Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 7 - Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum' - full transcript

Tracy and Nathan try to save themselves from a dangerous Mohinder who wants to use their synthetic power laced DNA to find a way to remove Mayas/his own powers. Mohinder turns to the dangerous, power-stealing Arthur Petrelli to help Maya, and in return, Mr. Petrelli asks for Mohinder's help in developing the secret formula to give people powers. Meanwhile, Sylar is given the task by the comatose Angela to save Peter from Arthur at Pinehearst, where he was captured and rendered powerless by his him. Also, Daphne is ordered by Mr. Petrelli to kill Matt, but finds the task difficult as she begins falling in love with him as he predicted. In Africa, Hiro is still searching for answers from the spiritual painter about who is behind Pinehearst and what their nefarious plans are for the world. In California, Elle approaches Claire and asks for her help to control her powers which leads to both of them forming an uneven alliance to venture to Pinehearst in New Jersey to find answers. Also, H.R.G. recruits Meredith as his new sidekick to track down more Level 5 escapees.

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Previously on Heroes.

I'm your brother.

You gave me this hunger.
You made me a monster.

Now I can't control it.
I'm just like you.

They want to create a world
filled with dangerous people.

They will destroy everything.


Come give
your father a hug.

You don't have your
powers anymore, Peter.

Because I have them now.

You're a monster.

I wish you hadn't
said that.

We need your help.

We can be of great
assistance to each other.

And you're sure
there's no side effects?

I came to you for help.

What have you done to us?

We're not finished here.

Pull the trigger.

You can't fight him.

That was fun, huh?

Show's over.

What is it?

I'm not sure, but I've definitely
seen this card before.

- You're going to Africa.
- Precog.

He can see the future.
Whatever he paints comes true.

My boss can't have someone
like that out there.

Evil forces gather.

The dark sun rises.
Soon it will be too late.

Will you choose your own path, or
will you have it chosen for you?

You've ruined everything!

Don't come any closer.

What the hell
happened in here?

I'm trying to help Maya,
to remove her ability.

So you knock us out?
You experiment on us?

Your abilities
are synthetic.

They may hold the key to creating a cure.
If I could have one more sample...

No, it's finished.
We're done.

Dad's dead. He had a heart
attack this morning.

Your father, he was deeply flawed
in ways you will never know.

I can't
believe he's gone.

Dad's dead.


You're dead.

Dad's dead. He had a heart
attack this morning.

Come give
your father a hug.

I'm sorry it had
to come to this.

Take it easy, Peter. Your
body is still in shock.

You took my abilities.

You gave me
no choice, Son.

Are they gone forever?


How am I supposed to believe any of this?
You've been dead for over a year,

then I find you preaching
to some super-villain gang?

I'm sorry that I lied
to you and your brother,

but I've had to make hard
choices for the greater good.

Giving everyone on the planet an ability,
that's really your idea of the greater good?

That's not what I want.

That's what happens.

I've seen the future, Dad. I've seen
the whole neighborhood get nuked.

You can help me.

Together, we can make sure that
the future you saw never happens.

Once you understand
what I'm doing...

I'm not interested
in what you're doing.

And with or without my powers, I'm
going to find a way to shut you down,

and I'm going to make you pay for
everything you've ever done.

Son, until you change
that attitude,

you're grounded.

You okay?

I think so.
Is that weird?

We just starred in
the human puppet show,

my dad is working with a serial
killer and I can't feel pain.

Claire, the things you deal with, the
demons you face, I can't imagine.

How you handle them,

that you stay strong in the face
of it all, that makes me proud.


What's wrong
with the lights?

Let me check
the circuit breakers.


Oh, my God.
What happened?

Are you okay?

The bitch is back.


Hey, cheerleader.

What the hell are you doing here?
Get out of my house.

Not until I get
what I came for.

Then I'll throw you out.

Leave me
the hell alone!

Why are you here?

I'm sorry.

I need help,

and I didn't know
where else to go.

I apologize for keeping you waiting, Doctor.
I'm Arthur Petrelli.

Everyone thinks you're dead.

That was the idea.

What could possibly drive a father to
put his children through such grief?

Have you met
their mother?

How's our patient?


She thinks I'm a monster and
has no idea where she is.

Nor do I,
for that matter.

You're among friends.

I promised Maya I would remove her
abilities and end her suffering.

I will do anything
to keep that promise.

All you have to do
is watch.

Get away from me.

Get him out of here.

You're telling me all traces of Maya's
ability have been removed from her system?

I take it all and
leave nothing behind.

Could you do
the same to me?

Is that what you want?
To be normal again?

I injected myself
with an unstable formula.

Its side effects are changing
me into something else,

something I don't

I need to find a way to reverse the
changes and retain my abilities.

This isn't my formula.

The cytologies are similar, but
these protein links are enmeshed.

Has it been successful?

We've taken it as far as we can.
That's why we need you.

If you can make our version
of the formula successful,

a fresh injection might
be exactly what you need.

I've been down
this road before.

There is always
a hidden agenda,

a self-serving motivation
behind it all.

If you don't want
to be here, leave.

I'll need test subjects.


Mom, how are you here?
You're sick.

Peter needs your help.

Peter doesn't want anything to do with me.
He thinks I'm just a killer.

This isn't about what he wants, this
is about what I'm telling you to do.

Now, stop feeling sorry for
yourself and get out of this cell.

This is where I belong,
in a cage.

I couldn't escape
even if I wanted to.

They're blocking
my abilities.

Then how do you explain
my being here?

Oh, Gabriel, you don't know the
half of what you're capable of.

Show them. Show them all
why you're my favorite.

Make Mommy proud.

Don't worry, Mom.
I'll save Peter.

Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, fine.
I'm leaving.

Is there something
wrong with you?

I can't control it

I keep overloading and I
can't eat, I can't sleep.

This girl found me and said I should
go to this company, Pinehearst,

that they knew what was wrong
with me and how to get me better,

but I've never
heard of it.

I didn't want to go there without
knowing what the deal was,

and your dad always seemed to
be the one with the answers,

so home invasion time.

What if there's something wrong
with all of us and they can fix it?

You're fine.
You're perfect.

No, I'm not.

Whatever is happening to you,
it's happening to me, too.

You're still healing,
aren't you?


But I can't feel pain,

and I think it's only a matter of time
before I can't feel anything at all.

You can't feel pain. I wish I
had your problems, cheerleader.

My body is screaming.
I'm in agony.

Go with me.

If there is a chance that these
people at Pinehearst can help us...

We'll go together.

All right, Dorothy, then
we're off to see the wizard.

Daphne, you have
a mess to clean up.

I do?

You were supposed to recruit
my son, Matt Parkman.

Yeah, I gave him the pitch,
but he wasn't buying.

I mean, the guy's
a mind reader.

Were you thinking something which
would discourage him from joining us?

That's not what I meant.

She's lying.

I am not.

Then why are you
so scared?

How can I fix this?

Revisit Mr. Parkman...

But I don't think
he's gonna take the deal.

You're not going there to offer him
anything, you're going there to kill him.


I just asked her to kill your son, Maury.
Is that a problem?

You're damn right. My loyalty for his
safety, that was the arrangement.

I'm a thief.

I steal things. There is no
way I could kill anybody.

I'm not gonna
let you do this, Arthur.

You're not in a position
to give me orders.

I'm Matt's father, without
me, you'd still be lying...

Thank you, Maury,
for all your sacrifice.

Please, there has
to be another way.

But you don't know
anything about this place.

Look, Elle needs help,
and so do I.

This Pinehearst place
could be our best shot.

Pinehearst, sounds like
a dishwashing liquid.

I gotta call your dad.


please don't.

Claire, he loves you.

I know.

But there is something inside
of me and it's broken.

And he can't fix it. I think
I'm the only one who can.

Do you understand that?

Do you really think
you can trust Elle?


But we both want
the same thing.

We need our abilities
under control.

If she gives you any lip,

you just toss a glass
of water on her, Lyle style.

- This is Dr. Mohinder Suresh.
- I'm not available,

please leave a message
and I'll call you back.

Mohinder, Matt.

Where the hell have you been, man? I just
got back from the craziest week of my life.

Do me a favor, give me a call
as soon as possible, okay?

Put down the phone.

what are you doing?

They think that I told you not to come
to Pinehearst, that I warned you away.

They don't believe I'm one of them.
Well, you're not.

Shut up. If I don't kill
you, they'll kill me.


Shoot me.

Go ahead. If it's the only way
that I can save your life, do it.

You think you know me,
that I'm worth saving,

but I've done
some bad things.

Yeah, but you make up for
all that in the future.

I don't have a future unless
I kill you, so turn around.

Do it.

We get married.

We start
a family together.

Stop it.

We're gonna
love each other.

I'm sorry, Matt.

It happened so fast, there
was nothing I could do.

My dad?

So, I guess you're
not gonna help me.

Don't do this, Dad.

Please, you're gonna
destroy the world.

I don't see it that way.

You think you're better
than everyone else,

that you have the right
to do whatever you want,

hurt anyone that
gets in your way?

I am better, Peter. It's
not a belief, it's a fact.

And one way or another, you
will help me get this done.


Hello, Peter.

So, you're helping
my father?

I prefer to think
he's helping me.

And what is that?

Your metabolism is primed
to accept abilities,

which makes you the ideal test case
for a new version of a formula

I need to perfect. Wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

When I saw you in the future, you said
that manipulating abilities was wrong,

that this was
all a mistake.

Did I?

You were trying
to help me, Mohinder.

Peter, tell me something. In this
future of yours, what do I look like?

There was something wrong with you.
You'd changed.

You looked
like a monster.

Then you're too late.

Suresh, no.

Hello, Mohinder.

You came for me?

That's what brothers do,

They look out
for each other.

Even after
I locked you up?

Let's get out of here.

- Stop! Leave him alone!
- He deserves to die!


This is for killing my father!
That's enough! Enough!

Do you know
who this man is?

Do you have any idea how many
innocent people he's killed?

I do,
but he's also my son.

And I've been waiting for
him for a long time.

It's been hours.

Who'd you talk to
over there?

Some guy from the Company.

He can keep
a secret, right?

I hope so.

Do you think
they're alive?

Do you think
they're human?

What if they
can't breathe?


We need
to help them.

Be careful.

Oh, God.

It's too tough.

I told you not to
touch anything.




Well, I see you've still got
a weakness for blondes.

Everything all right?

I'm what some people would
refer to as an anxious flier.

Big, tough Company agent can't
handle being 30,000 feet up?

Yeah, well, I was never
a very good agent.

So I read. You let all those
villains escape Level 5, right?

Shut up.

Yeah, I caught Doyle. I
helped clean up your mess.


Yeah, the freak
with the puppets.

This agent thing
isn't so hard.

You know, my father pushed me into this life.
I wanted no part of it,

and if you do, you're an idiot.

You have no idea
how good you have it.

This is
your captain speaking.

We'd like to remind our passengers to
turn off all electrical equipment.

Thank you.

I think he's talking about you.
Shut up.

calm down.

You have to turn it off
or we're going to crash.

If I knew how to do that, I wouldn't
be here in the first place.

Take my hand.

Let me help you. Dump
your electricity into me.

Do it!

We did it.

Do you mind?

My dad and I
weren't even close.

But to think that he would ever put
himself in danger to protect me...

Well, he didn't do it so you could sit
around here and wait to get killed.

What do you mean?

They'll be sending someone after
me to make sure you're dead.

Let them come.

Oh, yeah, great. Then you use
your brain mojo thingy. Perfect.

If you need to go, I understand. But
I can't let them get away with this.

I want to help you.
I'm just scared.

So am I, but we can't let our fears
stop us from doing what's right.

I knew you
couldn't kill him.

I'm sorry, Matt.
No, stick to the plan.

Your fear is making me
strong, girl.

I can't.

No! Stop!

You think you can hold
me with your power.

Not only can I hold you, I can kill you.
I'm gonna dig inside your head,

find your worst fear
and make it eat you alive.

I'm not the one
that's scared,

you are, and your fear
just makes me strong.

Matt, that was amazing.

Yeah. I just got inside his
head with my brain mojo thingy.

My dad could do
the same thing.

Now that they think that we're
dead, we have time to get away.

No. I told you
I'm not running.

What are you gonna do, Matt? Fight them?
Trick them into killing each other?

That's not gonna bring your dad back,
but it will probably get you killed.

I'm a cop. Stopping guys
like Knox, that's what I do.

You can't bring them down by yourself.
There's no way.

Even with me at your back,
we'd still need help.

There's a company, Primatech, they know
how to deal with situations like this.

If anybody can help,
they can.

This building's
sealed up tight.

If Peter's still here,
he ain't getting out.

Peter's long gone.

If I find him, you want
him crispy or well done?

Alive, please.
All right.

I sent somebody
to recruit you.

When you refused her offer, I
didn't expect to see you here.

My mother's in a coma,
did you do that?

Angela's not the woman
you think she is, Gabriel.

She's done terrible things.

So have I, and I'm gonna
do them all to you.

Has Angela forgiven
your sins?

My mother accepts me
for who I am.

I wonder if you'll be
so generous.

What are you talking about?

She sent you here, didn't she?
To save her favorite son.

She tell you that you were all
gonna live happily ever after?

She's using you,
Son, as a weapon,

a blunt instrument to be
manipulated and then discarded.

My mother loves me.

When you were born, she had one of
her dreams, a vision of the future.

She saw what
you would become.

I know this. She told
me I'd become a hero.

Did she?

Angela was so terrified of what she saw,
so frightened of her own flesh and blood,

that she tried
to kill you.

Imagine that, a mother wanting
to murder her own child.

I got to the bathroom
just in time.

She was holding you
at the bottom of the tub.

It's time you learned the
truth about your mother.

That's far enough.

I was told
you were leaving.

Maybe one day
I could forgive you,

but after everything
that's happened, I just...

I don't think I could
ever trust you.

I know it's hard to believe,
but I was trying to help.

My feelings for you
were real.

Those feelings
are still there.

What you did in my
name was wrong.

I wish I could
take it all back.

I've done bad things.
Killed people.

Not by choice,
but still, I did them.

I need to make amends,
and so do you.

Get well, Mohinder.

Hold on. We're almost there.
You all right?

Thank you.

For what?

For helping me.

I've been nothing but a bitch, and
you've been nothing but sweet.

Really, it just makes me
hate you more.

No, I should be the
one thanking you.

Why? Because I was
ready to give up,

stay home, deny everything
that's been happening to me.

I was scared.

Scared of what?

What I would find out
about who I really am.

It's just... It's nice to know
that you're as messed up as I am.

Peter, you stayed?
I wasn't gonna leave you.

What are you doing sitting here?
Did he take your powers?

No, he told me the truth.

You can't listen to him.

He's our father. He's my father.
I grew up with him.

And I didn't, so I don't get the right to know him?
Is that what you're saying?

He can't be trusted.
You've seen what he's done.

He hurt mom. He's manipulated abilities.
I know where that leads.

The world you saw doesn't exist.
We won't let it.

I'm sorry, Peter, this is
something I have to do.

If you help him, you're proving the
worst things I've said about you.

Just kick his ass,
and let's get out of here.

Oh, I'm not going anywhere,
Peter. You are.

Oh, my God,
Peter! Peter!

What are you doing here?

Why are you bleeding?

He's not healing.

He took my ability.
We need to go.

Elle, help me get
him in the car.

Claire, did you hear
what he said?

That they took his ability,
that's what we came here for.

You don't know
what happened up there.

I'm sorry, Claire.

You can't heal. How did you
fall that far and not die?

I don't know.

Okay, let me
get this straight.

She's the biological mother
of your illegitimate daughter,

and he's her
adopted father.

That sounds about right.

Did Suresh inject you
with anything?

Yeah, a tranquilizer, why?

What's he doing in there?

Building a nest, laying eggs.
Who the hell knows?

You're both gonna have to come
in to the Company to be tested.

For what?

Just to be sure
you're still normal.

So, you working with him?

For now.

Excuse me. Petrelli.

I'd watch out for that one.

We're not together.



Slow down. Slow down.
Where are you?

No, I won't tell anyone.

Peter's never gonna
give up, you know.

I would expect nothing less of a Petrelli.
Revenge is in our blood.

Are we just gonna wait for
him to come after us?

No, Son. We're gonna take
our fight to the enemy.

How do you suppose
Peter survived that fall?

Seven stories without
the ability to heal.

Hell of a thing.

I don't know.


It worked.
He thinks I'm on his side.

Good job.

If he reaches out to Primatech,
I'll let you know what they say.

Screw this up and I'll put you
right back where I found you.

I keep thinking about that fall, how I
didn't hit as hard as I should have.

What if Sylar didn't
want me to die?

What if he wanted to get
me out of there alive?

By throwing you
out of a window?

He could've used his
ability to slow me down.

I'm telling you, he
saved my life, Claire.


It's all right,
she's good.

What happened?

Why aren't you healing?

I don't have my powers
anymore, Nathan.

Dad took them.

Dad's dead.

He's not, he's alive.

I was there, Pete. I saw...

He's alive, Nathan.

And if we don't do something to
stop him, he's gonna kill us all.

That's just... It's impossible, Pete.
Dad died over a year ago.

He's the one who put
Mom in that coma.

Pete, this is our dad
we're talking about here.

Believe me, dads aren't
always what they seem.

Where is he?
Stay away from him.

He's dangerous, Nathan.
Look what he did to me.

If our father's alive,
I need to know where he is.

What's the name
of the company?


the biotech firm?

No, I'm not gonna
let you do this.

Nathan, trust me.


We'll do it your way.

There's a lot of ways
to shut Pinehearst down.

Look, I'll call somebody up from the
Justice Department. We'll get some help.

You're not gonna listen to a
word he just said, are you?

Nope. I'm gonna see my father. How
do you know about Pinehearst?

I've been taking a consultant
fee from them for over a year.

I'm coming with you. I know the players there.
I can open doors.

I don't need any doors opened.
I plan on kicking them down.

Is that food?

It's a recipe. It's been in my
family for thousands of years.

You refuse to go back in time,
even if it means saving the world.

I cannot risk
changing history.

If only there's some other way
of learning about my enemies,

uncovering their weak parts,
so I can defeat them.

For thousands of years, my
family have taken spirit walks,

following destiny's path into the
realms of the unconsciousness.


Spirit walk sounds much
safer than time travel.


I'm ready to begin my journey.
How do I start?

You eat a disgusting paste made
from the roots of a Tamboti tree

and the dung of hyena.

And then?

You wait.

Hiro? Hiro?

You tricked him.
I warned him.

If he did not choose his path,
it would be chosen for him.

Hiro. Hiro.

He's going to wake up, right?
He's going to be okay?

Hiro. Hiro. Hiro. Hiro.