Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 5 - Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness' - full transcript

Samuel prepares for new additions to his family, while Lydia warns him of the consequences. Claire discovers that her roommate Gretchen may have a hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Peter finds an ...

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MATT: Previously on Heroes.

I think I found someone
to fill Joseph's shoes.

How do I look?
Like everybody else.

I've never met you before.

You pulled me from the 424 bus

after it crashed
at Lexington and 53rd.

What made you
become a paramedic?

I wanted to save lives
instead of watching them pass.

You're exactly
who I'd hoped you'd be.

Hi. I need a file.

Who're you listening to?

I'm talking to myself.

Seriously, what are you?

A vampire? An alien?
Some kind of freakish government experiment?

I saw this girl on YouTube.

She was born with this gene that
doesn't let her feel any pain.

I didn't tell her.
She just found out.

Gretchen is not the enemy.

She's just a girl.
And she's the only friend that I've made.

This is my mess.
And I'm gonna clean it up.

I'm tired of keeping
this secret to myself

Do you want to be my roommate?

To closure.

MILLIE: To closure.



Had a little too much to drink?

On the ground.
Hands behind your head. Down! Now!


Mind your backs.
Watch your back, will you?


Mrs. Corney's unparalleled
blueberry waffles.

This is my favorite
part of the day.

it's full of possibility.

Before the inevitable monkey
wrenches come looking for us.


But more than anything, it's
about being with all of you.

I know grace is a supper thing,

but every morning I thank heaven
and earth for our family.

Sadly, Joseph's death
has left us an empty seat,

a broken circle.

But I feel like we're
on the way to mend it.

There are lost lambs out there.

They're like us, but they're hiding.

Pretending to be that
which they are not.

It's sad, pathetic.

These people, they desperately
need what we have.

Understanding, unconditional
love, family, trust.

Who are we to deny anyone that?

Today is an important day
for us, our family.

And for one of them, too.

Because by day's end,

we will have
a full table again.


Okay, I gotta ask.
What's with the ear-to-ear, smiley?

This... This is cool.

Drinking chocolate milk?

No. Me. In college.

In a dining hall with my
new college roommate.

No snipers shooting at me.
No serial killers hunting me.

It's e refreshing
change of pace.

Yeah. Tedium can be
such a thrill.

I have been chasing normal life
forever and I finally caught it.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
the chocolate milk is awesome,

but right here, right now,
is full of possibilities.

I can be anyone.

GIRL: Claire Bennet, you
can't escape your destiny.

I'm Becky Taylor.
Psi Alpha rush chair.

Your mom Sandra's sorority.

Your mom was in a sorority?

She totally was.

Hi, Becky.

BECKY: So, National has you
on a list of legacies,

but we haven't heard
from you about rush.

I'm not really sure
I'm a sorority girl.

BECKY: Neither
was I at first.

So, listen, open rush
starts today at the house,

why don't you come by
and meet the girls?

No strings.

Why not?
She's gonna have to pass.

Well, great,
I'll see you there.


Isn't this what we've been talking about?

I mean, I think my mom is still
friends with her sorority sisters.

Sororities are just
a social crutch

for people who can't
make their own friends.

She said, "No strings attached.
" What's the harm?

(SIGHS)The harm is
that they get you alone

and replace you
with Stepford Claire.

Well, okay. How about
I don't go alone?

Yeah. No.
No. No way.

Please. Pretty please.
I'll be your best friend.

I'll throw in a chocolate milk.



What would Stepford Gretchen
wear to one of these things?


Captain Lubbock?

I'm Dr. Gibson. Madeline.

Where's Dr. Verheiden?


You're new?

I've been interning with Dr.
Verheiden at A.U. for three years,

specializing in psychopathy,
malignant narcissism disorders...

And how many actual, real-life
criminal-psych consults have you done?

Including this one?


So, who is he?

We have no idea.
And neither does he.

We found him last night
covered in dirt, blood.

Bullet holes in his jacket.

The guy doesn't know his name,
what day it is, nothing.

Amnesia can be
very complicated.

Let me simplify it
for you, Madeline.

Take out your rubber stamp
and mark this guy insane.

They don't give us stamps.

I'm gonna need to talk to him.




Hi. My name
is Dr. Gibson.

I'm hereto help you.

Can you tell me your name?


There's been a lot of that.

Starts and stops?

Mostly stops.

What are you thinking?

Could be an aphasia.

Could be what?

Any trauma to the head
could result in brain damage.

He was like this
when we found him.

Can you tell me
what happened to you?

I was in... I was...

I was in then.
In then.

In the forest.


And then I was...

(CRIES) Oh, God.


Take your time.


And now I'm here in this room.

In this tiny room and...

Captain, can you do me a favor
and unlock these cuffs?

No. I don't make a habit of locking
myself in with unrestrained lunatics.

Then can you leave me
your keys on the way out?

Let's clean you up, get you some clothes.
Maybe something to drink.

I'm gonna help you
as best I can.

Help you figure out who you
are, put the pieces together.

I promise.

Emma, I wanted to talk
to you about yesterday.

Are you still seeing things,
the colors?

I was thinking more about it.

I have another theory.

Conversion disorder.
They used to call it...

I think this whole filing girl
act is finally getting to you.

Only the ones who happen
to be my daughter.

I think this whole focusing on
work thing is getting to me.

I've been told by
more than one person

that I've closed myself off
from human connection.

Here, Mom. Mom, careful.
It's hot. It's hot.

So this is me,
trying to connect again.

Starting with you, my family.

The half that bothered
to show up, at least.

You did call Nathan, right?

Yeah. A couple times, Mom.
So I'm thinking, if...

You didn't just talk
to that aide?

That Elizabeth woman is a
phone-message black hole.

Can we just focus on me
for a second, Mom?

DR. COOLIDGE; Yes. You hide in here.
You're filing things.

It's the waste of
a brilliant mind.

Be serious.

So I thought being a paramedic,

saving the most people

that would fill
that hole, but I...


Yes. Yes. You're right.

Nathan will be fine.

Let's just...
Go on with what you were saying.

Start over.

I'm not starting over.

I thought you said
it was important.

I ran into Chief Kaufman.

And he said that you could re-start
your residency if you want.

He always thought you'd
make a wonderful doctor.

It's been six years.

It's time to stop blaming
yourself for Christopher's death.

You have to stop grieving
and take your life back, Emma.

I'm not grieving.


I gotta go.

I gotta get to work.

I think I'll stay for a while.


Maybe Nathan's
just running late.

It was good seeing you.

Hey. Hey.


You work too much.
You know that?

Yeah. I do.



And since 1924,
it has been our charge

to populate this house...
CLAIRE: We're late.

With girls of the utmost
quality and integrity.

This is, of course,
where you all come in.


We can't wait to get to know
each and every one of you.

Which brings us to my absolute
favorite part of rush,


Get to know prospective
pledges speed dating. Yay!

So, all the girls on my right,

to the chairs on the right.

And all the girls
on my left, to the left.

Should we make a break for it?

No. This is what normal
girls do, right? Really?

Scariest thing that ever happened to me?
Does this count?

My mom raises
professional show dogs.

Show dog.
No boyfriend to speak of.

My dad works in paper.
Government paper..

I mean, it's more
like a series of...

No boyfriends.


Hobbies. Um...

You used to be
a cheerleader, right?

How did you know?

Gretchen told me.


So you and Gretchen
both lived in Texas?

BECKY: Last round, ladies!
Make it count!


So, Claire, I feel like
I know you already.

Let me guess.

She-:'s really cool.

(CHUCKLES) She's very...
I don't know, edgy.









(INAUDIBLE) You okay?

(AUDIBLE) I mean, you almost...
Are you all right?


Hey, wait up a second.

Hey. Wait. Wait.
Are you okay?

You almost got hit by a bus.


(AUDIBLE) I mean, that was...
You almost got hit and...

You're welcome.

Oh! Come on.


Hand me that, will you?

Who is it?
The new family member?

Why are you so interested?

You used my body to find them.
I am understandably vested.

Is it Petrelli?


The Strauss woman?
The college co-ed?

Claire Bennet.

Is it her?

You don't know, do you?

I do not.

But I felt something.

In my bones.
In the earth.

But the dust
hasn't settled yet.

It's a gamble.

Making promises and
proclamations to all of us

based on a feeling.

I understand the risks.

But the rewards of growing
our family are worth it.

We've got lots of
cousins out there.

Plenty of candidates.
Many seeds planted.

But who will break
ground first?

I guess we'll just
have to wait and see.


Hey, have you seen
my white sweater?

It's frilly and

looks kind of
exactly like that.


Yeah. Can I borrow this?

Uh... No. Yeah.
Go ahead.

Are you sure? 'Cause that "go ahead"
sounded a little bit annoyed.

And I could just take it off.

No, don't be silly.
It looks good on you.

Cool. Thanks.

So I'm just going to use the
rest room and then we gotta go.



We're heading back that way now.



Is everything okay?


Why don't you go on without
me and I'll catch up?

No. I can just wait.

No, don't worry about it.
I mean, it's a mixer, right?

I feel like we should be mixing
with people we don't know.

I know you already.
You know?

Right. Oh.

Mix master me. Okay.

I'll see you.


It's amazing.
What is this?


You never had tea before?

I've never had anything.

It all feels so...
It feels so new.

Like I'm feeling everything
for the first time.



It's cold.

It's like I...

I know these things, these words,
these feelings, but they're...

I can't put them together.
They're not in my head.

They are there and then they're not.
They're gone and it's...


It's very scary.

But also somehow beautiful.

All of it is
overwhelmingly beautiful.

Jamais vu.

It's the opposite of d?j? vu.

It's quite common in cases of
seizures and dissociative amnesia.

That's good news.

How is that good news?

I think something traumatic happened
to you and you've blocked it out.

It means that the you in you
is still in there. Somewhere.

I'd like to try
a memory exercise.

I want you to close your eyes and
tell me the first thing that you see.



Nothing. It's just black.

Just relax, and be yourself.


Um... The ticking.
It's distracting.

What do you mean?

That clock.
Your watch.

They're off.

Somehow different ticks,
different timing.

One is faster, much faster.

This watch has been
running fast for years.

I keep meaning to fix it but...

What... You heard that?

Um... Uh...

So, this ticking thing.

It's good,
it's your subconscious.

It's probably a clue to your past.
Lat's try again.

Can I see you in the hall, Doc?

I'll just be a sec.


AFIS just kicked back
a fingerprint match.

We got an ID.


Look at what's happened to me

I can't believe it myself

Suddenly I'm up
on top of the world

It should've been somebody else

Believe it or not

I'm walking on air

I never thought
I could feel so free

Flying away on a wing
and a prayer

Who could it be

Believe it or not, it's just me

Just like the light of new day

It hit me from out of the blue

Breakin' me out
of the spell I was in

Makin' all of my wishes
come true

The colors?
You saw them, too?

You can't...
You're deaf.

So you read lips.

All right. I must have gotten
your ability on the street.


This is new to you?

Okay. Um...

There are people like us
who have abilities.

They can fly. And teleport.
And read minds.

Sometimes I misunderstand.
So can you...

That's crazy.

Is it?




Pretty amazing, huh?

Why me? Why now?

That I don't know.

Maybe we can get lunch tomorrow.
Figure it out.

Get you out of the file room.

I'm fine with the file room.

No, I didn't mean...

It's fine.





Hey. I'm so glad
you came back.

I was worried
you'd get cold feet.

No. My feet are actually
very toasty in here.

It was nice to meet the girls.

Good to expand my social Venn
diagram into more circles.

Then why stop now, right?

BECKY: Kara!

Claire Bennet, Kara Hayback.

Yeah, I think we met at the G.
P.P... Oh, yeah.

Did you know that you're
both ex-cheerleaders?

You, too?

I had spirit, yes, I did.

What made you quit?

It sounds stupid,
but I kind of hated

the cheerleading part
of cheerleading.

That does not sound
stupid at all.

I like the bus rides
and the bake sales

and I rocked a mean poster,
but football is kind of...

Pointless and boring.

Is that why you got
out of the business?

No, I just...

Watch out!



Hands on the table.

Palms down.

Where's Dr. Gibson?

I sent her home.

But... No, shew.

She was here.
She'd said that she came here to...

She was here to tell us
who you are.

But now we know that, Gabriel.

You're a watchmaker from Queens
who murdered your own mother.

Did you say "watchmaker"?

I also said "murder."
And "mother."

Now hands on the table.

I didn't do anything wrong.

I wouldn't... I wouldn't kill my mother.
I would never...

What are you doing?

I'm gonna use this interrogation
room for interrogation again.

I'm gonna get a confession from you
about how you killed your mother.

No. I didn't kill anybody.

And then they're gonna throw
you down a hole forever.







(GASPS) What are you doing?

You said you'd help me.
You promised.

You promised.

You said you'd help me.
You promised.

I didn't do it.

I didn't say you did.

But you were thinking it,
weren't you?

Gretchen, you were
the only one there.

Why would I do
something like that?

Maybe because
i was making new friends.

Maybe because you want to expose
my freakiness to everyone?

(LAUGHS) Do you actually realize
how ridiculous that sounds?

I saw what you've been
looking at on your computer.

The stuff about me.

What were you doing
snooping on my computer?

I wasn't snooping.
A book fell.

The computer turned on
and I saw it.

A book jumped off my shelf and
begged you to invade my privacy?

Yes, it did.


So I googled you,
so what's the big deal?

I saw the stuff
about Annie, too.

Can you honestly tell me
you had nothing to do with it?

Wow, that stuff that happened
to you really messed you up.

You're a crazy
kind of paranoid.


No, no, no. Paranoid is...

This is a pattern.

The Annie thing. The accident tonight.
The computer.

The speed dating.
I mean, talk about me much?


I get nervous
talking about myself.

You're just more interesting.

All I wanted was a normal
life, and I trusted you.


I didn't kill Annie,

and I'm not stalking you.

Okay, maybe I'm a little bit stalking
you, but it's not what you think.

It's just...


I have a crush.

I'm crushing on you.

Say something.


Claire Bennet, Gretchen Berg,

please accept this bid to join
the Psi Alpha Chi sisterhood.

It's getting a little late
for Hail Mary passes.

Says you.



Hello, Rebecca.

I'm missing bid night,
Uncle Samuel.

I'm sure they can carry on
without you one night.


I wanted to check on your
work with Claire Bennet.

Well, we're sisters now,
so there's that.

You're doing everything
you can to isolate her,

push other people away,
push her in our direction?

Honestly, I feel like
all I do is push.

What made you quit?

It sounds stupid,
but I kind of hated

the cheerleading part
of cheerleading.

That does not sound
stupid at all.

I like the bus rides
and the bake sales

and I rocked a mean poster,
but football is kind of...

Pointless and boring.

Is that why you got
out of the business?

No, I just...

Watch out!






Hey, I didn't see you
leave the party.

Guess you're still there.

And, you left the windows open.


I don't suppose she's on
her way hereto us now?

LYDIA: No. It isn't her.
Not yet.

But I think your dust
has finally settled.

Get back to campus, Rebecca.

Looks like
we're pulling up stakes.

I'm not a killer.

Well, you're a kidnapper
and a carjacker.

And you beat up an entire
city precinct. Somehow.

He was going to throw me in a hole.
Hurt me... I...

Nobody believes me,
except for you.

I don't even know you, Gabriel.

No. No, no.
That isn't my name.

I close my eyes, but it doesn't
feel like me. It's not me.

Well, it sounds
an awful lot like you.

The watchmaker...
Yeah, I know.

Your watch.
I heard the ticking, but it can't be.

I know I'm not a killer.

You know that.

You're right.

What are you doing?

If you're not a killer, then, by
definition, you won't kill me.

Take my car
wherever you need to.

No. I need you.
I need your help.

You don't even know me.

I don't even know myself.

Turn yourself in.

Let the police figure out
what happened to your mother.

Let me figure out
what happened to you.

Okay. Okay. I'll...


I want to see
your hands! Now!

Do what he says.

He's turning himself in.
Put the guns down, please!

Please, put the guns down.



What the hell was that?

I don't know.
I don't know.







So much for human connection.

Peter Petrelli?







It's okay, brother.

You're safe here.

Where exactly is here?