High Maintenance (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Hand - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'Hand.' (Season Four) An ASL interpreter takes on too much; Victor and Ellen's relationship is put at risk by a secret.

- What are you doing this weekend ?
- Nothing. What're you doing ?

- You, wanna hangout ?
- Sure, what do you wanna do ?

- Can I speak to your manager ?
- Definitely.

I'm going to place you
on a brief hold.

Hold music is playing.

Grandma, you can't say that.

That's racist.
That's always been racist.

This is Roger Relay Services.

You're using a sign language
interpreter. Is this Becca ?

Hi Becca, this is Kylie, we met the
other night at the party, remember ?

Oh, hi, Kylie, how are you ?

It was really great to meet you. You
seem like a really creative person,

someone that would be a great fit
for the Plethora community.

I wanted to help get you started.

Thanks, but it's not
a good time financially.

I don't want to waste your time.

Just to let you know a little secret,
there will never be a 'good time.'

- Do you like your job ?
- Not really.

- Do you feel like they pay enough ?
- No way.

That's how I felt.
I felt the same way.

Do you feel undervalued ?
Under-appreciated ?

Watching all the other people
succeed around you ?

So tell him that uh I want to rule
out Epstein-Barr and Mono

before even saying the words
Chronic Fatigue because...

- Just talk to me like I'm here.
- Oh right, uh well...

When I first started in this
Plethora business I felt the same.

I doubted myself. Can I do this
myself ? But you know what ?

I was not alone. Plethora is made up
of people who are like minded,

like you and me,
and they want to succeed.


No amount of money in the world is
worth our family being separated...

That's from my journal.
That's my private property.

Your journal was in my house. It was
there, you wanted me to read it.

You can't read my stuff.

Pip, he walked in and saw you
making out with Harry.

What the fuck were you thinking ?
He's only five !

You can make extra money. I made
10,000 last month. Plus perks.

- Oh, perks ?
- Yes !

This year I qualified for a car

and a Plethora luxurious vacation...

Wait, hold on, the interpreter
has a question. I'm sorry.

Interpreter clarification.
Do you mean, back up...

A vacation
swimming with dolphins ?


Sorry. Interpreter's back.

Yes, it was a luxurious vacation
where I was swimming with dolphins.


Here's what I'll do. I'll send you
an overnight sample pack today

and you'll receive it tomorrow !

And then you can sit
with the products overnight

and we'll follow up with the next
steps. How does that sounds ?

Maybe next time I see you.

Why don't I just send you a box
of one of these products tomorrow ?

- Please, don't send me a box.
- Show some sisterly support !

Jordan, because
you're a fucking mess.

I'm so excited to show you ! Okay.
You're gonna love this !

I'm at the edge of my seat, man.

I'm sorry it's taken so long. The
paint took a week to dry and...

Fomo. Fomo, look !
It's like looking in a mirror.

Wow, man...

I was worried about the eye,
but I think it works.

What do you think ?

What, do you like it ?

Well, that's okay. Cool.

I mean I...

No, it's cool. Cool, cool. Cool !

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay...
Okay, okay.

No, you don't have to like it...
or anything.

Alright, I'm gonna write one
for antihistamine, twice a day.

I'll write one for a nasal spray,
just in case the sneezing continues.

Listen, man- uh thank you for...

and... take this.
Here. Just take it.

- You don't have to like it.
- No, I do, man.

I was experimenting with you
know different stylistic...

It doesn't really look like her.

It's the feeling of her.
It's, you know, it was...

What's going on ?

Come in !

Hey !

Do you want marijuana ?

Want ! Want !

Okay. Thank you.

No, you just said fuck you.
Thank you !

- Would you like something to eat ?
- Do I... I have edibles, yeah.

No, no,
do you want something to eat.

Yeah ?
I have the perfect thing. This bar.

Plethora has changed my life.
You have to tell me what you think.

Yeah. I got your text. Maybe I'll try
it later. I'm not hungry right now.

I'll try it and let you know
what I think.

Okay, what can I do you for ?

I'm pretty stressed.
I'm not sleeping.

I have like, you know,
muscle pain here, here...

Well I've got a CBD balm.
Everyone's got this, but so do I.

- That's 30, and 60 for the eighth.
- Ouch, alright, I'll take both.


Having a party ?

Sort of, not really.
It's not very crowded yet.

Hold on, maybe that is
my first customer.

- Hello ?
- UPS. I got a package for you.

Oh, send it up.

What do you think ?
It's good, right ?


It's chewy... it's chewy.

- Yeah, I like it.
- Yeah, it's cool. It looks good.

As if the nutritional benefits
weren't alone good enough,

I mean the perks... the perks !

I have my eye on this Mediterranean
cruise and I think I'll get it.

Once I hit all the targets...

I'll be going soon.

This is not going to be approved.
The icing is a little...

It needs to be over the line.
Do you mind doing it again ?

Don't throw it until the end
of the shoot.

What is it,
someone's first day ?

Hey ! Martha says the CBD Christmas
cookies don't look delicious.

And she doesn't want the spatchcock
turkey how-to anymore.

She wants to do the perfect leftover
turkey sandwich as a 'Good Thing.'

Okay ? Make it nice
or make it twice.

Good. Good, good.

Okay, it's getting there, just
enough mess, perfectly imperfect !

- I'd love to get going on this.
- I think it needs more mess.

It just needs to look more real !

- Where's Alexi ?
- Where's Alexi ?

Hi. It looks great.

But can we get more drama
on the left side of the sandwich ?

- More big crumbs.
- Oh, yeah, sure.

Yeah... On the left side there.

And could we swap out that weird
crumb for one that's more poetic ?

- No, to the left.
- The left, the left.

- The left. Our left.
- No, no, not that one.

- The one behind it.
- That one ? That big one ? Yup.

That's it. Yeah. That's great.
Okay. Bingo.

Maybe it was better
with more crumbs.

Excuse me, you know what, now
the ice cream's melting, so...

Hey, you know what, I'll eat it.
If that's okay with everyone...

Can we nix that napkin right there ?
The flowing linen is just...

Yeah, it's a little much.

Let's get a shot off, please !

Hi, Martha.
It's going good, yeah. Real great.

- Turkey sandwich ?
- How do the hands look ?

Would you really accept a sandwich
from hands that look like that ?

- They're kinda unfriendly.
- Yeah, it looks like a claw.

- You should switch them out.
- We can do that.

Just need a new set of hands...

- Who's that ?
- Oh, Jordan, she's our...

Hey, Jordan ! Yeah,
do you like her hands ?

Yeah, her hands are nice.

They look more normal,
they're not so thin.

Would you mind jumping in
for this photoshoot ?

- Martha loves your hands.
- Me ? Oh, wow. Thank you.

What's going on ?

I'm the interpreter so you have to...
You could ask him...

- Get some makeup and we'll...
- They want to use my hands.

Yes. Yes. Definitely.

Oh my gosh, she's my interpreter.
Use her if you want. Sure.

- Hurry, we want this shot done.
- It'll be super fast.

- Alright, I'll do it.
- Great, her hands are good.

Otherwise I think I would take a few
of those crumbs off the plate.

Yeah. Can we get some crumbs
off the plate ?

I'm just nervous. I don't
want someone to report me.

You have to. It's fucking
Martha Stewart.

I'll make sure no one reports you
everyone here knows the deal.

It's awkward for me.

They will pay you well, I'm sure.

You have a good point.

This feels so good, you have
no idea. Oh my god.

I could sit here all day.
Have you heard of Plethora ?

They have such great

- Oh, these are the leftovers.
- It's the best part.

We always have a party
the next day.

With all your real friends.

Alright, are we ready ? Jordan ?
We're ready for you. Great.

You want to look natural
when you're folding. You're folding.

- This is my first time.
- Relax.

Are you ready ?
Take a breath...

- Hold it there.
- 3, 2, 1...

Very pretty.

- What do you think ?
- Truly delicious.

Now this should have been a cover.
Why didn't we shoot these ?

Oh well...
We can, yeah. Okay.

- No hard feelings ?
- Of course. It's all good.

I hope it helps.
Let me know !

Bye, Jessie. Thank you.

Or Jasmine...

Hi, Martha !
Excuse me, thanks.

- I just wanted to say thank you.
- You are...

- Jordan, the interpreter.
- Yes, the hands. Thank you very...

No. I really don't want take up any
of your time... I know you're busy.

I've recently had a change in my life
and it's just... been incredible.

Have you heard
of the company Plethora ?

It's this incredible, incredible
company. It's changed my life.

It's like they have
these beautiful supplements,

Endura skincare
and Enthralla...

Just the philosophy and everything.
Obviously, you don't need it

'cause you have such...
Your skin is just so beautiful.

What do you use ?
It's so creamy.

So anyway I just, I know you have
a lot going on, on your plate

and you're overqualified
to be a sales rep...

Give me your card, I'll...

You're Martha Stewart and everything,
but I have these supplements.

- Oh, it's okay. I'm okay.
- Are you sure ?

- Good luck !
- Thanks so much.

We can form a partnership even,
if you're interested.

Or not, maybe.

What did you just do ?

What ? What ?



- Hello !
- Hey ! Birdy !

- How was your day ?
- Glad to be home, I'll say that.

- Hi !
- Hey.

- What's that ?
- This ? Oh, it's a pizza cutter.

- We already got one of those.
- But this one is way cuter.

And it's sharp.
Ours was getting dull.

- Oh, okay.
- Alright.

- I need to lie down.
- Okay.

Let me help. Take the cane.
You don't need your cane ?

No. It's close, thanks.

No, I know, I know,
I really liked her too,

but our main objective now
is to get him out of office

and every vote counts.

Do you know
he still is at 80 percent

approval rating
with the republicans ?

It really makes a difference, we have
to get everyone to get out and vote.

- And if you need...
- Let me help you.

No, I'm okay. Thank you.
I'm good, I appreciate it.

- Be careful.
- Have your snack.

No, excuse me, sir.
Yes. Yes, I'm back.

And listen, to your point,
there is no doubt

that our voting system is fragile,

but it's still our best shot
on getting someone into office

who will legislate to protect
against foreign meddling.

Well, you know Russia is gonna do it
again. Well, he said so.

And I don't think you're wrong,
it's very scary.

But to not show up to the polls
is letting them win without a fight.

- And we've got to fight.
- Birdy, let me help you !

Hey, Birdy ! Got some pretty fancy
toothbrush in there.

- Yeah ?
- Yeah.

Well, you know, we still have
some specialist bills to pay.

Of course I know
we still have bills.

So... I'm just saying,
fancy toothbrushes...

- I'm saying, I'm not left-handed.
- Okay. Alright.

Anymore uh, shit I can step
in before I strap in ?

- No.
- Okay... okay.

- Good evening, Kali.
- Oh, wait, wait, before I forget.

Just one. An invitation. Bella's
birthday party, this Saturday.

Super low key,
up at our place,

just some friends, and couple
people from the building.

We'd love to have you.
And Ellen, too, if she's up for it.

- How she doing ?
- She's doing really well.

I'm glad. Thank you for keeping us
updated, you are such a rock.

Anyway, no pressure. We'd love
to have you. Bella especially.

- Can't let my Bella down.
- You're so sweet.

- Have a good night !
- Okay, goodnight !

You know, I could just
go to this party alone.

I'm not gonna back out now.

But maybe we could go
just for a little while.

Yeah, maybe just an hour
or something.

They're cute, right ?
Works pretty well.


- You want me to scare you ?
- No, I'm okay.

Why don't you get him
a spoonful of peanut butter ?

- Do we have any peanut butter ?
- I love peanut butter.

- I don't know if it'll work though.
- Or you can take a deep breath in.

And hold it
until you can't any longer.

And then take in another deep breath
after that.

And hold it. And exhale.

I think that work...

- I'm gonna pass out.
- Try that.

- These cookies are strong, right ?
- What's with the edibles, Birdy ?

- I'm not going to that party sober.
- What party ?

A tenant in the building I work is
having a birthday for her kid Bella.

- Ugh. Measles City !
- I know.

But she also gave us 500 dollars
to the GoFundMe, so...

I don't want to know
how much people gave !

They just care.
It's okay.

We'll just go for an hour.
No big deal. Alright ?

I'm so sorry, I was totally intending
on giving to that.

No. Please.
It's totally fine.

- Is it still going ?
- No, we met our goals.

- And you're okay ?
- I'm doing great. Thank you.

You know what,
weed's on me tonight.

- I fund you.
- We will pay.

Put your fucking money away.

It's called Cameo.
They got everyone, look.

They have um Stormy Daniels,
they have Wesley Snipes. Ice T.

I had the Night King
from Game of Thrones

give Ellen a get-well message,
right ?

She hated it.

Oh shit, is that Snoop Dogg ?

Someone should pay Snoop Dogg
to tell people to vote.

- Yeah !
- That's a good idea.

Yo, my favorite Goonies !

- No, stop it.
- No, no, it's really funny.

It wasn't bad.

You can tell me,
why can't we go on the roof ?

I'm on the ground.
I don't deal with that up top.

- Hey. Hey, blue dog.
- Hey, you wanna leave ?

Before you go, let's take
a picture with Bella.

Come on !

- Hey, hey, Bella, Bella !
- Hey, Bella !

K, smile, baby, smile.

Smile !

- Are you okay ?
- Are you okay, sweetie ?

She's fine.
Are you okay ?

Yes. Thank you so much.
I'm glad she's okay.

I'm fine.

Just checked on Bella,
she's gonna be fine, too.

Let's put some ice. This will help.
Just press it to your nose.

- Let me get your glasses.
- Oh... thank you.

That's pretty.
Where'd you get that bracelet ?

This ? I don't know.
I can't remember.

I just ordered one like that

Oh my god,
it was exactly like this.

I got it at a thrift store,
somewhere on Fulton, I think.

It was custom.

That's odd...

Remember I asked you about a package
and you said it never came ?

Like, a couple of weeks ago,
do you remember that ?

- Yeah...
- K.

Did you take my package
and give it to her ?

No ! No. No, no, no, no,
absolutely not.

That's my bracelet.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand
how she...

No, hold onto that !

- Here.
- What ?

- Let's go !
- Birdy !

I don't understand.

- Couple of steps. Okay.
- I got your cane, I got your cane.

What the fuck was that ?
Was that her bracelet ?


What do you mean, yes ?
How'd you get it ?

I took a package
from the mailroom.

You stole her package ? And then
you wore it here. You wore it here.

- I forgot...
- Oh you forgot ?

What do you mean you forgot ?
That's my fucking job.

- It's the only one I took from here.
- Oh my god ! Oh my god.

All those packages, all that stuff...
All that stuff, Ellen !

- Other buildings. Other stoops...
- You're stealing ?!

Amazon has more money than God.
They'll just send things again.

What are you talking about ?!

- What are you doing ?
- I'm calling a Lyft.

No. I mean what the fuck
is going on with you ?

Did you set up a GoFundMe
to get laid ?

- Excuse me ?
- Nothing.

No, you're fucking right nothing.
That's ridiculous, Ellen.

- No. No !
- You know what's ridiculous ?

Having a stroke and cancer
on your friends' dime.

I don't know why this is such a big
deal. They care about us.

They know we need help.
We have bills !

I've got bills.
They're my bills.

- Seriously ?
- Seriously.

Fuck you.

Seriously. Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Jesus Christ !
I cannot believe you did this.

Oh, god...

- What is taking him so long ?
- Six minutes.

Let's not do this in front
of my building. Let's go down !

- Hurry up !
- There's just so fast I can go.

I can't believe you did this.

Here, take your cane. Take your
cane. I'm so fucking furious.

Oh my gosh... It's been so long
since you got mad with me.

Oh, it's amazing.

Yeah, it's nice to have you
angry with me again.

Do you know that it's been ages ?

Like a regular couple, being mad
at each other and having things...

It's like, it's so nice. Finally.
Like, hello !

Come on ! Come on...

- This is real, now...
- Yeah, this is real. This is me.

I'm sorry.


What'd you get me for Christmas ?

None of your fucking business.

You're fucking crazy.


End of episode 7
Series IV