them in the guest room,

but when I heard you were coming,
I sent them off to a hotel.

I figured you'd want
that room for yourself.

That's very thoughtful.

You have an event now.

Limestone College.

Well, I'll join you.

They'll be there,
if you'd rather not see...

It'll be fine.

Unless you'd rather I not go.

No, I'd love you to come.

- If he knows I'm involved...
- So make sure he doesn't.

Can I see it?

Oh, boy.

Now, this could get interesting.

We need it done by tomorrow morning.

Well, my cousin has a friend,
owns an industrial print shop,

but a job that size...

This should cover it.

And then some.

Oh, I didn't know Heather Dunbar
had it in her.

It's nice to meet you, Mr. Chase.

Well, are you sure you wouldn't
like some iced tea?

Thank you, no.
I should get going.

How about some fries with that shake?

Get done what I want done.
Don't make me come back here.

- What did Manny say?
- I got your shift, bro.

- What about the car?
- The Fusion.

I can reset the odometer,
park it in front of your place after work.

But, hey...
you gotta get it back by tomorrow night.

- Otherwise, when they do the inventory...
- I promise you.

All right.

So the cost.

As soon as I get my paycheck, I'll...

No. I don't want money.

Most of the other guys work here,
they ain't much to look at.


Keep lookin' over.

Hey, man, listen...

- You want the car or not?
- I'll find some other way.


I know about you.

I seen your parole officer
come check in on you.

What would he say about
you taking one of these cars?

Come on.

Get in.

I just learned today
that Limestone College,

founded in 1845,

was the first women's college
in South Carolina,

and one of the first in the nation.

And that's something to be proud of.

And since then, this school
and its students have flourished.

A young, eager community of men and women
of all races and backgrounds,

a true reflection of America's future.

How did he convince you to come back?

I convinced myself.

Forty-six years I was married
to my husband before he passed.

But if he'd pulled on me
what Frank pulled on you,

he would've been long gone.

I think it's worked out for the best.

Your daughter is going to make
a fabulous congresswoman.

Well, thank you.

Two minutes.

Now, Frank Underwood understands
the need for equality,

in education and throughout our lives.

Most of all, he believes
in giving every American

the opportunity to earn a living.

He put this belief into action before
and he will again,

and Frank Underwood will not allow
this journey to end with Limestone.

You will go out into this world
and astonish us all with your intellect,

your... your worthiness,
and your strength.

Now, I would like to introduce
two of the strongest women I know.

Well, don't you look thick as thieves.

...and the First Lady
of the United States, Claire Underwood.

It's as though she never left.

And that's what I'm afraid of.

All right,
let's hurry on up, now.

Bugayev is telling me
that they are willing

to reduce their oil output by another 20%
by the first of next month.

What are the projections on gas prices?

North of 150 a barrel for oil.

Six, maybe $7 a gallon for fuel.

My phone has been
ringing off the hook, sir,

from the U.K. to Poland.

The IMF wants to help us
with the debt relief solution.


We need to respond to strength
with strength.

Well, I don't know how
we could be any stronger,

other than to invade Russia.

And what if we do?

- Excuse me, sir?
- Not with troops.

With fear.

He's never trusted us.

He already thinks
we're behind Milkin's failed coup.

What if we put Milkin
in a position to succeed.

Now, I don't care
if Milkin actually succeeds.

Unfreeze all his assets.
Fly him to a border country.

Put him in a room with other dissidents.

Petrov needs to know
that we'll stop at nothing.

Sir, the diplomatic repercussions
of such an action...

All I want is the appearance.

Let's look at best and worst case
scenarios as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were...

That bed was too stiff.

- I'll sleep in there then.
- Sleep in here.

We had the mattress on the floor.


That first year,
the mattress and those lumpy pillows.

Which you used to steal from me
in the middle of the night.

Well, because you would hog
all the covers.

God, we were living like heathens.

Well, because we were
spending everything we had on the race.

I remember I used to think this place
was a palace, though.

- It was.
- Not compared to the ranch.

Well, it was a palace because it was ours.

Good night, Francis.

The press has surrounded the house.

I can't leave the damn place
until I know exactly what I'm gonna say.

We need to cancel your events.

Of course we need to cancel my events.

- The expression on my face is a...
- What's going on?

...taken in a nondescript location,

does not seem to be
a direct endorsement for the KKK.

- My God.
- My father.

Sir? Congresswoman Jones
is heading back to Texas.

Get her on the phone for me, right now.
Meechum, I need you to do me a favor.

There are no clues at the moment

as to who may be responsible,

but Gaffney PD is taking
the canvas picture down

within the hour for further examination.

On primary day.

I can't verify anything yet
in terms of who it is,

or even whether it's real, or...

The day before New Hampshire,
there's a marriage story,

and now in South Carolina we have this?

Uh, how are we getting blindsided?

- I should get that...
- Let it ring.


I didn't even know about
the fight until you told me.

And how was I supposed
to know about this photo?

Because it is your job
to get out ahead of this shit.

The oppo team should've tracked this down.
That's the campaign.

So, if Vaughn didn't know,
or the president didn't tell him...

It has to be somebody close to him.
Someone with a lot of access.

The president's on the line.

Sir, it's Doug.
I'm in here with Seth.

I'm gonna tell the truth.
I'm gonna say it is my father.

That's probably
the best response,

if you have a good way to frame it.

I know what to say.
The question is where.

Something exclusive.

Not in front of the media.
I need to connect directly to the voters,

the African American voters.

Mr. President,
I've got the Secretary of State.

I'll call her back.

Hang on, boys.

It's here, sir.

What can you tell me?

Yesterday, a woman named Leslie McIntyre
opened a new box.

I'm having the name run now,
but it looks like she used a fake social.

What about security footage?

They reset the cameras every morning.

I asked what she looked like

and all the manager said
is that it was a Caucasian brunette.

Nothing strange about her.

All right. Bring the box back here.
Don't let it out of your sight.

As far as I know,
there's only one photograph.

Meechum says it's still at the bank.

Sir, it's just me.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yes, sir.

Well, you keep an eye on him.

I want emails and phone records
of everyone in the White House.

Including yours.

You honestly think...

Is there a problem?



It's unfortunate.

Ms. Dunbar!
Ms. Dunbar? Ms. Dunbar?

The imagery...

That anyone would try to inflame
racial discord by doing something so base.

Whether it's Calvin Underwood
isn't the point.

If it is,
and we have no confirmation on that,

I mean...
Who put this up? And why?

Who knows. And the sins of the father
aren't necessarily the sins of the son.

But... it's troubling.
Very troubling.

Stunts like these have the potential
to open old wounds.

We can't let that happen.
We need to rise above it.

Make clear,
no matter who you support,

that this sort of behavior
will not be tolerated.

Get me Reverend Clark
and Gene Clancy on the phone.

Hey, they want you out by the bus.

By the bus?

- Um, who are you?
- Sorry.

Mark from the Butler County office.

They want all the Cincinnati volunteers

to gather by the bus
for a photo with Dunbar.

Jenn told me I wasn't supposed to leave...

That's why she sent me.
She didn't want you to miss the photo. Go.

Out by the bus?

She told me to cover for you.

Okay, um...

well, there were a couple of no-shows,
but, you know, otherwise, everyone's here.

- Okay. Thanks.
- Very convenient. Thanks.


I'm David Grimes
with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Where's your credential?

I was an idiot and left it in the car.

They recognized me
at the check-in desk, though.

I can direct you to the bullpen,
but this area is off-limits to the press.

I'm actually supposed to do an interview
with Cynthia Driscoll.

The Advance guys
said I should come this way.

Wait here.

I'm sorry, Mr. President,
we just can't do it.

Forty-five percent of the vote here
is African American.

You and your mother standing by my side
would go a long way to put this...

I am running for Congress
in a black and Latino district.

My mother was beaten
and hosed down in marches.

You want us to vouch for a man
whose father was in the KKK?

- No, he was not in the Klan.
- That was him in that picture.

Yes, but I've explained that.

This is the state
where the Civil War started,

where you can still see
rebel flags on bumper stickers.

There is a history
of racist brutality here, Mr. President.

Those sort of symbols matter.

Could you put your mother on, please?


He wants to speak to you.

Mr. President.

Listen, we need to stand together.
Now, I've endorsed Celia.

Claire can do a great deal
for her in Texas.

She's better off
without the Underwoods at this point.

But what about your clinic?

Imagine how that would look,
holding our clinic for ransom.

I'm appealing to your goodwill,

When we stop getting beaten and shot...

you'll have my goodwill, Mr. President.


Get me Gene Clancy again.

What if it's Oren Chase, Francis?

He could've gotten his hands on a copy.
There may be more than one.

Meechum first, then Clancy.


We need to talk.

- I thought you were...
- I was. I'm... I'm out now.

This is important.

Mr. President, was your father a racist?

Was your father a racist?

Mrs. Underwood,
is your mother okay?

Mr. President!

- Mr. Chase?
- Who are you?

United States Secret Service.

We're not after you, Mr. Chase.
We're after whoever put you up to it.

Put me up to what?

You can answer me here, or we can go to
the Columbia field office for questioning.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

All right,
I need you to come with me, sir.

- Now, hold on.
- Step outside, sir.

I wanna talk to a lawyer.

- I need backup at 4126.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Come on, that's not necessary.
- Not if you cooperate, sir.

If I talk to you,
I won't get in trouble?

I swear to God, Ms. Dunbar.
It's all true.

Then where's the proof?

I don't have the means,
but you do.

You've investigated him before.
You know he's dangerous.

Mr. Goodwin...

Why would he go after me
if I wasn't onto something?

This was a high-level sting operation.

Major resources were dedicated to it.

I'm... I was a journalist,
no criminal record.

How am I suddenly such a threat,
unless I'm...

Even if I did believe you,

I am no longer part of the DOJ.
I am a private citizen now.

Who's running for president...

Aren't you breaking WITSEC protocol
by being here?

I am no longer comfortable with this.

- You're... you're my last chance. Please!
- Hey, hey.

- I suggest that you go back home.
- I'm... The things I've...

- Don't make us get security involved.
- Please. Just...

Just give us five minutes
until she's out of the building.

Please listen to me.

I'm... I'm begging you.

Just help me...


Please, please...

Oh, God...

How could you put me in a room with him?

I didn't know what he was gonna say.

But I assumed that
if he went to such great lengths...

The DUI, that's all he has proof of.
That's nothing.

Even I have helped people
get off for that.

- There's the affair...
- With no evidence.

Then he leaps to murder...
Two murders?

The man is troubled.

We saw the look in his eye.

I thought he might have
something real.

He used to be a good editor.

And now he is a convicted felon.

You said no stone unturned.

I'm sorry,
I should have thought better of it.

Yes, you should have.

Let's let it go.
How are we doing in South Carolina?

Early exit polls are good.

- We have a shot at winning.
- Actually winning?

That billboard's done real damage.

I appreciate you doing this, Gene.
You're really saving my life here.

Just remember it
when I run for county executive.

I'll be down here whenever you need me.

Oh, it's not the when, it's the what.
And how much.

Afternoon, Oren.

- Mr. President.
- Have a seat.

Didn't you learn your lesson
with all that Peachoid nonsense?

Well, you promised
to help me with the 4th.

I let my bitterness get the better of me.


Who specifically approached you?
A woman?

- Brunette?
- Yeah.

Uh, about so tall, good-looking.

Wouldn't give me her name.

We should get photos

of everyone in Dunbar's staff
that fits that description.

Already compiling it, ma'am.

And as for you...

you're gonna plant yourself
in front of as many TV cameras

that can gather around
that bony ass of yours.

You're gonna be wracked with guilt
and overcome with conscience.

And you do that and I'll make sure
that you aren't charged.

You want me to say it was Dunbar?

Come on, be smarter than that, Oren.
She'll sue you for slander.

Just say you were bought and
people will connect the dots on their own.

Get him out of here.

I hope you don't welsh on your promise
to me the way you did with Oren.

You're family, Gene.
I would never betray one of the family.

Shall we?


Many of you voted for me for mayor

because you've known me your whole lives.

Well, I've known Frank Underwood
my whole life.

He's my friend and I trust him,

and I don't care what's on that billboard.

I'm proud he's my president,

and I'm proud to have...
be standing with him here today.

Thank you, Gene.

Yesterday, I stood in this church...

and I talked about community.

I talked about our collective strength,

black and white,
coming together during times of crisis.

And today there's probably a lot of you
who think I'm a hypocrite.

How can a man whose father was in the KKK
stand up here and mean the things he said?

Yes, that is my father in that photograph,
I'm not going to deny it.

But the truth is he wasn't in the Klan.

The year that photo was taken,

my father needed $5,000
to pay off our debts,

or the bank was gonna
foreclose on our farm.

Now, my father went to every other bank
within a hundred miles of here,

and no one would give him a loan.

He asked friends, he asked family,
but nobody had that kind of money.

And we were about to lose everything.

Now, at the time,
the owner of the Gaffney First Bank

was a member of the Klan.

Some of you know that.

And he would do whatever the Klan
told him to do, and my father knew that.

So my father did what he had to do.

He went to a meeting
and begged the leader of that chapter

to talk to the owner of the bank.

And at that meeting,
that's when that photograph was taken.

The only reason he was there
was to try to save our farm.

Now, Calvin Underwood
hated himself for going to that meeting.

He hated himself
for taking that photograph.

But he would've hated himself even more
if he'd lost our farm...

if he hadn't been able to provide
and support his family.

Now, look, I'm not trying to ask you
to forgive him being in that photograph.

He probably thought
no one would ever see it.

But I am asking you
to empathize with his predicament.

And ask yourselves...

what would you do to save your family?

Now, whoever stole that photograph
and vandalized that billboard,

they're not trying to unearth
some big scandal about my past,

'cause it just isn't true.

What they're trying to do is divide us.

What they really wanna succeed in doing

is making sure
you don't vote for me today.

They've gone to a whole lot of trouble
to make me look pretty bad.

But that's politics.

My hope in coming here today...

and speaking openly
and honestly about this...

is that we can stay united.

So my plan is to stay here
as long as it takes,

to speak to each one of you individually,

and answer every question
that you might have.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, ma'am.

President Underwood, speaking live

in his home town of Gaffney,
South Carolina,

addressing claims that his father
was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

A billboard there was vandalized
late last night

with a photo of his father
standing next to a man in Klan robes

with the caption, "Underwood 2016."

As we've just seen,
the president did not deny allegations

that his father had some connection
to the organization,

instead explaining that Calvin Underwood
attended one meeting

as a last resort to save
his family's peach farm from foreclosure.

The president was subject
to widespread criticism

after news of his family's alleged
Klan connection broke this morning.

Today's primary result will show...

I don't know her name.
I asked, but she wouldn't tell me.

And I deeply regret that I allowed

my political leanings
to compromise my better judgment.

I want to apologize
to anyone I might have offended

by hoisting up such painful imagery.

We're getting calls asking if it was us.

- Do you think someone from our team...
- Absolutely not.

I think Underwood put this guy up to it.

He's trying to turn this
back around on us.

We need to deny, forcefully.

I'm already putting a press avail together
at your next event.

Maybe we need to reconsider Goodwin.

- What do you have in mind?
- I'm not sure.


Look at this.

It came from the goddamn White House!

We're questioning
the photographer now, sir.

I've got a statement prepared
that this was a run-of-the-mill event,

that you took photos
with lots of re-enactors.

It doesn't matter
how you spin it.

I just stood in front of a group
of African Americans in a church,

asking them to believe in me.

It's bad enough
they see my father next to a Klansman.

Now they see me
next to a symbol of slavery.

I wanna find out who's leaking this shit,
and I want their head on a goddamn stake!

Sir, I have a theory.

I think...

Well, I think it might be Edward Meechum.


He knew about the argument
between you and the First Lady.

He was there on that trip to Virginia.

- He would never do something like this.
- Dunbar has a lot of money.

Put out a statement to the networks

that I won't be giving
a concession speech.

Sir... don't you think that might
look like you're running from...

I just lost my home state.
I'm not gonna rake myself over the coals.


I'm not ruling anyone out.


I brought the safety deposit box for you.

You can put it down.

- Meechum.
- Yes, sir?

Have I given you any reason to hurt me?

Hurt you, sir?

Have I done you wrong in any way?

I'm sorry, sir, I don't understand.

Look me in the eyes, Meechum.

- Sir...
- Meechum, shh.

Are you all right, sir?

I've been better.

I'm still on duty.

Is there...

anything I can do?

You could go out
and stuff some ballot boxes for me.

- You'll bounce back from this.
- I sure hope I can.

Uh, when I got fired...

from the Capitol Police...

I mean, I know it doesn't compare, but...

I felt pretty bad.

I thought my career was over.

Then you turned everything around.

You don't get second chances in elections.

I know.

But there's a lot of primaries ahead.

All I'm saying is it's not over.
You'll get through this.

- I'm sorry, that must sound so stupid.
- No, it doesn't.

I appreciate it.

I'll be out by the motorcade, sir,
if you need anything.

Thank you, Meechum.

I knew it, but I didn't wanna believe it.

It's only a wound.

It's not fatal.

My home state, Claire.

Have a seat.

I end your race so you end mine?

- Let me explain, Francis.
- Spite, revenge!

Please, sit down.
We need to talk.

Nothing is going to come
from anger right now.

Last night when we were talking,
you called this house a palace.

This is where we began.

And do you remember
when my mother almost left Daddy

because he funded your campaign?

That's how much she hated you.

But I didn't care,

because I saw something.
I saw a future.

Our future.

We had a future
until you started destroying it.

Well, you wouldn't have
listened otherwise.

I always listen to you.

Only when it's what you want to hear.

Well, all right, Claire.
I'm listening now.

What is it you so desperately
needed to say?

We've never lost a race in 30 years.
We started here and we've always won.

You and I, together.

But you are losing, Francis.

People are getting killed
at the gas pumps.

America Works is falling flat.

Your campaign manager
is ten years behind ten years ago.

You don't have a viable running mate.

We both know it can't be Donald Blythe.

Well, of course not.

But I have to win the goddamn nomination
before I can start worrying about winning.

Even if I hadn't done what I did,
your race is in real trouble.

You need me, Francis.

My approvals are higher than yours.

I can help you win Texas.

Exactly. Which is why
I didn't want you running in Dallas.

I need you at my side.

Yes, but in a different way.

Different how?

We make each other stronger,
can we agree to that?

When it's working,
but it's not working.

We can make it work.

We can accomplish that future
I saw when we first got married.

It was us, as partners, real partners.

Let's run together, again.

Not just as husband and wife.

You don't mean...


I'm worried about you, Claire.

You're not making any sense.
You've let your ego get in the way...

I've always been your running mate.

- You just didn't wanna see it.
- As my vice president?

- Jesus. Do you have any idea...
- I've put a lot of thought into this.

You can't have thought it through.

- You'd come up with a million reasons...
- She's never run for anything.

No children, nepotism, arrogance,
I've run through them all.

You can't win without me.

I would rather have a spineless
Donald Blythe as my vice president

than a woman
who's never held elected office.

You're losing to a woman
who's never held elected office.

You don't deserve it.

You have no idea
what it means to have nothing.

You don't value what we have achieved.

I have had to fight for everything
my entire life.

Do you know why I kept this?

Do you know?

Because it's the one time
I was proud of my father.

Because this man, in this moment,
as despicable as it was,

is fighting to survive.

He is doing whatever it took.

And so will I, with or without you.

So no, I will not have this conversation.
I will not indulge you any further.

You have to let this go.

I can be a part of your campaign,
or I can end it.

I'll do whatever it takes, too.
Just like your father.

But I will not let this go.

I'll need a car to the Greenville Airport.

To Dallas, yes.