Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 11 - Chapter Eleven 'Powerless' - full transcript

Nathan, Matt and Hiro confront Peter and Adam at the Company's facility in Odessa, TX where Adam's intentions become apparent. Micah confides in his mother and working together, he and Niki set off to rescue Monica but with deadly results. Maya and Sylar visit Dr. Suresh and she finally realizes what Sylar is really up to. Noah Bennet visits his family and begs Claire not to publicly reveal her secret.

Previously on Heroes:

Tell me where I can find the virus
so I can stop it.

Primatech Paper.
Odessa, Texas.



I was there when your father brought
you in, then they started the testing.

- My father'd never let that happen.
- We need to be heroes like dad.

Being a hero got your father killed.

- Help me get back my dad's medal?
- Long as you stay out of the way.

Anything crazy happens, I need you safe.

I'm taking my sister!


Hey. I just wanna help you.

You have done that,
and so much more.

Why am I not dead?

Would have, if not for
an infusion of your daughter's blood.

Your recovery has proven this blood
has regenerative properties.

Kidnapped me and murdered my father.

I'll show everyone
exactly what I can do.

Once the secret's out, you won't
be able to touch me or my family.

Think I found the cure.
I'll bring it.

- Mohinder.
- Sylar?

Convinced the babysitter
to take the night off.

Welcome home, Dr Suresh.
What happened to your nose?

- Where's Molly?
- Asleep.

Keep your voice down.
We don't wanna wake her.

What is it you want?


I hope you don't mind. Maya cooked.

She makes the most amazing chilaquiles.

- Such an honour to meet you.
- He's the one that should be honoured.

Maya came all the way from
South America to be here.

Really? Why's that?

I read your father's book.
He has so many answers.

But I have so many more questions.

Sit. Eat. I'm starving.

When Gabriel told me
you two knew each other,

I knew fate brought us together.

Gabriel. You mean Sylar, don't you?
You do know this man's a killer.

Yes. He told me.

He did?

And I am ashamed to admit
that I have taken lives as well.

I have this sickness
that comes out of me.

It poisons everyone around.
I need your help, Dr Suresh.

So that's what this is about.

- We both need your help.
- Why's that?

I was reading about
your lab work on the laptop...

The Shanti virus.

Does it really take away
a person's abilities?

It has the unfortunate side effect
of killing the person infected.

Is that why your powers are gone?
That you have this virus?

Gabriel... What are you doing?!

Maya, I need you to stay calm.

Apparently, your blood
is the answer to my ills.

No, not always. Trust me, there are
different strains of the virus.

But when you mix it with
a certain cheerleader's blood,

it changes, doesn't it?
And it heals anything.

Isn't that right, doctor?

You lied to me?

I don't know what he told you,
but he is not my friend.

- He's a monster.
- Maya?

Do not spoil this!

My brother was right not to trust you.

You really wanna kill Dr Suresh,
the one man who can save you?


And she dies...
A sweet, innocent little girl.

Stop it, Maya! Now!

All right.

I'll help you, but not here.

We need to get to my lab.

Lead the way... doctor.

I suppose I have you to thank

- for my early release from jail.
- You didn't kill anyone, Mom.

But Adam Monroe did. Again.

Victoria Pratt is dead.
I found her body at her place in Maine.

Adam signed it with one of these.

Where's Adam going next?

How long we gonna suffer for your sins?

For your generation's deeds?

Adam wanted revenge
on those of us who betrayed him.

It's done now. Let it go, Nathan.

- It's over.
- Peter's alive.

- Mom.
- And he's working with Adam.

They both killed Victoria Pratt.
Fingerprints all over the murder scene.

It all went so wrong.

Thirty years ago... a group of us
came together to change the world,

to fix it. And Adam had
a perspective on history

that was compelling,
and we believed in him. I did.

- Linderman. Your father.
- Bob said you locked him away.

No. Not at first.

- In the beginning, I helped him.
- You what?

In the end, Adam decided
that the world wasn't worth fixing,

and that it needed to be wiped clean
with an unstoppable virus.

Just before it was too late I, um...

- I came to realise how wrong it was.
- Did you?

You and Linderman wanted to
blow up New York to save the world.

Doesn't sound to me like
you've changed much at all, Ma.

Only someone with Peter's abilities
could get to where the virus is stored.

- That's why Adam chose him.
- Where would that be?

Odessa. Texas. Primatech.

Adam will never quit.

One bullet right through his head.
It's the only way.

Come on.

If you can't stop Peter'

you'll have to kill him too.
Right through the head.

Doesn't look like the place where they'd
store a virus that'd destroy the world.

Paper company's a front.
The good stuff's three floors down.

Laboratories, jail cells...

- Hiro?
- Peter Petrelli?

What are you doing here?

Adam Monroe killed my father.
And, for that, he must pay.


I can't let you hurt him.

- Why are you protecting him?
- Adam is my friend.

He was my friend too.
Four hundred years ago.

He betrayed me.
He will betray you.


- He saved my brother's life.
- He murdered my father.

Your father had him
locked away for 30 years.

I know. I was in that same prison.

Hiro... I went into the future.

There's a virus.
It kills almost everyone.

And it starts here. Today.

Adam and I are gonna stop it.

- Hiro?
- He froze time.

Said he knew you.

We were friends once,
a very long time ago.

He tried to kill you.
He said I shouldn't trust you.

And what did you think about that?

- Let's go destroy the virus.
- Right.

I believe this is mine, Carp.

Dad left records of pretty much
everything he did for the company.

You are really going through with this?

They killed Dad.
They're never gonna leave us alone.

You do realise what'll happen to us
if you tell everyone what you can do.


No more running.
No more hiding. No more secrets.

Your father couldn't take down this
company. What makes you think you can?

I don't know if you can understand it.

They only target people with abilities.

People like me.

You are still my daughter, Claire.

I dream about you going to college,
getting married someday.

What if they take you from me?
Use you in some lab experiment?

I love you, Mom, but I can't
live in fear of some big "What if"?

Do you realise how much damage
you've done by provoking Claire?

I couldn't help it.
She was just so...

...weepy and earnest and...
Who knew she'd turn whistle-blower?

It's totally unprofessional,
not to mention petty.

And Claire is not even in your league!

She isn't working with a gunshot wound.

You and I both know you have
performed well below what you can do.

You're benched.
No more field assignments.

How's about if I said I was sorry?

When I think about all the
hard work I put into raising you...


You said you knew all about my ability.

Tell me what my dad did to me.

I'm stuck in this hellhole.
My family thinks I'm dead.

There's not a lot of incentive to share.

- I could make you tell me.
- You could try.


I don't have anyone else to talk to.

They wanted to see how much
wattage you could discharge.

Enough to power a flashlight,
street lamp, an entire city block?

During testing,
you'd pass out from the strain.

We'd all want to call it a day,

but Daddy said, "No,
my girl's tougher than that".

You were seven.

You know, the hardest thing
a parent ever does

is to have to see their child in pain.

Most parents.

Elle. What are you doing here?


- Noah, we have a problem.
- I'm not part of your "we".

Do you remember?

This is about Claire.
She's becoming difficult.

Is she?

I need to know
if she could possibly have

any hard evidence which could
leave this company exposed.

That's unfortunate.

Because now we're going to have to take
measures to keep your daughter quiet.

- Mom!
- Micah! Where have you been?

I've been looking everywhere.

Monica tried to get
my stuff that was stolen.

- Dad's medal, comics.
- Told you to let the police handle it.

- She got caught.
- I'm calling the police.

You can call them after we find her.

She was taken in a red van.
We have to rescue her.

- With your super strength...
- Stop.

- I don't have my strength anymore.
- What?

The virus, it has side effects.
But it's OK.

I got a call from Dr Suresh.
He, maybe, found a cure.

He's on his way here to make me better.

I hope so.
But, right now, Monica needs my help.

So all you have to do is drive.

Warning. Security breach.
Unauthorised personnel in the area.

- Security breach.
- I believe it's up to the left.

Oh, please. It's been 30 years.

Warning. Security breach.
Unauthorised personnel...

- Take care of that, will you?
- Warning. Security...

So what do we do now?

I guess you'll have to pry it open
with that brain of yours.

I'm not sure
I have that sort of power.

There's not much at stake here,
just the fate of the entire human race.

Did you kill Hiro's father?

I did. He saw to it that
the virus be safely kept here.

If he didn't plan to use it,
why not destroy it?

Unless you make me believe you, Adam,
Hiro said not to trust you.

The woman you love is trapped
in some horrible future

where nearly everyone's dead.
You can change that.

She needs you, Peter.

We all need you... to open that door.

You're nothing like you said you were.
Alejandro was right about you all along.

You wanna get rid of your powers,
I want mine back.

After Suresh fixes me,
I'll gladly take yours off your hands.

There's a bed over there.

Stay put. Stay calm. And remember.

- Mohinder.
- It'll be OK, Molly, I promise.

So this is your...
laboratory, huh?

I killed that artist, Isaac Mendez,
right on this very spot.

I'm going to have to
take a sample of your blood.

- Why?
- You self-diagnosed.

I need to know what strain of the virus
you have. If you even have it at all.

- Just give me the remedy.
- Doesn't work like that.

The wrong dosage will kill you.

Your father helped me find my gift,
here you are restoring it.

- Life has its poetry, doesn't it?
- My father, who you murdered.

Your father, who betrayed me.
Don't make that same mistake, Mohinder.


Huh. Does Suresh know you
have him on video surveillance?


Oh, Daddy, you're
gonna be so proud of me.

Where am I?

That doesn't matter. Both you
and it are about to get country fried.

Please, let me go! I swear,
I was only trying to help somebody!

Shoulda thought about that
before you messed up my business.

So you thought you
was gonna be a hero, huh?

You know what happens
to heroes in the real world?

They end up dead... just like you.

Turn left here.

Explain to me how that works.

Monica has a cell, the battery
emits a tiny GPS signal

which I use to triangulate her position.

Basically, I told your
cell phone to find her cell phone

- and show me where it is.
- You told the phone?


Don't slow down.
The light'll change.

Let me guess. You told it to?

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Slow down, slow down, slow down!

OK... We don't talk
about that ever again.


Look, before we go in,
I need to know something.

Is Peter as dangerous as he was in
Kirby Plaza? You know, with the whole...

I haven't seen him since that night,
but I trust him with my life.

Yeah, but your mother...

Your mother told me that,
if I had to, I should kill Peter.

Listening to my mother
never led to good.

If Peter becomes a problem,
I'll handle him.

Flying man!

Who's this guy supposed to be?

Oh, good, you're here.

Uh, so these two boxes are done.
They can go in the car.

I didn't come to help you, Claire.
I came to stop you.

These people ruined my life.

- Your life.
- No. They didn't.

But what you're about to do...
I'm pretty sure that will.

West, you're the one
who said that we were special,

- that the rules didn't apply to us.
- I think you misunderstood me.

If we show everyone
what we can do, they'll listen.

I can't. I like my secrets.

And I liked finding, in you,
someone who I could share that with.

But, after you go public, it's all gone.

You saw what they did to my dad.

This is the only way to beat them.

Exposing us isn't going
to bring him back.

Fine. Here's your file.

It's everything they have on you.
Now there isn't an "us"

- for you to be worried about.
- Claire, please, don't do this.

You won't leave me,
will you, Mr Muggles?

Hello, Claire-bear.

I wish Alejandro was here to help.

- Who's that?
- He's my brother.

I sent him away. Gabriel said...

I can find him for you.

Even if he's far away.
So you know he's safe.

You can? How?

I just know where people are.

I need a picture
or something to think about.

This is Alejandro.


He's not anywhere.

But... if he's not anywhere...


You have the same strain
of the virus Niki has.

- The company injected you as well.
- Injected me?

Someone did this to me?

You killed him?
You killed my brother!

Now look what you made me do.

Where is the "heal anything" blood?


You had it here all along?

You and I have trust issues, doctor.

Give it to her first.
Let me see you save her.

Then if it works...
I'll let you save me.

It was a lie? Another lie?

No, please, you have to understand.
None of this was my decision.

But I saw you get shot.

- I saw it!
- It's because of you.

They injected me with your blood.
You healed me.

- Don't get it.
- Supposed to pretend you weren't dead?

This is an impossible situation,
and it's getting worse.

- Have to stop.
- Stop what?

Your plans to expose the company.
It's unacceptable.

We destroy them, we get our lives, you.

- No, if you push this, they will react.
- React?

No, it... It's not gonna come to that.

I've made a deal that's
gonna keep you all alive.

What deal?

I have to go back with them.
And you all will live normal lives.

- That's all I've ever wanted for you.
- You can't.

- Please.
- You were right, Claire,

- when you said it was all my fault.
- Noah!

I never meant to hurt you.

It's done.

Go. Get the virus.

I must stop you, Kensei.

He's going to keep at it,
unless you do something about it.

Let Hiro go.
Go after Adam. He's using you, Peter.

Let Hiro go. Go after Adam.

- Go after Adam. He's evil.
- I don't think so.

- He wants to destroy the whole world.
- You're wrong. Adam wouldn't do that.

- He's going to release he virus.
- He wants to destroy the virus.

Don't you understand?
You're on the wrong side!

- What about me, Pete?
- Nathan?

Am I on the wrong side, too?



You were more than a friend to me.
You were my inspiration.

I was a rudderless drunk, then you
came along, you taught me to be a hero.

I went to the company.
I saw Adam's history.

Who he is and what he wanted.

Pete, he tried to release the virus.

Do you wanna know how
your burns got healed, Nathan?

He gave you his blood. I was there.

- You should be grateful.
- He used me.

Wars, famine, disease.

Four hundred years later,
nothing has changed.

When God wasn't happy
with what he'd created,

he made it rain
for 40 days and 40 nights.

He just washed it all away.
He had the right idea.

Because, when this virus is released,

those of us who are left
will be granted a second chance.

And I'll be their hero.

He used me to get to you.
Don't you see it?

- He tried to manipulate you like that.
- Nathan, he...

That night at Kirby Plaza,
when I carried you away,

it's because I believe in you.
You're my brother, Pete.

I love you.

Really? I've lived for over 400 years.

Who's to say I'm not
going to live 400 more?

Can you really trust Adam?

- Is that it?
- Where'd those guys go?

They're gone.

What is all this stuff?

I saw what this could do. I almost...

You're not responsible
for something that might've happened.

You came here to destroy the virus,
so finish the job.

Step back.

What the hell's going on?
Your mother and my father,

God knows what else they've done.
How much longer are we gonna

- have to clean up their mess?
- Matt, you're right. You're right.

We've been used by
these people, manipulated.

But it's over. It stops here.

No more secrets.

- So what do you wanna do?
- We take this all public.

Expose them for what they are,
what they've done. They're the enemy.

I wanna have a press conference.
Matt, I need your help.

Make sure everybody listens to me.

That's it? Just a simple injection?

I'm sure Maya'll understand
if I'm not here when she wakes up.



The blood! Oh, my God.

- Niki.
- Mom, we're almost there.

Girl, what you doing?
Gimme that phone!

I didn't call nobody!
I swear! I didn't call anybody!

Look at that, look at that.
Look what you did, huh?

- No.
- Huh?

- No.
- Huh? Who you think you messing with?

No, don't leave me here!

No! No, don't leave me here, please!

Please don't leave me here!


It's right around here.

The van!
That's the guy who took Monica.

Hold on.

You crazy bitch! What's wrong with you?


- Where's Monica?
- Go to hell.

Mom, the building!
She's in there!

Micah, stay in the car and call 911!


- Monica! Monica!
- I'm here! I'm here! Hurry!

How'd you find me?

- Micah.
- Oh, I love that kid.

- You OK?
- I'm OK.

Niki, hold on!

OK... When I lift that beam,
you pull the door open.

Go! Go, I'm right behind you.


- Monica! You're all right!
- C'mon! C'mon, run!



Let me out!

Carp! Carp!

Carp! Carp!

Aah! Let me out!

I thought... I was dead.

You very nearly were.

Sylar's gone. My dad's gonna kill me.

I doubt that very much.

If you hadn't arrived,
Sylar would have slaughtered us all.

- We owe you our lives.
- Really?


Sure you're all right with this?

Yeah, I just keep thinking
if I hadn't listened to Adam...

If I hadn't listened to Linderman.

Hey, look.
You tried to do the right thing.

You always do.

You trusted that people
are as good as you are.

But if you see yourself
as a monster, Pete,

this guilt is just gonna
eat you up inside.

Believe me, I know.

- What?
- Just really missed you.

I missed you, too.

I did it. They're ready for you. They'll
definitely hear what you have to say.

Good afternoon.
Most of you have no idea who I am.

My name is Nathan Petrelli,

and I was elected to congress
in the state of New York.

Seems like a long time ago.

I lost my position. I lost my brother.

I lost my family.

I'm sad to say that I lost my way.

But, while I was gone,
I've had the chance

to see the world
through newly-humbled eyes.

Witnessed amazing things.

I've seen ordinary people among us,
trying their best each day to be heroes.

These ordinary people, like you,

like me, are capable
of extraordinary things.

You have no idea how extraordinary.

But there are other people,

who don't want you to know the truth.

I, myself, kept secrets.

But, last year,
something incredible happened to me...

...and it changed my life.

At first, I was afraid.

But I'm... I'm not afraid anymore.

I'm here to tell you the truth.

I have the abil...

Odessa, Texas, where the
former New York congressman elect,

Nathan Petrelli, was shot
by an unknown assassin.


I know. It was unavoidable.

You do know that you've
now opened Pandora's box.

I'm back.