House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - full transcript

Francis and Doug plan to frame Secretary of State nominee, Michael Kern. Meanwhile, Zoe's popularity at the Washington Herald continues to grow.

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You know what I like about people?

They stack so well.

Let me get this for you.

- Want the paper?
- No.

This is too much.

It's not half enough.

Thanks for opening up for me.

Any time, day or night.
You know that.

In a town where everyone's

so carefully reinventing themselves,

what I like about Freddy

is that he doesn't even
pretend to change.

Ooh. I'm late.

Every Tuesday I sit down

with the speaker and the majority leader

to discuss the week's agenda.

Well, discuss is probably
the wrong word.

They talk while I sit quietly

and imaging their lightly salted faces

frying in a skillet.

Vasquez must be shitting herself.

Shitting herself,
or Walker is shitting himself

and shoveling his shit on her shit.

Bob, I'm planning on eating.

Do we have a backup on the docket?

You're on that, right, Frank?

Yeah, I'm working
with my staff--

Republicans are gonna ram this

up our ass.
I would if I was them.

Why, even if we squeak it
through the house,

watch them mangle it in the senate.

- Or filibuster.
- Why, sure, if it looks anything like this.

I don't know why Walker's

trying to tackle a charging elephant.

It's madness.

Congressmen, sorry to interrupt,

but I saw you
sitting over here--

Remy. Gentlemen,
this is Remy Danton.

Remy, this is Speaker
Birch and Congress--

I'm well aware.
Mr. Speaker, Congressman.

Remy just made partner at Glendon Hill.

Glendon Hill?
Great team over there.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

When was the last time
they added a partner?

It's been a while.

Well, they know a winner
when they see one.

Remy was the best press
secretary I ever had.

Why did you let him go?

I didn't.
They stole him away.

What accounts do you have?

San Corp Industries is my main one.

I run that account now.

Anyhow, I'll let you get back to it.

Sorry again to interrupt.

No problem.

Very nice to meet you both.

- Nice.
- Lobbyists keep getting younger and younger.

He's probably making more
than all of us combined.

Gentlemen, this one's on me.

I'm gonna track down that check.

Glendon Hill fronts San Corp Industries.

San Corp is deep into natural gas.

I don't give a hoot about natural gas,

but I have 67 deputy whips,

and they all need cash to win races.

San Corp helps me purchase loyalty,

and in return they expect mine.

It's degrading, I know,

but when the tit's that big,

everybody gets in line.

Tell them I'm on top of it.

I need more than that.

You are well aware
that I do not drop the ball

on things like this, Remy.

Promises, Frank.
Secretary of State,

Argentine and offshore
drilling contracts--

talk to me when I've solved the problem.

Don't waste my time when I'm
working on solving the problem.

When there's billions on the line,

I can't not show up.

Fine. Thank you
for your diligence.

Eight figures to you and the D triple C.

6 million to build that library
of yours in your name.

- I know.
- Don't make them throw money

at your challenger next cycle.

You've made your point.

Have I? I hope so.

Such a waste of talent.

He chose money over power--

In this town, a mistake
nearly everyone makes.

Money is the McMansion in Sarasota

that starts falling apart
after ten years.

Power is the old stone building

that stands for centuries.

I cannot respect someone
who doesn't see the difference.

[Frank] What am I looking at?

The Williams register.

- Williams?
- College.

September '78.

And why am I looking at it?

The editorial.

Not that interesting.

Michael Kern went to Williams.

Check out the masthead.

And then there's this.

It's thin.

The guy's a unicorn.
He pisses rainbows.

- You think we can get traction with this?
- I think you could.

Linda Vasquez is on the phone.

Ah, I'm surprised it took her this long.

It's only 6 past 9:00.

Which means she read
the Herald 3 hours ago

and spent the past 2 1/2 getting
reamed by the president.

Tell her I'm on my way.

You were supposed to keep Donald in line.
You assured me that you--

25 years he's been pushing
this particular agenda.

We got between the
mother bear and her cub.

It's a setback.
That's all.

On our first day in office.

Linda, I've worked with four presidents.

Setbacks are a dime a dozen
with a bill of this size.

Frank, if you
can't control this--

I don't take well to being
micromanaged, Linda.

You want to do my job for
me and run the White House?

Good luck.
I won't stand in your way.

Okay, Frank. Fine.
This is yours now.

If this thing can't make it to
the floor in the first 100 days,

then I'll let you explain
to the president

why he lied to the American people.

I'm gonna get back to work.

Please do.

Well, we really should be
doing this on a Friday

instead of a Wednesday.

If we do it on a Friday,

- people have the weekend--
- Fine. We'll do it on Friday.

[Claire] Is all the paperwork ready?

Some of the more senior
people are trickier.

There's severance.

But we shouldn't run into
any legal issues.

No, no. We use at-will
employment contracts

across the board.

Well, get started first thing Friday.

I want all of the exit interviews

done by lunch.

Claire, I just can't help but think

that this is a mistake.

We've discussed this already, Evelyn.

I know, I know,
but I just have to say it

for the sake of my conscience.

I think that you are dismantling

what we have built
over the past ten years,

and I--

and I think the way you're handling this cruel.

It's not easy, Evelyn.

But it's necessary.

You have always asked me
to be honest with you.

It's how we work together.

I disagree with something, I say it.

Well, I disagree 100%.

Please, Claire, don't do this.

I respect your opinion, Evelyn,

and I appreciate you sharing it with me,

but I'm not going to change my mind.

Friday, then.

If that's what you want.

This is major reform,
a complete overhaul.

That would usually take months.

Well, we only have days, not months.

But think about the process.
We can't just change--

When I ask my colleagues, your bosses,

who are the smartest minds in education,

out of hundreds,
we arrived at you--

the six of you in this room.

Now, I realize it is a difficult task,

but we have the opportunity
to make history here.

And I want all of us
to make it together.

So good luck.
We're counting on you.

Page 1.

These bullet points

reflect the key planks

at the center of our bill.

Get comfy.
This is your home

until we have a presentable first draft.

Donald, what a morning.

I have no idea how they got this.

I specifically told my staff

to destroy everything.
I can't imagine--

It doesn't matter how it happened.

We can't make it unhappen,
so we have to adapt.

Don't they realize
that this is a first draft?

All we have here really
is a perception problem.

We don't get a second chance
at a first impression, Donald.

You know that. Now,
look, I'm on your side,

but Linda is furious.

What's she saying?

They want to point fingers.

At me?

I told her we cannot do that.

I mean, you are vital to this process.

I'm up to here with them,

for lying, for turning
their back on you.

You know, I'm of a mind to say screw it.

I'll fall on this grenade myself,

just to piss them off.

Give me John king at CNN.

Wait, Frank.
This is not your fault.

No, we have to protect your reputation.

But you're the man that needs to
get the bill through the house.

I will-- hang on.
I will assign it to one of my deputies,

quietly manage it, and help
guide you through the process.

I am not comfortable with this.

Well, then what do you suggest we do?


What a martyr craves more than anything

is a sword to fall on,

so you sharpen the blade,

hold it at just the right angle,

and then 3, 2, 1--

It should be me.

It was my bill.

No. Impossible. Donald,

education has been your life's work.


The truth is my heart
is not in this fight.

You know me. I'm not
a wheeler dealer.

I can put my mind to policy,

but I'm no good at this
brand of politics.

Well, if not you, then who?

[Clock chimes]

It should be you, Frank.

You're formidable.
People respect you.

They will follow your lead.
Let me--

let me be on the sidelines for this.

Well, I could only
consider that as an option

if I knew that I could still
come to you for counsel.

Of course.
Whatever you need.


Part of me is glad this got leaked.

Well, it would have been
better if it hadn't,

but at least people know where I stand.

Thank you, Donald.

Happy to do it, Frank.

He has no idea we've got
six kids in the next room

already working on a new draft.

Stamper! But why dampen
his mood by telling him?

We just gave him
a great gift--

a chance to fulfill his destiny.

Write up a statement
for Blythe--

stepping aside, fresh ideas,

et cetera, et cetera,
and make it dignified.

He's a good man.

Oh. And bring me
that Williams editorial.

After careful thought
and discussion with my staff,

I am relinquishing my management

of the education reform act.

I hope to remain a part of the process,

but I won't be working--

Why did you leak the draft?

I'm not exactly sure how it got leaked,

but, uh,
it does represent--

it came from your office,
though, correct?

Uh, we wrote it,
but I don't--

Who'll be managing the bill now?

Frank Underwood.

Was that your choice,

or did
the administration--

I feel very confident

placing the bill

in Frank's capable hands.


[Line ringing]

Ms. Barnes.

How very deep throat of you.

Well, I can't help you
dispatch a president.

How about a senator?

The editorial on the Camp David accords.

"It is the opinion of this newspaper

"that President Carter demand Israel

"withdraw all its citizens

from the Gaza Strip
and West Bank."

"Which it has illegally
occupied since 1967."

Illegally occupied.

That's quite an incendiary
quote, don't you think?

For an administration that says

that the Middle East is its
top foreign policy priority.

Michael Kern?

Did he personally write the editorial?

He was the editor.

But did he write it himself?

Then there's no story.

I'm saying it's a question worth asking.

And if he denies involvement?

He will. Let him.

This is a man trying to be confirmed

as Secretary of State.

Everything is a story.

There's no direct link.

I can't get this past Messerschmidt.

Remember this moment
when you resisted me,

when you said the words
"Then there is no story."

Get a good night's
sleep, Ms. Barnes.

You have a big day tomorrow.

[Door opens, closes]


What is this?

What does it look like?

But the basement is mine.

I know. It's not for me.

So who's it for?

For you.

There's a gym in the Capitol.

Which you never use.

Because I'm a tad busy
running the country.

But not at home, so now
you have no excuse.

I want it out.

Give it a try first.

Is this your subtle way

of saying that I'm out of shape?

No, it's my way of suggesting

you could be in better shape.

That sounds
both passive-aggressive

and condescending.

Just plain aggressive and true.

Don't wait up for me.

Are you going running now?

Yes, because I couldn't this morning.

I had an early meeting.

Use the monstrosity.
It's freezing out.

You break it in.

It looks positively
medieval, doesn't it?

And to turn my only sanctuary
into a fitness dungeon.

I won't have it.

It's a stretch.

[Zoe] We're not misleading anyone.

- He was the editor.
- Did you call for a comment?

I tried three times. The press
secretary said he'd get back to me.

- He didn't.
- What about research?

You couldn't find anything
to echo the editorial?

No quotes, no op-ed pieces?

Don't you think if something
like that existed,

someone would have printed it by now?

Nobody else has this, Lucas.

I don't think there's a story here.

I'm not saying there's a story.
All I'm saying

is that there's a question
that needs to be answered.

This is a nominee
for Secretary of State.

We have an editorial
on Palestine and Israel.

Which he didn't write.

Which we don't know he didn't write.


We don't have to print it.

I could just scan the thing,

stick it on a site, and tweet the link.

But if I did that,
some other paper might--

Whoa, whoa.
Don't be a bitch.

I'll talk to Tom.

That's all I was asking.

We simply can't afford
to allow the--

We got a guy who's almost perfect.

He's a libertarian drug fiend

- marinating in a mobile home.
- Shh.

I didn't agree with President Reagan

on many things,

but there was some merit

to the notion
of trickle-down economics,

and I feel there is much merit

to the idea
of trickle-down diplomacy.

Those are my lines.

Vasquez must have given them to him.

...stalemate between
Israel and Palestine,

that success will trickle down

to a hundred other diplomatic dilemmas

between Muslims,
Jews, Christians--

I'm glad you brought up
Israel and Palestine

because just before we came on the air,

I received an advance copy of an article

that's going to be in tomorrow's

Washington Herald's front page

and was written by Zoe Barnes,

and in it she quotes an editorial

that ran in the Williams
college register

when you were editor
back in September 1978,

which called the Israeli presence

in the Gaza Strip and West Bank,

quote, an illegal occupation.

- Can I see that?
- Sure.

Did you write those words,
"illegal occupation"?

No. I have
no memory of this.

But you were the editor of the paper.

Yes, but--

So it couldn't have gone out

without your approval.

No, of course not,
but my staff--

somebody else usually wrote the, uh,

the, uh-- and then
we'd vote, and if--

Did you vote for it?

Honestly, George, I can't remember.

It was 35 years ago.

So you're not sure

whether or not you
supported these words--

I can tell you without
a shadow of a doubt

I did not write these words.

But were they in line with
your thinking at the time?

[Laughing] This is ludicrous.

That's all we need--
him laughing.

[George] I know it was
a long time ago--

Nancy, get me Dennis Mendel of the ADL.

The Middle East is a vital
American interest.

What you think about
the Middle East is relevant.

You can look at my voting record.

Every single vote has been
in defense of Israel--

So when did your views change?

What I'm saying to you
is my--

What's important now, George,

is how I have voted

while I have represented
the great state of Colorado--

I understand that's your position,
but a lot of other people

are going to look at it
and think what you thought then

is relevant as well.

Have you ever changed your views

- since college?
- I'm not the nominee

for Secretary of State.

even if I did have--

It's golden.

This has not been my views--

It's a bull's eye.

What were you saying when you came in?

So, ahem, I found a guy

who was on the college editorial staff

when Kern was there.

This burnout,

still pumping mimeographed manifestos

out of a trailer park in the Berkshires.

You're not planning on talking to him.

Peter Russo.

- Good.
- [Phone rings]

Sounds like a perfect match.



Any chance you're watching

[Toilet flushes]

You look sexy when you're improving

the lives of hardworking Pennsylvanians.

Is it the improving lives,

or is it these fetching sweat pants?

Move that computer out of the way.

Let me see what that looks like.

Yeah, it's better with the laptop.

Fuck off.

You're not paying
enough attention to me.

I pay attention to you
all day at the office.

Hey, you know, I don't think

I've ever seen you
brush your teeth before.

- Sure you have.
- No, I don't think so.

I know that you do brush,
but I don't think

I've ever actually witnessed it before.

Well, here it is in all its glory.

Is that my toothbrush?

I don't know. Is it?

Yes, it is.

- You left it here.
- Peter, gross.

Oh, come on.

We've exchanged plenty of fluids.

Ohh. Hey, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

No. Toothpaste.

It's not toothpaste.
I'm ravished.

[Muffled] No.



Go get it.

- I have to take this.
- [Scoffs] Ohh.

This is Russo.

Right now it's 12:53.


[Smacking lips]

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.


I have to go.

- [Clears throat]
- Is everything okay?

It's work stuff.

What kind of work stuff?

Congressman Wallinski.
He wants to go over

the tax incentive stuff we sent him.

it's 1:00 in the morning.

[Door opens]

Hey, Peter.

[Door closes]


I have meetings tomorrow.
I have a committee hearing.

Congress will survive without you.

Address, directions.

There's an e-ticket
in your name.

Your flight leaves
at 6:30.

- You should head to the airport.
- This is coming from Frank?

No. This is coming
from no one.

You have the flu,
and you're calling in sick.

- What's that?
- What's what?

Is that a hickey?

Are you whoring around again?

- No. I have a girlfriend.
- Mm.

You mean your little office romance.

What do you know about that?

When it comes to your life,
Peter, and what I know about it,

you should assume that there's
no such thing as a secret.

Stay in touch.

You call me on my cell,
never at the office.

Good luck.

Knock 'em dead, tiger.

[Keyboard clacking]

How are we?

Overtired, under-caffeinated,
but we're making progress.

- Less than a week to go.
- Yeah. We'll do our best.

- You'll what?
- We'll get it done.

[Sniffs] Somebody open a window.
It's rancid in here.

- [Snoring]
- That is what happens when six people

don't shower for half a week.

Anything you need other than deodorant?

Yeah, this performance standards thing.

- The teachers unions are gonna--
- Leave it in.

- But we could delete it.
- I'll handle the unions. What else? Anything?

Conjugal visits?

I'll get back to work.

[Keyboard clacking]


- Coming.
- What do I have next?

Constituent calls
from 2:10 to 2:35,

- fundraising until 3:50, deputy caucus at 4:00.
- The call list?

- It's on your desk.
- My briefing for the caucus?

- Next to the call list.
- Have you been in the conference room?

Have it steam cleaned over the weekend.

In the meantime, get those poor
kids some Febreze or something.

It's like a petting zoo.

[Door closes]

You gotta see this.

[Man] But were they in line
with your thinking at the time?


We do not consider the issue of Israel

and Palestine a laughing matter.

And he calls Israel illegal.

Well, he's an anti-semite,
and he is wrong.

We would have grave, grave concerns

about appointing such a man
our next Secretary of State.

[Clicks off]

It's too easy.

[Loud music, cartoon noises on TV]

[Exhales forcefully]


Roy, hi.

My name is Peter Russo.
Congressman Russo.

I'd like to just
speak to you for just a...


Either you're lying,
and you can fuck off;

or you're telling the truth,
and you can absolutely fuck off.

I saw your web site.

I'm a fan.

And I brought you something.

[Cartoon continues on TV]

Hey, babe, put some clothes on.

- What?
- We got a guest.

- [TV clicks off]
- So? Hey.

Put some clothes on.

- Ice or no ice?
- [Drink pouring]

- Uh, no ice.
- Good.

We don't have any.

Fuck. Echo, I told you
to put the--

- It's okay. It's okay.
- [Toilet flushing]

I'll keep your secret if you keep mine.

A congressman, you say?

Right now,
I'm just a drinking companion.

Well, all right, companion.

Have yourself a drink.

[Knock on door]

Come on in.


What will that get me?

I mean, I'm kinky, but I don't know
if I'm the girl you're looking for.

You're definitely the girl
that I'm looking for.

Excuse me.

All I want for that money
is your silence.

My what?

The guy you were with the other night,

the one who was arrested,
do you know who he was?

You mean the congressman?

There was no congressman.
There was no arrest.

None of that exists.

All that exists

is the money sitting right there
in front of you.

Do you understand?



Open your mouth.

Last little bit's for me.

[Clock ticking]

You're scolding me.

Am I?

You are, silently.

- Is it the rowing machine?
- You tell me.

It's the rowing machine.

- You haven't used it.
- How do you know I haven't?


You know I don't like to be managed.

I'm not trying to manage you.

I just don't want
to outlive you by 25 years.

I must walk three miles a day
around that Capitol.

I'm constantly on my feet.

And do you know how many
calories the brain burns?

I'm not worried about your brain.

- It's your heart we're talking about.
- [Inhales deeply]

[Cigarette scraping]

Use the machine.

She's right.

I should take better care of myself.

But it's the principle.

I won't be a slave
to anybody or anything

you can order
with a toll-free number.

dd [Southern rock]

[Inhales deeply]

We share the wealth in this republic.


I thought the whole
editorial team pitched in.

Not that time, though.

But he must have written some of it?

No. That was all me.
[Inhales deeply]

dd [Continues]

What if people thought he wrote it?

Oh, fuck that.
He's a fraud.

Nah, he's worse than a fraud.
He's a fucking farce.

I'll tell you something.

He used to be even more
of a maniac than I am.

- Chemicals?
- No. Politics.

Oh, we had some nights, man.
Long conversations,

dangerous fucking notions.

- Like what?
- You name it-- OPEC,

Pinochet, the fucking Food Stamp Act.

Then the motherland
sang her mating call.

d O say can you-- d

Next thing, he's cramming
for the bar at Bryn Mawr

and snapping on a flag pin.

Does Bryn Mawr have a law school?

My point is, he started goose-stepping
in the marionette parade.

Left, right; red, blue;
Democrat, Republican.

We're all dangling
from the same strings.

Take a sledgehammer to the whole
fucking Punch and Judy show.

- That's what's required.
- Thought you were a patriot.

Fuck, yeah.
One of the few.

- So what's wrong with public service?
- Public service?

Come on. You gotta get a grip
on who your masters are.

The I.M.F., the World Bank,
the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission.

You bankroll their fucking death squads.

It's called FEMA;
it's called alcohol, tobacco, and firearms;

NATO; Border Control.

You think Katrina was incompetence?

That was highly orchestrated negligence.

Look at Waco, Amnesty
International, the A.C.L.U.

Smokescreens-- all of them.
Blood on their hands.

Well, exactly.

You want me to lie to the people.

I want you to spare the people
another hypocrite.

- What's in it for you?
- [Sighs]

Poetic justice.

Oh, come on.
You're one of them.

Can a corporate sellout
roll a joint like this?

d Lord knows, I can't change d

If I wanted to do this thing,

how might I go about that, precisely?

[Door closes]

[Clears throat]

How did it go?

There were a few tears here and there

and some anger,

but nothing unexpected.

I'm going to need you to
leave us today, too, Evelyn.

I'm sorry.

I just can't have any doubt
about the direction I'm taking.

You just had me fire 18 people.

I know.

I sat across from them in this room,

and I had to tell
each and every one of--

I know.

I am 59 years old.

Nobody hires anybody my age.

I will write you
any kind of recommenda--

To do what, bag groceries?

What am I supposed to tell my daughter?

I'm sorry, Evelyn.
I truly am.

No, you're not.
You don't give a fuck.

Eighteen people, Claire.

Nineteen, if you count me.

I have to...

I have to call my daughter.

I know today has been tough.

A lot of your colleagues have left,

and I owe you an explanation.

Many of those who left us today

helped build the C.W.I.
from the ground up,

and I'm grateful to them.

But it is time for us to evolve,

and to accomplish this,

we had to make hard choices

and bring in new people.

That's what today was about.

You have any questions,

my door is always open.

I'm all good for national and metro.

We've got space for political
if we need it.

Janine, anything new on Michael Kern?

The White House is dodging.

You can't get anyone on record?

Not just me.

They're shutting all of us down
in the briefings.

No one is giving an inch,
even on background.

In the meantime,
I'm working on a feature

about the administration's
foreign policy agenda.

How it shifted
from the start of the campaign,

- increased D.O.D. spending, and--
- Received, Zoe.

I can link Kern directly
to the Williams editorial.

- What?
- I've got a guy named Roy Kapeniak

who was on the editorial staff
when Kern was there.

Hey, Twitter twat,

- Wait, wait, wait. Roy what?
- Kapeniak.

A classmate of Kern's.

I have him on record saying
Kern wrote every word

- of the editorial.
- Let's move this into my office.

Zoe, Lucas.

[Door opens]

- [Murmuring]
- Janine.

Let me-- let me,
once and for all,

say this definitively:

I didn't author that editorial.

Not a single sentence,
word, comma, or period.

If memory serves me, it was
Mr. Kapeniak who wrote it.

Why on earth he's trying to
claim that I did is beyond me.

Let me further say that I'm a strong
supporter of the state of Israel.

As the most stable country in the region

- and our strongest ally...
- It's Frank Underwood for Cathy. any peace process,

because without the stability of Israel,

there can be no Palestine.

- [Reporters shouting]
- CNN right now.

"Without Israel
there can be no Palestine"?

- I've got it on.
- I would remind Senator Kern

that there was a Palestine long
before there was an Israel.

His comments are not only
ignorant, they are racist.

Get ready, Cathy. Things are
about to move very quickly.

- ...his understanding of the Middle East--
- Okay.

- so out of sync with reality...
- I'm ready.

[Clears throat] Hey.

- Peter? No. Stop.
- Uh, not now.

Hey. Hey,
where have you been?

Oh, God, you're fucking high.

- No. I--
- Yes, you are. Look at your eyes.

Oh, please, just lay off.

You promised me
it wouldn't be like this.

Cancel whatever I have
for the rest of the day.

[Glass shatters]

Kern is out.

They're tossing him?

Technically, that would
draw himself, but yes.

Can I say "A source
close to the White House"?

No. You let this story
play out on its own time.

They'll announce in the morning.

I'm sorry. If not that,
what story are we talking about?

Catherine Durant.

As soon as Kern withdraws, you
say she'll be the replacement.

- Is that true?
- It will be after you write it.

Roy Kapeniak was you.

You might very well think that.
I couldn't possibly comment.

You found him.
You had him call me.

Kapeniak and Kern were
appetizers, Miss Barnes.

Catherine Durant is the meal.

Say that name:
Catherine Durant.

Say it over and over.

Tomorrow afternoon, write it down,

and then watch that name
come out of the mouth

of the President of the United States.

This is where we get to create.

Don't miss your train, Miss Barnes.

It's the last one tonight.

Zoe Barnes with the Washington
Herald now reporting,

quoting a source close to the president,

as saying that Senator Catherine Durant

will likely be the new nominee
for Secretary of State

after Michael Kern's withdrawal
earlier this week.

The White House has remained
silent on whether the president

will tap Durant for a nomination,

but a national Zogby Poll

shows wide support for Durant
across party lines.

Catherine Durant has served ten years on
the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

made numerous diplomatic
missions to South America...

We can place our faith in her,
knowing that we have a responsible,

experienced, brilliant woman
representing our interests abroad.

Middle of the road, team
player, strong in defense.

If there's a woman that can work with
the joint chiefs, she's the one.

Durant is the way to go.
It's a no-brainer.

The president should stop this
pageant and simply make the call.

Why are we still talking about, if
they're going to nominate Durant?

Why don't they just do it already

so we can all stop talking about ifs

and start talking about when and what

and how Durant's going to
shape up foreign policy...

So, history?


[All sighing]

I'm very impressed, Frank.

Good. With your go-ahead,
I'll start the mock-up.

Have Birch and Rasmussen seen this?

Not yet. I wanted you to be
the first to have a look.

I'll schedule a time for you
to fill in the president.

Oh, no, no, no. That is your turf, Linda.
You should do that.

- Thank you, Frank.
- My pleasure. Thank you.

- I so apologize for everything--
- No, no, no, n--

it's not necessary.

Now for the real meeting.

So what is happening with Michael Kern?

Oh, it's a total nightmare.

You know who you're gonna tap next?

Frank, we still need you
in the house--

No, no, no.
I wouldn't dream of it.

We've got our education bill.
I was just curious.

Somehow the rumor is flying around

that we're gonna nominate
Catherine Durant.

- I'm sure you've noticed.
- Is the rumor true?

Well, we weren't
considering her at first,

but the president asked me
to have her vetted

in case we wanna go that route.

- Interesting.
- What do you think?

Well, she wouldn't be
my first choice--

Who would be your first choice?

She campaigned hard against us
in the primaries.

- That's my reservation.
- But you'd show yourself above party politics,

and I know she'd work
all the harder for it.

Decent experience,
respect across the aisle.

So you think we can
seriously consider her?

It's not the worst idea in the world.

[Door closes]

[Inhales, exhales]

- Where are you getting this shit?
- What?

- Your stories. Who are you fucking?
- I was just--

- Nobody.
- Oh, come on.

You're a metro scrub,
and now look at you.

You'd have to be fucking
somebody important.

I'm just doing my job, Janine.

Excuse me.

[Mutters] All set.

- Is this your first remote?
- Yeah, it's my first time.

Right into the camera,
don't shift in your seat,

and there's no reason to speak
above a conversational volume.

- The mic will pick you up. You all ready?
- Yeah.

All right.
Don't forget to breathe.

Five, four...

[No audible dialogue]

[Man] We'd like to welcome Zoe
Barnes from the Washington Herald.

Zoe, thank you for joining us.

I'm very glad to be here.
Thank you for having me.

You broke the education bill, the
Kern editorial, and now Durant.

I'm just thrilled to be
reporting news that matters.

And it's truly been a team effort.

Everyone at the Herald pitched in.

But, yes, a lot of firsts.

First national story, first...


Thank you.

Calling it a night.

See you tomorrow, sir.

But, yes, a lot of firsts.

First national story,

first front-page byline,

first TV interview.

I would wave to my mom, but the
cameraman said not to shift in my seat.

What a roller coaster.

It really is too bad.
Kern was a good man.

- And now Catherine Durant.
- Yes.

Right place, right time, I suppose.

- We like her, don't we?
- Very much.

Question is, does she like San
Corp as much as we like her?

I would say that
that is a very good bet.

But then again, I'm not a betting man.

- No. You always like a sure thing.
- When it avails itself.

- Good night, Remy.
- Good night, Frank.

- See you around.
- Hopefully less and less now.


Oh, no.
I charged the wrong thing.

- What did you have again?
- A medium decaf latte.

- Med lat, dec.
- [Beeping]


I don't know how to get it to go back.

- This one and this one.
- This one?

- No. Let me do it.
- [Mutters]

[Bell dings]

- [Man yelling]
- [Police radio chatter]

I have to ask you
to stay back, congressman.

- What's going on?
- Some guy was trying to get into the building.

When we said no, he started
tearing his clothes off.

- [Siren wailing]
- [Yelling continues]

Nobody can hear you.
Nobody cares about you.

Nothing will come of this.

Why don't you let these nice
gentlemen take you home?

[Radio chatter continues]

Cover him up.
It's cold out here.

[Officer] You heard the congressman.

Cover him up.



[Whirring continues] - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.