Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 1 - Chapter One 'Genesis' - full transcript

In Manhattan, Peter Petrelli is the younger brother Nathan Petrelli an overly ambitious and unscrupulous candidate for the next New York congressman, and he dreams and believes that he can fly. He decides to prove his theory and jumps from the roof of a building in an alley and his brother flies and saves him. In Texas, cheerleader Claire Bennet learns that she is literally indestructible and can not harm herself or die. She saves a fireman in a fire in a train, but does not take the credit. In Tokyo, Hiro Nakamura believes he can control time and space continuum. In India, Mohinder Suresh moves to the Brooklyn, New York, where his father, that was researching a secret project called Genesis about genome and DNA, is killed in a taxi cab. In Lower Manhattan, the painter Isaac Mendez paints pictures of the future. In Las Vegas, stripper Niki Sanders borrows $30,000 from a powerful local mobster to get her young son into school, and does not have the money to pay her loan. She sees a different image of her in the mirror, and when two gangsters come to her house to collect the money, one of them hits her and she faints. Later Nikki wakes up, and the two thugs are dead... literally torn apart by her evil alter ego.

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Where does it come from?

This quest,
this need to solve life's mysteries

when the simplest of questions
can never be answered.

Why are we are?

What is the soul?

Why do we dream?

Perhaps we'd be better
off not looking at all.

Not dwelving, not yearning.

That's not human nature.

Not the human heart.

That is not why we are here.

How is he doing?

I'm sorry, did I scare you?


No, I just...
I keep having these amazing dreams

everytime I close
my eyes and...


He likes me reading
the stock page.

Is he even conscious at all?


It's been a week now.

I think he's close.

A couple more days maybe.

You know I don't know
what he'd do without you.

You have a real gift.

Just doing my job.


You're like a son to him.

Yeah, well, that would make
us like brother and sister,

it'd be a little ankward if
I ever wanted to ask out.

I'm sorry. That was...
That was inappropriate.

No, it's sweet, it's...

- I'm dating somebody and I...
- Yeah. No, really, it's okay.

I need to change his IV.

I'm sorry.

Man is a narcissistic
species by nature.

We have colonized the 4
corners of our tiny planet.

But we are not the pinacle
of so-called evolution.

That honor belongs to
the lowly cockroach.

Capable of living
for months without food.

Remaining alive headless
for weeks at a time.

Resistant to radiation.

If god has indeed created
himself in his own image,

then I submit to you that god
is a cockroach.

They say that man uses only
a 10th of his brain power.

Another percent and we might
actually be worthy of God's image.

Unless of course that
day has already arrived,

the human genome project
has discovered that

tiny variations in
man's genetic code

are taking place at
increasingly rapid rates.

Teleportation, levitation,
tissue regeneration,

is this outside the
realm of possibility?

Or is man entering a new
gateway to evolution?

Is he finally standing at the
threshold of true human potential?

I'm sorry. I'm out of time.

I know, I know, I'm beginning to
sound like my father. I can't help it.

You know they can fire
me too if they like.

But there is something
to it, Merad.

As crazy as it sounds...

- What is it?
- It's your father. He's dead.


Driving a taxi in New York
City is a very dangerous job.

The wrong fare, the wrong time,
we may never know what really happened.

You know I spoke
to him 2 days ago.

He was convincing someone was following
him, trying to steal his research.

He died because of his thesis.

- That's crazy!
- Is it?

The man left his family,

discredited his career to chase wild
theories halfway around the world.

Where are you going?

To his apartment,
to get his papers and research.

He was this close to
finding the first of them.

His patient zero.
He tracked him to Queens, New York.

Mohinder, listen to me.

Your father was my
colleague and my friend.

A respected professor,
a brilliant geneticist

but he had clearly lost
touch with reality.

I followed in his footsteps.
My thesis is based on his research.

Yes, you always
wanted his approval.

And now you're telling that
it was all for nothing?

I'm telling you...

to let go.

I need to know why he died.

I need to know that it
wasn't all for nothing.

And then I need to
finish what he started.


Yeah. Yeah,
I'm in his place now.

No, no, no, he left everything
behind but his computer.

Research, the map.

Yeah, let's get a team in here
to bag and tag everything.

I gotta call you right back.


Time to get up, Mika!




- Mika!
- What?

Damn, Mika,
don't do that to me.

Do what?

You need to be careful. Right?

I'm just working
on my computer.

Prologic prog's bad.

So I had to build a new one.

A new one.

Anyone ever tell you you're the
smartest little man on the planet?

You do, all the time.

What's this?

It's a pinhall camera.
It's for the eclipse.

The moon's gonna cover
up the sun today.

We're supposed to
look at it at school.

Speaking of which,
you need to go get ready.

You can't be late. Not today.

Mom, I'm already dressed and
I've packed my own lunch.

That's what I've been doing
this morning. What about you?

Don't get smart with me.

I've been working
to pay our bills.

Yeah, that's why they
turned down our gas again?

Go grab your stuff and wait
by the backdoor, okay?

- Why?
- Just do it.

Mom, what's going on?

Nevermind, just keep your voice
down and stay close to me.

- Camera ready?
- Yeah, almost. Hold on.

It's like 70, 80 feet.
This is so unreal.

Okay, I'm good.


Oh my...

Oh my God! Oh my God! Claire!

Oh my God!


This is Claire Bennett.
That was attempt number 6.

You get out here, yes?

Mr. Linderman, I'm gonna have to
call you back in 5 minutes, okay?

Thank you.

I'm late.
I've got a fundraiser and a drinks meeting

It happened two more times.

Sometimes I'm falling,
sometimes I'm flying.

- Sometimes you're in 'em.
- I don't have time for this now.

They aren't just
dreams, Nathan.

Hold this.

I thought they'd go
away but they're not.

I'm gonna need this back by 6,
please. Thanks.

This morning when I got out of bed,
my foot hovered

before it touched the ground.

Hovered for a split second
like I was floating.

I'm telling you,
I think I can fly.

Is Owen decided?

I'll tell you what,
you think you can fly,

why don't you just off
the Brooklyn Bridge?

See what happens.

Maybe I oughta start with something a little lower first.
It's le leng twalk.

- You're serious?
- Oh, I'm serious.

You need to snap
out of it, Peter.

Go see a doctor.
Get some drugs.

Do not pull a Roger
Clinton on me, man.

I'm 8 points down in the polls.

This is not about you,
all right?

Something is happening to me.

And I have this feeling that you're the
only person that's gonna understand.

Why the hell would I understand
that you think you can fly?

Because you're my brother.

Mom, look, I can't talk right now,
I've got...


I'll be there in ten minutes.

- What did she do now?
- She got arrested.

- Arrested for what?
- Shoplifting.

I'm so depressed.

What? What are you
talking about? Why?

- Camera ready?
- Yeah.

Besides the fact that it was so gross,
I almost fudge myself,

this is the single coolest thing that
happened in this town in like a
100 years.

Not if nobody finds out,
it's not.

Why did you want
me to tape you?

I have my reasons.

It's not like you're not
gonna be popular anymore


who said anything about being popular?

my life as I know it is over, okay?

I've got the Bishop game next week,
SATs in October,

homecoming is 3 weeks from
today and I'm a freak show!

You're being a little dramatic,
don't you think?

No, I don't think.

I have busted like
every bone in my body,

stabbed myself in the chest,

I've shoved a two foot steel rod through
my neck and I don't have a scratch
on me.

What do you call that thing,
sticking out?


Just give me the tape, okay?

I can give you a ride
on my handlebars. If you want.

Look...thanks, okay?

I'll talk to you in front of
people at school tomorrow.


Your son is a very
intelligent boy.

Gifted, actually.
That's not the issue.

His father is not around and

sometimes I think he could use a
bit of a tronger hand, you know.

I work nights a lot but uh...

we can both work harder.

It's not about the work.

The truth is I just don't know if
this school is the right fit for him.

- But he's made friends.
- I'm sorry.

- He's on the soccer team.
- I'm sorry.

I wrote a check for $25,000 to
get him into this snob fest.

I was told that's what it took.

That's on top of the tuition.

About the tuition,
your last 3 checks have bounced.

Fine, take it out of the
25 grand that I gave you.

That was a donation and
it was very appreciated.

Well, I want my money back.

I want my money back now.

That money went to capital
campaign for the new wing.

- It's already been spent.
- Then unspend it.

I'm sorry.

We can maybe discuss an extension
of the money you owe but I...

I want my money back.

That's not possible.

Come on, baby.
Let's get out of here.

You're too good for
this lousy school.


Leave me alone!

For god's sakes, ma.

Are you okay?

They dropped the charges.

I had to fill out a form.
No big deal.

No big deal?
I'm running for Congress.

Do you have any idea what this is
gonna do to me if it gets out?

With our family's past.

What could you possibly need so
bad that you had to steal it?

Nevermind, I don't wanna know.

- Socks?
- Socks.

Dad left you a fortune.
What are you thinking?

You know,
it's been one ridiculous stunt

after another with you
for the last 6 months.

Dad's gone. Just get over it.

You know what? Leave her alone.

She's okay.
That's all that matters.

I gotta keep this out of the press.

You know what?
Just get out of here.

Go worry about you,
I'll handle this.

Yeah, good,
I gotta make sure this stays buried.

Thanks a lot, ma'!

What were you thinking?

I just wanted to
feel alive again.

Nathan only cares
about himself.

Your father was the same way.

Alpha dogs, both of them.

You, in the meantime,
for all your selflessness and

sitting with dying people...

What? You're gonna retire
with what you make?

Maybe I'll shoplift my socks.

Don't get smart.

When you put everyone else first,
you end up last.

You always put Nathan first,
he took advantage.

It wasn't you that was just pushing
him right out in front of me?

He takes up more
space than you.

Demanded more attention.

And besides it's not my fault,
you allowed it.

He's my brother, I love him.

Love is overrrated.

He loves me too.

You know it.

You've always been close.


That's cruel, mom.

Since dad died I know you've been
feeling free to speak your mind

but it wouldn't hurt to edit
yourself every once in a while.

I'm sorry if the truth hurts.

I'm just saying you
hero worships him.

And those feelings
will never return.

You're wrong.

It's biological.
I can't help it. We're..

We're connected.

I never told you this

but when Nathan
had his accident,

I knew it.

We all got the same call.

No, I'm saying before the call.

Like he was telling me.
300 miles away.

I woke up and I knew
that he'd been hurt.

I hate it here.

She doesn't even have
any books to read.

Baby, I'll be right back.

I'm just gonna go and pack
up a few things, okay?

We should really go see dad.

- What good would that do?
- He could help.

He should know that someone
is trying to hurt us.

Your dad is in no position
to help us right now.

Look, I made some mistakes.

- I admit it.
- Mom, what did you do?


I need you to know that I would
never let anything happen to you.

I promise.

Mom, why did you look at yourself
like that in the fish tank?

- How long?
- A couple hours tops.

There's some ice
cream in the fridge.

Go ahead.

- What happened?
- I went to see Linderman.

How much?


You're gambling again?

No, it's just bills.

I used the rest to get
Mika into private school.

I don't know what to do
with him in public and...

it's just I needed them
to think that we had money

on the mob?

Hell, Nicky.

- You weren't born yesterday.
- It's just 2 weeks overdue.

I thought that I
could handle it, okay?

- I'm under a lot of stress, okay?
- Gee, I wonder why!

I feel like I'm kinda
losing it a little bit.

I'm seeing things.


Like I keep feeling like
someone is watching me.

Yeah, Linderman wants his money
back so he sent some mouthbreather

that's gonna put
you in the hospital.

No, it is someone else.

It's someone that I can't see.

Does this make
any sense to you?


- I'm sorry. You know what...
- But I'll tell you what does.

I shouldn't be
telling you this.

No, let me tell you
what does make sense.

You need to come up with that
30 grand plus interests now.

Or you gotta run.

Watch him.

All right.

Cool, huh?

How hot do you think
it is in there?

Turn on the camera.

Scotty! Scotty! Come on!

- Take it easy.
- I'm okay.

- You're all right.
- I'm fine.

There's no burns.

I was real sorry to
hear about your father.

Seemed like a good guy.


I thought I was a slob!

They were here too.

- What?
- Nothing.

I got a guy who can clean
this up for a 100 bucks.

No, it's all right.
I'll take it as it is.

We rent by the week.

I'm gonna need to know
you can afford it.

- I have a job.
- Doing what?

Driving a taxi.

I'll get you an application.

Oh, god, what?
The si tntreatment?

Oh, boy.


what are you doing?

What the hell is wronG with you


Okay, stop

What are you, crazy?


I don't even remember
painting these.

I Was high, okay?

- I lied to you.
- Damn it.

I've been chasing
for a month.

Well, then get yourself back into a program
and make it stick this time.

What are you talking out?

Want to know what I'm talking about?

You see this?

Suice bombingin israel.

- I painted it three weeks ago
- Yeah . and so?

so...that's this morning's paper.

Look at the number on thhe bus

This happened yesterday.


Something's wrong with me.

Well i'll get you help, isaac.

I've tried that twice
and there's only one way left, and you know it.

You can't go cold turkey. Not alone.

- I mean, let me help you, please.
- No

I Love you.

I'll drag you down with me. I swear i will

just leave me alone.

Get out of here!


an unidentified samaritan
witnses ribe as

youeenage girL ran into the flames and rescued

the young lieutenant.
Now, the train is registered
to the nuclear
gutory commiion,

ss and ere has been no official statement yet
on whawas inhe c

it wasn't easy, nathan,
but consider it gone.

I know,
I owe you big on this one, Tom.

- I'm not gonna forget it.
- I won't let you forget it.

- Thanks.
- Sure thing.

Mom's wrap sheet is
now officially buried.

It only took half of my political
capital to pull her off.

Why can't she get herself a hobby?
Like a normal person?

They were married 41 years.

It's a plea for attention.
She's lonely.

Give her some time, will you?

I don't have time.
I've got 8 days to make up 10 points.

I need all the help I can get which
is what I want to talk to you about.

I wanna offer you a job.

- A job?
- Yeah.

I trust you.
You're good with people.

I need a coordinator to help
organize the volunteers and

you got nice guy instincts,
I could use that.

I'm a shark, Pete.

Everybody knows it.

It's starting to show
up in the polls.

I bring you on, it kinda reflects
well on me. You know what I mean?

All right,
so I'm making you look good?

That's a new one.

Makes me look like
I put family first.

I mean I know that
sounds self-serving but

this is for you too, right?

You gotta think of your future.

How do you do that?

Do what?

Even try to make it look like
this has something to do with me.

You didn't hear anything that
I said earlier today, did you?

You mean about how you can fly?
Yeah, I did.

I'm gonna pretend fo both our sakes
you didn't say anything like that.

I'm trying to do the
right thing here.

I already have a job.

Yeah, watching old people die,
now there's a career.

It's not cute anymore, man.

The dreamy kid sitting in
the back of the classroom,

staring at the window.

It's time for you to grow up.

Look, I cast a big shadow, Pete.
I get it.

Life isn't fair.

But there's nothing
I can do about that.

I'm trying to do the right
thing by you here, okay?

I don't want your pity.


Corner of Center
and Canal, please.


- Solar eclipse.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I wonder if it's
gonna be a total.

Not here, no.

In some other part
of the world, yes.

A global event.

Makes one appreciate just how
small our planet really is.

And we're all quite small really,
aren't we?

What's your name?


I'm Peter.

May I ask you
something, Mohinder?

Do you ever get the
feeling like you were meant

to do something extraordinary?

I'm driving a cab,
you may have noticed.

I'm not talking about what you do,
I'm talking about...

who you are.

I'm talking about...

being special.

Yes, we are all special.

It's not what I meant.

Some individuals,
it is true, are more special.

This is natural selection.

It begins as a
single individual.

Born or hatched like every
other member of their species.

Anonymous, seemingly ordinary.

Except they're not.

They carry inside
them the genetic code

that will take their species to
the next evolutionary round.

It's destiny.

Hey, I can't believe
you left like that.

I know, I was there.

You saved that dude's life.

Welcome home.

Get over there.

50 grand is a lot of money.


It was 30.
Even with interest...

Mr. Linderman wants to
be nice about this.

You should have read
the fine print.

Look, I have a son.

I'm all he's got.

Please, I can get
you the money.

I'll tell you what
I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna make you a little
business proposition.

You make what?

40 bucks for every 20 minutes
you take off your clothes?

I'm gonna give you a chance
to lower your debt a little.

And see where it
goes from there.

Come on.

Come on. Show me what you got.

Lift up your shirt, baby.

Ooh, look at that belly.

Smile for me.

Is that what you want?

Ah, yes.

What's the matter, baby?

You just gotta
get it good here.

What's the problem, baby?

I said what's the matter?

Screw you!

Screw me?

Hi, this is Nicky.
Leave me a message.

mom, are you there?

When are you coming
to get me?

I hate it here

You said you'd be back soon
just come and pick me up okay?

- hello
- peter, it's me

hi, Hey, simone.

- are you busy?
- i was...just at home

listen i need you to meet me at my dad's

you know... i can be there in 10 minites

- ok just hurry, okay?
- okay, I'll see you there bye

you know, I'll hut here, please.


where to my friend?

JFK, please.

Going home to my family.

These business trips
are wearing me out.

- Suresh, huh?
- I'm sorry.

Your name...
on your license there.

That's indian, yes?

There was a professor Suresh
in the university of Madras.

Interesting theories.

Don't think he's
teaching anymore.

But you wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?

Probably a lot of Sureshs
where you're from.

Like Smith... or Anderson.

And then Carla

had the nerve to tell me

he's not breed worthy.

Like he didn't win 5 all breed rallies,
two regionals.

Can you believe it?

It's just not true,
Mr. Mubbles.

It's not true, He's a little stud muffin.
That's what he is.

He still humps my
leg when I watch TV.

All right, enough about,
Mr. Mubbles.

What did everybody
else do today?

Doug and I saw
this mexican guy.

A homeless dude,
on the way to school.

We thought he was dead.

But he wasn't.

I thought dad was
coming home today.

Well, I was gonna
surprise you...

He finished up early,
he's coming home tonight.

Ain't that great?

Just in time to read
my report card.

So what about you Claire?
Do anything special today?

I walked through fire
and I didn't get burned.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

God! You're so crazy sometimes.


I think I know
exactly what you mean.

Here I am talking dogs again

and you go and say
something really profound!

We come up against all
kinds of fires in our lives

and when we test ourselves
and face our fears,

we usually don't get burned.

You are very wise, sweetheart.

Whatever it is you did,

I'm proud of you.

And so is Mr. Mubbles.
He's just so proud of Claire.

Aren't we?
We're proud of Claire.

Yes, we're so proud of Claire,
aren't we?

What are you looking for?

- Morphine.
- What for?

I need you to come
with me some place.


You'll see.

Look, there's something
I need to tell you.

That is gonna have to wait.

No, look,
I need to tell you about this, okay?

I need to stop living
for other people.

My whole life, I've...
I've no idea what I'm supposed to do,

what I'm supposed to be if I'm
gonna have a destiny of my own...

I promise you we will talk
about this later, okay?

All right,
now I really need you to come with me.

You're a nurse.
You can give out a shot.

- You can help him.
- Help who?

I thought we could
go to the movies.

It's Saturday. Maybe...

try on some shoes at the
new mall in Garden Dale.


I love you, mom.


No buts, I just...
wanted to tell you that.

No, you think I'm trying to be
your best friend again, admit it.

No, it's...

It's all right,
we can go to the movies together.

It's no big deal.

I just miss you. That's all.

I wanna be your mom. I wanna...

give you advice but I
don't wanna push you away.

I want advice, I do. I...

I won't push you
away I promise.

I just don't think you should
be so worried about...

fitting in all the time.

About being so popular.

I don't wanna see you
make mistakes like I did.

I wanted to be someone more
interesting than I am.

You are interesting.

You breed show dogs.
Whose mom does that?

No, I wanted to
hitchhike across Europe,

study art,

fall in love with some...

poetry quoting french man.

Not that your dad isn't
wonderful but my point is...

You should know who you are
and know that it's enough.

'Cause who you are is special.

About that.

There's something
I need to say.

Something I never talked about 'cause
I thought it would upset you and dad.

Sweetheart, you can say anything to us,
you know that.

I think I'm old enough for you to
tell me who my real parents are.

Of course, you are.


I'm home!

Your father...

Hey, honey.

Bad Mr. Mubbles! No!

- I'm glad you're home.
- Oh, me too.

I've such a headache. I slammed my
head getting out of a taxi cab.

Hi, daddy!

Hey, baby!

I'm just saying it's
impossible, okay?

- Nobody can predict the future.
- I saw it with my own eyes, Peter.

Isaac! I brought
someone here to help.

He's a nurse.






Oh God!


- Oh my God! Isaac?
- He's alive.

- Call 911.
- Yes.

What have you done?

God, he's overdosed.

Yeah, I'm at 215 Reed Street.
Number 7.

I need an ambulance
here immediately.

he's OD

no, no, he's conscious

Just barely.

I know. Listen, could you just come
and get here soon, please.

Okay, baby, it's okay.
they'rr sending an ambance right away, okay?

you just hang in there, okay?

You're gonna be okay,
I swear.

We have to stop it.

We have to stop it.

This quest,

this need to solve
life's mysteries.

In the end what does it matter

when the human heart can only find
a meaning the smallest of moments.

They're here.

Among us.

In the shadows, in the light.


Do they even know yet?

All right, I'm here.

Now what do you want?


I've been up here all night.

Thinking about this.

Thinking about my destiny.

What you doing, Pete?

It's my turn to be
somebody now, Nathan.

Come on, Peter.
Quit screwing around.


You're flying nathen

You're flying...

How did you

I don't know.