Here and Now (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - It's Here - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'It's Here.' Season One Finale. Ramon goes missing; Farid is driven to extremes; a cataclysmic event shakes the family.

There. You see that, right?

What the fuck is that?

I didn't program that.

We think your talent
would be a great fit.

What exactly are
we talking about?

We'd like to acquire
your business.

What the fuck are you to
tell me about religion?

It's true. I am a white man
who found his faith in books.

You want my religion, take it.
It's all yours, Chuck.


We're talking about workers
throwing themselves

off the roof of a building!

All right, fine, fine.
Do you really want

to throw this away for
something I can fix?

Is everything okay?

I've been thinking
about the kids.

Everything's fine.

Everything is not fine.

When I was a kid, shadows
would follow me.

Don't come at it from fear.

What kind of an
influence are you?

I'm trying to protect you!

I saw this behaviour in
one of your patients.

What will she say?

Well, you're always nagging me
about embracing the spiritual...

I'm not doing this again!

I'm going to focus
on what's real.

Are you okay? Are
you upset with me?

You paid a Japanese prostitute.

I was lost.

I'm fine.

Do you smell the smoke?


No, no, no!

Hailey? Hailey!


Okay. Oh.

Oh, my God.

Okay. Oh my God.

Are you okay, baby?
Does it hurt?

What happened? What happened?

- It hurts.
- Okay.

Honey, is it a muscular
pain or a bone pain?


It might be a hairline fracture.

What the fuck, Ramon?

There was a fire...

- No!
- Hey! Hey, Malcolm!

- Malcolm!
- You're fucking crazy!

- Back off, Malcolm!
- The ladder was on fire.

I was just trying to
fucking save her.

This whole fucking
family is nuts.

We gotta get her to
the emergency room

in case her arm
is really broken.

You stay away from her!

I'll drive.

No, I can. Hailey
needs to be with me.

She needs to be with women,

nurturing, healing women.


I agree with her.

Meet us at St. Mary's.


You're gonna be okay,
baby, all right?

Mommy's gonna take care of you.

Is Hailey all right?



Come on, Dad. We
should follow them.

We can take my car.

Fuck, man.

I could've killed him.

But you didn't kill him.

Yeah, Dad. Not even close.

Yeah, but I could have.
I could have.



It's very possible
I will never know.

Farid, you're not
making any sense.

Navid is right here.


Leave me be.

You were right.

Hairline fracture.

That's not that bad.

Duc had the same thing
when he was little.

He wore a cast for a few weeks,

bounced right back.

They're fitting her
with one right now.

Thank God.

Ramon is gonna be so relieved.

Fuck Ramon.

It's not his fault.

I have a five-year-old

in there with a broken arm

because Ramon saw something.

Yeah, but he was
trying to save her.

Oh my...!

Nothing is ever
Baby Jesus's fault.

You know, you...

You need to deal with him

before something
really bad happens.

What are you suggesting? That
we have him institutionalized?

He's obviously sick,
and now he's violent.

If anyone's violent,
it's Malcolm.

You have always resented Ramon.

You and Duc both.

I-I... I can't. I can't. I can't
do this with you right now.

- I am not the enemy.
- You go home.

Go home, or we're both gonna
say something that we regret.


Ashley, you can be such a bitch.

- Fuck off!
- And, sweetie,

I know how scary it is when
your child has been hurt...

Mom. Stop talking.

So I'm not taking
this too personally.




















_ _













It's coming.

What's coming?

I don't know yet. Is
he on medication?

I stopped.

I'm not crazy, Duc. I
have a porous mind,

which nobody believes, I know.

I'm not ruling it out, son.
I never have.

You dropped Hailey
out of a tree house.

- I saved Hailey.
- Ramon...

there was no fire, no
one else saw a fire.

There was a fire.

Duc, neither of us was there.

We don't know exactly
what he saw.

I know, Dad, and yet shockingly,

you're taking Baby Jesus's side.



Hey, Ram. Hey! Hey!

- Ramon!
- Damn it!

Ramon, come back!


Uh, hello?



Was that the neighbor you
were telling me about?

Remember what the
doctor said, Hailey.

We have to keep our
arm in the sling.

My fingers don't work.

I know, but I'll tell you what.

You pick out the
stickers you want...

and Daddy... will put 'em
on your cast for you.

- Does that sound good?
- Mm-hmm.

- Ooh, good choices.
- Hey.

I want you to tell
Mommy something.

What did Tio Ramon say

when he had you hanging
outside the tree house?

- Ash.
- Did he say that there was a fire?

- There was a fire.
- There was a fire?

- Did you see it?
- I smelled smoke.

- You did?
- There was a lot of smoke.

She's five.

Tio Ramon saved me.

We lost him.

He just jumped out of
the car and ran away.

- What?
- Is Ramon okay?

Greg, find him.

Find him! Kristen: Mom!

How long were you fucking her?


The Asian prostitute you
cheated on Mom with.

I went back...

to my village in Vietnam...

by myself after that
trip to Thailand.

I wanted to know I was past it.

I got there and something else was
there, a cannery or something.

I don't really
remember the outside,

but I remember the
smell, the fishermen,

the raw shrimp and gasoline,

just like her sheets
used to smell.

She got me this dog bed...

to lay on,

on the floor when
they were there.

My own bed.

And late at night,

she'd pick me up in it and
put me next to her pillow

off the floor, away
from the rats.

Duc, I...

I never thought for
a minute that...

Yeah, and that's the
problem, isn't it?

Your son was born to a
14-year-old in a whorehouse,

and it never crossed your mind

that fucking an Asian hooker

represented some...
I don't know...

conflict of interest

or moral crime, you
fucking hypocrite?

You turn your nose
up at my life,

my job trying to help
actual fucking people,

because it fails to live up to
your philosophical standards?

And then you go cash
in your university

checks for some
exotic young pussy.

Wow. This is deeper
than even I...

- So is she the fetish or are we?
- Fetish?

Your rainbow kids.

Your noble, oh-so-enlightened

You're a fucking fraud.

Duc, I wonder if you could come off
that cross for just a minute or two.

Jesus Christ.

You were 28 pounds
when we got you.

You almost died.

I held you in my
arms, I rocked you.

I fed you from a bottle...
a five-year-old!

I got as close to you
as you would let me,

which wasn't very
much, but I stayed.

Now, granted, an Asian
prostitute is...

a serious lapse in judgment.

But do you really believe

that I consciously
chose her to hurt you?

What kind of person
do you think I am?

I'm just your fucking dad, Duc.

I'm not perfect.

That's who you pretend to be,

always so fucking disciplined
that you're... celibate?


You know, you're not
the only one talking

to Chris Wolfe at Fairfax.

They're reissuing
my book, remember?

You have quite a reputation
up in Vancouver.


So... I guess we're both frauds.

Get over it.

Fuck you.

Fuck you back, you little shit.








Ramon, it's Mom again.

Please let me know you're okay.

Just call... or text or email,

whatever's easiest.

I'm scared.

- Did you find him?
- No.

You told Duc about my affair?

Okay. First...

it wasn't an affair.
It was a transaction.

And second, of course not.

I don't want any of the kids
to ever know about that.

Too late. Duc already does.

Pretty much just
divorced me as a father,

so I've lost both
of our sons today.

Father of the fucking year.


I can't stop thinking...

this is what Ramon's birth
mother felt for over 20 years...

not knowing where he is...

if he's alive or dead.

We did that.

No. No, we didn't.

Someone else would've
adopted him,

and we thought it was legit,

because Beverly Mills conned us,

because she's a
fucking criminal.

Just one of many, apparently.

What the fuck have we done?


All right. Ramon texted me.

He's home. He's okay.

Oh my God.

But he doesn't really wanna talk
to anyone or see anyone, okay?

Dad, can I borrow your car?
I wanna go see Navid.

I don't think that's a really
good idea right now, honey.

Okay, well, I don't wanna just
sit here and think about Ramon.

The anxiety is making me sick.

I really need to be
with my boyfriend. Mom.


Navid is really your boyfriend?

What's that supposed to mean?

Just because he doesn't
wear his testosterone

on his sleeve means
that he's gay?

Of course not! And for
your information,

we already had sex, so.

- What?
- Did you use a condom?

Mom. Eww.


He was a virgin! I gotta go.

I need a drink.

So do I.


What can I do?

Oh, ho, ho, yes.

Come here, baby. All right.

There we go.

Four years is a
long time, Malcolm.

Well... I could go full-time.

Have they offered you?

No, I, uh...

I meant full-time
primary caregiver.

You mean quit your job.

No, I mean commit to
a different job...

full-time. Free you up.

Okay, that is a lot.

Oh, ho, ho!

Yup, it is Mommy's turn.

Um, how would we make up for...
your lost income?

Four to five mill.

It's just an option.

That's a great option for you.

Yeah, yeah, 'cause taking care
of her all day is really easy.

No work at all.

Look... Ash...

if you want me to get
a different job...

- Mm-hmm.
- One that pays better,

I'll start looking.

I just... I think it's
important for Hailey

to have parents who are
happy doing what they do,

so if this opportunity isn't
gonna make you happy,

do not do it. We'll be fine.

Oh my gosh.

Oh, no! Yes!

That is the best yet.


I just... I'm just
thinking about the future,

the possibility of long-lasting
generational wealth

for Hailey's safety,

for ours.

I mean, you can think
about it all you want,

but the future's gonna be
what the future's gonna be.

See? And that's what scares me.

We just left her there.
She was not well.

She was... she was overwhelmed with-with...
fear and grief

and-and... and I know
she was bipolar,

but then they had no drugs
then, and certainly not there.

It wasn't your fault.

- You were just a child.
- No, no, no, no.

No, on some level, I knew. I
knew that I was abandoning her.

I made the choice
to abandon her.

Let's call Dr.
Langsdale tonight...

before it gets worse, before...

- before you hurt anyone.
- What?

I won't hurt anyone. Wh...

I have never hurt anyone.

Why don't you just have me
committed, if that's what you think?

What's going on?

- Is he...
- No.

- Should I stay?
- No.

Go. Have fun. Okay?

Just keep your phone charged.

Are you seeing that girl?


But why, Navid-jan. Why?

She got you in trouble.

You're all banged up.


We're afraid of you, Farid.

We're afraid of what's
happening to you.

What's happening to me is
happening for a reason.

What if that reason is...

simply punishment?





That's a lot of pain.

Old pain.

You poor boy.


I am so sorry

you had to suffer like this...

for so long.

You can let this go.

You can be done with it.

Wait, wait, hold on.

You're on my hair.


What is it? It's...
it's not working.

So, what's going on?

- Are you not into me?
- Of course I'm into you.

- I just...
- You just what?

We did it, like, once,
and now it's expected.

You brought a condom.

I'm sorry. It's just...

- too fast or being in this car...
- Or what?

Just say it.

I just don't... think
this is who I am.

What? A guy who... has sex?

A guy who has sex with girls?

- No, that's not even...
- Or a guy who has sex with me?

It's just...

it feels like everything's
changed all of a sudden, and...

Oh, what? What? You
feel smothered?

You need your space?

Wow. What a fucking cliché.

Kristen. Come on, don't do this.

You need to get your
shit together, dude.


I've always felt like I
should've saved her...

from those men.

Of course.

You were five years old.

Children make
themselves responsible.

It's easier than
accepting chaos.

It's all just chaos, isn't it?

Well, not just.

What's the worst thing
that's ever happened to you?

What a lovely question.

My father died in
a car accident.

I was in the car.

I was 11 years old.

Oh my God.

It wasn't an ongoing
trauma like yours,

but it was one big
surprise trauma.

- I'm so sorry.
- Mmm.

It happens.

I just realized I haven't had
explosive diarrhea in a while.

The bathroom's right
through there.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm turning in.




Where the fuck are you?


- Hello?
- Really?

You couldn't call me
back all day yesterday?

Mom. I'm good.

I believe you, but
I want to see you.

I'll take you to a
restaurant of your choice.

- Tonight.
- Toro Bravo. You're on.

Oh, I love that place.

Mom, I gotta call you back.

What the fuck are you?



Attention, stage.

We're going live in 30 minutes.


Wow. Mmm.

Look, I've already
got several of our

lawyers looking into
this labor issue.

It'll be resolved by
the end of the day.

Relax. You should
have fun with this.

That's not why I'm tense.

My youngest son, Ramo...

You know what? I don't
really wanna talk about it.

Okay. Okay. Well, all you
need to do is just one thing,

and then... you can take all the
time you need to deal with Ramon.

Deal with him?

Audrey, I can see you're upset.

- Do we need to cancel?
- No.

No. Of course not.

Excellent. All you need
to do is keep your eye

on all the good that we're gonna
accomplish with The Empathy Initiative.

And I promise you that we'll
take care of this other thing.

You remember Cait. She's gonna
take you back for hair and makeup

and you can meet Jack and Cathy.


Ms. Bayer. Please,
just, uh, follow me.

- Ashley!
- Hi.

- Hi. Sit, please.
- Thank you.

Do you want anything
to eat or drink?

Uh, no, no, I'm good.

You are good.

So, where's Cliff?

Oh, Cliff is no longer with us.

- We are so happy to have you here.
- Thank you.

I'm so happy to have you here.

I get to check off
two boxes with you.

I'm sorry?

Oh, I get to say that because
I'm a double-boxer myself.

S... So I'm a diversity hire?

Oh God, no. No. I'm just
saying it doesn't hurt, right?

It looks good, it is good?

Ashley, don't make this
into a thing, please.

It was just a tasteless and very...
un-PC joke.

- Uh...
- Apologies.

You're here because of your
work and nothing else, okay?

Speaking of which...

I love that dress.

- It's fabulous.
- Thank you.

Yeah. Very Cloth.

It sounds so simple.

That's exactly
what I said, Jack.

It is simple. I mean,
do we want to invest

in teaching kids empathy skills?

We believe doing so would
profoundly affect society

in so many positive ways.

I love it.

Ah. Well, if Cathy loves it...

Okay. We have a call
from Lake Oswego.

You're live on the air.
What's your name?

Hi, I'm Bridget from the Coalition
for Humane Labor Practices.

Oh, we thought you
were from Lake Oswego.

I want to make it clear...

- What's on your mind, Bridget?
- Yeah, I was wondering

how The Empathy Initiative
works alongside child labor?

Benjamin Ventures is
in the process...

Which The Washington
Post now alleges,

in addition to the worker suicides
has led to a humanitarian crisis.

Thank you, Bridget. Do we have
another caller on the line?

Look, the child labor
allegations were news to us.

The minute we found
out, we divested

from the emerging markets
fund that was in question.

What I'd like to talk about
is The Empathy Initiative.

Divested, huh?

Just walked away? Washed your
hands of the whole thing?

Well, of course. I couldn't
possibly continue to profit...

So, that's what's important,
you not profiting?

Of course not, but...

Do you even care if
it keeps happening

or is it just about
the optics to you?

Are you suggesting that I...

Do something? Yeah.
You're a billionaire.

- Should we go to commercial?
- Yeah.

Don't cut me off.
I'm not done yet.

You know, the thing about The
Empathy Initiative is...

is it's just a shiny
distraction, Jack,

to keep from looking too closely at
what really goes on all over the globe.

It's business.

We'll be right back.

Oh my God.

This is why liberals
always lose.

Anything less than
Utopian is unacceptable.

Yeah, I want everything to
be better for everybody,

and I do everything I can
to make that a reality.

For me, that's recycling
and driving a hybrid.

For you... oh, I don't know...

- not using child labor.
- I didn't know!

I just found out, and
I'm trying to fix it!

Spending some of your millions

creating a workplace where people
don't wanna kill themselves?

Do you really think you're
not complicit here?

Do you know where every article
of clothing you own comes from?

Everything you eat? Everything
you get from the drugstore?

- You used me.
- That is not true.

You fucked me.

It was more than that,

- and you know it.
- Do I?

How can I ever
trust you, Steven?

Oh, I know... I can't.


- I'm not the bad guy here.
- Fuck you!

Give me your fucking
bike, hippie!

- No fucking way, dude!
- Gimme that!

Thanks, man.

Ramon, he was in
there for two hours.


You know Henry Bergen, right?

I'm Henry Bergen.

How the fuck do
you know my name?

Oh my God. Dad.

I'm sorry. It's bigger than me.

Where did you get the
cat-o'-nine-tails or...

whatever the hell you
call that awful thing?

I've had it since the last time.

I buried it under the floor.

So, you've been planning.

I've been ready.


We're leaving.


You need help.

There are people
that want to help.

Please, just let them.

Take care of him.


Come on.



Ike? It's Lucy. You
have a visitor.

- He says you're expecting him?
- Yes, thank you.

- Hey, man.
- Extension 38 if you need anything.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's wrong?

Are you kidding?
What isn't wrong?

Sit down. Sit, sit, sit.


I... I got you.

- I'm here.
- I know.

I know. Thank you.

I need to tell somebody...

and I can't tell
Audrey, because I know

that she's been very unhappy.

I always know that.

But, uh, I never call her.

She's got so much to take
care of, so many people.

Well, she wouldn't mind, if
you called, Ike, I'm sure.

No, that's... this isn't
what I wanted to talk about.


You changed your book.

Um, I don't think I did.

I read it again, and
it's totally different.


You're my friend,
Greg, I trust you.

- You know that, right?
- You're my friend, too, Ike.

Audrey keeps things from me.

She doesn't want
me to get upset.

She hasn't told me
anything about Ramon.

What about... What about him?

You know why I trust you?

Do you remember when
I first met Ramon?

He was a little baby,
and he was sleeping,

you let me hold him,

- and I dropped him?
- Yeah, I remember.

It was because he was on fire.
Well, he's on fire again.

Wh-what exactly...

do you mean?


Um, I'm on a different

Plus I got old...

so when I see things...

When I see things, I
know they're not there,

even though they are.
You know what I mean?


I wouldn't drop
him today, maybe.

But when I did, you didn't try to
make me feel crazy like Audrey did.

How is Ramon on fire again?

Do things feel normal to you?

Oh, what... what is normal?

Don't you feel like
something's wrong?

I do. I... I do.

See, I've always felt...

well, I mean, since
I've gotten sick

I've always felt that way,
but it's gotten worse.

It's outside of me.


It's everywhere.

Hey. You hungry?


I can make you something
extremely bland.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Um, no, I don't wanna
make you work.

Okay. We could go out somewhere.

It's a beautiful day.
Yeah, let's go out.

Or... not.


And this is Steven Anderson.

- Pleasure.
- And we have James Emery.

- Yes.
- Robert Coldwell.

Welcome to Cloth, Ashley.

Thank you very much.

And this is Geetha Nayar.


Pleasure to meet you, Geetha.

May you joining us, Ashley,

lead to good things
for all of us.



Sharon, I just need
to call my attorney,

run a few things by
him before I sign.

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

- Great.
- Sure.

We look forward to your counter.

Um, Ashley.

You're not thinking of
bagging on this, are you?

'Cause that would make
me look really bad.

- Okay.
- I was just joking about

the double-boxer stuff before.

- I swear.
- I just need to make one call.


Just focus on what you want.

Okay? Life is too short not to.

Okay. I'm not gonna take it.

- I'm not gonna take it.
- Wow.

What "wow"? "Wow" like, that's a
gutsy move and you're proud of me,

or "wow" as in
you're disappointed?

No, not disappointed. Surprised.

I guess you really convinced me

that all that money
would make us safer.

You know, I mean,

who knows what's gonna happen
in this fucking country?

So, you think I should take it?

I didn't say that. I...

What... what I'm saying is...


What are you doing here?

I'm here to say goodbye.

My mom's waiting out front.
She's leaving my dad.

Oh my God.


It's, um...


It doesn't matter.

I have to go with her.

- Where?
- She has a sister in San Francisco.

Oh God. You're going
to San Francisco?

That's insane. You
could just stay here.

- Kristen.
- Wait. No, I know my parents

are not gonna care.

Then you won't have to,
like, miss school.

School is over in
two weeks anyways.

Well, how long are you gone for?

I don't know.


No, I don't want you to go.

I mean...

I know that things are weird with
us, but you're my only friend.

I know. I'll miss
you too, but...

I have to go with my mom.



We'll stay in touch. Promise.

Do you hate me?

Of course not.

I was... I was kind
of a bitch to you.

Yeah. You were.


I'm so ashamed. I...

I just couldn't stop.

I'm too weak.

Maybe this was something
you needed to do

for reasons you don't
understand yet.

I envy you. I...

I see your faith. I
see it's goodness.

I really do.

I feel its comfort.

Why did I meet Ramon?

Why did he dream of my
mother mutilating herself?

His seeing my past...

What does it all mean? I'm...

Wh-wh... what am I
supposed to do?

You know, in Islam, the need
to have all the answers

is considered a kind of heresy.

I'm a big sinner then.

I've spent my life,

I make my living
searching for answers.

Should I stop?

"Islam" literally
means "surrender."

Are you familiar with the observer
effect in quantum physics?

It refers to changes that the
act of observation makes

on whatever phenomenon
is being observed.

I think this might be a
little above my pay grade.


some people see that
as proof of God...

That there has to be
something watching...

for anything to exist.

And that something is...


Do you know what I
take as proof of God?

This moment right here.

I have a chance to be of service
to a fellow man in need...

talk to him about
things that matter.

Doesn't get much
better than that.

What the fuck can we do, Ike?

Whatever's gonna happen
is gonna happen...

whether we'd like
it to or not...

no matter how much
optimism we have...

or how much we believe in...

rational thought or God or...


There's no such thing as aliens.

- You don't think?
- No.

No, 'cause if there were,

they would have tried
to contact me by now.

Everything does.

You know, Ike, I think...

Ramon might be sick...

like you.

The same illness.

No, I don't think so.

Why not?

Because I... I was
never on fire.

You feel that?

Feel what?

It's here.

I'm scared.

Now, don't be scared.

The whole world is collapsing.

What the fuck?

'Cause this is very confusing.

Do you hear that?
Sounds like an air...


No. Mal...



If you are just joining
us, this is News 8's

continuing coverage of the
eruption of Mount Hood,

which began at 11:11 a.m.,
Pacific Daylight Time,

this morning and lasted

nearly 30 minutes.

At least 30 people are dead,
dozens more are missing,

and hundreds have sought
treatment in area hospitals

for injuries ranging
from broken bones

and severe burns to
respiratory problems.

Thousands are without
electrical power

and cell phone service has
been severely affected.

Government health officials are
calling the air quality unhealthy

and are strongly recommending
the use of air filters,

gas masks, or other breathing
apparatus, even indoors.

Emergency workers are out in
force in the affected area,

distributing bottled water and
respiration masks to the local citizens.

But according to the governor, the
safest thing to do is just hunker down,

stay indoors, and wait for
these conditions to improve.

If you need a place to go,

the state has set up temporary
shelters in the following locations:

Three Lakes, Estacada...

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