Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 4 - Chapter Four 'Collision' - full transcript

Suresh finally tracks down one of his father's fabled genetically advanced "supermen." In Las Vegas, Hiro's plan backfires when he cautiously turns time to his advantage at the gambling tables. Niki's mafia debtors use their leverage to their benefit in a more elaborate scheme, while Nathan pays a personal visit to a wealthy Vegas contributor to raise additional campaign funds. Following a tragic turn at a bonfire, Claire's uncanny healing abilities are put to the ultimate test, but according to Isaac's paintings, her future could be fraught with even more peril. Meanwhile, Matt's abilities are gauged by a pair of men who seem to know a great deal about people with special gifts.

Previously on Heroes.

All the answers could
be behind this door.

I know that guy.
He's running for Congress.

Who was my father
involved with?

- Is there a problem, officer?
- Mr. Linderman wants to see you.

I've been in love with you

since the minute I
first laid eyes on you.

So, where to?

Las Vegas.

It is our destiny.

- You're gonna hurt yourself.
- What are you doing? No!

This is gonna happen, Claire.


Sometimes questions
are more powerful than answers.

How is this happening?

What are they?

Why them and not others?

Why now?

What does it all mean?


Is this a hospital?

- Am I hurt?
- You're fine.

I was at a bar...

having a beer.

We had to drug you.
I'm sorry about that.

What? What's going on?

Please don't get excited, Matt.

We're trying to test
your resting rate.

- Let me out of here.
- Just... relax.

What are you, FBI? Huh?

What, are you CIA?

I'm not part of any organization
that has initials.

Listen to me.
Whoever you think I am...

believe me, I'm not him.
I'm not-- I'm not anyone.

No, that's not true.
You're someone.

You're someone very special.

Who are you people?

Trying to hear my
thoughts, Matt?

Not with my friend here.
He's special too.

Look, I am st-- I am an LAPD--uhh!
I'm a cop!

Everything you see...

by tomorrow, it won't matter.

Who's Claire?

You're further along
than we thought.

Go deep. Then clean him out.

What does that mean?


Did you call the
comic book writer?

I left messages in Japanese.

I need to learn how to say...

"You are going to
die in five weeks,

then New York will
explode." in English.

You are going to die in five weeks,
then New York will explode.

I'll teach you how to
say it phonetically.

Come on. I'm feeling lucky.

I think it's best if
Micah waited outside.

Mr. Linderman is willing to forget
your debt in exchange for...

- a favor.
- What kind of a favor?

There's a man arriving this
afternoon from New York.

A politician who wants some
help from Mr. Linderman.

We're looking for a little
insurance on our investment.

And you want me to...

I'm not a whore.

I think we've
established what you are.

Jane Doe.

Roughly 16 years of age.

Pulled out of Red River Creek at
approximately 4 A.M. this morning.

She was naked and
she was dragged,

likely in an attempt
to hide the body.

Secondary injuries
are post-mortem.

Base of skull was punctured
by a broken tree branch.

Appears to be
victim of homicide.

Possibly accidental.

Oh, my... God.


I love you too.


Claire! I'm making waffles.

Internal polling shows a three-point
bump from last night's speech.

Now, I say we roll the dice

and hold off before we get
into bed with Linderman.

I can handle Linderman.

He may have owned my father,
but he doesn't own me.

Look, man,
I don't know about this.

It just makes me nervous.

It's your job to be nervous.
It's my job to get elected.

In order to do that, I need money.
Linderman's $2 million,

we can turn eight points into
three and make it a horserace.

Mr. Petrelli!

Excuse me, Mr. Petrelli!

Mr. Petrelli,
I must speak with you.

Find out about this guy.
Thanks for your vote.

- Your life may be in danger!
- Back him up.

I believe someone
is targeting you.

Can you be a little
bit more specific?

12% of the electorate
strongly opposes me.

Does the name Sylar
mean anything to you?

I'm sorry,
I didn't get your name.

Suresh. Dr. Suresh.

Get rid of him.

Sir, I'm gonna take
down your information.

Have you noticed any
changes to your physiology?

Something outside
the norm, perhaps?

An ability you
didn't have before.

spontaneous regeneration.

Please, it's very important
that you listen to me.

Keep an eye on this guy. I don't want
this nut job following me to Vegas.

Oh, not a problem.
Have a safe trip.

Get him out of here.
I don't want to see his face again.

I know. I know! They're all around.
They're all around!

- Last night...
- Mmm.

Before we kissed, you, uh...

- made a toast.
- To love.

May we stay away from it
when it's no good for us.

I was meaning to ask...

I wasn't talking
about you. Clearly.

I know. It's just...

you and Isaac.

There's coffee in the kitchen.

You think this is one big joke,
don't you, Pete?

Your buddy Suresh.

He came by my campaign
office this morning.

Made a big scene.

He's talking about mind-reading
and spontaneous regeneration.

- Chandra Suresh.
- Yeah.

- How'd he find you?
- You tell me.

- Do you think I called him?
- Don't insult me.

I've got trained
professionals to do that.

- Hey, where's your mugs?
- Hey, uh...

They're in the cabinet

with the water stain that
looks like Abraham Lincoln.


Look... Here's some money,
all right?

Take it. You want answers, go find 'em.
It's on me.

I need you to disappear
for a while, okay?

You're becoming a liability.

I'm sorry.

I'm opening a new
show at the gallery,

and a lot of crazy
stuff to deal with.

Is it Isaac's paintings?

It's Isaac's paintings.

It's Isaac. It's his whole "I
can paint the future" thing.

What if he can?
Paint the future. I mean...

stranger things, right?

No, that's about as
strange as it gets.

Ah, no, take it.
You can bring it back tonight.

Uh, Peter, I...

Uh, I don't know what this is.

I mean us.

I just got out of a two-year
relationship that was very...


And here I am
sleeping with the guy

who is taking care of my dying father.
And it's a little confusing.

I don't wanna be
the rebound guy.

I just need time to catch my breath
before you take it away again, okay?


Claire! Breakfast!

Would you please tell your daughter
to drag her fanny out of bed.

Claire, drag your fanny
out of bed! Claire!

- Dad, I'm not deaf.
- Your mother's making waffles.

- Were you out all night?
- No.

Were you with the quarterback?


Yeah, it was just
a bunch of us.

It was stupid. I'm sorry.

- Honey, you're gonna miss your plane.
- I'll be there in a second.

I'm very disappointed in you.

Nothing happened.
We played poker. I'm sorry.

I love you, Claire.
I just want you to be honest with me.

You can tell me anything.
You know that.

I know. I love you too.

Don't think you're getting away with
this staying out all night thing.

It's gonna be a throw-down
when I get home.


Mom said to tell you
the waffles are ready.

I'll be there in a sec.

Claire. Waffles!

I feel like such an ass.

I've never been so
humiliated in my life.

What did you expect,
him to invite you in for tea?

Oh, this came for you
while you were gone.

It's my father's ashes.

You know, I haven't shed a single
tear since my father's death.

Not even when I
claimed his body.

They showed me three John Does
before they finally found him.

My father was misfiled.

I'm really, really sorry.

And what have I been
trying to prove?

I've used these theories--
the map, this Sylar, all of it--

just to validate a relationship
that ended a long time ago.

I have no business being here.

You're just gonna give up?

I'm going home. To Madras.

To scatter my father's ashes...

and go back to my life and
stop trying to live his.

- I'm looking for Chandra Suresh.
- He doesn't live here anymore.

The guys at the Petrelli
campaign gave me this address.

They said he came
by this morning?

- You Chandra Saresh?
- No. That was my father.

Yeah, um... Your father wrote
a book about people with...

abilities. I think I
may be one of them.

That's enough. Let's go...

Go away. I'm concentrating.

Where are your chips?

On 26 black.

That's it? That's all of our money?
What happened?

Shhh! I need to focus!

Get it back! Get it back, now!

Shh. Sir, no more bets!
Step back, please.

I haven't lost it!

26 is going to win.

You'll see.

Winner by 26.

I won! I won!

Did you see? I won!

Okay. Let's leave now.

Thank you.

Now? Are you kidding?

I'm on a roll!

No. You're not.

But I just won. Big.

I did it.

I stopped time. Moved the ball.

You won because of me.

It's horrible.
I'm a terrible person.

But it was our last dollar.

It's genius. Do it again!

No! It's cheating.

Is Peter Parker cheating...

when he sells pictures
of Spider-Man?


All heroes have a system.

This is our system.

Let it ride!


You still looking in the mirror
seeing a you that ain't you?


Hell, I can relate.
It's called getting old.

A little Botox would
do us both some good.

I've been blacking out.

I wake up...

and... things aren't...
like they were.

Like the time you woke up with a
couple of dead thugs in your garage?


If you think you had
something to do with that...

One of them was torn in half,
I mean--

Okay, then obviously
it wasn't you.

But what if it was?

I'm having these...
violent dreams.

I mean, really violent.
Where I am tearing people apart.

But it's not me.
It's someone else... in me.

With me.

- You know what I think?
- What?

I think you saw something.
I think you saw something so horrible

that it broke a part of you.
I mean, what happened in that garage--

Mom? Wanna play Scrabble?

Oh, I do.

I really do.
But I can't right now.

This is our game night.

I know. And I'm sorry.

But why don't you ask Tina?

She reads those romance novels.

I bet she has an
excellent vocabulary.

You know what?
I do have an excellent vocabulary.

And those no are the only
romance I'm getting these days.

I will take that game, and I will
challenge you, little man. You are on.

Why can't you just work at home,
like usual?

- Because this job is different.
- You've been different.

I know I have.

Come here.

I'm so sorry.

It has not been fair to you.
But you have been a trouper.

But I have things
under control now.

And... I'm just gonna
do this one thing,

and it's gonna solve a
lot of problems for us.

Then you won't be able
to get rid of me.

Fine, but it's safer
over the Internet.


I mean... what you do.
I mean, in the garage.

It's just acting.
None of it's for real.

They sent a limo.

Either he's a crap house
rat as in "crazy as." Or...

he's one of them.

All he's really telling me is
that he can't do anything.

Crap house rat.

Don't you want to at least follow
the smoke and see if there's a fire?

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Um... good luck with
the whole flying thing.


So... when you're with your brother,
you can fly,

- and when you're with the artist--
- Isaac, yeah.

Um, I only met him once,
but after, I...

- I drew the future.
- And now you don't do either.

Maybe I can only do things when
I'm around other people who can...

do things.

Did that sound as lame
as I think it did?

It sounds like you should
be talking to my father.

This was his research,
not mine.

Where is he?
How do I get a hold of him?

He's on the table.


I'm sorry. But...

You believe that this is possible.
You have to, I mean...

You believed it this morning.

- What if I prove it to you?
- Then prove it.

We'll go see Nathan.
When I'm around him, I can fly.

I've done it before, twice.

Fine. Let's go
see your brother.

Wait, um... He's in Vegas.

Of course he is.

Then... I'll take
you to Isaac's.

But it's... it's complicated.

Complicated how?


Paintings are by the door.

I thought I was buying
the new pieces.

I need the new pieces.

Because they tell you what's
gonna happen in the future?

How much for the old paintings?

To tell you the truth, Isaac,
I don't know if I could sell those.

So you only like the ones
I painted when I was high.

Interesting. You won't
give me an advance?

That depends on what you're
gonna do with the money.

I need painting supplies.

I take you're not talking
about oils and canvas?

It was raining last night.
What'd you do, Simone?

In the rain?

You followed me?

I drew this seven weeks ago.
I drew him there...

and here,
before I'd ever met the guy.

Are you in love with him?

Looks like you're
in love with him.

I don't know how
I feel about him.

And I don't know how
I feel about you.

So here we are, not knowing
how we feel about each other.

And this entire
city's gonna go...

Unless I stop it.

You think you can save
us all by shooting up?

I can save everybody.

I'm gonna be a hero.

Look, you can't say anything.
I'm fine.

He was drunk.
It was an accident.

Which part was an accident--
the rape or the murder?

It didn't happen.

Yeah, because he killed you
before he had the chance.

I'm alive!

Yeah, now,
but you weren't on the autopsy table.


Look, you said you had
a hole in your head.

Okay, maybe when they pulled
out whatever was in there,

it's when you, like,
rebooted or whatever.

I'm not a hard drive.

No, you're little
Miss Miracle Grow.

Don't ever call me that again.

You've gotta tell
somebody about Brody.

No, I don't!

And even if I wanted to,
which I don't,

I don't have a mark on me.

But you know what happened.
And he knows what happened.

All he knows is that he was drunk,
and I'm not dead.

Hey. What happened
to you last night?

I was hoping you'd tell me.
I had way too much to drink.

I gotta go to the bathroom.

Must have a bladder the size of a pea,
'cause he just went.

Full house! I win again!

Thank you.

You're meeting Miss Sakamoto
tomorrow at 11 A.M.

No Linderman?

Uh, he's, quote,
"otherwise occupied."

"Occupied." What is he,
a porta-potty?

Don't let Sakamoto geisha you.
Get him in the room.

Okay, I will.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

My fault. Are you all right?

Oh... so much for Celine Dion.

- Just the one ticket?
- Yeah. I'm, um...

here for a conference, and...

I don't really like the people
that I work with, so...

So you're traveling alone,
is that it?

I've only met him
the once, but...

maybe I ought to do the
talking to start with.

He's, heh,
he's kind of a heroin addict.

Heroin addict?
You neglected to mention that.

Hey, just suspend the skepticism,
at least until you meet him.

The default scientific
position is skepticism.

Your father managed
to get around it.

I don't know, he took a pretty big leap.
Gotta respect that.

I did more than respect it.
I believed him.

I had to. I was his son.

Can't be only one reason
why you believed him.

Look at what's
happening to our planet.

Overpopulation, global warming,
drought, famine, terrorism.

Deep down,
we all sense something's not right.

My father always
talked about how

an entire species will
go extinct while others,

no more unique or complex, will change
and adapt in extraordinary ways.

He had a romantic
take on evolution.

And you don't?
You're both geneticists.

That is also evolution. We're all
just variations of the last model.

Yeah, cheap knockoffs
of our fathers.

Isaac. Hey, it's Peter Petrelli.
I'm a friend of Simone's.



- Oh, hi, Lori.
- Hey.

I saw you go off with Brody
Mitchum last night at the bonfire.


So... what happened?

Nothing. Nothing happened.

I went off with Brody Mitchum once.
"Nothing" happened to me too.

All of this is wrong.

We shouldn't be
using my powers...

for personal gain.

We're supposed to be
saving the world.

We will.

But there's no law against...

looking good while we do it,
is there?

You said you wanted a costume.

Now you have one.

You make a big mistake!


Which casino do we hit next?

Are you crazy?

No more gambling!

We need to get back
to our mission.

Hey. Can you tele-port us...

to the craps table in
the Caesar's Palace?

Hello, boys.

I think you have something
that belongs to me.

See... I had three Aces
at the poker table.

Next thing I know,
you two had 'em.

What is he saying?

Relax. I have it covered.

You better back off.
My friend has very big power.

Can take you all out.
Make you wish you never been born!

Oh, my God. Look at this view.

Everything looks so pretty
when you're up high.

Yes, it does.

Thank you.

God, don't you ever think
what it'd be like to just...

soar over that desert?

Hmm. I took a helicopter ride
over Red Rocks Park one time.

I wasn't thinking
in a helicopter.

I was thinking more like...

- flying.
- Flying?

You know,
if I were your husband,

I don't think I'd
let you travel alone.

I don't have a husband.
He left.

For another woman?

I wish.


I would take that one too.

He... He's...sort
of a... criminal.

And by "sort of,"
I mean that he is.

Well, then,
my questions end there.


You have any kids?

- That's another question.
- Right.


A boy genius.

- Boy?
- Boy.

I've got two boys.
Not geniuses, just boys.

It's weird having children,
isn't it?

It's like...
you've gotta be two different people.

Like the person
that they see and

the person that you really are?

Something like that, yeah.

- Still married.
- Yeah, I am.

- Happy?
- Yes, very.

I guess my questions
stop there.

- I can't.
- I know, I know, I know.

I want to.

I do.

Shh, shh, shh.

I understand. It's okay.

I had a really great time.


Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

It would be a shame

to send you back to the
Congressman covered in bruises.

I have to get home to my son.

And what are you gonna
tell your son? Huh?

How you gonna explain to your
son what happened to you

when you didn't
honor your agreement?

Look, I will find another
way to pay Linderman.

No, let me rephrase
that question.

How are you going to
explain to your son

what happened to him when you
didn't honor your agreement?

You think about that, Niki.

Niki's not here right now.

If you threaten our son again,

I'm going to put my heel through
your skull. Do you understand?


- Do you understand?
- Yeah, yeah!

You forget something?


What if we went back tomorrow?

Look, I'm not trying to
discount your experience.

It's just,

a week ago I was in my own country,
a respected professor.

Now you want me to stalk a heroin
addict who allegedly paints the future.


All right.

What are you doing
here so late?

Making banners for Spirit Week.

Jackie was gonna give me a ride home,
but she left without me.

- Can I get a lift?
- Yeah. I guess.

Thanks. Hey,
you drive a stick-shift, right?

Can I drive?

Don't you think it's
a little weird that

neither one of us remember what
happened the night of the bonfire?

- Must have been some night.
- Yeah, must have.

Slow down.
That was a red light.


You know how to drive a stick-shift,
don't you?

There's a lot of
things that I know.

- Like what you did to me.
- What'd I do to you?

I knew it.
I knew this would happen.

You get drunk, you come on to me,
and it's my fault?

You're a liar.

Can't rape the willing, Claire.
You wanted it as bad as I did.

Stop the car.

Did I want it as bad
as Laurie Trammel?

Laurie Trammel is a slut.

Is that what you're
gonna say about me?

I already do.

You're just gonna keep at it,
aren't you?

You should let it go, Claire.
There's nothing you can do about it.

I can do this.


Just take the one.

Peter Petrelli?

How is this happening?

I'm sorry if I scared you.

You look different
without your scar.

- I don't know you, buddy.
- Not yet.

My name is Hiro Nakamura.
I'm from the future.

I have message for you.