House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - Chapter 19 - full transcript

In the middle of an energy crisis, Francis and Tusk end their fragile alliance. Lucas must make a difficult choice. Stamper gets closer to Rachel.


We've got an
energy crisis, Frank.

Now, what the
White House needs to...

The President chose to
remain tough on China.

No. You forced him to.
You chose Fang.

You're the one who put me
in a room with him.

The cook can't blame
his ingredients

if he doesn't like
how they taste together.

If samarium prices
don't reduce,

the market will have
no choice but to compensate.

That's bad for everyone
who owns an air conditioner.

You should speak to
the President himself.

Well, the President
hasn't placed

much value on
my advice lately.

I'm in the same boat
as you, Raymond.

Yeah, difference being
you've got an office

three doors down
from the Oval.

Let's work together
for Christ's sakes.

I'm willing to put Spotsylvania
behind us if you are.

I want nothing more.
Then you'll talk to him?

Look, I'm late for
a meeting, Raymond.

Yes or no, Frank? I can't
guarantee he'll listen.

That's not a yes.
But it's better than a no.

Any pugilist worth his salt knows
when someone's on the ropes,

that's when you throw
a combination to the gut

and a left hook to the jaw.

Samarium is the last thing
they'll let go of.

As long as our energy prices
rise, they have the leverage.

Why don't we offer nothing?
Move toward attrition.

If China doesn't show
at the refunding auction,

long-term interest
rates will spike.

In a week, yields on
our 10-year notes

will pierce the 7% threshold.
That could happen.

But if we go soft now,
that will happen.

WALKER: You mean
go on the offensive.

FRANCIS: We should
at least consider it.

The Chinese
don't like carrots.

Let's see how
they like the stick.

Well, what might
that look like?

We could raise inspection
rates on foodstuffs.

Hold them in our
ports till they rot.

WALKER: How much of a raise?
WOMAN: 20% if we
want to draw blood.

Bury the move with increased
spot checks all the way around.

These sort of tactics don't
solve the immediate problem.

People are paying triple the
standard rate for electric.

We'll hit a five-fold
increase by August.

What if you, Mr. President,
by executive order,

purchase samarium
through a third party?

Cut the Chinese out.

Force them to either raise
their prices worldwide

or lower them to keep
direct flow with us.

We stockpile samarium for
defense purposes, of course,

and quietly sell
what we don't need

to our friends
in nuclear energy.

At a discount.

A subsidy for nuclear power?

The richest of the rich?
How's that gonna play?

FRANCIS: We're dealing
with a national crisis.

We can't get sidetracked
with public opinion.

CATHERINE: It would show China
we're willing to wait this out.

Do we have the resources?

the numbers, anticipate fluctuations,

consider different models...
Your best guess.

We do.
For a moderate stockpile.

All right, draw up a request
from the Defense Department.

Yes, sir.

Linda, draft the
executive order.

And Cathy, make sure
we have a third-party conduit

to purchase the samarium.
CATHERINE: We'll go through India.

That won't fly well
with Pakistan.

CATHERINE: I'll alert
them in advance.

As long as they're in the
loop, we'll be all right.

Not that we owe
them any favors.

All right.
Let's get to work.

BEN GOLDSTEIN: Come on, Betsy.
Three additional
counts under Section E?

Three is low. lt reflects
a narrow interpretation

of criminal intent.

Your client broke
into a data center.

What's the offer?
I'm not doing a plea.

Let me handle this.
They don't want a trial.

The questions I'll be raising
loud and clear in open court...

BEN: Lucas, please.

We have our own
questions, Mr. Goodwin.

For example, what were
you doing with these?

I didn't take these. ELIZABETH:
They were in your apartment.

LUCAS: Underwood took them.

Do you really expect
a jury to believe that?

He did. They were
having an affair...

Or are they gonna see
them for what they are?

Proof of your obsession
with Ms. Barnes

and a ludicrous conspiracy

you have concocted
to explain her death.

BEN: Tell us what
you're offering.

Your client pleads to
one count under Section E

for breaking into a data
center, one count for fraud,

for stealing the password
from The Herald.

Ten years under Section E.
Ten years for fraud.

Served concurrently. Eligible
for parole in seven.

I'd like to speak
to my client alone.

Cameras and recording
equipment off, please.


I'll introduce the President.
Then he'll introduce you.

If he's there, we can't
mention the military.

Just the endemic
problem nationwide.

Of course. I understand.

So we should go
through these speeches

and make sure that there's nothing...

Oh. Hi, Mrs. Underwood.

Hello, Christina.

Mrs. Walker,
you asked for me?

We need to confirm
whether the President's

going to make it
to New Orleans.

This Friday, correct?

But I know he had a cabinet meeting
this morning, so I imagine...

I'll talk to Linda
right away.


I know you want Garrett there,
but with this energy crisis...

No. It's not that.

I shouldn't say anything. Well,
now you have to tell me.

I've just never been very
fond of her, Christina.

Why not?
Peter Russo.

I just have a thing about women
who sleep with their bosses.

Anyway, I'm sure whatever
they had was genuine.

It's none of my business, 'cause
if she's doing a good job,

that's all that
matters, right?

Garrett seems
to think she is.

Then I should just keep
my feelings to myself.

So if the President
is not able to be there,

that could be a
silver lining for us.

We won't have to hold
back with the military.

BEN: Phone taps,
video surveillance,

premeditation, sustained intent.
They've got you cold.

If I plead out, that's it.
No one hears the truth.

If you don't plead, no one
will hear you, period.

Not until you're
in your 70s.

Have you talked
to Hammerschmidt yet?

You're in no position
to make demands.

It's not up to you.

All you'll do is
piss them off.

Look, we've got
a good deal here.

A great deal, considering
what you did.

You should take it before
they change their mind.

Tom Hammerschmidt. I talk to
him, or we're going to trial.

your arms, please.


You have
something here?

My neck chain.

May I see it?

I gotta take
off my tie.

I need to see it, sir.

You're a good
Christian, Remy.

My mother's. She was
the good Christian.

Well, then you're
just the good son.

Thank you, sir.

FRANCIS: Hot out there, huh?

Ninety six,
according to my car.

We had heat like that
back in Gaffney,

but we didn't know
what air conditioning was,

so we just
accepted as fact

that summer was meant
to be miserable.

Neat or with water?

Just the water.
You can hold the bourbon.

We need to
find a solution

so that this one isn't miserable
for 300 million people.

I already have
found a solution.

Please, Frank.
A samarium subsidy?

Is that your skepticism
or Raymond's?

Mine, anticipating his.

So you haven't
spoken to him yet.

I want to offer him
something he can agree to.

Well, he doesn't have much of a choice.
Why are you cornering him?

I'm cutting the rate by half.
I'd call that liberating him.

You know that's not
how he'll see it.

This trade war is
preventing the refinery

from being approved
in Beijing.

His co-venture with Feng is not
our highest priority right now.

A rare earth refinery solves
this crisis permanently.

Three years from now.
Not this summer.

It's not just that. With the
subsidy, he'll break even at best.

There's no point
in doing business

to hover between
red and black.

Raymond's profits are an even lower
priority to me than his co-venture.

Tell me what
you're up to, Frank.

There's nothing to gain
by locking horns with Tusk.

Ask your client. It's Tusk
who's locking the horns.

He's not a man
who likes conflict.

Neither am l.

Then make the ask. 'Cause I know
you don't care about the subsidy.

This is about
something bigger.

I'm a good Christian,
Remy, like your mother.

I would tell you the
truth if I wanted more.

You trying to
send a message?

Which is?

That stubbornness is far
more costly than obedience.

Thanks for the water.

You're on the
wrong side, Remy.

Yeah, well,
one of us sure is.

"And when the
bumblebee flew home,

"all his friends were waiting
with buckets of honey." Right?

And he's got his worm friend,
and his mouse friend,

and his spider friend,
and his snail friend.

And they all had
tons of honey.

And he looks
happier now, right?


"And so, they all
buzzed with happiness.

"Because life is sweet when you
spend it with your friends."

Right? Can you all buzz your wings?
Buzz your little wings.


I think it would make
a fluttering noise, like...

I don't know.

Your flutters?


It's too hot out here for you
to be doing this, Francis.

I'm keeping hydrated.

Is that even regulation?
It's only half.

But I don't want the press to see
me practicing on the street.

You remember when you threw out
that first pitch in Greenville?

I was wondering how long it was
gonna take you to bring that up.

That wasn't even on
national television.

Good luck.
Thank you.

What happened
in Greenville?

The Greenville Drive, Single-A
team for the Red Sox.

It was a home game.

I get on the mound...
You threw from the mound?

Well, I wanted to
throw a real pitch.

Didn't make it?
Not even close.


Ball slipped out of my hand
just before I released it.

Went straight up in the air.
Hit me on top of the head.

The whole stadium
burst a gut laughing.

Comic relief pitcher.

That's very clever,

Don't tell Claire.

CLAIRE: I heard that.

You're really good with them.

Did you see Robbie when
they were finger-painting?

He pulled down his pants and
started painting himself blue.

Yeah. Hope I got it all off.

I'm sure Alex
and Daria don't care.

They let him run around
naked all the time.

Yeah, but probably
not with a Smurf ass.


What do we want to do
for dinner tonight?

I've got some leftover chicken,
or we could order pizza.

Pizza. No dishes.


I'm really sorry.

I totally forgot I've got a
friend picking me up tonight.

I completely blanked.
That's fine.

I'm really sorry.

Don't sweat it.
ls it your boyfriend?

No, no.
Just an old friend.

Can I meet him?

Um, he's kind of shy. I don't
know if he'd be up for...

Totally cool.
Don't worry about it.

We'll just do dinner
another night.

I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah.
You know where I'll be.

DOUG: How long?
Couple of months.

Why didn't you tell me?
I can't go to church?

Anywhere you interact with other
people opens us up to risk.

I'm just supposed to slave away
at the fucking call center

and then lock myself
in the apartment.

Don't get dramatic.
I like the fellowship.

Okay? There there's nothing
to worry about there.

All it takes is one person's
cousin to visit from Lynchburg.

Someone you went
to school with

or some client that you
spent the night with.

Those guys would never end up here.
You don't know that.

Yeah. I do.

You ended up here,
didn't you?

(WHISPERS) I can't live like this.

I can't live like this.
Yes, you can.

You're a strong girl.

TOM: That's it?
That's everything?

I know. You've
heard it before.

As a friend, Lucas.
Not as a reporter.

Now I dig. I make the phone calls.
I do the legwork.

They treating you okay?
It's fine.

That's not what I asked.

They're pushing the
plea deal pretty hard.

How seriously are
you considering it?

I want to see how this
article impacts things.

What does your
lawyer say?

He thinks that's a bad idea.
That I should take the plea.

Maybe you should listen to him- No.
I want the article.

That I'm certain of.

All right. I better
get to it then.

Thank you.

You need to know,

I'm gonna treat this the way
I would any other story.

Whatever the facts bear. You
might not like what I write.

I get that.

I'll let you read it first.
Then you can decide.

That's all I'm asking.

Hang in there.


Can you wipe
this off? Please?

And the other nuclear
providers are on board?

Most. Except
Raymond Tusk's company.

Couple of others. Lakeport
Nuclear, Wolf Springs.

Now, I can't prove it,

but I am absolutely
sure they're colluding.

Raymond wants
to embarrass me.

I offer a solution. Nuclear
lobby turns its back.

He has the right
to refuse, Mr. President.

What he cannot do is
manipulate the energy market.

You want to put pressure
on the distribution side.

More than pressure. Ban
vertical integration entirely.

We don't have that
regulatory power.

We add an antitrust agreement
to the Emergency Energy Bill.

We break up the regional supply
and distribution monopolies,

like the Bell System.

It'll be challenged
immediately in the courts.

We don't need it to pass.

We just need to threaten him.
See if he falls into line.

Is there a way to do that without
it making its way into the news?

I don't want the world's wealthiest
one percent on my phone sheet.

There is absolutely
a way to do that, sir.


Here you go.

Crowded for
a Tuesday night.

We keep it at 65 degrees,
and it's free.

If you call 18 bucks
for a vodka soda free.

Still cheaper
than a Pepco bill.

Depends on how many you have?
You trying to get us drunk?

Drunker you are,
bigger your tip.

I don't have to be drunk
to appreciate good service.

I'll get your change.

No, you won't.
Thank you.

You're shameless.
Makes me a good lobbyist.


So, Jackie, bold move,
but it won't work.

You know we can pass this
amendment in a heartbeat.

Maybe, but no one'll comply.

It'll get overturned.
Big fuss for nothing.

It might get overturned,
but it gets ink along the way.

One thing I learned
about Raymond Tusk

is he doesn't give two bird
shits about public opinion.

His stockholders do.

They'd jump in
a pit of snakes

and light themselves on
fire if he gave the word.

All I'm asking is that you
convey our intentions.

Why me? Frank could
easily pick up the phone.

You still call
him Frank?

Not to his face, which I
try to keep to a minimum.

Don't you appreciate having
an ear in the White House?

I would if I had an ear. But
lately, all I've got is a mouth.

Yeah. He's not the
best listener, is he?

Try working for him.
You were on his staff?

Eight years, press secretary.
Before you joined Congress.

That explains a lot.

Like what?

Like a lot.

I'll take that as an insult.
You should.

That's it?
You're abandoning me?

No, I'm buying
the next round.

I can't accept gifts from
lobbyists without reciprocating.

Plus, I'm a good wingman.

This gets you more face
time with the barmaid.

You already got 'em ready?

Your guys gave me the
heads-up you were coming.

Well,I hope that they didn't
wake you earlier than usual.

Fuck, man. With this heat,
I ain't sleeping much anyway.

What? No AC at home?
Oh, I got a unit.

I just don't wanna
pay the damn bill.

It's not too bad in here,
all things considered.

That's 'cause
we in the shade.

When you get outside a couple
hours from now on that pavement,

fry your damn dick off
from three feet below.

Must be bad
over that grill.

I can't tell the
difference no more.

I tell you what, though,

stuff goes down around here
when the mercury pop 100.

Man who beat
his wife at home

will beat her right
out on the street.

Brings out the animal in us.
It ain't no joke.

What used to wake me up?


Now you know what does?

People fucking.

Moaning and screaming like
goddamn cats in the alley.

You know what they say,

"When you get hot and sweaty,
it make you ripe and ready."


I drank too much.

We both did.

Last night didn't happen.
I know.

When I walk out that door,
it's business as usual.

No special treatment.

Don't worry. You won't
need a restraining order.

I'm surprised you didn't
go for the waitress.

You're much sexier.
Yeah, okay.

She works for tips.
You run Congress.

Only half of it. That's
half more than she does.

So it's not my body.

(CHUCKLES) Those legs don't hurt.
You're so full of shit.

Okay. It's your voice.

My voice?


It does something to me.

Let me know what
Tusk has to say.

Business hasn't started. You
haven't walked out that door yet.

Watch me.




Thank you, Jackie.

We're going to
the White House.

Littlejohn on the move.

We raise the bet.
We get FERC involved.

An investigation?

We don't need Congress to activate
the Regulatory Commission.

But a price-fixing review?
That would take months.

Again, it's the threat,
not the actuality.

He'll employ the same logic.
Draw it out.

Fight back with appeals.

But he'll have to divulge his
accounting if FERC takes action.

Now, no businessman
wants to open up his books,

especially one
with $43 billion.

This is getting
out of hand, Frank.

We shouldn't be duking
it out with Raymond.

Maybe we should talk to him.
That's exactly what he wants,

to force himself
back into the mix.

What's to be gained
by shutting him out?

The simple lesson

that you cannot strong-arm the
President of the United States.

We can't devolve
to a pissing contest.

I'm gonna call Raymond.
Invite him to Washington.

He won't accept anything
but total surrender.

I'm making the call. Don't put
yourself in that position.

I know how to maintain
the integrity of my office.

Thank you. Thank you, Mr.

Two minutes with
the President,

and Tusk may be back
in his good graces.

I need to disrupt the nuptials
and prevent a second marriage.



Good to see you.
Oh, please.

You look great.

Thank you.

How are things?


Linda works me to the bone,

but that's what
I signed up for.

Well, from what I've heard,
you're doing a great job.

That's really
nice to hear.

Look, I wanted to talk
to you about Tricia.

I'm sure you've noticed

that she's still sort of
adjusting to her role.

You mean her confidence?

I think it would be great
if you reached out to her.

Just let her know that you're there
if there's anything she needs.

I don't really
know her that well.

I mean, we've met,
but I...

That's okay.
Maybe just tell her

that you enjoy working
for the President,

and you're there to be of help
to her in any way you can.

You don't think that's a
little, I don't know, brash?


For me to just approach
her like that?

No. Not at all.

You've reached
the Skorsky residence.

Leave a message
after the beep.

Tom Hammerschmidt again.

Still trying to reach Janine.
Still important. Thank you.

DOUG: Hammerschmidt's been calling
our press office all day.

I don't want a story to come
out any more than you do.

We lose a major
asset if it does.

Can you squash it
for security reasons?

Not once it's been
shared with the press.

First Amendment crap. Ward isn't
making things any easier.

She wants a notch
in her belt.

We're giving her one.

Not Goodwin.
She wants Orsay.

Most Wanted list
for six years.

I'll handle Hammerschmidt.

You need to make sure
Goodwin takes the plea.

If 35 with no parole doesn't
scare the piss out of him,

I don't know what will.

Then don't try
to scare him.

Remove hope from
the equation.

DOUG: I tried to
keep this contained.

I didn't anticipate

FRANCIS: ls Ms. Skorsky
cooperating with him?

He's called her.

My guy at the Bureau said
they haven't actually spoken.

At least not
on the phone.

If this goes to court...
That won't happen, sir.

It will if he publishes.

I'm bringing this to you because
I can't control Hammerschmidt.

I don't know
what to do.

We need to invite
a full-frontal attack.

Then hold the line.
You want to speak to him?

Face to face.
Just the two of us.

I don't think that's
a good idea, sir.

You have a better idea?

No, sir.

We can't avoid the battle, but
we can choose the battlefield.

Set up a meeting
at the White House.

We'll intimidate him
with formality.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Vice President?

I know you don't have
patience for apologies,

but I'm sorry if I've let
you down in any way.

Let's concentrate on
what's in front of us.

I'll let you know when
I have a time set up.

Soon as possible.
Yes, sir.

So this is a sort of outline
to the larger piece?

With questions
on the next page.

We're off the record.
Yes. Off the record.

Now, Tom, I know that you
care about this young man,

and I respect you as a journalist.
But these questions?

Why don't you
just ask me

when I stopped
strangling people's pets?

Sir, the death
of Congressman Russo...

You mean, my friend,
Peter Russo,

whose suicide left two small
children with no father.

No, I will not answer questions about that.

Yes? I'm aware of that.

No, tell her I'll
call her right back.

Two minutes.

Secretary Durant.

I can wait outside...
No, let's finish.

Now, if you decide
to print any of this,

assuming you find an
outlet that's willing to,

then,yes, it might cause
me a headache for a day.

But I will not engage.

And I think it
will only prove

to highlight how ridiculous
Mr. Goodwin's claims are.

I pity him. I truly do.
I think he needs help.

I've interviewed many mentally ill people.
He's not one of them.

Well, I would suggest that you
read your own article again.

He's distressed.
There's a difference.

Look, I understand.

It must be a terrible blow
to see him in prison.

But, Tom...
Rachel Posner exists.

I haven't been
able to find her,

but I've proven
she's not a fantasy.

The same goes for Roy Kapeniak.
These people were born.

They have Social Security
numbers, past addresses...

And so does everyone
from California to Maine.

Have I conspired
with all of them?

You have to admit there are some
troubling details regarding the DUI.

You know, people say the
same thing about Area 51.

You can conjure up little gray
men if you really want to.

Did you kill
Peter Russo?

Tom, you're
embarrassing yourself.

Did you kill
Zoe Barnes?

I've given you more time
than this nonsense deserves.

I have to ask
these questions.

Well, the only
question I would ask

is does this sort of article
hurt or help Mr. Goodwin?

You have to do what
you think is right.

But I hope you
can understand

if I don't demean myself by
taking any of it seriously.

I appreciate your time,
Mr. Vice President.

How did it go?

I did my part. Now
put it to bed, Doug.

I won't submit myself to
this sort of exposure again.

Yes, sir.

Has Tusk met with
the President yet?

Linda said they're
meeting at 4:30.

Call Remy. Make sure he doesn't get
on his plane before I see him.

I'm on it.


Oh, Mrs. Walker?

I just wanted to say
how rewarding it's been,

working here
in the West Wing.

And I'm so proud to be
working for your husband.

Thank you.

I know he appreciates
all your hard work.

Well, now that I'm working
so closely with him,

if there's anything
I can do for you,

anything that would make
yours or his life easier...

Just keep doing
what you're doing.

Truly, anything.

I want you to know you can
rely on me, both of you.

I know that.
Thank you, Christina.

Thanks, Mrs. Walker.

Here. Let me.
It's just my hands.

Are they bothering you?

Probably gonna
get rain tonight.


I'll get it.

Um, no. Just keep
the broth moving.

Agent Green, FBI. Do you
have a moment, Ms. Skorsky?

Yeah. I...
May we come in?

I just need to
turn the stove off.

Stay in here, Mom.

Who is it?
Just stay in here.

Only that once?

And I haven't seen him since
or returned his calls.

How many times has he
tried to call you?

I don't know. Eight
or nine times, maybe.

And then he stopped
after a while.

Did he mention anything about
HEROnymous Bot or Gavin Orsay?

You know, I think I
should talk to a lawyer.

Right now, you're not suspected
of being an accomplice.

If you call a lawyer,
we might have to reconsider.

He mentioned some hacker.

I told him I thought it was
a bad idea to contact him.

No. Are you aware of
what he's claiming?

That you and he were
working together.

That you believe in
this conspiracy theory.

That it was you who received
explicit photos of Ms. Barnes.

Is any of that true?

We need you to come
back to D.C. with us

and sign this statement in the
presence of the US Attorney.

You want me to call him a liar.
Isn't he?

I can't do that to him.

We also need you to speak
with Tom Hammerschmidt.

You know what? Please, can you
just keep me out of this?

I had nothing to do with
the hacker or the...

Ms. Skorsky, we want
to believe you,

and we will if you put
all of it in writing.

He's not a criminal. You're
going after the wrong person.

And if you think that
you can intimidate me,

harass me like this
in my own home,

I will file
a formal complaint.

You're starting to sound
an awful lot like him.

You can't arrest me.
I haven't done anything.

I'd like you to leave.

I have a right
to legal counsel,

and you haven't
presented a warrant.

We can arrest you,
Ms. Skorsky,

for abetting an act
of cyber terrorism.

Who's going to take
care of your mother

while you're spending the next
three years in courtrooms?

EDWARD: Would you
please raise your arms?

No, Meechum.

Meechum. I know you don't
want to shake my hand,

so we'll just
skip that part.

The President didn't
mention anything about it.

Why would he? Better to
catch you off-guard.

Then why would you?

So we can avoid
unnecessary conflict.

Garrett's not
a good liar.

The gift of
a good liar

is making people think
you lack a talent for lying.

I know him far
better than you,

and so I know what
talents he has and lacks.

But let's assume
he did lie.

I'm not intimidated
by a FERC investigation.

You'd have grid overload
and brownouts

before you could
even get a hearing.

You are deliberately keeping
electric prices at inflated rates,

which is illegal.

I'm responding
to free market.

A regulated free market.

Why are you
doing this, Frank?

Remy asked me
the same thing.

You're making
this about me.

This isn't personal,

The integrity of our energy
markets is my only concern.

Of course it's personal.

I asked you personally to convince
Garrett to pull back from China.

You personally
chose not to.

You personally
sabotaged the summit.

And you advised the Cabinet...
I've never once in my career... push me up
against the wall...

...allowed personal
feelings to...

Do not try and spin me, Frank.
lam too old to tango.

Then I'll be blunt.

Accept the subsidies
or deal with FERC.

There is no third way here.

Are you intentionally trying
to destroy the President?

I'm trying to protect
the President from you.

This is about the Secretary of
State nomination, isn't it?

I'm the Vice President
now, Raymond.

I don't cry over what
happened in kindergarten.

You're Vice President
because I vouched for you.

Because you had no other options.
Political necessity.

You have 24 hours
to decide.

I'll show myself out.


Raymond, this is Claire.

Mrs. Underwood,
it is an honor.

Jean, my wife, has been very
taken with your recent efforts.

Well, I'd like to
meet her one day.

She would very much
like that, I'm sure.

And what about you?

I'm sorry?

What are your thoughts
about our recent efforts?

lam in favor of anything that
prevents unnecessary violence.

It was nice to meet you,
Mrs. Underwood.

And good luck with that first pitch
tonight, Mr. Vice President.

Make it to the plate
this time.



This Kevlar is cooking me.

We have to use it, sir.

Well, I didn't
practice with it,

and now I can
hardly rotate my arm.

I should have mentioned it.
I apologize.

If this ball doesn't make it
over the plate, it's your ass.

And what are you doing here?
Don't you have things to do?

Never been to
Camden Yards.

Ladies and gentlemen, here to throw
out the first pitch tonight,

we are honored to introduce

the Vice President of the
United States, Frank Underwood.


Boss, boss.
Meechum's ball.

Thank you very much.
Where's the mascot?

Beautifully done.

Good evening.

Now I know it's
a hot night,

and you all want to
get to the baseball.

So as soon as I
throw this sucker,

grab a drink,
enjoy the game,

and best of luck
to both teams.

Scratch that. We're at Camden Yards.
Go, Orioles!


Let's go! Move!

Go, go!

WALKER: I'm told
the distribution line

that controls the pinch
point caused the outages.

BAPCO, one of
your companies.

RAYMOND". Yes, sir. There
was a capacity issue.

We're working as quickly
as we can to resolve it.

I've got three
governors calling.

Hospitals on
emergency power.

So quickly better
mean quickly.

The latest estimate I got was two
to three hours, maybe sooner.

Raymond, was
this intentional?

Sir, I know you don't hold me in
the highest regard at the moment.

But I am alarmed that you could
even entertain such a thought.

Yeah, well, the timing makes
coincidence hard to swallow.

There is a heat wave.

That always pushes
the grid to its limits.

All right, let's get the
people out of the dark.

Updates every 30 minutes
on your progress.

I should inform you, sir,

that I may need to take two
of my plants offline tomorrow

for unscheduled maintenance.

Why? Which ones?
Georgia and Tennessee.

This blackout has put a great
deal of stress on them.

My engineers are concerned about
the seals on the fuel rods.

So we're looking at outages
on the southeast grid, too?

Could be. For a few days.
No, that's unacceptable.

Safety comes first.
We don't want an accident.

All right, let's get a full
report to Linda, ASAP.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

He's toying with you.

No, this could be
a legitimate safety issue.

He wants a seat back at the table.
Those plants are fine.

Why is he doing this?

We've had our differences,

but something
drastic like this?

Well, I did tell him about
the possible FERC action.

You did what?

Well, he called me.
I answered the call.

Why didn't you
inform me immediately?

He told me you had
a productive talk.

That he was on board
with the subsidy.

I assumed
everything was fine.

He was proposing
renewed trade talks.

We didn't talk about
the subsidy at all.

He's playing
both of us then.

If he told you he was on board,
Why'd you bring up FERC?

I told him
I was relieved.

That we could have taken
action if he didn't comply.

You think he's fishing? To see
what our next move might be?

I think so, sir.

I mean, he is lying about those
two plants in the south.

Well, we can't guess.
We have to be certain.

Well, do you want Raymond
Tusk to assess that risk?

Or the United States

Are you suggesting we
take over his facilities?

There is precedent there.

Woodrow Wilson did it with the
railroads for three full years.

In a time of war.

In a time of emergency,
which is what this is.

The country needs a leader,
Mr. President. Give them one.

Do not bend to
Raymond Tusk.

I'm done.

I said you might not like it.
It makes me seem crazy.

This is the most
toned-down version.

I tried to be as kind as I
could without being biased.

I don't think you want this
going out into the world.

Can I talk to Janine?

Tell him to go.

He wants you to leave.

You lied.

You lied to Tom. You
lied to the US Attorney.

I didn't know what else to do.
Tell the truth.

They'll arrest me.

They'll discredit
everything I say.

And nobody is going to believe
me more than they believe you.

But we can get the story out there.
Get people asking questions.

No. It'll just look like two
crazy people instead of one.

So you're saving yourself.

I'm trying to save
the both of us.

Please. Take the plea.
I'm not guilty.

You are.

You committed a crime,
multiple crimes.

Not murder.

Take the plea. Be good.
Get out early.

Everybody's fucked me.

If I was trying to fuck
you, I wouldn't be here.

He's gonna get away
with it, isn't he?

Yes. He is.


Take an iced tea if you have any.
We don't.

I wish I didn't
have to keep coming

through back doors
like this.

Well, we wouldn't want our
friends in the fourth estate

to know you were
here, would we?

Especially, since you've
gone to such lengths

to remain above
the fray of politics.

You can't seize
the plants, Frank.

We haven't
seized anything yet.

We're ready to, but we
won't if you cooperate.

It's illegal.
It's not. You know that.

The President can issue an executive
order in times of emergency.

I'll fight it in court.

Which will take even longer than
a FERC investigation would.

And in the meantime, you make
nothing from those plants.

We agreed.

Right here in this room,
we agreed to work together.

We agreed as
men of our word.

And I held up my end
of that bargain

until you abandoned
me on the bill...

I sent Remy to help you.

After I got it passed through the
Senate with no help from you.

I had to protect my relationship
with the President.

And then you tried to use me
during the summit in Spotsylvania.

I was not put on this earth
to be your best friend

or to share every piece of
information I have with you.

We agreed to a mutually beneficial
partnership. That's all.

Yes, and what's become
very clear to me

is that I benefit in no way
from this partnership.

Let's not pretend
to be naive.

We both respect self-interest
above all else.

Our versions of that
no longer align.

You are on the
verge of making

an irreversible mistake,
Mr. Vice President.

I may well be making
a mistake. Who knows?

What I do know is that
you'll be calling Linda

and telling her that you'll
accept the subsidies.

You may have all
the money, Raymond,

but I have all
the men with guns.

It's a burner, pre-dialed.
She's expecting.

And yes, from last night.

"The ball's in your
court," as they say.

Jesus Christ. You scared
the shit out of me.

Are you supposed to take the
Lord's name in vain like that?

Leave it on.
It costs too much.

I'll take care of it.

Goodwin took the plea.
He's going away.

So does that mean
this is all over?

No. We still
have to be careful.

But why? If he's gone, then
nobody's looking for me, right?

Not that we know of.

Until we know,
nothing changes.

So what, you just came over
here to get my hopes up?

I came here to make sure that
you don't go to church tonight.

Do you want to fuck me?

No. ls that what
this is all about?

You've done it before.
That was different.

Stop it.

If there's one thing I know,
it's when a man wants me.

I learned who Rachel
was in church.

She was young
and beautiful.

Jacob fell in love with her
while she was watering a lamb.

And she became his wife

after he worked seven years
to earn her hand in marriage.

Rachel had one son, Joseph.

He became a king.

Are you hungry?