Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 6 - Chapter Six 'Dying of the Light' - full transcript

Fellow villains Knox and Daphne are sent by their emissary, Maury Parkman, on a quest to recruit Hiro and others to the Pinehearst fold. Adam Monroe is brought before the ringleader, who turns out to be the most powerful villain, who uses his power to heal. Matt Parkman arrives back in New York from his African adventure, and is confronted by Daphne with an offer to join their organization, but he instead wants a commitment from her. Hiro and Ando teleport to Africa to try to make contact with Usutu, the vision painter, for information on the persons behind all the recent events. Angela and the Company are paralyzed from recent events, and Noah Bennett is forced to team up with Sylar again to hunt down more escapees from Level 5. Peter goes to Pinehearst searching for answers, but is stunned to learn that his father, Arthur Petrelli, thought to be long dead, is the ringleader of the whole events, and who as the ability to physically absorb others powers by mere touch. Meanwhile, Claire and Sandra go on a mission to save Meredith from the clutches of Eric Doyle, a villain with abilities to control people mentally and physically. In New York, Nathan and Tracy try to trace their origins with Mohinder's help, but who has other plans for them.

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Previously on Heroes.

You have to tell me
where Mr. Canfield went.

He's not a killer.

I'm not gonna send anybody to
Level 5 who doesn't belong there.

You want me to kill your partner?
Do it, and I will let you go.

I won't be a monster.

What's going on?
Claire lied.

There was no cheerleading retreat. She's
obviously gone after one of them.

Who is he?
His name's Eric Doyle.

It's okay, I know him.
I'll go get Claire.

This must be my future future.
The future has changed.

Her name's Daphne.
I've got to find her.

Are you okay? Your brother
tried to kill me.

He took Sylar's ability, and now
he's suffering the consequences.

We're in a lot of trouble,

How do you feel
about recruiting?

Recruiting for what? An
organization for a new world order.

Your father was disappointed that you
weren't born with the genetic code.

You did experiments on me
and God knows who else.

I know a scientist. Anybody
can help you, he can.

Can he be trusted? Suresh?
Yeah, he's harmless.

You would actually
inject yourself with that?

You're a monster.

I wish you
hadn't said that.

Hello, Angela. You can see the future.
I can't have that.

The team is coming
together nicely.

We're building
an army just like you...

Whatever you say goes,
Mr. Petrelli.

In every journey, the traveler must
ask, "Was the right path taken?"

Many roads are long
and winding,

filled with those
who have lost their way.

Some forge their own course,
guided by faith,

seeking not a location,
but a kindred soul.

Others step together, finding
safety in the arms of another.

A few remove themselves from the trail
to avoid the path of temptation.

But those who watch the track too
closely fail to see where it led them,

and they're often all too
surprised by their destination.

Kill the other one.

Kill Ando?

Yeah, he has no powers.
What good is he to us?

You kill him,
you are badass.

That's good.
He'll never do it.


Hello, Milosh.


I'm sorry, my friend.

I must make sacrifices
to save the world.


Okay. You're in.
You handle the rest.

I'm taking Adam Monroe
to see the boss.

Oh, my God!
You actually killed him.

That guy told me to.

That was to prove you wouldn't.
You're supposed to be a good guy.

Now, I'm a villain like you.

Me? I'm not a killer.

No, but you are a thief.

But I just do it for money. It's
not like anybody gets hurt.

Well, I want my payday, too.
Ando was useless to me.

He had no powers. Now,
take me to your boss.

I'm not taking you

You get an assignment
like everyone else. Here.

You're going to Africa.
He's a precog.

A what?
He can see the future.

Whatever he paints
comes true.

Like Mr. Isaac?

Whatever. My boss can't have
someone like that out there.

Bring him to this address.

Just so you know, it's not
easy catching a precog.

Why is that?

They see you coming.

Hi. Where are you going?

Meredith went after this
creep, and it's my fault.

Mom, have you looked at his file?
He's a psycho. She's in danger.

Okay, I get it.

You wanna fight bad guys,
save the world, be a hero.

I don't need special
abilities like your mother,

your other mother,
to understand that.

Thank you.
I really have to go.

I'm ready.

Your father always said,
"One of us, one of them."

I'm the "one of us."

Meredith Gordon.

As God is my witness I'm going
to make you love me again.

It's like I told you all night
long, Eric, I never loved you.

You disgust me.

You know, even when
they stuck me on Level 5,

I knew someday
we'd be together again.

I'd like a destination
wedding, like Fiji.

Let me go
or I'll kill you.

You know how
this works, Meredith.

You can't make a move
unless I make you move.

So I don't take
orders from you.

Stop it, Eric.
Eric, please.


You will love me,

I promise you that.

You've heard of me,
right? Adam Monroe?

Guessing you have
some sort of special ability.

What is it?

I get strong off
other people's fear.

I'm not afraid.

you're wasting your time.


I heard you were dead.

Wait. No. No!

Please let me go.
You scared now?

Arthur, no, please!
I can be of use to you!

Feels good
to breathe again.

That would be
a mistake, my dear.

Are we not paying you
enough money?

No, it's not that.

Hiro Nakamura was a good guy, but
we turned him into a murderer.

I mean, I'm in way
over my head.

Daphne, you and I have
discussed this before.

I can't do this anymore.

Oh, dear.
Well, that's a shame.

You've done so much for us.
We've done so much for you.

So much that we couldn't do for
you anymore if you were to leave.

Let's keep this little lapse of
judgment to ourselves, shall we?

Look! There's your
next assignment.

Okay, turtle,
you got me home.

So now we just need to find Daphne, save
her life, get her to fall in love with me.

So you just give me a sign. I can't
believe I'm talking to a turtle.

High five, turtle.


How do you know
who I am?

It's actually kind of

Lucky guess.

Can we go somewhere
and talk?



can we come in?

I'm relieved to see you're okay, Niki,
but, really, you should have called.

I'm in the middle of
some sensitive trials here.

She's not Niki.

We're sorry to interrupt you,
Dr. Suresh, but we need your help.

I'm Tracy.
Niki was my sister.

You're telling me
you're not Niki?


Tracy has an ability, too.

That's why we're here.

A doctor did it.

He altered
our genes somehow.

A doctor did this
to you? How?

I don't know,
I was just a baby.

This is exactly what I've been researching.
How to give people abilities.

I was told the same thing
was done to me.

You're saying
that it is possible.

I know it is. Tell me, have
you had any side effects?

She didn't even know about
it until four days ago.

Let me guess.

It first happened when you were in
a state of heightened agitation.

You were frightened,

It came over you like a
wave you couldn't control.


Can you remove it?

I have a feeling we can be of
great assistance to each other.

These people
know things.


They know how you struggled as a
cop in LA to protect and serve,

but that wasn't enough
for you, was it?

No. No, it wasn't.

They know how you've been waiting
your whole life just to be somebody.

Sounds to me like you're
not buying your own pitch.

No, I am. I just got a lot
of appointments today.

So are you in or out?

So this isn't about us?


No. Sorry.

Who told you my name?

No one.

I had this dream about the future.
But it wasn't a dream, it was real.

And you and I were... We were married.
And I know about your speed ability.

And we had this beautiful baby
girl and this pet turtle,

and we're so happy.
We're soul mates.

I came here looking for you
and what did I find?

You are waiting for me. I mean,
that's got to mean something, right?

This is getting
kind of stalky.

So I gotta go. No, no, no. Wait a second.
Wait a second.

Look, the address is on the
card if you're interested.

We named
our baby Daniella...

After your grandmother.

How did you know... Because
I'm telling you the truth.

Look, I have a bunch of stuff to
do today, but can you wait here?


I'll be back.

Don't go anywhere.


This is going to work? And you're
sure there's no side effects?

It's just a marker.
Tags any unusual DNA.

You won't feel a thing.
Gonna make my job much easier.

You know, I always thought my
ability was a gift from God,

but after what my mother
told me, I just...

I need to know the truth.

I understand.

I once put all my faith
in my father's research.

Followed it blindly.

I never got anywhere
until I thought for myself.

Let's do it.

Inside your blood there's the
solution to many problems.

And with it,
I can help everyone.

Something's wrong.

What's happening to her?
She'll be all right.

What have you done to us?

Who are you?
What are you doing?

My job.
I'm springing you out.

You're Sylar, right?

You have places to be. The guards
are here in a few seconds.

Let's get going.

Who do you work for?

Someone who wants
to work with you.


Because you're a killer. For some
reason, you're important to him.

I don't ask questions
like that.

Now, come on.

I'm not a killer anymore.

And you're not
going anywhere.

Look, I'm on your side!

Can't you see they're trying
to change you in here?

Make you into something
that you're not.

You don't know
anything about me!

But the man
I work for does.

He likes you
the way you are.

So you know where
to find us. We're going.

It's about time.


Peter, you need to
come with me. Peter.

No, no, no. What are you doing?
I need your help.

Get away from me!
No, no, no, no!

I'm not going to hurt you.
You already did.

You gave me this hunger.
You made me a monster.

Now I can't control it.
I'm just like you.

I don't want to be that anymore.
I'm trying to be different.

And I think I can control it,
and if I can, then so can you.

When I saw you
in the future, you...

You changed.

You found a way
to suppress it. How?

I don't know. But just knowing
that I figured it out,

just believing it's a
possibility, gives me hope.

I don't want hope,
I want it gone.

This is not
about you and me.

I woke you because
your mother's in trouble.

Our mother.

Mr. African Isaac.

She said she knew him, maybe we just
ought to give her a little more time.

She's still not answering
her phone. She's in trouble.

Oh, my God, Claire, where
did you get that thing?

Dad's closet. Stay
here, I'm going in.

Claire, we should
call your father.

I don't want him here.

Claire, wait.

Claire, if we're going
in there, we need a plan.

I've always had
two left feet. I...

But you were
always graceful,

and light as a feather.

Did you tell anyone
you were here?


I swear.


Welcome, nice to see you.
Welcome, nice to see you.

What do you want?


Hi, I was wondering if I could book
a birthday party for my son, Lyle.

He's six and he just
loves puppets.

Yeah, I don't do
parties anymore.

Well, I would be willing
to pay cash upfront.

Okay, fill this out.
Bring it back.

Well, I'll just fill it out here, if you don't mind.
I think I have a pen.


On second thought, I will just take this
little form and fill it out at home.

Who are you?

Meredith, come on.

Come on, we got
to get out of here.

Let them go.

I said, let them go.


Those things have
just one shot, right?

That's much better.

Dr. Suresh?

Maybe. Who are you?

How did you just... You know
exactly how I just did that.

You know a lot about people like me.
That's why they sent me to you.

And what do they
want with me?

Access to your research,
your database, contacts...

Why on earth would I
give them that?

That's not part of
my job description.

All I know is that they've
already figured out

how to do the thing
that you're trying to do.

To give people abilities. They
need your help, you need theirs.

Help to do what?

Save the world.

Look, if you have questions, you can
ask them, I'm just the messenger.

What was that?

Help us.

Great, you're just as bad
as the rest of them.

It's show time,

The gun has
just one bullet.

What is it that
you want, you sick...

What I want, Barbie,
is not to be interrupted

but since you're so eager,
why don't you spin the gun?

All right,
time to choose.

Who you gonna shoot?

No. No, I can't.

You're not scared,
are you?

I mean, 'cause you're the
hero with the big old gun.

Stop it.
Leave her alone.

What are you?
Her mother?

Oh, this is too good.
You are her mother?

So what does that
make you Meredith?

I mean, 'cause, you know, you're
too old to be her daughter, too.

So let's see,
sexy, free-spirit...

you're the fun aunt, right?

The one that Barbie
really looks up to.

Go to hell!

So what's it gonna be,

PTA mom who tucks
you in every night,

or cool aunt with
flame throwing action.

I mean, come on, there's only one
in six chances it will even go off.

don't make me do this.

I'll choose for you.

Stop it! Stop!

I promise you I will love
you for ever and ever.

I don't believe you.

Pull the trigger.

If you don't do it,
I will.

Okay, mom,
your turn to spin.

Listen to me,
leave them alone. I...

Oh, you gotta
love the irony.

I mean, it's like a Greek
tragedy or something, right?

Okay, mom, do it.

I won't.
Yes, you will.

Okay, look, these could be your final
words, Barbie, so make them count.


Mom, it's okay.

It's me.
You can't fight him.

Do what you have to do.

Pull the trigger.


That was fun, huh?

Show's over.

I found her like this. She's
in some kind of a coma.

You're worried. You
actually care about her.

She's my mother,
too, Peter.

She's the only person who ever
accepted me for what I am.

I should have
protected her.

You've got to look inside of her head.
You've got to find out what's wrong.

What was it?
What did you see?

Just this.

I've seen this before.

So have I.

That ought to keep him
down for a little while.

It's a good thing
you called me.

you were amazing.

No, I wasn't.
I got us caught.

No, you saved us.

You may have got
your genes from me,

but you got your heart
from your mom.

You did this, Claire?

That's very impressive,

I'll talk to her.

She just has the wrong idea
about me in her head.

She's a young woman now, Noah.
She just wants to be on her own.

She doesn't need you
or me to protect her.

Well, maybe not, but there are a lot
more people like Eric Doyle out there.

I could use some help.

What, from Claire?


From you.

Peter, don't. You're in no
condition to go to Pinehearst.

They spread abilities, causing the end of the world.
They did this to her.

I want revenge for what
they did to Mom, too.

Stop calling her that!

You are not my family. Look,
you took from me my ability.

I've lived with it. The need for power
will consume you, it will control you.

Get out of my way.

I'm your brother. You gotta
listen to me, Peter.

You need help. I don't
need anything from you!

I'm not gonna
let you leave, Peter.

I've been down that path.
It's too dangerous.

You're too weak
to stop me.

I know what it feels like
now, all this power.

I'm the most special.

I know what
you're thinking.

You didn't mean for any
of this to happen.

You try to fix it, but everything
you do just makes it worse.

It all got out of control.

But that girl that was here
gave you a way out.

Some answers.

This was all
so unnecessary.

Maya was right.
I am a monster.

Maybe we all are.

I understand.

Nathan, are you okay?

Come here.


We're not finished here.

What, you're not hungry?
Yeah, me neither.

You came back?

I'm supposed to recruit you to
Pinehearst, but you wouldn't fit in.

It's not you. It's...
I mean, it is you, but...

It's these people and the
things that they do...

They're not good people, and you
seem like a really sweet guy, so...

Great. Okay...
Well, that's...

That's great. I mean, that
means that you and I should...

That means that you need
to stay away from them.


you have to stay away
from them, too.

In the future,
Pinehearst is gonna

get you killed.

That's why I wanted
to find you, to save you,

to keep that
from happening.

You read minds,
not the future.

I know, I know, but I met a guy in
Africa, and everything that he paints...

Comes true.

So you've gotta
stay with me.

No, you don't get it.

I have to go back.
I don't have a choice.

But you don't trust
these people.

If you can read my
thoughts, then you know

that I don't know if I
can trust you, either.

Forget your thoughts. What is
your heart telling you to do?

Same as it always does.

Keep moving too fast
to get caught.

What do they
have over you?

I can protect you.


You can't.

Bye, Parkman.


You were relying too much on your powers.
You forgot how to use your head.

But when you started to think,
that's when you found me.

This was a test?


And now you are ready.

These are the villains you seek.

You can take me to them or you
can follow your own path.

Mr. Petrelli? I know,
the bad guys are here.

That's what they call you, isn't it?
Criminals, villains...

It's okay.

He's my son.


How is this possible?
You're dead.

It's a long story.

So you're behind
all this. You...

You hurt Mom?

Like I say,
we need to talk.

Come give
your father a hug.

It's all right, Peter.

It's all right.

I'm sorry it had
to come to this.

You don't have your
powers anymore, Peter.

Because I have them now.