Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 22 - Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide' - full transcript

Peter feels the need to control his newly absorbed power, as he overhears Sylar's thoughts on the streets of New York. Mohinder finds another hero and agrees to help find a cure for her fatal disease, as Parkman and Bennet close in on the building they are in, looking for a link that could set them free. Niki/Jessica and D.L. are convinced that Linderman is behind their son's disappearance, as Linderman convinces their son to do a job for him.

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Previously on Heroes...

This is goodbye.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, Claire Bear.

I care about the world.
I just want to heal it.

What could you possibly
know about healing?

A few things.

The company has developed
a new tracking system

that doesn't rely on
isotopes and satellites.

It just finds you
wherever you are.

We go to New York,
we wipe out the Walker System.

There's someone
you need to meet.

Molly Walker.

I hear you have
an amazing ability.

They ask me where people are,
and I find them.

Molly is the only one
who can stop Sylar.

I must stop you.

Then do it.

Do it! Kill me!

You can't. Now I'm
gonna have to kill you.


Your destiny, Nathan,

is to set the course of history after
this unspeakable act has occurred.

Can you be
the one we need?

That's my boy.

I explode.

I wipe out this whole city.
You, Nathan, everyone.

You explode?

Like a nuclear bomb.

But if I lose it, you're the only one
who can get close enough to stop me.

Me, Ted.
It doesn't really matter.

But you have to do this.

I just miss my family.

I hope I can make them proud.




What's he doing?

He's absorbing
your ability.

He's gotta make it stop.

Claire, you know
what you have to do.

Do it.


I'm okay.

Jittetsu Arms.


Yes. Do you fix
ancient samurai swords?


My name is Hiro Nakamura,

and the fate of the world
is in your hands.

So Peter Petrelli
is your uncle.

You didn't know that?

There's a lot of things
they never told me.

I thought Peter was the only
person who could protect me.

And now you're here.

Why did you come
here with them?

The people I used to work
for have a tracking system.

They can find anybody
anywhere in the world.

We came here
to destroy it.

That's the only way
we can ever start over.

Build a normal life.

Is that even possible?

I mean, I'm not normal
and they're not normal.

Everything that's been happening to
us has been so monumentally un-normal.

I mean, maybe Peter's right.

Maybe we all have a destiny,

and it's to save
the world together.

I just rode 26
hours from Texas

to take down the evil
bastards who want me dead,

and you're saying I should
turn around and go back

because of a painting
that you saw?

Yeah. That and a dream.

He might be nuts, Ted, but he's not
Iying. He believes every word of it.

They'll take out the tracking
system, then you're gonna be free.

Free? I killed people
with my powers, okay?

I didn't mean to,
but it happened.

And now the FBI thinks
I'm a terrorist.

Yeah, but you're
not a terrorist.

You need to get out of town
before you become one.

There's a town in Nebraska.

Windy Fork,
population 15.

I want you to go there and
wait for me to contact you.

He gave me directions.

You're sending your
daughter with them?

Claire tells me
she has a destiny.

She stopped Ted from melting down
once before and saved all our lives.

She could do it again.

She could stop both of you.

You coming?

I'm in.

Me, too.

We can do the photo op
outside the polls.

Yes, Marty. Marty!

I know we're still behind.
That's why every vote counts.

Exit polls have me
five points down.

Oh, I never listen to polls.

Be ready, Nathan.

Today you will become
a congressman.

In time, you will
lead the country.

As long as I let this city
become a nuclear wasteland.

And let my
brother explode.

You can't stop that.
No one can.

But it's what comes next,

and that is
entirely up to us.

Your father would
be very proud.

Pop would have me committed for
even considering this nonsense.

Well, clearly, your
mother didn't tell you.

Tell me what?

Your father was
one of us,

someone with great power.

He tried to make a
difference in the world.

He did all he could,
and when that wasn't enough,

he just gave up.

Your father was weak.

My father was my hero.

And when I win...

I thought you were gonna see the
boys before they went to school.

They wanted to
wish you good luck.


I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

That's all right.
I'm just on my way out.

Mrs. Petrelli, your husband is
about to become a very powerful man.

I would like to
give you both a gift

to honor his
forthcoming victory.

Something to make the
days ahead a little easier.

What is he
talking about?

I don't know.

I can't believe you let
that man into our house.

Honey, he's my largest
campaign contributor.

He's a thief and a liar
and God knows what else.

And if I win this election,
he'll be the reason.

Why? Because he
gave you money?

Nathan, don't forget
who you are.

I know exactly who I am.

I'm a man who's being asked to make
a hard choice for the greater good.

And you will.

And you're gonna
do great things,

but you don't have
to sell your soul!


What is it?

Your foot.

It's moving.


Oh, my God.

Oh, Nathan.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

It's a miracle.

You know, I've been thinking
after we save the world,

I may go on patrol.

You know, jumping
in front of bullets

and dragging people
out of burning buildings.

You're not gonna
catch me wearing a cape,

zipping around with my
underwear outside my pants.

Why do we have
to rent a car?

Can't we just fly
to Nebraska... in a plane?

The FBI's got my face
all over wanted posters.

I wouldn't get very far in
an airport. Ted's a fugitive.

I can use that
to get his power.

What is it?

It's Sylar.

He's here.
He's watching us.

Right now?

He knows what
Ted can do.

We need to
get off the streets.

Who's Sylar?

Would have been nice to
have Heidi for the photo op.

Something happened
back at the house.

Is she all right?

Yeah. She's fine.

She's better
than fine, actually.

Nathan Petrelli! Nathan!

We'll make an announcement
after the election.

What's going on?

Miracles, Marty.

Nathan Petrelli,

Nathan Petrelli!

No, I need
to speak to Nathan.

It's all right.
Mr. Hiro, how are you?

Fine. Thank you
very much.

We are trying to
stop a bad thing.

The bomb. Big boom.

You must help,
or bad future will come.

Bad future?

Yes, we went there,
but I was already dead.

You become
a bad person, Nathan.

But you can come
with us now,

help us stop
a bomb together.

I'm sorry, Hiro.

I can't stop it.

Nobody can.

It's a pleasure
to see you again.

Thanks for your support.

You already bad guy.

You are villain!


Thank you all.


That's Petrelli?


I don't see Micah
or Linderman.

We know they're in town.

Nathan can tell us where.

He'll never
see us coming.


Mr. Claremont?

It's me. Hiro Nakamura.

I spoke to you
on the phone.

About my problem.

My God.

The Kensei.

What happened?

It got cold.

Frozen. Then snap.

Can you fix it?


on him.


I have a cousin
who eats like you.

He's huge.

So am I.

You said you like comic books,
so I bought you a stack.

Anything good?

The original Silver Surfer
number one?

This must have
cost you a fortune!


You're nice,
even when you're scary.

I just don't understand why
you're working for such a bad guy.

You could use your power
to be a hero.

Oh, okay.

No, you're just too young to
see how much the world sucks,

how people can be so mean to each other
just because of where they were born

or what they look like.

Mr. Linderman's gonna
change all that.

He's gonna heal the world.

I didn't know
it was sick.

Mr. Linderman.

How are you?

And how is our boy?

Good, sir.

I wanna see my mom.

After today,
you can go home.

I don't believe you.

I'm sure other grownups
talk down to you, Micah.

I'm not gonna
make that mistake.

I'm gonna look you
straight in the eye

and tell you
one simple truth.

What you do here today
with your incredible ability

is going to
save many lives.

What do you want me to do?

What comes naturally.

Talking to machines.

And after that,
you'll take me home?

I'll tell you what.
I'll do better than that.

You do as you're told, and I'll
make sure that you and your parents

have enough money
to live happily ever after.

So this guy Sylar,
he kills people like us?

Yeah, to take
what we can do.

How does he
manage that?

He rips your head open.

Then I say we stick with the
plan, get out of the city.

Get out of here. Go!

Federal agents. On your
knees! Get out of here, Claire.

Now! Now!

Let's go!

There were two others!
Find them.

You're under arrest.

Agent Hanson?

I've been chasing you
all across the country, Ted.

You know
I'm not a terrorist.

Do I?

You blew up a van full of
federal agents in Los Angeles.

But I didn't mean
to hurt anybody.

Good. Your next stop,
Guantanamo Bay.

Look, I'm gonna need a
concrete cell lined with lead.

So everyone is safe!

We got him, thanks
to your tip, Mister...

Mendez. Isaac Mendez.

I thought I recognized Sprague
from his picture in the post office.

I knew it was
my duty to call,

especially with it
being election day.

Well, you helped us capture
a very dangerous man.

Most people wouldn't
take the risk.

I'm not most people.


Welcome, Miss Baker.

Do you mind if I take my son
into the voting booth with me?

I'm trying to teach him
about democracy in action.

Oh, what a lovely
thought. Follow me.

I've been thinking about how
you make yourself look like that.

You must bend
light or something.

How do you know
this isn't the real me?

Okay, Micah,
it's time to boot up.

What do you
want me to do?

You can tell
computers what to do.

So I want you to tell this
one and all the others here

to vote for Nathan Petrelli.

After this, we do the same
thing in 12 other precincts.

We don't have to go
anywhere else.

It says that they're
all networked.

So from here, I can change
every one in the city.

It says that?


How many votes does your
boss want him to win by?

Make it a landslide.

Can I go home now?

Sorry to interrupt
your big day.

How did...

I didn't think I'd
be seeing you again.

I thought after you tipped
me off about Linderman,

I figured you'd be dead.

And Niki thought that you
were gonna take him out.

Let me guess.

He made you an offer
that you couldn't refuse.

Something like that, yeah.

We came here to find
Linderman. Who are you?

He took our son.

Why would he do that?

Something to do
with you and the election.


That's a serious accusation.

I hope you have evidence.

Cut the crap, Nathan.

We both know that you hate
Linderman as much as we do.

You were gonna kill him.

Let us finish the job.

Look, whatever you think
you're getting from this man,

he's gonna take back
10 times more from you.

And he ain't never gonna stop until
everything you care about is gone.

If I tell you where
Linderman is,

I have to know that he's
not gonna come after us.

The man took my son.

He's gonna pay
for that in full.

Takezo Kensei
longed to unite Japan.

He went to the dragon
of Kiso Mountain

and asked the dragon to teach
him the secrets of the sword.

The dragon taught him
to become the Kensei,

a sword saint.

He fought his enemies
and won,

saving his people.

Then the dragon came
to his palace,

demanding the life
of the princess.

Kensei drew his sword and
plunged it into his own heart.

He handed it to
the dragon and said,

"My love is in here.
Take it. "

And then he died.

Tracking system's on the 42nd
floor. Get a read on someone.


You sure there isn't
another way?

The reason I brought
you here, Parkman,

was so that you could
get us to those elevators

without raising a ruckus.

Now, if you can't do that, you
might as well give up on your wife

and unborn child
right now.

Because no matter
how far you run,

they will find you.

Okay. A simple "no" would
have done the trick.

Good morning, Stanley. Okay, I got it.

Good morning, sir.

Stanley, hey, man.

I just took my buddy to lunch.
I forgot my ID.

Can you buzz us through?

I don't know you.

It's Matt from accounting on
3-6. What are you talking about?

We just went to Ray's
for an egg parm.

I'm gonna need to
see your ID, buddy.

Stan, come on,
buddy, you don't remember?

Remember on the weekend,
I ran into you at the...

At that restaurant?

Where did I
take Tanya, Shopsin's?


Right? You introduced
me to Tanya.

I did? Drank and,
God, I hope I didn't...

You okay, Stan?

You were really drunk.

And you were worried about
people finding out about the...

You know, the porno.

Oh, hey, yeah, don't worry
about it. Here. Right.

You guys go ahead.
Have a good day.

Thanks, Stan.

No problem, sir.

The password doesn't work. They
must have changed the protocol.

We have to wait

until you can pick it
out of somebody's head.

We gotta move.
Right now.

That blonde works
for Linderman. Let's go.

Linderman could
be on any floor.

Then we'll search
them all. Come on.

Mr. Hawkins,
Ms. Sanders, relax.

My friend can hear
your thoughts.

He says we have
similar goals.

Didn't I throw you
out a window?

You're responding
well to the treatment.

The important question is
how are you feeling, Molly?

Good, I guess.

As long as I don't get
any more shots.

The antibodies in my blood
are a cure for the virus.

I'm afraid we will need
to continue the treatments.

But I'm all better.

Look what I can do.

Just like before I was
sick, I think about someone,

and I know where
they are in my head.

Right here.

How do I know you're not playing a
trick just to get out of more shots?

Now, you've put that
pin in this building.

Is that supposed
to be me?

No. It's my other hero.

If he's here,
can I see him?

Your other hero?

The police officer

that saved me
from the bogeyman.

Molly, if your power
has returned,

we can stop the bogeyman
so he never hurts anyone else.

Can you think about him?
Show me where he is?

Are you sure
you wanna know?

And how's our favorite
patient, Dr. Suresh?

Much improved. Molly
says she can locate Sylar.

We should go after
him immediately.

We will, soon.

Right now, you need
to go away with Molly.

We have a helicopter on its way to
take you both to a safe location.

You'll find
Linderman on 51.

Good luck
finding your son.

Right. Nice to see you, too.

How do we take out
this tracking system?

Erase a hard disk, destroy
a satellite link, what?

You did your part.
This is mine.

Surveillance picked
them up in the elevator.

What does he want?


Good night, Bennet.

It was Thompson.

I heard him
waiting for you.

Anybody else?
No. He's alone.

All right, stay here!

What? No, no,
I don't have a gun!

What am I thinking
now, Parkman?

Your last thought.

How'd you know
he was gonna come up on me?

We were old friends.

Dr. Suresh?
I thought I heard a noise.

It's nothing, Molly. Go
back to your room, okay?

Good girl.

Look, whatever happens
in here, you gotta know

this is the only way our
families are ever gonna be safe.

Why? What do you mean?
What's here?

Where's the
tracking system?

It's in there.

That's the tracking system?

A kid? We came here
to kill a little girl?


No, I knew it was a person,
but I had no idea.

Lower your gun.

As long as she's alive, my
daughter will never be safe.

None of them will.

Lower your gun,
or I will kill you.

Shoot me, and she dies.

I'm hurt!

I think it's bad!

Here, let me help.



Where is my friend?

He bought one of
my Nagamakis and left.

He bought a sword?

He said if you weren't
going to save the world,

he would.

Hey, move the car!

Come on, get moving!

Is this the only
way out of the city?

No, but it's the fastest.

This is the sickest
thing I've ever seen.

Did this happen
in the accident?

The top of the guy's
head came off!

How else does
that happen?

You don't wanna know.

Sylar got him.

He killed Ted.

Does that mean Sylar can do
what Ted can do?

He's the one.

He's gonna wipe
out the entire city.

You've gotta stop him.

I don't think I can.

The last time I fought
Sylar, he killed me.

Come on. Come on.

Yes, we'll send a helicopter
to retrieve the Petrelli family.

Just make sure
they're not late.



Oh, I must admit,

I'm quite surprised
to see you here.

Where's Micah?

She asked you a question.

You wouldn't even have Micah
if it wasn't for me

arranging your relationship,

crafting your opportunities.

What gives you the right
to ruin our lives,

take our boy from his home?
Your money?

You think being rich
makes you better than us?

Well, social Darwinism
did play its part.

I believe destiny
to be intrinsic.

Your destiny

is to give me back my son.

He's in the building,

42nd floor.

I'll go look for Micah.

Watch him.

You'll never see
him again, you know.

How's that?

Jessica's gonna
kill you for me.

Open the bag.

You just caught me
preparing for a trip.


Well, consider this a deposit
with more to follow.

How much more?

You can't be
listening to this!

Of course she is.

Like most women whose lives
have been ruined by men,

all Jessica really
wants is security,

and money buys that.

Money's all she's
ever really cared about.

She cares about our son.

How much?

Five, $10 million?

Think about Micah.

You saw that painting.
You came here to save him.

All right.

Twenty million dollars to kill
your husband and walk away.

He's right, D.L.

I wanna take the money.

I really do.

I would even kill you for it.

But Niki wouldn't.


You don't love him.

Everything I've done,
I did for them.

You should have
taken the money.

I'm still here.

I don't care what he said.

Me and you getting together,

that was real.

Jessica wasn't
the strong one.

It was you.


I feel so stupid
sitting here.

I wanna jump out
of this damn chair.

People don't
believe in miracles.

When the time is
right, we'll tell everyone.

We're ready.

Thank you.

Thank you all. Thank you very
much for your amazing support.

A landslide.

That's what
they're calling it.

I'm sorry my brother
couldn't be with us tonight.

But I know that Peter cares
about this city more than anyone.

You know, our father always
said that we had a responsibility

to use what God gave us,

to help people,

to make a real difference.

Pop always made the hard
choices for the greater good.

He believed in that.

And so do I.

Our children deserve that.

They deserve
a better future,

a future where they don't
have to face their fears alone,

but can look into
the darkness and find hope.

I challenge everyone in here
to inspire by example

to fight the battle,
no matter the cost.

Because the world is sick.

It's spinning out of control.

But we can help.

With our help,
it can heal.

With our love,
with our compassion,

and with our strength,
we can heal it.

Let's put aside
our differences.

Let's embrace
our common goals.

Let's do it
for our children.

Let's show them all exactly
what we're capable of.

Thank you all.
Thank you very much.

Thank you.