House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 5 - Chapter 18 - full transcript

Francis resorts to informal negotiations with a Chinese billionaire. Lucas takes extreme measures in use to reveal the vice president. Team Underwood gets a new member.

Come in.

Mr. Feng, it's time.

Ten thousand.

Let's go.

Here began the last bloody march

toward Appomattox,

where General Grant met
General Lee for the first time,

and brave men bled to set
the course of history.

I'm so honored to be here
celebrating the 150th anniversary

of the Overland Campaign.

Thank you to County
Administrator Roberts,

to all the dedicated

and of course
to Governor O'Keefe

for organizing such
a wonderful three-day event.

- That's all, sir?
- That's it. Short and sweet.

Or at least just short.

In Gaffney, people called it
the War of Northern Aggression.

I personally take no
pride in the Confederacy.

Avoid wars you can't win,
and never raise your flag

- for an asinine cause like slavery.
- He's on his way.


- People will move on.
- They won't.

- The less you say, the more they'll dig.
- Let them.

- Willa, could you give us two seconds?
- I'll be right outside.

McGinnis happened in college.

The abortion
happened five years later.

- There aren't any medical records.
- None at all?

We specifically made sure.

A nurse, somebody
in the waiting room?

The doctor was
the only one there.

- Then where is he now?
- It's a long time ago, Connor.

He passed away.
And if I'm not worried, you shouldn't be.

Even still, sexual assault is part
of the conversation now.

Every article and column
mentions you.

If we offer nothing,
we can't shape your image.

I made it very clear,
I don't want exposure.

When we have something
new to say, we'll say it.

Willa? Any luck
with the Joint Chiefs?

The chairman's office still
says he's unavailable.

But they did offer to send the
director of the Joint Staff.

- Eleven a.m. tomorrow.
- Confirm it.

We'll meet in Francis's
office at the West Wing. Anything else?

No. I should get going.
Hit the road.

Thank you, Connor.

Get Congresswoman Brooks
on the phone.

And see if the First Lady
will be available this afternoon.

You want a brief on everyone on the
Chinese side of the summit?

No. What Durant's doing in Washington
is a facade. This is the real negotiation.

Give me what you have on Feng.

Xander Feng. Deep family
connections to the party.

Grandfather fought
side by side with Mao.

Big in the telecom industry.
Estimated net worth is over 50 billion.

- More than Raymond's.
- By a few billion, but who's counting?

Do they have any
other business partnerships

- other than the rare earth refinery?
- Not that I could find.

All right. Get a progress
update from Durant.

Tell her I'll be in touch as soon
as we know what Feng wants.

When a man like Raymond Tusk
gets involved in state diplomacy,

you can be sure he's not
after the Nobel Peace Prize.

He's an opportunist.
But so am I.

Maybe this is my opportunity
to loosen his grip on the president.

You must be the manager.
Thank you for having us. Good morning.

Mr. Vice President,
do you have any idea how long...

Any comments
on the talks with the Chinese?

Can we get a
comment on the summit talks?

The vice president will
be working from his room

for the remainder of the day.
All day.

Mr. Feng, it's a pleasure.

Mr. Vice President.

- Coffee? Tea?
- I have already been offered.

- But thank you.
- Thank you, Meechum.

It's a long flight from Beijing.
You must be exhausted.

I keep Western hours.
My midnight is your midnight.

So have you had a chance
to look over the proposal?

- I have.
- Shall we?

Page four.

- The refinery.
- With Mr. Tusk.

With the highest bidder.

We are prepared to offer
Clayton West a 40-year lease

on the Mei Mei rare earth elements
refinery, to which I will lend my name.

I understand that you and
Raymond are business associates.

But you're gonna have
to open it up to bidding.

Mr. Tusk will outbid
any competitors.

Well, even so, you know,
for appearances.

Yes. Appearances.
If you must.

- So there are no issues here, then?
- We may proceed.

- Page six.
- The bridge.

The committee on foreign investment
will approve a pilot infrastructure project

to build a bridge over the
Long Island Sound from
Port Jefferson to Milford

in exchange for a 25-year
toll-taking contract.

Before we consider the bridge,
there's one more item I'd like to discuss.

Consider? I thought
the bridge was definite.

- Nothing is definite.
- This bridge is a priority-one item.

It's very important to your
president. I understand.

What would you like to discuss?

The currency manipulation suit

which you have filed against us

in the World Trade Organization.

Which we are prepared
to drop if all other conditions are met.

The point of this meeting
is to allow us to say things

that cannot be said
in formal settings, yes?

- Yes, of course.
- We don't want you to drop the lawsuit.

Forgive me, I...
I don't understand.

Do not back off in the WTO.

But you've been fighting us on
currency manipulation for years.

currency is inevitable.

Now I have something
I can work with.

- Why the suddenn change of heart?
- Not sudden.

It has taken those of us
who are more forward-thinking

many years to convince
our counterparts.

But China could just do it.
I mean, you know as well as I,

- you don't require WTO ruling.
- Appearances, as you say.

It's important that it looks like America
forced us out, not that we gave in.

Well, I'll need a little
more time so that I can
brief the president.

I'm here for
as long as necessary.

However you would like to communicate,
I leave that to you.

- Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
- Thank you, Mr. Feng.

In Gaffney, we had our
own brand of diplomacy:

shake with your right hand,
but hold a rock in your left.

Well, look who got
stuck with the pool.

We volunteered
because we hate ourselves.

- All's well on the Southern Front?
- No news is no news.

Come on. I hear there's
muskets out there.

When you giving us
something real?

We're here in beautiful
Spotsylvania, aren't we?

This is dress-up for
grown men with toy guns.

Sounds like 500 words to me.

Tell Durant that China won't discuss
the bridge unless we drop the WTO suit.

I thought you said
they want to keep it?

Feng does, which means Tusk does.
But we don't know if Beijing does.

You think Feng's lying?

An open currency could
free up interest rates,

reduce inflation in China.
They both profit.

If they're forcing
Beijing's hand, or we are,

- that could throw the summit into chaos.
- Exactly.

Look, Feng may
well have support,

but my guess is that the
Standing Committee's divided.

Either way, we'll
throw them off balance.

Let's leak we're
dropping the suit

as soon as Cathy presents it.

Just the lawsuit?
Nothing else in the leak?

A hint of Feng, but no names.
Let's let this grow on its own.

- How was that?
- Much better.

I feel good.
What do you think?

- I think you're ready.
- How long on the code?

Just a couple of bugs
to work out.

I told them tomorrow
or Wednesday.

- Work's not done.
- If I postpone again,

- don't you think it'll draw attention?
- It'll be done when it's done.

I'll email you when
the bugs are fixed.

Somewhere public.
Place and time.

Hey. Are you sure you
want to do this?

- I understand the risks.
- Well, you think you do.

This isn't the first time
I've been in danger.

Oh, yeah?
Paper cuts at the Herald?

Death threats. When I
exposed a drug ring in DC.

No, I read the articles.
That's small-time.

I almost had to go
into protection.

This is the FBI.
It's not a few street cops.

You think you're badass because
you're on some vigilante anarchy kick?

At least I have the balls
to put my name on the work I do.

You've never faced a hundred
years in prison, you self-righteous prick.

Most of my friends are locked up
and rotting away 'cause they poked the bear

one too many times. Why?

They wanted to expose government
surveillance, the PRISM program,

embezzlement, abuse,
fucking torture, lies.

You're a journalist? Who gives
a shit? We're fucking soldiers.

It's personal for me now.

I don't have a choice,
but you still do.

I don't have a choice.

- Where did you get this? - You can say
a source close to the Chinese delegation.

- Give me a name.
- All I know is that it's

a Chinese businessman with
ties to the Standing Committee.

- Back-channeling the summit.
- In Washington?

- I don't know.
- With who?

- I don't know that either.
- If I called the USTR's office,

- they'll confirm?
- I'm telling you as much as I know.

Why are you telling me
this at all?

They're going public with it tomorrow.
You might as well get the scoop.

Why me specifically?

You deserve better
than a Civil War reenactment.

Please don't pretend you've suddenly
become Santa Claus.

I give you something now,
maybe you remember.

- It's an investment in the future.
- I'm not big on favors.

I said "maybe."

Connect me to the USTR's office.
Skip the press secretary.

Tell them I want
to talk about the WTO suit.

- Who did you speak to?
- Connor.

- He's talking to Ayla Sayyad.
- How much did you fill him in?

- The bare minimum.
- I'd be a lot more comfortable

if it was you going directly,
as we discussed.

This puts distance on me,
which puts distance on you.

I want you to meet with Feng
tonight. No proxies.

- Understood.
- Now where are we with Mr. Goodwin?

Any day now.
Thirty-five to life.

The penalties are stiff.

- This needs to be clean, Doug.
- It will be.

One fall of the axe.

- Keep me informed.
- Yes, sir.

Well, I just think what
you did took so much bravery.

To go on air like that in front of
the whole country and say what you did?

That means a lot to me.

And I admire what you both have been
doing to advocate for the, well,

- for the victims.
- Women. Like you and me.

- Not victims.
- Men too. It's not gender-specific.

Well, yes.

- Would you consider pitching in?
- How?

It would send a strong message if
we had the First Lady in our corner.

- If you think I could help. - Well, we
have thehead of the women's caucus.

Both wives from the White House.

That's a meeting they couldn't
sweep under the rug.

And the fact that the chairman
sent anyone is promising,

but we need to make sure
our message gets back to him.

I just... I haven't been through
the same sort of experience.

Well, why should
that prevent you?

I don't know if I have a right

- to speak about it.
- You're the First Lady.

You have the right to speak
about anything you want.

- Mr. White?
- Mrs. Marbury.

- I'm Susan.
- Well, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I know I'm a little off the beaten path.
Did you have any trouble finding me?

No, the directions were great.
Easy as pie.

Well, good. Come in.

I have to admit, I've been
looking forward to this all day.

I didn't realize you were
announcing so soon.

We've had some great luck
with the endowment.

Well, my husband didn't get much
recognition while he was alive.

I was so thrilled when Planned Parenthood
asked to name a fund after him.

We're thrilled that
you're open to it.

When you called, you said
you had some questions?

They're delicate. That's why
I wanted to come in person.

- Delicate how? - There are
a lot of people who will protest

this sort of financial
assistance to minors.

And we want to make sure
they have no cause to smear us.

People tried to smear my
husband his entire career.

He never let it affect
the work he was doing.

Did your husband ever perform
any illegal abortions?

I need you to answer me,
Mrs. Marbury.

Did your husband
perform any illegal abortions?

I won't discuss that.

- Nothing unreported?
- Young man.

You're not old enough to remember,
but there was a time when every...

What about any prominent figures
who the antichoice crowd could vilify?

- No. - Did Dr. Marbury perform an
abortion for Claire Underwood?

- No, he did not.
- I know for a fact that he did.

That is not true. And I
would like you to leave now.

Forgive me, Mrs. Marbury.
I haven't been entirely honest with you.

My name's Seth Grayson.
I don't work for Planned Parenthood.

Mr. Feng?

There's speculation back home
that the back channel is you.

Two separate
articles in Hong Kong...

there's your name.

Do you want me
to contact the vice president?

No. Let him come to me.

Get Mr. Tusk on the phone.

You should be
ashamed of yourself.

I'm doing this for your
own good, Mrs. Marbury.

Imagine the media frenzy,
your husband's legacy destroyed,

the press hounding you
day and night,

and the Planned
Parenthood fund... gone.

How do I know you work for her?

That you're not just some
right-wing fanatic who wants to destroy...

Because I wouldn't have done
you the courtesy of paying a visit.

There would've been an army of satellite
trucks at your door instead of me.

Well, I won't tell anyone,
if that's what you're worried about.

I believe you.

Did your husband keep records
of any kind of who he assisted?

Anything at all? Notes?
Unofficial records?

- He kept a journal.
- Do you still have it?

- May I?
- Go ahead.

- I need to take this with me.
- Can't you just take out that page?

Someone finds this with pages
missing, that could raise eyebrows.

There's 60 years
of his life in there.

From when we met until he died.

And do you want six decades
reduced to one night in August,

25 years ago?

Just imagine what it
looked like back then.

At the edge of the ridge was
a dense thicket which allowed

the Northern troops to come in
and form on the Mule Shoe.

The Southern regiments were entrenched
in this area at the apex of the line.

As you can see, the topography forced
the two sides down towards each other.

- This is the Bloody Angle?
- That's right.

I was reading
about it last night.

Close quarters,
hand-to-hand combat.

All told, about 15,000
Union and Confederate soldiers

lost their lives here
at the Bloody Angle

on a battlefield that's
only about half a mile wide.

Now, Mr. Vice President,
we have a surprise for you today.

I'd like to introduce you to
Corporal Augustus Elijah Underwood

of the 12th Regiment
of McGowan's Brigade,


- I died here, in this battle.
- I think there's been a mistake.

My grandfather never mentioned
any Underwoods in the war.

We did our research. He
definitely fought and died here.

I was 24. And my son,
your great-great-grandfather,

was two years old.
I never met him.

It happened here?
At the Bloody Angle?

At the edge of those woods.
My skull was bashed in with a rock.

Thank you.
Now, over here,

we've got something that's
very interesting as well.

Just a moment.

- Tell me more.
- It was the middle of the night.

We were out of musket balls.

Just bayonets, and only
half of us had those.

I had nothing.
Just these hands.

So dark you
couldn't see nothin'.

But you could hear 'em,
the Yanks, running toward us.

Then you could smell 'em.

First Yank that brushed up against me,
I grabbed him by the throat.

Fall down on the ground.
I bit him so hard I could taste the bone.

Then he grabs a rock, brings it down
right here. That was that.

I was buried in a mass grave.
No headstone.

Can we get a picture
with you and Augustus?


Thank you.

- He takes it rather seriously.
- Oh, yeah, they all do.

Now up ahead we have examples
of Confederate ramparts
that we've reconstructed.

You can see how they've cut the timber
and made the trenches.

Those trenches traded hands many times
over the course of the battle.

- You have keys?
- We own you. Yes, we have keys.

- Let me put some clothes on.
- Forget your clothes.

And I quote:
"You sure you wanna do this?"

And I quote: "I don't
have a choice, but you do."

What the fuck
do you think you're doing?

He should know what
he's getting into.

Are those silk pajamas?

Looks even fancier in person.


No. Don't touch her.

Hey, there, little guy.

I've seen you before on camera.

Please put her down.

Don't take the chance.

I bought these shoes at J.C.
Penney. Seventy-two dollars with tax.

Rubber soles.
Can clean 'em off with a hose.

Please, you're hurting her.

I have a pet too.
His name is Gavin Orsay.


I said sit.

Look what a good boy
you are, Gavin.

- Is that what you need me to do?
- Quiet.

When I say fetch, you fetch.

And now we are going to fetch
Lucas, just like we discussed.

If you try to bite my hand,

I will put you to sleep.

Mind if I take a couple?

Doug Stamper. I'm the vice
president's chief of staff.

I know. Sit down.

My grandfather fought
in the revolution.

China was poor then.
Sugar was hard to come by.

Now, sugar
is everywhere in China.

- Do you like Old Fashioneds?
- No, thanks.

I've seen the news.

Your government was enthusiastic about
us dropping the suit.

They've touted it as
a victory back home.

It is a victory.
But not the victory we wanted.

We're finding that
difficult to believe.

By "we" you mean
the vice president.

I mean the American government.

Which he proclaims to represent.

He does.
And I'm representing him.

Don't inflate your status,
Mr. Stamper.

You're nothing
but an errand boy.

Do you have a message
for the vice president?

If he represents
the American government,

then why did he fail
to communicate my request?

We question your legitimacy,
Mr. Feng.

Nothing your delegation has done or said
has in any way supported your requests.

Mm... Smell that.

I use Macallan Rare and Fine,
1926. Forty thousand dollars a bottle.

- You used to be an alcoholic, correct?
- Not used to be. Still am.

- A sober one.
- Do you miss it?

- Five thousand dollars you just spilled.
- I'll send you a check.

I like you, Mr. Stamper, even if you're
just an errand boy.

I'll ask you again. What is your
message for the vice president?

There will be no Port Jefferson
Bridge unless the lawsuit is reintroduced.

When you do, there will be those
on the Standing Committee who protest,

but I'll manage them.
The majority want reform.

I'll tell the vice president.

Mr. Stamper, one more message.

Please remind the vice president
that we are both here at the behest

of our mutual friend, Mr. Tusk.

If the vice president
fails to cooperate,

I will simply bypass him.

- Yes?
- It's Doug.


Spoke with Feng.
Here's your onion rings.

Did you know that General
Longstreet was shot here?

Accidentally by his
own men in the dark?

No, I didn't.

All right. Bring me up to date.
Where are we with Feng?

He wants us to
resume the lawsuit.

So he's sticking to his guns.

If we don't reintroduce it,
there's no bridge project.

Well, that will greatly
upset the president.

Do you want me to
deliver Feng's message?

Absolutely not.

We want the president angry.

The tricky part is making sure
he doesn't direct it toward me.

- So, what do you want me to do?
- Get ahold of Cathy's people.

Do not mention the lawsuit at all.
Have them bring up the bridge instead.

- Let's see if Feng is bluffing.
- Yes, sir.

We must learn from Longstreet.
He rode too high in the saddle.

If a bullet comes my way
tomorrow, it will not be an accident,

and I must be quick to duck.

Gentlemen, thank you for coming.

Is the vice president attending?

No, he's not. He's out of town.

I've just decided to use his office
because it's a bit bigger than mine.

Please, sit.

I know this isn't the first conversation
you've had about sexual assault.

We've had a very open dialogue with
the congresswoman for quite some time.

"Open" is one way to put it. I think the
Joint Chiefs have tolerated my concerns...

To be fair, we've been quite responsive.
Over the past two years...

The congresswoman has
expressed her frustration to me

- that there's still room for improvement.
- Mrs. Underwood, if I may.

- Please. - This is an issue
we've grappled with seriously.

Increased education
and prevention measures,

the reporting process,

insulating courts-martial
from abuse of power.

- It's still not enough. - Civilian
jurisdiction is not gonna happen.

We're all aware that's what
the congresswoman would prefer,
but we won't allow our...

- Am I late?
- It's my fault.

The meeting got pushed up.
I meant to e-mail you. I'm very sorry.

That's fine. Please, sit.

We didn't know you'd be
attending, Mrs. Walker.

I'm sorry for interrupting.

As I was saying...

...putting sexual assault cases
entirely in the hands of civilian courts

fundamentally erodes
the military's ability to self-discipline.

What about civilian oversight
instead of civilian courts?

That's a slippery slope.

There were those who
said the same of racial integration.

Integration didn't
change the core operational nature...

But it did prove that the military
could shape its own evolution.

Absolutely. But in this case,

civilian oversight
is not the answer.

My husband is a
civilian who oversees the military.

Are you suggesting that
civilians can offer no guidance

- in matters like this?
- Forgive me, Mrs. Walker.

I didn't mean
to suggest that at all.

Then maybe you should
listen to the civilian

- sitting across from you.
- Yes, ma'am.

This is from your own sexual
assault prevention literature.

And in it, it says

in some cases it may
be advisable to submit than to resist.

I think it's quite clear that
there's still room for improvement.

Did you know about Xander Feng?

Not until I saw his name
on the wire.

He's been charged with corruption twice.
Both times, the charges were dropped.

Do you know what happens in
China if you're convicted?

- I'm guessing it's not good.
- You die.

- There you go.
- We're talking about a man

who's only one kangaroo court
away from lethal injection,

who's filthy rich and clearly corrupt,
and this is who the Chinese send?

- You are asking the wrong guy.
- Stop dodging.

I passed a note in class.
That's all.

We placed
our faith in you, Frank.

We still have the rest
of the day

- and all of tomorrow, Mr. President.
- I need this bridge.

Otherwise we have to stall
my infrastructure program.

No foreign investment,
no deficit reduction.

And the Chinese know this.
They're using it for leverage.

- Yeah, but for what?
- That I'm not sure of.

Then why did we send you
to Spotsylvania, Frank?

You're supposed to have answers
to these questions.

Mr. President, I spoke
to Mr. Feng an hour ago.

- What'd he say?
- Here comes the bullet.

He claims that Frank hasn't been

his messages properly.

I have conveyed
his requests word for word.

He says you've been
doing the opposite.

Who is responsible for
the back-channeling here?

- Me or Raymond?
- You are, Frank.

I'm simply here to facilitate,
not negotiate.

And yet you continue
to have private conversations

- with Beijing's supposed emissary.
- Listen, Frank...

Are you prepared to trust Mr.
Feng's word over mine, Raymond?

No one is doubting
your word, Frank.

If Feng is truly representing
his government's interests,

why is he telling Raymond
one thing and telling me another?

How do you explain the
bridge falling through?

He personally profits
from a free-floating currency.

Just as anyone would who's in business
with him, such as yourself, Raymond.

The refinery and the bridge
are two completely different issues.

Let's keep our focus here.
I want the bridge

back on the table.
End of story. Catherine?

It'll be the first item I bring up
in the morning.

Frank, stay put for
now. But don't contact Feng.

And that goes for you too,

I don't want any more back-channeling
until the bridge is revived.

And Catherine, you communicate

- directly with me.
- Yes, sir.

We're done here.

The first drops of blood
have been spilt.

Bullet grazed my cheek,
but I haven't fallen.

Doug, find me a way
to meet Feng.

- We need to discuss something first.
- What's wrong?

I just got off the phone
with a guy named Seth Grayson.

- I've spoken to my husband.
- Doug told me.

- Thank you for fitting me in today.
- Is that it?

- August '86.
- And why should we trust you?

There was evidence that
Connor didn't make disappear.

I could've taken this to Us Weekly
and bought a new house.

Instead, I brought it to you.

And why didn't you apply when I was
interviewing candidates?

There was no point. Willa doesn't
like me. I intimidate her.

That journal is my
version of a résumé.

Or extortion.

I'm not extorting you,
Mrs. Underwood. I'm just...

...highlighting the difference between
a good choice and the right choice.

And tell me, how would we handle the
repercussions of firing our comm director

- three months after we hire him?
- You don't fire him.

You tell him that you're bringing me
on board to help with the workload.

He stays on with you,
I cover your husband.

Connor will hate
working with me.

I'll arrange a job offer
elsewhere in a few months.

By the time it comes in,
he'll want to move on.

Connor knows. What's to prevent him
from going public?

I can handle Connor Ellis. You just have
to take me on my word on that.

Here's what I know.

It is far easier
for you to destroy me

than the other way around.

- I have to speak to my husband.
- Of course.

I didn't make any copies.
You have the only one.

Johnnie Walker Black. Neat.

- Where is it?
- It's in my pocket.

Come on.

- Is something up?
- No. We're good to go.

You seem nervous.

Just because I've been breaking
the law for 20 years

doesn't mean I don't
still get nervous.

- Gavin...
- Do not say my name.

Look at me.

This is gonna be fine.
We've practiced. I'm confident.

This is gonna work.

I got your drink.

He's more than qualified.

What do your instincts tell you?

That I just don't want
to end up more exposed.

Well, Grayson already knows.
I mean, we don't exhibit some degree...

Have Doug look into him.
Let's see if there's some leverage.

Yeah, but we don't know what
he'll find or when or what
he'll do in the meantime.

And that puts us
into uncharted territory.

Connor will expose us
too if we let him go.

Not if it goes smoothly.

If we turn away Grayson now,

we can't predict anything.

And look, he has a lot less
to lose than we do.


I just, I don't think
we can trust him, Francis.

We wouldn't be having this conversation
if Connor had done his job.

I'd rather manage someone
I don't trust than someone who's reckless.

Fine. What's the next step?

I'd like to talk
to Grayson myself first.

And then I'll have
Doug talk to Connor.

- How are you doing?
- You been following the news?

- Is it bad for us or good?
- Could go either way.

- I'm here if you need me.
- I'm back tomorrow.

- I love you.
- Love you too.

- We all set?
- All set, sir.

Let's go.

No, no. Turn those off.
Turn those off.

- Where is he?
- Right this way, sir.

- Did Augustus play?
- I like to think I did.

What's your name?

When I'm here,
I'm Augustus Underwood.

- What's your real name?
- Doesn't this feel real to you?

Will you show me where he died?
The exact spot.

I will, sir.

I'm gonna pay respects to my ancestor.
I would appreciate a little privacy.

- We'll wait here.
- Little John on the move.

- Just beyond those trees.
- Thank you. I'll be good from here.

We're fine.

- I hope you haven't waited long.
- It's peaceful here.

- I didn't mind. - Peaceful now. Fifteen
thousand men died in these woods.

My grandfather's grandfather
died where we're standing.

- My grandfather was killed
in the revolution. - So I've heard.

Do you fear death,
Mr. Vice President?

No more or less than any man.

It motivates me,
to experience everything.

Accomplish all I can
before it all vanishes.

I think you and I are
similar in that regard.

Then why are we working
at cross-purposes?

What you mean is, why am I not
submitting to you and Mr. Tusk?

You are sabotaging
the negotiations.

And you're using them
for your own personal ends.

Wrong. It's taken me
seven years to convince

the Standing Committee
that this was the right course of action.

A course of action that will
earn you and Tusk billions.

Why did you want this meeting,
just to attack me?

To send a message to Raymond.

The president of the United States and
I are not his puppets.

Now, you tell him that.

Fine. The bridge deal is dead.
There will be no saving it.

Stick a knife through its heart and put
an apple in its mouth. I won't shed a tear.

- Your president will ascribe
the failure to you. - I'll take the risk.

Think strategically,
Mr. Vice President.

You're setting us
on a very dangerous course.

Do you know how Grant
defeated Lee?

He had more men.
That's all.

And he was willing
to let them die.

It was butchery, not strategy,
which won the war.

Mr. Tusk and I have great
resources at our disposal.

Add up all your billions together
and you get the GDP of Slovakia.

I have the federal government
of the United States of America.

Your money
doesn't intimidate me.

The most that you can buy
is influence.

But I wield
constitutional authority.

The strongest army
doesn't always win.

Mao started out
with only a few thousand men.

They took over half a continent.

Mao is dead.

- And so is his China.
- But I'm not.

Not yet.

Don't forget, your ancestor
fought for the losing side.

There is no sacred ground
for the conquered.

We have over 9,000 servers here,
utilized by several hundred clients.

Everything from small businesses
to major corporations.

- What are some of the largest clients?
- The largest here is AT&T.

Their servers occupy more
than half of the floor space.

- Can you show me?
- Yeah.

Right this way.

Did you or did you not
meet with Feng last night?

- Where is this coming from, Raymond?
- - Answer the question.

I have not contacted him since
you and I spoke, Mr. President.

- Just as you instructed me to do.
- - Not according to Feng.

I believe you were also instructed
to avoid him too, Raymond.

He reached out to me.
I just answered the call.

We had clear,
pre-arranged terms, Frank.

Months of back-channeling.

I am on the frontlines,
Mr. President.

And I can tell you firsthand
that we are dealing

with a regime that
is not being forthright

and will seize upon the
faintest whiff of trepidation.

This is a test to see how far
they can push us before we break.

Do not play their game.
End the talks.

We can't overreact here.

Well, they walked away
from the Joint Commission.

We can walk away
from the summit.

The economic fallout
would be catastrophic.

- The market will...
- Or we can just kowtow and submit

- to the new reigning superpower.
- - Don't be hyperbolic.

Well, we are dealing with
one quarter of the world's population.

Mr. President, you would
be making a disastrous mistake.

Where are your allegiances, Raymond?
To Xander Feng or to the United...

- Don't you dare question me...
- All right. Silence.

There were two
mistakes. Both of them mine.

The first was allowing you,

to enlist one of your business
partners for these talks.

- I was trying to...
- The second

was enlisting you, Frank.
Instead of clarity,

we got miscommunication.
That's poor diplomacy.

Mr. President, listen...

I have listened to both of you.

And all I've heard
is accusations.

Now, if neither one of you will take
responsibility, I will. We're pulling out.

And it's not because you suggested it,
Frank, it's because you've made

such a mess of these
negotiations I have no other
choice than a show of strength.

You both disappointed me...

- Mr. President?
- The president has left the call.

Raymond, are you still there?

That's the first time he's
ever hung up on me...

- 20 years.
- Oh, I feel for you.

Goodbye, Frank.

And the butchery begins.

It's all the way down this row
and the next seven rows over.

- You wanted to see inside one, right?
- Yeah. That would be great.

Go ahead.

There's not much to it,

Just a lot of
hard drives and wires.

So, in terms of backup,
if the power goes down,

some natural disaster hits like a storm,
or an earthquake, what exactly...

- On the ground.
- No, no...

Right now.
I said on the fucking ground.

Why don't you ride back to DC with me?
We need to discuss something.

- What's up?
- We'll talk about it in the car.

Today, we break earth on
the Overland Campaign Visitors Center,

so that generations to come
will fully absorb the importance

of this hallowed ground,

the wilderness
where the campaign commenced.

would you do the honor?

And now, a moment of silence
and prayer for the dead.

Thank you.

And God bless
the United States of America.

I just heard.
We got Lucas Goodwin.

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