Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 8 - Chapter Eight 'Villains' - full transcript

Under the guidance of Usutu, Hiro has a vision back in time one year ago to determine what forced Arthur Petrelli to fake his death and create Pinehearst. In the past, Hiro also watches the early days of the Company and how Mr. Petrelli and Mr. Linderman founded it, and their falling out with Angela who saw them as a threat to both Nathan and Peter. Also in the past, Meredith Gordon's origins are shown of how she was captured by Thompson to work for the Company, and of life of crime with her half-brother, whom is the blue-flame fire-starter Flint. Also, Sylar makes a discovery about his powers when he meets Elle for the first time and how she inspired him to kill in order to steal others powers.

MOHINDER: A child is born to innocence.
A child is drawn towards good.

Why then do so many among
us go so horribly wrong?

Everyone on the ground!


My name is Chandra Suresh.
I'm a geneticist.

I have a theory about human evolution,
and I believe you are a part of it.

makes somewalk the path of darkness,

while others
choose the light?


Is it will?
Is it destiny?

Can we ever hope to understand
the force that shapes the soul?

For thousands of years,
my people have taken spirit walks,

following destiny's path into the
realms of the unconsciousness.


I'm ready to
begin my journey.

Hiro? Hiro?

MOHINDER: To fight evil,
one must know evil.

One must journey back through time
and find that fork in the road

where heroes turn one way
and villains turn another.

ARTHUR: I'd like to thank all our
dear friends for coming tonight,

and for helping us
to celebrate.

Nathan, the finest Assistant
DA New York has ever known.

Peter, whose compassionate
heart is a gift to us all.

(WHISPERING) I told you he couldn't
say "nurse" out loud. All right.

But most of all, to Angela,
the love of my life.


ALL: Happy anniversary.

That was lovely.
Let me have a...


All right,
get a room.

After 41 years of marriage,
you take it where you can get it.

Congratulations, Mom.

Congratulations, Dad.
I love you, too.

My king, my queen,

Thank you, Daniel.

So, Nathan,
are the rumors true? Excuse me?

I heard your office
is about to launch

a full-scale investigation
in all things Linderman.

Care to comment?
I'd shave my wrists.

Handcuffs can chafe.

Come on, let's go.

Good one.

What do you see
in there, Arthur?

I'm sure I can handle the heat.

It's not you
I'm worried about.

If he starts investigating,
he's gonna see your hand

behind every enterprise I've been
working on for the past 25 years.

We can't have the DA digging up
skeletons. If you fall, I fall.

Maybe you could talk to him one
last time, convince him to back off.

When Nathan digs his teeth in,
he doesn't let go.

So, what do we do?
Read your Shakespeare.

When the son challenges the father,
only one is left standing.

I should have one last talk with him.
I owe him that.

What happens if that doesn't take?
Well, then I'll

kill him.


FLINT: And now who's the man, y'all?
I'm the man.

I'm sorry. Who'd you say?
Who's the man? I'm the man!


Look at this here.

Back door.
Book it.

Yeah, yeah,
you got it. Flint?

Hey! Hey, buddy!

Hey, kiss the floor!
MEREDITH: Flint, let it go!

Hey, buddy,
I'm talking to you.

You should listen to your sister.
Run! Flint, come on.





My name is Brian Davis.


Can you make it go away?
Don't worry, Brian. I can fix it.

(ECHOING) Don't worry, Brian.
I can fix it.



MAN: Make it go away.
Make it go away.



Are you all right?

Say something.

Forgive me.

It's okay. Everything is gonna be okay.
No, it isn't.

I've done something unforgivable.
Everybody does bad things.

You think I haven't felt exactly
how you're feeling right now?

Maybe if you talk about it.
Sometimes when you talk about it...

I can't.

A man had something that I wanted
but I took it at a terrible price.

I know it seems hard to imagine,
but you're gonna get through this

because you're not
a bad person.

You don't even know
anything about me.

I know what I see,
a man who deserves a second chance.

The rope broke.
You can't tell me that's not a sign.


I don't even
know your name.



Elle. Look at you, Elle,
just showing up out of nowhere.

Like an angel.

An angel with
a broken watch.

Cute meet.

I still don't understand why
we don't just bag and tag this
guy like the rest of them.

For years, scientists were stumped
by the mystery of whale migration.

In such a big ocean,
how do they find each other?

And then one night
in the frozen Pacific,

some enterprising biologist
recorded their song in the wild.

They don't sing
in captivity.

So, we've got to get
the whale to sing?

What Mr. Gray can do is extraordinary.

The ability to transfer power from one
vessel to another is extremely rare.

Yeah, but how do I
get him to do it.


Nine group homes in seven years,
four of them burned to the ground.

There's a shocker.
What's the deal?

I mean, isn't that why we're here,
so you can offer me a deal?

You have a gift, Meredith,
and with gift comes opportunity.

The Company would like to
train you to become an agent.

It won't be easy.
It'll demand a lot of hard work.

Me, an agent?

I don't think so.

Why do you hate
the Company so much?

I have my reasons.

Then I would ask you
to put those reasons aside

and make
the sensible decision.

That, or spend the rest of your
life in an asbestos-lined cell.

One condition.

Promise me the Company
won't go after my brother.

You're not in a strong
negotiating position here.

So, what will it be?
Agent or prisoner?

When do I start?


You look spectacular.
I wish you would reconsider.

He can barely fit a dozen
people in that shoebox anyway.

Arthur, it's his
graduation party.

from nursing school.

Be patient with him.

When his powers manifest,
Peter will become a great man.


Tell him I'm sorry
I couldn't get there.

Hey, there.

Just thought I'd stop by to see if...
I tried, he won't.

while you're here...

I really wish you'd reconsider handing
off the Linderman case to another ADA.

Come on, Dad,
we've talked about this.

I'm not asking as a lawyer,
I'm asking as a father.

I'm concerned
about the pressure

that your prosecuting my
client will put on this family.

Don't be.

Linderman's toxic to this family, Dad.
Nothing would make me happier

than to bury him in a very
deep hole for a very long time.


You look good
in a suit, Nathan.

What's this guy want?









Nathan, thank God.
Is she all right?

Don't even talk to me, Dad. Nathan.

NATHAN: You think I
don't know who did this?

It was Linderman's guys
that ran me off the road.

Are you sure?

That's it, Dad?
That's the best you got? Am I sure?

You invite that man
into our home.

He tried to kill me, Dad!
Come on, stop.

Heidi will never walk again!
Stop, stop.

I'm good.

Heidi, it's her spine.
She broke her back.

Oh, God. Oh, no.

She just woke up and she's
asking for you. Come on.

I'm gonna hurt that man,
and when I do,

if you're standing next to him,
you're gonna get hurt, too.

Come on.

Time to choose a side,

Your client or your family.


Any word?
I spoke with the neurologist.

Her spine is broken in three places.
It doesn't look good.


What Nathan said
about Linderman...

You can't be serious.
Come on, Angela.

Linderman wouldn't dare
go after Nathan on his own.

No, he wouldn't.

What are you asking?
Am I trying to kill my son?

Nathan's an Assistant DA.

There could've been any one of 100
indicted criminals driving that van.

I will not have
this conversation.

No, I know that.
You're right.

But I need to hear you say it, Arthur.
Did you order Linderman to kill Nathan?


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I love you, Arthur.

I love you, too.


There's our man.

You want me to light him up?

This is strictly a training mission.
You're here to watch and learn.

No powers,
unless I give the order.

Danny Pine?

Who wants to know?
Jim Farrell, with the V.A.

I just need a minute
of your time, pal.

My partner and I are trying
to transition some of
the homeless vets out here

into affordable housing.

We feel it's a crime the way this
country's turned its back on you guys.

What happened to Scofield?

The V.A. Rep that was out
here last week. Right.

Oh, yeah, he was
reassigned to Dallas.

Farrell and I, we're the new team now.
That's the story.






Welcome to the Company.



Hi. Do you like pie?

That rhymed, didn't it?


Come on in.

GABRIEL: I'm really glad you came, Elle.
I wasn't sure you would.

I have been thinking about you and
wondering how you've been since...


Great, actually.

Thanks to you.
I just decided to clean up this place,

and all this clutter was filling
my head with bad thoughts.


What's this?
That's just...

It's just a list of people like me.
Nice, single guys like you?


Maybe I should take this list.
No, no.

I'm sorry, Elle.

There's something
you should know about me.

I have a kind of a power, an ability,
that's out of the ordinary.

I don't understand.
Come here.


Oh, my God.

The other people on the list,
they can do things, too.

Wait. There are others?

What kind of pie
did you bring?


That's my favorite kind.

Good work, Meredith.
You were born for this.

Yeah, so that's it?
I'm an agent now?

Not quite. Getting scum off the street,
that's the easy part.

The real test is loyalty.

You're not gonna always agree with
the decisions the Company makes,

but when you prove you can follow
orders, no questions asked,

that's when we'll call you "Agent
Gordon." Put him in cell nine.

Come on.

FLINT: Meredith?




I thought you got away.

Yeah, well, an invisible
man tackled me in the alley.

Are they gonna make you an agent also?

What do you mean, "also"?
What did they tell you?

They're gonna
train me, Mer.

I'm gonna get to wear one of
them suits and everything.


This is gonna be great, Mer. It's
gonna be you and me, working together.


Is there a problem?
No, sir.


No problem at all.

This is bag and tag,
baby. Bag and tag.


I can't believe you can just
lift your finger and move things.

Must feel amazing.
It does.

But it can be
overwhelming, too,

like a drug that you
can't get enough of.

How many others
are there like you?

With abilities?
I don't know.

To be honest,
I don't want to know.

I have a kind of problem.

I guess you could say
I'm like an addict.

I have this
overwhelming hunger to...

I covet the powers
of others.

But somehow, since the other day,
since meeting you,

I feel like maybe I don't
have to be so special.

Maybe I can
just be Gabriel again.

But you are special,

You're special just
the way you are.

"Special just
the way you are."

I was afraid you were
about to burst into song.

I was just trying
to win his trust.

Well, we're stalling out here.
We need to kick it into high gear.

I don't think he's going to kill again.

I really think we should look
into someone else on this list.

No, we're sticking with the plan.
Mr. Gray is a killer. We know that.

The only question is,

will we witness the act, or will
he do it in a dark alley somewhere?

But what if
you're wrong?

What if his suicide attempt
was a wake-up call?

You like this guy.

Isn't that adorable?
You think he's sweet, is that it?

What about this one?
Trevor Zeitlan?

I'm not gonna do it.
We need to see him kill.

I'm not going to do it.
All right, if that's how you feel.


Here. Go ahead. Go on.

New York City, you could,
I don't know, become a waitress?


We have orders, Elle.

You don't follow orders,
you're not an agent.

You're not an agent,
you're on your own.

Your father has been training you for
this since you were four years old.

Come on.

Let's introduce
Mr. Zeitlan to Mr. Gray.

I'm sorry, Arthur,
I don't know how he survived that crash.

You know how badly
you screwed this up?

Now Nathan's
out for blood.

Maybe we should
rethink this.

I mean, a second attempt
is bound to look suspicious,

and who knows how
Angela's gonna react?

What do you suggest?
We abort?

No, no. Not abort.
No. Postpone.

You're not thinking
this through.

The plan for New York has been years in
the making. Do we postpone that, too?

No. No, not necessarily.

I don't know, Daniel, sometimes I worry
you are outliving your usefulness.

(SIGHS) You know, you're right, Arthur.
We should finish this.

I know a guy in Montreal.
He worked for me in Vegas. He's good.

Now, I can fly him
down tonight.


ARTHUR: Angela!


It has to be done.

Arthur, don't.

You know I'm right.
It has to be done.

He's my baby.

Say it.

ANGELA: My baby.

ARTHUR: Nathan has to die.

It has to be done.

Nathan has to die.

Nathan has to die.


Hiro? Hiro?


Hiro, wake up.
No, don't wake him.

Why? What's happening?

He's trapped between
this world and the next.

If he wakes now he could
be stuck like this forever.

We have to do something.


Something has disturbed
his dream time.

Part of him wants to wake,
but his spirit walk is not complete.

Careful not to
inhale the fumes.

It's working.


Put your shoes on.
What? What's going on?

(PANEL BEEPING) There's a train
yard a half mile from here.

We can catch a freight
straight on into Houston.

What are you talking about?
What about us being agents?

At least these people
been nice to me.

They're tricking you
because you're dumb.

You remember what
Daddy used to say.

"God gave you a big sister
instead of a brain."

Put your shoes on.



Once we reach Houston,
we'll head straight on into Mexico.

Fly under the radar for a little while,
maybe we'll work in a little cantina.

Mexico sounds good.

Flint. Flint, you got to
understand something.

You can't ever
trust the Company.

They will lie to you,
they'll lock you up, or worse.

You hear me, Flint? You got to
promise me that you'll never, ever...



You killed her!
That's right, genius, I killed her.

Now I'm gonna kill you.

MEREDITH: Flint, look out!




Son of a bitch.

You were following me, huh?
Why did you have to screw this up?

Come on. Flint, an agent?
We could've given him a purpose!

Now, he's our sworn enemy.
So am I!



That smells good.

(CHUCKLES) Almost as
good as my pot pies.

Daniel. I think
Arthur's downtown.

Yes, he is.

What's on your mind?

The question is, Angela,
what isn't on yours?

Look, it wasn't an
easy decision to come.

But, believe it or not, I still have a
shred of morality left in me somewhere.

I can no longer stand by and
watch him destroy you like this.

I have no idea what you're talking
about. I know he's working on a project.

I don't remember the details right now,
but I'm sure it has to be done.

I can't push a thought
into your head, Angela,

(WHISPERS) but I can
heal the scars.

What scars?

For all the times he's forced his
thoughts, erased your memories,

each time leaves its mark,
a trace of damaged tissue.

I don't believe you.
Arthur would never do that to me.

Arthur is betraying you in
the most heinous way possible.

How dare you?
He's gonna kill your son.

You're a liar.

I can heal the scars,

But you have to decide.

Do you want to live
in blind obedience

or do you want
to know the truth?




So, you never answered my question.
Why do you hate the Company so much?

Because they killed
my baby girl.

It was 14 years ago.

They caught up with me in this
little village off the Panhandle.

Stormed in at night.
There was a firefight.

The place went up
like kindling.

And my little girl, Claire,
she was killed in the fire.

Claire. That's what they told you.
She died in a fire.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Go. Go on before
I change my mind.


Think of it as a "get out of jail
free" card. For your little girl. Go.






The ziti smells terrific.
GABRIEL: I can't wait.

Hey, have you ever been to that
little theater down the street?


I saw that they had some sort of
artsy spoken word thing there tonight.

Maybe we should
stop by later.

Maybe we should.


I invited someone to join us.
I hope you don't mind.

It's open.

Yeah. I'm Trevor.
We spoke on the phone. ELLE: I'm Elle.

And this is Gabriel.

I thought you two should meet.
Trevor has an ability, too.

An ability?
I don't understand.

Don't be mad, but I got Trevor's
number off that list you had.

I really think it's important for you
to get to know people like yourself.

I mean, alcoholics
can't do it alone.

Trevor, why don't you
show us what you can do?




That is so cool.

isn't that special?

Wait here.
I have a great idea.

Soup is delicious.

Italian lentil.
Your mother's recipe.

Something on your mind?

What's the matter, Arthur?
You can't see inside it?

You just seem far away.

I just wonder sometimes if without your
power, you'd know me at all anymore.



So, what do you think, Arthur?
Do you still know me?

Can you tell anything about
me just by looking in my eyes?

You're my wife, Angela.
I know you like I know my own heart.


So, what am I
gonna do now?

Am I gonna kiss you,
or am I gonna kill you?


I love that.
Don't you love that?

That's great.

It's so special.
Let's see it again.

You think he's so special?
I bet he can't do this.



I think you need
to leave, now.

Gabriel, don't!



How did you...

You don't have
to do this.

Who are you?


Get out.



We can't do this.
Bennet, we have to make him stop.

This is incredible.



He actually
exposes the brain.

Oh, my God.


Our son, Arthur.
Our own son.

There are larger issues
at stake, Angela.

You can't let sentimentality derail
everything that we worked so hard for.

I'm sentimental because I
don't want to murder our son?

We were gonna
rebuild the world.

You were a great man,

You were a visionary, but somewhere
along the line, you lost your soul.

And I make no apology...


I lied.

It's not your
mother's recipe.



Use the incinerator on Level 3.
Use my pass card to grant you access.

Should anyone ask,
he's a casualty of a field op.


(WHISPERS) Nathan.

Anybody home?



Oh, my God.

I think he's had a heart attack.
Is he...

He's still breathing.
He's still alive.

We're wrapped here.
Just one more loose end.

No, no. Not that thing.
The other thing. I'll let you know.

Don't beat yourself up.

We've done invaluable work here. Those
tapes will be studied and analyzed...

We created a monster.
We set him loose on the world.

I wouldn't worry
too much about that.

I get the feeling that we'll be
tracking down Mr. Gray again soon.

That's not the point!

He had a soul, Bennet.
He could've been saved.

We're not missionaries.

If they had wanted us to bring
him in, that would've been
the assignment. It wasn't.

We follow orders, Elle.
We're agents. That's what we do.

Now excuse me.
My ride is here.

Where to, my friend?
JFK, please.

NATHAN: We should call Peter.
Maybe we should wait.

Until what?
Until we have something to tell him.

I'm sorry. He's gone.
He suffered a massive coronary

brought on by anterior
myocardial infarction.

There was nothing we could do.
Heart attack?

I'd like a cremation
as soon as possible.

Why don't you go home
and get some rest?

We can deal with the
paperwork in the morning.

I can't believe it.

He's dead.

It's done.



I understand.

She wants a cremation.

I can procure another body,
of course.

I'm afraid the poison
caused irreversible damage to
the peripheral nervous system.

The paralysis will likely be permanent.

I'm sorry.

He's with Izzy now.

Thank you.
Thank you.


He hated that dog.
Of course.

It was the one living thing he
met that ever disobeyed him.


(SNIFFLES) You remember when we would
sit with Dad out here when we were kids,

watch Izzy bury her bones? (SOBBING)
Yeah. I can't believe he's gone.

I know.

Let's not idolize your
father because he's dead.

He wasn't a god,
he was a man.

(SOFTLY) Deeply flawed in
ways you will never know.








I understand you've
been dreaming about me.