Here and Now (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Dream Logic - full transcript

Greg and Audrey uncover unpleasant truths about Ramon's adoption. Kristen and Navid embrace their rare connection, but pay a price. Audrey has second thoughts about Steve after his true intentions are exposed. Ashley considers a lucrative business offer as the chasm between her, Malcolm and Hailey widens. The family celebrates a landmark birthday with cold pizza and honesty.

Hi, Mom.


Your father made them.

Now, what is he doing?

Who knows? Philosophy?

Mom, are you guys okay?

Is there something I
should know about?

What do you mean?

Like, some kind of change,
something big about to happen?

No. I'm... I'm fine,

though I can't
speak for your father.

At least he's cooking.

He is cooking.

- Damn it. Your thing.
- Alterna-mitzvah.

- You forgot to get the food.
- No, I just haven't yet.

It's this new job.

Someone at work
told me about a caterer,

does these little
brisket sliders.

I'll call now.

It's okay, Mom.

It's fine. We could
just order pizza, Mom.

Sorry, time sensitive.

- Tragedy of the human condition.
- We can't order pizza

on your spiritual coming of age.

For once, we get
to celebrate you!

I thought that was the idea.

I'll kick things
off if you'd like.

Mom. Mom.

- Honey.
- Mom.

- Navid's gonna lead it.
- Okay. Great.

That's... That's just so
great. That's just great.

You've only known
each other a short while.

He groks me.

When you have an
empathetic connection

like Navid and I, time
doesn't really matter.

I know what grokking is.

Mom, it's fine. I
gotta go anyway.

I'm so sorry. It is this
TV thing, you know?

Really? TV after the last time?

That's why I need to prep.

Thanks for understanding.
Sweet, sweet.

I won't forget the food.


Get yourself together, dude.


Hi, Ramon.

It's Sonni Little from
Littleshot Interactive.

I don't know if you remember me.

I got a look at your
demo. I was at PGX.

Oh, you... You were?

Well, I got your number
from the university rep.

I was hoping to chat at the
Expo, but I had a plane to catch.

So, you left early. How
early did you leave?

Well, I didn't see
much, but it was enough.

I was hoping that
you'd be willing to meet.

Your game is compelling.
You have a unique perspective.

Well, thank you.

Great. I'm in
Portland for the day,

headed back to LA tonight. Any
chance you could meet me later?

I'll text you the address.

That... That sounds
great. I'll see you then.

Okay, great.

- What do you mean, you're done?
- I mean, I'm done.

Is this because
you won an award?

That award is a really big deal

in the Portland
real estate scene.

Well, you still have
two prepaid sessions.

- I don't think we're done.
- I do.

And whose opinion matters?

- Yours.
- You should be happy for me.

- Why aren't you happy?
- I am happy. I am. I...

But how are you so sure?

You taught me how.

I should get going.

Let me translate it for you?
- No.

Farid, you're making assumptions.
You haven't even listened to it yet.

I thought we had
left her there to die,

but she didn't.

God knows what
her life must've been.

It wasn't your
job to rescue her.

- Not my job?
- No.


You're talking
like a white person.

Okay, I need you to
hear something, Farid.

I'm not gonna do it again.

What happened
when I was pregnant?

What made you finally
go on medication?

Is something going on?

No, it's all cool.

It's just Mom and
Dad talk, baby.

Do I need to be worried?

Waited too long
to answer. Later.


Be safe.

I love you.

Have a good day, okay, honey?

Let's listen to her.

"Farid, where are you?"

- "Somewhere... Somewhere..."
- "Somewhere safe."


- "In the morning, I wake up..."
- "I wake up thinking of you.

"In the evening, I go
to bed dreaming of you."

Play it.

"I don't have much longer.

"I wish I could see you
again once more before I die."

"Please forgive me. Oh,
God, please forgive me.

"I love you, my Farid."

All those years with
this damn phone ringing.

How did she have our number?


That's better. Thanks.

Your next appointment is here.

It's Sharon Chen and
Cliff Miller from Cloth.

Do I need to look for a job?

You have a job,
and you're good at it.

Can you please do it?

Sharon. It's good
to see you again.

Mrs. Collins, we
appreciate your time.

- Of course.
- This is my associate, Cliff Miller.

- Hi.
- Hi. I love your site.

- Well, I'll cut to it.
- Mmm-hmm.

We think your talents
would be a great fit

for our organization.

We want you to help
us develop a tool,

so that every shopper can
create their own perfect store.

So, basically, what
I'm doing now?

On a much larger scale.

What exactly are
we talking about?

We'd like to acquire
your business.

This type of deal, we're usually in
the low-to-mid seven-figure range.

So, are we talking closer to
one million or closer to 10?

Payable with restricted common
stock, vesting over four years,

plus an employment
agreement for the same term.

I assume that you would
shut down the store.

The most valuable asset of
your company isn't the store.

It's you.

And exactly how much
do you think I'm worth?

For questions about Steven's
level of involvement, defer to him,

but if directed at you,
we would like to stress

that he's hands-on,
if not day-to-day.

Moving on! The Portland
Empathy Initiative

was founded with the
mission of fostering...

I know what the Portland
Empathy Initiative is.

- I founded it.
- Of course. Okay.

Apologies for that.

So, the last thing is,
if there's any mention

of the working conditions
in the Philippines

or anything about
employee suicides...

I know this is Wake Up,
Portland we're talking, but...

Did you... Did you just
say, "Employee suicides"?

Shit. See, I thought
Steven looped you in.

- You should ask him.
- I intend to,

but while we're here, Cait,
why don't you loop me in?

Hey. Greg Boatwright
here to see Steve.

Steven Benjamin? Do
you have an appointment?

No, it's cool.
We're old friends.

Sir, I don't care if you're friends.
You need to have an appointment.

Steve, old friend!

It's all right.

Professor Boatwright!

Good to see you.

Have a seat.

- Nice.
- So,

what can I do for you?


I'm trying... I'm trying to think
of the last time we hung out.

- The march, New York City.
- Right. Of course.

I asked Audrey to
marry me on that day.

- You're a lucky guy.
- I really am.

So are you, apparently.

Yeah. You look

just the same.

Oh, you look taller.

So, how's the
saving-the-world business?

It seems pretty lucrative, huh?

Well, could be worse.

How's the philosophy business?

I'm taking a break.

Clearing my head.

Any new books on the horizon?

I'm... I'm waiting to
read the next one.


I think I figured out how to
kick off my comeback tour.


How's Nina?

We divorced a couple years ago.

Oh. Sorry to hear that.

So, you're a bachelor, huh?

Yes. Yeah.

Dating must be easy

with your looks and
billions of dollars.

Well, you know how
it is. Work, work, work.

Work is your true passion.

You throw yourself
into it, from what I hear.

What are you doing here, Greg?

Well, since you're working

with my wife so much,

I figured we should reconnect.

Maybe Audrey and I could
have you over for dinner,

catch up over a bottle of wine.

- Yeah, that'd be something.
- That'd be something.

Listen, I need
to jump on a call.

The world needs you.

Steve Benjamin,
here to save the day!

Greg, you need to get

- the fuck outta here.
- Seriously?

When were you gonna tell me?

We were just finishing up.

I'm heading out.

Why didn't you let
me speak to her?

Every time that phone
rang, it terrified me,

because you told me
it was Khomeini's men.

But it was her,

my mother.

You lied to a fucking
child, your own blood.

I was protecting you
from that lunatic whore!

She was not lunatic!

Even after you tore us apart,
she was still trying to reach out!

Do you think that
was the only message?

- How many messages were there?
- There were many more!

She said horrible things.


I heard you crying,


over a woman who tortured you,

who mutilated her own son.

You are as sick as she is.

Am I?

Am I as sick as she is, huh?

- Sick enough to fucking crack...
- No.

- Your skull open, old man?
- No!


You're gonna die alone.

When was I going to find out?

Live? On the air?

We'll be on together,

and I would never
have you be ambushed.

- That... That's why I had you prepped.
- Had me prepped.

You didn't think I should've known
about this before I took the job?

It's not relevant to your job.

We're talking about workers

throwing themselves off
of the roof of a building!

All right, fine, fine, let...
Then let's talk about it.

Benjamin Ventures
has, at any given time,

equity interests in
dozens of countries.

Currently, we've got
seven active funds,

one of which is focused
on emerging markets.

- Meaning the Third World.
- Meaning $10 a day is middle class.

- It's a path to a better life.
- For whom?

People locked in a
factory with no windows,

never seeing their families,
sleeping 15 to a room?

I understand where
you're coming from.

I wrestle with this myself.

You're only wrestling with
it because you got caught!

I didn't get caught!
I just didn't tell you!

You don't work for our VC arm!

The Foundation is the
entity that you work for.

It seems like the
entity I work for is you.

You decide

when to have me prepped,

what I need to know, right?

I am your pet project.

That's not fair.

You're doing real
work, important work.

Work that makes you look good.

Oh, God.

Is this all just PR?

I don't need any publicity.

Look over here, everyone,
at the do-gooder lady!

Please ignore inhumane
labor conditions.

Audrey, you've gotta...

All right, all right. All
right, you know what?

You're right.

This is good PR. It is, it is.

But it doesn't have
to be either-or.

Both can be true.

We're actually doing good.

You are exploiting human beings!

The Steven I knew at
Berkeley was an idealist.

I still am.

I will fix it.

You don't get to where I am...

Without being pretty
damn charming.

What I forgot was, you're so charming,
you can convince anyone of anything,

including yourself.

We're making a tangible
change in the world.

Do you really want to throw
this away for something I can fix?

Do you, Audrey?

- Excuse me.
- Sorry, excuse me.

Hey, did you write
anything for Kristen yet?


- It's crazy.
- I know.

Oh, well. This is good.

I'm not sharing it. You still
owe me for Dad's shoes.

Hi, everyone.

Thank you for coming.

Today's speaker is one of the most
sought-after life coaches in Portland.

- Whoo!
- Yes.

Here to discuss his
upcoming literary debut,

getting some serious
buzz this season,

please welcome to the stage

Duc Bayer-Boatwright.

Hey, that's my brother.

- Thank you all for coming out.
- Great.

I feel very lucky to be here.

Well, I first saw the
idea for this book

after realizing the
phenomenal results

my clients were
achieving in my practice.

I feel like I went
to sleep one night,

when I woke up in the
morning, the world had changed.

But I can't figure out how,
and I'm wandering around...

Trying to make sense of it.

I'm looking for...

You know something, Doctor?

I can't be the only
one that feels like this?

Like the world's ending?

You ever feel like
that, Dr. Shokrani?

If you don't mind,
Officer Bledsoe

would like to check your hands.


- Why?
- A few days ago,

three students were
sprayed with a chemical.

Are they okay?

What kind of chemical?

Silver nitrate, stains the skin.

Have you heard anything
about who did this?

No. Sorry.

Nothing weird in chem
lab or maybe after school?

I wish we could be of help.

You're sure?

I thought we were here
to talk about the effigy.

You know, it's been kind of a
rough semester at school this year.

I mean, the effigy was bad
enough, but then there was

- that swastika hate-crime thing.
- Swastika?

On my locker.

Sorry, I figured everyone knew.

Any progress on the
investigation, Mr. Schneider?

We're still working on it.

Can we...

Can we go now?

- Who knew?
- Oh, yeah.

Some wise words from our author.

Okay, we've got
one more question.

Yes, in the back.

You're Greg Boatwright's son.

Have you read
your father's book?

Not recently. I've
been a little busy.

It's an important book.

Sir, do you have
a question for Duc?

Yes, my question is,

how do you think your
father's work influenced you?

It shaped who I am.

Um... The idea that being
a good person comes

from focusing on
the present, right?

The past causes regret,
the future creates anxiety.

But if we care, um,

only about right now,
how do we move forward?

How can we ignore our
past? Those things happened.

I think living only in the
present can be a cop-out.

We are not static,
unchanging in our nature,

as we are the sum total of our
actions yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The idea of being a good
person is just that, an idea,

an abstraction.

Living a good life...

That's the goal.


Oh, my God! Duc!

You know, in a few years, I'm gonna
sell this proof for a million dollars.

You won't have to.

You're gonna be a
bazillionaire game designer.

That's right.


Baby Jesus has a
real-life job interview.

- That's great, Ram!
- Dude.

He's all grown up now. Maybe
you can buy coffee next time.

The company's
doing really cool shit.

I just haven't thought about
my game since, you know.

I'm just not really sure
I wanna open it again.

- Yeah.
- But what about our sister?

Are you gonna become
a millionaire or what?

Yeah, seriously.
Coffee's on you forever.


Why aren't you more
excited about this?

It comes with strings attached,

four-year vesting,
employment agreement.

That's a bad thing?

I'll have to start
working for the Man.

No more hanging out with
you two in the middle of the day.

I already don't
see Hailey enough,

and she loves Malcolm
more than she loves me.

Come on.

Okay, maybe a little bit.

- Maybe a little.
- Duc!

You know, four
years isn't that long.

These are years of my life
I'm never going to get back.

Well, a company like that
is probably nine-to-six, tops.

- Right.
- If you take the job,

you might actually
have more time.

But it won't be my time.

I mean, I won't be in
control of my own money.

I call bullshit. You're scared.

Yeah, Duc, I'm scared of money.

It's not the money that's scary.

It's getting what you want.

Well, if you get what you want,

you have to stop
waiting for the future.

Once your dreams come
true, you have to start living in it.

Maybe you should write a book.

Fuck off.

I think I remember
seeing that, actually.

Fuck, man. What am I
supposed to write for Kristen?

Figure it out.

This is where you
come into play, sweetie.

- I'm not doing it.
- Come on.

- "Sweetie"? Kiss my ass.
- Yeah.

This is perfect.
You will always...

Opened a bottle of wine.

Okay. No wine for Audrey.

What were you thinking?

I wasn't thinking.
That was instinct.

That was lower brain,

cellular, primordial
man kind of shit.

Whatever it was, I
had no control over it.

It felt good, though.

I could tell.

Yeah. I wanted to
clamp down on his jugular

and thrash him around
till his neck snapped.

Does that seem angry to you?

- Greg!
- Yeah.

He's a lot shorter
than I remember.

Are you high?


I don't know. What do you
think? You're the therapist.

What do you think that was?

Was that me trying to
be seen, because of you?

Or I needed to see him?

Or was it

me fighting for you?

- You're not a fighter, Greg.
- Bullshit.

I fight for what I believe in.

And what's that?


The kids.

Our family.

You know, I...

I said it was an experiment.

That... That was the wrong word.

No, this is something that
you and I created together.

It was a shared
vision that we had.


It meant something.

And then I

made a mess of things.

How convenient
of you to realize that

after you had sex with a
stranger dozens of times.

I know you've been enjoying this
moral superiority you have over me,

but you kinda just forfeited it
by sleeping with a friend of ours.

Did you use your real name?


'Cause I didn't.

So, what was this? Some kind of

revenge fuck?


It wasn't.


That hurts.

Yeah, I

kinda really don't
like you right now.

Why aren't you at work?

I'm on leave.

By choice?

Well, in retrospect, I
do believe it is by choice.

You should get high more often.

This really works for me.


Kristen has really good stuff.

Listen, when I was up in the
tree house, I found something.


Ramon's adoption
agency doesn't exist.

Records show it never existed.

The good news is,

Beverly Mills,

our case worker?

I tracked down her home address.


We... We can get some answers.

We'll go see her tomorrow,

in the morning,
before Kristen's thing.

Oh, God.

I forgot to call the caterer.

It'll be fine.

Everything'll be fine.

I mean, there's something
alive in your game.

You know, even from the demo,

it feels like you've discovered

a world, and when
I... I see the real thing

I like to nurture it.

So, you want to develop my game?

Possibly, down the
road. We're a small shop,

so we have to be
selective in what we do,

but what I am most
interested in is your voice.

Are you offering me a job then?

You'd be a utility player,

- so testing, bug fixes...
- Okay.

But you would work directly
with the head designer and me,

and if things work out,

then you'd be designing
levels before long,

which would take you
years in a big shop.

So, what is next with your game?


I don't know.

I'm sort of lost at the
moment, and I've hit a wall.

Usually, I sort of

feel my way through dream logic,

but lately it just feels like

the dream is

disintegrating, so...

Well, if your game world
feels a bit restrictive,

then maybe what you
need is a bigger world.

God, please forgive me.

I love you, Farid.

My Farid. Where are you?

I hope somewhere safe.

I wake up in the
morning thinking of you.

I go to sleep at
night thinking of you.

I don't have much
time left, Farid.

I wish I could see
you one last time...

It cost me three thousand
tomans to keep him from

being publicly flogged.

Do you understand
what you've done?

You may have killed your
father! Do you understand?!

You must...

Stop it! He's a child!

He's a murderer!

I don't have much
time left, Farid.

I wish I could see you
one last time before I die.

Please forgive me.

God, please forgive me.

I love you, Farid.

I thought genies were blue.




Yeah, that's what I thought.

How's your brother doing?

I think he's really fucked up.

My mom thinks my
dad's obsessed with him.

I think he's really
fucked up, too.

My dad.

That's so fucking depressing.

You look super-hot in this one.

Now that you've handled a
gun, any interest in getting one?

I don't know. What
am I gonna do?

- Shoot racists?
- No, but it's peace of mind,

knowing you can
keep your family safe.

Guns don't keep you safe.
Money keeps you safe.

- Looks like you do all right.
- Yeah, we do fine.

That money that they're
offering, it's a layer of protection.

A college fund,
a rainy day fund.

End of the world fund.


Well, what does your
husband think about it?

- Oh, you haven't told him yet.
- Tonight.


I just... I need to get
my head on straight.

Come on.

We're gonna need some practice.

You know, we don't...
We don't have to...

You're sweet.

- Too much eye contact?
- A little intense, yeah.

Hello! Mommy's home!

Dinner's in the fridge, babe!

Come on! Come on.

Come on!

Hi, baby! Hey!

- Are you watching the game?
- You can't... You can't...

Yes. ASHLEY: Yes.

- Can I have a cookie?
- Of course, you may have a cookie.

But you know what? Hang on.

This is pretty.

Look at this pretty drawing.

Can you tell me about
it? Which one is Mommy?

You suck, dude.


Malcolm, have you
seen this drawing?

Yeah. Yeah, excellent
coloring, right?


My bad. I did not even
ask you about your day.

How was your day?

We can talk later.

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

Later. Okay.

This is for you.

All right?


My good luck charm is
back! I'm so grateful. Yes!

Yay, good. Now they
can win. Finally! Finally!


I'm headed to the mosque.

You need real food.

I thought you would be happy

to hear her voice and
know that she loved you.

She didn't love me.

She cursed me,

said I had killed my father.

When you left Iran, it
was chaos. She was ill.

I get it.

You don't know how to feel.

The things that
she said and did,

I know they were abusive,

but she still loved you,

which you felt,
which is so confusing,

and it's all become
connected in your mind.

It is all connected.

Why did I get the tape today?

Huh? I went to the Moon
Mart because of my dream,

because Ramon led me there.

Farid, this fixation with your
patient, it's clouding everything.

Well, you're always nagging
me about embracing the spiritual,

and I'm fucking doing it!

Islam is not the only way!

You need to make an
appointment with Dr. Langsdale.

I am not doing this again!

Go. Get out. Go to
the mosque and pray,

to no one. Great.

I'm gonna focus on what's real.

I'm so hungry. Can we...
Can we break the fast?

Technically, I already did.
Sex is breaking the fast.

See, that's so cool.

Sorry. Not that we broke the fast,
just that you have, like, traditions.

I want traditions.

Do you ever think how
random it is that we're together?

I don't know. I guess the
universe just wanted us to meet.

But I never expected us to
have this kind of connection.

Wait. Why are you being weird?

Is this weird for you
because you're fluid?

No, I...

I don't know.

You know, I'm just trying to
figure out which box to fit in,

but there aren't two boxes.
There are, like, 1,000.

Or none.

Maybe you're boxless.

We can be boxless together.

How is Ramon?

Oh, my God.


He sees beyond the veil.

But unfortunately, the veil is
what separates us from madness.

And once you've
crossed that point,

you may...

You may never be
able to truly come back.



It's nice to see
you, Dr. Shokrani.

Sorry to barge in on you.

You helped us years ago
with our son's adoption.

I haven't been with
the agency for years.

I'm retired now, living
on Social Security,

but it's always nice
to see former clients.

We've... We've looked
through our records,

and we can't find anything
like a family medical history.

Our son's had
some health issues.

I'm so sorry.

Is there anything you might
remember about the orphanage?

We figured since you worked with
them, you'd have some knowledge...

It's so long ago. I
don't recall much.

Strange, 'cause we can't
find anything about it online.

You should stop looking.

That's the name
of the orphanage.

That's your name
and your signature.

What do you mean,
we should stop looking?

Is it because the
orphanage didn't exist?

Leave or I'll call the police.

Do it. I'm sure they'd be
interested to hear about this.

Ramon was stolen. Wasn't he?

Don't look so shocked.

As long as there
are rich do-gooders,

there'll be a market
for brown babies.

Why didn't you adopt a white
kid? Looks like you could afford it.

Who the fuck are
you to judge us?

You made a living
trafficking babies.

Go home to your comfortable
life and stop trying to fuck up mine.

Who did you work for?


- Who did you work for?
- Keep digging.

You might not
like what you find.

No way!

What the fuck? Nice turbans.

We have to get through
this party for Kristen.

Not through, you...
You know what I mean.

Get this right.

I'm not his mother.

I'm not Ramon's mother.

Of course, you are.

Not if she is still alive.

She's his mother.

Her child was stolen from her.

We had to do what felt right.

And at the time,
that's what felt right.

He needed to be
saved, and we saved him.

And he's our Ramon now.

Nothing will ever change that

or the memories
we have with him.


- What are you guys talking about?
- Hey.

Ramon, you're here early!

Yeah, I got a ride from
Malcolm and Ashley.

I've got cake.

Hey, did I ever, like,

clinically die for a few
minutes or anything like that?

- No.
- Why do you ask?

Just curious.

Something's burning.


Mini-quiches! The mini-quiches!




Looks like pizza it is.


Oh, my God! Wait, did
you see Madison's face?

Oh, my God, we pulled it off.

Holy shit.

I mean, for once the bad
guys didn't fucking win.

Fucking tranny! Muslim freak!

- Come here, bitch.
- Yeah, fuck him up!

- Faggot terrorist!
- You fucking slut!

Towelhead freaks!

I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.

- Kick him again!
- You look ridiculous!

Who dresses up like
a fucking terrorist?

Fuck you, Madison.

Who dresses up
like a fucking racist?

- You bitch!
- Fuck you, you fucking cunt!

You Muslim-loving whore!

- Fucking bitch!
- Yeah!

Smack his bitch-ass down!


Beat the shit out
of his Muslim ass!

Stop! Stop! Don't hurt him!

Where the fuck do
you think you're going?

- Stop it!
- You Muslim whore!

Fuck off!

Tranny freak. Fucking bitch.

- Let's go! Come on!
- Fuck you!


I love you.

$5 million? Really?

Ashley, oh, my God!

I mean, money is not everything,

- of course.
- What's the excitement?

A company offered Ashley
$5 million to buy her business.

Wow. Take it. That's
"fuck you" money.

Dad, really? You, too?

And please, guys, keep
your voice down, okay?

Right, sorry. Yeah, Hailey.

I just haven't told Malcolm.

Kristen, are you okay?

Oh, my God.

What the hell
happened to you? Jesus.

I don't want to talk about it.

Have you called your folks yet?

- Do you want me to do it?
- If you don't mind.

Let me take a look
at that. Come on.

Maybe we should
postpone the party?

Hell no. Let's do this.

You okay?

Who's that? What happened?

You're Shokrani's kid, right?


How's he doing?

This is Navid.

He will be our rabbi
for the afternoon.

Also, he's my boyfriend.

Thanks for letting me be here.

This probably seems
kind of random,

but it's a rite of
passage for Kristen,

a moral and spiritual
coming of age.

This isn't a Bat Mitzvah,

traditionally celebrated
in the Jewish faith.

This is an alterna-mitzvah,

one-of-a-kind ceremony for

one-of-a-kind person.

I believe you've prepared
some remarks about Kristen?


for most of your childhood,

by which I mean up to
and including last week,

you were self-conscious,

never comfortable
in your own skin.

And yet you have
always owned it.

You are so willing to...

To be the outsider
in any situation

that it becomes this
really weird form of bravery.

And I admire that about you.

All right.

There are a lot of things I
respect about you, Kristen,

but most of all, I
respect your confidence.

It's definitely something
that I didn't have at your age,

and I just think you have an
unlimited potential to achieve

anything that you wanna achieve,

and I'm totally talking to
you like one of my clients.

I'm sorry. Basically, I just
wanna say that I love you,

and you have a beautiful soul.


You have

a huge heart.

Both your mother and I have
known it since you were little.

And it has been one of
the great privileges of my life

to watch you grow into this

extraordinary heart.

I love you.


Kristen, um...

You're 17,

going on 18.


Okay, fuck it. I didn't
write anything, all right?

But you're my favorite human,
and I love you, come here.

I love you. She's my
favorite. I'm sorry, but she is.

Oh, my God. Stop. Mercy. Enough.

- Stop.
- Sweetie, I haven't gone yet.

Mom, sorry. I just... I
can't. I can't anymore.

So, I thought that I was
gonna wanna hear nice...

Sort of nice things about me.

You're all incredible.

And for once, I just
wanted my own thing.

But I don't have a thing.

I tried different
identities, and I

kinda of treated it like a game,

like an experiment.

And then I got beat
up... We got beat up.

Because of Navid's
actual identity,

one he can't take off, ever.

You all made it
look so easy that I...

That I never realized
how hard it must've been

growing up, and
probably still is.

I'm so proud to be
a part of this family.

You're all my identity.

Okay. Is it over?

Am I a woman now? Seriously.

Okay, let's go. Cold pizza.

If you want pepperoni,
it's not gonna hurt you.

Cheers. Congratulations.

- Sure. What?
- Ashley's offer.

To sell her store.

Ah-oh. Shit. Never mind.


Dr. Shokrani.

- I'm here to pick up Navid.
- Come in.

Navid? Navid, let's go!

You... You might want
to have him checked out.

He was pretty roughed up.

Come on, Hailey.

Now, Navid.

I don't want you to
see that girl anymore.

Look at you. She's
a bad influence.

I choose who I want
my friends to be.

Yeah? And what is that exactly?

A girl who thinks Judaism is
a costume you buy at a store?

- So fucking white.
- That's a shitty thing to say, Dad.

- You don't know anything about her.
- Look how she got you all banged up!

- I don't understand why you can't...
- You don't...

Do you seriously think you can
tell me who I can be friends with

and how... How to worship?
Meanwhile, day-drinking, weed.

What kind of an
influence are you?

I'm trying to protect you!


What are you?

You're it!

You're it!

What's the big deal?
Four years is nothing.

That is so easy for you to say.

And please don't say
that you work, too, okay?

Your work costs us money,
Malcolm, with the sports massages,

and your wardrobe,
and the babysitting.

- Yeah!
- Okay, so now we're insulting

- my job and my paycheck.
- No, but the reality is

it just doesn't move the needle.

You make spending money
for drones, skis, and shit,

and I make the
money that we live on.

Yeah, and I
supported that business

when it was brand-new,
before the store.

The store was your bad idea.

Nobody does brick
and mortar anymore.

You were the one that was like,

"We have to stay in Portland,
babe, for my job, babe."

And so we did.

Yeah, well, it doesn't
seem to have hurt you.

And anyways, you know what?

You're flipping this
whole thing around now,

- 'cause you're the one...
- I'm just saying,

how much bigger
would I have been

if I didn't have to waste
capital on rent and overhead?

You know, I might not even
need to consider this offer now.

You see?

Look at all the names.
That's Uncle Duc.

- That's Mama Bear.
- Come on, Uncle Ramon.

- That's Kristen.
- Let's play.

- Do you smell the smoke?
- Yes.

I tied you down with a store?

Oh, my God.

If you hate it so
much, take the offer!

You won't have to
deal with it, anymore.

No, no, no!