Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 4 - Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death' - full transcript

Having time-traveled four years in the future, the future Peter shows his younger counterpart that people have access to drugs that give them various super powers and some of them will destroy the world. Past Peter is forced to run from the dark and evil future versions of Claire, Daphne, and Knox, all of whom work as killers for government agencies to track him down. Past Peter is forced to look for allies and finds one in a very subdued version of Sylar. From his spot in Africa, Matt Parkman has a vision of his future in four years in which he is married to Speedster Daphne and is still looking after Molly Walker whom also works for the agencies. In the present, Hiro and Ando are locked away in a Level 2 prison cell where their situation starts to drive a riff between them. Tracy learns more about her origins from Dr. Zimmerman, and Nathan receives more tips from the ghost of Mr. Linderman over his position for congress. Also, Mohinder learns that the powers he gave to himself are irreversible and could lead to disaster.

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Previously on Heroes.

I'm not gonna let you manipulate me.
I'm the one making the decisions.

Mr. Petrelli,
you're playing yourself?

I'm obviously
playing Mister...

She can't see me, Nathan.
No one can. Except you.

You're different.

You're special.

My name is Daphne.
And why are you two following me?

I want my father's
formula back.

DAPHNE: There's supposed to be some sort
of exchange going down at this theater,

and I'm waiting
to intercept.

You were right.
I am just a killer.

I guess you were wrong about me.
We'll see.

You wanna tell me that's not you?
It's not me.

You can't run this story.



My name is Tracy Strauss.
Do you know me?

Know you?

I created you.

PETER: To find you,
get you out of here.

I need to show you.

The whole world
is in trouble.

MOHINDER: Reflexes,
blood pressure, balance.

They're all normal.
I'm completely the same in every way.

Just different.

MAYA: My God.




MOHINDER: This is Dr. Mohinder Suresh.
Journal entry 12.

Three days after injecting the
genetic modification formula.

My reflexes are sharper,
my strength off the charts.

It's a dream come true.

Who among us hasn't wished for strength?
To fly?

And now
it's all possible.


There are a few
adverse reactions.

The one exception
being an unusual rash.

A by-product of the formula?
An allergy?


WOMAN: God, no!
Please, don't... Stop it!

Is everything all right?

I'm sorry to intrude, but
I heard shouting and I wanted
to make sure everything...

Everything's fine.

Are you sure?
'Cause it looks like your wife...

She'll be fine.
Now back off, sahib.


(CRYING) Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop! Please.

Just leave us alone,
all right?

God, don't hurt him.

You were one of three
identical triplets.

Tracy, Niki and Barbara.
Perfect test subjects.

When your birth parents died,
we separated you, we...

I just need some answers.

What did you do to me?

DNA manipulation.

A formula that would
make you incredible.

Speed. Strength.

Is it something
like that?


Why would you do this?

What gave you the right?

We had no right.

We were arrogant
and selfish and human.

Who? Who wanted this?

I think I've said
too much already.

They would not like that.

Give me a name.


There was a company.
A company that...

I... I don't remember.
I can't remember.

You're lying.

They made us forget.

Well, then,
you have to take it away.

This thing that I can do.
I can't.

No, you don't understand.

This ability...
I've hurt people.

It is part of you.

No, I never asked for it.

You need to take it away.
I can't.

Tell me how to take it away.
Tell me how...


I'm so sorry.

What have you done?

Who is she?
What happened to her?

It's your future,
Parkman, not mine.

Yeah, it is. So that means that I
can stop that from happening, right?

You really want to know?

This stuff is supposed
to show me my future?



I don't think
this is working.

Here, try this.


Come on.

Where are we?
When are we?

This is the future
I came back to stop.

Why? It looks
just like today.

With one big difference.

MAN: All right.
I'll see you.

How is this possible?

An injection.
Abilities are available to anyone.

For sale if you can afford it,
for grabs if you're desperate enough.

But all these people with abilities
are going to destroy the world.

How could you know that?
How would you?

I've painted it.
Dreamed it.

It's going to happen.
Here, look.

All the crime,
murder, all abilities.

People can't be trusted.
We're weak. Jealous. Violent.

There's always
good people. Always.

How could I be so naive? No, abilities
are the new weapon of choice.

People will control

It's not safe for me to be out in
the open. They'll be looking for us.

I needed you to see.

Who are they?
What did you do?

They think I'm an extremist.
A villain. I had to stop it.

Maybe they're right.
You shot Nathan. You killed him.

He was going to tell
everyone the truth about us.

But he didn't die.
And now he doesn't have to.

So, why hasn't
everything changed?

Look, someone from your
time is putting together

a formula that gives
people abilities.

You have to stop him.
Why me? Why can't you do it?

Because I made
terrible choices.

Stepped on too many butterflies.

What does that mean?
You can't make the same mistakes as me.

We need to find Sylar.

With his ability,
you won't make the same mistakes.

Sylar? What the hell are you
talking about? I want to
see Nathan. Claire. Suresh.

They're not the people you
think they are. Why not?

Not all of us were born with
abilities, okay? Some of us were made.

A line was drawn.
Sides were chosen. It tore us apart.







You actually did it.
You killed Peter.

No. He's still alive.

Looks plenty dead to me.
There were two of them.

This one and a younger
one from the past.

This is bad, right?
Bad, bad.

Now we have our orders.
Kill Petrelli.

That's obviously
easier said than done.

We need to use Molly.

She can find Peter
anywhere in the world.

You know
I can't just do that.

It's not that simple.
It is.

If you won't ask her,
I will.

I'm not afraid of you.
No, but you are afraid of Peter.

And you know he won't stop,
not ever.

Until we find him.

And we kill him.

(PANTING) Let me out! I must save
the world! The future depends on it!







Senator Petrelli?

Senator, you need
to make a choice.

There are a lot of
historical desks available.

Where's Tracy? Isn't it her
job to make these decisions?

Miss Strauss isn't
answering her cell.

Take the John Foster Dulles.
It sends the right message.

Which one would you pick?

Robert Kennedy's.

Kennedy it is.
Thank you.


You know, I thought
you'd be enjoying this.

You're a Senator.

Back in the seat of power,
where you belong.

Able to do God's work
here on earth.

God's work?
I'm picking out desks.

What's the real problem
here, Nathan?

You. You're
the real problem.

You don't trust me?
I'm hurt.

I'm the only one
who can see you.

What, that's a problem?

Don't play me, okay? I've been around
people who can do amazing things.

What are you?
What are you, a telepath?

nothing that obvious.

You know what it is?
It's brain damage from the shooting.

The shooting that you
so miraculously survived.

Come on, Nathan.
I mean, healing, flying.

I mean, isn't that
the work of angels?

So you're saying
you're an angel?

You're a murderer.

You wanted to destroy New York City.
Kill millions of people.

If I remember correctly,
you did, too.

What exactly do you
want from me?

I want to help you.
First as Senator.

Then President.



The greater the fall,
the grander the ascension.

Isn't that what
you've always wanted?

Trust me,
this is the path to salvation.

It's not my path,
not if you're leading the way.


This place is disgusting.

The milk's gone bad.
Didn't you notice?

Look, I don't need you
cleaning up after me.

Obviously you do.


You don't look well.

I'm just tired.

No wonder.
Working all hours.

No food, no fresh air.
I have lots to do.

Come on,
let's get out of here. I can't.

But it's a beautiful day

And you've been
cooped up in here...


Working for you! Trying to find
some way to take away your ability!

Isn't that
what you want?

I came because I care about you.
You want me to go? Fine.

I didn't mean to yell.


I'm just tired.
I will find the answers for you.

I promise.


Journal entry 13.
The rash is spreading.

I don't know what it is or its
connection to my aggression.

The formula is transforming
me and I fear...

I fear what I am becoming.

MOHINDER: The formula is
transforming me.

I fear what I'm becoming.

The formula
is transforming me.

And I fear...

I fear what I'm becoming.


What do you want?


I need your help.

I need you to tell me
everything you know about Sylar.

I have to find him.

He's supposed to help me.

But, why? Why Sylar?

Mohinder, are you okay?
What happened to you?

What's going on?


Do not repeat my mistakes.

What happened to you?

MOHINDER: I wanted abilities.

Impetuous. Selfish.

I got the formula wrong.
So wrong.

Let me help you.
Tell me about Sylar.

Sylar's power is dangerous.

You don't understand it.

I need to understand.
Where is he?

Where is Sylar?

MOHINDER: Costa Verde.
The Bennet house.

Don't go!

Hey, Uncle Peter.
Dad's making waffles.


What's up, champ?
How you doing, man?

Good to see you.


Who wants some waffles,

Who else should get some waffles?
NOAH: Mr. Muggles.

a little piece of waffle.

But just 'cause
you're such a good dog.

Yes, he is. Oh, you're such a good dog.
Yes, you're a very good doggy.

Peter, it's so good to see you.

I haven't seen you
in so long.

If you told me you were coming,
I would have made extra.



What's the magic word?

Well, that's a magic word,
so it's close enough.

Where's your scar,
Uncle Peter?

You know what, grown-ups need to
have a little chat in the other room.

So, I'm gonna get you
started on your waffle.

All right, there you go.
You gonna be okay?

Yes. I know you are.

We're just gonna be in the other room,
all right?


You're not from
around here, are you?

No scar.
The past, right?

Which means to you,
I'm the bogeyman.


It's a hell of a thing, you coming here
to find out that you and I are brothers.


I'm sorry that you've come all this
way, Peter, but I can't help you.




I'm not gonna give it to you,
my ability. I'm not.

Then I'll just take
what I need from you.

As if you could.

Peter is dead. They killed him.
And now they are after me.

I am not leaving without
your abilities, Sylar.

My name is Gabriel.

And you don't realize my ability is
not just understanding how things work,

there's a hunger that comes with it.
To know more, to have more,

I couldn't control it and
it turned me into a killer.

A monster.

And every day is
a struggle, every hour.

But I fight it for him.

And I am not going to
willingly condemn you to hell.

If I have your ability, if I can
understand the variables, then I can...

You can save the world?

The world always
needs saving, Peter.

You're all going to die.

Your family, your son.
This world is gonna end.

If you don't believe me,
here, paint it.

See for yourself,
paint the future.

Don't let him see me.
Not like this.

Do you understand?


No, no way.

No, we're not dragging Molly into this.
But, Matt...

We're both raising her.

Yes, to be a normal little girl,
not to be your bloodhound.

No, it's just this once.

We use her ability
to find Peter.

Peter Petrelli is a murderer
and a terrorist, and...

And he's the villain,
not me.

This is our chance to stop Peter now.

I just... I don't understand
why you would risk your life

when you've got this beautiful
baby girl waiting for you at home.

You are beautiful.

This is everything to me.
You. This family.

And this is the part where
the "but" comes in, Daniella.

But I was a cop.

And I know what it's like to
have a spouse who's worried

if you're ever going
to come home alive.

I'm gonna be fine.
Nothing can touch me.

You're a wife and a mother.

It's time for you
to slow down.

We find Peter. We catch him and then...
You can consider me settled.

You're not gonna
let this go, are you?

And miss a chance to stop Peter and
all the pain and misery he's caused?

We have to.


You guys done arguing?

We weren't...

Your mother needs to talk
to you for a second.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Peter's in Costa Verde.

Sylar, yeah.

You're afraid?

Don't act like I don't know
what I'm talking about.

You stink of it.
So, what if I am?

So, Claire Bennet isn't
afraid of anything.

I just killed my uncle.
And I have to do it again.

Give me a second
to be a human being.

You see the problem is, Claire,
unlike you, Daphne and I can die.

So, get your head
on straight.



It's a scar.

A reminder of what I was.
Of what I can be.

Fix it.
I don't know a thing about watches.

You want to learn how to access
my ability. Fix the watch.

Listen to it. Like a symphony,
every piece has its part.

All coming together
in perfect harmony.

If you can understand the complexities
of a watch you can understand anything.

Everything. Cause.
Effect. Action. Reaction.

How to change the future.

You have it now.

I'm so sorry.

NOAH: Daddy!

Not now, Noah.

KNOX: Yes. Now.

Noah, stay
where you are, buddy.


It's gonna be okay,

Let's not make this any harder
than it already is, Peter.

Just come quietly.
And we'll leave them alone.

Don't do it, Peter.
Teleport out. Now.

I'm not leaving you.
I brought this into your house.

No. This was my house!

You took everything
from me.

Claire, I never
meant for you to...

Shut up!

What's it going to be?
The boy or you?

You don't want anyone
to get hurt, do you?

First let the boy go.

Not till you're dead.

You're gonna kill me?

One bullet in the back of
the head should do the trick.

Then I'll let the boy go.

I'm not the guy that you
killed this morning, Claire.

Look, this is me.

You're not going to kill me.
Yes, I am.

What happened to you?
How did you get this way?

I learned how to
take care of myself.





Go, hide over there.
Go now.


I understand your power.
You get stronger with fear.

I'm not afraid of you.

But he is.

Noah, run. Run!







They killed him!


Save us!















HIRO: Ando?

MAN: Metropolitan
Police Department.

Detective Russick,

This is Detective Russick.

Are you the detective
working the Jim McCann case?

Yes, I am.
I have some information about him.

Who is this?




I killed him.


Damn it!

Journal entry 16.

I cannot reverse the process,
cannot remove the ability.

Not from Maya.
Not from myself.

It's a part of me now.




You stuck your nose
where it didn't belong!

So did you.


...and the power and the glory,
forever and ever.


Please, show me my path.

You picked
the Kennedy desk.

Good choice.

You're back.

Did you find what
you were looking for?

My resignation.

I know I dragged you
into this. And I'm sorry.

I just can't
do this anymore.

Nothing I can say
to change your mind?


I know what I have
to do now.

You must pray for guidance.
This is your path.

(CHUCKLES) You're just gonna have to
trust me, Nathan. You must help her.



Are you okay?



You can fly?

I can't believe this is happening.

I have to show you

Your hands
aren't even cold.

Costa Verde is gone.

The single greatest tragedy
in American history.

The First Lady and I mourn
this tremendous loss

and urge all of you to find your
families, find your loved ones.


And that we pray together
as a family and as a nation.


Are you trying
to teleport?

That's not going to work
with my friend here.

Two hundred thousand
people died in Costa Verde.

I want you to feel the
pain of every single death.


That's one.

I can save them.

Everyone in Costa Verde.
This whole world. It doesn't
have to be like this, Claire.

You don't
have to be like this.

I saved you once,
I can save you again.



That's two.


I'd like a moment
with my brother alone.

Is this the President
or my father speaking?


I know what you're doing.
I've seen it.

The world splitting in half.

I'm not ignorant.
I've seen the paintings.

I've heard the dreams.
I know what's going on.

You're strong, Pete.
But one man cannot save the world.

It's everybody's

Everybody with abilities.

Yeah, an army
with abilities.

Congress has agreed to full
proliferation because of Costa Verde.

Because of you.

Now, I know you think
people can't be trusted.

That we're all greedy
and power-hungry.

But we were created
in God's image, Pete.

There's a goodness to man.


You don't trust me.

You've been manipulated
before by Linderman.

You were going to
blow up New York City.

You can read minds.

Read mine.


I understand
your intentions.

Your emotions.

You believe that you're doing the
right thing, but you're wrong.

(GRUNTING) Peter, stop.
It hurts!

I need. I need to...

I need to... understand...

I need to... your intentions.

MAN: Mr. President?

Mr. President,
are you all right?



What are you doing?

I went to the future.
The world ended.

I took your ability so I could
understand how to stop it.

You took my ability?

You have the hunger.
You're like me.

I will never let myself become you.

You already are,


MAN ON TV: This was the scene
above Costa Verde just hours ago.

Everything within four miles
has been completely incinerated.


The sky is dark with smoke and debris.
We can only imagine how massive...

It's my fault.
I told her to go to Costa Verde.

Daniella needs
her bottle. Come on.

But I...
Go take care of your sister. Now!

Rescue operations are still limited
with the danger of radiation poisoning.

Any search for survivors
is going to take time.

But it's hard to imagine
anyone still alive in there.

Armyand National Guard are

only now beginning
to assess

the extent
of the destruction.



I wasn't fast enough.


(SOBBING) No, no, no,
no. Come on.

Come on, you'll be fine.
You'll be just fine.


Welcome back.

What happened to me?
I was in the future. Did I time travel?

No. You never left.

You were asleep.


No, no, no.

No, it was real. It was.
I was there. She was there.

Everybody had abilities.

The bomb.

The baby.

It was real.
It was real.

Her name is Daphne.
I've got to find her.

It's a big world.
Lots of people.

You sent me on this journey.
Come on.

You must find your totem.

A spirit guide that attaches
to your subconscious.

It will lead you
on your journey.

What is that?
Some African mystical mojo thing?

Carl Jung,
Analytical Psychology.

You don't read much,
do you?

All right. What is this totem
supposed to look like anyway?

Usually an animal.

Think about your dream
and you will find your guide.

Where's Kaito's part
of the formula?

What's so important
about this formula?

It can turn people like
you into people like us.

And that will
lead to disaster.

The formula is gone.


There were two parts
to that formula.

They have both
and we have lost.

Your father loved you
dearly, Hiro.

He had faith you would
grow up to be a great man.

But he was mistaken. And his folly
will be the downfall of us all.

I am sorry.

No, you're not.

I'm not?
Don't apologize to her!

This is Hiro Nakamura!

He will not rest until
that formula is safe!

What he said.

Someone is manipulating us.

Someone powerful.

And they must be stopped.

I will find them
and stop them.

Actually, you're the only one who can.

You have the key to unlocking
this entire mystery.

I do?






Hiro, you son of a...