Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 8 - Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' - full transcript

Back in India, Mohinder has weird dreams about his parents. Audrey and Matt talk to Ted.

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Previously on Heroes

Ordinary people
across the globe

discover extraordinary

And their destiny is
bringing them together.

- Dad!
- Hiro!

The cop who can hear thoughts

uncovers a mystery he
didn't want to solve.

There's something that
we need to talk about.

I thought I'd been so careful.

Oh, God, he knows about the affair,
the affair, the affair...

And an extraordinary
new hero is discovered.

- Hey, let her go.
- You let her go or I shoot.

Do you have any idea what would happen
if you did that? Because I don't.

As an artist paints
the impossible...

Look around you at
all these paintings!

Every one of them
has come true.

... the face of
evil is after him.

- Bring him in.
- Isaac Mendez?

And a son turns his back on
his father's search for heroes.

My father's ashes. I'm no closer to
understanding my father's research.

And now, Heroes continues.

The earth is large.

Large enough that you think
you can hide from anything.

From fate.

From God.

If only you found a
place far enough away.

So you run.

To the edge of the earth.

Where all is safe again, quiet and warm.
Chapter 8 - Seven Minutes to Midnight

The solace of salt air.

The peace of danger
left behind.

The luxury of grief.

And maybe for a moment...

you believe you have escaped.


You mustn't look
back, Mohinder.

Your father's moved
on to the next life.

Welcome back.

I thought I'd clean
you up a little bit.

You've had a rough couple of days,
but you're doing great.

You'll be completely
clean in no time.

And you're sure I'll
still be able to... paint?

After I teach you, yes.

The drugs were just a facilitator.
We're gonna help you, Isaac.

That mural on the floor?

We're not gonna
let that happen.

You seem pretty sure.

I am pretty sure.

- Because...
- Because I went through
the same thing myself.

All right.

You need anything
else, Sheriff?

- Lloyd?
- Mm-hmm.

Gun to shoot Will Shortz.

- Let me see.
- Ghandi burial ground, 11 letters.


- Ganges, maybe?
- Mm, Kanyakumari.

K-A-N-Y-A, and then you
got the rest right there.

How the hell did you
know that, Charlie?

That one of the
stops on your trip?

Oh, trip around
the world's pricey.

Right now, I can only make
it as far as Oklahoma City.

- Who won the Academy Award
for best actor in 1981?
- She's not Google, Lloyd.

Henry Fonda. On Golden Pond.

You know,
I preferred Dudley Moore in Arthur,

but if you really wanna test me, you
oughta ask me if I remember your credit
card numbers.

No wonder everyone in
America is so fat...

all there is to eat

is waffles and French fries.

You like French fries.

I gained four kilos
from French fries.

We need our strength.

Soon we'll meet Peter
Petrelli and help him

save the Cheerleader's life.

It is...


Hey, anything
looking good, guys?

Everyseeng good o-looking.

Wow. You two are a
long way from home.

We don't get a lot of
tourists out here.

Turisto? How you
know we turisto?

It's just a guess.

What's that on your jacket?

Bachigai. That means,

- "I don't belong here," right?
- You know Japanese?

Well, I got this

Japanese phrase book for my
birthday about six months ago,

and I started poking
through it last week.

Um... "One Bento Box...

with shrimp, please."

I'm still learning.


is going to be

the third stop on
my trip someday.

You learned all that from
a book in just one week?

- Very good memory!
- Yeah, I remember lots and lots.

It's just something that my
brain started doing lately.

Whether I want it to or not.

- Um... so what'll it be?
- You pick.

Someseeng delicious for me.

And, uh, for my friend,
he needs food for fatto, fatto.


Well, I got just the thing.

One chilaquiles, and one cottage
cheese plate coming right up.

Who says no one in
America is nice.

Please tell me you're not
going back there again.

There are no answers for me there.
I belong here.

I'm glad to hear you say that.

You think I was a fool to go.

I think you had to.

It's an odd country, America.

Everyone there seems so lonely.

Including me.

I'm not sure what I
accomplished by going there.

Only seeing things I
wish I'd never had.

Mira came to pay her respects
to your father, Mohinder.

Maybe there's more waiting here for
you than just your professorship.

The new semester begins...
on Monday.

I didn't cancel your classes.

You can move into your
father's old office, Mohinder.

Thank you.

M ira.

I wasn't sure you'd speak
to me at the funeral.

I didn't want to take that chance,
so I left.

I won't lie to you.

I was surprised
to see you there.

- Or anywhere, for that matter.
- I said some terrible things to you.

About your father,
about his theories.

But now that he's dead,
I feel...

- What's done is done.
- Is it?

Your mother tells me you're
not returning to New York.

New semester starts next week.
My life is here.

I've been promoted
at the company.

Head of all genetic research.
Can you imagine?

- Good for you.
- No, good for you.

It's the sort of cutting-edge
science we used to talk about
late into the night.

The world's worst pillow talk,
I'd say.

I was hoping I could convince you to
come in for an interview with
the partners.

Only I'd have to know
that your father's work,

all of his theories,
would stay right where they are.

Packed away in that box.

I don't expect an
answer right now.

But you will think about it,
won't you?


We didn't say hello.

Hello, Mira.

Hello, Mohinder.

I need you to handle this.

I'll give you one hour.

- You're an idiot, Parkman,
do you know that?
- Wow, good morning to you, too.

You think I wouldn't find out about
you assaulting a fellow officer?

I didn't assault him.
I... I just hit him.

This is why I don't like needing people.
Nine times out of ten, they let you down.

- Wow, that's an optimistic view
of the world.
- Just an observation.

- And how'd this get to be about you?
- Because it was a stupid rookie move,

and you could've jeopardized
my investigation.

How serious is this?

- Are you getting suspended?
- I'll work it out.

Did he deserve it?


Yeah, he deserved it.

- Is he talking?
- Nope.

And he's got one hour before Homeland
Security sends him down the rabbit hole
as a suspected terrorist.

Terrorist? We both know
he's not a terrorist.

- His wife was dying. He lost control.
- Of what?

This guy puts out 1,800 curies of
radiation without ever coming
in contact with nuclear material.

We still don't know
how that's possible.

You know, three months ago,
my job made perfect sense to me.

And then I pulled
the Sylar case.

Crime scenes with
no fingerprints.

Bodies frozen, brains removed.

And now this guy.

That's two people wh...

Make that three people who can
do things I just can't explain.

- What're you saying,
you think I'm like them?
- I don't know what I think.

But if we're gonna find Sylar,
I need answers.

I have no idea
how this happened.

Well, then,
I guess that just leaves Ted here.

- What's this?
- Detects radiation levels.

As long as that's dark green,
we're good.

- Oh... Okay, what's the bad color?
- Not green.

"The dance floor...

lights are cool."


You ready for disco.

- I got it right?
- Almost.

Well, don't let
me off easy, now.


"I don't like this song...

let's get a drink."

You learn very fast.

Yeah, lately,
I sorta remember everything I read.

- It's kind of a skill, I guess.
- My skill much more complicate.

Oh, yeah? What can you do?

I can teach Japanese to anyone.

You're sweet.

Sweet means nice. Cute.

That's not in book.


It is just true.

I like the way your cheeks
wobble when you concentrate.


Oh, oh, sorry.
Someone's Denver omelet's up.

"I'll be right back." Here?

I'm sweet!

They won't even let me
go to my wife's funeral.

All I wanted was
to be left alone.

We need you to answer
a few more questions.

You can't get your partner
here to look inside my head?

We need to have
it on the record.

You burnt that
doctor to the bone.

Probably gave your wife cancer.
How'd you do it?


Ted, if you don't let us help you,
they're gonna take you away,

- and nobody'll listen to you.
- It doesn't matter.

Nothing matters.

I killed my wife!

- Audrey.
- You know, just lock me up.

Execute me.

- Leave me the hell alone!
- I wish we could, Ted.

Look, I don't know anything
about any nuclear material!

Ted, Ted! You know what?
Just relax.

Do you want me to be
the terrorist, huh?

Do you want me to be the bad guy?
Fine, I'll blow this place apart.

- Ted!
- Ted.

S top!

- Ted!
- Just stop!

- Do it.
- Ted.

Do it!

Do it!

- Ted, I know what you're going through.
- Yeah, sure, you do.

Yeah, like hell you do.

Come on, Ted!
You've seen what I can do.


Something is
happening to me, too.

Ted, I was able to read
your wife's dying thoughts.

We're just trying to
understand what it is. Ted.

Come on, Ted. Relax.

Come on. Just take me back.

Take me back to...
to when this all started, okay?

Just... start from
the beginning. Good.

Blacked out.

And when I woke up,
everything started dying.

You blacked out.

How long were you out for?
Were you drinking?

When you came to,
did you have bruises on your arms?

I'll do you one better.

What's the matter, Parkman?

- I'm going.
- Don't walk away.

It doesn't matter what you think.
I'm not asking your opinion.

Yes. How could I have forgotten...
You never have before.

- Why should now be any different?
- It is my life!

I'm going, and that's final.

Has it never occurred to you that your
actions could affect anyone else?

- I don't have time
for anyone else's feelings.
- Clearly!

The world needs to know about my
findings. That's all that's important.

The world doesn't care.
No one at the university cares.

You're becoming a laughing stock.
I can't cover for you any longer.

- I'm not asking you to.
- How will you support yourself?

- What will you do for money?
- Oh, I'll get by.

How? Do you know what doctors
do in the United States?

They drive taxi cabs.

It is one thing to publish a book
in the comfort of the university.

It is another to leave everything
behind... your wife, your family,
your job...

chasing a theory that
is pure fantasy.

It's a fool's errand.

We'll see who will be the fool,
won't we?

Yes, I guess we will.

Mohinder is right.

- I am abandoning my family, my job.
- You are.

But I know you, Chandra,
better than you know yourself.

You will not stop thinking
of this if you don't go.

It will consume you and,
eventually, all of us with it.

- He'll hate me for it.
- I'm not sure that he doesn't already.

- I should try to stay for his sake.
- Why?

He will never take her place in your
eyes. That has always been the case.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I was in, uh,
Kansas a couple months back.

I'd just made a big sale to
the university hospital.

Dialysis machines.

Commission was gonna give
Karen and me enough money to...

I-I went to the,
uh, the hotel bar.

Buy everybody a few rounds.

There weren't many
people there.

A couple from Wyoming.

Some professors.

A student from, uh, Haiti.

The next thing I-I know,
I'm waking up in my car.

It's two days later,
and I'm in Tempe, Arizona.

These weird cuts and
bruises all over me.

A couple of days later,
I start to notice things.

- I'd buy my wife flowers, and they'd wilt.
- Okay, what about your health?

I mean, were you sick?
Do you have headaches?

Yeah. Headaches.

But, uh...


- The doctor said she had
radiation poisoning.
- From you?

I was killing her.

Are there any other bodies
out there we don't know about?

I'm just saying.

This is not his fault.
He's just trying to figure this out.

Look, the same thing
happened to me.

Okay, I blacked out.
I lost two days.

- You should've told me about this.
- I should've done a lot of things.

Up until now, I haven't told anyone.
Not even my wife.

And now I can't stop
hearing people's thoughts.

It's painful.

- I'm hearing things that
I should not be hearing.
- Like what?

Things that could ruin lives.

Things that...
could end marriages.

The guy that you described,
the student. He was, uh, Haitian.

- Big guy? Bald?
- Yeah, yeah.

I'm telling you,
I think I saw this guy right before...

- right before I blacked out, too.
- What are you guys talking about?

A Haitian guy?

These things that we can do,
th--they're not normal.

We were cut.
W-we were injected.

- Blacked out, who knows
what they did to us?
- Or how they changed us.

- Time's up.
- What?

Just a couple more minutes.
And you, you shouldn't even be here.

Your badge has been suspended.

- Did he tell you where
the nuclear material is?
- Move it.

He's coming with me.

- What? No, you can't take him right now.
- Yeah, they can.

Find the Haitian. Find him!

- You gotta get him back in here.
- I can't.

What do you mean you can't?
You heard what he said.

He's gonna help me figure
out what happened to me.

- Why did you lie to me
about being suspended?
- Okay, so I left that part out.

But you have come to me
and asked for my help.

And I come running to you every single
time. So now I'm asking for your help.

All right, get him back in here,
so I can talk to him!

I'm sorry.
It's out of my hands.

That's good.

- Mr. Bennet.
- Rufus.

Ooh, I-I got next
month's parking sticker.

Just need you to sign for it.

I'll take care of
that later, Rufus.

Ooh, sorry, sorry.

- How's he doing?
- Heroin's out of his system.

His body doesn't want it anymore,
but his mind still does.

- Coherent?
- Very.

You ready to meet him?



This is Mr.
Bennet, the man I told you about.

Hello, Isaac.

Drawing anything interesting?

- It's nothing.
- Oh, you know that's not true.

You have the ability to paint
the future. That's something.

Something very important.

- Feels like a curse.
- No, it's a blessing.

Don't let anybody
tell you differently.

We're gonna help
you understand that.

I'm grateful you're helping me.

I'm just not sure
why you're doing it.

To be 100% honest with you...

I need your help.

How we doin'?

- Good.
- Okay.

Oh, my God!


She's dead.

I know you miss him.

And I know you
feel guilty, too.

- Don't.
- I had a dream last night.

You and father were talking before he
left. In it, you persuaded him to go.

- It was just a dream, Mohinder.
- No, I need to know if it was true.


Your father and I were
married for 33 years.

- That is not an answer.
- Yes, it is.

A marriage doesn't last that long
without allowing the other person to be
who he has to be.

But how could you allow him to
abandon everything? Just like that.

I'm afraid that answer
is not as easy.

In the dream, you said that I
could never take the place of her.

Who did you mean?

I suppose it's time that you knew,
now that your father's gone.


You had a sister.

A sister?

Her name was Shanti.

And sh--she was five years old when she
died, two years after you were born.

Well, why didn't I know this?

Because it was too painful to talk
about, especially for your father.

He loved her so much, he was afraid
that you would compare his love.

From the moment she was born,

he was convinced that
she was special.

And she was special.

These dates.

Suicide bomber, 15 people dead.

Train derailment, 9 dead.

Earthquake, 81.

This girl,
the one you've painted here,

and here, and there...

she's my daughter.

My Claire.

This man here...

goes by the name of Sylar.

He's gonna kill her tomorrow
night at her homecoming game.

- Why?
- Because she's special.

Like you.
And that makes her a target.

- Like me.
- You're not the only one
with special abilities, Isaac.

There are others.
Sylar is killing them.

One at a time.

If you know who he is,
then why can't you stop him?

Because nobody knows where he is.
I need your help.

I need you to paint
this painting.

I'm sorry.
I've been trying. I can't.

Not without the drugs.


I promise we will help you use your
abilities without this, but right now,
there just isn't time.

I'm fighting to get my life back,
and you want me to just throw it away.

You know...

For many years now,
a number of us have been

tracking, locating,
monitoring people like you.

Sometimes the process goes smoothly,
as in your case, and other times...

Well, let's just say some people
misinterpret our motives,
and then it can go...

very wrong.

14 years ago,

there was just such a case,

which, sadly, ended in a death.

The woman left behind a baby girl
who had no one to take care of her.

My wife and I had been
having a hard time...

conceiving a child of
our own at the time.

And... and it was like...

God had reached down
and given us a miracle.


This is my daughter
we're talking about.

I'm begging you.

Let me try one more time.

Without it.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Hey, wait!

Stop! Come back here.

I have a pickup at 59th
and Broadway to JFK.







Stop. Stop, stop.



- Honey, is everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's fine.

Can't a girl just
visit her dad at work?

- You never visit me at work.
- Okay. I'm busted.

I have an emergency.

- A paper emergency.
- A paper emergency.

A paper emergency. Ms. Roberts says we
need a banner over the trophy case,

and Jackie was all,
"We don't have paper that big.
They don't make paper that big."

So I thought I'd stop by
and try to be a hero.

Well, if it'll make you a hero and
maybe knock Jackie down a few notches,

- we might be able to find
something that'll work.
- Best dad ever.

I'm sorry, Mr. Bennet.

We just have a
little situation.

You know what? The sample room is
right down there, Claire-bear.

- You take anything you need. Okay?
- Thanks, Dad.

First door on your left.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know she'd be here.

So what's the problem?

It's not working.
He can't do it.

He tried.
He's just not there yet.

We tried his way.
Now we do it mine.

He has worked so hard to get clean.
You can't ask him to do this.

I'm not going to ask him.

You are.

No! No,
you can't make me do that.

You knew this was
a possibility.

You said when we started that I
would never have to do it again.

- You promised me.
- I know what you think.

Who do you think taught you?

Do you even remember what
you were when I found you?

You're the easy way.

I think we both
know the hard way.

Did she say anything?
Sounded like she was scared?

- No. She seemed very nice.
- She was.

Too nice... to die like that.

Head ripped open.

I ain't never seen
anything like it.

- We're very sorry.
- Y'all stick around.

Need to take your statements.

She was killed...

same way as

the painter, Isaac,
when I saw him in the future.

That can't be a coincidence.

Then we should be
extra careful.

There has to be
something I can do.

She's already dead.

I can bend time.

I can go back.


Why else did I get
these powers...

if I'm not supposed to help?

We're already on one
stupid mission...

you don't need another.

I didn't do anything when
those poker men died.

I can't just sit back
and do nothing again--

Sure you can!

It's easy.

I'll just go back...

to yesterday.

I'll stop her from
coming to work.

If she's not here...

she can't be killed.

But YOU can be!

You don't have to control
over your powers yet.

The last time
you tele-ported...

you ended up in the future.

In another country!

If I'm too scared
to use my powers...

then I don't deserve them.

I have to try.

What about the Cheerleader?

I won't be late.

Just count to five...

and I'll be back.

We'll celebrate...

my victory.







- What is that? Ensenada?
- Mm.

Pam Auden called...

to ask me why you
punched Tom McHenry.

I told her you didn't.

Did you?


- Yeah, I punched him.
- He knows.

Damn it, I knew it.

You punched a superior officer?
That has to have some kind
of repercussions.

He may outrank me, but "superior's"
taking it a little too far.

I got one month's suspension.

- No pay.
- Jesus, Matt.

Something happened...
between me and Tom.

You slept with him.


- Is it over?
- Yes.

Are we?

I don't know.

- Yeah, it's Matt.
- He's gone.

- What?
- Ted. He escaped.

Watch out!

Do you hear me?

Yeah. Yeah, I heard you.

You can run far.

You can take your
small precautions.

But have you really
gotten away?

Can you ever escape?

Or is the truth that you do not
have the strength or cunning
to hide from destiny?


- Nothing.
- Tsh.

But the world is not small.
You are.

And fate can find you anywhere.

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