Hijack (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Not Responding - full transcript

An incident team in Westminster scrambles to intercept fighter jets. Sam tries contacting the ground once more when a hijacker is injured.

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Get out! Get back! Go back in there!

Stay down!

Everybody, get down! Get down!

Sit the fuck down!

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on Earth
as it is in heaven.

You! Yes. Here, now.


Come here.

Take that, and you tell them...

Tell all of them in that stupid
fucking singsong voice you all do,

that they've got ten seconds.

Ten seconds?

To sit down and shut up!
Otherwise, I'll do another one.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I've just been told that you have
ten seconds to return to your seats.

That's ten seconds
to return to your seats.

For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory.

If you fail to do this,

somebody else gets killed.

- Lizzy! Lizzy?
- Kate, get back to your seat.

Now count it.

- Sorry?
- Count it down!


- Ten…
- Lizzy, where are you? Lizzy!

- …nine, eight…
- Lizzy. Lizzy!

- Kate!
- …seven…

- Kate, sit down!
- …six…

- Lizzy.
- …five,


three. Quick as you can, please.

Two, one.


Oh, fuck.


Get back.


Here we go.

What did you people just do?

Kneel down.

Kneel down.

Yeah. Okay,
I'm gonna explain this once more, okay?


My chances of getting an answer
out of the British government, Betina,

are about as good as yours.

Yeah. Yes, I've passed that on.

And I've passed that on.

Betina, ye...
But this is above my pay grade, you see.

I don't do this sort of thing.

I do the school run,
I buy a meal deal for my lunch

and I make sure the planes
land in the right order.

And then it's home, sleep, repeat.

Then we'll both have to just keep
passing the messages higher, won't we?

That's all we can do. That and stay in
touch. Have a lovely day, Betina. Bye-bye.

Romanian ATC.

- You get a meal deal?
- This is not good. You know that, right?

This is very quickly becoming not good.

Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?

This is Bucharest. Please respond.

Kingdom 2-9, this is Bucharest.

How do you read? Kingdom 2-9,
if you hear this transmission...

Kingdom 2-9, if you fail to respond,

we will be forced to take action.

This situation will escalate.

Phones off, or on silent,

or whatever it is that means
you'll be looking at the foreign secretary

and not them for the next two minutes.

Airplane mode.

Okay. Go.

Right. So, the plane is a
Kingdom Airbus A330, 216 people on board.

The vast majority are UK citizens,
due over central London in about...

Less than four hours.

Which someone has rather ominously
put on screen.

Yeah. So, the plane took off in Dubai,

it's had intermittent contact with ATC.
Now, over Romania.

And these are the people
who don't match their passports?

Yep. Five of them.

They could be from anywhere.
We still don't know what this is.

Romanian interior minister
calling repeatedly.

Find out who these people are.

Do we tell Number Ten, or...

Find out who they are,
what they're doing and why,

and then we'll start making
and taking calls.


Clear this mess up.

Do it quietly.

Then you can give him his medicine.


Tell him what happened
wasn't because of us. Okay?


He says it wasn't our fault.

Tell him to shut his mouth…

before I shut it for him.

Right, she's in the bit
between business and the normal seats.

It's the best we could do, yeah?

We drag her right to the back,
people are gonna start freaking out.

You said no one gets killed.

They were out of control.

- We had it covered.
- Okay.

Then if it wasn't then,
it would have been the next time.

It was getting worse. Now look.

We're back in control.

We're doing this for Edgar, remember?

Edgar and John. So we do as we're told,
exactly as we're told, yeah?

Go to the cabin crew.

Keep it on the down-low,
get some first aid.


- How'd it go?
- This is what happens

when something goes better
than you could have hoped.

Instead of going home on the Tube
like a normal human being...

You buy things.

I'm not buying things.

That's the adrenaline.

I'm just looking at things I can't afford.

What time are you back?


I got a feeling it's gonna be a late one.

I think I might buy something for Kai.

Just as a thank-you
for being good about us.

- What?
- Well, no.

I know he hasn't been good about us,

but it's just another step to making him
realize I'm with you

and that's not gonna change.

There's no way back for his dad.

There you were,
calling him a good negotiator.

Here to see DCI Gahfoor.

- See you later then.
- Okay.

This is Marsha.

I have a package for Sam Nelson.

Could you just confirm
your address for me, please?

- Address?
- I have flat 30, Berwick House.

- Is that correct?
- Yeah, but...

And will there be someone there
to sign for the package?

He's not gonna be there.

Well, if there's no answer, I'll
just leave the package with the neighbor.

Okay? Thank you.

That's Nelson's address confirmed.

It's all right. He's with me.

Wrong place for all this, isn't it?

Yeah. Well, this is where we were
when it started.

We haven't had time to move since.

One person calls you
while you're trying to buy a cup of coffee

and before you know it…

Erica, this is Daniel.
I want him joining the suspect ID checks.

Has he done a full induction?

So, if you can find him a computer.

Anyone on your system
with a criminal record

known to have visited a UAE
in the past six months.

Is that the foreign secretary?


Look at that, Fred.

What do you say to the kind man?

- Why do you have drawings on your neck?
- No, not that. We don't say that.

No, it's a good question.

Well, thank you.

He'll give it his best shot.
Won't you, mate?

'Cause that's a concern right now?

She went to find Lizzy.

That woman.

I know, love.

Don't touch on there.
I'll have to do all that again now.

Lift it so we can see.

- You want me to?
- No.

Yeah. Go on.


What happened?

- In the fight, someone kicked me.
- Kicked you?

I don't know. What's it matter?

Hold it. Stop the blood.
I'll go see what else I can find.

You've not been kicked.
You've been stabbed.

- You need a doctor.
- No one's asking you.

Do you think there'll be one on the plane?

Might as well ask.

You're gonna need something
stronger than that.

We don't have anything else.

Anything. To tie it up.

This is what we have. This.

If I magically had
something else, then I'd use it.

Okay. As long as you're not…

holding anything back.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means you're doing your best to help.

Ladies and gentlemen,
if there is a doctor on board,

please make yourself known.

Please put your call light on,
and one of us will come and collect you.

That's a doctor
or a medical professional. Please.

Don't you dare.

- But wha...
- David.

You're bleeding out. Look.

I've got a son your age.

What's that got to do with this?

Nothing. So, shut up.

Look, I'm not gonna just sit here
and let you bleed to death, okay?

I don't care who you are.

- Just not gonna do that.
- You need to stop talking.


- You need to hold it tighter.
- Can you help me?

- Can he help me?
- No.

Look, mate, she needs someone
to hold it so she can stick it.

- You're not a doctor.
- No one's a doctor,

but she can't hold it
and stick it at the same time.

Well, we'll get Terry.


I can't see Terry.

Look, all we're trying to do
is slow down the bleeding.

But if you don't trust me,
you can keep my hands tied

and just cut me away from this.

Okay. Now, I'm gonna put my hand…

and just push down, okay?

All right. Go.

All right.

Steady here. Just get it round, like,
three or four times.

That's it.

- All right?
- Yeah.

Okay. Can you sit up?
Can you sit up, yeah?

There you go.

All right.


It's all right.

You gotta breathe. Breathe out.

There you go.

I'll go get water.

We're updating his team
and their ambassador,

but he's insisting
he speaks to you direct.

Sorescu. Darius Sorescu.
Romania's interior minister.


Louise Aitchison?

It is. We met in Geneva.
I don't know if you remember. It was...

We have a serious problem.

We have an unresponsive plane
heading straight for Bucharest.

- Yes.
- We need answers.


- What's that?
- You. You think you're clever.

You gonna be nice to me. Is that it?

Make sure I get painkillers,
doctors and that.

So, what, I'll trust you?

So you can get in me head
and get information?

- Never thought about it.
- It's not gonna work, mate.

- Now that you mention it…
- Yeah. Not with me.

No. I can see that about you.

- I don't slip up like that.
- No, exactly.

What just happened just then,
it's just a one-off.

You know, like,
when you told me Terry's name?

- No.
- That was a one-off.

Doesn't matter. It's not like I could
do anything with the information, mate.

- Exactly.
- Exactly.

Do you wanna know my tactics? My plan?

I just wanna get home, mate.

I don't wanna help you.

But if it buys me a bit of credit,

if it means the next time
you're waving that thing about,

you focus on the guy next to me
and not me, then guess what?

- You'll do it, won't you?
- Yeah, that's right.

You're not helping me.


You're just helping yourself.

And I'm no different from anyone else
on this plane. Including you.

I just wanna get home and see my family.

See my son. See his mum.

Anything else would be a lie.

He's threatening military action.

But we take all that with a pinch of salt,
don't we?

Well, no, not necessarily.
I mean, they might be allies,

but there's nothing we're giving them
that's gonna help put them at ease.

So, if they're worried,
we should be worried.

No, we need to speak to the PM
and do it now.

Otherwise, one day,
when people are poring over this,

they'll wanna know what took us so long.

- Did you see that? Live arse-covering?
- That's not what I'm doing.

That's where his head goes.
Genuinely, his first thought.

Not how he protects the people
on the plane…

- Louise.
- …how he protects himself.


Listen, we need to show
that this is British.

British plane, British passengers.
We are the target, not them.

Keep going.

This is live from ATC Bucharest.

Who am I speaking to?

The controller who first flagged this.

You can see our flight just as before,
but now, just next to it…

- An X.
- An X,

because it has
no commercial flight number.

Meaning it's a private, unregistered

or, most likely, military aircraft.

And if you look closely,
it's not the only one.

Close all the blinds.

- Get your fucking blinds down!
- The blinds.

- Close them…
- Everybody, blinds down now!

…and keep them closed.

- You heard what she said! Move! Now! Down!
- Blinds down!

Shut every last fucking blind! Do it!

Face forward.

Do not communicate.
There is nothing for it to see.

You heard him!
You at the back, close the blinds!

Kingdom 2-9, you are flying
in airspace protected by NATO.

Kingdom 2-9, if unable to respond,
wing-rock to acknowledge.

There's a plan in place for this.

If this happens, we ignore 'em.
That's what we said.

They can't do anything.

They can shoot us down.

What? A British plane?
Over some random country?

They'd start a war.

And the further west we go,
the safer it gets.

We will be just fine.

Kingdom 2-9, if you do not respond,

we will be forced to take action.

There'll be a plan for that.

The people who ordered this,
they got a plan for everything.

Can I tell you something?


That thing you stuck on, it's not working.

Feels like the bleeding's getting worse.

Hey. That's a Eurofighter.

Meaning it may well be NATO.

That's good, isn't it?

Britain's NATO. They're on our side.

But we're not the people
they're protecting.

We're what they're protecting people from.

We have to do something!

Communicate. Get them a message.


Go to the seat behind. The seat behind.

No. Stay.

What are you doing?

What are...

Skywatch, this is Mars.

We have visual with a figure mid-fuselage.
Stand by.

Contact is female. Age around 30.

Contact is being attacked.

What did we say to you?

Do not communicate. Don't fuck with me!

You understand? Oy!

Get back!

Attacker is armed.

Confirmed. Attacker is armed.

Do not fucking move.

Get back in your seat.

Move it!

Sit down.

And don't get up again.

We've lost visual.

Copy that.
Stand by. Seeking permission to escalate.

Betina, listen to me.

I'm gonna be honest with you.
At this point, that is the best I can do.


Yeah, okay. Very good.

She lost it?

Yeah, she's lost it.
And she's got a point, to be fair.

They've got a non-communicative
passenger plane

heading straight for their capital city.

I mean, if it was the other way around,

if that plane was coming to London
and it carried on ignoring us,

we'd be shooting it down.

I'm gonna die, ain't I?

No, don't say that.

- I am. This is it.
- No. Don't start talking like that. Okay?

As soon as you start talking like that,
your body starts believing it.

You're just like me.
You're gonna go home, all right?

To your family, all right?
To the people you love.

Is this real now?

The people who love you?

Are you helping me for real now?

Yeah, just hold still, mate.

Look at me. I told you,
I've got a son your age.

And if this was happening to him,
I'd want someone to help him too.

Is there a doctor on board, please?

A man needs some help here, please!

Excuse me. Could I speak with you, please?

Anything you wanna say,
you can say from there.

We need to talk to the jets.

We're not doing that.

If I could just explain
to the chap who's in charge.


- The man in charge.
- He's gonna love that.

If I could just explain, please.

It's coming from him, mate.
We're ignoring them.

- That's what he's decided.
- Why?

- Yeah. Why?
- No.

There's no fucking conversation.

If you're not gonna change your mind,

what's the harm
in just letting him say it?

He's not saying anything.

He's sitting there,
and he's gonna shut the fuck up!

What's this?

I think we should talk to the jets.

We're about to fly over Bucharest.
We're heading straight towards it.


Have we spoken with the jets?

- No.
- Communicated at all?

We're not going to Bucharest.
Don't care about Bucharest.

Yeah, but they don't know that, do they?

To them, we're just a plane
with the blinds down

heading straight towards a capital city.

To them, we're an incoming missile.

Please remove your jets.

Mrs. Aitchison,
you have done nothing to demonstrate

that these people are not a threat
to our country.

You do nothing to help us.

In my position, you would do the same.

Prime Minister's office has been informed.

And told what exactly?

Well, that this is real
and you're leading on it.

Say we're not Romanian.

We've got no interest
or problem with Romania,

or Bucharest or any of that.
We're British. We're going to London.

NATO fighter aircraft,
this is Kingdom 2-9.

This isn't working. NATO fighter aircraft,
this is Kingdom 2-9.

Can you hear me?

Someone done something to these?


I didn't wanna come on this. I told them.

I said, "I'm not ready for this one."


Go get medicine or anything, yeah? Go!

Oy. Hey.
What are you gonna do when we get back?

You go first.

You've got to keep talking,
because the talking helps.

All right? Is there, like, a girlfriend?

No? Hey! Friends? Mates?

How about parents? Hey? Mom? Dad?

- Mom.
- Mom? Yeah?

- Dad died.
- I'm sorry to hear that.

Okay, so, your mom's here,

- and that's who you wanna see.
- Elaine.

- Elaine?
- That's her name. Elaine.

You don't got to tell me her name.

- She's my...
- All right.

She what?

My picture on my phone.

Yeah. I'll get your phone for you, okay?

Someone had medicine. Yeah?

- In the thawbs.
- In what?

In the white.

- These guys?
- What's happening?

Give me that.

- What's this?
- Insulin. It's for diabetes.

What can it do? Can it be a painkiller?


We need medicine.

Painkillers, sedatives, anything.

Stop staring and say something!

Come on!

Hey, you know, the Wi-Fi's on.

So, while we're waiting for Terry,

should we call your mom?

- Yeah.
- Elaine?

And then she can hear your voice.

We'll try not to worry her. All right?

You can say what you've gotta say.

Okay. Yeah.

Okay… Is it "Mum"?

Yeah? 016 32...

Yeah? 960 487?

Yeah, come on.

No, it's 'cause my hands are tied.

Okay, hang on.

It's ringing. Yeah. Here.

It's ringing.


Yeah, it's me, Mum.

Mum, I'm sorry.

No, listen, you just listen to me.

I might not... Mum, listen.

I might not…

I might not see you, Mum.

You see, I've been hurt and…

Well, I'm not feeling too good.

You're gonna hear about it. Yeah?

But I want you
to remember something for me, okay?

None of the things that have
happened, yeah? Like we always said...

None of them
were ever anything to do with you. Okay?

Did you hear what I said?

I wish you were too, Mum.

I wish you were too
but you don't want to be here, Mum.


You just need to know
that I love you. Okay?

I'll see you soon, Mum. Okay?

I will.

Shit. Come on, mate. Okay.

Hey, you did good. Hey? Come on.

Come on. You did good. Okay?

Come on.

While we're waiting for Terry,
should we call your mom? Elaine.

And then she can hear your voice.

We'll try not to worry her. All right?

- You can say what you gotta say.
- Yeah.

"Mum"? Yeah? 01632 960 487?

Yeah. Come on.

No, it's 'cause my hands are tied.

So, the PM and her son are heading back
to their hotel from the White Mountains.

We're being asked
to keep the briefings coming.


Well, nobody wants to inherit a crisis
if they don't have to.

These White Mountains, wherever they are,
they sound like the perfect place to be.

If she's in the mountains in Crete,
she could almost see the plane fly over.

Five minutes. Stand by.

- Hey, I can't really speak right now.
- It wasn't a false alarm.

It's real, Daniel.

- Marsha.
- But you knew that, didn't you?

I could tell by your voice.
You knew but you kept it to yourself.

- And I'm sorry.
- Why didn't you say something?

There is no point in calling you
until we know exactly what's going on.

- How do you know?
- I got a message from the plane.

- From Sam?
- No.

Yes. It was from another number,
but it was Sam speaking with another man.

And they mentioned some names,
and they mentioned a phone number.

- Wait.
- And it sounded…

- Sounded?
- Daniel, it sounded serious.

Okay, listen to me, Marsha.

I'm gonna need you
to send me that message.

Send me that message right now.

- I don't know how to do that.
- I'm gonna tell you how.

I don't know what's happening.

Marsha, this is the only contact
we've had from the plane.

So, this is vital.
Now, it might be a mistake

or it might be Sam trying
to communicate details, numbers.

What do you mean "communicate"?

Marsha, this is the man you told me about.

He's trying to sort it out.

Is there a doctor on board?
Anyone? Please!

Is there a doctor
or a nurse on board, please?

Don't you...

I'm a doctor.

Three minutes. Prepare to engage.

Confirm that is the order.

Affirmative. That is the order.

He's hardly getting any oxygen.

We're gonna need something
to pierce through his chest.

A tube, something he can breathe through.

What about a pen?

- Hello.
- The guy in the seat behind me,

he's got a Biro.

Bring it. He's gonna stop breathing.

…1632. Yeah? 960 487?

That's Bushey, Hertfordshire.

An L. Atterton and an S. Atterton.

This is it.

This could prove this is our problem,
not Romania's.

Two minutes.
Confirmed for weapons release.

Are you sure about this?

Mars, you will obey the order.

Copy that.

This is huge organized crime,
international in scale,

but all of it based here.

That's what we tell them.
These hijackers are British.

- We are out of time.
- We are allies.

He's stopped breathing.

Mars. Engage.

Mars. Please confirm.

Weapons hot. We have lock.

They're in position.
The order is about to be given.

We fire in 60 seconds.

Darius, stop.
These are confirmed British nationals.

We are the target. You are not the target.
It's not terrorism.

Abort. Abort. Disengage.

Copy that. Weapons cold.

Returning to base.

- Oh, shit.
- He's breathing?

He is.

Come on, mate. Okay?


Hey, they've gone.

Turn around.

Hey! Back in your seat!

- Tell them they can open the blinds.
- No!

You can open the blinds.

- Open the windows. They've gone!
- Do not. Do not open the blinds.

- The jets have gone. Let them see out.
- Stop!

- Keep those windows shut.
- Let them see out.

- Let them see the jets have gone.
- Listen to me. Keep them shut!

The jets have gone.

- Keep them shut! Stop!
- They've gone.

Close the fucking blinds!

That should hold for now.


The Wi-Fi is on,
he wanted me to help him call Elaine.

He wanted her to hear his voice.

Every son needs their mother, right?




Home Secretary?

- Excuse me.
- No, it's okay.

I look forward to speaking.

Good luck with it.

Thank you. Right. Sinclair Road.

By the way, Lang's office just postponed.

They're offering Thursday
or the following Monday.

You know, I have half a mind
to take it out the diary completely.

This is the second time they've done it.
So unreliable.

- It's either that or wait...
- Lawrence.

Get the foreign secretary on the line,