Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 6 - Chapter Six 'The Line' - full transcript

Having lied to her father about joining the cheerleaders, Claire decides the time has come to teach the team captain a lesson when she is told that she didn't make the squad. Having convinced Monica to come to New York, Dr. Suresh isn't at all comfortable when the Company asks him use her as a guinea pig for a variant of the vaccine. The Company backs down but he learns that Niki Sanders has been assigned to work with him. Alejandro and Maya make it to the US border only to be stopped by a citizens border patrol unit. Having painted a Menendez-like painting, Peter Petrelli heads for Montreal to see if they can get some clues as to who Peter really is. Hiro may ruin the time-line when he gives in to temptation and kisses Yaeko only to learn that Takezo Kensei was watching them. HRG man and the Haitian visit an old colleague from the Company in an attempt to locate Isaac Mendez's last paintings. They show that they are more than ready to use violence to get what they want.

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Previously on Heroes:

Thank God you came along.

I know Dr. Suresh.
I can take you to him.

Right after we defeat his entire army.

She won't wake up,
her vitals are worse.

- I am taking her to the company.
- The moment you trust them

with what you care about most,
they'll have you.

We have someone else who needs us.
We would like you to bring her in.

A lot of the people we encounter
aren't in control of their ability.

We need you out there, doing the good
work you do, helping others like her.

You were with a boy.

There's no boy, Dad.
I tried out for cheerleading.

- You promise me that you won't date.
- OK.

I painted that, but all the street signs
are in French.

It could be Montr?al.

The woman who did this to Ricky,
she was looking for me.

I'm so sorry.

I shouldn't have let him cover for me.

It was his choice, Peter.

My brother could be
a right fool sometimes.

The woman who killed Ricky
was looking for me.

I'm not gonna let you be next.

I'm gonna find her, find out
who she is, what she wants.

- How are you planning on doing that?
- The plane ticket, the painting.

It all points to Montr?al. It's a start.

- I'm going with you.
- No. I'm not risking your life too.

We were both in that Montr?al painting.
I think I'm supposed to go with you.

Besides, when you find Ricky's killer,
I want to be there.

- What for?
- To kill the bitch.

One, two, three, four...

R- E-C-Y-C-L-E!

Five, six, seven, eight...

It's our planet, let's plant a tree!


- Go Costa Verde!
- Stop, please!

I can't take it anymore.

Do you realise how agonizing it is
to watch you people?

It's a no on all three.

- Next!
- Are you crazy?

Claire was awesome.

I vote yes.

OK, that's one vote for Claire.

Anyone else care to climb out
on a limb with May?

Like I said, next!

Thanks for trying.

Claire, you were amazing. Really.
I don't know what Debbie's thinking.

What I'm thinking
is that Costa Verde High

deserves cheerleaders that are
extra-ordinary. And you, Claire,

are simply not extra-ordinary.

How was that?

Perfect yet again.

How much longer are we gonna do this?
It's been hours.

- I want to go home.
- Soon, I promise.

Let's take a break.

Are you ever gonna tell me
what's going on here? Where are we?

I mean, you just
grabbed me off the street...

You're in Hartsdale, New York,
at a privately funded company

whose sole purpose is to help you
and others like you.

- Others like me?
- Not exactly like you.

Others have different gifts,
you're the first we've met

- with adoptive muscle memory.
- So that's what it's called.

Why is this happening to me?

We're not really sure.

There are certain genetic markers.
Where they come from is still a mystery.

You have been given
an extraordinary gift.

I agree.

You are a very special person,
Miss Dawson.

- Who are you?
- My name is Bob.

I'm in charge of operations.

Doctor, could I see you
for a moment?

Have you established a reliable baseline
for Miss Dawson's ability?

Yes. She is able
to replicate any action.

- It's really quite extraordinary.
- Good.

Now, we could determine
if this stops all of that.

- What is that?
- A variant of the Shanti virus.

You're experimenting with the virus?

Manipulating a live virus is essential
for creating a vaccine, doctor.

We hope to use this virus to take away
Monica's ability without harming her.

You could create an incurable strain.
It can cross to the general population.

Think how many people
were killed by Gabriel Gray.

There are some abilities in this world
that must be stopped at any cost.

Monica is a sweet girl
who loves her abilities.

- We can't just take them away from her.
- It's for the greater good.

So she's a lab rat. You're just going
to inject her without her consent.

No, Dr Suresh, you are.

It's a mutated strain, manufactured.

If the biological structure
of the virus has been altered,

I don't know if I can save her.
She could die.

You'll have to take that chance.

I never agreed to experiment on people.

You brought them Molly, didn't you?

- I didn't know what else to do.
- Look.

If you refuse to do this,
they'll get rid of you,

then we're gonna lose everything
we've been trying to do.

And worse yet, you're gonna lose Molly.

Now you've got principles'
and that's fine.

But to bring down this company,
sometimes we have to do bad things.

Don't disappoint me, Suresh.


Something wrong?

I lied to my dad.

The other night when I went home,
I told him I'd joined cheerleading.

Cheerleading? That is bad.

You don't understand.
Cheerleading tryouts were last period.

I didn't make it.
What am I supposed to tell him?

You met this awesome guy and
need some free time to make out.

My dad's really overprotective
about the dating thing.

He told me I couldn't date
until I was 21.

- So?
- So I have to listen, don't you?

Claire, I can fly.

It kind of makes the whole
parental guidance thing a non-issue.

We'll figure out a way to get you
on the team.

It's impossible. Debbie Marshall does
not deem me extra-ordinary enough.

That's ridiculous. You're a total babe,
and you have a power.

By definition,
you're better than she is.

You're sweet. But it's not just her.

She's got that whole squad
wrapped around her evil little pinky.

I knew girls just like her
at my old school.

All it would take is one person
to stand up to her.

Well, be that person.
Take her down a notch.

- How?
- You were a cheerleader.

What do they fear most?

Public humiliation?

We could give her a taste
of her own medicine.

Your ability is fascinating. A gift.

What I do is terrible.

I have taken many lives,
and I can't control it.

I was like you.

I could do things, amazing things.


Like what?

I could move objects with my mind.

I could hear a pin drop
from miles away.

But then it all just...

...went away.

That's why I need to see Dr Suresh,
to get them back.

You want to be different?

I want to be special, unique.

An ability doesn't have to be
a burden, Maya.

It can be wonderful.

Is there a problem?

My brother wants to hire a coyote,
to cross the border without you.

Why? You can't trust them.

It's OK.

We'll cross the border together.

I'm glad to have found you, Gabriel.

Isaac Mendez

painted a series of eight paintings
beginning with Kaito Nakamura's death

and ending in mine. Where are they?

Sorry, I'm retired.

I work in the textile factory now.

Regional manager of sales,
like you in the paper company.

Cut the crap.

Where are the paintings?

You think you intimidate me?

I trained you, you and
your invisible partner Claude.

I taught you everything!

Then you know what I'm capable of.

Don't make me do this.

What is this?

You want information?

- The Haitian can't help you.
- My friend has a new trick.

He can reach inside that
company-Ioving head of yours

and one by one blot out all
the memories you hold most dear.

Think about it,
a man of your advanced years.

Treasured memories give your life
meaning. Your wedding in Capri.

The births of Andrei and Mikhail.

It'd be a shame
if they disappeared, lost forever.

Start with the day he met his wife.
Boat ride on the Danube, wasn't it?

Tell me about Katerina.

Your honeymoon.

Her favourite flower.

I can't remember.


After 35 years together,
such a shame.

Are you ready to talk,
or do we keep going?

Hi, honey. Is everything all right?

Hey, Dad, yeah. I was just wondering
if I could borrow the car tonight.

- Did you ask your mother?
- I did. She said to ask you.

I'll be with the cheerleaders later.
Just thought you should know.

Full disclosure and all.

Well, that's very responsible
of you, Claire.

Take the car.
But do one thing for me.


Lock the doors this time.

I will. Thanks.

Is there something else?

Where are you right now?

I told you. Management training
in Tulsa. And I'm late for a session.

I thought you had to work there a year
before they'd send you.

I'm a quick learner. I've gotta go.

I love you, Claire-Bear.

I love you too, Dad.

What do you think?


I'm in.

Your daughter Claire?

It must be very difficult for her,

the constant fear of discovery,
especially for a teenager.

Aren't you tired of running?

I'm protecting her
from animals like you.

You can't hide forever.

Take all his memories of me, my family,
Claire, everything I ever told him.

- He remembers nothing!
- Wait!

I'm like you.

Family comes first.

Maybe we can make a deal.

- What kind of deal?
- You were my protege,

so dedicated to the company,
you made me proud.

I miss that.

- I want you back.
- Forget it.

The company has changed.
We have new directives.

Come back to us and you'll be safe,
all of you.

You have my word.

- What about the paintings?
- You'll be told everything.

I can give you your life back.

Trust me.

What is that?

A border fence, not finished yet.

That is America right there.

Attention, you're in violation
of U.S. Immigration!

We have notified Border Patrol.

All right, boys, let's see them hands.

- Who are they?
- They're locals, not border patrol.

Fake police. Drive around them.

What's... What's that for?

A cholinergic.

It's standard procedure
to see if your ability improves.

Uh-uh, no way.
I won't do needles.

It's the last phase of your testing.

One shot, you can go home.


Just make it fast.

I can't do this.

Dr Suresh?

I won't do it.

If you don't, someone else will.
And there's more where that came from.

Stop! What are you doing?!

Get someone else to do your research.
I'm taking Molly and I'm leaving.

All right, boys, this is your
last warning. V?monos.

- We have to go.
- They will shoot us.

Just drive, now!

No, no, no, no, no.

Let her alone.

We need to get past
these men, these guns.

You can use your gift.



The next time you think of that
second helping of Chunky Monkey,

remember one thing.

The Sharpie doesn't lie.

Appearance matters, girls.

- Is this really necessary?
- Hell, yes.

I might have to basket catch
one of these tubettes.

Debbie, can I talk to you for a minute?

Private function, Butler.
Cheerleaders only.

I'll do your biology homework
for a week.

You have five minutes.

I want another chance,
another shot at tryouts.

I appreciate the effort, really.

Attempting to better
your social status at school

is very American dream of you.

But everyone has their place
in this world. Deal with it.

- So you're not gonna change your mind?
- You are slow, aren't you?




Oh, my God.

She was right there.

Her neck was twisted.
She was bleeding.

I went to see if I could help her.
That's when he came after me.

- The flying masked man?
- Yes!

I escaped, thank goodness,

but Claire was dead, right there
on the steps. I saw her. She's...

What's going on?

But I saw you.

That thing dropped you.

Debbie, calm down. I'm fine.

I don't supposed you saw a...

...flying masked man this evening?

Me? No. No.

Uh, I was just hanging out
with Debbie.

Find anything, Ray?

No dead bodies.

I did find this.

How much have you had
to drink tonight, Miss Marshall?

She's so busted.

We don't have much time.
The sun will rise soon.

Yaeko's father is there.

You take out the guard,
we will follow.

You've given me purpose, Carp.

I'm really a hero.

And more,
you've made me a better man.


You wouldn't happen to have
a swordsmith in there?

I know. It's really unfair.

That was easy enough.

You must stop them.
Destroy all the guns!

That is how you save Japan.

Very well.

Can I speak with you
for a moment?

I owe you an apology.

What I asked you to do was wrong.

I've been with the company for 30 years.

We've been through a lot of turmoil
and made a lot of difficult choices,

some I regret to this day.

But right now I'm dealing with someone
who is a real danger to us, to everyone,

and I'm afraid that in my haste to deal
with him, I overstepped my bounds.

The file you were holding,
Adam Monroe.


You're valuable to us, Dr Suresh,

not just for your blood
or your knowledge,

but to keep us in line.

Molly still isn't well, so I can't
take her away from here.

You've given me no reason to trust you.

I know, I know.
We both have a lot at stake.

I have someone at my disposal,

someone who can make sure
there's no further misunderstandings.

Sound good?

I don't really have a choice, do I?


I will get something for your lip.

I know you don't understand me.

But I want to tell you
why I'm helping you.

It's that delicious power.

You see, when I get my ability back,
I'm gonna kill you...

...and your sister.

And I'm gonna take it all.

And if I don't get my ability back,
it's not a total loss.

Maya's learning quickly.

She's a shiny new toy,

and she's all mine.

I can't believe you talked me into that.

- What?
- Somebody could have seen us.

Relax. No one saw.

And no one
will ever believe Debbie.

Did you see her face? Classic.

Is she gonna be OK?


She freaked, but just think of it
as a lesson in humility.


Oh. Hope I'm not interrupting.

No, it's OK. How's Debbie?

She blew a.13.
Drinking on school grounds.

Suspended from the cheerleading
squad immediately.

We have an opening.
First practice is Monday after school.

You mean it? I'm on the team?

Sure. You were the best at try-outs.

I'll just let you two get back
to... whatever.

I'll see you Monday.

Tell me something, Ivan.

In all the years I've known you,

why have you never mentioned
a daughter?

This daughter.

She died, didn't she?


I'm so sorry.

That must have been so painful.

I can't even imagine losing Claire.

To think...

...all you have left of her

are your memories.

It would be awful if they were taken.

Almost as if she never existed.

- Please don't.
- Take the daughter.

- Don't leave anything.
- Wait!

It's in the warehouse
near the train yard.

Where we tagged the liquid man.

You'll find your paintings there.

Thank you.

Now what?

Your Haitian friend makes sure that'II
I'll forget that you were ever here?

I wish it were that easy.

Once the company
discovers your memory loss,

they'll trace it back to the Haitian,
which leads to my family.

- And I can't have it.
- What are you doing?

You taught me well, my friend.

You said, "Make it look as if you were
never there." So now we weren't.

Instead, there was a simple
home invasion, a senseless murder.

I am offering you a way out.

You can stop running!

Shoot me and there is
no turning back.

You'll condemn yourself to hell.

I know.

Kensei, I've been searching
for hours.

Come, my friend. We must go back
and destroy White Beard's guns.

You want to stop him, do it yourself.

Something wrong?

I saw you, Hiro.

After I saved the swordsmith,
I came after you,

afraid something had happened
to Yaeko, because I love her.

And you, friend, betrayed me.

- No.
- Yes. You kissed her.

- It happened... by accident.
- You accidentally kissed her?

I accidentally fell in love with her,
and she with me.

I'm so sorry.

So you've been lying
to me all along.

First you show me that
I can be harmed by no weapon,

and then you cut me deeper
than any blade possibly could.

She's your princess, Kensei.

I know that.

And I swear I will not give in to love.

That kiss will be our last.

But the fate of the world
still rests in our hands.

We must stop White Beard.

All right, Carp.

Let's go.

You're covered at work and at home,

an impromptu Burger Bonanza
training seminar at corporate.


- What's this?
- Information. Phone numbers.

If you have any questions or concerns,

I want you to call us anytime,
day or night.

Also, here.

It's fully loaded.

Anything from martial arts to plumbing,

any skill you want
is now at your fingertips.


Support, advice, and now gifts.

You're like my own personal Oprah.

You have an amazing gift.

So look around.

Seems to me like this town
could use a little amazing.



Hello, Dr Suresh.


- How are you?
- I'm feeling better now.

Back to my old self,
thanks to the company.

In fact, I'm gonna be working
with them for a while.

So you're...

Your new partner.

I know. It's the last place
that I expected to be,

but... I owe these people so much.

Bob told me that you two
were having some trust issues.

He just wants me to make sure that
there's no more misunderstandings.

That's OK, isn't it?

What does it mean?

- Are you ready?
- Yeah.

What is this place?

I don't know.

Someone knew I was coming.

"We were right about the company.
The world is in danger.

It's up to us. Adam."

The name Adam doesn't ring a bell?

No, and I don't know
about any company.

I don't know about any of this.

"The world is in danger.',

What am I supposed to do?

We'll figure it out.

Please tell me who I am,

what the future holds.

Peter, how did we?

I don't know.

We're in New York.

Where is everyone?

It's an evacuation order.

June 14, 2008.

This is next year.