Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 21 - Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' - full transcript

As Nathan and his family ready for the election, Hiro and Ando face the hard part of saving the world.

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Previously on Heroes.

This tragedy will
be a catalyst for good.

And it's your destiny,

to be the leader who uses this event
to rally a city, a nation, a world.

I have a chance to
be a part of something big.

The election.
You need me to leave.

I need to win.

You've been going about
this all wrong, Professor.

Trying to take on the science
and the killer all on your own?

The best way to stop Sylar
is for us to work together.

Hey! Hey!
No one's gonna hurt you.

All right.

We need you to talk to her. Talk to who?

Molly Walker,
the little girl you found.

What makes you think
she's gonna talk to me?

Well, if you're
really a mind reader,

she won't need to.

I need to borrow your Micah.

Micah's off limits.

How would you like
to save the world today?

This is usually the part
when people start screaming.

They stop you and you die.

We gotta go.

How did you
even get in here?

Bennet, he's got a plan.

That went
better than I expected.

As long as that tracking
system is in place,

you'll never be safe.

The system is well protected,
but we can get to it, destroy it.

We can end it all.

Where is this
tracking system?

New York City.

We're on the next bus.

Is that a new 9th Wonder?

You're trying
to change the past.

Trying to stop Sylar,
is that it?

I'll take you
where it's safe.

Don't worry, New York!

We will save you!

Come on, boys.
Honey, we're home!

How's my girl?


Hey, boys, come here.

Anything interesting
happen while we were gone?

Nope, everything was
unbelievably ordinary.

Wait till you see
what I got you, guys.

What do you think it is?

Paris is cold this time of
year, so here's a nice warm coat.

Brown wool.

It's not flashy,
but it's fashionable.

Now let's talk about gloves.

I'II let you two
say goodbye.

You can't leave.

I have to.

At least
until the election's over.

I found you in Odessa.

We save each other,
you end up being my niece.

This isn't just random,

This is destiny!

My father sacrificed himself so that
I could have a life, not a destiny.

You can't save me, Peter.
Not this time.

And Nathan can?

Nathan can keep me safe.

You can't get hurt!

You're here to
save the world.


I'm sorry, I can't go
around chasing some fantasy.

It's not some fantasy, okay?
I explode.

I see it.

I wipe out this whole
city. You, Nathan, everyone.

You explode?


Like a nuclear bomb.


Like Ted.


Who the hell is Ted?

I told you
no phone calls.

It's my wife. If we're
going on a suicide mission,

I'd like to tell her
I love her, say goodbye.

You think I don't
want to talk to my wife?

That I don't miss
my son and my daughter?

We're doing this to
protect the people we love.

The company has
a new tracking system.

Now, this Walker System doesn't
rely on isotopes and satellites.

It just finds you
wherever you are.

So we've gotta
play this smart.

Switch cars,
stay to the back roads.

Fine, we go to New York,
we wipe out the Walker System.



Yeah, almost done.

Let's go.

That man...

the glowing hands.

He's the exploding man.

I'm going to take his power.

I'm going to explode.

Is this my future?
Is this what you saw, Isaac?


I need your help.


I think
I'm gonna do something bad.

You're a murderer. You don't
get the luxury of regret.

You don't understand. I think
I'm gonna kill a lot more people,

a lot more.

I understood it before
the killing. I had a reason

to take what
others didn't deserve.

It was natural selection.

What are you talking about?

An apocalypse.

A massacre. Half the
city gone in an instant.

They mean nothing.

They're innocent.

There's no gain,
so why would I do it?

What possible reason could
I have for killing so many?

Wait, listen.
You don't have to.

If you're truly repentant
about what you've done,

turn yourself in.

I can hear you dialing 911.
It was a mistake to call.

No, wait! Sylar? Sylar!

Where's Micah?

A car from the Corinthian
Casino picked him up.

That's Linderman's casino.

What aren't you
telling me?

Linderman said that
he needed Micah for a job.

A job?

He's 10 years old,
and you let him go?

Of course not!
I told him no.

What have you done?

It was Linderman.
No, this is your fault!

Your responsibility!

I'm done with you.
I'll get Micah my damn self.

Don't let him go.

You're the one
that can save Micah.

He's gonna get killed
if he goes alone.



No, everything's
under control, Mr. Linderman.

He's a good kid.

Not that I mind
the babysitting,

but don't you think
this is a waste of my talent?


No, I appreciate that, I do.

I will.

Who was on the phone?

It was Mr. Linderman.

He wanted to make sure that
you were ready for tomorrow.

Isn't that nice?

I don't like Mr. Linderman.

Well, why not?

I don't know. He smells funny.
Mom, I don't like it here.

I don't
want to do this.

I want to go home.

Mr. Linderman helped us,
and now we have to help him.

That's the last that
I want to talk about it, okay?

But, Mom, I just don't...

Micah, that's enough.

You know that I would never let
anything bad happen to you, right?

Give me a smile.

It's good to see
you again, Professor.

So, have you
thought about my offer?

Are you ready to
come to work for us?

As far as I can tell, you're all
a bunch of untrustworthy gundas.

Is that a no?

No, I'm not going
to work for you.

You're going to work for me.

You're going to show me everything
you do, everything you know,

and I'm going to use it
to help me stop Sylar.

And why would I do that?

You raided my father's
office in Chennai,

planted Eden as
my next door neighbor.

You want what I have,
the formula.

I can find more of them.
You're the one who needs me.

Some people died because
you led Sylar right to them.

And now you blame yourself,
so you become a vigilante.

That's cute.
Is that a no?

What choice do I have?

Come on in.

What is this place?

There's someone
you need to meet.

Molly Walker.

Does the name
ring any bells?

Yeah, she was on
my father's list.

That's right.

Your father led
Sylar right to her.

He slaughtered her parents,
then attacked her.

How did she survive?
Well, luckily, we got to her.

That's what we do.

We find people with
abilities, help them,

protect them.

And she's sick,
isn't she?

How can you tell?

Her nucleotides
are decomposing.

You need to
get her to a doctor.

A doctor can't help her.
I'm thinking maybe you can.

I'm a geneticist. I wouldn't
know the first thing about this.

Molly's virus is very rare.

It's destroying
her nervous system.

It prevents her from
accessing her ability.

There's been one other case,

an Indian girl, 1974.

My sister.

Shanti died.

Yes, we know.

Sadly, your father developed
a cure months too late.

Unfortunately for Molly, our people
can't figure out what that cure is.

Cute, huh?

You're trying
to manipulate me?

Showing me this poor girl,
preying on Shanti's memory.

Sylar is out there, and
he's planning a slaughter.

Everyone is in danger,
and this...

None of this
is going to help.

You just don't get it.

Molly is the only one
who can stop Sylar.

It's me.

I know it's been a while, but
I've been thinking about things.

Thinking about the future,
my future.

I know it's last-minute, but if
I could just come talk to you.

Can I come over?


I'll see you soon.

I can hear you.

Whoever you are,

come on out.

You do that again,
I will kill you.

You're lucky I didn't
leave your ass

stuck in the wall
after what you've done.

What the hell is this place?

It's where Linderman
restores his art.

He usually
hangs out in here.

What's that?

Is that supposed to be...


Where is he?

I don't know,
New York, maybe.

Our fourth grade report card.

Niki's immunization records.

School photos
and medical files.

He's tracked
our entire life.

This finally makes sense.

No, this is crazy.

Nobody does
what you and I can do.

What Micah can do,

My life.

Me and Niki,
everything we had, it was...

It wasn't real.

It was all Linderman's
science experiment.

All this time Linderman's just
been playing with our lives.

What are you doing?

Linderman obviously isn't
here. We're wasting our time.

If Linderman knows
this much about us,

he must know
something about Micah.

Where he went,
what he's doing.

Linderman went to New York.

There is some note about
Petrelli on election day.

We find Linderman,
we find Micah.

Let's get Micah
the hell out of there.

Hi, Molly.

I'm Dr. Suresh,

and I need to take some
blood, if that's okay.

Molly, I want to stop the
man who hurt your family

and who tried
to hurt you.

You can't stop
the boogeyman.

He sees into your soul,
and then he eats your brain.

Well, you know who
can stop the boogeyman?


I hear you have
an amazing ability.

It's not so amazing.

They ask me where people
are, and I find them.

You find them? What?
Anywhere in the world?

I just think about them,

and then
I know where they are.

But it doesn't
work right now.

Well, that is a very
special ability, Molly.

Because the boogeyman,
he likes to hide.

But if you can
tell us where he is,

we can make sure
he never comes back again.

You're different
from the other doctors.

They're much better at this.


So, you're telling me this guy
Ted Sprague blew up your house?

Yeah, pretty much.

Don't you see this, Nathan?

Maybe I'm not the bomb.

Maybe this guy Ted Sprague
is. Maybe we can stop him.

You said you had a dream that
you blew up New York City.

Yeah, I also dreamed that I could fly.

We know how
that turned out for you.

You can fly?

That's cool.

The election is tomorrow.

Pick up the phone,
call the FBI.

We need to find him.


Trust me.

I'll make a few calls.


You've been through a lot,
and you're very brave.

I just want you to
know that I admire that.

Mr. Linderman,
we have a problem.

Oh, thank you, Lord, for
bringing my Gabriel home safe.

Hi, Mom.

Thank you, Lord.

Come in.

If I'd known you were coming, I
would have straightened up more.

I brought it from Texas.

For your collection.


One more,
and I have the continent.

I'm just missing Oregon.

I hear it's beautiful there.

Green everywhere.

The clock's broken.

Oh, that old thing, I should
have thrown it away years ago.

It was Dad's.

It's junk.

It's a beautiful piece.

It just needs
a little attention.

I can tell you
how proud I am.

I haven't done anything.

You've traveled the world.

Some of us only get to
see it in snow globes.

I'm tired of traveling.
I think I might stay here.

In Queens?
Why would you ever come back?

If I stayed,
maybe I could stop.

Maybe I wouldn't have to...



I'm gonna
make you a sandwich.

Do you want tuna fish?

Please don't,
I'm not hungry.


If you insist on staying,

you should call Mr. Bilger,
that man from Smith & Barney.

You fixed his Rolex.

Why would I call him?

Because he said you should.

He said you were very
talented and very special.

Maybe he could
get you a job.

I have a job.
I fix watches.

That's a hobby.

Investment banking
is a very lucrative field.

I can't be
an investment banker.

You could be
anything you want.

Mom, he wouldn't
even remember who I am.

Who could forget you?

Mom, you're not
even listening to me!

I am listening.


You're making
a tuna sandwich.

I asked you not to.

I made a mistake.

I'm sorry!

No, Mom. Mom, don't.
Don't. Oh, no, no. No!

Don't, it's just...

Maybe I don't
have to be special.

That's okay to just
be a normal watchmaker.

Can't you just
tell me that's enough?

Why would I tell you that

when I know you
could be so much more?

If you wanted,
you could be president.

What are we doing here?
Shouldn't we be looking for Ted?

No. The FBI and police
aren't going to believe us.

They'll take Nathan seriously,
though. He can evacuate the people.


What? What?
What? What? What?

What is it?

That man. That's the
man my father works for.

He's the one
I've been running from.

We gotta get out of here.
Wait a minute.

We don't know
what's happening in there.

Linderman doesn't have a grasp
on the situation, Thompson.

And why would
you think that?

All the pundits think
I'm gonna lose.

And this morning
my brother tells me

about a fella
named Ted Sprague.

Ring a bell?

We know all about Sprague.

I don't appreciate being kept in
the dark, especially not today.

Oh, God, I can't believe
I've been so stupid.

My father took
a bullet to keep me

from that man,
and now he's with Nathan.

It can't be
what you think.

Why do you keep
running back to him?

'Cause he's my brother.

The truth is, you have no
idea what's gonna happen.

You're nervous.


You want to blow up
half of New York.

Yes, we do.

You're scared.

Yeah, I am.

I'm terrified. I have
to find a nuclear man,

and I don't know if I can
contain all that power.

Then run the other way.

I can't.
Why not?

Because if we save ourselves,
who's gonna save everyone else?

Why are you asking me
to make this sacrifice?

For the best of reasons.

You're not alone, Claire.
All right?

You coming?

No. This is crazy.

I'm getting out of here.

Micah, I'm gonna
go hop in the shower.

You gonna be okay?

Hey, Mom, I'm sorry that I
talked back to you earlier.

I know that you
just want what's best.


Who are you?

How'd you do that?

I can make you
see anything I want.

Makes it kind of hard to get away, huh?

Where's my mom?

I don't want to hurt you.

I like you.

But if you don't listen
to what Mr. Linderman says,

I'll show you things

that'll seriously
mess you up for life.

So you need to behave.


What if I told you
that I can be special?


But to do it, I'd have to
hurt a lot of people. Should I?

You? You can
never hurt anyone.

There's a lot of things that I
can do that you don't know about.

I have something to show you.

What are you doing?

I know how much
you love snow globes.

How did you...



I'm sorry, Molly. I didn't
mean to frighten you.

You can't help me either.
It's okay.

No, actually,

my father did find a cure.

It's called an antibody.

Unfortunately, we don't
know where or what it is.

It's hiding,
like the boogeyman.


Who's that?

It's my sister, Shanti.

She's very pretty.

This is the first time
I've ever seen her.

She died before I was born.

Am I going to die?

Molly, my father did everything
he could to save my sister.

He was just
a few months too late.

I won't be, I promise.

What's this?

It'll protect you
from the boogeyman.

Thank you.


I'm sorry I scared you.

Just come out and talk to me. Please.


I saw a vision of the future,

and I'm gonna
kill a lot of people.

Tell me why
I would do that.



I'm leaving.

And when I get back,
I expect you to be gone.

Don't say that, Mom.
It's me. It's Gabriel.

You're not Gabriel.

You're damned,

and I want you
out of my house.

Let go!

Get away from me!
Mom, calm down.

Get away!
Calm down.

I want my son.

What did you do with my son?

Give me back my boy.

Mom, please, it's me.
It's me, Mom, please...

My Gabriel...

Mom. Stop it!

You're not! You're not! You're not!

You're not! You're not!

I'm sorry.

That heartbeat... You were in the
loft. Why are you following me?

I must stop you.

Then do it.

Do it! Kill me!

You can't, you coward.

Now I'm gonna
have to kill you.


You did it.
You found the cure.

Where was it?

It was in me.


when a mommy and
daddy have a sick child,

they have another baby,

a healthy baby with
healthy antibodies.

And if we're very lucky,

the healthy baby's blood
will heal the sick baby.

Unfortunately, I was born a
little too late to help my sister.

But I'm not too
late to help you.

You weren't even
going to say goodbye?


I think I figured a way
for you to save the world.

A gun?

That's how I save the world,
that's your plan?

I can handle Ted.

But if I lose it,
you're the only one

who can get close
enough to stop me.

Right through
the back of the head.

You know the spot.

The same place you pulled
the piece of glass from.

My destiny is
not to shoot you.

The universe
cannot be that lame.

You cannot run away
from who you are, Claire.

This bomb is happening.

How can you be so sure?

Because I can
draw the future.

I met a guy who can do it,
now I can do it, you see?

Someone's gonna blow.

Me, Ted.
It doesn't really matter.

It's happening around the
election, unless you stop it.

That's Ted.

You drew Ted.

Are you sure?

I can never forget that face.

That's Kirby Plaza, midtown.

Ted is here in New York.

Don't you see, Claire?
You're part of this.

But you have to do this.

Thank you, Benedict.

What are you doing here?

I didn't think I'd see
you till later tonight.

A mother can't be
worried about her son

on the most important
day of his life?

I was just
working on the speech,

some details
of the concession.

I'm not talking
about the election.

Linderman called me.

He said you're
getting cold feet.

It's natural to
feel ambivalent.

Nobody expects you
to feel otherwise.

So I wanted to
give you perspective.

You know about
Linderman's plans?

Yes. Well, they're not just Linderman's.

A lot of people put time and
care into making this a reality.

Myself included.


Yes, you don't know
everything about me, Nathan.

But I do know
everything about you.

And I know what
you're capable of.

You think
I'm a mass murderer?

Important men make
impossible decisions.

President Truman
dropped two atomic bombs

on Japan to end World War II.

Killed thousands
to save millions.

That was different,
Ma, we were at war.

I can't accept this.

That is your one weakness,
Nathan, you have no faith.

So how could you
possibly believe this bomb

could actually
heal the world

if you have no faith
in the idea of destiny?

Your destiny, Nathan,

is to set
the course of history

after this unspeakable
act has occurred.

The people will look
back on what you do

as the freshman congressman
from New York,

and they will thank you

for your strength,
for your conviction,

for your faith.

In my day, we called
it being presidential.

Can you believe?

Can you be
the one we need?

That's my boy.

You were right, Mom.

I am meant to be special,
just like you wanted.

I can be anything.

I can even be president.

There's no sign of him.

What's wrong?

I'm not normal.

I tried to pretend that I
was, and I just hurt everyone.

My mom, my dad.

I ruined everything
because of what I am.

I hated it.

But you...

When I met you, I finally felt
like I was part of something.

That's funny.

I felt the same thing
when I met you.


Dad! Dad!


I love you, Claire Bear.


What's he doing?

He's absorbing your ability.

He's gotta make it stop.