High Maintenance (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Adelante - full transcript

What an absolute triumph
of an evening, ladies, seriously.

You talked about your launch party !
I have so many ideas, okay...

- I'll put my number in your phone.
- That would be amazing.

- Hey, Lainey, your car's here.
- Okay. Now you... have it.

Don't be a creep and stalk me.

Seriously, Gen,
we could murder together.

- Oh my god, what a fucking idiot.
- Also her art was terrible.

- Give me this. Is this my car ?
- Yes, I'll get the door.

Will you come to my apartment
tomorrow morning to water my plants ?

- Yeah. Of course.
- Just, not too early.

- What's too early ?
- I don't know.

Bye !

Oh, shit !

- Why did we stop ?
- Another passenger.

Oh my god.
I'm gonna fucking kill Neka.

Hey, Lainey.

Oh my god.

This is crazy.

- Definitely not how I pictured this.
- Yeah, no. Me neither.

I don't know what to say.

We don't have to say anything.
I'm getting out soon.

Okay. Message received.

You two know each other ?


"Oh wait, was she
the great big fat person ?"

My sister was a fat person.

I'm sorry.

"Would you fuck me ? I'd fuck me."

"I'd fuck me so hard."

You can drop me off anywhere.


Hey ! Hey !

Jai Shri Krishna !

What the fuck ?!


Open, please.


There you go.

Get you cleaned off, sir...

- Okay, go ahead and rinse for me.
- Alright.

And give me one second.

if it's not too weird,

would you like to have dinner
with me sometime ?

Or lunch, or coffee ?
Or we could go for a walk ?

I promise I can keep up conversation
a little bit better

when I don't have stuff
in my mouth.

- We could go floss shopping ?
- I can't.

- I didn't want to make it awkward.
- I'll call the doctor in.

Yeah, okay.
Can't blame me for trying.

Okay, I know I sound
like a broken record,

but you've got to type equals before
you put in your formula.

If I take the balance
of the principle,

subtract the monthly in C11 with the
added interest calculation from D23,

well then
you sunk your battleship.

This is important guys, this
calculation comes in everywhere.

Renting, buying, mortgage
calculations. Excel, all day long.

This is important. Basic stuff,
like reading, writing, arithmetic.


That's 95.21.

Call your aunt to see
if we need wipes.

Hey, Dalia,
do we need any wipes ?

- Hola !
- Hi, Dalia.

Ay, Dalia I can't listen to music
right now. I'm gonna change it.

Change it.

- So, how was he ?
- He was yelling all day.

My ears were ringing. I put on the
music just so I could get some peace.

- Minnie, where's the pill box ?
- On top of the microwave...

How was class, girls ?
You learned anything good ?

- Mami has a crush.
- What ?!

- No, that's not true.
- Yes, with her teacher.

She thinks he's super hot.

She laughs at all his jokes,
she thinks he's hilarious.


I could tell she wants
to have sex with him soon.

Is he Jewish ?
Nora loves Jewish.

- Crazy girl.
- Nora !

You embarrassed her, now she's going
to go jump out of a window.

She won't get too far,
we're on the first floor.

Nora, time to get up.

Alright. Let's go.

You need to take care of yourself.

Oh, it's okay.

It's brave to be scared. I'm not
gonna let anything happen to you.

I went to Michaels. Couldn't even
spend a damn dollar, alright.

I was twisted. He pissed me off.
I'm ready to throw him the frig out.

Marco, stop it ! Marco, no !
That is it !

- You can't put him in a home.
- What then ?

Hi, Marco. It's Dalia !
Yes, calm down...

Nora, mami, wake up.

He wants me to shop for myself.
'Go pick something out.'

'Fucking pick something out
for me.'

Take out your tongue and bite down
here. Bite down. Thank you.

Nora, you got a call.
Sounds urgent.

Donatella will help you.

Calm down, Marco.

Marco, please !

And then you decide to sell them
a hundred shares.

Which hundred shares did you sell ?
Did you sell the cheapest ?

Where were you ?
You weren't in class today !

Get back over here !
Minnie, where were you ?

- And what's additional cost ?
- Additional cost... I think is 126.

Nora, wake up.
Alright, let's go.

Peter !

Hi, come back with me, please.

- How've you been ?
- Can't complain. What about you ?

Okay, I'm gonna take it out.
Much better.

I've been flossing.

You okay ?

I'm fine.

Do you still want to ?

Oh. Yeah. I do still want to.

- Do you want to ?
- Maybe I give you my number ?

Yeah, great.

Okay. Gotta go.

What are you doing ? Gross. Thanks,
for staying home tonight, mami.

- Nah, I told you I was going out.
- You know I have plans...

- Ask Dalia.
- I already asked Dalia, she said no.

Well, what the hell, I don't want
to stay in here with him, alone.

- The whole night ?
- Only for a couple of hours.

- Well, where you going ?
- I'm going out.

- Out where ?
- Out to dinner.

- With who ?
- With a friend.

You don't have friends.
What you talking about ?

- Minnie, please. He's a new friend.
- A new friend...

You're actually snappy.
Hello, ha !

- You look amazing.
- Thank you.

Your dress goes with your tattoo.
It's like waves and...

Thank you. Actually, my daughter
has the same one.

Tell me about your daughter.
I didn't know you had a daughter.

- Yeah, she's 19. She's amazing...
- You have a 19 year old daughter.

- Unbelievable.
- I don't think that math adds up.

Yeah, she is uh in school
right now.

We get along pretty well, which is
good. You don't see that too often.

- I'm impressed.
- You ?

No I have great admiration for people
who raise kids,

especially in the city.
That's like...

- Yeah, not easy.
- No.

Very delicious.

- You speak Spanish ?
- Yeah, si.

I spent some time
in the Dominican Republic

during my scuba days.

I have family in Santo Domingo,
but I'm Cuban.

- Cuba.
- I never scuba'd in Cuba.

Cuba'd in scuba.
It was just... More wine ?

Hey, hey, hey. Get the treat !
Get the treat ! C'mon get the treat !

Okay, we'll work on that.

- Hi. Piotr ?
- Yes. Come in.

Thanks for picking me up
on this nice night...

- Let's go, party time.
- Party time USA.

That's too close.
That's too high on the left side.

- How about now ?
- That's too much.

- By a lot, or by a little ?
- Maybe just a little bit...

Ok, there. You got it.

- That's not straight.
- What ?

No, he was like holding the phone
at like an angle.

So now the right side's
a little too high.

- Oh shit, you're right.
- What are you guys doing ?

It's this app called Be My Eyes.

It connects

blind and low vision people to seeing
volunteers to assist them visually.

- Can I get a look at that ?
- Sure.

I'd love to see how this works.

- Move the phone a bit to the left.
- Okay. How's this ?

No, too far.

I mean, that's not centered
on the wall...

I'm just saying he might
want it centered.

- I want it centered.
- See ?

- Can I see ?
- Look at the road, bro !

- There's too many voices.
- Can everybody just be quiet ?

Yeah, we'll be quiet.

Boris, just step forward a bit
and take the picture.

Okay, now the nail is...
oh, you got it.

- You don't need my help.
- Where's the hammer now ?

Hammer's down. Just point
your phone down again.

Yeah, it's down on the left, man.

So where's the center of the wall
in relation to this thing ?

Ok, you gotta go two palm
widths to the right.

- Here ?
- A little to the left.

- Here ?
- Yes ! Yes, that's it !

Hammer it bro, hammer it !

- No, no !
- Really ?

- Do you have a charger, sir ?
- Droid is good ? Droid ?

Nah. It's iPhone.

Man, I was really at the edge
of my seat there. He almost got it.

- We'll never know.
- We'll never know.

You know, last week I went
through the drive-thru at bank.

There was braille on the keypad.

So how's person driving thru

that needs braille ?

You know, you need to have your
vision, to drive, right ?

- Oh yeah, for sure.
- Yeah, but not to go to the bank.

I mean, anybody can go
to the bank, man.

You know ?

Oh, I get it, you mean like there
was braille- you said braille ?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- On the key pad !

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You got it. Yeah !

- Sorry, my English it's not so...
- No, it wasn't that.

We just didn't hear the braille part.
Got you.

But the blind person could be sitting
in the backseat,

and the driver can pull up further
and the blind person uses the keys.

- It's not weird.
- Right. That makes sense.

You right. That's true.

I guess... this guy
could have a driver, right.

Yeah, you could just
take a Lyft, man.

I can pick the best ones for ya,
that's why I like it.

What happened
to the little baggies ?

Well, I figured fuck plastic.

So coming soon really cute,
little nug jars.

But for the moment, you have
to provide the container.

Sounds mad impractical.

It's not more impractical than
carrying around a bunch of pickles !

I had too much from my garden,
so here you go.

These are for me, man ?
Aw, I appreciate it.

I figure, I'm in an eco-phase,
I gotta go full tilt.

Alright, well, I mean,
Earth's fucked anyway, but...

You know, I've thought about that
but consider the quantum reality

where somewhere
maybe it's not.

- It kinda is, but...
- Yeah, you're right, it probably is.

But I do know for sure that I'll have
some cute nug jars for your weed.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. And thanks
for the pickles. I love pickles.

Who doesn't, baby !

- Mena ! Where are you ?
- Is everything okay ?

- No, man, I'm sorry you gotta go.
- Okay. Okay, I getcha.

- I'm super sorry about that.
- Have a good one, man !

- I appreciate it.
- Yeah.

Instead of focusing on like key words
and responding with a lot of spam,

it's looking at the whole phrase,
the whole sequence of words

which can yield
very different results.

And you're still
of course getting ads

cause that's you know where
the revenue comes from but...

- Shit I gotta take this. I'm sorry.
- Oh, yeah.

Well, did you put him
in the shower ?

It works.
It calms him down.

I told you she's not around,
we had that conversation, Minnie.

It's okay, it's not a problem.
I'm coming home.

I'm coming home and I said
it's not a problem.

I don't want to hear another
word about it, I'm coming.

That's it. Bye.

- So sorry, I have to go.
- Oh is everything okay ?

- Yeah, you know, just family stuff.
- Of course.

Here, Sam. Thanks, man.
I gotta run...

It was a nice thought.
Thank you for dinner.

Yeah, I had such a great time.
It was really very nice.

- No. Sorry, I just don't...
- No, it's fine. That's totally fine.

- Can I call you a car or...
- Sure.

Let's see.

- Peter ?
- Yep.

Let's go, Peter Pan.

- Do you want some music ?
- Yeah, sure.

- Any requests ?
- Whatever you like is fine.


Can you put both hands
on the wheel ?

Yeah, well I'm using my knees.

- No, like both hands on the wheel.
- Yeah. Yeah. Look at that.

- It's a whole technique.
- I see.

- The knee technique.
- The knee technique...

- Do you want to try this one ?
- Yeah, sure.

- Oh, this is the tambourine ?!
- Yeah ! Yeah.

Okay, hands, please...

- And you have... What is that ?
- Look at this !

- The melodica.
- Where are you getting all this ?

Is this for real ?

- Aquarius...
- Yes !

- Thanks a lot for the ride.
- You've been awesome.

You work on that knee technique,

Hey, Miss Peter Pan.
You can say no,

but can I buy your panties
off of you ?

He's okay, he's okay.

- It's good now ?
- Yeah.

- It was intense though.
- It always is.

Smells funny in here.

What are you doing ?

Nothing. Studying.

So ? How was it ?

- You know, he went in for the kiss.
- Jesus fucking Christ...

Don't say God's name in vain, nena.
How many times should I tell you ?

Stop with the God stuff, mom.

- How was it ?
- It was... none of your business.


Don't look at me like that.

Did you forget I can look good ?

I still look pretty ?

Marco, I went out
with a patient tonight.

It was only for a drink and dinner,
too, but he wouldn't stop talking.

Talk, talk, talk...

It wasn't that bad.

I kinda liked it.

Not him. But being out.

Do you remember this dress ?

How we used to go dancing ?

And you were such a bad dancer.

- Need anything ?
- Hi, mami.

- All good, mom ?
- All good.

We're okay, aren't we ?

Go to sleep, mami. I love you.

I'm going to sleep.

Love you, pops.
You drive me crazy.

Marco, I gave the cab driver
my panties tonight !


End of episode 6
Season IV