Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 12 - Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' - full transcript

Nathan stops at nothing when it comes to getting some kind of help for his unconscious brother. Hiro goes on a hunt for the sword he's seen in Isaac's paintings. Nikki tries to convince the police of her need for help in dealing with her split personality.

Now, the next chapter of Heroes begins.

Last December, Heroes give us a look

into the future.

But that, was just the beginning.

There were strangers who discovered
extraordinary abilities...

I think I can fly.

... until they realize
they were not alone...

We are all connected.

... with the discovery of one thing.

The List.

The invincible cheerleader

on a mission to find her birth parents.

I think I'm old enough for you
to tell me who my real parents are.

The mother with an alter ego

makes a sacrifice to protect her child.

- Can I help you, m'am?
- Yeah, you can arrest me.

Your mom's not coming home.

And tonight,
the search for new heroes begins.

How can you see me?

The entire city is in danger.

It's me.

Heroes, the next chapter begins...now.

1x12 God Send

You get your mind ready yet, Niki?

Up to me, I'd leave you in the box here
a few more weeks.

Even animals like you
get a lawyer visit.

You just move real slow-like,
you hear me?

Nice and easy.

Show me your hands!

Come on, get 'em up!

Go on.

Let's go.

Union Wells High School opens its doors

for the first time
since 16-year-old Jackie Wilcox

was brutally murdered
during a homecoming game two weeks ago.

Teachers and students wrestle with
how to remember the slain cheerleader,

while still trying to move on.

This is Angela Braumstead,
Channel 5 News.

Look at all those reporters.

Don't worry about the press.

They're not allowed on school grounds.

I'm more worried about the other kids.

They're gonna want to ask me questions
about it.


You don't have to tell them anything.

Well, good,
'cause I don't really remember much.

I mean, I know that's supposed to be
post-traumatic stress

or whatever, but nothing?

Nothing at all?

Memory's a funny thing.

I think it's a blessing
that you don't remember.

Where'd you find me?

What do you mean?

The night Jackie got killed.

You said you found me by the stadium?

You were scared to death.

You were traumatized,
you just wanted to go home.

I don't remember.


I guess I better go.

Not so dangerous anymore, are we,
Mr. Sylar?

We've gone over every strand of code,

trying to find the code on switches
that identify his aptitudes.

Other than telekinesis,
we're drawing a blank.

Has he responded to the glycimerine?

Given him enough to kill an elephant.

Nothing. We're no closer.

If we keep up at this rate,
he'll be dead by tomorrow.

After what he did to Eden,
he'd deserve it.

they haven't authorized that.

He stays alive.

You're just gonna have to dig deeper.

You better be right about this, Parkman.

Let's go, come on!

Come on, let's go.

We swept this entire place.
There's nothing here but paper.

- Did you check the basement?
- Yeah !


More paper.

Where is he?

Where is he? Where's Sylar?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

He's not here, Parkman.

Nice going.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a huge,
meat-eating dinosaur

that lived
during the late Cretaceous Period

about 65 to 85 million years ago.

If we could go back in time,

there's no telling
what wonders we'd find...

He's burning up.

Persistent idiopathic fever.

Means they have no idea what's wrong.

Find the best doctors in the world,
just to have them tell me

they don't know what they're doing
in 4 different languages.

His heart-- they don't know
how much more he can take.

26 years old,
he's gonna die of a heart attack?

He's not gonna die, Ma.

Well, he will unless I do something.

Why don't you just let the doctors do
what they do?

I wish I knew what was going on
in there.

Just before he passed out,
he said he, uh...

He felt he was absorbing
too many powers.

Peter wanted to see that painting.

After I told you not to let him,

you knew he was gonna follow that thing
headfirst all the way to Texas.

He's my brother and I love him,

but we both know
he shouldn't have even been there.

It was important to him.

You really believe all this crap?

Future paintings?

- The end of the world?
- I know he believes it.

And I believe in him.


Then show me.

I've been here for two weeks,
waiting for something to happen.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit around
and watch my brother die.

Take me to the artist.

I want to see what's worth all this.

I love you, man.


Okay, your first mistake?

Never put the peanut butter
in the refrigerator.

Mom always keeps it at room temperature.

Well, your dad's got his own style.

I see that.

It still tastes good.

What happened to you?

Did you get in a fight at school today?

It's nothing.

- Just some jerks.
- Well, what happened?

Dad, they called Mom a psycho killer.

I know, you can lecture me
about not fighting.

No, I...

I know how hard it is without her.

And I wish it could be easier.

But we gonna make it.

You enjoy that.

I'll be back.

I believe you were expecting me?

The name is Malski.

Aaron Malski.

I take it you have it here?

Have the charges against me
been dropped?

Your wife's confession
took care of most of that.

Her pointing out
where to find the bodies helped too.

As for the other charges,

consider yourself a free man,
Mr. Hawkins.

So no more looking over my shoulder?

Only if you wish
to see where you've been.

So that's it.

Linderman leaves me
and my family alone?

Oh, I wouldn't bank on that, no.

That was the deal.

You got back your $2 million.

There is no deal, Mr. Hawkins,

unless Mr. Linderman says
there's a deal.

You took something of his.

And he reserves the right
to let you make that up to him.

Believe me.

You'll be the first to find out

when he chooses to call in that debt.

You have a nice day now.

I'm glad the Bureau
finally decided to take the list

I offered seriously.

Too many people
showing up dead or missing.

If you didn't have a record
showing you were in India

when some of these people were killed,

you and I would be having
a very different conversation.

How fortunate for me, then.

You say, uh...

your father compiled this list?

Yes, he was a geneticist.

All the people on the list
share a unique genetic marker

that he was able to map and track
using the Human Genome Project.

I've been trying to locate them.

To warn them.

About this man Sylar?

Yes, the man who killed my father.

I see.

Well, we ran the name.


Clearly an alias.

But we did follow up on a--
another name you said was on the list.

Sarah Ellis?

I tried to locate her in Los Angeles,

but she wasn't at any
of her known addresses,

and no, I've never met her before.

Are you sure?

That's Sarah Ellis?

I know her by a different name.

Eden McCain. She, uh--

Lives across the hall right there.

She's been gone for a few weeks.
Is there a problem?

She turned up three days ago.

what was left of her, anyway.


Yeah, they pulled her out
of Lake Ramsey in Sudbury.

Hundred miles out of Ontario.

Gunshot wound to the head.

Local law wrote it up as a suicide.

The, uh...

last I heard from her,

she said she had something
to confess to me.

You say she was your friend?


I don't know what she was.

The guy who you were just talking to
has Sylar in this building.

- No, Parkman.
- Yes, he--

He doesn't.
There's nothing in here but paper.

But we didn't look everywhere.

Maybe-- maybe--

there's a secret room. Somewhere.

Okay? Maybe--

And maybe I can whistle
The Star-Spangled Banner out of my ass.

We are lucky he hasn't threatened
to sue us for this stunt.

You want to know
what's on this tape he just handed me?


Caught on the parking lot
surveillance camera.

What, you didn't think
anyone would notice a guy

sitting in the same car
every day for two weeks?

Do you have any idea the position
you have put this Bureau in?

I was following a hunch.

Whose hunch?

My hunch?

The Bureau's hunch?

- Matt's hunch.
- He abducted people.

He abducted me!

He abducted Ted Sprague!

Sure, the guy
with the radioactive hands?

Well, it all makes perfect sense.

I am going to make sure
you are benched for this.

What, that's it?


We both know he's in here.

- I know--
- Do we?

Because all I know is that I have wasted
the last three weeks of my life

on the crazy idea
that you can hear people's thoughts.

I liked you, Matt.

I felt sorry for you.

And maybe that clouded my judgment.

But now I need to get back to reality.

And you should do the same.

Go home, Matt.

We're done.

Listen to me.

I have no idea
how you're pulling this off,

but I swear to God
I'm not gonna stop

until I figure it out,
you understand me?

Good luck with that.


Hey, this is a public place.

Are you sure
you can be seen here with me?

Why not?

Right, I forgot.
You've been body-snatched.

Look, I just want to talk.

Hey, I'm sorry about Jackie.

I know she was your best friend and all.

No, I actually discovered
that someone else was my best friend.

But I lost him too.

What happened to you at Homecoming?

I can't remember.

Can't remember a lot of things lately.

Yeah, it's, uh...

That's funny, 'cause lately,
I can't remember...

- Must be something in the water, right?
- Zach, look at me.

Do you feel like we could be friends?


We wouldn't play well together.

I gotta to tell you, Ms. Sanders,

the outbursts are not helping.

Kind of getting tired of them myself.

Look, I just want to do my time
in peace.

Yeah, about that...

it seems the D. A. is going to file

for special circumstances
in the homicides.

They're gonna seek the death penalty.

Death penalty?

Look, I know it's a long shot.

But it might help
if you cooperated a little.

And how am I supposed to do that?

The $2 million,
things might go a little smoother

if you tell the police where it is.

I've told you.

I don't know anything about that.

Who are you trying to fool?

You know exactly where it is.

I'm sorry?

He's right, Niki.

We should tell them.

Stop it!

Don't pay any attention to her.

Pay attention to who?

God, who am I gonna have to screw
to get out of this place?

I said stop it!

What is this?

What's it look like, dipstick?

Wait, you're going psych on me?

If that's what it takes.

Multiple personality disorders
are a real hard sell.

When I want your opinion,
I will ask for it.

Just get us a damn shrink.

I'm not crazy. No, I'm not crazy.

Don't listen to her.

Please, I'm telling you the truth.

- Of course.
- Don't listen to her.

Listen to me, please.
-I'm not lying to you.

- Of course you're not.
- I'm telling you the truth!

Which way to

gift store?

Thank you.

Isaac was obsessed,

ranting about a bomb
coming to explode New York.

- The painting on the floor.
- Yeah, and he just left.

Someone came and took his paintings.

And I don't understand.

He's been gone a few weeks.

Then I came back.

I'm waiting for the shock to clear
so I can tell if you're glad to see me.

Well... I'm just going to, uh...

You look...

you look healthy.

I got back a few days ago.

I wasn't sure when to call you.

I was in a clinic.

I barely rember any of it,
but when I woke up,

I was in Texas.

And I was clean.

that's great.

I mean it.

I don't need the drugs anymore,
I can paint without it.

Well, I'm glad for you.

I'm only alive because of you, Simone.

I still love you.

All right, uh, this painting...

that's-- it's like he's exploding.
Like he's-- like he's a bomb.

How did you know about this?

Did you talk to my brother Peter?

I painted what I saw.

The last thing Peter said
before he collapsed was that he...

was the cause of the explosion.

Look, I may not get everything.
That's fine, but this...

This-- these things can't be connected.

And the world doesn't work like this.

Bad news, sword not there.

It was replica.

Original owned by man named Linderman.

Did he say Linderman?

Flying Man!

Save the cheerleader, save the world.

What does that even mean?

Have I been saved,
or do I still need saving?

You're saved for the time being.

I wanna talk to Peter Petrelli.

You're not supposed to remember
Peter Petrelli.

He's being watched.

If you try to contact him,
your father will know.

You have to give me something.

Nothing in my life has been real.

My dad obviously doesn't work
in a paper factory.

I don't know what he does.

And what about my biological parents?

He didn't find them through
the adoption agency, did he?

They work for your father.
Like I do.

Everything has been a lie.

The only person I could trust was Zach,

and you took him from me.

That was your father's doing.

- Not mine.
- Then give him back his memories.

I don't wanna be alone.

You are not alone, Claire.

And I cannot give your friend back
his memories.

It's not how my gift works.

Your gift?

That what you call it?

What do you call it?

My own private freak show.

What you can do,

what I can do,

that is God.

Respect it accordingly.

The bomb, it comes from the street.

Destroy everything,
everything turn into dust.

Your English is a lot better.

- I met a waitress in Texas.
- Oh, yeah?

She teach me many things.

Good for you.

So, look, I can't believe
I'm about to say this.

You teleported here...

back from the future.

Yes, my power let me
come back here so I can stop it.


Because "you hero."

You will help too.


- What makes you so sure?
- You're flying man.

Would you keep it down?

What do you think
it is that makes this bomb thing go off?

Don't know... probably bad guy?

- Bad guy?
- Yes. Like villain.

- What's that?
- Villain.

- Villain?
- Villain.

- Villain.
- Vee.

- V.
- Vee-yun.

Like the guy in the painting?

You think a human being
can actually cause an explosion?

I have power, you have power.

Maybe he has power too.

Bad guy.

We must stop him.

I think I can help.

We've been here before.

You, me, the video camera.

Is it at all familiar?

What are you doing, auditioning
for America's Next Top Model?

You made that joke the first time.


just keep the camera on me, okay?

Why don't you just use a tripod?

I can't do this by myself.

And I know you can keep a secret,
you did.

You did, until you forgot what it was.

When we were best friends.

You ready?

Claire, hold on a second.

I'm sure you told me this... before,

but, umh,

why are we videotaping this?

Whatever this is.

Actually, I didn't tell you that before.

The first time I did this
I did it to show my parents.

My real parents.

I wanted them to see what I was.

I thought
they could help me understand.

But I don't think
I'm ever gonna meet them.

They may not even be alive anymore.

So why do you wanna tape it now?

For me.

So I never forget what I am.

No matter what happens to me.

Look, just don't freak out, okay?

I won't.

You said that last time.

Camera's ready for whatever.

Okay, I'm ready.

Keep the camera on me.

What are you doing?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God-- Claire!

This is Claire Bennett.

And as far as you know,
that was attempt number one.

I don't know
how much longer I'm gonna be here.

And what's that supposed to mean?

They're sending me to the psych ward,

for an evaluation with a shrink.

She's here.

She came out, she tried to escape,

she hurt one of the guards.

Maybe a shrink
can help you deal with her.

Get rid of her.

This isn't in my head, D. L.

She is real.

I should've never let you do this, Nik,

get yourself thrown in here.

I shoulda kept that money
to help you out.

You had to give it back,
or else this would never be over.

Let me talk to Micah.

I want you to come home.

I know, sweetie.

But I can't.

It's hard to understand right now.

But I hope that one day you will.

Y- your daddy, he's gonna take
real good care of you while I'm gone.

I need you to be the strong one
because I'm not strong right now, okay?

Mom, that's not fair.

That's my son.

Can I just give him a hug?

- Just for a second, I promise.
- Baby, it's okay.

It's all right.

No, he needs me.

He needs me.

Just let me hold him.

- Stay right there
- He needs me.

- I said stay there!
- Please.

I'm warning you.

Please. Just for a moment.

I just wanted to see my son.

I don't even know what she fed you.

They eat crickets.

Lots of crickets.


Hope you don't mind, I let myself in.

Have you come to kill me now?

That depends.

I'd like to talk to you about Eden.

She worked for me.

Don't you mean Sarah Ellis?

She gave up that name
and that life a long time ago.

And she was a good person.

Yes, of course,
all spies are very good people.

Just misunderstood.

She cared about you
more than she should've.

She was..

- ... special.
- She had an ability?

What was it?

Suffice it to say,
she learned how to use it wisely.

Not everyone who has these abilities
deserves them.

And who are you to judge?
In fact, who are you, period?

I made a mistake.

- I should've come to you before.
- You've been spying on me for weeks.

In India, my cab, bugging my phone.

We need to help each other, Dr. Suresh.

And why would I help you?

You need me, don't you?

My father, he knew more than you do.

From what we could observe, yes.

If you've been watching, you know
my father's formula doesn't work.

We both know that he generated a list.

Who's on that list
is a matter of grave importance.

You've come for it?
You want to find them?

Why do you seem so worried?

Are you on the list?

You've no doubt realized things can go
terribly wrong with these abilities.

If you work with me,
we can control that.

If and when I do figure out this list,

the first thing I'm going to do
is warn these people.

About you.

Together, we could actually
make a difference.

Sorry, not interested.

Contact me when you change your mind.

The access number's on the back.

Are you back?


I took out that suitcase this morning.

But I haven't packed it yet.

I know that we're in trouble.

And I know that a lot of it is my--

most of it is my fault

Janice, we-- we need to start
being completely honest with each other,

come clean about everything.


'Cause there's something I gotta
tell you, something has happened to me.

... really hard to explain.

Just say it.

I can hear people's thoughts.

Meaning what?

I hear their thoughts.

What they're thinking.

It started a few weeks ago.

That's why I've been with the FBI
all this time.

What do you mean?

Like, a psychic or something?

I don't know.

I guess.

You can't be serious.


You don't believe me.
Okay, that's all right.

Here, come here.

All right.

Pick a number between one...
and a million.

Come on, bring it on.

I took his power, Nathan.

I can't control it!

Let me help you, Peter.

You can't!

I'm not leaving you.


- Where is he?
- I have no idea.

- He woke up.
- He woke up?

Yes. He was raving.

After two weeks spent
sitting at his bedside,

thinking he could die,
he says he's gotta get away.

You just let him leave?

No, I just did not let him leave
and when I see him, I will kill him.

Mom...all right, look.
Just go home, okay?

Get some rest.

I'll take care of it.

You're really Hiro Nakamura
from Isaac's comic book?

I worked there, at Yamagato,

We fly here,
and we drive that car everywhere.

Blue Nissan Versa.

It's parked outside right now.

I'm just like Mr. Isaac draw me,
except my face not so round.

Okay, yeah. I give up.

The world is insane,
I'm not gonna keep fighting it.

You can paint the future!

And he needs a sword.

This guy Linderman?
He's a client of mine.

Huge collector. He buys
every painting of Isaac's he can.

I can get you in there.

Get your car,
you're going back to Vegas.

I need the, uh, first flight
out of New York into the desert.

I don't know. Nevada, maybe?

That's where they did
all those nuclear bomb tests, right?


Yeah, Las Vegas. Las Vegas is good.

Yeah, whatever.

Yeah, I'll hold.

What are you do-- hey!

You can see me!


Nobody sees me!

Do ya hear me?

Nobody sees me! I'm invisible!

In the beginning, there was discovery.

A confusion of elements,

the first snowfall of impossible change.

Old lives undone, left behind.

Strange faces made familiar...

new nightmares to challenge sleep.

New friends to feel safe with.

Only then comes control.

The need to impose order onto chaos,

through determination,

through study,

through struggle...

She's gonna be okay.

You know that, right?

You'd tell me the truth, right?

... all in defiance
of a thundering truth.

They're here.

And the earth shudders underfoot.

Oh, God...

Lights out.

Please help me.

Who needs God when you've got me?