Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 1 - Chapter One 'Orientation' - full transcript

Claire, back home in California, begins attending college, but is having difficulty adjusting when a mysterious death of a student during the orientation puts her back in the spotlight. In Japan, Hiro and Ando continue their quest to help people with abilities and go so much as to advertise themselves. Meanwhile, Angela fears Nathan/Syler will discover his true identity. Matt tries to settle down back in Los Angeles and raise his son and not worry about unexpected visitors. Elsewhere, Peter is using his ability for good when a mysterious carnival clan, led by Samuel Sullivan, arrives in town which could spell trouble for him and everyone else.

My brother Joseph and I
have had two families.

The first one,

well, let's just say
it didn't work out too well.

But over the years, we
made ourselves a new one.

And it was to this
family, all of you,

that his heart
really belonged.

You see,

a family is something
that Joseph and I needed.

It offered us protection
from the outside world,

a world that never
understood or appreciated

what makes us

There are others
like us out there,

in the shadows,
in the light,

each grasping for
meaning in a world

that won't accept them
for who they really are.

They, like us,
are blessed,

gifted with
extraordinary abilities.

And they, like us, struggle with finding
their place in an ordinary world,

haunted by their past

from those who would harm them and
keep them from their destiny.

Every one of them deserves a
chance to be who they really are.

But to what end?
For what purpose?

Here in this place,
we offer salvation.

We offer hope.

We offer redemption.

And one by one, they
will come to our side,

to our family,

and they will find
their way home.

And all who have gathered
will be strong.

And all who have gathered
will stand in unison.

I say it's time we found
our way back home again.

Find your way home,

You must be
my new roommate.

Yeah, I guess I am.
I'm Claire.

Hi, I'm Annie. It's nice to
finally meet you, Claire.

You, too.

The school, they wouldn't
release any information.

Otherwise I would have
friended you on Facebook.

That's my fault. I always check those
little privacy boxes for some reason.

I did that same thing with
my AP Classmates profile

after I got a B+
in AP physics.

Are you on
APClassmates. Com?

No, I'm not in advanced placement.
I got my GED.

It's not because I dropped out or anything.
I was just traveling.

You got into this school
with a GED?

What do your parents do?

Uh... My mom breeds
championship show dogs

and my dad works
for the government.

So that's how you
got in with a GED.

No. I just got
really good scores.

Oh. Well, you'll probably place in Fenten's
linear algebra class, then, today.


He only takes
35 students a semester,

and the placement test
is today at 1:00.

You get in and it pretty much sets the
whole dominoes into motion, you know?

So, what's your plan
for graduate school?

I don't really have one.

Guess that's kind of
why I'm here.

No, you have to go
to college with the plan.

How are you gonna find
your future without a map?

You have
a map of your future?


See, I call this
my trajectory.

This is me in three years, graduating
magna cum laude in poli-sci pre-law.

This is me in eight years,
Massachusetts Attorney General.

And this is me
in 12 years,

being sworn in as the youngest
governor in US history.

Wow, you really
thought that through.

Don't you think it's time you
put childish things behind you

and thought this through
yourself, Claire?

I mean, don't let GED
be a lifestyle choice.

I'll tell you what. If you want, I'll
help you make your own trajectory.

It can be our project.

Sounds great.

Dispatch, this is Unit 5-9. We
are 12 blocks out. We're on it.

On it?
We're on it.

Look at this parking lot. We're
not going anywhere in this mess.

You're right.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna hoof it.

You're crazy.
We're 12 blocks away.

You'll never
make it on foot.

Hesam, I grew up out here.
There's always a shortcut.

Hi. I'm here
to save you.

Hey, Claire!

Hey! Hi!


I'm so excited.

You know,
if you pass this test,

then we're gonna be
in class together.

You and I are gonna keep each
other on our tippy toes.

But please don't think of
this as a competition, okay?

This is about sisterhood.

Yay. Sisterhood!

Okay! This is a placement
test for Linear Algebra 170.

Thirty-five of you geniuses will be
lucky enough to get in this class.

The rest, you can
try next semester.

You each have 45 minutes
to solve this equation.

Please show your work.

Is this a joke?

I know. It's so easy.

Are you sweating?

No, it's just
a little hot in here.

Where are you going?

This class isn't for me.

There he is!

So, that pregnant woman?


Heard she delivered twins.
Named them both Peter.

That pregnant woman's name is
Kristie, and she had twin girls.

Thank you. Named them
Haley and Katie.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, they're
still up in Neonatal.

You know,
you should stop by.

They'd like to
thank you in person.

I'm good.


You single-handedly
saved three lives.

If it was me, I'd be floating
on cloud nine right now.

I am.

You could have
fooled me.

What's going on
with you?

If I had showed up
30 seconds later,

that woman, her babies,
they'd be dead.

It's too close, man.
I gotta be faster.

Dude, you got there faster
than humanly possible.

If I was a religious man,
I'd think it was a miracle.

A miracle.

Catch you tomorrow.

Well, hang on.
Where you going?

Took another shift.

We just got off
a double!

Yeah, I know, but James is sick,
I figured I'd cover for him.

Too late.
Jackson's already covering.

Dude, there's a life
outside this place.

Now, me and some of the
guys are going out.

Houlihan's is still open.
Come with us.

I'm good, man. I'll see you tomorrow.
Have fun.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I take it you've seen
the paper this morning.

All four worked in Building 26.
Danko's men.

These are revenge killings, and
we both know it's Tracy Strauss.

I'm sure it won't be long before she
makes her way up that list to me.

Or Nathan. Which is exactly why
you're gonna stop dragging your feet

and pull the trigger
on this operation.

It's been six weeks, Noah. I've given you
time to put your personal life in order.

And Nathan says you're
avoiding his phone calls.

By Nathan,
you mean Sylar, right?

We've been over this, Noah. It's
all working exactly as planned.

As planned?
What plan?

We had no other choice. Matt Parkman
had to turn Sylar into Nathan,

and as I recall,
you were in on it.

I made an emotional decision because I
didn't want to see you lose your son,

but it was wrong.

For 50 years, the Company avoided
emotions, for good reason.

I can barely look him in the eye
knowing who's under that skin.

Then don't.
Just do your job

and get the Company
up and running.

You're supposed to be the man
with the plan, remember?

I'm not sure
I'm that guy anymore.

Why is that? Because I've
lost my family, Angela.

If you'll excuse me, today is
Claire's first day of college,

and I'm already late, which
doesn't help the situation.


It appears Tracy Strauss
has paid you a visit.

What I can't figure out
is how she survived.

I put a bullet in her myself. She
shattered into a thousand pieces of ice.

Ice melts.

I'm gonna take
a wild guess

that your being here
isn't a coincidence.

I'm here to offer a solution
to our mutual problem.

You and I kill Tracy Strauss
before she kills us.

Last time I made
a deal with you,

you tried to stab me
with a syringe.

Fair enough.

I'm thinking you're
next on her list.

That makes us
both wanted men.

So what are you
doing here?

You ought to be hiding
under a rock somewhere.

Just because the government's stopped
hunting these people doesn't mean I have.

I hear you and the Petrellis are going
back into business to do just that.

You heard wrong.

I'm not in that business anymore.
I'm changing careers.

What'd you do,
grow a conscience?

Time to cash out,
start over.

Guys like us,
we don't start over.

I'm not like you.

She's coming back for you.
You know that, right?

Then I guess
you're on your own.

I guess I am.

No, thank you.

You made the right call. Cheerleaders
are a very subversive group.

You don't want
to mix with that crowd.

No, thanks.
I used to be one of them.

Oh. So you know.

I do.

Were you? You weren't a
cheerleader, were you?

Uh... No.

I tried out, but I
didn't make the team.

They said that my cheers
sounded more like taunts.

that's not good.

I'm Gretchen Berg.
Who are you?

I'm Claire Bennet.

Oh, hi,
Claire Bennet.

So, where are you from?

Kind of
all over the place.

I've been in Southern
California for a while,

but Texas,
originally, Odessa.

Really? I'm from Austin.

Small world.

Wait, you're not that
Claire Bennet, are you?

Which Claire Bennet
would that be?

in-Odessa Claire Bennet.

You heard about that?

A cheerleader in Texas gets her head
sawed off at the homecoming game?

I've heard about that.

You know, I kind of want to keep the
whole murder at Union Wells on the DL.

No kidding. I mean, if I were
you, I would change my name.

Like now. They'd probably let
you do it over the phone.

No, they won't. I would know.
I changed my name for a while.

Oh. Why'd you
change it back?

'Cause I wanted to be Claire Bennet again.
I thought people might forget.

No, girl,
Google's your enemy.

I have to take care
of something.

Nice to meet you.

You, too.

What have you
done to me, Mom?

It took me a half hour
to get here.

I'm sorry.
Where are my manners?

You look lovely,
as usual.

Ms. Petrelli, we're here.

Thank you, Alfred.

What have you
done to me?

It took me a half an hour
to get here.

I'm sorry. Where are my manners?
You look lovely.

As usual.

You okay, Mom?

Yeah. I'm just... I'm worried
about the Company, that's all.

I'm worried that Noah
might be wavering.

He's been
very distracted lately.

I'll talk to him.
Don't worry.

Do I like sushi?

You're the one who had a
craving for yellowtail.

I wanted Italian.

It's interesting.

Life, it's all about
new horizons.

Keeps you from
getting stale.

Exactly. You know, these
last couple of weeks,

I've been taking stock
of a lot of things.

I feel like
there's a lot of...

I don't know, Mom,

there's just a lot of
change going on with me.


How so?
I don't know.

It's like, when I look
back on my life,

it just seems like it's not
my life I'm looking back on.

I don't know.
That make any sense?

Happens when you hit 40,

along with all sorts of
other unpleasant surprises.

I'm being serious, Mom.

Look at the kind of person
I've been, the kind of father,

the kind of brother,

the kind of
son to you.

You've been just fine,
under the circumstances.

No. I have been a jackass.

But I'm gonna
change all that.

I'm gonna reconnect with everybody
in my life who's important,

and this time, I'm
gonna be a better me.

Okay, Nathan, you have a big,
important, stressful life

and it's bound
to get confusing.

And a man your age starts
to feel his own mortality.

That's just it.

I don't feel mortal.

I feel invincible.

It's a midlife crisis.
That's all this is.

Here's my suggestion.

You go out and you get yourself
a big, expensive sports car

and a younger woman
with questionable morals.

That's what your father did,
and it worked for him.

What would I be
without you?

I'm going to get
the phone, okay?

- Yeah?
- Detective Parkman?

Angela Petrelli.

I told you
never to call me.

We have a problem.

What kind of problem?

That thing you did
six weeks ago...

You mean, when you and Bennet
strong-armed me into playing God?

That thing?

I think Sylar's beginning
to emerge again.

That's because
he is Sylar.

No, you made Sylar go away when
you turned him into my son.

I saw you do it.

Okay, then why the hell
are you calling me?

Because you need to fix it.
You need to patch it up.

Upgrade it.
Whatever it is you do.

How, exactly?

Go back into his mind
and erase his memory again.

That's what you do.

No, not anymore.
I stopped.

Look, ever since that day, I have
felt like something got inside of me

and I can't get it out.

I've started seeing things, and I've
stopped, okay? I'm done. I'm out.

There's no such thing as out,
Detective, not for people like us.

Yeah, speak
for yourself.

I'm telling you Sylar could
emerge at any minute.

Are you telling me you are not
willing to fix our problem?

This is not our problem.
This is your problem.

So, good luck with it.

And, honestly,
I'm sure she could be

a really
above-average student

if she just
applied herself.


Hey, you made it.

Yeah, I'm sorry
I'm late.

I was having a little
trouble with my car.

And Annie was just
catching me up.

She was?

So, I'll see you
at the mixer tonight.

I hear they have Guitar
Hero III set up down there,

and, well, I sort of excel at Guitar
Hero III, so consider yourself served.

It was very nice
to meet you, Mr. Bennet.

You, too.

So, Annie was
catching you up?

Maybe you can take that
algebra class next semester.

See, Daddy, that is probably the
least interesting part of my day.

How so? I was recognized
as a survivor

of the homecoming massacre
back in Odessa.

Well, my name was.

I'm sorry.

You know, maybe changing
your name back to Bennet

wasn't such a great
idea after all,

but they say college is
for reinventing yourself.

I don't want to pretend
to be anyone but me.

I just want to be Claire Bennet,
daughter of Noah Bennet.

You know, Annie asked me today
what my dad did for a living,

and I actually told her
the truth-ish.

I told her you work for the
government, but still.

And I like
telling the truth.

What if my way
of reinventing myself

is by telling the truth?


Maybe not the whole truth.
No. The whole truth?

Just be careful,

All right, Lydia.

Show me who he is.

His name is Danko.
Emile Danko.

You wanted to
see me, Samuel?

I have a favor
to ask of you, Edgar.

Can't you send
someone else this time?

I'd take it as a compliment
to your unique skills.

Well, what you said this
morning about redemption,

I'm hoping that's
possible for all of us.

Yes, well, I left out the
part about vengeance.

That's where
he comes in.

We've only killed when
we absolutely had to.

A line has been crossed.
They crossed it, not us.

I need you to go to him,
get the compass back

and kill the son
of a bitch.

It's what Joseph
would have wanted.

Well, Joseph's
not here anymore.

I'm sorry, Edgar.

I won't ask you again
after this one. I promise.

And here I was, thinking that
I'd be the one that got away.

you're just number five.

Well, five's my lucky number.
Or it used to be.

Is it still lucky?

I haven't decided yet.

I saw you break
into a thousand pieces,

and yet here you are.
That is a neat trick.

It wasn't a trick.

I felt myself shatter,


And then all those pieces of
me came floating back together

with one
cohesive thought,

killing all of you.

Okay, now, see, that's the
part that I don't get,

because I don't think
that you're really a killer.

That's not who you are.

No, no, that's all I am. You
took the rest away from me.

I can help you
get your life back.

How? Danko said that he wouldn't
stop until I was killed.

What if I could make it so that Danko
wasn't interested in you anymore?

Why do you want
to do this for me?

Twenty years of bagging and tagging and
I never helped a single one of you.

Maybe we're both
looking for redemption.

What do you say?

Is it a deal?

Mmm. I bet you wish
it was that easy.

I got
your phone call.

Change your mind
about Tracy Strauss?

No, I came here
to change yours.


I'm gonna kill her,

even if I have to suck her
up in a wet vac to do it.

She murdered four of my men.
She's a killer.

I'm recommending that
you let this thing go.

You said guys like us
never start over.

I'm offering you a
chance to do just that.

Consider it a permanent vacation
courtesy of the US government.

Not interested.

Not acceptable.

I want you to forget
about Tracy Strauss.

Well, we all
want things, Bennet.

And I'm going to
get what I want.

Hey, this is Peter.
Leave a message.

I'll get back to you
when I can. Thanks.

Look, I've left you...

I've left you three messages.
You need to call me back.

happening to me,

and I think you're the only person
who's going to understand what it is.

It's... Just call me.


Who the hell are you?

You know exactly who I am.

They sent you
to get it back.

He made you forget.

What did you say?

It's not worth it.

Who are you?

You took
something from us.

Now I'm gonna
get it back.

You're never
gonna find it.

Oh. I think I will.



I'm sorry if I freaked you out with that
whole "Murder at Union Wells" thing.

I just... It was so scandalous,
and I got excited.

No, no, no,
don't apologize.

It was just weird
talking about it

because I was never allowed
to talk about it before.

So, what, you pretended
like it didn't happen?

No, I just kept trying
to start my life over,

and I thought I could take
what I liked about who I was

and leave all
the other stuff behind.

Whoo! Yeah! That is how
you play Guitar Hero.

Claire, hey, come on.
Over here!

You and me! You have been served!
Come on!

Who is she?

She's horrible. She's been
hogging that thing all night.

That would be
my roommate.

Come on, we're up!

I was gonna play
with Gretchen.

Does Gretchen know
how to play?

No, but Gretchen
doesn't care.

Your opponent's supposed to
raise your game, not lower it.

Well, since neither one of
us know what we're doing,

we'll be on even
playing fields.

This is gonna be
really bad.

Ooh! I got one.


- Yes! Yes!
- Oh, no!

I must be getting
better every second.

Hiro, Hiro, Hiro!


Hiro? Hiro?

Hiro? Hiro!

Who is he?

His name is Hiro.
Hiro Nakamura.

And he was here,
at the carnival.

When? How long ago?

Fourteen years.

Thank you, Lydia.

That's all for now.

Are we really going to stop
moving after all these years?

It's time. Yes.


I know you're weak.

But I need you to try and do
it one more time, for me.

I think we've found someone
who can help us fix the past.

That's good news,

Yes. So...

I need you
to send me back.

How far?

Fourteen years.

Hey, I didn't see you
leave the party.

Guess you're
still there.

And you left
the windows open.




Matty, are you
hiding again?

Where's Matty?

Hi, Daddy.

I want my body back.

You put him down. Please.

Oh, poor Daddy. He looks
pretty scared, huh?

Can you say
"freaking out"?

I don't... I don't understand.
How are you even here?

I'm part of you, Matt.

Whatever you did to me, I held on.
Now I'm inside your head.

So, you're not real.

Then how could I be
holding your little boy?

Just put him down.

Not until you give me
what I want.

You did something to me, to my mind.
That's why I'm here.

Tell me what you did.
Where did you put my body?

Okay. Just put him down and
then we'll talk about this.

Tell me.


Here comes Mommy.


Matt, are you okay?


Thought I heard
him crying, that's all.

Matty's fast asleep.

What's going on with you?

I'm just tired, I guess.

Come back to bed.


I must've dialed
the wrong number.

Who are you looking for?

Sandra Bennet.

Yeah, she's here.
Hang on. Sandra.

Hello? Hello?


No. No,
this is Tracy.

I didn't do it.

What have you got
to lose, Hiro?

Do I know you?

The name's Samuel,

and I think we're gonna
be great friends.

Did your roommate express
any suicidal thoughts,

feelings of being

Low self-esteem?


No. If anything, she had
too much self-esteem.

She was an overachiever.
She loved herself.

That's not the impression
she left in her suicide note.

What suicide note?

This was on her pillow.

No, it wasn't.

May have been something
you overlooked.

No. I distinctly remember being impressed
with how crisp her pillowcase was

and that there wasn't a suicide note.
This wasn't there.

Would you get them
out of here?

You said she was
an overachiever?

Look, even an overachiever can't write
a suicide note after she's dead.

She wouldn't do this.

She was just beating the entire
floor's butt at Guitar Hero.

This was not a suicide.

What then? Murder?

Why would someone want
to murder your roommate?

I don't know.
Isn't that your job?

Yep. It sure is. Thanks for
your help, Miss Bennet.

So, you're
a time traveler.

Yes! How did
you know that?

I have a gift, Hiro.
Just like you.


What are you doing here?

I'm thinking it has something
to do with that young man.

Is he you?

Yes. But
I cannot interfere.

Why not?

Because this is
where it starts,

how I become the master
of time and space.

If I interfere,
I will never become a hero.

I won't save the cheerleader,
and New York will explode!

It's the butterfly effect!

Hmm. That would be bad.

But I bet there are some
butterflies that you could change.

I mean, why not make
this trip worthwhile?

No. You can never change the past.
It's bad. Always.

Everything is connected!

Not everything.

Sometimes, if you wanna change
one thing, that's all you do.

Change one thing.

You have a rare gift, Hiro, to
right the wrongs of your life.

Isn't there anything else
you'd care to fix?

The slushy incident!
That was all my fault.

I bumped into Ando and
made him spill his drink

all over Kimiko's
favorite dress!

That is the reason why
she started to hate him.

Now's your chance to make them happy.
You have the power.

No. I have a code.
To never change the...

There are things in this
world that are wrong, Hiro.

You can make them right.

If you master these skills, you and I
will have a bright future together.

You and me?
I don't understand.

You just need
to take a chance.


Danko and I, we were just
talking in the hall.

The next thing I know, he's
dead and this guy is on me.

I got lucky.

This whole water thing, it just...
It kicked in on instinct.

What are you
doing here, Tracy?

I wanted you
to leave Danko to me.

I couldn't
just let it go.

I didn't know if I could
trust you to deal with him.

This is my life.
I needed to know.

When I got here, I saw that
you did what you promised.

He didn't know me.

So, I figured,
just live and let live.

And as I was leaving,
this guy...

The guy with the knives?

He was fast. Scary fast.
Definitely one of us.

One of me.

You have no idea why
he'd want to kill Danko?

I think I heard him say he
was looking for something.

I don't know.
Maybe it was revenge.

Danko made
a lot of enemies.

This wasn't revenge.

Look at the wounds.

They're all
to the stomach.

If it were me and I was looking for
revenge, I'd go for the jugular

or the carotid artery
or the heart.

No. I think
you heard right.

I think the killer was
looking for something.

That's personal.

And I think

I found it.

What is that?

A key.

To what?

That's a good question.

Come on, Matty-man. You can do it.
Show me you're a big boy.

Look at you! All right!
Did you see that?

Good job. I got him. I got him.

Good job, dude.
God, he usually takes

so much longer to
warm up to strangers.

Roy's not a stranger. He's been delivering
water to us since Matty was born.

I can't believe
it's been that long.

Time flies,
huh, Janice?


Yeah, it sure does. Whoa.

Listen, the heating unit
on your cooler is busted.

I'll swing by later
and fix it.

Thanks, Roy.

Yeah, thanks, Roy.

No problem. Bye.


That's my name. No. Your
name is Mrs. Parkman.

Look, when I delivered
water, we were professional.

You never delivered water.
Pizza, water. Whatever.

That's not the point.
The point is...

He was here, I wasn't and
I'm just a little pissed.

I thought
we were past that.

Yeah. Yeah, we are.
I'm sorry.

Hey. You're tired. You haven't
been sleeping properly.

Well, I've been snoring
a lot less. So...

I'm worried about you.

It's just work.

I... I got a lead on this
huge drug ring, and it...

All I need is the name
of the supplier.

And if you could read a few
minds, it would be a lot easier,

and you'd get
some answers, right?

Yeah. But I told you I'm not
doing that anymore, right?

I kicked that for good.
I know.

And I'm proud of you.

I'm just worried that
it's taking a toll.

Don't worry.
I got this under control.

Hello, Peter.
Can we talk for a minute?

Can I get you
something to drink?

Yeah, thanks.

Love what you've done
with the place.

Thank you.

So, I have water
or mustard.

Water's good.

So what've you
been up to?

Got my old job back.

Must be keeping you busy. Your mother
says she hasn't seen you in weeks.

Wow. This is amazing.
Is this all you?


You using powers?

In my line of work,
it helps to be strong, agile.

Thank you, Dr. Suresh.

It's a pretty
convenient power.

Good for you.

I figure one of us has got to
make up for all we've done.

Meaning? You, me, my
family, the Company.

Come on, we haven't exactly
been model citizens, Noah.

That's a pretty heavy
burden for one guy.

You said
you wanted to talk?


Danko's dead.
Killed because of this.

A key.

I did some research.

This key opens a safe deposit
box in a downtown bank.

Now, the way I figure it,

the guy that killed Danko
is probably just waiting

for whoever shows up
with this key.

I need a partner on this,
somebody I can trust.

He could jump me just about anywhere,
and I'd never know what hit me

'cause he's super fast and
he has a thing for knives.

How fast?

Thanks for letting me
stay with you.

Of course. I would
never leave you here,

not after what happened.

Annie's parents
came by last night.

I thought they should know about
the supposed suicide letter.

You didn't say anything,
did you?

No. But I think they have
the right to know. Don't you?

I mean, if it were me,
you would want to know.

It's not your business to tell
the parents about the note.

Let the police
handle it.

It's the truth.

Welcome back.

Gretchen, this is my mom.
Mom, Gretchen.

Hi. Hi.

Bizarre, huh?

I heard you told the cops that
you didn't see a suicide note.

So, what do you think?
Murder or horrific accident?

Claire may have been
mistaken about the note.

May have been?
Did you see one or not?

Well, I didn't at first. But it was dark.
Maybe I missed it.

Suicide makes no sense. I mean,
the girl had a trajectory.

Who maps out their life
for the next 50 years

and then throws themselves
out a window?

I should go.

You okay?

Thanks for everything.
You're welcome.

Remember, new life,
new beginning.

Bye. Nice to meet you.


So, it's murder, right?

How do we prove it?

So you think your knife guy is gonna show?
I don't know,

but it sure makes me feel
better having you around.

Yeah, I'll bet.

Do you mind if
I make an observation?

I think you should seriously consider
how you're living your life.

Where did that
come from?

I saw your apartment,

the police scanner,
all those newspaper articles.

You're saving lives
and you're keeping track.

I'll bet you know
every one of their names.

And? Do any of them know yours?

It's not healthy
to live alone, Peter.

No connections to anybody,
it's a dead end. Trust me.

I'm Exhibit "A."

For years, I put my job ahead of my
family, and now my kids are off at school

and I'm eating cereal for dinner and a
strange man is answering my wife's phone.

My point is, I'm alone.
That's no way to live.

Here you are, Mr. Danko.

And I'll be right outside
when you're finished.

So, what'd we win?

A compass? Danko got
killed for a compass?

A broken compass.

Yeah, we need
just another minute.

That doesn't
belong to you.

You got his power?

I got it. I got it.

Bloody hell.

What happened?

I don't know.
He took off.

He's still breathing.

Thanks a lot, Doc.

How's he doing?
He's recovering.

I hope it was worth it.

No, not really.

Can't figure out why Danko thought
this was worth dying for.

Can I see it?


What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

Well, apparently
it only works for you.

No. No, no, no.

Peter, this is a lead.

You saw that guy. There could
be others out there like him.

Look, my life finally
makes sense to me.

In the last six weeks,
I've saved 53 people.

I'm with you for, what, an hour, and
some innocent guy almost gets killed?

The further I stay away from you and
whatever it is that you're doing,

the happier I'm gonna be.

He murdered Danko. He almost
killed you and me for this.

So, why don't you
just let him have it?


My life is simple, okay?
I understand it.

I don't need for things
to get complicated.

So, why did you
come with me?

The ability. It'll help
me do my job better,

the one where I actually
save people.

I guess this is goodbye.

I wish you all the luck
in the world, Peter.

Thank you, Noah.


Call your mother.

Forensic Pathology:
Principles and Practice,

Spitz and Fisher's Medicolegal
Investigation of Death,

Knight's Forensic Pathology
with all relevant addenda.

Where did you get those?
The homicide bookstore?

Is there such a place?

Don't you think you're
going a little overboard?

Don't you want to prove your
roommate was defenestrated?

Of course. And, yes, I know
what "defenestrated" means.

Well, don't get mad at me
for using it in a sentence.

Have you ever heard of the
"Jump, Push, Fall" test?

The what? It's when
cops get a dummy

the approximate size
and weight of the victim

and they throw it out of the
window to see how it lands.

What page is that on?

Oh. It's not in there.

I saw it on an episode
of Crossing Jordan.

Look, if you fall,
you go straight down.

If you jump,
go a little further.

But if you're pushed...



All we need is a dummy the approximate
size and weight of Annie.

You're not serious.

Maybe we could swipe a cadaver
from the medical school.

What? It's
a victimless crime.

Let's not get
carried away.

Why not? This is murder!

Maybe. But I'm not trying to be a
social pariah before midterms.

Ship's already
sailed, Claire.

So, where do we get our
hands on a dead body?

Hi. My name's Matt.

Hi, Matt.

It's been six weeks since I last
used, and I'm feeling confused.

When I used,
I was totally selfish.

I didn't think about what I did to
others and how I may have hurt them.

Sorry. You mean like
what you did to me?


My name is Sylar.

It's been about six weeks or so since
I've seen my body, and I want it back.

Recently, there have
been these ghosts,

these things have been popping up
from my old life and haunting me.

Do you really think you're
gonna stop using your powers?

Are you crazy?

I mean, I bet you couldn't
even make it through a day.

I can't seem to get these
images out of my head.

You're weak.
You're simple-minded.

I bet I can make you use your powers.
Go away!

I could make you
use your powers.

I'm sorry.

Hey, buddy, you okay?

Does this guy look okay?

I mean, he's,
like, 20 pounds overweight,

blood pressure's
through the roof.

He's like a heart attack
waiting to happen!

Stop it. Stop it!


Let's get things
moving along a bit.

Who's next?

Let me take a crack at this guy,
see if I can get him to talk.

You seemed a little
off today at the meeting.

No, no, no, no.
I'm good.

You sure? I'm good. I'm under control.
It's good.

Double shot of mocha. You look like
you could use a little pick-me-up.

It's okay.
No strings attached.

Not interested.

Come on. Let's do
this easy, right?

Just two guys talking.
Come on.

I get it. You are the good cop.
How ironic.

So, we need a name, your supplier.
All right?

You give us that name,
you keep a clean record.

He's a liar,
totally lying.

Why are you looking
at my forehead?

Does it say
"schmuck" or something?

I wasn't staring
at your forehead.

You're not getting
a name, coffee boy.

Is that all you need,
Matt? A name?

Seriously? What the hell
are you waiting for?

It's gotta be floating around in his
comical little brain somewhere, right?

I don't do that anymore.

You don't do what anymore?

Why is that?
Because you're addicted?

Leave me alone.
Who are you talking to?

Just read his mind, Matt.
You know you want to.

I could help you. I could take a nice little
chunk out of his skull in the process.

Stop it. What's the
matter with you?

Just give me a name, okay?

Take it from him.

"No" what?
Why the hell not?

Leave me alone. You are a loser.
Total loser.

No wonder your wife is having
sex with the water guy.

Shut the hell up!
I didn't say anything.

I'm not talking
to you right now.

Come on, Matt. She's cheated
on you once already,

and we both know what
Janice needs is a real man.

Someone who's not
afraid of power,

someone who knows
what to do with it.

I'm in control here,
not the power.

And not you,
you son of a bitch!

Keppler! The guy's name is Keppler.
Lives in Long Beach. Okay?

Just leave me alone.

Hey, man.

Have a nice day off?

It was good. Very productive.
I got a lot done.

You okay?

Oh. Yeah. I'm fine.

Is that clam chowder?
It is.

Smells good.
Where'd you get it?

A place called Legal Sea Food.
Got one for you.

Never heard of it.

It's up in Boston.


How'd you get it
down here?

I know a guy.

That's the partner
I know and love.

- All available units.
- Code 3, 5th and Lexington.

Never mind that. We still got
five minutes till we're on duty.


Noah. Noah?

Just hang on.
Just hang on, okay?

What? What?
What? What?

They took the compass.


How are you?

You know, looks worse
than it feels.

You called.
I figured I owed it to you.

Hey, you know that key
inside of Danko?

Turns out it led me
to a broken old compass.

Your friend with the knives just
came and took it back, anyway.

You gonna go after him?

I don't know.

I prefer the old way of doing business.
One of me, one of you.

This new way just
feels too dangerous

to try to stop
them alone.

Maybe this guy with the
knives is like me,

just trying to get their life
back, keeping what's his.

Maybe the idea isn't to stop them but
to figure out a way to help them.

Yeah, maybe.

So, be honest.
Why did you call?

You know, I can't
call my wife, my...

Ex-wife. I didn't want to worry Claire.
So, I just...

I'm not sure...
I get it.

You don't want
to be alone.

Yeah, I guess not.

So, what's in the bag?

I have no idea. What is it?
Is that clam chowder?

It's still warm. Looks like you
have someone looking out for you.

You want some?
There's plenty.

You got an extra spoon?

Hey, dude. Hey.

You don't need to jam it or else
you'll just bust the coil again.

Guess you don't know
your own strength.

Hi, honey.

Roy fixed
the hot water.

Awesome, Roy.


okay at work?

Yeah, yeah.
It's another banner day.

Hey, Roy.

Let me walk
you out, buddy.

Oh. Sure thing.

See you Tuesday, Janice.
Thanks, Roy.

Bye, Matty-man.
You be a good boy.

Hey, man.

You got a family
of your own, Roy?

No. No.
Maybe some day.


Look, thanks for fixing the
hot water and all, but...

My pleasure. Must be tough out
there for a single mom, right?

Yeah, yeah. Look, she's
not single anymore.

Tomorrow you're gonna
ask for a new route

and you're never gonna
stop by this house again.

So, I'm starting a new route.
Guess this is goodbye.

Yeah, it is. Bye, Roy.


Jump, push, fall.

I guess she did
kill herself.

You had me worried.

Sorry. Getting the compass back
was a lot harder than I thought.

I met an empath.

You talk to him?

Didn't really
get a chance.

Lydia says you found another time
traveler, someone to replace Arnold.

I don't like that word.

You can't replace family.

But the Chinese guy...


I put him on
a righteous path.

But he'll come
back to us.

So, what's next?

We gather the rest.