Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 3 - Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' - full transcript

As the "Heroes" continue to test their newfound extraordinary abilities, Claire tries to maintain a normal social life when a romance with the football quarterback takes a tragic turn. While Hiro convinces his friend that they are destined to travel to America to save the world, a frightened Niki follows instructions from a mysterious, unknown source that directs her to the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, Nathan uses Peter's accident to propel his political campaign. The elusive Sylar is being hunted by both Matt and the FBI, as well as Suresh, whose father's journal leads to potential clues.

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Previously on Heroes.

- What happenend?
- You tried to kill yourself.

You flew up and caught me.

You jumped.
25 feet to a fire escape.

I climbed up and carried you down,
that's what happened.

The rest is just crazy
talk. Understand?

I spoke to a very nice woman
with the adoption agency.

She said thery
were going to try

to get in touch with
your birth parents.

You can't protect me forever.

I know and it breaks my heart.

I love you dad.

This is Claire Bennet.

It really does break my heart.

Please don't hurt me.

You're not supposed
to be in here.

I didn't kill these people,
Sylar did.

- You're under arrest.
- What?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

I love New York.

Mr. Isaac Mendez?

Mr. Isaac?

We've got a live on here.

No English, no passport,
no american money, no ID.

How long ago did he do this?

- Yesterday.
- Yesterday.

October 2.

Ocotber 2? No, pal.

Today... November 8.

Chapter Three
One giant leap.

When evolution selects its agents,
it does so at a cost.

It makes demands in
exchange for singularity.

And you may be asked to do
something against your very nature.

Suddenly, the
change in your life

that should have been wonderful,
comes as a betrayal.

It may seem cruel,

but the goal is nothing
short of self-preservation.


So, if our team wins,
there'll be a celebratory bonfire,

where I need to represent.
So it might be, like, midnight-ish.

On a school night?

A celebratory school night.

- So, is that the quarterback?
- Who?

The boy that you like,
right over there.

I don't like him.

I mean,
he's a very nice boy, but--

Yes, he's the quarterback.

If you really wanted to make me happy,
you'd only date nerds.

Well, it worked out very
well for your mother.

- I love your glasses, Mr. Bennet.
- Thank you, Jackie.

Rumor has it you're
a local hero.

Pulled a man out of
a burning train car.

You heard about that?
O.M.G., does everybody know?

It was on the news. You told half
the school to set their TiVos.

It's going to be the cornerstone of
my campaign for class president.

I'm running on a platform
of moral, mental,

and social advancement through
good deeds. What do you think?

I think I need to get
something out of my locker.



Be careful. Okay?

Where have you been
tje last two days?

I teleported myself
in the future!

Haven't we been over all this?

Then explain this.

It tells the whole story
of my heroic journey.

Is this how you
spend your time?

Read it!

I'm on the subway in Japan.

Suddenly, I'm in New York!
Five weeks in the future!

Been hitting the sake?

I found the book's author,
but he was dead!

Then, there's a
nuclear explosion.

It all happens in five weeks...

and you and I have to stop it.

Definitely the sake.

Look, you're in it too!

How could I know you
were going to say that?

We have work to do.
If you still work here.

Listen, if I cn prove to you

beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Will you come with me?

We have to go right now!

A girl's life depends on us!

It'll work. We'll have the
fundraiser here, not the ballroom.

Makes me look
fiscally responsible.

- Yes, it does.
- Pete, just the man I want to see.

- I need to talk to you.
- What do you think? Red or blue?

I don't know. Blue?

I'm gonna wear red.
The president wears red.

So you gonna come tonight?

Gonna break out the suit,
have a couple of drinks.

Rebuff the advances of
my cute interns? Emily.

Yeah, I'm gonna be there.
Listen, I tried it again.

Tried what?

What do you mean what?
What do you think that I mean?

I tried to fly.

Would you keep your voice down?

You were there.
Last night I could fly.

This morning, nothing.
I nearly broke my neck trying.

Well, it would have solved
one of our problems.

So I went to the library to see if I
could find anything on human flight.

I came across this
amazing book.

Listen to this.

"Genes determine obesity,
blood pressure.

"Out of the 30
billion possibilities

one might contain the
poial for human flight."

This guy knows what's going on.

Chandra Suresh.

He's a genetics professor in India.
I called.

They said that he
quit six months ago.

They think he's here in New York.
We gotta find this guy.

We've got a more
immediate problem here.

- What?
- It's this woman reporter.

She's poking around into
why you jumped off the roof.

Look, Nathan, we flew.
Aren't you curious how this happened?

Yeah, I mean, I want answers,
just like everyone else.

I mean, just like you, okay?

But right now, today, I'm trying to
find a way to put a spin on this

so it doesn't look like
crazy runs in our family.

I need to figure out why this
is happening to me. To us.

Responsibilities, Pete, okay?

I've got a election to and
a family to feed, okay?

You are so--
What do you wanto tell that reporter?

I know one thing we can't tell her.
The truth.

Sorry. I still have
your dad's keys.

Maybe I shouldn't.

Sorry. After being attacked,
every noise I hear--


Well, this is
macaroni and cheese.

It's what Americans eat when they
want to commit suicide slowly.

Your dad said mine was
the best he ever had,

but he was from India, so--

Thank you. You're very kind.

You look like hell.
When was the last time you slept?

All this work. I'm no closer to
understanding my father's research.

Well, what about the program
on your dad's computer?

Didn't you say he
cracked some code?

I thought he had.
But the algorithm... It's gibberish.

Know anybody who
speaks gibberish?

The man with the
horned-rim glasses.

He chased me around the world--

Madras, Manhattan, this very apartment--
looking for it.

But this isn't anything.

Well, then,
why would he build it?


It was always this
way with my father.

Every question met with another
question. Never an answer.

Only "why?" Even
after he's dead.

- Well, what about the map?
- The map.

The map is nothing until I can
decipher the principle behind it.

You know,
if I could find even one such person,

it would validate
everything he believed.

But I can't.

Your father had a
lot of faith in you.

My father only cared about
proving he was right.

He left his country, his family,
chasing this insanity.

And now I'm wasting my life
trying to prove him sane.

- Where did it get me?
- Mohinder!

I'm sorry. I'm just so tired.


What is it?

Yet another question.

I don't know how else
to explain this.

I heard a little
girl call for help.

I went to her.
That's all that happened.

So you just waltzed right in,
found a kid hiding in a wall,

then pulled the name
Sylar out of your ass,

when only a handful
of us know that name.

It's like--

It was like someone
was talking to me.

Except it was in my head.

Did the voices tell
you anything else?

They want you to do things?
Rob a store, kill the president?


It's more like I can...

hear people's thoughts.
Or something. I don't know.

Can you tell me
what I'm thinking?

No, I really can't control this.
It just sort of happens.

Give it a shot, Carnac.
I'm wide open.

You think I'm nuts. Or stupid.

Great trick.
Stop wasting my time.

Come on, Parkman,
I need this more than you do.

- Nobody believes in me.
- Nobody believes in you.

I know what that's like.

How much longer do I
have to be in here?


How'd you like to
work with the FBI?

Claire. What are you doing
running off to an away game?

That tape with all your attempts
at bodily harm is still missing.

Yeah, well if someone finds it,
we'll just tell 'em

you're some visual effects geek
who did it with his computer.

Now, can I get back
to my life, please?

So that's it?
You're just gonna go pump your pom-poms,

and pretend you're no different
than any other girl on the squad?

Yes, actually.

But you are, Claire.
You are different. Don't you see that?

Don't you see that
none of this matters?

School spirit doesn't matter.

Being a pretty blonde
cheerleader doesn't matter.

- It's not who you are anymore.
- Who am I?

So what,
I can crawl through a wood chipper,

and live to tell about it.

That narrows my choices in
life to freak or guinea pig.

In most cases, both.

What's wrong with
wanting to be normal?

You should try it.

What are you doing here?

The door was open.

Isaac, you have to get back to work.
Your editor--

The comic book is late.

You were taking them,
weren't you?

Yes, I'm going to sell
them in my gallery.

And with the money,
we can get you straightened out.

Into rehab.

I'm not going into rehab.

I found all your junk.

The drugs, all of it.
I flushed everything.

How am I supposed to
paint the future?

Nobody can paint the future.
That's the drugs talking.

Look around you at
all these paintings!

Every one of them
has come true.

O h.

And does that include this

big one on the floor of
New York going nuclear?


I don't know how,
I don't know when, but--

I have to stop it.

I don't want to
lose you, Simone.

But if you don't believe in me,
then you shouldn't be here.


You think you can
paint the future.

Paint one without me in it.


I can't understand a
word you're saying.

Stop calling me here. You've got
the wrong number. Wrong number.

Who are you calling?

The comic book author,.

To warn him about the future.

He keeps hanging up on me.

Thet's because you're crazy.

I'd hang up on you
too if I could.

This is the spot!

A young girl dressed
in a school uniform...

will step in front
of a speeding truc.

And we have to save her. See?

What school girl?

Okay. Which one is she?

I don't know.

She has a red bow in her hair!
I'll go this ay, you go that way.

Ando! Stop that truck!

Stop, watch out!

I did it!

You did it!

So you believe me now?
You'll come with me?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How'd you sleep?
- Good.

Where are we?

On our way to Grandma's house.



- Oh, my. You've grown.
- You always say that.

- I do.
- Yes, you do.

Why don't you go on inside?

You look thin.

Look, I know what it's like
to raise a boy on your own.

To be stretched so far,

you wish you could be in two
places at once. I get it.

But that boy needs more than
you've been giving him.

He needs a steady hand
and a stable environment.

I can give him that.

Why, because D.L.
grew up to be such a model citizen?

My son, your husband,
is a good man.

You recognize this?
I found it in the desert.

What's that supposed to be?

This belonged to one of the
men that your son murdered.

I took it out of the grave.

You know that all of
D.L.'s crew wore these.

D.L. wouldn't murder anybody.

- Ever.
- Wrong.

He robbed Linderman and
got away with $2 million,

- and then he killed his crew.
- My son was framed.

And he'd be rotting in some
prison if he hadn't escaped.

Besides, if D.L.
had $2 million...

Honey, he'd be on some
tropical island someplace,

sitting out his years,
with Micah.

I want you out of
my son's life.

Yeah, well,
people in hell want ice water.

It doesn't mean they're
going to get it.

Paulette, you have no idea
what I am capable of.

You want to tell me
why I'm still here,

or am I just gonna
follow you around?

I need you to talk to her.
Find out what she knows.

- Talk to who?
- Molly Walker.

The little girl you found.

We're keeping her here,
where it's safe,

until we can figure out
what to do with her.

She's been through
a severe trauma.

Both parents murdered
right in front of her.

She hasn't said a word
since we brought her here.

What makes you think
she's gonna talk to me?

Well, if you're really a mind reader,
she won't need to.

Who is this Sylar?
What's he doing?

We've pieced a trail
across a dozen states.

All people impaled by household objects.
Bones broken.

All without any traceable
sign of physical contact.

But only some of them involve any
mutilation of the head or neck,

so they don't see
the connections.

You think it's all him.

I think it's gonna get a lot worse
if someone doesn't go after him.

Mr. Sylar? Hello?

What are you actually gonna
do if Sylar's in there?

If Sylar killed my father,
I need to know why.

I suppose that would
have been too easy.

Let's go.

No, all the answers could
be behind this door.

It's locked, and I'm kinda
trying not to freak out now.

So can we please just go?

Or we could just break in.

A little light
reading before bed.

Oh, my God.

That map, those strings--
It's exactly like your father's.

Not exactly. This map has more of them.
Dozens more.

I know that guy.
He's running for Congress.

- His life may be in danger.
- Okay, can we please go now?

- Not yet.
- Mohinder--

Dear God.
What was my father involved with?

We're keeping her in
a safe room down here.

It's him. It's Sylar.


Hey. Hey, remember me?

It's okay. It's okay.
No one's gonna hurt you, honey.

How could he find me?

That doesn't matter.
That doesn't matter.

You're safe now. You're safe.

All right. All right.

Show me your hands!

Do it or I'll put you down!

You okay?

I'm confused.

You said you called me when
you went in the future.

Yeah. So?

So, shouldn't I be at home...

waiting for your call.

We're changing the future.

By taking action we've
changed soemthing.

What if we make it worse?

And if there's going to
be a nuclear explosion...

Shouldn't we be flying
away from the bomb?

A hero doesn't run
away from his destiny.

My only concern is...

whether I need to hide
my true identity.

Perhaps a costume?

You even mention tights and a cape,
I'm going home.

You can't go home.

The comic book says we fly together,
so we fly together.

Does it say we
have to fly coach?

- Simone.
- Oh, hey.

I was just coming up
to check on my dad.

Where are you going?
Aren't you supposed to be on your shift?

I was just filling in my replacement,
and saying bye to your dad.


- Come here a second.
- No.

- I'm quitting.
- Why?

I called the agency and
told them this morning.

But my father-- Caroline's
gonna take really great care--

But she's not you.

This is not where
I'm supposed to be.

It's not what I'm supposed to do.
I can't really explain it.

Well, try.

Look, the truth is,
I've been trying to save the world,

one person at a time but I'm
meant for something bigger.

Something important.
I know it now.

That's really all
I can tell you.

I'll miss you.

It's New York.

Everyone runs into each
other sooner or later.

Maybe it'll be sooner.

Flames were everywhere.

Oh, my God,
I could hear the poor man

coughing somewhere
inside the train car.

But there was smoke everywhere.
I couldn't see him.

I was so scared, you guys.
I was really scared.

Nice effigy.


I stayed up all night
stuffing it with newspaper.

I would have filled his
head with firecrackers,

but that's just me.

- That would have been cool.
- Careful.

If you stand too close,
you'll end up like that guy.

I'm not as flammable as he is.

Dale Ledgerwood's got a keg
in the back of his truck.

Are you sure this is okay?

We're 30 miles from home.
Who's gonna know?

Jackie told me you wanna
meet your real mom and dad.

I told Jackie that
in confidence.

You do realize you were
talking to Jackie, right?

Is that why you're bummed?

The whole adoption thing?

I mean, you didn't,
like just find out, did you?

Oh, no, no, no.
They told me when I was really little.

Why do you think I'm bummed?

You don't seem like yourself.

Thought maybe
something was wrong.

You don't know me well enough to
know when I'm not being myself.

You never drink plain milk.
It's always chocolate.

You draw mermaids in the
margins of your notebook.

Put crackers in your sandwiches
to make them crunch.

And you're usually the first
person to laugh at a joke.

But I haven't heard
you laugh in a while.

Lately you seem sort of sad.

Have you been spying on me?

Claire, my goal tonight
is to hear you laugh.

Did you put firecrackers in his head,
just for me?

Hey, you waited up for me.

Look, I know I missed
our therapy session.

- It's fine.
- No, it wasn't.

I'm sorry. I was supposed to call you,
and I meant to.

I had the craziest day today.

You would not believe
what happened to me.

It was so strange,
and it was amazing and--

I don't even know
how to describe it.

Then don't.

That's it? That's it?
You waited up all this time

so that you could tell me that
you don't want to talk to me?

Look, I really don't want
this to turn into a fight.

And if I say anything else,
it will.

I'm really trying, Matt.

You know, this marriage may
not mean anything to you--

What? It does. Of course it does.
What are you talking about?

I have a lot of stuff
going on right now.

So do I.

It was supposed to be a good
thing when I made associate,

and you were suppose
to be happy for me.

But ever since,
it's like you're mad at me

for getting what I wanted,
because you haven't.

I don't mean to be.

It's just-- It's hard.

I can't do this anymore.

I wish he would just leave.

Fine. I will.

Wait. Let's take
a little break.

Want to go back to the party?

No, I just--

I'm going through something and I
don't know if now's the right time.

You know what?
You just need to relax.

What's gotten into you?

I just really like you, Claire.
Don't you like me?

No, Brody, stop.

Don't hurt yourself.

- No, stop it!
- No!

Don't be a bitch.
Let it happen!



You haven't said a word
the whole way home.

Boy, that has got to be a record.
Are you hungry?

You know, I was thinking that

we could stop by that ice
cream shop on the way home.

You know, the one with those
ginormous banana splits?

Why don't you believe
that Dad's innocent?

I mean,
you should be trying to help him.

I know that you want to
believe in your father.

But I know what's best, Micah.

They're gonna catch him,
and he's gonna go away for a long time.

- They'll never find him.
- How do you know that?

Micah, do you know where he is?

It's okay.

Is there a problem, Officer?

Mr. Linderman wants to see you.

I'm with my son.

So I guess sooner
rather than later.

- To destiny.
- Mmm.

May we recognize
it when we see it.

To love.

May we stay away from it
when it's no good for us.

You know earlier today, when you
were telling me how you'd changed?


I noticed it.

There's just
something different.

It's like a look in your eye.
A confidence.

There's something
I should tell you.

Something, uh...

I didn't think was right to say

when I still worked
for your father.

Something I wouldn't have even
said to you two days ago.

I've been in love with you

since the minute I
first laid eyes on you.

Excuse me.

Everyone excuse me.

I'd like to apologize
about the rain.

If you elect me, I promise I'll
try and do something about it.

I'd like to welcome
you all here,

on behalf of my family,
my entire campaign staff.

I'm sure that you know my
brave wife would be here

by my side, were she able.

The life-altering event
of my father's death

is really what prompted
me to run for Congress.

My father hid a deep depression--
an illness, really--

up until the day he died.

His loving wife, his attentive children,
his loyal friends--

we all knew about it,
and yet he suffered alone.

As many of you might have read,
my brother Peter had an accident.

But what I have kept from
the press thus far is that

Peter barely survived
a suicide attempt.

My first instinct was to
keep his illness hidden.

But no one should suffer alone.

Because we're all
connected somehow.

Everyone in this room.
You, me, everyone in this city.

And we need to look
out for each other.

- Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa.
- That's a popular choice.

Let me check to see if
we still have any left.

- Nissan--
- Hiro.

We've got a connecting
flight leaving for New York.

We're not flying.

Why not?

It says we rent a car.

We drive all the way?

Yes, in a Nissan Versa.

Do you know how long
that's going to take?

Suppose she doesn't
have that exact car?

You're in luck.
We have one left.

It's our destiny.

So, where to?

Las Vegas.

It's our destiny.

How you doing?

Well, I'm, uh--

It's a rhetorical question.
Just say "fine" and order a drink.

Uh, fine.
Whatever you got on tap.

Do I have time for another one?

I don't want to go
home to that shrew.

She's sucking the
life out of me.

What's he looking at?

Barking up the wrong tree, pal.

What am I doing here?

Am I that desperate?

She is diggin' me.
I am in for sure.

What if I just disappeared?
Would anybody care?

How long would it take
to notice I'm gone?

We were in the apartment.
We saw everything.

Wanna tell me what you
were doing in there?

Please, just follow me.

I believe this man
Sylar killed my father.

He has a list of targets, including
a man who's running for Congress.

He turns around to the
other one and says,

"Holy cow, a talking dog."

You son of a bitch!

Let him go.

Easy, Pete,
that's our mother you're talking about.

There was no reporter
on my story!

There would have
been, eventually.

I had to take control of things
before something happened.

You get it, right?

- Yeah, I get it.
- Good man.

- You're bleeding.
- What?

Look, what Nathan said,
it's not true.

- I didn't try to kill myself.
- I know.

This force, evolution,
is not sentimental.

Like the earth itself,

it knows only the hard facts
of life's struggle with death.

All you can do it
hope and trust

that when you've served
its needs faithfully,

there may still
remain some glimmer

of the life you once knew.