House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 7 - Chapter 33 - full transcript

The damage is done and the Underwoods must repair it. But deep wounds don't heal fast, and sometimes not at all.

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Do you renew your commitment to this
woman as your lawful wedded wife,

to love her, honor her, comfort her,

keep her in sickness and in health,

forsaking all others, be true to her,
as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Do you renew
your commitment to this man

as your lawful wedded husband,

to love him, honor him, comfort him,

keep him in sickness and in health,

forsaking all others, be true to him,
as long as you both shall live?

I do.

May this renewed commitment
deepen your love for each other

and strengthen your eternal bond.



No photographs when they unload his body.
Will you promise me that?

A lot of people are calling you a hero.

A lot of people aren't.

Francis, I will get this
peacekeeping resolution

passed through the General Assembly.

I owe you that.

So we have the photograph tomorrow
for the presidential portrait.

It's what they're gonna
base the painting on.

I'll be smiling. Will you?

What are they doing?

Part of a...
cultural exchange, sir, with Tibet.

They'll be here for a month.

A month?

Don't worry,
your handwriting's atrocious.

Couldn't read a thing.

- Tom.
- I know. Kate Baldwin.

I know.

Oh. Gold stars for us.

It only took two months riding
on the same plane to introduce ourselves.

Maybe I'm shy.

Oh, no, you're not.
You just don't mingle with the peasants.

If one of us is a peasant,
I think it's me.

I'm sorry I can't stay here
in Gaffney with you.

It's okay.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Maybe tonight, if all goes well.

Feeling optimistic?

I made you a promise.

Well, go on.
You have a plane waiting.

Thank you.


The Republicans are introducing
a bill that amends the Stafford Act.

They say that the siphoning
of FEMA funds for America Works

- violates the appropriation.
- So let them.

It's got bipartisan support.

Dunbar's going to publicly
support the bill.

- What about Jackie?
- She's trying to stay out of it,

but if it goes to a vote,
she's gotta go with the tide.

We don't want her poll numbers to take
a hit as she's starting to gain on Dunbar.

If they pass the bill, I'll veto it.
If they override, I'll refuse to enforce.

By the time it gets to the Supreme Court,
we'll have jobs to show,

they'll have nothing but rhetoric.
This is a public relations battle,

- not a legal one.
- Statement?

Just what I just said, less combative.

So, how do we want to do this?

I think the First Lady should sit.
You behind her.

Does that work for you,
Mrs. Underwood?

Uh, yes, whatever works best.

Let me adjust the light for her,
and then I'll place you, sir.

The African bloc just added a provision
to the peacekeeping resolution.

What does it say?

Requires African command of the forces.
It's a poison pill, Francis.

There's no way Israel or Palestine
will get on board with that.

You think the Russians are behind it?

Probably. Cathy and I are investigating.

All right, Mr. President.
Just behind your wife, please.

Do you prefer I not?


Where you had your hand is perfect.

Great. All right.
Here we go.

A little more of a smile, please.

Come in.

Any luck today?

Moryakov... says it wasn't them.

Not that I trust him.

So now I just need to see
if I can get Zimbabwe to talk.

Today, when we took the photo...

I touched your shoulder.


You flinched.

- What?
- I felt it.

No, I didn't.

It was like...

you recoiled.

I think you're reading
too much into something

that I don't think actually happened.

All right. Forget I said anything.


I just...

Never mind.
I don't know what I was gonna say.

Good night.

House must've been somewhere out there.

Well, if you can call it a house.
It was no bigger than that truck.

Nothing left of the farm,
which is for the best.

Peaches didn't want to grow here anyway.

That's what you get for planting on land

with solid rock
two feet below the topsoil.

You know, that's one of the points
that we should make in the book,

that hard work is only worth it
in the right conditions.

We want to set people up for success.

Vocational training,
legitimate career paths.

Welcome back. How was Gaffney?

Do we have a time set
for Ambassador Caspi yet?

Her office is stalling.

Get her schedule.
We'll go wherever she is.

I think she'll be
at the cocktail reception tonight

- at the Mexican Consulate.
- I'll call and find out.

What's that?

It came in for you this morning.


John Pasternak.
Michael Corrigan's husband.

The latest pile of interview requests
is on your desk,

most of them Corrigan related.

And GLAAD wants you to be a keynote
speaker at their Media Awards Ceremony.

How did he know?

About your vows?
It's been in the news.

No, that I liked tulips.

- Did your mother work?
- As a maid, mostly.

- In high demand, because she was white.
- Mm-hm.

People assumed she wouldn't steal
any valuables, but of course she did.


I remember one night, she came home
with two sapphire earrings.

She took them to the pawn shop
in Spartanburg the next day,

but she wore them all night long,
even slept in them.

I guess she wanted to know
what it felt like to have real jewelry,

even if it was just for a few hours.

That does not go in the book.

Why didn't your parents
have any more kids?

That's not relevant to what we're doing.

I'm just trying to get a sense
of your family.

The barn must've been
somewhere right over there.

My father used to escape
in there to get away from us.

Usually brought a bottle with him.

Did you love your father?

He was a good man, down deep.

He cared for us greatly.

Worked hard to put food on the table.

Didn't always succeed,
but that wasn't for a lack of trying.

See... that's not an answer.

I asked you if you loved your father,
you don't tell me.

You tell me what you want me to write.

Which is what you've done
since the beginning.

It's time to start telling the truth.

- You think I've been lying?
- I know you have.

The only time you haven't
is that one night in the White House.

The worst adventure
I've ever been on. I can promise you...

- I don't get it.
- The game is unwinnable.

- What is the point?
- That is the point.

I find it unlikely that we'll ever
progress by starting over and over again.

- But it's got to be better than this.
- Oh, God.

Okay, let's give it a shot. Why not?

- Something was very clear.
- It just started over again.

It keeps doing that over and over.

Ignore his instructions,
he sends you back.

What if I follow his instructions?

- Hm... Chaos takes over. Randomness.
- Ah.

It's impossible to follow the rules.

Another time.
It's too much like my real life.


Besides, we shouldn't be playing games.
You should be asking me questions.

You're getting me drunk.

- I won't remember what I asked.
- Mm...

The last time I got this drunk,
I broke into a library.

- In Charleston, my alma mater.
- Hm...

The Sentinel.

I almost puked all over myself.

That's Chapter Eight:
"POTUS Blows Chunks."

Can you keep it down, please?

- Come join us.
- So sorry.

- I was asleep.
- Oh. We'll...

- We'll move into the study.
- Thank you.


I'll be right there in a minute.

I don't like him being up here.

We'll be more quiet.

This is our private space.

- He's my guest.
- He's a stranger.

All right. After tonight, no more.

I'm not being unreasonable.

I should've...

realized how much noise we were making.

Can I ask you a question?

Well, that's what you're here for,
isn't it?

Why don't you sleep in the same room?

Uh, that just sorta happened over...

a few months after we moved in here.

Everything okay?

Between you two?

Oh, you bet.

Well, it's been better.

No, it's not okay.

The fight.
Coming back from Moscow.

You heard us?

The yelling. Not what you said.


We don't fight often, but, uh...

This one...

scabs keep coming off.


We said things.

Things you just can't take back.

It's late. We should call it a night.


I have no interest in salaciousness.

August fourteenth
is the anniversary of the New Deal.

- I'd like to hit 20,000 by that date.
- I believe we can do that, sir.

Remy, what's the timeline
on the Senate bill outlawing FEMA funds?

The Leg office predicts the Senate
version will pass in two to three weeks.

Working with friendlies in the House.
Throw some pork on it, slow it down.

That's all the more reason
that we need to accelerate.

If I'm gonna veto this bill,

I want it to be because
it's gonna kill 50,000 new jobs.

- Jobs that we created.
- Yes, sir.


The Russians remain intransigent
on the Jordan Valley.

The ambassador is working hard to push
the peacekeeping resolution to a vote

- by the General Assembly.
- Why the delay?

We're having a hard time
getting the African bloc

to remove the poison pill provision.

We think Israel's behind it.
They got cold feet,

convinced the African bloc to sabotage
the resolution so they have an out.

Do I need to speak
to the Prime Minister?

Uh, the Israeli ambassador
has already denied.

I think we need to keep our focus
on the provision itself.

All right.

The head of the African bloc
is Zimbabwe.

And we believe Israel has promised them
a sizable aid package for HIV prevention.

The Secretary and I recommend increasing
our relief funds to Zimbabwe.

Outspend the Israelis.

Well, President Chimbetu
will just pocket the money.

Well, we always anticipate
a certain level of graft.

A certain level? He's egregious.
The man's a monster.

Who happens to run the African bloc.

Who happens to kill his people
when he's not stealing from them,

which is why I reduced aid to Zimbabwe.

If we want him to remove the amendment,
we have to be persuasive.

We are scraping together
every penny we can to save AmWorks.

The last thing I want is to be slammed
for giving additional money

to a brutal dictator from USAID just
to persuade him. This is ill-conceived.

You should think before you bring
a proposal such as this.

We'll pursue other strategies
and get back to you, Mr. President.

Thank you. Robert,
what's the latest on the omnibus?

The legislation should go to
the floor in the next couple of months.

The leadership is pushing...

Set up calls with both
Lockheed and Northrop.

We'll pay people to get trained
and call it a job.

It isn't a job
unless the union says it is.

Well, one step at a time. You set up
the training and I'll speak to the AFL.

Are the AARP here?

In the lobby. The chairman told me
they want to support Dunbar.

They're just trying to rattle us.

Dunbar is promising
to save Social Security.

Go after Wall Street and government
waste instead of entitlements.

Well, get them in here.

You have your call list. Their meeting's
not for another ten minutes.

Start bringing them over. It'll take them
that long to hobble over on their walkers.

- Francis?
- I'll go get them.

I only have a few minutes.

You singled me out today on purpose.

- What?
- The cabinet meeting.

If I'm gonna invite you
to cabinet meetings,

there's not gonna be any kid gloves.

Don't make it sound like a favor.

You wanted to be there. I agreed.

Well, so I could be informed
and do my job.

Everyone in that room is judged
by what they bring to the table.

What you brought to the table
was amateurish.

Both Cathy and I proposed that plan.

I fault her as much as you.
You're making this too personal.

It is personal. I think you're
punishing me for what happened in Russia.

Oh, come on.

Well, you said it on the plane.
Appointing me was a mistake.

Yeah, you said far worse things to me.

Yes, and I've gone out of my way
to put that fight behind us.

Oh, really? Like with Thomas?

When you screamed at us
for waking you up.

- I didn't scream.
- It was embarrassing.

Who cares what he thinks?

He was our guest
and you walked in there like--

I think you're searching for things
that aren't there

and ignoring the things that are,
like this photograph flinching nonsense.

Oh, Jesus.

- Do you want me to resign, Francis?
- Don't be ridiculous.

Just say it.

You never wanted me to be ambassador.

You remember what you
said to me on the plane?

You should have never made me president.

I was upset. I didn't mean it.

You did mean it.
You think you made me.

No, I don't.
I think we're a team, actually.

Well, we're not a team at the moment.

I can't believe we've become this.

- Become what?
- Like everyone else.

You ready, sir?

No, just give me a minute.
Let the smoke clear.

Where are we at?

Her hair's different.

But I--

- Where was this taken?
- Santa Fe.

I've narrowed the search
to focus just on that city.

This is all I have,
but I think it's a good start.

- I should go there.
- No. These photos are three weeks old.

- She might have been passing through.
- Or she might still be there.

Okay, but if you start asking questions,
you might tip her off.

Get me more, then.

How's my passport coming?

I'll get the lock lifted
when you find her.

I've shown you some progress.

I think I should be seeing
progress on your side, too.

This isn't enough.

They just arrested
another one of my friends.

- They could charge me at any minute.
- Gavin...

The things that I've had to do
to get this much are fucked up.

An exact location.

That was our deal.

Can you get me the camera feed?

The system's monitoring it.

I want it, too.

I'll send you the link.

Doug? This is Maurice.

He'll be taking over for me.
I'm moving to Seattle.

My sister's opening up her own PT center
and she wants me to be a partner.

I'm moving all my clients
over to new folks.

So I can help the transition.

I'll be sad to see you go.

I'll go get some bar floats.

Back in a second.

Look... I'm having people over
this Thursday.

It's a going-away thing at my place.
You should come.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

I'll text you the details.

I want to go after the big boys.
Not just Wall Street, but Walmart.

I'd be careful with Walmart.
You'll lose a lot of friends in Congress.

Let's force them to take sides.
That means Jackie Sharp, too.

Introduce legislation.

She either votes for it
or we hit her hard.

Any corporation who has more than ten
percent of its employees on food stamps

has to increase wages
until they're below ten percent.

Who has the guts
to sponsor something like that?


Yeah, I'll put a list together. You'll
have something by the end of the week.

Okay. Talk to you then.

- You made it.
- Yeah.

- How long have you been here?
- Ten minutes.

Come on.
We need to get people dancing.

Actually, I was thinking
that I should go.

I just came over to say goodbye.

Uh-uh. No. You are not going anywhere.

You don't have to dance,
but you can't leave.

Last man standing.

- You have recycling?
- Just leave 'em on the counter.

I'll take care of it tomorrow.

You really don't have to help.

I don't mind.

You're such a gentleman.

I don't know about that.

Oh, you're not a gentleman?

Because... that could be interesting.

I made you a café au lait.


How is it?

- Need sugar?
- No.

It's perfect.

When are the movers coming by?

Not for a couple hours.

You need any help?
Packing the rest up?

No. You just relax.

You seemed a little sad last night.

No, just tired.

Was that it?
You were just tired?

Someone I haven't heard from
in a long time.

She reached out. It was--

It was a little hard.

Last night wasn't 'cause
you felt sorry for me, was it?


Last night was because
I'm getting on a plane today,

and I'll probably never see you again.

Why not?

You know it rains a lot in Seattle, right?

Are you gonna come with me
to the memorial today?

Do I need to be there?


I'm buried right now.


Why has Tom Yates been
hanging around so much?

Is he writing a book on the president?

We've all asked him and he won't say.

Ballsy move if it's true.

Yeah. I can't stand his writing.

Are you an idiot?

I'm an idiot for having an opinion?

There's no opinions to be had.
His writing is gorgeous.

Well, in my opinion, it isn't.

Said the guy who can't write
a grocery list.

- Shh, shh...
- Ready whenever you are, sir.

Today marks the 80th Anniversary
of the Social Security Act.

It has survived longer
than many of its beneficiaries.

We should all be so lucky
to live as long as it has.

But by the time the human body
has circled the sun 80 times,

its youth and vigor are gone.

Joints ache,
bones and muscles are weaker,

the heart doesn't beat
with the same power it once did.

All of us must face this truth eventually.

And when we do,
we must hand the baton to the young.

To those who have the strength
to carry on our work when we are gone.

Here's another truth:
Social Security is dying.

Now in its 80th year, it must give way

to a new, younger,
stronger plan for the future.

That plan is America Works.

In Washington DC alone,
we've managed to reduce unemployment

by over a third
and put 25,000 people to work.

If we can accomplish so much
in so little time here in Washington,

imagine what we could accomplish if
Congress funded America Works nationwide.

We wouldn't be talking
about thousands of jobs.

We'd be talking about millions.

Later this afternoon, I will visit FDR's
memorial to pay my respects to the man

who ushered in Social Security
80 years ago.

We honor the dead for giving us
the world we inherited.

However, we must recognize we are doomed
if we allow the dead to govern us.

Thank you, and God bless
the United States of America.

From NBC News in Washington,

this is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

Good morning and welcome
to Meet the Press.

I have with me Congresswoman Huntley
and Congressman Greer.

Congresswoman, let me start with you.
In the President's radio address today,

he said the model here in Washington
is a model for the nation.

- Do you agree?
- I do, Chuck.

I was skeptical at first.

Both my parents benefited
from Social Security.

And I've always
counted on it for myself.

But, when I think about my kids,
and my grandkids--

Rebecca raises a good point,
one that we've been making

in the Republican Party for decades.

And yet, while you support America Works,

most members of your party do not.

Chuck, I've never been
a big fan of Frank Underwood.

But the park near my house here
in Washington has never been cleaner.

The dry cleaners I go to just hired
two new people this month.

The daycare I drop my kids off at
doubled their staff

so the children can get
more individual attention.

The president may have overstepped
in taking FEMA money,

but when something works, it works.
And America Works works.


Promise the money.

Whatever you need to turn him around.
I'll approve the USAID funds.

What made you change your mind?

Today... at the memorial.

You know what struck me the most?


She was off by herself.


And so was Franklin. He was alone.

And there was a wall between them.

The monks.

They've been here for weeks.
We haven't even discussed them once.

It's beautiful, isn't it?
What they're doing?

It is.

Francis, I watched them
for over an hour today.

And all I was thinking was, why aren't
you and I sharing this together?

We have to do something, Claire.

I know.

What are you thinking?

My natural color.
Like when I first met Francis.

- This color?
- Yes. Exactly.

Okay. Have a seat.

I want to take up the sleeves a touch.

Oh, I think they're perfect.
Thank you.

- What do you think?
- Beautiful.

We have gathered today to renew
the vows between Francis J. Underwood

and Claire Hale Underwood.

It was here, in this church,

28 years ago, before God,

that you two first committed
yourselves to one another.

May this renewed commitment
deepen your love for each other,

and strengthen your eternal bond.

Claire's father bought us this house.

I wanted to pay for it myself.
That's always bothered me.

You weren't bothered to let him pay
for your first campaign?

Well, that's politics. It's different.
You take money wherever you can get it.

No, this was our first home.

- Was it a happy home?
- Oh, please.

I thought you brought me here because
we were gonna cut through the bullshit.

This book is supposed to be
about America Works.

There is no book
without you at the center of it.

Do you trust me? Or don't you?

Because if you don't,
get someone else to write it.

Or write it yourself.

You don't know what it's like to go
through life looking over your shoulder.

Having secrets no one would understand.

I didn't write my first book.

My friend.

- The one who died.
- He wrote it?

The first half.
He didn't show it to anyone except me.

In the hospital, he asked me destroy it.

I told him I would.

It was too good.

It needed to be finished.
So I finished it.

- And took all the credit.
- Oh, yeah. It's my part, the ending.

That's what people remember.

But the book...

My entire career...

It's all based on a lie.

You don't have a monopoly on secrets.

There's tulips buried under here.

Claire planted them.

I've always...

from day one...

been ashamed she said yes
when I asked her to marry me.


I didn't think I deserved her.

I can tell you this, though, there would
have been no White House without Claire.

I was half the man before I met her.

But still, I've been selfish...

feeding off her the way I have.

She knew what she was getting into.

Probably. She knows me
better than I know myself.

Sir? We're scheduled to fly out at 6:15.

Should probably leave
in the next few minutes.

Thank you, Meechum.

Scribble away.

So, what'd he tell you
in front of the house?


Nothing much.

Well, it looked intense,
whatever it was.

See? This is why I don't ride in the van.

You did this time.

Sometimes you just need
to leave someone alone.

All right, I got the hint.

I meant him. Not me.

Where are they?

- Who?
- The monks.

Oh, they finished earlier today, sir.

So it's gone?

I believe so.

I didn't get a chance to see it.

I'm sure they took a photo.

Will you ask someone to get me a copy?

Right away, sir.

Thank you.

I almost didn't recognize you.

I decided it was time for a change.

It's very fetching.

I hope you don't mind me
crashing your party.

Oh, of course not.
My staff said you'd be out of town.

Would you mind if I borrowed
Ambassador Caspi for a moment?

Of course.

- You've been avoiding me for three weeks.
- I had a trip to Jerusalem.

You promised Zimbabwe 35 million

so they'd introduce
the poison pill amendment.

- For purely humanitarian reasons.
- No.

This is the first time
you've ever sent aid to Zimbabwe.

Don't draw connections that don't exist.

We would never try
to sabotage the resolution.

- The United States is our ally.
- That's right, we are.

- So act like it.
- Excuse me?

My husband formally approved our own
humanitarian package for eighty million.

Zimbabwe will be withdrawing
the amendment tomorrow.

And when the resolution goes to a vote,

I expect Israel to support it
like the loyal ally she is.

Not lie to us.

That's not the way to solicit our support.

I'm not soliciting. I'm demanding.

I feel sorry for you, Claire.

Your husband sends you to talk tough.

But as soon as things go wrong
in the Jordan Valley,

he'll turn his back and leave Israel
to clean up the mess.

He doesn't have the muscle.

He can't even get Congress
to work with him.

Or back you up after you call out Petrov.

He turned his back on you
just like he will on us.

My husband is the bravest
and most resolute man I know.

He will succeed in this plan.


I served in Jordan Valley.

As did the President
and the Foreign Minister. Has he?

You held a gun and somebody
told you where to stand.

Don't confuse that with the burden
the Commander in Chief faces.

Francis has given the order to kill.

He's buried soldiers
he's put into harm's way.

And every day,
he wakes up bearing responsibilities

you can't possibly imagine.

They would crush you
if they fell on your shoulders.

So you talk to your superiors.

And when the amendment
is withdrawn tomorrow,

you will commit
to supporting the resolution.


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