High Maintenance (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Breathwork - full transcript

The Guy delivers to a film set, where cast and crew are struggling to make it through a day of reshoots. Lee returns to New York City, but has a hard time putting the past behind her.

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Good morning, Eustace.

I hope our trucks didn't wake you,

but I just wanted to let you
know we're about to start up,

and I got you and Horace some coffee.

Are you okay?

Oh, my God! Eustace, mama!

Girl, what's going on? Talk to me.

A little bit more.

Girl, I don't... I
don't know what to do.

Elbows up. You're gonna fan your heart.

Breath of fire.

Don't look at me like that, just...

You know it. That's it.

Keep going, you're gonna take it
a little longer than you like.



No matter how comfortable
you initially feel,

everything eventually
becomes uncomfortable.

That's why we have divorce lawyers.

Seventy-five percent of marriage,

a long marriage that is,

is basically Stockholm syndrome.

I feel bad for you guys. Let's do this.

It's like a little bit of a Mula
Bundha airing out, you know.

Like, so a little ch-ch-ch.
Like more like chu-chu-chu.

Yeah, that's it. Chu-chu-chu-chu.

No, it's good that he's not
there anymore, you know?

- Right.
- But now we literally have to reshoot

every scene with some
new actor, you know.

Tell me it's Colin Farrell.

No. I wish.

No, it's like, they ended up
with some guy named Tom...

What's his name? Something...

One mention of Colin's name and I'm wet.

Oh, shit. Looks like I'm late for work.

Hey, good morning, Jemima.

Morning, Chrinty. I
know I'm late. Relax.

Oh, you're fine. We still
got a little time.

What we're gonna do now
is, we're gonna get you

- in the wardrobe truck.
- Yep.

And we'll come and grab you
when we're ready for you.

- Would you like breakfast?
- Yes,

I'm gonna do that right now
and just swing by crafty.

Okay, well, I can actually
get that for you.

No, that's fine. I'm gonna just get it,

- and pick my own food.
- Please.

- I'll grab it and...
- No, I don't trust you, so...

- All right.
- Hey! Yo!

We're not shutting down
today. It's tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm just here responding to a call

about a death in the building.

My bad, I thought you
were our guy. I'm sorry.

Did that cop just say someone died?

I don't know what that's about.

Each chapter is, like, what I cook,

right before they shot
your favorite scenes.

That's a great idea, man. How many
chapters have you written so far?

Well, right now I got a
bunch of voice memos,

but I'm definitely committing
it to paper very soon.

You have so much access
just from being on set.

- Hey, Sunshine!
- Hi, Eddie. How are you?

You know me!

- Hey, can I make you something?
- No, I'm good.

You already made my day.

My name's not Eddie.

I didn't want to say anything
during principal photography,

but when I was in college,
I saw you in a Pinkberry

and you looked really happy.

No, not possible.

- Hi.
- Hey, Jemima.

- Good to see you. Good.
- Hey, how are you sweetheart?

Sorry, you know, we're running
a little behind this morning.

- Okay.
- So, you wanna come back?

Um, all right, I guess I'll
just leave these here.

I wanted to wear these
today in the scene

instead of the other ones.

- Oh, my God, they're fab!
- Aren't they good?

- Yeah!
- They're very '60s.

Yeah. You know, the only thing
I'm worried about is continuity,

because we just saw you leave
the house in those other shoes.

Yeah, I don't know, maybe we
could just shoot another scene

where I go shopping and buy those.

- It's just that the other ones are so uncomfortable.
- Yeah. Yeah, I mean...

But I don't really know if that...

They never even shot my feet, so...

- Yeah, um, okay.
- Okay.

- Let me know when you're ready.
- Yeah, we'll let you know, okay?

They're a little tight. They're
really just riding my perineum.

Don't... don't worry
about it. We can alter it.


And also, I like to wear my shirts open,

so maybe you could just give
me a wife-beater or something.

- A-frame undershirt.
- Right.

- Hey, Andy.
- Hey, Jess.

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks, Jess.

- I don't know where he is.
- See you guys.

Over here. Thank you. Hey,
you guys. Good morning.

- Is the body out yet?
- Ken, a man just died.

Yeah, but sitting around
in the apartment crying

isn't gonna bring him back to life.

But since we can't get back
into that location just yet,

why don't we pull something else up?

Can't shoot those exteriors,

you have colors like
shit this time of day.

They're just having a meal, so
what if they go out for it?

No. We're... We're reshooting the actor.

We're not rewriting the
whole fucking story.

Well, maybe it makes the story better.

Actually, there's a really cool-looking
bar right here in holding.

Wouldn't hurt for us
to just check it out.

All right. Jesus fucking
Christ. Let's go see it.

- Let's go.
- Okay. Let's take a look.

Gigi, do you want any coffee
or snacks or iced tea?

Oh, I would love an iced tea.

All right. Also, wardrobe
needs approvals.

Approvals? It's a reshoot.

Well, Jemima doesn't like her shoes,

and I, I think the guy
lied about his sizes.

Okay, you can politely
tell Jemima to fuck off.

- Right.
- We already have enough

- continuity problems on this film.
- Definitely, definitely.

- I will get that iced tea.
- Hey, Jemima!

- Hi! Hey.
- Hey.

- Oh, it's so good to have you back.
- Thank you.

And thanks for not
making me cut my hair.

God, I just really didn't want to.

Yeah, no worries. She
is a wonder with wigs.

I am.

Did you prepare an agenda for
the safety meeting later?

Oh, no, sorry. We should
check with Tommie.

- Oh, no. Yeah, I'll check.
- Okay.

Jemima, thank you so
much for doing this.

Anything you need, you let me know.

I promise you, it was shorter,

- just a little.
- Let me check the photos.

No, no, no, no! That's
the only one I have!

I don't know, I have
to talk to the building,

but they do advertise this as a place

"Where all your dreams come true!"

Look, I know we have enough extras

that we can definitely fill the space.

- We could make it look mad moody in here.
- Moody's good.

- Ken, you like moody.
- Yeah, but they would never eat here.

This looks like a place
that you would come

for some fucking schnitzel.

It's sort of giving me Who
Framed Roger Rabbit? vibes,

- but maybe that's not a bad thing.
- No, no, no.

- Come on. Let's keep looking.
- Hey, Ken.

Sorry to bother you, but
extras is really pushing me

to see if any of these
would work as photos...

Did you bring an agenda
for the safety meeting?

No, but I'm gonna need one.

These kids can only
work four hours each,

including travel, so a set of
twins and a set of triplets

should cover us for the entire day.

But these kids are all
wrong. I mean, look.

The twins have game show host hair,

and the triplets look
like they're premies.

Maybe the twins will shave their heads?

Can we ask for that?

- I mean...
- Ask, fine. Shave the twins.

Perfect. We're fucked.

Ken, nothing's fucked.
We're working it out.

This is a beautiful room.

It's totally wrong. I mean,
look at all the wood paneling.

It's like where I had my bar mitzvah,

or... or like The Shining.
It's haunted, I think.

Both had twins.

It kind of reminds me
of The Deer Hunter.

You can't make movies that slow anymore.

No, you can't.

Okay, guys, we're two hours behind.

Oh! What if they eat outside?

Okay! They have an outside here.

It's a biergarten. It's right out here.

- Okay, much less rococo.
- Right?

A little more like pan-Asian,


This is a sound nightmare.

It's a fucking highway out
there. Are you kidding me?

And the scene after it says

it's a rainy night, it's
supposed to be a raining.

- We can make it rain.
- No, that's special equipment.

I can't get that on short notice.

- Okay, we can do a wet down.
- A wet down?

Nobody eats outside in the rain.

I mean, there's like a
beer garden over here.

It's literally a German biergarten.

It's like a teriyaki fucking biergarten.

It makes no sense at all.

Okay, you know what, there's
another location upstairs,

and it's a little less
ethnically confused.

I don't know. I... I... I don't know.

I mean, where the fuck is
this gazebo supposed to be?

- In the backyard of the house.
- What house?

There's no... no house.

We can put a green screen back here.

You can have whatever you want.

You can have a house, more gazebos.

You can have a doghouse
with a cat inside of it.

Yeah, I could get you a green screen.

- What do you think, D?
- I'm not crazy about the green screen,

but we can make it work.

Whoa! Uh-uh.

Aah! Uh-uh! Uh-uh...

I'm allergic.

Okay, should we call the
crew, do a rehearsal?

- Yeah, call the crew.
- Okay, great job, everybody.

No. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Just stop.

Can we just put the brakes on

and talk about this over lunch, please?

- We have the mandatory meeting at lunch.
- Oh, shit. I forgot.

Freakin' out. Freakin'
out. Uh-uh! Uh-uh!

And I'm sitting there,
stuck at the airport,

getting a call from this very
junior colleague at the firm,

and she's telling me that one
of these senior partners

tried to show her a
pornographic YouTube clip.

And I mean, guys, don't do
that. Just don't do that.

And now here's this fat,
slovenly, just disgus...

an old man thinking,
"Ah, the cat's away!"

So now I have to call this
colleague and tell him,

"You know, hey, pal.

- _
- Times are different.

"You can't just go around
showing porno to a...

"beautiful young woman
just minding her business.

"Next time you want to get
your ya-ya's out, call me.

We'll go to a strip club or whatever."

You know, times are different.

So, you say you're
getting some headaches?

Yeah, sure. I get a headache.

I got a headache, yeah.

And, um, maybe also you're
experiencing some nausea?

Maybe, yeah. Nausea, sure.

You also have anxiety, hmm?

Yeah, I have anxiety,

and these are not the
droids we're looking for.

Oh, all right then.

It seems like the course of action here

is to prescribe you some
cannabis for your pain.

Um... Seth over there will set you up.

Wait, that's... it?

I don't have to have,
like, glaucoma or cancer?

- Or anything?
- Do you have glaucoma?


Do you have problems with your sight?


Call me if something's wrong, you know.

- All right.
- All right.

Thanks, Dr. Larry.

Thanks, Dr. Larry.

So, you can choose the
dosage you'd like to receive,

but I'm gonna need you
to fill out these forms

for the New York Board of Health,

and then I'll need the $200
cash for the referral.

How have you been feeling?

Yeah, I've just been, like,
irritable and fatigued.

Those are all very typical symptoms
after early pregnancy loss.

Are you still using the herbs
and the castor oil packs?

- Yep.
- Good,

I'd like you to keep using
those through the week,

and I'm gonna send you home
with a couple of other ones

I'd like you to take.
Okay, there you go.

I'm just super sensitive. Do
you mind double-checking?

- Sure, no problem.
- All right.

All right. There you go, yeah.

You can come in.

All right, so everything
on this table is mine,

but that's not all of it. I'm
gonna keep adding to it.

You can just start
setting up those boxes.

God damn it.

Uh, help yourself to banana bread.

Thank you.

Well, that's dead.

He was supposed to do this!

He was supposed to do this.

Okay, um... I'm just
gonna start upstairs.

- I'll be back. Just, um...
- Okay, no problem.


- _
- What are you doing?



Oh! Yo-yo-yo! Hey, hey!

Picture cars park over here.

- Okay.
- Turn around. I'll move the cones.

- Come on.
- All right, I won't say no to that.

I gave you a hybrid and a sativa.

- Perfect. Mm-hmm.
- Two pre-rolls, that's $30.


How's your day going?

Oh, we are so behind.
It's a little nuts.

- What's the project called?
- Violations.

Violations? Have I... Is that the...

- Yeah, he's gone. We recast that role.
- Oh, man.

Listen, you wanna stop by crafty
before you go, be my guest.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah. Get what you need.

What time is it during this scene?

- For what?
- Their phones.

You're not gonna see their phones.

Okay, but you also just kind of
want to know what time it is.

Uh, like 3:30, I guess.

They're eating lunch?

It's a late lunch. It
really doesn't matter.



- Oh, hey! Jemima!
- Hi. How you doing?

It's great to... great to see you.

- Just... just go for it.
- Yeah.

It's so good to see you. And
Tom, I can't thank you enough.

- No, please.
- Seriously.

- Happy to be here.
- Like, really, thank you.

Why don't you guys come on in.

- I'll show you the play space.
- That's weird.

This is a gazebo that we've
been looking at for a while,

and it's really good,
so just come on up.

This is whole thing is
basically gonna play out here.

- Jemima, you'll be sitting over there.
- Uh-huh.

- And, Tom, you over here.
- Okay.

And it's pretty much...
you'll say all the stuff

about the art world and
just get that out.

Then the meal will start, and
it's, "Blah, blah, blah."

Are we sticking to the
lines or can we mad-lib?

Uh, you know what, I would
say first go around,

why don't you just stay with the script.

- Then, improvise all you want.
- Great. Yeah.

- Just hit the major notes.
- I'm sorry, it's just...

- Yeah?
- Can I just...

- An actor has an idea.
- No, no, no...

- I'm sorry, I have an idea.
- Don't worry about it.

Are you sure we're being discreet?

It's fine. You do this every time, Deb.

Just let me be cautious,
okay? I like the way I am.

Oh, come on!

- Let's just smoke in here.
- No, no. That's crazy.

No. Ceilings are high enough. Fuck it.

I've got eyes on Gigi.

What the fuck? It's
fine. She's just a PA.

- She works for you.
- I am trying to maintain

an illusion of professionalism on set.

Can we just smoke away from the narcs?

Gigi is on the move.

So, what if I start...
I'll start the line here.

You know, just give it a little
room, and then I get up,

and she's saying the
lines, she says it slowly.

And maybe she, like, dawdles over here,

because... maybe we'll put a bar.

- Yeah, of course.
- And that motivates her to be like...

- to say the rest of her... "I hate you"
- Yeah.

Or whatever the line, you know.

- I think that...
- And then she makes a drink,

and then...

Uh-huh, that makes sense.
So there's... we'll just...

If there's a bar, you're gonna
have... then, we'll get you a drink.

Right, right. She comes
over here to get a drink

and then hits him with it

right here instead of
facing away, you know?

Right, and if we want
to motivate her exit,

I can get up and come over,

and I don't want to stack her,

I don't know where your lens is.

But I can come up and I can
pantomime making a drink.

- Yeah, mm-hmm.
- And then from here,

she can hit me with that final
line and that motivates her exit.

That makes sense to me.

I think if you're good
with that, everybody...

- that's much more straightforward.
- Yeah, I think.

Thank you. Okay, great.
If you're good to go,

- all we need to do is get them...
- A bar?

A bar and maybe some cocktails, I guess.

So, Darlene? We good to go?

Yeah, I just need another minute,
need to set up another light.

Can I get a sky panel to set, please?

Find a bar. Like now.

- Thank you.
- She's wearing a green scarf.

It doesn't matter.

All right.

- I gotta go.
- Oh, my God. I forgot to vote today!

Oh, right!

- Stop!
- What?

- Emergency exit.
- No, it's not.

It says so right there.

It's a deterrent.


Sorry, I've had, like,
80 coffees this morning.

This will work, yeah.

Yeah, no. Uh-uh. Yeah,
no. Fuck this shit.

I'm not getting Zika while
I'm waiting on a reshoot.

It's fine. They'll hate the smoke.

You guys, we have to get back to work.

Can we please get stoned?

I was almost a back-up
harmonica for Blues Traveler.

- Really?
- Yeah.

That's cool. What happened?

- He didn't want an understudy.
- Hey!

You gotta move your van.

You're blocking the lift
gate of the G&E truck.

Okay, I'll move it.

This isn't a picture car, is it?

It's a '77 Dodge.

You lied to me.

Oh, shit.

It does this.

Hey, listen, I'm sorry.

Come on, man.

Hey. Yeah, I've got a one
o'clock with Hannah.

Yeah, of course. Have a seat.

- Lee.
- Grace, hey!

I literally was just thinking
about you this morning.

I-I just cannot believe that I'm
running into you like this.

- How are you?
- Good. I'm okay. I'm good.

Greta said that you moved upstate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I've got a house in Athens.
- Oh, wow!

You got a lot of love
behind you right now.

Like, I was just talking with
some women that I work with,

and we're all like, "Lee is
really the victim here."

Yeah, I don't know. I'm not the...

No, no, of course.
But, you know, I mean,

we're always talking about
the people who come forward,

but you know, we never talk about
the ones who get left behind.

You are very strong.

I appreciate that. Thank you.


- I...
- Okay.

Really good to see you. Thank you.

- Yep.
- All right.

You can follow me. How are you?

I told my colleague,

"If you feel the need to
sexually assault your coworker,

"just don't do it.

Call me, we'll get a hooker together."

"She was a young, sexy, supple woman.

She didn't deserve to be raped
by that fat, nasty ogre."

Where did you find that guy?

He was recommended by my divorce lawyer.

Look, we needed to do
that, whatever that was.

Especially on this set, but, you know,

I think there's a cottage
industry rising out of this.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

That couple's fighting.

- Aw, don't fight.
- Where?

Right there.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit!

Oh, my God. That was a
murder. That was a murder.

- Tommie, get down!
- Oh, my God! Call 9-1-1.

No, you know what, I'm
gonna call my assistant.

She's gonna call 9-1-1.

- Oh, my God.
- It's okay. Everybody breathe.

Aah shit. They're doing
last looks, guys.

- What? Already?
- I forgot to tell set dec about a tablecloth.

- Okay. Let's go, let's go.
- Oh, my God.

I can't believe that
Ken approved that wig.

This weather's insane.

- Don't get my hair.
- Yo, this one, this one.

Whoa. What the fuck?

- Why are you doing that?
- You're too dry, bitch.

You too, bitch.




How are you?

Oh, pretty bad.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- What happened?
- New York... happened.

She got me.

- She gets ya, but then she gets ya.
- Yeah.

- You want this?
- Oh, yeah.


No problems.

How was your day?

Well, you'll never guess
where I delivered.

- Where?
- Violations.

- No.
- Yeah, I was on set.

- What?
- Yeah.

Can you believe it? I was.

- I don't believe you.
- I really was.

- Actually, I do. Wow.
- Jesus. Small fucking world.

So, I don't know.

It's tempting, but...

LA isn't any different
if you think about it.

It's annoyingly still
a small town somehow.

I'd still be that woman who
was married to that guy

who did all those gross things.

That's all people see
when they look at me now.

Shh, shh.

Shut up.

Hey, we're alive.


Hi. I'm April, your SAG rep.

I'm just gonna go ahead and
talk to your actors real quick.

Oh, we're just gonna
finish this scene up,

and then you can do
whatever you need to do.

Sure, of course. I'll be here till wrap.

Okay, that's great. Thank you.

Oh, hey. I hear you had a
safety meeting without me.

Not fair.

Oh, you didn't miss anything.

Jess, whatever happened to my iced tea?

You want iced tea?

Let's get set!

Want this?

Do you eat farro or any grain or... ?

- Mm-mm.
- Huh.

- Obviously no bread, right?
- Checking my line.

- Go for it.
- Okay, going up.

In, in, in.

- Good.
- Ten breaths!

All right. Yep, I always forget that.

Okay, uh... everybody stop your work.

Turn your walkies off!

Let's do our start of the day,

ten breaths of meditation.

Something in my eye...
Aah, God! I got stung.

Hold your roll, hold your roll.

Oh! Oh! Whoa!

I told y'all I was allergic.

- Ow! My face!
- Get a buddy!

Find a buddy, get on their back!

Keep rolling, keep rolling!

Calm down!

- Bees! Bees! Bees! Bees!
- Did we wrap the medic?

I was making six figures.

I was comfortable, but
I didn't feel alive.

And, hey, you know, no time wasted.

If you hadn't become a doctor,

you would have never
got the set medic gig.

That's true.

And being on set does
make me feel alive.

Hey, there you go.

Look at us. Two lucky guys over here.

Whoa, whoa. Hey!

- Did something happen?
- I don't know.