Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 5 - Chapter Five 'Angels and Monsters' - full transcript

Nathan is filled with self-doubt, not knowing if he's an angel or a monster. His mother, Angela, eventually tells him the origin of his abilities. Tracy Strauss is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact she killed someone with her super-freeze powers. Meanwhile, Claire decides to go after one of the escapees from Level 5, Stephen Canfield. She's in for a bit of a surprise however and she doesn't quite find what she was expecting. Noah "H.R.G." Bennett and Sylar are also after the same man. Also, Hiro and Ando unearth Adam Monroe who knows all about the stolen formula and, given his options, agrees to help them. Elsehwere, Daniel Lindeman tries to recruit Daphne for his cause, and Suresh continues with his experiments which start to take an emotional and physical told on him.

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Previously on Heroes.

You stuck your nose
where it didn't belong!

So did you.

HIRO: You stole something
from me.

You mean this?

Why are you doing this?

I work for a guy.
I find stuff, he pays me.

Where's Kaito's part
of the formula?

The formula is gone.

Someone is manipulating us.

Someone powerful.

And they must be stopped.

I will find them
and stop them.

you're the only
one who can.

Cheerleader sleepover retreat?
What was that all about?

That was about
buying some time.

ANGELA: Meet your new partner.

Am I being replaced?

Just until
I find his weakness.
And then I'm gonna kill him.

I've dreamt the future,
Gabriel. I've seen
how important you are.

But only if you can
master your urges.

My ability is not
just understanding
how things work.

There's a hunger.

I couldn't control it
and it turned me
into a killer.

You have it now.

What did you do to me?

DNA manipulation.

TRACY: I've hurt people.

You need
to take it away.
I can't.

You're just gonna
have to trust me, Nathan.
You must help her.

NATHAN: It's all happening
so fast.

My life is a speeding train,
and I'm not sure
where it's headed.

But one thing is certain.
I have been given a second
chance, touched by God,

and I have got to
believe that he has
a purpose for my life.

So why am I filled
with self-doubt?

Plagued by demons,
real and imaginary.

Frightened by the challenges
ahead, and haunted
by the ghosts of my past.

Does God know
what I am?

Do I?

Am I an angel or a monster?
A hero or a villain?

And why can't I
see the difference?

Did I startle you?


That's right,
because you're not
really here, are you?

Whatever makes
you happy, Nathan.

You know what
would make me happy?
Some straight answers.

Like how you knew
she was in trouble.

You mean Tracy?

You said she needed my help.
That she was my path.

Next thing I know,
she's taking a header
into the Potomac.

And you were there to
save her. Now, I suppose
you're wondering why.

I mean, was it luck?
Was it coincidence?

Or perhaps guidance
from a higher power?

You're not a messenger
from God.

Moses saw a burning bush.
Mary heard the angel.

God came to Samuel
in his dreams.

And I've got a dead
mobster telling me
he's the voice of God.

You think the answers to
your questions are somehow
outside of you, Nathan,

but God resides within.

The answers will come.

TRACY: Nathan?

Who are you talking to?

Just clearing my head.


Yo, what up?

What do you need?
What've you got?

White Lightning.
Base. Angel dust...

I need something
to take the edge off.

All right,
I got just the thing.

I don't need your drugs.
I need you.

You have the hunger.
You're just like me.

I will never let
myself become you.

You already are,


I can't be you.

Peter, stop.
You don't know
what you're...

You don't know
what you're doing.

I know exactly
what I'm doing.

When were you gonna
tell me that
Sylar is my brother?

What other secrets
are you hiding
from me, Mother?

Tell me your secrets!

Or I'll rip open
your head and I'll
take them out myself.






Are you okay?

Is he gonna be all right?

I'll make sure of it.

We got a lead
on a new target.

You want me
to come with you?

Don't make this harder
than it already is.

God. Oh, God.


What's going on?
Claire lied.

There was no cheerleader
retreat. Now she's
not answering her cell.

I'm so dang stupid.
She's obviously gone
after one of them.

That's all she's been
talking about.
Wanting to help.

No thanks to you.
Okay, calm down.

How can I be calm?
Look at them,
they're monsters.

Claire can't
get hurt, remember?

Oh, no?

How about this guy?
Stephen Canfield.

He creates vortexes,
makes people disappear.

Forever. Even Claire.

All right,
we'll find her.


Oh, no.

What is it, Meredith?

We just better hope
it's not him.

Why? Who is he?

His name's Eric Doyle.
He's a horrible man.
You don't even want to know.

You know, his place isn't too
far from here. I'm gonna start
by looking for her there.

I'm coming
with you.


She's my daughter.

Can you do this?

I'll have Claire home
before you know it.

You think I wanted to leave
my family? I had no choice.
Just tell me where they are.

You're her sister, damn it.
You know where she is.

I got the right
to see her
and my kids.





Is there someone there?

Behind you.




I need your help.

My help? You buried me alive.
Why in bloody hell
would I help you?

Let me out of here,

you sod off little
Japanese cretin!



I will give you
another chance
if you behave.



We are searching
for a formula that...

(CHUCKLES) Formula?

I knew it would
come back to bite them
in the ass some day.

Even I told them
to destroy it.

So, you know
who would steal it?


If I tell you,
what's in it for me?

When we finish our mission,
I promise to put you
in a more spacious cell.

With a window.
And a bed.

Forget it.
Okay, back you go.

Wait. You little
Japanese Nazi.
Let me think.

Just off the top of my head,
I'd say your villain
is Angela Petrelli.

She asked us
to find the formula.

I see.

Well, I'm fresh
out of ideas.


Wait, I know how to
find your big villain
and get you your formula.

I have a plan.


How do you feel
about recruiting?

Recruiting for what?

An organization for
a new world order.

Daphne, you and I are
standing on the precipice
for real change.

A world where
people like you
are embraced,

your gifts acknowledged
and respected, not ignored.

I mean,
you'd like to be
part of a world

where you can
really be somebody,
wouldn't you?

So long as I get paid.

What do I have to do?

LINDERMAN: There are
others like you out there.
Just invite them to join us.

Everything you need
to know is right here.

These are some pretty
nasty people. I don't
like getting my hands dirty.

They've merely lost
their way. It's time for
us to give them purpose.



Just sit.

Just so you know,
this was her idea,
not mine.

You mean, my mother?

If it was up to me,
I'd have left you to rot.

(SCOFFS) No forgiveness,
is that it?

You terrorized
my daughter.

You killed countless others,
including a target that had
valuable information...

Rehabilitation doesn't
happen overnight.
I am trying.

I understand.

Killing is just
in your nature.


What's going on?

What do you think?

I'm bringing you
back to Level 5
where you belong.

Please, don't do this.


I need to
find my family.

From the looks of things,
they're long gone.

What do you expect?

The Company dragged me away
in the middle of the night.

I didn't even get
to say goodbye.

They put me away for almost
two years. My family must
think I abandoned them.

That's what happens
to people like you.

They put you away
so the rest of us
can be safe.

I made one mistake.

But you're like
the others.

So quick to judge,
you want to believe
I'm a monster.

You killed someone.
You are a monster.

You're wrong,
and you need
to listen.


MAYA: Mohinder?

Hey, there.

You didn't
come home
last night.

What's this?

A flier.
It was stuck
in your door.

Did you know
your neighbor
was missing?

I'm getting closer,
you know. This next
stage in my research,

it could be the answer
to taking away your ability.

I can make you happy,

I should let you
get back to it.

Your Company has
got it all wrong. I never
meant to hurt anyone.


Who is this?
Your partner?

I don't have a partner.

What are you talking about?
"One of us, one of them,"

Company policy.

You're not with
the Company, are you?

Are you with them?

Who the hell are you?

You come in here,
shoot me, hold me hostage.
You know about me?

I read your file.
You killed a man.

That was an accident.

Your neighbor, right?
Over what?
A broken lawn mower?

We got into an argument.

It got heated, I overreacted.
Next thing I knew,
he was gone.

I didn't want
to hurt him.

They locked me away.
No lawyer, no trial.

I love my wife.
I love my children.

I just want to see them again.
Hold them. Even if it's for
the last time.

I just want
to be normal.

You don't understand.
Now, just go.

You're letting me go?


Just give me a head start
before you call your friends
at the Company.

Maybe I can help.

You tried to kill yourself.
How do I know you're not
gonna do it again?

What do you want
from me, Nathan?
Undying gratitude?

you're my hero.

I want to know
what you were doing
on that bridge.

I can't talk about it.

Why not?

Who's gonna understand
better than I am?
Just tell me.

What happened?

I killed someone.


A reporter.

He threatened to run
a story saying
that I was Niki Sanders.

When there was no way
that I could reason with him,

I got angry,
I reached out
to grab him,

froze him.
He shattered.

It was an accident,

I need to turn myself in.

That's probably not
a good idea. What are you
gonna tell them, Tracy?

Who's gonna believe you?

I can fly,
but I can't
talk about it.

then I'll show them.

You can't do that.

Listen, I've been there.
I understand, I...

I wanted to tell the world,
I even called
a press conference.

What happened?

I got shot.

I died.

And then I saw God.

And I truly believe with
all my heart that he's got
a higher purpose for us.

You think
God gave us
these powers?

If he didn't,
who did?

A doctor in Reseda,

This is the last number
the Company has for them.

It's the same area code
so they can't have gone far.

Thanks, Claire.
For everything.

Hi, baby. It's me.

Wait, don't hang up.

I know you're scared
but I love you. I need
to see you and the kids.

Well, then meet me, anywhere.
The Griffith Park carousel.

Great. I can't wait...

Hello? Hello?

What happened?
We were cut off.




He's your father?

You set me up.
No, I swear.

Back off, drop the gun.

Let go of the girl.

Sylar. Dad,
what is he doing here?

Let her go, Canfield.
You don't stand a chance.

Stand back.
Last warning.

I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
It's not over yet.

Hold onto something.
GABRIEL: Stand back.
I will shoot!



Hold on, Claire.

Dad, I can't.

Claire, hold on!



Dad, help!


Claire, don't let go!




You okay?

Thank God.
You okay?

The target's gone.

He can't be far.

Claire, where did
Mr. Canfield go?

Leave him alone.
He doesn't want
to hurt anyone.

This isn't a game,
he's very dangerous.

Who are you to talk?

Bringing him here?

Tell me you're not
working with him
after what he did to me.

Claire, you hate me,
I understand.

When I touched your hand,
I could feel the pain
that I caused you,

and I never meant...

Shut your mouth, now.

You don't get to
talk to her, ever.


We'll talk more about this
when we get home,

but right now,
you have to tell me
where Mr. Canfield went.

He's not a killer.
He's having problems
like I had problems.

He just...
He didn't have
you to help him.

All right. Okay,
then just let me
talk to him.

If what you say is true,
we'll make other

You can trust me,

I wouldn't send anybody
to Level 5 that
doesn't belong there.

He's at the Griffith Park


This is your plan?
Go to a bar?

I haven't had a drink
in months, and they
make a mean Appletini.

I'm warning you,
Adam Monroe, I'll pop you
right back into your coffin.

Relax. You said
the Speedster girl
was hired, right?

Well, this bar is
the go-to destination
of specials-for-hire.

That's right.

Oh, like the Cantina.
I never knew
there was such a place.

Can we find out
who hired the Speedster?

that's why we're here.

Just leave everything to me.
And try and look tough.


Barkeep. The usual,
and make it snappy.

Hello, Milosh.

How dare you
come in here?

Look, I didn't know she was
your wife, and for the record,
she never mentioned it.






NATHAN: What happened
to Peter?

I put him in
a medically-induced coma.

Your brother
tried to kill me.


He took Sylar's ability,
and now he's suffering
the consequences.

We're in a lot
of trouble, Nathan.

Mom, that's Tracy Strauss.
Tracy, my mom.

I know who she is,
and why she's come.

I heard you saw
Dr. Zimmerman.

How do you know
Dr. Zimmerman?

He worked for the Company
many years ago
in research and development.

Very bright.

Then you understand
what he did to me?
You can help me.

No, I'm afraid
that's not possible.
His work was classified.

You want me to go
public with this?

What are you hiding,

Zimmerman was instrumental

in the Company's
development of
synthetic abilities.


We used the technology
on a number of infants.

You were one of them, Tracy.
As were your sisters,
Niki and Barbara.

And you, Nathan,
we gave you
your ability, too.


My God.

What have you done?


My God.

I got to get you out.





I know you're in here.


You have to
control your power.

You don't want to be
a killer again, do you?


What have you done?

You're a monster.

I wish you hadn't said that.






It's done.

What do you want me
to do about the two
Japanese guys?

It's all here.
The testing,
the experimentation.

Everything they did to us.

It wasn't God.

We were trying to
be better than God.


By using people
as lab rats?

Your own son?

Your father was disappointed
that you weren't born
with the genetic code,

but we thought,
because of your lineage,
your system could handle it.

And obviously
we were right.

Then what about me?

My parents were dead.

I had no one
to protect me.

Tracy, what this Company
did to you in the name
of science was wrong.

We know that now.

And that is why
we divided
the formula and hid it,

so this would never
happen again.

An innocent man
is dead because of
what you did to me.

Then help me,
because someone has
stolen the formula.

They want to restart
this project.

They want to create
a world filled
with dangerous people.

Deadly, out of control.
They will destroy everything.

Please help me
stop them.

Go to hell.

Nathan, it's why Peter took
Sylar's ability. It's why
he sacrificed himself.

He knows what's gonna
happen to this world.
You do not understand.

I understand, Ma.
I understand.

You locked Peter up,
put a shunt in his head.

You did experiments
on me and God knows
who else. Peter? Claire?

Who else did you
use as your own
personal guinea pig?

Nathan, listen to me.

I'm sorry.
What's next?

I know a scientist.

He understands all of this
genetic stuff. If anybody
can help you, he can.

Can he be trusted?

Suresh? Yeah,
he's harmless.

it's Claire.

I talked to my dad.

He said he's willing
to listen.

It doesn't matter anymore.

What happened?

They never showed up.

You were right, Claire.

My wife, my kids,
they're afraid of me.

Maybe I am a monster.

Couldn't put it better.

Dad, what are you doing?

It's all right.
We're just talking.

I'll make you a deal,

My partner is standing
right over there by my car.

You make him disappear,
and this is all over.

I don't understand,
you want me to
kill your partner?


Do it, and I'll let you go.
I give you my word.

What are you saying?
You do not have to do this.

Stay out of this, Claire.

She's right, I can't.
I'm not a killer.

Maybe not, but he is,
and he needs
to be destroyed.

I can't do it.

I'm not asking.

Dad, no.

I'm doing this for us, Claire.
For what Sylar did to you.

You people,
you've taken
everything from me.

Do it. Kill him, now.

What are you doing?

I won't be a monster.





Hello, boys.


So, my friend here
tells me that
you're looking for work.

And I said,
"That's not possible.
Those goody two-shoes?"

We heard about
what you are doing.
Sign us up.

I'm not convinced.

We have changed.
We are badasses now.

Yes, we are very badass.

When do we start?
Not so fast.

You have to prove
yourself worthy.

How do we do that?

You're the one
with the powers?

I control time and space.


Kill the other one.

Kill Ando?
Kill Ando?

Yeah, he has no powers.
What good is he to us?

You kill him,
you are badass.

I'm sorry,
my friend.

I must make
some sacrifices
to save the world.




We'll talk more when
I come home, okay?

Claire, wait.

I know you're disappointed,
but I did what I had to do.

For us.

She doesn't believe
a word you're saying.

She knows exactly
what you did back there.

Why you didn't
take down Stephen Canfield
when you had the chance.

Nobody's talking to you.

Claire finally sees you
for what you are. A user.

Isn't that right, Claire?

You used her to try
to find that poor man,

then you used him to try
to kill me, because to you
I'm nothing but a monster.

He doesn't see
our humanity, Claire.

He never will.

Wait. You're not gonna
listen to him, are you?

The man is
a deranged sociopath.
He's a killer.

He's a monster.


And you're my daughter.

And everything I do
is to protect you.

To protect this family.
Tell me you understand that.

I understand.


It's all gonna be okay.

I promise.


SANDRA: Claire.

Thank God,
I was so worried.

Are you okay?
Because if you are,
you're so grounded.

I'm sorry.

I'm just glad
Meredith found you.


ERIC: Enjoying your dinner,
my dear? Eat.


Now, give me
a sweet kiss.

Go to hell,
you filthy...



Oh, my God.


Peter, tell me
you didn't
do this, please.



MAN: Hello, Angela.

No, it can't be.

You can see the future.
I can't have that.
That's too dangerous.

No, you won't succeed.
I'll stop you.

Don't be ridiculous.

You won't even
be able to move.

You won't even
be able to move.

LINDERMAN: You're late.

Have you completed
your task?

They're on board.

Even the Japanese guy.

I'm not happy
about what happened.

That's not what
I signed up for.
I'm not a killer.

Well, it's all part
of making the world
a better place, Daphne.

No pain, no gain.

There's another one
you're going
to have to recruit.

I'm afraid he's going
to be the most difficult.

Matt Parkman?
What's his thing?

He has the ability
to alter your mind.

Put thoughts into your head.
Make you see things
that aren't there.

Speaking of which,

I finally figured out
what's been bugging me
about you.

I'm fast. Real fast.
I can sneak up
on everybody.

But I can't
sneak up on you.


I knew it.
You're not really there.

It's not your concern, Daphne.
Just bring me Parkman.

I guess I don't really
have a choice, do I?


The team is coming
together nicely.

Everything went fine,
perfect with Nathan.

I messed with his head,

gave him
visions of Linderman,
just like you asked.

Now he thinks
he's doing God's work.


Very real.

Daphne is spreading the word.
We're building an army
just like you...

Sorry. Knox called
just a few minutes ago.

He'll have Adam Monroe
here by tomorrow.



Whatever you say goes,
Mr. Petrelli.