House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - Chapter 26 - full transcript

President Walker plans to destroy Francis using Linda and Tusk. Claire visits a troubled Megan. The first lady continues to trust Claire. Jackie accepts Francis' offer. Francis writes a moving letter to the president that brings him back in communication and good terms with the president. When the president stops backing up Tusk, Tusk directly involves the president in his illegal affairs. Doug attempts to interrogate Rachel but Rachel gets away in the process. Walker resigns and Francis becomes the 46th president of the United States.

We have a President who not only
took mind-altering medication,

a man who has his
finger on the button,

while U.S. ships are
squaring off with China,

but then instructed his White
House counsel to coach a...

Allegedly, sir.
Not proven. coach a witness,

which is behavior either resulting
from the use of those drugs,

or worse, a deliberate
attempt to obstruct the law.

Now wouldn't you call
either scenario impeachable?

That's for the United States
Congress to decide, sir, not me.

Were you aware that the President
was taking any form of medication?

No, I was not.

Did you notice him
acting in a bizarre fashion?

Unstable, incoherent?
No, sir.

Any odd behavior?

No, sir.

Not even firing his Chief of Staff
in the midst of a trade war?

He didn't fire me.
I resigned.

Would you tell us why?

I resigned because I felt

I could no longer serve the President
to the best of my ability.

And what changed? How did you
come to that conclusion?

I had some fundamental
differences of opinion

with certain people
in the White House.

Like who? The President?
No, sir.

Well, what certain
people then?

One person, actually. The Vice
President, Frank Underwood.

He wanted you gone?

I can't speak as to what the Vice
President did or didn't want.

Was he trying
to hide anything?

Was he afraid you might
expose something?

You'd have to ask him, sir.

What's happening in the
Judiciary Committee is a farce.

The Republicans
are exploiting the...

Excuse me,
Mr. Vice President,

but it's not
just Republicans.

A number of Democrats
have come out

saying they would
support impeachment.

Including the Majority Whip,
Jackie Sharp.

Which is egregious,

since the Committee hasn't
stopped hearing testimony,

and nor has the special prosecutor
completed her investigation.

You vigorously defend
the President,

but there are reports that
you've had a falling out.

That you haven't
spoken in weeks.

That is simply not true.

I've spoken to senior staff
at the White House

who say the President's worried you
want to run against him in 2016.

And just today, Linda Vasquez
intimated that you...

Look, I fully expect that

the President
will run in 2016,

and I hope he's
generous enough

to invite me to be
his running mate.

Impeachment, conviction.
Let's say it happens.

It won't.
He's completely innocent.

Let's say it does happen.
You become President.

That is not a scenario
I'm going to entertain.

But the thought must
have crossed your mind.

And one could
make the argument

that the President wouldn't
be in this predicament

if it weren't for you.

It's your staff's involvement
with Feng and Lanagin

that expanded
Dunbar's investigation,

which resulted
in the travel logs...

These impeachment hearings are the
result of political maneuvering...

Your maneuverings
or the Republicans?

Morley, I've always liked you.
You ask the tough questions,

and you can certainly
question my judgment,

but do not question
my patriotism.

I serve this nation and
my President, not myself.

He's lying through his teeth.
LINDA: What we're doing is working.

We keep the whisper
campaign alive.

We spin him as power-hungry,
as duplicitous.

Focus attention on him.
Not you.

What's the latest?
Twenty percent?

Zogby has you at 24.
Your speech made a difference.

The approval numbers are
moving in the right direction.

We need to do more
than play the spin game.

We need to destroy Frank, offer
his head instead of mine.

We use Raymond Tusk.

At his hearing. When he
goes to the Judiciary.

Sir, you're already being accused
of coaching one witness.

If you take
steps to coach...
Not coaching. The truth.

Raymond admits to
the money laundering,

puts Frank at the center of
this, and says I knew nothing.

And then, we'll reward
him for his honesty.

You mean a pardon.

I want you to talk to him.

And put myself at risk?

Well, you're not part of
this administration anymore.

There's no law that says you
can't pay Raymond Tusk a visit.

And in return, resignations don't
have to last forever, Linda.

If I do this, you have to
be a million miles away.

Tricia and I will
go to Camp David.

It's not a million miles away,
but it'll do the job.

I can go after Linda.
Dig into her past...

Neutralizing her won't
neutralize the bigger problem.

It's the President
that's after blood.

Then what's his move?

He can't ask me to resign.
He'd have to force me out.

And to do that,
if I were him,

I would return to the
hand that first fed me.

Raymond Tusk?

No, he'd have to implicate
himself to implicate you.

Not if he gets a pardon.

It's the one thing that
only a President can offer.

Tusk is a hand grenade.
If he pardons him...

You're right.
Tusk is a hand grenade.

And we need to pull the pin
and throw him at Walker

before Walker pulls the pin
and throws him at us.

I want to meet with
Raymond, one on one.

Let me speak on your behalf.
That way if anyone finds...

I know Raymond. He won't
respond to anyone but me.

When's his hearing scheduled?

Day after tomorrow,
2:00 p.m.

That gives us 40 hours
to make it happen.

Yes, sir.


I think it's mine.

Seth, it's 4:00
in the morning.


I want you
to go with her.

I'll get it cleared with
Rockland right now.

Thank you.

Meechum says the plane will
be ready in 30 minutes.

Okay, good.

You think it was just a panic
attack or was she really trying...

I don't know.

It was bad enough they felt
they had to keep her overnight.

I'm gonna call the White
House physician's office,

see if they can recommend anyone.

Wait. My phone.
It's in your hand.

I'll be back
some time tonight.

Impeachment is
our only chance.

Here are the seats that are still
in contention in the midterms.

These 13, we're gonna lose,
no matter what we do.

But even if we
win all the rest,

that only leaves us with
a five-seat majority.

We either save the party
or we save the President.

Anyone who votes
against impeachment

is gonna get pummeled by attack
ads between now and election day.

How many do you
have already?

We need 18. I have six.

So, 12 more to go.

Look, Donald,
I know this is a big ask

and you prefer to focus
on policy and not...

Jackie, you can stop.
I'm on board.

One hundred percent.

I have to say I'm
a little surprised.

When you rolled those
dollies into the cloakroom,

you said, "Work with me.
I'm not Frank Underwood."

And then you helped get my
stimulus package through,

just like you promised.

And what do you
expect this time?

That you never become
Frank Underwood.

You must realize if we're
successful, he will replace Walker.

I don't like Frank, but I hate
being in the minority even more.

We can't let the Republicans
control both houses of Congress.

You've changed since
l joined the leadership.

Just getting better
at playing the game.

I guess you can teach an
old Liberal new tricks.


I guess so.

So, tell me who
you still need.

My lawyers are saying 50-50
that I survive a trial.

Now, I'm not a big
fan of those odds,

but I'm willing
to take 'em.

If your lawyers are putting
it at a coin toss,

then you're paying them too
much to be overly optimistic.

And how can
I trust Garrett?

He turned his back
on 20 years of friendship.

He could accuse
you of the same.


Well, nobody on this planet

wants to see Frank Underwood
go to jail more than I do.

I just don't want to be
sharing a cell with him.

That won't happen.

All you've given me
to go on is Garrett's word.

He's asking you
to tell the truth.

Good things happen to those
who do the right thing.


And you just expect Frank to
lie down, throw in the towel?

We don't even give him the chance.
Your testimony knocks him out cold.


Excuse me.

Yes? Oh.
Thank you. Hold on.


There you go.

Care package from my wife.

Now, you were saying?

I just want to warn you,
she's not herself right now.

They had to put her
on some heavy doses.

Of what?
Lithium, mostly.

It was either that
or commit her for 30 days.

Now, she just took some,
so she might be a little...



Your mom told me they
found you in the lake.

What do you care?

I care very much.

No, you don't.

You don't use somebody
you care about.





That's what they call me.

In my mail, online.

I wish I'd never called.

I wish I'd never met you.

I feel so stupid believing
what you told me.

Thinking that
you did care.

I was getting better.
You did this to me.

Every time I take one of
these, I think of him.

And the next face
I think of? It's yours.

I'm sorry that
you felt used.

You weren't.

I just...

Like I told you, the
political landscape shifted

and we found...


CLAIRE: Hello?

I got your text.

I know I shouldn't be reaching
out to you, but I thought...

No, that doesn't matter. I'm glad you did.
How is she?

In bad shape.

I'm surprised they even let her out
of the hospital, to be honest.

Is there anything
I can do?

Should I contact her family
or go out there myself?

We should probably
leave her alone.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.
How about you?

Holding up.

I spent the whole day
talking to lawyers.

It's hard on the kids.

They're embarrassed and frightened,
but we'll get through it.

I thought the speech you and
Garrett gave was very moving.

Well, it seems
to have helped some.

I was inspired by you,

when you admitted
to the abortion on TV.

The truth is
a powerful thing.

Tricia, I want
to apologize.

What for?

I feel partly responsible

for everything your
family's going through.

It was my suggestion
that you get counseling.

And had I known then, I never
would have said a word.

Claire, please.
Counseling was a godsend.

Garrett and I needed help,
and it's made things better.

I should be thanking you.

And thank you for letting
me know about Megan.

It was kind of you
to make that trip.

You're a good person,
Claire. Be well.



I take it this is
about my hearing.

Did Walker get to you first?

But sometimes
barely is enough.

I'm sure he offered
you a pardon.

Always better to offer something
your competitor can't.

Oh. But I can.


The last time I read
the Constitution,

the most a Vice President could
offer was a smile and a wink.

I think I've proven that I'm not
your typical Vice President.

Typical or not,
you've lost, Frank.

I have an out.
You don't.

Garrett will not
survive impeachment.

If there's one skill
you can't deny,

it's my ability
to whip votes.

In the House.
Not in the Senate.

Which the Constitution
makes me the President of.

And you saw what I did
with entitlement.

Hubris is giving you delusions
of grandeur, Frank.

Let's say Walker squeaks by.
Yes, you get your pardon.

But you've bound
yourself at the hip

to a man who has zero
political capital.


And if he gets convicted,
we all go to jail.

There's no pardon
for anyone.

I'll roll the dice.

Raymond, think
like a businessman.

Haven't you built a fortune
by minimizing risk?

Isn't that why you stacked
Congress all these years,

why you guided Garrett to the Oval,
and why you kept me on as Whip?

Walker is a junk bond
quickly depreciating,

whereas I can end the conflict with
China and keep you in the black.

You can't promise better
relations with China.

I wrecked them.
I can repair them.

Now, let's work together,
as we always intended to do.


When they put you in that box
barely bigger than a coffin,

remember how beautiful
the music was tonight.

It might give you some
small degree of comfort.

Puccini's a downer.

I prefer something
much more optimistic.


They won't touch Brown.
The trial date is set.

They can reduce
the charges.

Dallas won't give.

If I keep pressing,
it'll start to look suspect.

What I can do is make sure
you don't get prosecuted.

And I stop working for you.
Not quite.

I told the U.S. Attorney that we
wanted to bring you on with us.

Cyber terrorism division.

You'd get a clean slate, as...
No fucking way.

They're not gonna
let your case go

unless we give them
a compelling reason.

There's no...

I've spent half my life
fighting the Bureau.

It's the only way
I could sell it.

Take this opportunity, Gavin,
before they change their minds.

I want to meet with
Douglas Stamper.

No. The deal was
I find you a way out...

No, the deal was you help out
Brown and you give me my freedom.

You haven't done
shit for Brown,

and you still want to
keep me under your thumb.

So, I meet Stamper,
or any kind of deal is off.


Raymond said no.

He said neither yes nor no.
I'll keep the pressure on.

So he could still name you. He could.
Anything's possible.

Well, you have to stop him.
I'm trying.

Well, trying's
not enough, Francis.

Well, I can't sit next to him in the
hearing room with a gun to his head.

Now that sounds like an excuse.
It's a reality.

You promised me I wasn't going to
have to prepare for the worst.

And I intend to
keep that promise.

Well, I want to be sure.
I want both of us to be sure.

The only surefire way is for
Walker to call him off personally.

Then make that happen.

I cannot force a man
who thinks I'm his enemy

to suddenly call me
his friend.

I've done what
I had to do.

Now, you do what
you have to do.

Seduce him.
Give him your heart.

Cut it out and put it
in his fucking hands.


FRANCIS: "Dear Mr. President,

"I'm writing you on an Underwood
portable my father gave me

"when I left for the Sentinel.

"lt was the words my father
said when he gave it to me

"that have resonated even more
than this 70-year-old machine.

“This Underwood built
an empire,' he said.

"'Now you go and build
one of your own.'

"Those words have been a large part
of what has motivated my life.

"I've only written one other
letter with these keys.

"lt did not fail me then.

"I hope it will
not fail me now.

"You said I wanted
to diminish you.

"The truth is, I don't.

"You said I wanted to
challenge you in 2016.

"The truth is, I don't.

"You said I wanted
the presidency for myself.

"The truth is,

"I do.

"What politician hasn't dreamed
about what it would be like

"to take the oath of the
highest office of our land?

"I've stared at your desk
in the Oval and coveted it.

"The power, the prestige.

"Those things have a strong
pull on someone like me,

"who came from a small, South
Carolina town with nothing.

"But since you assumed office,

"my only aim has been to fight
for you and alongside you,

"whether that be in Congress

"or as now, the battle
over impeachment.

"Maybe one day, I'll have my
chance to serve as President,

"but not while you are
the nation's leader.

"And in you, sir,
I see a brave man.

"A just man.

"A President whom I
would follow anywhere,

"no matter how strong
the wind blows against us.

"I want to tell you something
I have never told anyone.

"When I was 13, I walked in
on my father in the barn.

"There was a shotgun
in his mouth.

"He waved me over. 'Come
here, Francis,' he said.

"'Pull the trigger for me.'

"Because he didn't have the
courage to do it himself.

"I said, 'No, Papa,'
and walked out,

"knowing he would never
find that courage.

"The next seven years
were hell for my father,

"but even more hell
for my mother and me.

"He made all of us miserable.
Drinking, despair, violence.

"My only regret in life is that
I didn't pull that trigger.

"He would have been
better off in the grave,

"and we would have been
better off without him.

"I'm not going to put you in the same
position as my father put me in.

"You will find enclosed
on a separate sheet,

"a confession to the crimes
you have been accused of.

"They're false words, but my
signature will make them true.

"Use them if you must.

"lf you truly believe that
I have only served myself,

"then I have forever
lost your trust.

"All I can do now is give you
my freedom to save your own.

"I said I would take
the fall for you,

"and now I give you the means
to make that happen.

"I am pulling
the trigger myself.

"We all must make sacrifices
to achieve our dream,

"but sometimes we must sacrifice
ourselves for the greater good.

"lt is my honor to make
such a sacrifice now.

"Your loyal friend, still in my
heart, if not in yours, Francis."

The Constitution sets forth
the general principles...

Sir? The President's
on the phone.

Mr. President.
I got your letter.

I had Tricia read it, too.

I'm torn, Frank.

Half of me wants
to think you're genuine.

The other half doesn't
trust a word of it.

Does Tricia feel
the same way?

She believes in Claire, which
inclines her to believe in you.

I meant every syllable.

I wanted you to know
beyond a shadow of a doubt

that I am willing to do
whatever is necessary.

Well, then, why can't
I shake the shadow?

Because I'm a liar, sir.

Because I lack scruples and
some would even say compassion.

But that's just the image
that I present to the world

because it elicits fear and respect.
But it is not who I am.

My hope was that my letter
would prove that to you.

Well, even if you
are being genuine,

that doesn't do much for me.

I won't survive impeachment

because I got along
with my Vice President.

No, I agree you need more
than my good intentions.


That's what I
want to see, Frank.

And not just falling on the sword.
Show me results.

And then I'll reconsider whether
you're worth any of my trust at all.

You're talking votes.

Whipping votes was your strong suit.
That's the side of you I want to see.

I've already begun, sir.

Yeah? You have a count?

An approximation.
The sands keep shifting.

Well, can we survive
the House or not?

Possibly, but Jackie Sharp
is making it very difficult.

Give me numbers.

Over half of the 18
that she needs,

which is why I'd like to start
focusing on the Senate.

Don't you think
that's premature?

We should be prepared.

The key battle is making sure
that you avoid conviction.

Well, you keep whipping,

you keep getting me

I'll answer your calls.

But don't take that as a sign
of reconciliation, Frank.

I'll sing for my supper, sir.
I don't expect it for free.

Let's talk again tomorrow.

Thank you,
Mr. President.

You said you
wanted options.

Frank didn't leave me options.
He fucked me.

You fucked him first
when you sided with Tusk.

But who cares what
happened each inning?

It's the final score
that counts.

Eight years I spent busting
my ass in this office.

I can't seem to escape it.
You gonna help us or not?

I need to know what I gain.
You'll be taken care of.


We'll see what makes sense when
all the chips have fallen.

So you just want me
to leap off a cliff

and hope for a soft
landing beneath?

No one will
touch you now.

Nobody except us. We're as
soft as you're gonna get.

A job at the White House?

No promises.

Other than something commensurate
with your loyalty and experience.

I could just walk away from it all.
Start a new life.

No, you can't.
You know you can't.

You'd wither away
anywhere but the Hill.

It's never been about the money,
no matter what you tell yourself.

When I left,
Frank begged me to stay.

"Power versus money,"
he said.

Don't reduce myself
to a tax bracket.

He was right.
And I doubt he begged.

He was half right. Power is better
than money for as long as it lasts.

But it never lasts.

What's your answer?

You've gotten colder since
you've taken over this job.

It makes things easier.

On the outside.

And the inside.

I miss you, Jackie.

Tell me if you'll cooperate.

How's your brother enjoying
working with the Congressman?


Oh. Excuse me one second.

Mr. President.

I want you to call Tusk.
Tell him the deal is off.

You were right.

I don't want to take the risk.
But I already spoke to him.

Well, so speak to him again.

And tell him
there's no pardon.

Sir, I was skeptical
of this strategy at first,

but now that we've gone down this
road, we should stick to it.

Linda, do you still
want your job back?

Of course, sir.

Then make the call.

I'd rather see what
happens in the House

before I get involved
in any way.

But if you came out vigorously
in defense of the President,

it might convince
the Judiciary Committee...

To be honest,
I'm not particularly inclined

to be doing
Walker any favors.

Now, Michael, I know he
revoked your nomination.

He didn't fight
for me at all.

Well, he'd just been elected.
He wasn't in a position to...

Wrong. He had
a clear mandate.

He was in a strong
position to defend me.

You're right.

If I had been President, I
wouldn't have given in so easily.

I would've stuck by you after
that article came to light.

In fact, if you'd been our Secretary
of State instead of Durant,

I don't think we'd be in the
mess we are with China.

But the truth is,
I wouldn't have nominated you

for Secretary of State
in the first place.

I would have nominated you
for Secretary of Treasury.

Because your
expertise in economics

is even better than your
grasp on foreign affairs.

Now, if I were President, you'd
be Secretary of Treasury.

If you were President.

That's right.

You can't do this.

What happened?

Was it Frank?

Linda, listen to me...

I understand. Thanks.

The deal is off.

Did she say why?

No. Other than
he changed his mind.

But it must be Frank.

Then we go back to
the original plan.

That's right. You plead the
Fifth just like you did before.

This is political theater.
We get past it... (BEEPS)

Jesus Christ.
What is it?

Remy Danton is volunteering to
testify to Dunbar, right now.

He volunteered?
He wasn't subpoenaed?

Looks that way.

He's gonna sell me out.

That would open him up
to prosecution.

Unless he's being protected.

Where's Danton?

I'll call his assistant.

Did you or did you not
facilitate foreign money

being funneled into political
action committees?

On the advice
of my counsel,

I reserve my right to invoke
the Fifth Amendment.

Xander Feng claims
you not only facilitated,

you orchestrated the scheme.

Now, what is your response
to that testimony?

On the advice of my counsel,
I reserve my right to...

You can reserve your right
all day long, Mr. Tusk.

But when you appear
in front of a grand jury,

as I'm sure the Justice
Department intends,

your silence will
be your downfall.

Does the Congressman
have a question?

You can hide from us
all you want, sir.

You cannot hide from
a jury of your peers.

Mr. Chairman...

That's it. I'm done.

I relinquish the
remainder of my time.

The Chair recognizes the
Congresswoman from Tennessee.

You have 12 minutes, ma'am.

Mr. Tusk, our nation is currently
embroiled in a trade war with China.

It has gutted our economy.

It has placed our navy in harm's way.
The President who put us there has...

He knew.


Excuse me?
My client reserves the...

He knew. Isn't that what
you're all wondering?


Quiet, please.

Knew what, exactly?

There was a mechanism

by which a great
many contributions

were made over
the last 10 years.

The legality of this
mechanism is something

that I continue to believe

is within the
boundaries of the law.

But as for the mechanism itself, Mr.
Feng is correct.

I orchestrated it.
I facilitated it.

And the President
knew about it.

Danton just canceled.

Screw Danton.
We've got Tusk.

Get me the Attorney General.

That won't be necessary,
Mr. Tusk.

If you'll come with us.

That's a shame.

Handcuffs were another
item on my bucket list.

Right this way, sir. You have
the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you.

We'll want a bond. For his
cooperation in the hearing.

I'll talk bonds
if you'll talk a plea.

Response to the testimony
has been swift and vocal.

Protesters have been gathering
in front of the White House

since yesterday,

demanding President
Walker's resignation.

And an online petition
has already accumulated

over 200,000 signatures
in the past 24 hours.

The list of lawmakers publicly
condemning the President

has grown on both sides
of the aisle.

And this afternoon,

the Chinese ambassador also condemned
the Walker administration,

saying China would not
negotiate with a President

who dealt with corrupt businessmen
behind Beijing's back.

This at a time when warships
from both countries...

Meanwhile, the President
and First Lady

remain bunkered at Camp David and
have offered no public response

to the most recent
developments in Washington.

I'm here with Ayla Sayyad
of the Wall Street Telegraph.

Ayla, I have to
begin by saying

that sources on the
Hill are telling me

that the Judiciary Committee may
bypass debate all together.

No one on the Committee has
gone on record about that.

But do you think these rumors
would be circulating

if there weren't some sort
of strong preference

to recommend the Articles of
Impeachment to the House?

I think it's safe to assume
there is strong support.

Every poll I've seen

shows an overwhelming majority of
Americans want this to move forward.

I don't think politicians
are going to ignore that.

I've talked to a number
of my colleagues already.

There's support on
my side of the aisle.

Well, how many do you have? Five
at this point, including me.

That would put us at 60.
We'd still need seven more.

You've seen
the overnight polls.

He's dipped down into
the single digits.

Are you willing to make a
public statement with us?

I think the country could use

a little bipartisanship
right now, don't you?

WALKER: Do you think
they're bluffing?

That it's some sort of stunt to
sway the undecideds in the Senate?

Michael Kern is bitter
and small-minded, sir,

but he wouldn't appear
publicly with Mendoza

if they didn't
have the numbers.

Well, I imagine we're worse off
in the House than we were before-

In fact, I had a very productive
conversation with Jackie Sharp.

She agreed to
stop the attack

if we give her our support for
majority leader after the midterms.

But once Raymond gave his testimony,
she called to say the deal was off.

Raymond really
has set us back.

I can't fathom why he lied.

Well, it's retribution.

For what? The energy crisis?

Did you offer
him something?

Well, Raymond's
testimony hurts,

but it can't
finish us off.

It's impossible
to prove a lie.

Impeachment is inevitable.

Public opinion is the adversary now.
Facts no longer matter.

You should give Kern a call.
The personal touch.

If he came back to us, it might make
the other Democrats get cold feet.

Well, China isn't helping.

President Qian won't return my calls.
Beijing must smell death.

They're just exploiting
the situation for leverage.

Let's not worry about
China for the moment.

One battle at a time, sir.

Maybe I'm finished, Frank.

Maybe I need to start accepting
that we won't pull out of this.

Mr. President, I know you're tired.
I know this has been hell for you.

And, yes, impeachment
would be an awful blow.

We'd have to fight tooth
and nail in the Senate.

And, yes, we'll have
to beg and compromise

to regain our
political capital.

But we have it in us, sir.

No matter how many scars
it leaves us with.

It's not just us, Frank.

It's Tricia.
It's my children.

I stay awake at night, thinking
how much it would crush them,

seeing their
father hauled off.

Sir, that won't happen
because I won't let it.

If we're confronted
by the worst,

I'll make sure you never
step foot behind bars.

You have my word on that.

He's in the darkness now, and
I'm the only beacon of light.

Now we gently guide him
toward the rocks.

Mr. President, you also
still have my letter.

It's not too late, if you
want to use that option.

No, you're more useful to me
on the Hill than in handcuffs.

I'll call Kern.

Goodnight, sir.


How much did
Green tell you?

Enough that I showed up.

He probably didn't
mention Rachel Posner?

Don't worry. He doesn't know.
I do.

You have her in
an apartment in Joppa.

I have your movements.

I have your text messages before
you destroyed your phone.

But that's more
than enough.

I'll bet a lot of people would
like to know what she knows.

Now, you listen to me
very carefully.

Whatever you
think you've got,

whatever you intend
to do with it,

I don't respond to extortion
the same way that Green does.

What Green promised you, that
can be undone in a heartbeat.

And that's why you're here.
Make sure it isn't.

You want my protection.

I don't trust Green
or anyone at the Bureau.

Who else knows
about this?

No one.

Why should I trust you?

'Cause we both have
too much to lose, man.

Get dressed.

What are you doing here?

Put some clothes on.

Why? Why?

Now. Let's go.

Did anyone contact you?

Where are you taking me?

Answer my question.

No. Nobody.

There's someone
who knows about us.

Who knows where you are
and when we've met.

Are you gonna hurt me?

Nothing's going to happen
if you tell the truth.

lam. I haven't been
contacted by anybody.

Stop lying, Rachel.

I will do whatever you want.
Please, just don't hurt me.

What I want

is for you to answer my
questions, so I can help you.

All you have ever done
is fuck up my life.

You fucked up
the fellowship.

You fucked up what
I had with Lisa.

Even when I did
what you asked.

And your sick
fucking visits,

and reading to you
like a fucking child.

What is wrong with you?

Why can't you
just leave me be?

Why do you have to be
such a fucking...


Rachel? Don't be stupid.


Everything's gonna be fine.

All I've ever done
is try to protect you.

That's what I'm
trying to do now.

You have to believe that.

I didn't have to.
Be a lot easier if I didn't.

But I did.

I did it because I...



What are you doing?


CHAIRMAN: Yesterday, we completed hearings
with regard to Articles of Impeachment

for the President
of the United States.

The Chair will now entertain
motions from the committee.

Mr. Chairman.

The Chair recognizes the
Congressman from Alabama.

I move that we put our
recommendation directly to a vote

so that debate
on this important matter

may take place on the House
floor, open to all 435 members.

Are there any objections to
bypassing debate in this committee?

We will now vote
on recommendation

of the Articles of Impeachment
to the full House.

Those in favor
of recommendation,
say, "Aye."


Those opposed?


The "ayes" have it.

This committee
officially recommends

Articles of Impeachment
proceed to the House floor.



He's here.

Sir, the President
wants you at Camp David.

WOMAN: The Vice President is just
arriving now here at Camp David.

We expect President Walker
to speak within the hour,

announcing his official resignation
as President of the United States.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Mr. President.

I have coffee in the kitchen.
Would you like some?

I'm fine.
No, thank you.

Well, you're
about to become

the most powerful man
in the free world.

You don't have
to do this, sir.

I spoke to Kern last night.
He's not gonna back down.

So we'll beat him down.
No, Frank.

My approvals are at 8%.

Even if I avoid conviction,
I have no mandate to lead.

So, better I step aside
with some dignity

so the nation
can start to heal.

I can never fill
your shoes, sir.

Well, you don't
have a choice now.

Your letter.

Well, shall we go introduce

the 46th President
of the United States?

WALKER: Effective immediately,

l am resigning the Presidency
of the United States.

Tricia and I believe that this
is the best course of action,

not only for us and our
children, but for the country.

It's a sad day for us.
I can't deny that.

But I take solace in this.

Frank Underwood will bring
virtue, experience and courage

to the Oval Office.

I have been blessed to have
him as my Vice President.

But I'm even more blessed
to call him my friend.

It has been

the greatest honor of my life to
serve this country as President.

I thank my family, my staff, and all
of those who have supported me.

Despite the last few months,

my faith in this country
has never been stronger.

God bless all of you.

And God bless the United
States of America.

Thank you, Mr. President,
for those words.

Good luck to you, sir.

Sir, please raise
your right hand
and repeat after me.

"I, Francis J. Underwood..."

" solemnly swear..."

Mr. President.

Madam Secretary.

The rest of the Cabinet is
awaiting you at the White House.

We'd like to give you a national
security briefing right away, sir.

I'm aware of
the particulars.

Can you please get
Beijing on the phone?

Qian hasn't returned the
President's calls for two days.

Well, there's
a new President now.

Please get him
on the line.

Two hours ago,
President Underwood,

in his first act
as Commander-in-Chief,

gave orders to the Seventh Fleet
to vacate Japanese waters.

This was a result of a productive
conversation with President Qian,

who gave similar orders to Chinese
naval vessels in the same region.

He moves quick.

Do you mean with the
Chinese or with Walker?


MARSHAL: Mr. Feng?
What is it?

U.S. Justice Department.
We need you to come with us.

You're going back to China.

I have asylum.

No, sir, you don't. Your
asylum has been rescinded.

I have it in writing.
"Unconditional and permanent."

Sir, I'm telling you, your
asylum has been rescinded.

Now, please, gather your
things and come with us.

Revoking his asylum
will have consequences.

But we're solid from
a legal perspective?

Legally, yes.

His initial paperwork
hasn't been processed,

and we can claim he poses a
threat to our national interests.

But it diminishes the integrity
of our State Department.

What's more important, Cathy?
Integrity or peace?

You know they'll execute him.

The Chinese are right
about one thing.

Sometimes you have to
sacrifice the one

for the many.

Let's get back
to Washington.


Okay. Please let me know.
Thanks very much.

Not yet.

See if you can track down anyone
from his regular AA meetings.

I spoke to the moderator.

He says he hasn't seen
Doug in several weeks.

I checked all the hospitals,
his landlord...

Sir, everyone's here.

All right,
when this is all over

I want you to work
with Nancy on finding Doug.

I've already alerted the D.C. Metro.
They put out an APB on his car.

We'll find him, sir.

Just outside.

Let's go, Nancy.

Excuse me.

Ladies and gentlemen, the
President and the First Lady.

Mr. President.

Mr. President.

Mr. President.



I know your birthday
isn't for a couple of weeks,

but I got you something.

What's this?
Open it.

I had a new one made.

I love you.
I love you, too.

You go ahead.

Come on.
We earned this together.

Take a few moments
for yourself first.

I'll be out here.