Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 17 - Chapter Seventeen 'Company Man' - full transcript

Matt and Ted take Mr. Bennett and his wife, son, and Claire, hostage in their house to find out what he knows about their abductions, and his research. When Matt discovers that the unbalanced Ted intends to explode to create a nuclear blast, he finds out about Claire's invulnerability, and decides to help Mr. Benette stop Ted. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennett's background story is revealed.

Previously on "Heroes" --

I have no idea how
you're pulling this off

but I swear I won't stop 'til I
figure it out, you understand me?

I'm just trying to figure out
how to take take of our family.

I don't have a job, Jan.

They're going to pay
for what they did to me.

What they did to us.

There is no putting this
whole thing behind you.

We've got to find out what
they did and make them fix it.

You want to know why I was
invisible all of these years?

It was because of them --

and you drove the bastards
right to my door!

Claire, can you keep a secret?

I think I know how
I survived the fire.

Please say something.

Some family,
that's how I survived it.

Your mother has a
subdural hemorragy.

It's like a bruise
on the brain,

in the area that
controls memory.

- You erased her mind.
- It's ridiculous.

You tried to erase mine.

- What you know is dangerous.
- Why did you do this to Mom?

I only wanted to
protect my family.

- We've had enough of that.
- Don't, don't!

I'm not gonna nuke the dog.

It wouldn't hurt Mr.
Mugles, would I?

If you want to hurt this guy,
that would be the way to do it.

There are more pictures of dogs
around here than there are of kids.

You don't really think he's
stupid or sloppy enough

to leave incriminating
evidence around the house.

He did just get
raided by the F.B.I.

We couldn't get a
warrant for the house.

So maybe on the off-chance that

he's a little lil' sloppy or stupid,
I'm going to poke around.

So now we're jacking
his computer?

You want to sit around all day
and download files? I don't.

If we don't find
anything on his PC,

there is another place we can look,
inside his head.

I plan on that.

We're gonna bag the son of
a bitch at his factory,

see how he likes it.

- Maybe we can bag him here.
- Oh God, he's with his family.

Family's a pretty
good motivator.

I'm not taking any hostages.
We bag him at the paper factory.

That was plan A,
plan B is much better.

There is no plan B.
We leave now.

Are you going to let this guy
slip through your fingers again?

Lyle, help your mother.

Talk to me.

What's the point? Am I going
to remember this conversation?

Keep your voice down.

Lyle, take your mother,
get out of the house right now.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions.
We all do.

Honey -- what's happening?

Dad, what's happening?

Stay calm.

Yeah. Yeah,
let's just everyone, stay calm.

Ok? Everybody stays calm,
nobody gets hurt.

This is officer
Parkman of the LAPD.

Formerly of the LAPD.
Thanks to you.

What do you want from me?

You come into my
house with guns.

Not guns, gun.

I don't need a gun,
do I Mr. Bennet?

- Not after what you did to me.
- I don't know you.

If you insist on lying,
you're going to upset me.

And you know what
happens when I get upset,

I get very bright and very hot.

Ted is going to do us all a favour,
right, Ted?

And he's not going to get upset.
But you gotta help.

I'm not who you think I am,
I'm just a paper salesman.

No, no. You're not.

So tell me,
how do you feel about paper?

- Wildly enthusiastic.
- Good.

Because as far as friends
and family are concerned,

it's your
life. Congratulations.

You are the new regional
manager for Prima-tech paper.

Nice cover.
Sorry do make a liar out of you,

but it's part and
parcel of what we do.

Nobody outside the
organization knows.

They can't know.
People are fragile. Like teacups.

All around them,
the world is changing and they --

simply don't want
to deal with it.

They don't want to know what's
happening to us as a species.

And they certainly
don't want to know

the measures we take
to keep them safe.

Now you'll be
asked to do things

that fall in a moraly
grey territory.

Things that most
would find cruel.

But men like you and I,
know to be necessary.

I'm comfortable
with moraly grey.

Good, you'll have a partner,
one of them.

That's how we do it here,
keeps us all honest.

- Great, when do I meet him?
- He's already here.

Is this a test?

How did you -- how did you --
how -- how is that?

It's a brave new world, friend.

Go ahead.
Tell them what you do.

What goes on at that paper
factory of yours, Mr. Bennet.

He abducts people.

He drugs us.

He injects us with,
I don't know what.

I lost my job.

And I am trying not
to lose my wife.

You don't care about that,
do you?

You don't care about
what you did to me.

All you care about

is that we think that
nothing happened.

- Makes us forget.
- How can he make you forget?

The haitian.

- That's right, thet haitian.
- She knows?

This is your fault.

She knows this is his fault.

He's got all them
fooled except for her.

Just when you thought plausible
deniability was gonna save your ass.

The haitian.

Your mother forget and your brother,
but not --

Why didn't he make you forget?

What is he talking
about, Claire?

I don't know anything.

You want to put a
stop to all this?

All you need to do to
keep your family safe,

to keep us all safe,
is just tell the truth.

- I am telling the truth.
- No. This is the truth.

Oh, my God.

This is what did you do me.

Settle down, Ted.

We just want to
be normal again.

He's not a paper salesman.

I guess she's not daddy's
little girl any more.

What are they doing?


He's getting inside
your daughter's head.

I can run, get some help.
They can't hurt me.

Are you thinking about
being a hero? Don't.

Don't, this guy is serious
and he's really dangerous.

And I need your help to make
sure that nobody gets hurt.

You can read my mind.

- Yeah, your dad did it to me.
- It didn't just happen?

I wouldn't be here
if it just happened.

Has my dad done this
to other people?

As far ask I can tell,
it's different with everyone.

I've seen some weird things.

I'm sure you have, too.
Like the stuff at your school.

Peter Petrelli.

Peter Petrelli?

He can do what I can do.
What do you know about him?

He can do what I can do.

He's different. Like you.

Save the cheerleader?

I read his mind, he read mine.

He told me to protect you.

From someone who was
killing people like me.

Are you different, Claire?

Your blood was all
over that crime scene.

You didn't have
a scratch on you.

Why didn't you have
a scratch on you?

I can heal.

Did my dad make me this way?

What are they going
to do with the baby?

I don't know.

I wander if they knew
about little orphan Annie

before they sent us over there
to bag a bloody fire-starter.

Nah, they would have told us.

A word, please.

*No sign of the mother?

*We think she died in the fire.

*Your son?

*I understand you
have no children.

*That's correct.

*Having children changes a man.

*I can only imagine.

*You don't have to imagine.

*You're going to...

*adopt the baby as your own.

*I don't think
that's a good idea.

*It's not a request.

*You and your wife have been
trying to conceive, yes?

*Unsuccessfully. And frankly,
I'm relieved.

*I don't think I'd be
a really good father.

*Once again,

*not a request.

*Don't get too close.

*You're only her surrogate father.
She belongs to us.

*If she manifests,
we'll take her.

*Of course.

*Happy Fathers Day.

Did you make me this way?

Is that why you adopted me?
Am I some sort of experiment?

- Don't talk to your father like that.
- He's not my father.

They have nothing
to do with this.

- He's the one who got them involved.
- No. We did you and me,

when we didn't leave the
house when they came home.

No one's been hurt, what's he gonna do?
Go to the police?

We can get out of
here right now.

- We came for a cure.
- What if there isn't one?

I'll kill us all.

Just -- get inside his head.

Get some answers or we're all
gonna have a really bad day.

Son of a bitch is
thinking in Japanese.

Why are you thinking
in Japanese, huh?

We want answers. Who are you?

And what did you do to us?

- The safe in the bookcase.
- Ted, there's safe in the bookcase.


Stop it!

Enough, we're done!

We're not done!
I'm calling your bluff.

Ted! Ted!

Put the gun down,
that's not going to help anybody.

He killed my wife,
it's only fair I kill his.

With his own gun too.

- Kind of poetic, don't you think?
- Tell him what he wants to know.

Come on,
he's willing to kill us all.

Leave her alone.
She didn't do anything!

Claire, sit down.

Shoot me if you're
going to shoot someone!


Parkman, you have to trust me,
shoot Claire.

I'm telling you,
someone's going to die.

Sorry, Mrs. Bennet.

Shoot Claire, now!
She can heal.

- Shoot me!
- You brought this on yourself.


Claire! What did you do?

Claire! What did you do?

What did do you that for?

Get his trust.

Now he knows how far we'll go.

Right hook. Right hook coming.

You killed my little girl!

You did.


Tell me it's not true.

Tell me.

Don't leave her here.

Move Claire's body
before she heals.

They don't need to
see her like this.

We've got to move the body.

I had no idea it was
going to go this far.

Believe me,
he was going to kill your wife.

I actually heard him pull
the trigger in his mind.

Thank you for shooting first.

Oh my God!

- Where's Mom and Lyle?
- Downstairs.

- Are they safe?
- No.

You made her indestructible?

I didn't make anyone.
You don't have all the facts straight

and I don't appreciate
you confusing my daughter.

The fact is you work
in some freak factory

where your ruin people's lives.

You've been mislead,
Claire, I'll explain later.

But right now you have to do
exactly what I tell you to do.

- I'm going to the police.
- Don't make the same mistake I did.

Don't put your family at risk.

- Parkman?
- Yeah, coming!

The people I work for
don't know about you.

If they did,
you wouldn't be here right now.

They would have
taken you months ago

and we never would
have seen you again.

You say you want a normal life?

That's what I've
been fighting for.

He's telling the truth.

Hate me all you want but right now,
this has to be contained.

Which means you
have to stay put.

What, you want me to play dead?
I'm sorry, I'm not Mr. Mugles.

That man downstairs can
generate a chain-reaction

which would be like dropping
a nuclear bomb on this house.

And he'll do it too.
Come on, we have to go now.

Do what I say,
so nobody gets hurt.

- And you --
- Yes.

Do what I think.



We already got their attention.

We're not going to
find anything here.

What we want is at
the paper factory.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Did he tell you
that or think it?

We've got records of the abductions,
what they've done,

in exchange for his family's safety.
He'll get them.

I don't want
anybody else to die

because of what
I've done to you.

Do all the words coming out of
your mouth sound like lies?

He's not lying.
We'll have proof.

- No surprises at the factory?
- Just the truth.

I'll stay with the family.
You go.

No. I'll stay with the family.

I can do more damage here.

Whatever you say,
you're in control.

Sandra --
I'm gonna get us out of this.

It's 7 a.m.
If you're not back in an hour --

look for the mushroom cloud.

I think my wife
suspects something.

She went through my bag,
she found a gun and a sedation kit.

That's particularly stupid on your part.
Letting her find it.

The baby has been
keeping me up for days,

it was sloppy. She thinks I'm
some sort of a serial killer.

She's better off thinking you're a
serial killer than knowing the truth.

I don't know what to do.

Is that a new sensation
for you, Bennet.

Is my wife in danger?

If I said yes,
what would be your next move?

Would you pack up Sandra and
little Claire and make a run for?

Or would you turn her over?

I'd do what I've always done,
what I'm told.

But you didn't answer the question --
is she in danger?


Nothing's going to
happen to your wife,

because she's not going to
remember finding anything.

There's a boy,
we discovered in Haiti --

- He can make her forget?
- He's really something.

He's mute.

When we asked him to
describe his ability,

he drew a picture of himself,

pulling memories like little
grubworms out of someone's head.

I wanted to put it on
the front of my fridge.

When he's done,

make sure you thank him
for saving Sandra's life.

She's upstairs.

We don't have time for this.
In about 38 minutes,

Ted's going nuclear unless we
bring him back hard evidence.

The only thing we're bringing
back Ted is a tranquilizer.

He deserves to know the truth.

He doesn't want the truth.
He wants his wife back.

Short of that, he wants revenge

of the good,
old-fashioned biblical variety.

You said yourself, he'd already
pulled the trig anywhere his mind.

Ok. So that's if for him.
What about me?

Are you going to
send me back to L.A.

with my wife and baby and
no idea this ever happened

so you can pretend to have
a happy family again?

I'm not sending you anywhere.

You're the only
one I can trust.

Look, here's the deal.
I'll be honest with you.

- You be honest with me.
- You just try lying to me.

I just signaled the haitian.

You said no one would
know we're here.

Until I needed them to.

Guess who found
out where I live?

What do you think we
should do with them?

And guess who found
out you can talk?

Who have you talking to?
Who else knows about Claire?

Just you and I.
But that will change.

She wasn't supposed to
remember any of this.

I gave you
specific instructions.

I answer to someone's whose
instructions supercede yours.

In this company?

In your daughter's life.

What's the mission?

Looking into a security breach,
that's all I know.

That's all they told me.

That's all they
told you to tell me

but what you know is
considerably more.

You're not as good
a liar as you think.

You're the security breach.

Is that what they're
calling me behind my back?

I was hoping for something
a bit more subtle.

You americans are
usually good for it.

Is it true?

- Are you hiding one of them?
- By "them" you mean people like me?

Is that what you're
accusing me of hiding?

Well, the short answer is yes.

You're compromising
what we're doing.

Sorry, I know we're
serving the greater good

but it's keeping
me up at night.

Seeing as you're raising
one of us as you're own,

- I was hoping for more sympathy.
- Claire is not one of you.

Not yet, but one day, maybe.

Don't tell me you
haven't thought about it.

If she is then I'll take her,
it's done.

Just like that?

Father of the year, you are.

- You know who I work for.
- So do I.

I was in your office when
they told you to kill me.

Then why did you
get in the car?

Evidently I think you're
a better man than they do.

Get out.

It's not the first time you've
been told to kill a man,

but is it the first time you've
been told to kill a friend?

Tell me who it is and we
can forget about the rest.

You're just going to do it.
You're just gonna off me like nothing?

It's not nothing.
We find these people.

That's what we do
and you buried one.

You acted against the
interests of the company.

Did you ever stop to think
what the interests are?

Who is it?

What if it was Claire?

That's why you're so
distant from her.

You know you're
going to turn her in.

You're preparing for it.

You used to believe
in what we do.

I used to believe
in the Tooth Fairy.

We made a promise, both of us.

I will not haunt my own people.

This isn't who you are.
You have a choice --

Why couldn't you just --

She's my daughter.

You can't be trusted to put her
safety in front of company interests.

I've been hiding
her for months.

That's the sort of thing that will
get you killed by someone like you.

We're running out of time

and we're not exactly
dealing with a patient man.

Look, it's in Claire's best
interests that we contain this

and we keep her off the radar.

- She could run.
- She's safer in plain sight.

Not at the moment.

No one is going to be safe unless
you give Ted what he wants.



Thank you.

You came back.

Go, run!

Get out of here.

Go to the back!


Get out of here -- run!


Go! Mom!


- You should have run.
- I could never leave you.

Not after I just got you back.

I always thought
were you a miracle.

Didn't know how much
of one until now.

I'm not a miracle, mom.

You were dead.

Any time someone
rises from the dead,

I'd say that's a miracle.

I don't know what I am.

I don't know if God made me
this way or someone else.

- God didn't make us this way.
- God makes us all the way we are.

I walk throughout fire
and didn't get burned.

You were trying to tell me.

I was trying not to tell you.

All this forgetting...
why I was in the hospital.

You think your father
did that to me?

I know he did.

He said he was trying
to protect us.

He's your father.

He is coming back to
get us out of this.

He's lied to you your
entire marriage.

What makes you so sure
he'll keep this word now?


What I've seen,
what I've witnessed.

I can't pretend it's same
world it was yesterday.

God gave you a second chance,

find it in your heart to
give your father one.

I'm curious about something.

Did Parkman know when he shot
you that you wouldn't die?

- Did your dad tell him that?
- I don't know.

That explains why they were so chummy
when they came down the stairs.

What do you suppose
they're up to?

Guess I'll just ask him myself.

Am I still in control,
Mr. Bennett?

You're still in control, Ted.

No tricks.

Just what you asked for.

The truth.

We have what we want, Ted.
We have the proof.

Then why the theatrics with
shooting a girl who can't die?

It's better than
shooting one that can.

We didn't come here
to hurt anyone.

If the people I work for found
out I've shown this to you,

they will kill me.
Since I'm risking my own life.

I would rather not
risk my family's.

Do you want revenge or
do you want the truth?

You can't have both.

I want the truth.

Then let them go.

Get them out of here.

What is he doing here?

Just making sure my family's safe.
That's all.

You stay, they can go.

Go on.



Come on, Claire, let's go.

Come on, come on.

Mom, I called the police.

We didn't make you this way.

It took you three
months to identify you.

At the time you were giving off low
levels of radiation, you were harmless.

And you did nothing to stop it.

There's no cure,
we can't change the way you are.

The only choice is to kill you.

I wish you had.

It was my call.

You had a life.

Who was I to take it from you?

Because you let me go,
my wife is dead.

I'm sorry.

So am I.

- No, don't!
- You son of a --

Stop it!

I can't!

- We gotta get out of here!
- No!

- Dad.
- Claire?

- Where's my dad?
- He's --

Claire, don't!

- Dad!
- Get out!

Not without you!

Tranquilizer. Stay down!

I can't get close enough.

- Give it to me.
- No.

I'll be ok.

Get him out of here.



It's a good thing you
called me when you did.

This sort of thing
isn't taken lightly.

You know well and good what
the policy is on hiding them.

I'm well aware.

It's a shame I have to
kill another partner.

Especially one so
useful to the cause.

Has he even located,
the haitian?

He must have figured
you would turn him in.

How long was he hiding Claire?

In plain sight, too.
You must feel like a fool.

I take it it's been months.
She trusted him over her own father.

Surrogate father.

Now that we have him,
we'll keep him sedated.

We'll find out what
gives him his spark.

And then?

What do you think?

He was very helpful.

Imagine working with someone
like Parkman by your side.

Knowing what everyone
around you is thinking.

It could prove
quite resourceful.

Certainly keep
everybody honest.

- Is she one of them?
- Very promising.

She's going to help us
clean up the mess you made.

- We're done here?
- Just one more thing.

When should we be
expecting Claire?

I'll bring her in now.

- Where am I going?
- I don't know.

Will I see you again?

Mom? Lyle?

I don't know.

I wanted to protect you.

You're my dad.

I tried to be the
best dad I could.

I know.

Let's see?

- Those are grandpa glasses.
- Aouch.

Even though I am the same age my
father was when he needed glasses.

How about these, huh?

- What?
- Grandma glasses.

- Will I need glasses, too?
- I don't know.

Well, if you need them and grandpa
needed them. Won't I need them?

Your mother and
I were wondering

when we were going to
have this conversation.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.

Tell me.

I'm not your biological father.

You're adopted.

- Who are my real parents?
- We are your real parents.

We don't know who your
biological parents are,

but we're your real family.

You can't be my real
family if I'm adopted.

Well what makes us real
isn't where you come from,

it's how much we love you.

And we love you you very much.

I love you very much.

You didn't grow
inside your mother.

You grew inside our hearts.

Claire, talk to me.

Try these on.

How do I look?

Like my dad.

This is good-bye.

You don't have to do this.

- There's got to be another way.
- This is the best way.

There can't be any
doubt about your father.

Right here.

Two inches higher and I'm dead.

Claire, turn around,
cover your ears.

- Dad.
- God.

Go deep.

Take anything that
would lead them to her.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, Claire bear.