Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 3 - Chapter Three 'Kindred' - full transcript

Now back from Haiti, Dr. Suresh finds that his new lab in New York is Isaac Mendez's old loft. He finds the 8th of Isaac's paintings but it holds bad news for a major character. Claire is concerned that her classmate will reveal her secret but he reveals a secret of his own. Peter Petrelli assists his newfound friends and begins to question whether he wants to know his identity and his past. Still in 17th century Japan, Hiro forces the issue with Takezo Kensei in order to ensure that he lives up to his legendary status. Niki Sanders travels to New Orleans to leave Micah with a relative. Maya and her brother reach Mexico, but she has to get him out of jail.

Previously on Heroes:

We find people and make sure
they don't become dangerous.

And you yourself wanted to put a bullet
in the brain of a man named Sylar.

He's no longer a threat. He's dead.

They finally took the bait.
They caught up with me in Cairo.

- I'm in.
- Find out what you can.

I'll find the other paintings myself.
I was only given the first.

There's seven more.
What's in the other paintings?

I don't know.

No way.

You might want this, Peter.

This here is everything you had
on you when we found you.

It's all yours.

You just have to help us
with one little job.

Just tell me what I need to do
to get my life back.

You mean this?

The box with your identity in it?

Sure. It's all yours.

As long as you do us one favour, yeah?

See, Celtic is taking on AC Milan.

We're talkin' football, yeah? Soccer.

I lost my memory. I'm not an idiot.

The local sports book
will be full of cash.

After the match, all that money
gets put in a lockbox

and taken to an armoured car.

So you're gonna rob
an armoured car.

All we ask is get rid of the guards
before they call for help.

Simple, really.

So if I get you your box,
you'll give me mine.

Everyone wins.

Not everybody, Sideshow.

That cash is mine.
Even if I have to kill you for it.

What did you say?

I... I didn't say a word.

You said you were gonna
take the cash.

- Are you accusing me of something?
- I heard what you said. He said it.

You see that?

That's the family crest.

These lads are me brothers.

And I trust 'em a hell of a lot more
than I trust you.

Why would I lie?

I know Will. I don't know you.

You don't even know yourself.

I know. I'm sorry.

- I don't want to leave Las Vegas.
- If there was any other way, Micah...

We're a family.
We're supposed to stay together.

This is our chance at a fresh start.

- Without Dad?
- Hey.

I promise, whenever
you want to see your father,

I will make sure that happens.

It's time for us to say good-bye.


No, he's still sleeping.

What can I say? The guy's tired.

You... He's waking up.
I'll have to call you later. Yeah.

Good morning, sleepyhead.

You wanna go for a dip?

Where am I?

We're in Maui. Nice, huh?

Feel those trade winds.

Who are you?

I'm Michelle.

I used to go by Candice,

but ever since I pulled you off
of Kirby Plaza...

...the police have been
looking for my old self.

I'm going for a new look.

What do you think?

You dragged me off Kirby Plaza?

After you got stabbed through the chest
with a samurai sword.

Eight surgeries later and here we are.

Which reminds me, don't try to move
or you'll rip your stitches.



- There's nothing there.
- I covered 'em up.

I make illusions. It's kinda my thing.

So none of this is real?

Show me what's really going on here.

Honey, you really don't want to know.

Show me.

Ah! Aah!

Hey. Your mom made waffles.

Uh, OK.
I'll be down in a minute.

You were right to be angry.

You tried to talk to me,
and I lost my temper. I'm sorry.

No, it's fine. I shouldn't have
ambushed you with all those questions.

Of course you should, Claire.

I've asked you to carry around
a heck of a secret.

And I think sometimes I don't appreciate
how difficult that must be.

So if you have anything
you want to ask me,

as long as we're in the privacy
of our own home, please, ask away.

If someone here found out about me,
what would happen?

We'd have to leave California

Go deeper into hiding.

Maybe forgo schools and jobs

That's worst-case scenario.

- It was a pedicure.
- I'm sorry.

That's what I was doing.
I was giving myself a pedicure.

You're not very good at it.

What is with you
creeping around my house?

Tryin' to lend you a book.

If I want to start a book club,
I'll let you know.

Stay away from me.

I didn't see you cut off your toe?

The bottle of nail polish fell over.
It looked like it was bleeding.

- Improvising is really not your forte.
- Why are you such a smart-ass?

- Why are you so bad at lying?
- I'm not.

You gave yourself a pedicure.

Your toe came off, then came back on.
Works for me.

- I'm going to class.
- Don't do your nails on the way.


- Oh, for God's sake.
- Mohinder.

- You'll wake Molly.
- I thought you were in Cairo.

Haiti. My plane got in
a couple hours ago.

- I'll be working here.
- I thought you were in the field.

They're setting me up downtown.
I'll be around to help with Molly.

You'll be doing your spy work
in our own back yard. Great.

Someone's grouchy.

Molly's struggling. Nightmares, problems
at school. Can't baby-sit her and you.

- Why would I need babysitting?
- You're in over your head.

- Thank you, but...
- They abducted me. Kept me prisoner.

You think you can beat them
at their own game.

Mohinder, you're a professor.
You're not 007.

Told myself I would do whatever
it took to take down the company.

- That's how I help Molly.
- Want to help Molly? Don't die.

Mohinder, you're home!

That's right.

And I'm never leaving again.

What in heaven?

All this blood and no wound.

You have a power!

An amazing power!

- What have you done to me?
- This is how you become a hero!

This is impossible.
This must be some sort of trick.

No. Look.


Lazarus risen.
You've cursed me.

No. This is not a curse. It's a gift.

This gift will help you
through the trials.

To help find the Fire Scroll,

90 Angry Ronins,
help rescue Yaeko's father.

Get away from me! You're a devil.

No, no. I'm here to help you.

Kensei, wait!

We have to write history!


Lightning! Sparks!


So you just yell it out.

I'm just trying to understand
how it works.

That makes two of us.

So far, I got nothin'.

It's a shame you can't order
lightning up like a plate of chips.

Sure would come in handy tonight.

God, you know,
I can do all these things.

It's just... I feel powerless.

It's tough not knowing who you are.

Yeah, looks like I might just die
before I ever figure it out.

Maybe you're an extraterrestrial,
escaped from a government facility.

I have to admit,

I'm pretty excited to see you
open that box.

Don't worry about tonight.
I'll be there to watch your back.

How do I know I can trust you?

I haven't told anyone about
what you can do, have I?

Why is that?

Girl's gotta have her secrets.

Dude, you look like ass.

No English.

All right.

Today, we are talking about mitosis.

Yes, West.

I have a question
about regeneration in lizards.

You said humans couldn't regenerate.

But what if a lizard
were to mate with a human?

Could their offspring do it?
I think I met a lizard girl.

This doesn't strike me
as a productive conversation, West.

But seriously, what if that lizard girl
were to accidentally cut off her arm,

or a leg, or you name the appendage,
in some kind of...

...horrifying spa debacle?

Where are you going with this?

Would said appendage reattach itself
back onto her lizard body?

I cut myself and the wound
heals over and over again.

You are a hero, like me.

- I have powers too.
- You?

- Really?
- Yes.

I can stop time
and move through space.



How are such things possible?

Oh, some say it's a gift from God.

Some people think it's evolution.

What is that? Evolution?

It means you can heal
from any wound.

Really? Any wound?


Serpent? Fire?

This'll make me richer than the pope.

- Rich?
- Yes!

Swordsman are obsessed with duels.
I'll clean up in wages.

You have to defeat Whitebeard
and fight the 90 Angry Ronin.

If you're obsessed with my stories
so much, you handle them.

Kensei, you have to stop
walking away from your destiny!

Who's going to stop me? Who?

No one is going to stop me
because no one can stop me.

God. This is extraordinary!

Where have you taken me?

To get the Fire Scroll.
It's on top of those steps.

Who are they?

Those are the 90 Angry Ronin,
sworn to protect it.

How angry are they?

Good luck, Kensei.
You can do this.

I take it you're annoyed.

What is it, West?

Huh? What do you want from me?

I want you to admit
you're different.

- OK, fine. I'm a freak. All right?
- Claire.

I am such a freak, in fact,
I have to tiptoe around this school

pretending to be a brainless Barbie doll
so nobody notices how different I am.

'Cause if they found out,
I'd be carted off to some human zoo

so I could be poked and prodded at
for the rest of my life.

So yeah, West, I'm different.

And you can tell the world
if you want to

because I am tired of pretending
to be someone I'm not.

Claire, shut up.

A shocker in extra time.
AC Milan one, Celtic nil.

Coming up next on the news....

- Be careful.
- You too.

Yes, who's there?

- Safeline. Here for the pickup.
- Hey!

I want my money back.

- Back away, friend.
- I'm not your friend, OK?

Give me my $200 back.

Look, Celtic was supposed
to be a lock to win, OK?

- Just help a guy out.
- That's not our problem.

Actually, it is your problem.

Tie him up, Tuko.

Mind these two.

Stay down!

That'll be that now.

There he is!

Uhh! Stop!


Isn't this Isaac Mendez's loft?
The painter.

It was. Until Sylar killed him.

He was murdered?

Every space has some unhappiness
in its past.

The company recently poured a lot of
money into outfitting this laboratory.

Everything state of the art.

Well, lucky timing for me then.

Mohinder, it was built for you.

I'm sorry.

You don't realise how valued you are
here at the company.

Our people have been instructed
to keep a close watch on you.

To anticipate your every need.

That is very generous of you.
But really, I prefer to work on my own.

Supervision is in your best interest...

...and in ours.

You're part of the family now.

The scroll!

Things'll be better now. You'll see.

But you have to remember
your promise. No more powers.

I don't see the point of us
having these abilities

when we don't even use them.

The point is staying safe.

This is your chance
at a normal life...

...with normal people.

They wouldn't understand.

I just don't want you to go.

I'll only be gone for awhile.

And you're gonna be staying
with family. It could be fun.

I don't even know them.

I don't know how long I'll be gone.

But I do know that when I get back,
we'll be together.

I have to do this.

That's what you always say
before you do something bad.

I love you.

Well, welcome to New Orleans.




Uhh! Uhh...

What is that?


Take me with you.

I have a car.

Oh, jeez.

Look at that.


- I'd say we earned these.
- Damn right.

Hey, drink up. Slainte.

All right, Will the traitor.

- Please don't shoot.
- This is no joke.

Now give me that damn money

or I swear I'll shoot yous dead.

So I was right.

Yeah. That you were.

Congratulations, Peter.


Hold your horses, sweetheart!

Now, about that money.

- No way.
- Give me the damn money!


What the?

What the jeez...

What's he doin'?


Uhh! Oof!

- Hiro.
- I was worried you wouldn't return.

But you did.
You brought back the scroll.

Now I know that you will get the rest
of them up to Whitebeard's camp.

And even Yaeko loves you.
I can leave now.

Wait. Wait. You're going?

Yes, I have another life to go to.

My father, Ando...

They're all waiting for me.

But what if I can't do this without you?

Only you can keep me
from returning to my heathen ways.

You're like a conscience.
Only I take heed of you.

I almost broke history
by coming back here.

If I stay, I risk making it worse.

I don't know what to say, Carp.

You've done this grubby soul
a great kindness.

I thank you.

- It has been my honour.
- No.

No, it is I who am honoured

to meet the great Takezo Kensei.

My friend.

Kensei! Kensei!

I made you some breakfast.

I can't make it move.

That cup.

I used to be able to make things move
with my mind.

Thanks for making breakfast, Michelle.
You're a real sport.

I can't freeze anything, move things.
What happened to them?

Uh, they must've disappeared
with your injuries.

You said you were taking care of me?

Sorry. Are you breathing?

No collapsed lung?
No infection from the wound?

Everything that I've been working for,
everything that I had, it's gone.

The people I work for,
they're gonna make sure you get better.

Your back's already healed.
It's your chest we're worried about.

And when that heals, you'll be able
to reacquire your powers.

With my help, of course.

You. How are you gonna help?

You gonna make me some more eggs?

By making it easy.

By making it fun. I can take you
anywhere you want to go.

Paris. London.

How about Japan?

And I can be...

...anyone you want me to be.

If your fantasy is exotic.

Or more run-of-the-mill.

Or something more familiar,
if that's what you're into.

Don't you see?

I can help you.

We were meant
to do this together.

I underestimated you.
You really are extraordinary.

Just like me.

You were right.

I am gonna get my abilities back.

Starting with yours.

So this is what you really look like.

So silly trying to be
something that you're not.

Well, Michelle or Candice
or whoever you are,

it wasn't all for nothing.

Thanks to you...

...I'll be going back to Maui now.





It's not working. I don't have it.

Your power. What's wrong with me?


Ah, would you quit being
such a baby, pretty boy?


I may not know what you are,

but I know who you are.

You're one of us.

And we have no secrets among family.

- Well?
- Well what?

This is it.

Your box. Your life.

You gonna open it or what?

What if it's a life I don't want?

When I had Will against the wall,

I could've killed him.

I wanted to.
What if that's who I am?

- But you didn't kill him, did you?
- No, that's because of you.

It's not because of me, Peter.

You're a good soul. I can tell.

What if I open this box
and I find otherwise?

Do you like where you are right now?

Do you like who you are right now?

Well, then maybe for now
just leave it be.

I think yours is cooler.
Any time your parents get annoying,

you can just open the window
and take off.

Are you kidding?
You're indestructible.

- You can skydive without a parachute.
- You could skydive without a plane.

Uh, you can eat fire just for kicks.

I feel pain. I just get over it quickly.

So how would it feel then
if I... if I do this?

Ow! It hurts!

- What about this then?
- Ah!

What's on your neck?

A couple years ago,
when we were living in St Louis,

I was riding my bike to school,

and next thing I knew it was a day later
and I was waking up in my bed.

Last thing I remember is this man

stepping out of the bushes
calling my name.

What are you talking about?
What man?

I don't know who he was.

But I remember the way
he looked at me.

Like I was an animal
he wanted to trap.

I try to put him out of my head,
but sometimes I see his face.

That guy with the horn-rimmed glasses.

- I have another vial.
- I'll get started on it right away.


I have to take this outside.

Where are you?

I just got here.
I'm sitting in youroffice.

Are you sure you're gonna be
able to cure me?


And like I said, in exchange,
we're going to want

a little something from you.

They're moving the paintings somewhere.
There's only a few crates left.

This was a terrible idea.
This guy's watching my every move.

I can't do this. I'm in over my head.

I told you you have
no reason to worry.

As long as I'm alive,
you will be taken care of.

- That's exactly the problem.
- What are you talking about?

I'm sending you a JPEG
of a painting I found.

The rest have been shipped off.
It's the last in the series. 8 of 8.

We know how it begins
with the death of Kaito Nakamura.

- But how does it end?
- Not well, I'm afraid.

Night, Claire.

Night, Dad.