House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 5 - Chapter 31 - full transcript

Frank declares war on Congress to jump-start his jobs program. Claire spars with the Russian Ambassador.

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"Title One of the Stafford Act:

"Emergency means any
occasion or instance

"for which, in the determination
of the President..."

Determined by the President.
Any instance!

As long as we can
make the argument that

this saves lives and
protects health and safety.

Well, unemployment
leads to crime,

to malnutrition,
to improper medical care.

There's no doubt it'll be
challenged in the courts.

Well, even so, by the
time that happens,

people will see what
America Works looks like.

Tell me, in your legal opinion,

is there enough leeway here?

Yes. The language
is sufficiently vague.

But just to be clear, this
is completely unorthodox.

No president has ever tried to
re-appropriate funds this way.

Thank you, gentlemen.
That's all I need.

FRANCIS: The states won't go for this.
Too radical.

And if I call just one
governor who says, "No,"

and leaks it to the press,

Congress will be on my ass before
I get this out of the gates.

But the District of Columbia...

No governor.

Just you, the mayor.

Now, Barney, I know this
puts you out on a ledge...

I love it.

I love everything about it.

We have to fight Congress for every
dollar in our budget each year.

If my people see me take the
money they won't give us...

Well, I just
won re-election.

This is why you put a brawler
like Barney Hull in office,

aside from paying a debt.

Add up 50 governors
and 535 members of Congress,

you don't come close to the
gumption of one bold mayor.

I want people registering for
jobs in every part of the city,

as soon as possible, before the
court challenges bubble up.

What about one big tent?
Right in front of the Capitol.

Make Congress
see the people line up

all the way back
to the Lincoln Memorial.

Can we do something by July 4th?

You bring the fireworks,
I'll bring the people.

Good morning.
Please sit.

I know Remy has
just briefed you all.

So, aside from the Secretary
of Homeland Security,

who is no longer with us,

does anyone else
object to this plan?


Until a new Secretary
is confirmed,

FEMA will report directly to me.

Thank you all very much.

Little John secure.

SILVA: Unemployment doesn't constitute
a natural disaster, Mr President.

The Stafford Act
gives me full authority

to define an emergency.

But, sir, we've only got
about $3 billion left

in the Disaster Relief Fund,

and we're about to go
into hurricane season...

So, we use the $3 billion
that's there,

and if a hurricane hits,
Congress replenishes the funds,

just as they always do.

When it comes to a disaster,
every hour counts, sir.

If we're waiting around for
Congress to pass a bill...

Mr Silva, this is
moving forward.

People could die, Mr President.

People are dying, because
they don't have jobs.

Slower than a flood or an earthquake,
but dying just the same.

You can't compare unemployment
to a Cat 4 hurricane.

I came to your office because I
want this to remain your office.

There's a reason that three
presidents have kept you here.

You're dedicated.
You're relentless.

You're exceptionally competent.

If we have to stretch dollars even
further, you're the man to do it.

It's either you, or someone
far less experienced.

The two of you are about to head
to Iowa at the end of the week?

That's right. Eighteen
counties this trip.

By January I plan
on hitting all 99.

John will join me at every event

until his husband is released.

Have you had any contact with
Michael since his arrest?

The Russian government
has refused.

They won't even let him
speak to a lawyer.

That's why it's important
John join me.

We need to keep the
pressure up on Moscow.

VIEIRA: You know,
gay rights is controversial

in many parts of the country.

Do you think that appearing
with Corrigan's husband

could possibly hurt you?

I think the American people want
a candidate who doesn't dodge.

Who is truthful about
where she stands.

Not someone who shies
away from controversy.

VIEIRA: It's one thing to
shy away from controversy.

It's another thing to court it.

DUNBAR: Well, Michael was
arrested for speaking his mind.

If defending free speech
is controversial,

then we're no better
than Russia.

I wish that there were more people
in our government defending it.

VIEIRA: Are you talking specifically
about the Underwood Administration?

JOHN: I think the President
could do more.

You know, the White
House has said that

they've been speaking
directly with the Kremlin,

that they, and I quote here,

"Have to tackle this issue

"as it relates to the larger
diplomatic relationship

- "between the two nations."
- DUNBAR: Mmm-hmm.

Then why haven't we seen any
evidence of those talks?

When I'm President,

the American people
can rest assured that

I will take my oath to defend and
protect our citizens seriously.

What do you think of her?

- Who? Dunbar?
- Yeah.


You worked for Underwood.

Not any more.

I won't be offended.

Uh, I like a lot about
what she has to say.

Would you vote for her?

I don't know. I might.

Yeah, I probably would.

- How soon?
- Tomorrow.

We're gonna get
hit hard on this.

Better than getting
hit on Corrigan.

You saw Vieira?

Dunbar's smart. She's running against
us before we're even running.

(SIGHS) She'll attack us
on the FEMA thing, too.

Let her. At least we're
controlling the narrative.

When we first spoke,
you mentioned early fall.

Look, Dunbar's got momentum
because no one's challenging her.

But, once we drop the FEMA plan,
that'll take her off message.

And your candidacy will distract her.
It's a one-two punch.

We'll start bleeding away
the women's vote.

I'm just not sure
how smart it is

to rush into a campaign
with so little preparation.

Yeah, but,
this isn't a real campaign...

But it needs to look like one.

I thought you wanted
to be on my ticket.

It's my reputation at stake.

I don't want to look foolhardy.

- Look, no one...
- Mayor's announcing in the morning.

Seth's working with his office.

You see, Jackie,
this is perfect timing.

The FEMA plan goes into action.

And you announce
in a couple of weeks.

You say you had to run.

President Underwood
is being reckless with FEMA.

You come out against me
and America Works,

and you steal Dunbar's thunder.

And then I flip-flop when I pull
out and you put me on the ticket?

By then 50,000 people
will have jobs

and it won't look
like a flip-flop.

It will look like
you saw the light.


Look, why don't you go off with
Remy and you discuss the details

and just give it some
thought before you decide?

Thank you, Mr President.

REMY: Let's talk
in my office.

My biggest concern is funding.

I couldn't fly coach to Iowa.

I'll get you some PAC
money rolling your way.

Should be enough
to get you started.

If I run,
it shouldn't be half-ass.

Which is why we should
talk about this.

SHARP: You want
a candidate with a family.

We are after the women's vote.

Alan and I've already
talked about it.

You have?

Yeah. We joked about getting
married on our first date.

I get two kids without
the stretch marks.

And when I mentioned I might
run, it stopped becoming a joke.

Is Alan open to it?

It was his idea.

And what about you?

We do love each other.

Hmm. He seems
like a good guy.

He is.

And his children are wonderful.

You should think
about getting hitched.


Should we talk timeline?

For marriage?

The campaign.


DUNBAR: This is
far from an offer.

This is a conversation.

And it's a conversation
that never happened.

I took the back door in and
I'll take the back door out.

CYNTHIA: We'd keep you off
the payroll this quarter.

You would start officially
September 30th.

- Next quarter's FEC filings.
- It's fine.

What are you thinking
in terms of salary?

$22,000 per quarter.

That's way below what I'm worth.
Even in this state.

What do you think's appropriate?

$250,000 and three points
on the ad-buy.

And that's beyond our means.

DOUG: No, it's not.

It's a drop in the bucket
from your estate.

You said you wanted in because
you believed in this campaign.

DOUG: That's right.

Sounds like it's
more about money.

DOUG: It's about
being valued.

$250,000 and the
points is a bargain.

I wanna work for you,
just not as a beggar.

We don't trust you yet, Doug.

We don't even halfway trust you.
So you are a beggar.

And you shouldn't trust me
until I've proved myself.

That's a gamble you don't get to take
without putting chips on the table.

Cynthia and I will discuss.

Thank you for your time.

Let me check first.

Okay, it's clear.


What do you think?

Why take the gamble?

I don't want us to
start making decisions

from a position of weakness.
That is how you lose.

I think we're inviting the
fox into the hen house.

Anyone who wants to be a mole

accepts the first offer
without question.

He's negotiating.

So you actually believe him?


Not necessarily.

But that doesn't mean that
he doesn't have value.

GRAYSON: Yeah, we're not
gonna need any of these.

Kate Baldwin, the one and only.

I thought I heard
somebody in here.

Welcome to the White House.

Or welcome back, I should say.

Feels smaller than I remember.

Where do they have you sitting?

Right there, second row.

Oh. I would've thought
you wanted first row.

I heard you spit when you talk.


What's the President
speaking about tomorrow?

- You don't waste a minute, do you?
- Nope.

I gotta say, I was surprised

that the Telegraph sent you
to cover the White House.

I mean, who leaves
the London Bureau?

Ayla was a protege of mine.

I see. So now they
bring in the big guns.

Hmm. Just one gun.
But big enough.

- Don't get any ideas.
- About what?

This is gonna stay
around my neck.

Can't boot two reporters
in a row from the Telegraph.

Certainly not two women.

I have no desire to do that.

It's an honour to work with you.

Pulitzer, Peabody.

Get yourself a Nobel
and you'll have the trifecta.

Oh, you're almost charming.

Kate, I'm not your enemy here.

You punished Ayla
for doing good work.

She hit hard and you hit back.
Fair enough.

Well, I'm gonna hit twice
as hard as she ever did.

Because I can,
and because someone should.

I look forward to it.


You're such a terrible liar.

I'll see you bright and early.

You got a minute?


Here's the draft for
the statement tomorrow.

I want it to be perfect.

Congress will fire back,
all guns blazing.

And I'm sure Dunbar will make
a meal and a half out of it.

But I gotta say, I feel good.

To be on the offensive.

If I can't scrape the money
together behind the scenes,

I'll rob the bank in
broad goddamn daylight.

We'll cram America Works
down their throats

and watch them choke.

Enough tiptoeing.


Oh, these changes are good.

Makes me happy
to see you excited.

I feel free again.

I wish I felt the same.

The resolution?

Just some last-minute

But I think we'll get there.

I have complete
confidence in you.

Do you like this room?

It's fine.

You know, I haven't
spent the night here yet.

Maybe I could...

My plane leaves at 7:00.

I should probably
get some sleep.

You watch the news tomorrow.
Should be fun.

I will.

Good night.



Seventeen years
I served the Metro Police.

I've seen robberies, murders.
I've seen the blight of drugs.

I've seen little kids
whose only meal each day

was the one they get at school.

You know what's at
the root of all that?

Folks don't have jobs.

There are 60,000 unemployed
people in Washington.

It's a disaster.
And it's a disgrace.

Here in the nation's capital.

So this morning,
at the President's urging,

I am declaring a state of emergency
in the District of Columbia,

and I'm formally
requesting $3 billion

from FEMA 's
Disaster Relief Fund

to put people back to work.

- Motherfucker.

Anyone, and I mean, anyone,

who registers for work
in the District of Columbia

will be guaranteed a job.

I'm working with my cabinet
to increase workforce

devoted to infrastructure,
maintenance and repair.

The Defence Department will ramp up
recruitment and civilian employment.

And any private sector companies
who hire AmWorks registrants

will get up to $45,000

toward the yearly salary
of each job that they create.

Our goal is full employment
within 12 months.

Our hope is that
success in Washington

will convince Congress to fund
America Works nationwide.

Now I'll take a few questions.



Madame Ambassador,
a word, please.

Excuse me.

We are withdrawing support to
the peacekeeping resolution.

- Why?
- Because Israel is.

Palestine is open to the plan,

but without consensus...

This came directly
from Jerusalem?

Yes, the Foreign Minister.

Nothing came from Eliana?

No, but I came to speak to her.

I'll speak to her myself.
Thank you, Hasan.

Thank you, Ambassador.

Moscow is threatening
to sell arms to Iran.

They always make that threat.

Well, the feeling
in Jerusalem is that

this resolution may
push them over the edge.

It's not worth the risk.

Why didn't you come to me?
The vote's in two hours.

I got the call 30 minutes ago.

Russia doesn't want to be humiliated
because we did this without them.

You know it's a bluff
on their part.

The Prime Minister feels that
this vote is just symbolic.

That the US won't actually
contribute troops.

Oh, no! We will absolutely
follow through once it's passed.

Prime Minister has his doubts.

I'm sorry, it's out of my hands.


Ambassadors, I need you
to withdraw the resolution.

We lost consensus.

I need to postpone the vote
until we get it back.

Secretary Travers
is a good example.

Homeland Security?

Former Secretary, I should say.

He's done?

They haven't announced.
But Steve called me.

Said he stood up to the President
on this FEMA nonsense.

Homeland Security has
jurisdiction over FEMA now.


The President demanded his letter of
resignation right then and there.

This is all off the record.


Paul's got a big mouth.

So it's true?

Is this off the record?


Let me call you on
my encrypted phone.

My number is blocked. So...

This is Homeland Security.
I have your number.



Press the pickup...

Mr Secretary.

It's true. I resigned.

Why are you still in the office?

Punching the clock until the
White House wants to go public.

Why wouldn't you go
public yourself,

if you're so against the policy?

I serve at the pleasure
of the President.

I have Landry on background. I'm
writing about the resignation.

And I can't stop you. But there
won't be a quote from me.

Don't let the administration
off the hook.

This is an opportunity
to speak out.

You don't have
the career I've had

by criticising
your bosses publicly,

no matter how strongly you feel.

Talk to Arnie Silva,
the FEMA Administrator.

He's more disgusted
by all of this than I am.


People's lives
are in the balance.

And he doesn't care.

Our projections for
the next 12 months.

We're in a La Nina phase,

which means falling
temperatures in the Pacific.

We expect at least two major
landfalls this season.

Homes destroyed.
Billions in damage.

Tens of thousands without power.

And that's just hurricanes.

If we get a major earthquake
or flood or forest fire...

It's all in there.

Has he asked you to resign?

He threatened it.

But I said I'd cooperate.


Nobody has more experience.

I couldn't forgive
myself if I left.

But you just said, if the
Relief Fund is depleted then...

People will suffer.

But on my watch,
fewer will suffer.

I need a quote, Mr Silva.

I can't do that.

If people could die,
you have a responsibility.

The President has built a
culture of silence and fear.

That can end with you.

That folder will speak louder
than anything I could say.

Two front-page bylines on the
same day from Ms Baldwin.

You kicked out a pit bull
and you let in a dragon.

I didn't think the Telegraph
would send someone like her.

Well, maybe you
just didn't think.

You wanted me to implement
discipline, sir.

To send a message.
And so I did.

Well, they've sent back
an even stronger message,

haven't they?

I take responsibility
for that, sir,

and I will do my best
to keep her in line.

FRANCIS: Your best?

It's their top bureau chief.
She's untouchable.

I don't wanna pretend that
I can control her 100%.


Denied speaking with her.
But it must be him.

I don't think anybody else
in the cabinet would.

Let's confirm his resignation.

No point in keeping it
a secret now.

Tell Steve he can
vacate his office.

And what about Silva?

The details on the disaster
projections are very inside baseball.

We can't fire him.

If there's a hurricane,
he's the only guy

that can keep a disaster
from becoming a catastrophe.

And what's Dunbar saying?

Nothing yet publicly. She's
probably letting this play out.

Letting me dig my own grave.

We have to sell America Works.

Should sell itself once
we've got people employed.

FRANCIS: Well, that's the idea,
but we don't stop there.

Commercials and billboards?

On whose money?

And even so, we need more than ad-buys.
We need...

We need the
philosophy behind it.

We need something of substance.
We need something...

We need something that will
capture the imagination.

Either of you play
Monument Valley?

- What's that?
- FRANCIS: It's a video game.

I don't play them, sir.

I sold my Xbox on eBay.
It was too addictive.

It's not a console game.

You both read this and then tell me
that you wouldn't wanna play this.

I'd say there's nine
consultants in the country

who truly know foreign policy.

Me? I'm number one.

Me in a coma, is number two.

But that still leaves
seven who are cheaper.

I value good counsel,

and I'm smart enough
to know what I don't know.

What would be your
assessment of us so far?

You're making a big stink out
of this Michael Corrigan thing.

But that's just surface.

You have to understand
why Corrigan got arrested.

Petrov's appealing to
his traditional base.

No. This is about
the Jordan Valley.

DUNBAR: I don't follow.


It goes back to the summit
a couple of months ago.

Look, this is the Jordan Valley.

All right, hold on,
I'll make it easier.

That's the valley right there.

Occupied by Israel since 1967.

It's been a major roadblock

in any peace accord
with the Palestinians.

Underwood sends
peacekeeping troops,

the Israelis leave,
the Palestinians are happy.

It's not that simple.

Everyone gets hung up on this little
patch of land, 10 miles by 40.

But you have to look outwards,
past Jordan and Syria.

Past Iraq, here to the Caucasus.

That's Russia's sphere
of influence.

They don't see the peacekeeping
force as a Middle-East issue.

They see it as strategic
deployment of US troops

less than a thousand miles
from their Southern border.

So you're saying Corrigan's a
pawn, a play for leverage.

More of a first salvo.

Moscow wants to show it's serious
about fighting this resolution.

Now, if I had to guess,

Underwood tried to bring Russia
into the mix during the summit,

get 'em involved
early on as partners.

And when Petrov
didn't play ball,

Underwood went on the offensive,
which is a huge gamble.

Tell me how.

Nobody wants UN troops there.

Not the Israelis, not the
Palestinians, not the Arabs.

They're playing along because
the US is pressuring them.

But just one little thing
needs to go wrong

and you've got a tinderbox where
everyone's holding matches.

So, why is he following this
course of action at all?

- Because he's smart.
- You just said...

He's being too smart.

If it pays off, hey,
he wins a Nobel Prize.

But if it backfires,

he leaves himself wide open,

and that's when you
need to hit him hard.

A disastrous foreign policy that
made the world more dangerous,

and he had his wife with zero
foreign-policy experience

lead the goddamn charge.

I'd like to bring you aboard, Joe.
When can you start?

I believe I already did.

I'll get the paperwork
over to you later today.

Let me ask, who referred me?

DUNBAR: You have
quite a reputation.

Yeah, for being an asshole.

Somebody you respect must've
recommended me highly.

A former Underwood staffer.

I never worked with
any of his people.

Which is one of the reasons
he recommended you.


What is this?

A list of the Russian officials
who will be sanctioned

if you sell a single
truckload of arms to Iran.

I didn't even make the top 10.

These sanctions can
and will escalate.

And then what?

We'd build a coalition, to
impose their own sanctions.

And then what?


you know what an economic crisis
that would be for Russia.

Like the trade war
you waged with China?

Except in our case, only 3%
of exports go to the US.

And Europe needs
our natural gas.

They won't forfeit that over a few
short-range missiles to Iran.

Oh, you don't want
to challenge us

on the armament
of a terrorist state.

We'll never be presented
with that problem.

You can't assure the Israelis
you'll provide troops.

The President doesn't have the
support of either party in Congress.

No troops, no Israel.
No Israel, no consensus.

No consensus, no resolution.

I will get this
resolution passed.

Don't underestimate my
ability or desire to do so.

I've indulged your
enthusiasm long enough.

You've bit off more
than you can chew, Claire.

Leave this to the professionals

and let your little resolution
die a painless death.

The truth is you have no
business being Ambassador

any more than I do
being First Lady.

That's a very nice dress,
by the way.

THOMAS: "She stabbed
the floor with a broom.

"Karaoke. Every Wednesday.

"Some tone-deaf drunk girl
mutilating Britney Spears.

"She knew they couldn't hear
the broom in the bar below.

"But we all need a ritual
and this was hers.

"Three short thrusts,
wood on wood,

"a hollow sound which
accomplished nothing.

"David would be home soon.
'It's too hot, ' he'd say.

"She opened the window.

"The music was so loud
she couldn't ignore it."



Aren't you gonna
buy the new one?

I will. On my Kindle. But
will you please sign this?

Who should I make it out to?

Lesley. L-E-S-L-E-Y.

Scorpio totally changed my life.

The energy and the anger. It's
my favourite book of yours.

Probably my favourite book,
period. (CHUCKLES)

Make sure you read the new one.

Yes. Thank you.

Who should I make it out to?

It's a perversion of the
Stafford Act and you know it.

It's a reading of the Stafford Act.
We read it differently.

You can't just raid funds

that Congress appropriated
for a specific use,

then use them however you want.

Clearly, I can.

This is a direct challenge
to Congress, Mr President.

Bob and I have agreed. Both
parties will fight you on this.

Well, at least I'm
cultivating bipartisanship.

I don't want to do this.

But what choice
have you left me?

Our branch is here
to check yours.

If we didn't feel America Works
warranted taxpayer money,

then it's not fit to be law.

Now look, this is
the first time that

the leaders of both parties
have met with me in one room.

And not because I didn't invite
you, because you declined.

So, now that we're here,
let's make the most of it.

I'm willing to walk back on FEMA

if we can discuss putting
AmWorks on the floor.

You bullied us on
the Education Bill.

And the government freeze.

It's not gonna work this time.

Oh, you watch it work
and then tell me it didn't.

We're drafting a law saying
this use of the DRF is illegal.

And who's going
to enforce that law?

We were ready to
impeach one President.

We'll do the same with you

- if necessary.

And put Donald Blythe
in this office?

You know he's not
up for the job.

Congress would get
killed for malpractice.

As crooked as you
may think I am,

you know I can
handle the pressure.

And you know Donald can't.

So pass your law.
I'll veto it.

And when you overrule
me in the Senate,

we'll let the third
branch decide.

Don't declare war on
Congress, Mr President.

Not on Congress. I'm
declaring war on atrophy.

But these days, who could
tell the difference?










- So how about this?
- Hmm.

I'll order a pizza.

When it gets here,
I bring it into this room

with a paper towel
draped over my arm.

- Voila. Just like room service.

You don't let your
kids eat pizza.

Only because I've seen what
it does to a carotid artery.

- You're not my kids.
- Mmm


Do you think they like me?


They adore you.


Matt asked if you could
teach him how to drive.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He says you'd be
less judgemental.


Do you wanna get married?

- To you or in general?

I'm serious.

So, where'd this come from?

We've talked about it.


We say "I love you."

I want a husband,
you want a wife.

This works, the two of us.
Don't you think?

It's very romantic.

Aren't we past romance?

I bought you a ring.

Why didn't you say anything?

It's the element of surprise.

That's kind of the point,
isn't it?


It's in my glove compartment.
I can go get it if you want.

No, I want you
to order the pizza.

We can do the whole
ring thing tomorrow.


Hey! When did you get in?

Couple of hours ago.

Well, come and sit down. I feel
like I haven't seen you for...

What? Has it been
three days?

Four, I think.

(SIGHS) It's just
all been a big blur.

Same in New York.

Any luck?

They're like a broken
record, Francis.

Do I need to call
the Prime Minister?

Oh, I think it's gonna take
more than a phone call.

Tell me.

Well, that's not why
I'm here, actually.


So much has been going on
in the past few months.

We hardly have time to talk.

Here, use this.

I feel bad about the other night
when you wanted to sleep in my bed.

Oh, that.
You shouldn't.

I just...

I don't know why I started
sleeping in there.

Well, if I remember
correctly, you had a cold.

But why I stayed?

You don't have to explain.

I want you to know
that I love you.

It has nothing to do with that.

I love you as much as ever.

Not another word.

Let's finish talking about
Israel in the morning.

You said more than a phone call?

They need it in stone, Francis,

that we'll contribute troops.

An executive order.

Congress won't be happy.

Well, they're already not happy.

I spat in one eye. I might
as well spit in the other.

Consider it done.


Thank you. Thank you for your support.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.
Thank you very much. Sure.

MAN: Did you get it?


Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you
for your support.

Thank you, sir.

I liked your speech, Ms Dunbar.

And I've heard more than a few.

I appreciate you
saying that, sir.

I know Iowans aren't
easily impressed.

What you said about integrity,

well, if you can bring that to
Washington, I'll caucus for you.

One supporter at a time,
that's how we'll win this.

And that young man,
I feel for him.

He's an inspiring individual.

John, there's someone
I want you to meet.

- Your name, sir?
- Uh, Clive Reynolds.

Mr Reynolds, nice to meet you.

I'm praying for your husband.

- It's awful he's still stuck over there.

- Thank you, Mr Reynolds.
- Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you for your support.

Thank you for coming out.



You could've just called.

I hate July 4th in DC.

Plus, I wanted to
see you in action.

What did you think?

I need her to leave.

I'll meet you at the car.




Read that.

Mrs Underwood asked me
to destroy it. I didn't.

You should have.

She lied on national television.

I'm not running
that sort of campaign.

It's good to know
it's available.

I would never do that
to another woman

and neither would Cynthia.


Cynthia was a good choice
for your manager.

She'll run
a top-notch operation.

But you need someone

who's willing to do the things
that people like her won't do.

When you asked me for a job,

you said you wanted
to turn over a new leaf.

I have a certain skill set,
Ms Dunbar.

For me, turning over a new leaf

is using my skills
for the right reasons.

Like putting you in office.

$150,000. One point
on the ad-buy.

No points.

But I'll do a $100,000 win bonus
if we get the nomination.

I hope I came over here
for some good news.

I'm in. You can
tell the President.

August 19th.

We wanted you to announce
a lot earlier than that.

No, not the announcement.

Cardiology's good money.

Aren't you going to say,

I've never seen you
be this girly.

It's a fucking diamond.

I'm allowed to be
a little girly.

I'm happy for you both.

Are you?

That wasn't fair.

I think we should talk about dates
for announcing the campaign.

Yeah, I have a few ideas.
Let me pull up my calendar.


Week after next seems
to be the best option.

You have plans tonight?

For the fireworks?

Alan and I are taking his kids.

Right. Makes sense.


You were saying,
about a week after next?

The Ambassador is inside.

You want me to go in there?

She's just putting on makeup.


I can wait until she comes out.

She's going straight to her plane.
If you don't mind.

CLAIRE: Alexi!


The day got away from me.

So I have to head down to DC
for the July 4th celebration.

Oh, you may consider me an
ambassador from the men's room.


Don't make me laugh.
I'll have to start over.



Alexi, I think we've gotten
off on the wrong foot.

We need to find a better
way to work together.

You're letting go
of the resolution?



It's always nice
to have a man's opinion.

You were right, by the way.

Israel won't back us
unless we commit troops.

You called my bluff, Alexi,

and I shouldn't have insulted you
with one in the first place...

- Yeah. I'll be outside when you finish.

The President signed an
Executive Order this morning.

5,000 US military reassigned
to permanent standby

for UN peacekeeping operations.

Jerusalem has been informed.

Your husband doesn't have
that kind of authority.

It's occupied territory. He's not
deploying on sovereign land.

So as Commander in Chief,

he doesn't need
Congressional approval.

Israel's back on
board again, Alexi.

So, the moment you
sell arms to Iran,

we will shoot the
planes out of the sky,

the trucks off the road and
the ships out of the water.

- Now, maybe, you'd be able to afford
sanctions... - (TOILET FLUSHING)

...but you sure as hell
can't afford a war.

Come back to the table.
Engage us in good faith.

Or the resolution goes
to a vote next week.

I've always been
willing to talk.

Not you and I.
President to President.

Oh, and we need Michael
Corrigan released also.

I'll communicate your
message to Moscow.

Please. Hand me a
towel, would you?

What a gentleman.

You ever been to the
White House before?

When I won the
National Book Award.

Nancy was a fan.

I'm surprised. That story doesn't
exactly revere family values.

She's got the astrologer in her.

I think she liked the title
more than anything.

Scorpio was a very good book.

Still pays the rent.

Have a seat.

Why am I here, Mr President?

Remy briefed you.

He said you needed a book.

He didn't say about what.

America Works. Not just the
policy, but the origins.

How a boy grew up in
a dirt-poor shit-hole

and climbed his way
out through hard work.

A story of dignity.

The pride that comes
with one's labour.


You could call it that.

This sort of thing,
it's not my wheelhouse.

You need a salesman,
not a novelist.

"Whoever you are, whoever
you think you are,

"believe that you're
also a silent princess.

"Your name is Ida.

"Your journey is one through
a forgotten landscape

"of twisting staircases
and morphing castles,

"atop floating stones defiantly
crossing an angry sea,

"within dimly-lit caverns
cobwebbed with ruins

"MC Escher could only grasp
at in a dream state."

You read my videogame reviews?

I tend to play

The indie games don't
really interest me.

I need adrenaline and action.

But when I read this,
I had to try it.

If you can convince me
to be a silent princess

with just a hundred words,

imagine how many millions you
can convince with this book.

You are a salesman, Thomas.

I wasn't trying
to sell anything.

Just described my experience.

Well, that's exactly what I
want you to do with my story.

No sales pitch, just
your honest curiosity.

Besides, these kinds of books
are always so boring, so safe.

I want something different,
something unique.

Your voice.

I don't even know if I
believe in your programme.

Come with me. I want
to show you something.


BARNEY: You build it
and they come.

Today the Washington Mall
is the real field of dreams.

Three thousand people have registered
since we set up shop this morning.

Now that's what I call
a Fourth of July party.

And we're gonna keep the party
going around the clock, 24/7,

until everyone in DC
who wants a job

can make their way
down here and sign up.

Have a look.

Do you see that line of people?

The AmWorks tent.

It stretches from there all the
way to the Lincoln Memorial.

They started lining up
before sunrise.

It's really something.

Thomas, at best, I'm going
to be a footnote in history

if I can't help those people.

At worst, I'll be a joke.

I am those people. I want
you to tell that story.

What do you say?

I don't know.

What's your gut say?

That you don't add up
and I'm intrigued.

- But not sold.
- Not yet.

Well, I'll pay you well,
and at the very least,

this sort of access is worth
its weight in gold, isn't it?

Sir, the First Lady is back.

I have to go give my Fourth of
July speech before the fireworks.

How quickly would
you need the book?

By January.

I've never written anything
in less than a year.

Well, you don't strike me as someone
who shies away from a challenge.

I'd need to be able to write
it the way I want to write.

Absolutely. Look, take your time.
Enjoy the view.

Meechum will show you
out when you're done.

And I promise, if you say
yes, you won't regret it.

No writer worth his salt
can resist a good story,

just as no politician can resist
making promises he can't keep.


Viktor, we'd be honoured
to accept the invitation.

Yes, I agree. There's
much to discuss.

I'll have my office
reach out to the Kremlin.

We'll find dates
that work for both of us.

Thank you.

Well, you should get some sleep.
It's late over there.

Good night.

Hold off on the vote?

Till we sit down. But we
keep it in our back pocket.

Michael Corrigan?

They're going to release
him when we visit.

You made a miracle happen.

We did.


Can you turn that up?

FRANCIS: Our forefathers, when
they declared Independence,

understood the power
of the individual.

The value of

They freed us from tyranny.
They proved...

He is a tyrant.

I don't know. There's a
lot of people out there.

He might be onto something.

Executive Order for UN troops?
He's out of control.

At least he's doing something.
Walker didn't do shit.

I think we replaced a
dud with an atom bomb.

FRANCIS: They had to fight
to secure their freedom.

And now we have to
fight to maintain it.

The freedom to work. The
freedom to live with dignity.

The freedom to hope.

- Thank you and God bless the United
States of America. - (PEOPLE APPLAUDING)



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