Here and Now (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Eleven Eleven - full transcript


She looked like she was
in some old Mexican movie,

but she wasn't speaking Spanish.

I don't know
what language it was,

but she says my name...

and then she just rips
her fucking face open.

Wow. Wow, you're way
deeper than I am.

I just dream I'm at work
with no pants on.


Do you have a boner? In
the dream or right now?

Either. No, sadly.

You're a tease. You're a tease.

You wouldn't know what to
do with me if you had me.

You're probably right. You give up to easy.
You give up to easy.

That was weird. What?

That was really weird. I just felt
like something grabbed my head

and turned me, so that I
would look at that clock,

like it wanted me
to see that clock.

What wanted you to?

Wait. 11:11, doesn't that
mean something?

Yeah. I mean,
it sounds like it should,

right, because of 9/11, 7Eleven.


My pants are vibrating.

Now who's the tease?

- Hey, Mom.
- Sweetie.

I need you to do me
a big favor today.

Mom, put him on speaker.
I... I don't...

It's this new phone.
I... I have to...

You don't know how
to connect to Bluetooth.

Okay, this is why
millennials are so angry.

You're not a millennial. They haven't
even named your generation yet...

Hello? ...Although I have
a couple of suggestions.

What, "stupid cunts"?

Hello? Ramon, Ramon, on
your way over tonight,

I need you to stop
by the dry cleaners

and pick up Dad's gray silk
blazer I want him to wear.

Mom, seriously?

Please don't make me bring
up who pays your rent.

Mom, can you at least
put him on speaker?

You're about to get a ticket!

You want me to bike four and a
half miles with the dry cleaning?

Of course not.
Take an Uber, use my account.

- Okay. Ram?
- Yeah.

Can you come
like half an hour early?

I need to talk to you about something.
It's really important.

Why can't you talk
about it in front of me?

Because I am
my own person who's not you

with my own boundaries and everything.
We actually exist.

Can you do it? Please say yes.
Yes, yes, yes.

Yeah. Yeah. I will. I will.

Okay. I love you. Bye.

What if I wasn't done with him?
You were.

Sorry. It's okay.

Where were we?
We were flirting...

like we've been doing every day
since I started working here.

Right. Right.

Um, what are you doing tonight?

I get off at 5:00.

My mom is actually throwing
a birthday party for my dad,

and I have to be there.
Can I come?

That would be weird.


Brian, customer needs
assistance with the piñatas.


You're going to make us
eat with wooden forks?

Bamboo is sustainable.
The world is bigger than us.

Yeah, we've fucked that
beyond repair.

It is too late to stop climate change.
That ship has sailed.

Thank you for that, by the way.
Sweetie, remember,

thoughts create reality.

Mom, we should all wear
horse heads tonight,

like the entire family,

but then act like
it's totally normal.

If anyone asks us,
just be like, "What?"

What horse heads?"

Are you high?


Mom, you should be glad
that I smoke pot,

because if I didn't, I would be bipolar,
and I'm not kidding about that.

Sweetie, your brain is
hardly even formed yet.

Did you smoke pot
when you were my age?

I also did LSD,

which can actually trigger
psychosis in rare cases.

Does that mean you should do it?


You know how much
I regret smoking pot.

I'm sure it's the reason for my
compromised attention skills.

Mom, you do not have ADD.

Let's leave any diagnosis
to me, okay? Fine.

I'm the professional.

You just try to do more than
one human could possibly do,

so of course you're overwhelmed.

But it's not a condition.
Not everything is a condition.

It's too late for any of it.

It's too late for me
to have children.

I mean, I know
I could adopt, but...

it's too late spiritually.

It's too late for me
to leave Carl,

even if I knew that's
what I wanted to do,

because it's much too late

for me to meet a man I might
actually be compatible with.

Because even if such
a man did exist, he's...

married and old,
and probably dead.

But, Lydia, you're alive.

And is this how
you want to live?

Mourning imaginary lives
you'll never have?


Can you change the past?


Does the past exist? Here, now?

No? What exists?

Right now?

Precisely. Um...

Right now. Okay, I'm thinking.

No, right now,
that's what exists.

Right now is
all that ever exists.

Well, my old therapist
told me that...

grieving was important. Yeah?
When did she tell you this?

Well, I quit seeing her
about three years ago.

And how has three years
of grieving worked out for you?

My God.

Those three years
I could've been doing...

Those three years are
never coming back, Lydia.

Never. No matter
how much you cry.

What exists?

Right now.

Right now.

So, until next week...

See it, want it, have it.


Ready, Brandon?

I'm on time this week.
I appreciate that.

When it becomes the norm,

that's when it'll be
an accomplishment.


What do you notice
about this picture?


Men do not like to look other
men they don't know in the eye,

so on male models,

everything above the
mouth is cropped out.

It's so the male consumer
doesn't feel challenged.

Okay. Now, how much
time did it take you

to decide to put
this hat on Randy?

I bet you went through
a lot of options.

I understand you were in the
accessories vault for half an hour.

- I'm a good stylist.
- You have potential,

but you are slow,
and you waste time...

like with this hat thing today.

Well, if they're not supposed
to wear the hats,

why are there so many of them
in the accessories vault?

Because we sell them.

But hats, gloves, belts, socks

are shot offfigure,

not on models.

Have you seen the web site?


Okay, go back to work.

You just destroyed
that poor girl.

If that's all it takes, I'm
sorry, she needs to be destroyed.

She'll probably end up giving
blow jobs for meth money

trying to erase
the pain of this day.

Let me know if she does
anything else stupid,

and help motivate her
to be faster if you can.

I'm sure you can.


Hey, want to go out for drinks
before Dad's thing tonight?

God, yes, let's get fucked up.

Cooper's Hall, 5:30?

You're on.

I have blow.

Michael. Doc Boatwright.

Recognize this?

I always wanted a first edition,

and I finally found one
on Bonanza.

Look at that.

Will you sign it for me?

Of course.

You're, well,
my biggest inspiration,

which you already know.

The way you marry
Epicureanism with presentism,

and then reboot them both into
something so deeply, deeply moral...

As if morality matters.

Fuck those idiots who called it
an ethical defense of hedonism,

which... wow... it boggles my mind

anyone would
ever interpret it that way.

You are a rock star.

I'll let you get back...

You know,
it's my birthday today.

I'm... 60.

No way.

There's a party later.
You... you got plans?

Kristen, come down here
and help me!

I would certainly fuck me.

Kristen, now!

I didn't understand a word.

Are you making them leave because you don't
want people to know the party's catered?

No, I just think it'll be a
warmer, more intimate party

without strangers in vests
wandering around with canapés.

You sure it's not because you want people
to think you did this all yourself?

You want to tell me what this ongoing
hostility toward me is about?

Look, what did you need me for?

It's biologically
determined, you know,

this instinct to reject
your family of origin.

Dear God,
do you ever stop talking?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Okay, Mom, I really think
that you should consider

the benefits
of medical marijuana.

I don't need a crutch, Kristen.

And unlike everyone else alive,

I don't want one.

Put one of these
in each bathroom...

but do not light them yet.


Patchouli and frankincense
organic soy candle.

to that awful Red Moon party

you threw for me
when I first got my period.

I can't believe you still
haven't forgiven me for that.

I will never
forgive you for that.

That party wasn't even for me.

It was just so you
and your old hippie friends

could get drunk in the hot tub
and grab each others' tits.

Well, at least somebody
was having fun that night.

Happy birthday.

You remembered.

I got you a present.

Is that a...
Is that a cock ring?

It's a cock sling.

You put your cock
and balls through here,

and this part pushes up
against your taint.

Thank you.

That's a very... thoughtful gift
for an old fucker like me.

Please. You're better
than my 20yearold clients.

You have 20

I once had a client who was 14.

His dad was Russian
mafia, I think,

and he bought me
for his kid's 14th birthday.

That kid was hung
like a giraffe,

and... he had no idea
what to do with it.

Unlike you.

I really gotta go.



Same time next week?

Whenever you want, Simon.

Environmental capandtrade bill

is making its way through
the Oregon legislature.

There are
several different groups...

supporting the bill,
and our current guest...

Our brother, Baby Jesus,
is from Colombia.

Your brother is not
named Baby Jesus.

Well, we always called him that because
our parents thought he was perfect.

Still do. Yeah, she never had to
teach him how to speak English.

Or learn how to deal
with his fucking hair.

Although, what's going on
with his hair? It's fucking...

He just... He passed for white,

right, since day one.
Well, he is white.

White white. Yeah.

WASP white, like Mom and Dad.

It just made things
so much easier for them.

And they just... relaxed.

They became different people.

Yeah, he never had to wear
Colombian flag Tshirts

or... serve Colombian food
at his birthday parties.

He never had to do anything
he didn't want to do.

But we're not bitter.

No. Yeah, but it must be cool,

having siblings
from these exotic places.

It could've been,

if we weren't so aware
of being advertisements

for how progressive
and evolved our parents were.

How evolved she was.
He never cared as much.

He didn't.

So, Vietnam...

and Lie... Lib... Libya? Libya.


and Colombia. All places
America totally fucked.

We also have a little sister
who's their biological child.

She is painfully white,
like you.

Now, where are you from?

First one in my family
to ever leave Kansas.

Well, you've probably added 15
years to your life by doing that.


Nothing against Kansas, but...

We're meant to move, explore.

Being stuck in one place
too long is not healthy.

Then why are you both
still in Portland?

Well, I travel... He travels.

A lot A lot.

And I've built up
a large practice of people

whom I believe
I'm genuinely helping.

I'm not going to abandon them.

But Ashley's just scared.

God. Ooh!

Where would I go.

LA? I've shot there. I hated it.

New York, Chicago...
I can't do the winters.

Where else is there?
Paris, London.

Fuck you. God.
Like that's so easy?

Okay, well, don't be an
angry black woman, Speedo.

Don't be a ching chong
Viet Cong, Duc.

You're sassy.

You're a inscrutable. I bet
you're good at sports.

I bet you're so motherfucking
good at math.



I have to take this. I'm sorry.

That was... great.

Hey, why are you here?

I have... I have blow.

Hey. Hey, honey, I'm sorry.

I'm just so jammed.

I got a full rec that I haven't
even started shooting yet

and that... fucking idiot temp stylist
that I've been bitching to you about

put us hours behind.
It's just... Okay.

No worries. When we get home,

I'll just put her down

before we leave
for your dad's thing,

so she can stay up late
for the party.

She'll have
a lot more fun that way.

Yeah. You're such a good dad.

Um, so you're okay
with meeting me at my folks'?

Mommy's gonna be that late.

Well... yes. Mommy will make
it up to you. I promise.

Try not to stress out.

All right. I love you.

Hey. So... you're
picking up models now?

What are you thinking?

I'm not gonna fuck him.
Does he know that?

Wow. Is your
marriage in trouble?

No. No. This has nothing
to do with Malcolm.

Then what does it have to do with?
I don't know.

I just want
a vacation sometimes.

I just want a break. That's all.

God. It's nothing.

It's really nothing. Look, you've
got a great relationship, Ash.

Don't sabotage... You don't know
anything about relationships, Duc,

because being in one
includes having sex.


My God.

All right. That was mean. I'm...

I'm a fucking bitch, okay? I'm sorry.
No. No, you're right.

Look, I know why you... why you
avoid being with someone, and I...

I... I respect your choice,
even if I don't agree with it,

and I just need
the same thing from you.



He's got blow. I know.

It's like we're back in high school.

Yo. Yo.

How are you?


This your bike?
Put it in my truck.


I actually have
a favor to ask you.

Already? Yeah.

That's not a good start. What?

You know the dry cleaner
on Division Street?

That'll be 11.11.

You gotta be kidding me.

It's 15 for the blazer,

and then your account has a 3.89
credit for hanger recycling.



"Individuals who are
continually contacted

"by the number 11:11 usually have
some positive mission to accomplish,

"a mission that remains a mystery until
genetically programmed sequences

are activated within the DNA."

Wait. Are you...

Are you the next step
in human evolution?

'Cause I'd want to know that.

Well, did you know
that string theory

needs 11 dimensions
or else it doesn't work?

Where am I going, by the way?

Um... my parents
live in Laurelhurst.

Okay. And where do you live?

Come on. Come on.

I gotta take a shower anyway.

We'll be in a really good mood
for your dad's thing.

Maybe this is
the positive mission

that I'm supposed to accomplish.

You're doing an excellent job.


Well, hello!

What is the best and smartest
little girl in the world

doing on my front porch?

You sweet thing.

Gigi is just going
to eat you up.

Eat you up. Eat you up.

I thought I'd come
a little early,

see if there's anything
I can do to help.

There are always things
you can do, Malcolm.

Where's Ashley?

She got held up at work.

They named me Subeedo,

this African name that nobody
even knows what it means.

Sounds like "Speedo." Exactly.

They called me "scrote tote"
in middle school.

Yeah, so on my 18th birthday,
I had it legally changed

to the whitest name
I could think of.

One picture day...

she dressed me in kente cloth...

And put this Erykah Badu
thing on my head.

It was so fucking humiliating.

- Now, I got the áo dài...
- Yeah, yeah.

Which is basically a dress,

so let's take one of the
only Asian kids in school

and send him to picture
day in a dress

that makes him
look like the hostess

at an Asian fusion restaurant.

Shit. It's really late.
We gotta get going.

You're not gonna wreck
my car, are you?

I love my car. Of
course I won't.

Got Listerine
if anybody wants some.

Ramon is still not here
with your jacket.

I'll wear
the black cashmere one.

- Honey, no.
- It's really unflattering.

And you're so
handsome in the gray.

So, I'm gonna make
a toast to you...

30plus years together,
the kids, blah, blah, blah...

And then you'll make
your speech.

Sweetheart, do we have to?

I'm not really up
to this speech shit.

Greg, you're turning 60.
It's a milestone.

It needs to be marked.
It needs ritual.

What are you doing on the floor?

I dropped the shampoo.

Well, I hope you're
not using my shampoo.

That stuff is 22 bucks a bottle.

It's from Denmark.

Fuck Denmark.

Just so you know, I've never
brought a guy home before,

even though my mom has been dying
for me to ever since I came out.

So I'm gonna be
kind of a big deal?


I'm gonna make
a surprise proposal

in front of everyone.

Don't do that. Okay.

I seriously gotta pee.

"'One day, I'm gonna
fly off this island

and go see the world.'
The other turtles... ".

Hey, who's that? Uncle Ramon.

Yeah! Go get him!

Come here, come here, come here.

I'm so excited you're here.

You're her favorite.
You know that, right?

Yeah, well, she is my favorite,
so it all works out.

Hailey, look, this is
my friend, Henry.

Hi. La, la, la, la, la... Hi.

This is my brotherinlaw, Malcolm.

Pleasure to meet you, Henry.
Yes, likewise.

Um, where's the bathroom?

Tickles. End of the hall.

Are you sure you're not ticklish?
Follow the smell of patchouli.


He's cute, man.
Yeah, I barely know him.

You're gonna want
to enjoy that while it lasts.

Ramon! Where have you been?

You need to come with me right now.
All right, let's go.

You promised me you would be early.
I know, something came up.

He says he's a serial killer.

You need to block this guy.

What? Come on! What real serial killer
would advertise it on Facebook?

Okay, I'm never gonna meet him.

If I wanted to actually hook
up, I would go on Tinder,

which... I don't.

Okay, do you really think
I want to see his face

when the hideous beast that's me

shows up instead
of hot Angela Milton?

Kristen, you are so not hideous.

Says the beautiful
Colombian boy.

I've made my peace being the
boring white chick in the family.


Did I tell you...

I'm getting my DNA analyzed.


'Cause maybe there's
a tiny percentage

of something
interesting in there.

Kristen, seriously,

you have to be careful
with this Facebook stuff.

There are real psychos
out there.

I actually hooked up
with one once.

Wait. How often do you hook up?

How often do you?

I'm 17, dumb-ass.
Like never. Yet.

Don't judge me. I'm not
waiting for the perfect...

you know, whatever. I just haven't
found anyone particularly interested.

- Interesting.
- Freudian slip.

You are unusually
forthcoming tonight.

I'm high. I'm always high.

Is that like a plea for help?

Dear God, no, I love it.

Ooh, wait. Check out
this new vaporizer.

Let's see.

I got you this.

My... Right. Sorry.

Thank you.

Okay, suck it up, boys.

No one can see how inebriated we are.
Okay? No one.

Randy, you are Duc's friend.
You and I just met.

I picked you guys up
on my way over. Why?

Because she doesn't want
her husband to know

she's bringing
a hot boy to the party.

Duc, you're not gonna
tell Malcolm anything, okay?

Of course not, you're my sister.

He's just your incredibly
nice husband

who happens to be
my best friend,

which is not awkward
for me at all.

You're married? Yeah.

Actually, that makes
total sense.

What the fuck does that mean?

You're beautiful, smart,
and fucking hot.

Of course you're married. Aw.

You're very sweet, Randy...

or you're a complete douchebag.

Can you not call her "hot"?

It's a fact.

Hey, baby! Hi! Mom!

Don't you look nice?
Look at you.

Aw, Daddy did
a great job dressing you.

Somebody was a little more
interested in picking out her outfit

than taking a nap...

so I don't know how long
she's gonna last.

I'm so sorry I'm late.
It's no problem.

You smell like Listerine.

Yup, Listerine.
Let me check again.


It's like a golden retriever
turned into a dude.

Right? I think she married
him to piss our mom off.

He was a Republican...
you know, before Trump.

Yeah. But she hit the jackpot.

Do I know you?

Um, no, I don't think so.
Hi, I'm Henry.

I made it explicitly clear there
were to be no catering servers...


No, no, I'm... I'm with Ramon.

As his date?

Yeah. Really?

Sure. Yeah. I'm Ramon's mom,

Audrey. Audrey..

I'm sorry.

It is such a pleasure
to meet you.

My God, a pleasure.

The pleasure is mine.

Come. Okay.

I want to learn everything
about you. Okay.

22, 23, 24, 25...

How high can you count?
A hundred.

I need to take a picture of you

'cause you just counted
to a hundred.

My gosh. Okay. Get ready.

We are smart ladies.

Dude. I don't think
she's gonna fuck me tonight.

Dude, that's my sister.
Shut your fucking mouth.

I mean, why'd she even bring me?

She just likes
to play with fire.

Ashley likes to play near fire,

without ever getting close
enough to actually get burned.

I mean, I get it. Her
husband's very fuckable.


Everyone here's pretty old.

It's a 60th birthday party.

Are there any caterers
here at least?

So, tell me about this
psycho you hooked up with.

It was so fucking creepy.

He made this face during sex

that literally was like
the face of madness.

That's it? He just
made a weird face?

You seem disappointed that he
didn't murder or dismember me.

It was really upsetting.
I kind of just...

put the brakes
on hooking up after that.

Wait. When was
the last time you hooked up?

A couple hours ago. What? Slut.

What did you hook up on? Grindr?


No. Bristlr?

Uhuh. Scruff.

I met him in real life. What?

That is weird. His name's Henry.

Shit! What?

He's here tonight. No.

Yeah, he kind of invited himself,
and I just never said no.

So the sex was good. Yeah.

Well, fuck. Introduce me to him.

All right, just don't be weird. I
don't want to scare him off. Please.

When am I ever weird?

Wait. Have I ever told you about
how much I just love gay porn?

Yeah, only a gazillion times.

Hey, Ash, Ash, Ash, Ash, Ash.

Can... Sorry. Can I get in on
your gift to Dad, please?


Come on, how much is half?

Two hundred dollars. Wow.

Yeah. I... I can do 50.


Thank you. Thank you.

Stop it. Okay, but thank you.


Happy birthday.


These are beautiful.
They're great.

They were custommade
for you in Italy.

Ashley, thank you. Welcome.

And Ramon. And Ramon.

Thanks, buddy.
Happy birthday, Dad.

Dad. Yeah, I'm still
making your gift.

I can't wait to see what it is.

He's talking to Mom.

Yeah, Ram, he is uber hot.

I better go rescue him
before she unhinges her jaw

and swallows him whole. Okay.

I used to be a therapist.
Not a lot escapes me.

Hey. So you guys met each other.

We did. Sweetie.

Yeah? I want you to know,

you have my full,
unconditional blessing.

Well, of course I do, Mom.
Not that I need it.

This one's a keeper.

This one?

There's something
very special about this.

Yeah, yeah, we put
our dicks in each other.

Was that really necessary?

Mom, we're gay.
We're not special.

That's a little bit
condescending and weird.

Well, would you prefer
a mother who disowned you?

Or sat shiva for you?



Well, I'm truly sorry, Henry,

that Ramon feels the need to
denigrate me in front of you.

You must be
pretty important to him.

Excuse me.

A gym membership?

It's not just a gym, Dad.

It's a platinum membership
to Quantum Fitness.

You can use any part
of the entire club, 247.

You know I'm 60, right?

You can start
with some basic yoga.

We could go together.

You could use it.
You're pretty stiff.

Well, stiff is
a good thing at my age.

Doc Boatwright!


Thank you, son.


Hey. Welcome, welcome.

Sure. Come here.

Um, you remember
my girlfriend, Emma.

- Hi. Happy birthday.
- Of course.



Or perhaps I should say...


Great party, Mom. Is it?

Aren't you even remotely
interested why I might say that?


Mom, if you want to tell me
how you're feeling, tell me.

I'd love to hear, but it's not
my job to dig it out of you.

Is that how you "motivate"
people's "architecture"?


Yes, and that was neither
passive nor aggressive.

Well, that was aggressive.

Women need men like you.

You should be
making love constantly,

bringing that empathy
into being.

You could be a conduit
for healing the world.

Through fucking?

Look at your father.

So hungry for approval.

He wasn't always like that.

He always had the approval,
so he never had to work for it.

He's been depressed
for a couple of years now.

Any particular reason?

No, I'm waiting
for him to tell me.

It's not my job
to dig it out of him.

I look at him,
and I love him so much,

it literally hurts.

I'm serious,
like it might injure me.

And in the same moment,
I wanna smack him repeatedly

in the face with big, wet fish.

Who's that kid talking to Dad?

His TA, Michael something.


Your father loves his acolytes.

My ass.

I love that. That's so good.
I'm gonna steal that.

Okay. Well, I stole it.

Mind if I grab him for a bit?

How are you doing?
I'm great. I'm drunk.

Honey. Only seltzer then,
the rest of the party.

Here's your blazer.

No. I'm... I'm good.
For your speech..

If you wanna look nice.

I'm good.

Um, you...
You should probably know,

I'm a virgin.

We can use my shirt.

Can I have everyone's attention?

Attention, please! Aw.

We're here to celebrate the
birth of my dear husband, Greg,

who I met at Berkeley
many centuries ago.


June 12th, 1982.

- The March for Disarmament.
- Wow.

Still one of the largest protest
marches in New York City history.

But I remember it as the day...

he proposed.


I had never met a boy who was
so comfortable around me.

Some people say
I can be a handful.


But Greg wasn't intimidated.

He got me. In fact...

he celebrated me.

That's so sweet.

And he's done so every day

of mine and our
four children's lives,

and we love him for it...

as I'm sure you all do.


We love you both.

My darling.

The love of my life.

Wouldn't you like
to say a few words?

Yeah! Come on, get
up there, Greg.

Let's hear it.

Come on, Greg!


All right, Greg! Yeah!

Thanks, honey.

Please don't say
anything depressing.

Audrey, you dropped your bracelet.
Thank you.


I don't think anyone...

I don't think anyone's life...

turns out the way
they thought it would.

That's for sure.

Things we didn't
even know existed...

What's with the all black?
Is he Johnny Cash?

He's struggling for autonomy.

While things
we considered fundamental...

But the gray silk,
he looks so good in that.

He doesn't want to look good.
He wants to have his way.

You know, sometimes I feel
like I'm still a teenager...

like age is just an illusion...

and I'm gonna feel
this way forever.

But other times, I feel like

there's a pair
of invisible hands...

wrapped around my heart...

squeezing it so tight...

that I think I'm...

I think it's gonna stop beating.

I almost wish it would.

But it doesn't.

It just keeps beating...

and I just keep going.

I'm a philosopher...

whatever that means.

I spent most of my life
trying to figure out...

what life is all about.

And here I am,
60 years old... 60,

and I have no fucking idea.

Let me know if you...

need me to stop or slow down.

Okay, I will.

When I was young,

I thought the purpose of life

was to seek enlightenment,

to use our minds,

to try to imagine
a better future...

Just breathe.


Bring light into the darkness...

to reject fear and despair

and cynicism...

to honor intelligence
and reason...

to choose love.


I feel embarrassed even
articulating that, because...

I look at the world...

not even the world...

here, now...

and all I see is ignorance,



and rage.

We lost, folks.

We lost.

I look back on...

my partnership
with this amazing woman...

and this great experiment
that is our family...

and I wonder,

I really do wonder...

"Did any of it
make any difference?"

'Cause from where
I'm standing...

What the fuck?

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck is what?


Hey. What's happening?


What the fuck?

It's fucking 11:11!


Did you take anything tonight?

Who gave it to you?

No. Was it Henry?

Hey, hey.

I got you. I got you.

What's going on with him?

He's hallucinating.

I was hallucinating?

It's okay.

Wait. Nobody saw what
happened with the fire?

It's okay.

What it did?

It's okay.

It's all right.

What's wrong with Ramon?

He doesn't have a fever.

We did a whole blood battery,
nothing was abnormal,

so no liver or kidney failure.

No migraines. He's way
too young for dementia.

He sleeps over eight hours
a night, so no narcolepsy.

Full MRI revealed nothing,

so no tumor that might cause
hallucinations. Mrs. Boatwright.

It's Bayer, like the aspirin.

Ms. Bayer.

Ms. Bayer...

can be symptomatic

of many different
conditions besides...

Well, of course I know that.

I was a therapist
for almost 20 years

before I founded
the Empathy Initiative.

It wasn't a hallucination.
I saw 11:11 on the clock.

I mean, a friend of mine can corroborate.
He was there.

A friend you've only known
for a matter of days.

Mom, seriously?

Is it possible, Ramon,

that seeing
or hearing that number

could've planted the idea
in your subconscious?

That's what I've been saying.

No, these numbers
mean something, Dad.

Sweetie, I know it's scary,

and you wanna find some sense
of meaning in what happened,

but try not to be too...

I know that's
what you're thinking.

You're thinking
I'm just like Uncle Ike.

This is why I thought
it would be better if...

If your father and I spoke
to the doctor alone at first.

You should probably know my
older brother is schizophrenic.

But... But Ramon is not
our biological child.

I'm aware of that.

I'm not saying it's genetic.

I'm saying I know
what it looks like.

I've seen it start.

He was just high,
and he imagined something.

Remember when he was little and he thought
shadows were always following him?

Shadows were following me, Dad.

And you've been high and seen things.
I was with you, Audrey,

when you thought you were
in an Aztec pyramid

being prepared for sacrifice.

I wasn't high. I was tripping.

And... and when we first met,
you were terrified

that you would still
turn out to be schizophrenic.

What is your point?

My point is, you weren't!

Youyou... you have
so much fear about this,

that you almost are creating... Leave your
fucking philosophy in the classroom, okay?

Of course I'm terrified.

Ike was Ramon's age when he had
his first psychotic episode.

Until we gather
more conclusive information,

I need everyone in the room
to stop using diagnostic terms

like psychosis
and schizophrenia.

Can we all agree on that?

These words are used
much more than they should be

and can be very confusing,
especially to the patient.

Thank you. She's been sending
him links to web sites.

She's... fucking
scared shitless.

I want him to be educated.
I want you to know

what you might be up against.

You want to control everything

because you want
to control everything.

Maybe you could mask your contempt
for me in front of the doctor.

They waited too long

to diagnose my brother,

too long to medicate him.

Each hallucination
can cause more damage.

I think we should start Ramon
on Seroquel as soon as possible.

What? You have been lecturing me

about the evils
of Western medicine

for the past 35 years. We have to
head off a second hallucination...

My God... which can only
make a third one more likely.

Ms. Bayer. I'm sorry, Doctor,
but you should probably know

I'm not one of those mothers who can sit
back and watch from behind a glass.

I intend to take an active part in
Ramon's diagnosis and treatment.

I genuinely respect your
desire to be so involved...

but that decision is
for Ramon to make.

Should he undergo treatment,

it would be based
on strict confidentiality

between him and myself.

Well, of... of course,
but... but if he agrees

to our being involved...

Do you want your parents to know

everything we talk about
during your treatment?

You don't have
to say "yes," Ramon.

In fact,
I would advise you not to.

Excuse me?

You were a therapist, Ms. Bayer.

You know there can be
no meaningful therapy

for Ramon with his
parents in the room.

If you decide
to become my patient,

they can't be here
without your consent.

Do you understand?

And if they call or email
to ask about your progress,

I can't answer them.
I'm prohibited by law.



- Ramon?
- I'm sorry,

but this clearly
is not the best...

No, I want to be his patient.

I do.

- I do.
- Sweetie.

Then you both need
to wait outside

until we're done
with our session.

Of course. Everything's going to be okay.
All right?

We'll be right outside if
you need us, sweetie. Yeah.

Who is that woman
in the picture?

What picture?

Who is she?

My mother.


Do you
really think he's mentally ill?

Ramon or dad?


Daddy's depressed
because the world

is so much more fucked up than
he ever thought it could be.

You're supposed to be outdoors

causing trouble
while you still can!

One can have a great life
without pretending

to be invincible to the world.

I'm not pretending.

I sent everyone home.

I kinda wanted
to be alone with you.

I thought you told me
you had to work late.

You're hot, smart.

Tell me something
that's wrong with you.

I think that's
my brother's boyfriend.

I wish the world was different

from what it is.

Promised I would never
go out like this, dad.

I just wanna keep you safe.

Your mom chose life!

Don't engage.

How did your mom
get in my dream?

It's no accident,
I'm your psychiatrist.

I just want what's best for you.

Maybe what's best for me
is not what's in store.