Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 3 - Chapter Two 'Ink' - full transcript

Samuel continues searching for the whereabouts of the soul of his brother. He begins to focus on Peter by using his ink-transparency powers to investigate Peter. Meanwhile, Claire deals ...

Previously on Heroes.

I think Sylar's beginning
to emerge again.

I'm part of you, Matt.

Whatever you did to me, I held on.
Now I'm inside your head.

I'm in control here,
not the power.

And not you,
you son of a bitch.

Keppler. The guy's name is Keppler.
Lives in Long Beach.

You're supposed to be the man
with the plan, remember?

I'm not sure
I'm that guy anymore.

Why is that? Because I've
lost my family, Angela.

You know, maybe changing
your name back to Bennet

wasn't such a great
idea after all,

but they say college is
for reinventing yourself.

Have you ever heard of
the Jump-Push-Fall test?

All we need is a dummy the approximate
size and weight of Annie.

So, where do we get our
hands on a dead body?

I guess she did
kill herself.

I met an empath.

You talk to him?

Didn't really
get a chance.


Claire. It's Gretchen,
open up.

Claire, we need to talk.

No, darling.
This batch isn't for you.

I think... I think I found
someone to fill Joseph's shoes.

I'm going out.

Wearing that?

I'd draw unwanted attention
being myself.

Haven't worn a suit
since I was a boy.

Our parents forced us
to be prim.

Binding us to a life of
combed hair and shined shoes.

And then I discovered I could control
the very earth under my feet.

And I was liberated.

I could be filthy.

Tie still feels like a
damn noose around my neck.

Come here.

You don't have to leave.

You know I can do
whatever you want.

No. Thank you.

It's my responsibility.

Ever since Joseph died,

I feel like the lights don't
shine as bright in here.

I feel like I'm missing
a part of myself.

He was my compass.

And I'm afraid of where
we're going without it.

I need it back.
I'm sorry for your loss,

but you know you cannot
replace your brother.

No, you don't understand.

We have a need.
And I have a candidate.

I just want to see if he
deserves a place at our table.

Do you think that you might go
home while you're out there?

No. I left that life.

I don't ever want
to go back again.

How do I look?

Like everybody else.

Hey, are you
Peter Petrelli?

The paramedic who saved
that cop's life last week?

That was awesome, man. Here.

Thanks. What's this?
You've been served.

Guess you need to be more careful
when you're saving people, hero.

Oh, geez.


You expecting somebody,

Suspect's house
is over there.

How damn long does it take
a judge to issue a warrant?

We are gonna get
this guy, okay?

We're gonna find the stash,
both get commendations.

It's gonna be a great day.
Just relax.


It's not even
about that. I...

My 30 days sobriety chip.

I slipped.

I used.

I'm still being haunted by the ghost of
all the crappy things I've done past.

And it got
the better of me.



I wish I was a ghost.

It'd be so much better
than this hell,

being stuck in
your miserable life.

I mean, have you seen
yourself eat a burrito?

Why don't you just
get the hell out of here?

there's only one way out.

Which is you need to figure
out how to undo what you did,

give me back my body, and I will be happy
to leave you stewing in your mediocrity.

You're a killer.
I'm a cop.

If I have to keep you trapped inside
this prison for the rest of my life,

so be it.

You really think
you're up to the challenge?

You got no power. None.

You're annoying as hell, yes,
but ultimately harmless.

I can just ignore you until you
fade away like a bad memory.

We'll see.

We got the warrant.

I want you on this job,

but you are not going into that house until
I know that you'll keep it together.

I'm fine. Look.


It's the first day of the
rest of my life. Right?

So I put away my ghost
and put my game face on.

Let's go.

All right.

Police. Open up.

Open up.

Check over there.


I'll check upstairs.


I'm not interrupting you,
am I?

I'm everywhere.

Hey. Where are you going?
He's in the closet.


Your drug dealer
is in that closet.

What kind of cop
doesn't check a closet?

And he has a gun.

You're done. Drop it.



You're welcome.

I told you that...

Dad? What are you
doing here?

"Hey, Dad.
Nice to see you.

"Thanks for bringing
the housewarming presents."

Hey, Dad.
Nice to see you.

Thanks for bringing
the housewarming presents.

You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.

Your mother told me about your
roommate, Annie, committing suicide.

I should've called you. I know.
I didn't call because...

No, no, no. I...

I don't want to put you
on the spot.

I just want to make sure
you're all right.

I'm dealing with it.
I'm fine.

I know that "fine". It's not very convincing.
You want to try again?

It's not just
the whole Annie thing.

It's just an adjustment,
college. I'm adjusting.

I miss my family. I miss you, Mom.
Even Lyle.

What do you say
we grab some lunch?

Spend a little time.
Talk. If you're not busy.

No. Sounds like a plan.

Let me just go
get pretty.

You look beautiful.

I'll be just a minute.

So this is your plan?

You're just going
to avoid me?

I'm not.

Wow. You're even going to avoid
admitting you're avoiding me.

No, no, no. I'm not.

I was just busy and studying,
and Organic Chem is a bitch.

How's Art History?

So we're really not
gonna talk about this?

Look, whatever it is you thought
you saw the other night,

you didn't see.

I didn't see you hurl yourself out a window
and then snap your bones back into place?

No. No.

I mean, yes, I was on the ground.
I was testing your theory.

You know, Jump-Push-Fall. And I
think Annie did commit suicide.

Which is awful
and tragic.

You don't have
to lie to me.

Look, you were
wrong about Annie,

just like you're wrong
about me.

Seriously, what are you?

A vampire? An alien? Some kind of
freakish government experiment?

All right.
I just have to change.


Hi, Mr. Bennet.


Who's your friend?

That's Gretchen.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah. Would you like
to join us for lunch?

Oh! That's nice.

You don't...
You don't have to do that.

It would be my pleasure.

I'm pretty sure
that Gretchen

has an Art History assignment
due tomorrow.

Isn't that right,

Yeah. But I finished
my paper already.

And I'm starving.



Hey, we can do this the
easy way or the hard way.

So, why don't you just tell
us where you hid the drugs.

Why don't you ask
my lawyer?

Did he just... I can't believe
people actually say that.

You can call your lawyer after
we're done searching the house.

No, you can't
do that, man.

We have a warrant. You attempted
to murder an officer, me,

so we are gonna stay here
as long as it takes.

Or you could just grow a pair
and end this idiotic sobriety.

I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

Stop asking.

Use your abilities.

I'm going to go check
in the bathroom.

Not as easy to ignore me
as you thought.

It's because I ooze charm.

You're looking
in the wrong place.

Stop helping.

Hey, if I'm gonna be
stuck in here,

I might as well
make the most of it.

I always thought
I'd be an excellent cop.

Fine. Ignore me.

Something doesn't fit
in this picture.

Stuffed rabbit?

The stuffed rabbit.

This house isn't
used for drugs.

It's used for
something worse.

A lot worse.

Hi. I need a file.

Hooper, William.

Look, it'll just take a second.
It's my accident report.

If you could
just type it in.


I get it.
You're just doing your job.

And I'm doing my job.

I saved a guy's life
and he sues me for it.

I guess no good deed
goes unpunished. Right?

I'm talking to myself.

Who're you listening to?

Your headphones.

It's cool.
I like that band, too.

You okay?

He's in physical therapy
right now. Thank you.

Excuse me.
William Hooper?


That's me.

I think there's been
a mistake.

I've never met you before.

There's no mistake,
Mr. Petrelli.

You pulled me
from the 424 bus

after it crashed
at Lexington and 53rd.

I remember you were fast, so fast,
so negligent, you dislocated my arm.

Well, I remember everybody
that was on that bus.

You weren't on it.

What is this, a scam?

You recognized my family name.
You want money?

I'm not scamming you.
Don't need your cash.

Then what?


I'm in town because
of my brother, Joseph.

He died and...

There's a lot of loose ends to
take care of when someone passes.

I'm all alone now.

I have to take care
of our entire family.

It's my responsibility.
It's my burden.

But I can't do that
on account of you.

Doctor says I won't
work for months.

If I don't work,
I don't feed my family.

Are you the kind of man that's
gonna allow my family to starve?

You know what,
this was a mistake.

I'm gonna let the lawyers
handle it. Good day.

Working two,
three shifts at a time.

My lawyer already
checked on you.

I know what it's like to feel
the pressure of obligation.

But isn't it possible
I was on that bus

and you've become so spread
thin that you forgot?

No. It's not.

You're not going blind,

There's nothing wrong
with your eyes.

When you saw the lights,
did other people see them?

Did you ever hear
of synesthesia?

Yeah. Yeah. People say
that they can smell words.

Or hear numbers.

It's possible. It's very
common in deaf cases.

Maybe your body is trying
to tell you something.

Emma. Emma,
this is serious.

You know,
you're completely disengaged.

You file records when you
could be treating patients.

Is that why you wear
the headphones?

Hey, I don't want
to see their faces.

Okay, we've got
saag paneer,

baigan bhartha,
aloo gobi,

tikka masala.


It just looks like green,
brown, yellow and orange.

Don't make the stink face.
You're gonna love it.

Except he forgot
the raita.

I don't want
to offend your dad,

but what if
I don't like yellow?

Just do the napkin trick.

Excuse me. We also had an
order of raita for the table.

Clever. You're very
good at hiding things.

Could bring that over,

So, Gretchen,
what's your major?

and Bio-Mechanics.

I thought
it was Art History.

I'm gonna change.

I'm obsessed with the
abilities of the human body.

The other day,
I saw this girl

on YouTube.

She was born with this gene that
doesn't let her feel any pain.

Like, nothing.

And her parents are freaked
that she could cut her hand

or burn herself
and not even know.

So, she's totally

Pretty cool, huh?

It's unusual,
to say the least.

So, what do you think,

Wanna audit some of
these classes with me?

What do you think, Claire?

Why would I be
interested in that?

Because it's awesome.
And we could do it together.

And you're still

Well, I can be undeclared
till third year.

Yeah. But that's just like
denying the inevitable.

How long can you
do that for?

You know, this yellow is really good.
Yummy yellow.

So, Mr. Bennet,
what do you do?


But I'm always finding new
reasons to go back to work.

Whose do you think
this is?

I mean,
it's not his daughter.

Would you let
your kid play here?

Yeah. Me neither.

Hey, I think these keys
go to the garage.

I'm gonna go
check it out.

Okay, cool.
I'll keep an eye on him.

Okay, tell me what the hell
you think you know.

Come on. Whose stuffed animal was that?
Is there a kid here? Tell me.


All right, what?
You're ignoring me now?

Doesn't feel very good,
does it?

When somebody has something you want
and they just won't give it to you.

I never intended
for this to happen.

Unless you did,
Mr. Parkman.

What the hell's
that supposed to mean?

Your life's a mess, Matt.

I'm stuck inside your mind with
your powers and all your anxieties.

It's sad. You're so desperate
for anyone to love you.

Janice or your kid.

And they never will love you.
And you wanna know why?

Shut up. I didn't
say anything, man.

Because you come in at a zero
on the confidence scale.

You're always
second-guessing yourself.

I'm innocent.

Sweating every decision
you make.

I swear.

You know what I think?

I think you wanted me
in here to help you.

You wanted me to pick your
sorry ass up out of the mud

and help make you a man.

Very good, detective.

You found it
all on your own.

I'm almost impressed.

Now what are you
gonna do, Matt?

Are you man enough
to save her?

Well, you were right, Mr. Bennet.
This was outstanding.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

That mango lassi just
goes right through you.

Excuse me.

Okay, look... I know
things are difficult,

but I can't believe you told
her about your ability.

I didn't tell her.
She just found out.

I gotta contact
the Haitian.

Erase Gretchen's memory.
Clean this mess up.

Hey. Gretchen is
not the enemy.

She's just a girl, and she's the
only friend that I've made.

I appreciate your concern,

but I don't need you
fighting my battles for me.

I can handle this.


What's your plan, Claire?


You make that phone call and
I swear, I will banish you.

I will not call.
I will not e-mail.

This is my mess,
and I'm gonna clean it up.

So, what's for dessert?

Where is she?
What are you talking about?

This is what
I'm talking about.

The girl you wrote
the ransom note for.

Where is she?
There is no girl.

Little girl's life
at stake, Parkman.

We don't have
a lot of time.

Use your power.
Use your power.

Under the stairs.
She's under the stairs.

What did you do?
What did you do?

What? No.
What're you doing?

Parkman. Parkman. What
the hell are you doing?

The girl. He killed a girl.
Her body's under the stairs.

What girl?

The girl.

The girl's body, Mike.
She's right...


The stuffed rabbit. Where's the stuffed...
Pink stuffed rabbit.


I used your own power
against you.

You're being sued?

This is a scam. This guy
wasn't even in that bus crash.

Well, according
to my log, he was.

Look, the hospital is not
gonna take the fall on this.

They're gonna blame you.

For what? I've been
nothing but committed.

Yeah, I know.
You're everywhere.

And always the first
on scene.

What's that
supposed to mean?

There's a couple people
floating the theory

that you caused
the accidents yourself.

Glory hounding.

So what?
You believe them?

They ask
if you've been reckless.

They ask if you've been behaving
suspiciously. You have.

Hesam, come on. You know me.
We're partners.

Partners? Man, you run off
the second we get on scene.

I'm your chauffeur.

He was on the bus.

Look, Claire, I'm sorry
if I pushed too hard.

I push. I'm pushy.

You think?

You don't want to talk.
I get that.

Wanting to keep
a secret that got out.

When I was in junior high,

the girls called me
Retchin' Gretchen.

That's a terrible nickname.

Yeah. They said that I smelled
like puke because I was bulimic.

Wow, I can't believe
they would make that up.

"Made it up."

I'll see you around.


I really, really
want to trust you,

but my life has been a
complex series of disasters.

And it's been a really,
really long time

since I felt safe enough
to tell anyone the truth.

But I'm tired of keeping
this secret to myself.

So ask me anything.

I'll tell you the truth.

Mr. Petrelli. I didn't
expect to see you again.

You look like you've been
running all over the city.

I need to apologize to you.

You were on that bus. I made
a mistake and I am sorry.

Thank you.

I'm gonna make it right.

No need to
concern yourself.

There must be
something I can do.

Have you ever
lost a brother?

No. No, I haven't.

I used to work hospice.

I used to help families through
the worst pain imaginable.

Joseph and I grew up nearby.
I thought I'd go back home

to remember
the good times.

Can't bring yourself
to go?

Too many bad memories
mixed in with the good.

My trip here
started as one thing

but it turned
into something else.

Can't seem to find
any solace anywhere.

Grieving is messy.

I saw it all the time.

People can offer
their condolences,

they can tell you
they're sorry for your loss,

but they don't know what
it is that you're feeling.

What would you say
to people?

Just sit with them.
Be with them.

I'd let them know
that they're not alone.

So, what made you
become a paramedic?

I wanted to save lives
instead of watching them pass.

You're exactly
who I hoped you'd be.

I'm dropping the lawsuit.

Thank you, Peter.
For everything.

You know,
it's not for nothing,

but if you made the trip
all the way out here,

I really think that you
should visit your home.

I think I will.

Sorry to bother you
at this hour.

But I grew up here.

My father used
to be the butler,

my mother was the maid.

My brother recently
passed away,

and I just thought
I could take a look around.

Well, not here,
but in the carriage house.

We're actually in the
middle of a dinner party.


This really is
not a good time.

Sorry for your loss.

So, wait, you're telling me
that you've never been drunk?

Because that's, like, 85%
of the college experience.

I know.
Just doesn't work on me.

I heal too quickly.

But the good thing is you will
always have a designated driver.

Can I see it?

See what?

The healing?

If that's not
crossing a line.

The hand's always
the favorite.

Go for it.

I've never
done this before.

Well, I would hope not.

It's okay.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

I'm just kidding. I'm sorry,
that was mean. I'm fine.

I have to take this.
I'll be right back.

Dad, I've got everything
under control, okay?

And I told Gretchen
everything about everything

and I know that you're gonna be
mad, but this was my choice.

It's not just us anymore, and I'm
gonna have other people in my life,

friends and boyfriends, and I
can't close myself off with lies.

Did you rehearse
that speech?


I wanted to get it right.

No, it was good. Listen, I
think I owe you an apology.

I was a bit harsh
earlier at the restaurant.

A bit?

Okay, two bits.

It's just...

When I look at you, I can't
help seeing my Claire-bear.

And when you get into any kind of trouble,
I feel this instinct to protect you.

Well, you can't
do that now.

I don't think I can ever really do it again.
Not like before.

Look, I will always
be here for you. Always.

But you're right. You can
handle your own problems now.

And I'll try to worry
about myself from now on.


Good night, Dad.
Good night, Claire.

Good night.

Can I borrow this?


Right. Sorry.

No, I mean, yes.
Yes, but...

Well, you won't have to borrow
it, because it'll be here.

Do you want to be
my roommate?

Let me think. Rooming with a boring
girl who smells like pickles,

or the super-girl who's got
excellent taste in literature?

Well, all right then,


I just... I don't see
any other way out of this.

You crossed a line, Matt.

What's gonna happen
to me, Mike?

You need to find yourself
a damn good lawyer.

This is gonna ruin my life.

I'm sorry.


Me, too.

What are you doing?

I guess I'm just not
strong enough anymore.

Nothing happened here. He attacked
you, I stopped him. That's all.

Go call it in.

I'll go
call it in, Matt.

I'm proud of you.

You're finally becoming
more like me.

Today is the first day
of the rest of your life.

And they can all
be like this.

Or you and I can go
find my body.

Wait up.

Sorry to make
you boys come out.

Three people died here.

Could have been
a lot worse.

So, what happened?