House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 7 - Chapter 20 - full transcript

Despite friction, the friendship between the Walkers and the Underwoods becomes stronger. But there's a war between Francis and Tusk.

WOMAN: Jackie Sharp.

Terry Womack.

Bob Birch.

MAN". President Walker has surrounded
himself with a broken Congress.

He even brought one of them
into the White House.

Now, they've broken
the economy,

and put us on a collision
course with China.

Put a stop to them
before it's too late.

Send a message
at the midterms.

Let's start
fixing the country.

WOMAN: Paid for by
Friends of a Better America.

WALKER: $25 million?
Out of thin air?

BOB: That's our estimate.
Where's the money coming from?

WOMACK: Super PACs. SHARP: These
are issue-based attack ads.

So, who's giving to them?

We can't trace the money until
this quarter's filings come in.

We get killed in the midterms,
we can kiss 2016 goodbye.

And then you can deal
with a Republican majority

and a Republican president. BOB:
We're trying to counter with D-trip.

WALKER: Make $25 million
appear outta nowhere?

We can make a dent.
Dents don't cut it.

No matter how fast we ramp up
fundraising, we can't close the gap.

We have to stop their money flow.
WALKER: I want to know how.

FRANCIS: Locate the source
and then cut off the tap.

With this sort of influx,
you can be sure that

somebody's not playing
by the rules,

but we can't whistle-blow
until we find the source.

Then find it. And you sure
as hell better find it soon.

LINDA: In the meantime,

I've been working on a proposal
to counter the attacks.

A coordinated
national messaging effort.

I'll be sending all of
you copies later today.

Well, we should be open to every idea.
Now, go. Get to work.


You were supposed to steer
Congress on my behalf.

No one is as
concerned as me.

I should've kept you
in the House,

like Raymond suggested
from day one.

But you've been distracted by
the Senate, State of the Union,

meddling with foreign diplomacy...
You asked me to negotiate...

I know what I've done. And I
know where it's gotten us.

Sir, the attack ads are not
a result of anything...

You're scrambling from fire to
fire, instead of preventing them.

I'm not the FEC.
I can't wave a wand and...

Give me more
than excuses, Frank.

You're better than that.
Or maybe you're not.

If you need a punching bag, I will
stand here and take the punches,

as I have done time and time
again since I swore my oath.

But I would much rather get back
to work, as you've asked me to do.

You are out of line, Frank.

Dismiss me or keep
swinging, Mr. President.

You're dismissed.

Thank you, sir.

Dan Lanagin
switched teams.

That doesn't
make any sense.

I couldn't find any anomalies
among big Republican donors.

So, I checked our own.

Lanagin hasn't given
a dime this quarter.

Yeah, but not giving isn't the
same as giving to the Republicans.

His casino's accounts.
Ernst & Young.

$18 million for

and they're
not going to us.

DOUG: How did you get
your hands on those?

DOYLE: I got friends. That's
why you solicit my services.

DOUG: The estimate for the
ad buys was $25 million.

DOYLE: Those accounts are
up to date as of June 30th.

They could have made
more donations since then.


Lanagin's casino is in Missouri.
DOYLE: Raymond Tusk?

And he's got an ax to grind
with me and with the President.

DOYLE: I've never seen his
name on any FEC filings.

Well, he doesn't make
political contributions.

That's how
he remains flexible.

DOYLE: You think he's
funneling the money somehow?

I don't know.

Get yourself to Kansas City.
I want you in that casino.

Yes, sir.
I'll keep digging.

Get me my wife.

HENSLOW: Where'd
you get the recipe?

FREDDY: My father
taught me.

You and your dad were close?


Cooking ribs was the only thing
that motherfucker did right.


I guess you can't print that.
I have ways.

This really gonna be
in the paper?

Well, at least
in Boston, yeah.

Don't see
why anybody would care.

Well, it's
a personal interest story.

The Vice President of the United
States comes here, of all places.

You mean this shithole?

That's not what I said.

It's okay. (CHUCKLES)

It's not the Taj Mahal.

How long has
he been coming?

About 20 years now.

He's a good man, Frank.

You still call him "Frank"?

Hey, in this joint
I'm the President,

the Vice President
and the Congress.

He's just another customer.
A loyal one.

You think that's why
he likes it here?

'Cause you treat him
like a regular person?

Maybe. Mostly it's the fucking
ribs, though. (CHUCKLES)

Now, if unemployment
goes up more than two-tenths,

I want the Fed
to consider...


TAMMY: Get you
something, hon?

Club soda with lime, please.

That's it?

Nothing to eat?
No. That's it.

Tough spot to hang out
if you're in the program.

How'd you know?

Takes one to
know one, right?

How long?

Little over a year. You?

Going on 15.

Any luck with
the ponies?

None. Not yet.

Pick a number. One through 12.

Hot Fuss.

Sounds about right.

Club soda coming up,
darling. With lime.

MAN: Hasn't moved
the last two hours.

And he hasn't spoken
to anybody?

Just been betting on the races.
You want us to bring him in?

No. That's the Vice
President's Chief of Staff.

MAN: Really?

We don't want to make a scene.
Just keep an eye on him.

Let me know what he does, where
he goes, and who he talks to.

You got it, Mr. Lanagin.

WALKER: You should've
seen their faces.

They didn't know
what to think.

Especially when
I made 'em hold the bag.

You tried it out?

I sure as hell did.



I'm sorry I lashed out
at you, Frank.

No. I was disrespectful,
and that was uncalled for.

My temper's gotten away
from me these days.

I need to be jolted back
into reality sometimes.

It was a kind gesture.

Oh, just some good old fun.

Tricia tells me we're having
dinner later this week.

Claire tells me the same.

Well, it'll be good to get out
of this place for a few hours.

It's been here
since Kennedy.

It was painted the
same year he was born.

It depicts, I think,
a World War I parade.

I should know
every painting.

Well, you seem to know quite a
lot, at least about this one.

Oh, I try to soak it all in while I can.
All the history.

Presidents who obsess
over history

obsess about their place in
it, instead of forging it.

Who said that?

I did. Just now.

Ah, the White House.

All day long, it's buzzing, and
at this hour, it's so desolate.

FRANCIS: The Presidency
is a great and precious thing.

Loneliness is the price.

Let's assume

in one of these chairs,
staring at this wall,

is where Truman
decided to drop the bomb.

And see
if we feel anything.


Nothing. You?


Sorry, it's a mess.

You don't have to clean up for me.
Yes, I do.

Wouldn't want you
seeing these.

I wore 'em last night.

You like these or you want
the ones I'm wearing now?

How long you been
working in the casino?

Too long.

Bet you've seen a lot. Oh, yeah.
I've seen everything.


I should get going.
Got an early meeting.


Do you want me to stay?

I wasn't planning
on sleeping here.

So, another
one night stand then?

Is that okay?

Not really my thing.

Come on. You must play the field.
No, I don't.

But you are such a flirt.

I flirt, yes.

But I only sleep with
someone if I'm into them.

And I prefer
to stick around.

Remy Danton,
serial monogamist.

This a joke?

I'm sorry. I didn't, uh...

This doesn't happen again
unless it's leading somewhere.

I'm upfront about
what I want in all things.

Not just politics.

DOUG: Three or four times a year, they
fly in about a dozen Chinese guys.

Money to burn.

They got a whole floor of the
casino reserved just for them.

Word is,
they throw away millions.

FRANCIS: Well, that doesn't
necessarily mean anything.

The Chinese love to gamble.
Especially the rich ones.

Yeah, in Vegas. This is Missouri.
It's a much longer flight.

I want to find out...

I want to find out where these
planes are coming from.

Who do we know
in the FAA?

I don't know anyone, but Doyle does.
I already got him on it.

I'll text you
when I hear back from Doyle.

I gotta go.

You leaving?

Yeah. Thanks for
last night. I had fun.

No, you didn't. You were
thinking of somebody else.

I got that one
after 10 years.

Hope it brings
you some luck.


Elaine Brooks
will be sponsoring.

And the First Lady has
approved the early draft.

Jackie, take a look
at the board.

Get a sense of who might
co-sponsor, besides yourself.

Absolutely. I'm sure we can lock
down a lot of heavyweights.

Lorrie and I'll
get right on it.

We should talk about a media plan.
It's premature for that.

Don't we want to get this out, start
building support as soon as possible?

Events, interviews...

I want what's
most effective.

GRAYSON: A media blitz
is the wrong way to go.

You want a single,
long lead

that coincides with the
introduction of the bill.

Something classy. But you want
broad support, to hit as many...

A blanket strategy will galvanize
as many detractors as supporters.

Not if the message is framed
in such a way that...

We want a key demographic
to get on board, and then...

Let me finish, please.
Then we let it percolate.

I suggest Matt Bai. The
New York Times Magazine-

I like that idea.
I like that very much.

So do I. Can you speak to Matt?

No promises. Just test the waters.
I'm happy to do that.

I've got a good
relationship with Matt.

I'll call him.
CLAIRE: Great.

Seth, you keep me posted, and let's
all get together later this week.

Thanks, Jackie.

I want you to read the bill
and write me a summary.

Dc not under any circumstances
share it with anyone

until we've spoken.

You don't want to go
over the board first...

No. Not yet.

REMY: Anything
on the abortion?

GRAYSON: Nothing.
It all checks out.


I turned over
every stone.

Mrs. Underwood
was telling the truth.

We need something.
This is taking too long.

The Underwoods are careful.

If they have skeletons,
they're buried deep.

It's not a question of "if." Somebody
like Frank is gonna have skeletons.

Then I'll find them.

If you don't deliver,
that means I don't deliver.

And I always deliver.

You gave rne an assignment
with high expectations.

I'll meet them, but it's not
gonna happen overnight.

So, don't fuck with me.

I'm a hired gun.
Not one that you own.

As long as you
hit the target.

Then I need a favor.
Connor Ellis?

What about him?

I'll have more access
if he isn't around.

Arrange a cushy job offer
for him somewhere?

Private or public sector?


Lots of money. Something
he can't turn down.

I'll see what I can do.

Here, this is half.

You can pay me when I've
gotten you what you want.

I don't take half pay
for a job half done.

It's an interesting proposal.

What we're missing
is a unified theme.

If we coordinate on national ad
buys, organize crossover events,

develop fundraising apps, I think,
it would go a long way in raising...

Maybe, but I doubt the
leadership will go for it.

Which is why I'd like your support.
I set up a meeting.

If you came and you
supported my position...

Well, I just think that
they're gonna end up saying

we can't be thinning out our
funds on a national strategy.

This is about field work,
getting out the vote.

Right, but it isn't it worth at least
some consideration? (PHONE CHIMES)

Well, you know me, Linda. I
mean, I'm all for bold ideas.

But Birch and Womack, why,
they're set in their ways.

I doubt very
seriously that...

Listen, Frank, all I'm asking is
that you play devil's advocate...

I'm sorry, Linda, excuse me for
just a moment. This is important.

I don't want to
short-shrift this.

No, I know. But I just
have to send this text.

And I am busy, too.


Make sure that's an aisle seat.
Of course.

I don't feel as if you're
taking this very seriously.

Linda, I apologize. I am sorry.
You are absolutely right.

I did not mean
to sound curt.

And you are right.
This is important.

So, you and I should go
through your proposal

and discuss it right
down to the last detail.

I'm not asking you to go
through it page by page.

Just to help me initiate
some meaningful dialog.

Well, you can count
on my help, Linda.

Thank you. I will have my
scheduler reach out to yours.

Thank you, Linda.

Give me a secure line,

WOMAN: The Vice President
is on the line.

Mr. Vice President,

normally I would
ignore your call,

but I am in
a good mood today.

Not even you
could ruin it.

Are you funneling money
to the Republicans?

What on earth
are you talking about?

About 20 million
in GOP Super PA Cs.

Now, you know I never make
political contributions.

That's the fastest way
to upset my investors.

I know the money is coming
from a casino in Missouri

and I know
it's coming from Feng.

Mr. Feng and I have one
co-venture together,

and it has nothing
to do with gambling.

A plane that he owns flies to
Lanagin's casino on a regular basis.

What he does on his own time
is no business of mine.

Are you trying to create
chaos in the ranks?


The Republicans appear to be doing a
fine job of that without my help.

Well, it's not gonna
work, Raymond.

It'll bind the Democrats
together, not pull us apart.

What has bound them
together the past decade

has been the means
to achieve a majority.

If I had to guess...

He stacked Congress.
The majority I whipped.

So it's been you, Raymond,
all along.

Even when Lanagin's
money was coming to us.

You keep making assumptions
that I have denied.

Well,once the quarterly
filings come out,

anybody with a laptop
is gonna see what's going on.

The end of September.

And that's a long way off.

But I look forward
to seeing the reports.

Should make for some
very interesting reading,

two weeks before
the midterms.

You cannot bully your way
back to the table, Raymond,

just as you cannot buy
the keys to Congress.

Best of luck keeping your
majority in the House.

I know how much
it means to you.

When the money's coming your way,
you don't ask any questions.

But now, it's clear.

Lanagin's never been
anything but a front.

Do I tell the President? No.

He'll wonder
why I didn't know,

which makes me look

Or he'll blame the messenger
for involving him,

which makes me look careless.

No, it's a trap.
I must keep this to myself.

He wants to know who you're
buying on behalf of.

It's a hedge fund named Mercury Capital.
It's unlisted.


They need the names
of the principal investors.

Tell him I have
to protect identities.

The broker needs more. He
wants a full investor list.

Say, um...

Say that
the principal investor

has strong ties
to the White House.

They want to know if you
represent Clayton West.

Clayton West?

He's waiting.
One second.

SAYYAD: What does it say?

It's about
a refinery in China

for rare earth elements.

Tell him yes.

Tell him the principal
investor is Raymond Tusk.


This is Doug Stamper.
I'm not...

What should we serve
the Walkers?


Saving that for dessert.
What about a main course?

Meat of some sort.
A vegetable.

I mean, this isn't really
my area of expertise.

I was thinking,
what about Freddy?


Or is that gauche?

No. I like the idea.

Well, we can do the nice
china and gourmet sides,

but I think the ribs
make it more personal.

I'll make the call.

Any word on the call
you're expecting?

Not yet. I don't
think he's landed.

This is really coming
along, isn't it?

You think it's childish.

I think it's better
than video games.



Do you have my check for $5,000?

Next time I get a raise.

Bad luck
at the casino?

knows I'm here?

Daniel Lanagin
knows you're here.

Is Tusk involved?

Why would
I admit that?

Tusk is in
business with you.

You're sending money
to Lanagin.

Lanagin's casino
is in Tusk's backyard.

You didn't fly halfway around the
world just to confirm suspicions.

Tell me what you want.

We want the money to stop
flowing to the Republicans.

And what do I receive?

I've told you what we want.
Now it's your turn.

So you can
mislead me again.

Things have changed.

We have nothing to gain
by misleading you.

What do you think
of my garden?

It's very beautiful.

When you only talk business,
you stop appreciating beauty.

I don't have much time
for beauty.

That's a shame.

People like you
to smell a flower,

some of us
have to pull the weeds.

When do you
plan on leaving?

I haven't bought
my return ticket yet.


I'd like to think
on this fora night.

And I'm sure
you must be exhausted.

Would you do me the honor
of being my guest?

I'd be very grateful.

You can get some rest.

And if you like, there are many
beautiful things to enjoy here.






MAN: Sir, Mr. Grayson is here.


You and I haven't
really properly

had the chance to sit and have a
chat since you came on board.

Is there anything I can
be doing better, sir?

No. No. I'm impressed.

You're very smart.
Excellent work ethic.

But more importantly,
you're very observant.

Information is power.

It was right here in this room
that my wife revealed

a great deal of information
to a great number of people.

Millions of them.

Sir, if your concern is my
knowledge of any discrepancies,

then let me assure you...

Claire and I are
very private people.

I can understand
why you might mistrust me.

I'm also observant,
like you, Seth.

But I still have
my blind spots.

It would have never occurred to
me to reach out to Mrs. Marbury.

Her husband was dead.
He kept no records.

And yet, there it was,
in black and white.

I respect the fact
that you brought it to us.

That's what
got you in the door.

But if you want to stay,
I need more.

What exactly are you up to?

I was hired by Remy Danton.

He wants anything damaging
that I can find.

Does he have a copy
of the journal?

No copies. I gave the original to Mrs.

and I told him
that her story checks out.

Did you give him
anything else?

I don't have anything else. I
wouldn't give it to him if I did.

Why am I only hearing
about this now?

You're the Vice President
of the United States.

Remy works
for Raymond Tusk.

That puts me between two
extremely powerful people.

I had to be careful.

Oh, I'm sure that Remy is offering
you a great deal of money.

But that's
all he offers.

But when I saw you push entitlement
reform through the Senate,

it was clear to me where the real
power in the White House is.

I want to work for a man like you.
Not sail a yacht.

Money doesn't interest me.

Do you want me to
cease contact with Remy?


I want you to
find the blind spots.

Is he free?

For a few minutes.
Thank you.

CHRISTINA: Mexico City, where
you'll meet President Soto.

We can practice your
Spanish on the plane.


What is that? (CHUCKLES)
Frank gave it to me.

You have a minute?

Is it important? I have a
meeting with, uh... When is it?

He's already
in the waiting room.

The Archbishop
of New York.

I'm just wondering if we should
bring a gift to dinner tonight.

Yeah. Well, it's casual.
Maybe a bottle of wine.

You know them well. Any idea
what sort of wine they like?

Not extremely well, but I'm
friendly with their staff. I can...

I'll figure it out.
I can make a call.

I'm having a conversation with
my husband, but thank you.

Okay. I apologize.

I'll see you
at the residence. 7:30?


No. Not now.

No, just... Please go.

Get out. Please.



It's me. I, uh...

You should answer when I call.
I don't like leaving messages.


Ayla, I get 15 minutes
to eat on a good day.

Xander Feng.

Means nothing to me.

Connor told me about a
back channel with China.

There was speculation it was
a guy named Xander Feng.

Fourteen minutes, 52 seconds. He's
in business with Raymond Tusk.

They're working
on a refinery in China.

Tusk has ties
to the White House.

Fourteen minutes, 37... One of
the wealthiest men in America

in business with an
off-the-books Chinese diplomat?

Influence in Washington
that's never been reported?

Then the White House pushes
rare earth subsidies

when the energy
crisis spiked...

Do you have a specific
question for me?

I'd like to ask the Vice
President about this.

A specific question for me,
not an interview request.

Does the Vice President
know Raymond Tusk?

Not to my knowledge. You're
hiding something, Seth.

I'm not hiding anything. I'm
just a guy with low blood sugar.


What is it?


She won't leave me alone.

It's like she's trying
too hard to be helpful.

I'll have Linda
talk to her.

It's not just that.
I feel like it's a mask.

I feel like there's something
else going on there.

Like what?

Sometimes when I walk into your
office and see her talking to you...

And you've been traveling
together so much. (CHUCKLES)

Jesus, Tricia.

Not you. Her.

I think she's
attracted to you.

And she does have a history
of getting involved...

I can't even believe we're
having this conversation.

I want you to
relocate her.

Just find her another position...
No, absolutely not.

I know
it seems overboard...

She's a good aide.

She's valuable to Linda, which makes
her valuable to the administration.

I'm your wife. I should be more
valuable than either of them.

I don't understand

why you're fighting me on
this when she bothers me...

We're pulling up to Frank's
in two minutes.


Really superb, Freddy.

I can honestly say I have never
had better ribs in my life.

Well, I'm glad
you liked 'em.

You know, I read the article in The
Sun, about how you go to Freddy's.

FREDDY: Oh, I hope you don't mind me
speaking to that reporter, Frank.

Not at all.

Oh, shit, I forgot I'm not
supposed to call you that.

I wouldn't let you call me "Vice
President" even if you tried.

And I didn't mind at all. I
thought the article was great.

Well, there's been a big bump
in business since it came out.

I'm talking
lines around the block.

You're not the only white
person to show up there now.

Well, I'm gonna
call it a night.

I got an early start
in the morning.

It was a pleasure
meeting you, Mr. President.

Mrs. Walker.

WALKER: A pleasure. Truly.

FRANCIS: Thanks, Freddy.
FREDDY: Always.

Oh, no. None
for me, thanks.

FRANCIS: Oh, Mr. President, a slice
of pie is good for the soul.

I'm stuffed. You can
have a slice of pie.

WALKER: I'm fine, really.
But thank you, Frank.

I'll have some.

CLAIRE: For the two
of us as well.

Oh, now, she's gonna make me run another
five miles to work off this puppy.

Are you crazy? I can
barely keep up with you.

You're so much faster than me.
You two run together?

FRANCIS: Yes, it's hard to find
the time, but somehow we find it.

CLAIRE: We do. And it's something
that's just ours, you know?

FRANCIS: Yes. Just ours.

And about eight Secret
Service agents.


PATRICIA: That's so nice
that you have that together.

I wish Garrett and I had more
time for things like that.

Oh, we did take a spinning
class together once.

You should've seen Garrett
hunched over the handlebar...


Would you like some more wine?
I would, thank you.

I saw the punching bag
you gave him.

You know what?
I will have a slice of pie.

FRANCIS: Pie, please.
For the President.

Thank you.

LORRIE: I read it front to back.
I think it's good.

It'll cause a shit-storm, but
maybe that's what we need.

Not during the midterms.

I don't see
how we take flak.

We're trying to curtail
rape for god sakes.

Sure, some right-wingers will do
their usual song and dance...

Let's hold off. I want
to read it myself first.

We promised the Vice President we
would have co-sponsors lined up...

I know what we promised,
and we're gonna stall.

Don't disseminate
the draft.

You know the gist of the bill.
I don't see why we can't...


All right.
I'll leave it with you.

Anything else?

No. I think we're good.

All right. Then I'm off.

Date night with the husband.

Slit my wrists, please.

Hey, go home
at some point, okay?

The Capitol will still
be here in the morning.





This is really something.

FRANCIS: Ways to go yet.

Now, who won this battle?
The North or the South?

Massive casualties on both sides.
No clear winner.

How do you find the time?

I carve out a half-hour
here and there.

Helps me relax.

I've forgotten
the meaning of that word.

Well, that's what
the punching bag is for.

(CHUCKLES) That's very true.

Just a little. Tricia and I
should get going soon.

You're never gonna make it through
this first term, Mr. President.

How do you mean?

Well, not like this.

Letting the stress
creep in.

You need to run the
marathon, not the sprint.

You need to enjoy these
little moments of escape.

You can pour more than that.


Thank you.

That's Union or Rebel?

Union, sir.

No, enough "Sirs"
and "Mr. Presidents."

Call me by my name.

I respect the office
too much for that.

When we're in private,
it's okay.

Tonight, I don't
have to be President.

CLAIRE: I don't mean to get
involved in your personal life.

Oh, no. I brought it up.

Is this really
about Christina?

Or maybe it's just a symptom
of something else.

Like what?

I don't know.

I barely see him
at all.

He's so wound up in everything
that's going on overseas,

the elections,
the economy.

When he was governor,
it wasn't a cake walk,

but it was
nothing like this.

How do you and Frank do it?
You both seem so close.

We're honest
with each other.

We don't sweep anything
under the rug.

Tricia, if it's eating at
you, make him talk about it.

The White House is finite.
Your marriage is for life.

Good morning.

You don't like your soup?

I'm not good
with chopsticks.


I think you'll like
this soup more

than you liked the two companions
I sent you last night.

I was tired.

Have you had a chance to think
about what we discussed yesterday?

In China, it's polite to
refuse a gift the first time.

Maybe I should
refuse yours.

We can't offer you a gift if
I don't know what you want.

The Port Jefferson Bridge.

You pulled it
during the back channel.

Changed my mind.


I have allies
who want the bridge.

Without it, they become my enemies.
I've been put on trial twice.

Corruption charges.

Everyone in China who works on this
level pays who they need to pay.

And they kill
who they need to kill.

People disappear
all the time, Mr. Stamper.

I could disappear.
You could disappear.

Stop the junkets, and
we'll get you the bridge.

The bridge comes first.

The Vice President
has lied to me before.

I need proof of his commitment.
Then the money will stop.

Please, Mr. Stamper. Eat. You
have a long flight ahead of you.

If it's what you feel
you need to do.

I've had a great experience
here, Mrs. Underwood.

But this is an opportunity
I can't pass up.

I imagine the pay is substantial.
It is.

But it's not just that. There's
room to grow at SpaceX.

Well, if your mind's made up, I
won't try and convince you to stay.

The truth is, when I
first came on board,

I thought it was to work for
both you and your husband.

Don't get me wrong, it's been
an honor working for you.

But I didn't foresee
having to work with Seth.

You're not very fond
of each other.

No. Which is fine.
We're professionals.

But I think
this is for the best.

The problem with hiring great people
is everyone wants to steal them away.

I appreciate you being
so understanding.

You'll be missed, Connor.
Thank you.

Seth, it's me.
He just left.

Talk to him and
put out a press release.

Let's make this
as smooth as possible.

DEVINE: There's two opportunities
I'm interested in.

restaurant chain

and a retail
barbecue sauce.

What would
that look like?

We give you an upfront payment
for the right to use your brand.

Either venture fails,
or they both do,

you still get to
keep that money.

How much money
we talking?

$95,000 as soon
as you sign.

And then you'd have a share of
the profits if we're successful.

What would the shares be?

I'll tell you what.
Let me draw up papers.

You look them over.
You show them to your lawyer.

I don't have a lawyer.

Well, you should get one.

I don't want you to feel
like you're being cheated.

You're skeptical.


(SIGHS) usually
don't come through that door

unless it's looking
for a plate of ribs.

And we want to sell
thousands of those plates.

if the franchise builds.

The Sun article
put you on the map.

Let's fill up that map with
Freddy's Barbecue Joints.

What are you looking at?

MAN: Excuse me?

The knives are
in the kitchen.

You have a pistol.
You can stop staring.


ls he in here? Dan!

How are you?

Care for a drink?
I'm good.

Well, let's go into the living room.
It's more cozy.

I'm just fine where I am.

Well, all right.
Thank you.

MAN: Yes, sir.

I'm sure you've told Raymond
that I've asked you here.

Raymond who? Oh, you don't
have to pretend, Dan.

Feng confirmed what you're up to.
Name doesn't ring a bell.

I have flight records.

One of his planes to Kansas
City on multiple occasions.

Do we really have to
play this game?

I came here because I thought you
might have something to offer.

Why don't we just
skip to that part.

You've been a loyal contributor, Dan.
You've thrown us fundraisers.

There are pictures
of you and I shaking hands.

So, whatever you've done this
quarter can be forgotten.

But I need the money to stop
flowing in the wrong direction.

I'm still waiting
for the offer.

You're a businessman, Dan, so I know
your primary concern is profits.

Well, that's right.

But I'm offering you something
that's far more valuable than money,

a direct line
to the White House.

That sounds vague to me.

I have influence
over the BIA.

Over federal gambling

The sort of influence that my
contributions have already bought.

Not with my direct involvement
and the President's ear.

You know
what I like about money?

I can stack it on a table,
like this one.

I can measure it
with a yardstick.

I can see it, smell it,
buy things with it.

Houses, cars, clothes.
Things that are real.

You're gonna have to show up
with more than beads.

Dan, I invited you to my
home because I thought...

Through the back door.

Excuse me?

Through the back door,
like a servant.

The Secret Service makes
everyone come in that way.

It's a precautionary

Unless you're gonna offer
me more money than Tusk,

and I don't think
that you can,

there's little left
for us to talk about.

lam offering you
an alliance with a man

who goes to work every day
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I don't place my faith
in any white man.

Especially one that works
for the federal government.

lam just like you, Dan.

I know what it means to start from
nothing, to have to fight your way...

You know nothing about
what it means to be me.

Your version of nothing was light
years ahead of where I started.

I respect you, Dan.
I take you seriously...

I'll let you know when I give
a fuck about your respect

Holiday? Show Lanagin out.

I know where
the back door is.



It's not broken.
I can fix it.

Leave it. I'll
clean up later.

Let's go for a run. Burn
off some of this steam.



I'll be out in a moment.

I'll go ahead.
You catch up.

Why didn't you reach out
before you got on a plane?

I was afraid our communication
might be monitored.

Where are we
with Lanagin?

Where are we with Feng?

We might have an option,
but it's gonna be tricky.