Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 5 - Ares - full transcript

The dying warrior Gregor gets Hercules's promise to give his wife Janista and teenage son Titus in Fallia a jewel and sword, and tell Titus the art of war is not about killing but defending the innocent. When Titus and his young village friend Ximenos go stag-hunting, a Trojan war-veteran in Ares's service hands the kids heavy clubs to duel 'to the death'; in fact they run but Ximenos is recruited for the god's bloodthirsty troop after a ritual brand mark on the arm. Janista is embarrassed to receive the son of Zeus in her shambled home, but he even helps her fix the roof. The female blacksmith Atalanta 'beats' him at arm wrestling but while forging is magically branded by Ares and makes weapons for his bloodthirsty troop in a semi-conscious trance, then reports to Hercules there were mysterious killings in neighboring villages. Hercules finds Hera's nearest temple empty except for a war god-symbol. When Titus chickens out of joining, captain Aurelius invokes Ares, the hero's evil half-brother makes him use the kid to lure Hercules to their cave, where he's buried under rocks; Atalanta nurses and follows him, till Ares's blood allows Aurelius to turn Atalanta bad, but Hercules throws her in the water which reverses the curse. Jacinta joins the rescue party for her Titus an the other boys, which incurs more of Ares's magic and the appearance of the evil divinity...

If you've come to kill me...,
do it now.

I'm not your enemy.

Rest easy, soldier.

- Who are you?
- I'm Hercules.

They say you're a good man.

I try to be.

Then grant a man
his dying wish?

It would be an honor.

My name is Gregor.

I have a wife and son...
in Fallia.

Janista.. and Titus.

Give them these...

and my love.

And tell my son... the art
of the warrior is not to kill...,

but to fight against
the forces of evil.

I'll do that, Gregor.

I promise you.

- Titus?
- I'm right here!

- Good. I need some more mud.
- I've already got it.

You're all right, you know that?

You'd better say that.
You're my mother!

Hey, Titus! I'm going huntin'.
Do you wanna come?

I've gotta help Mom.

Go on, it's all right.

We're about done here
today anyway.

Thanks, Mom.

Oh, see if you can bring home
some dinner.

One day, Titus,
we're going to be warriors,

fight with real weapons.

Yeah..., and we won't be
just hunting rabbits.

We'll be stalking our
enemy..., showing no mercy.

I'm going to be a centaur.

I'm gonna be a centurion.

I'm gonna be Ares,
god of war himself.

Shh. Ximenos, look!

- Oh, it's gone!
- I can't believe I missed.

It wasn't your fault.

But your weapons.

They're not true.

- Are you a soldier?
- Ever since the Trojan War.

- And you two?
- We're too young.

No one's too young
if you have the warrior spirit.

Let me show you.

Feels good to have something
like that in your hands,

doesn't it?

It gives you a sense of worth...,

of power.

But you've gotta prove
you deserve that power.

I want you to kill each other.

This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!


You've got him!

Good. Good!

Now go for the kill!

- What are you doing?!
- Ridding the world of you.

No, don't! We're friends!

No coward's a friend of mine.

Let him go.

I know who the winner is.

Hi there.

Are you Janista?

I am.

I have a message for you.

It's about my husband, isn't it?


I found him... dying
on a battlefield near Chaldea.

His final thoughts
were of you and your son.

And he wanted you
to have these.

Thank you.

- Aren't you gonna read it?
- My husband's been off

fighting one war after another
for nearly ten years.

I don't wanna open things up
that have already been closed.

I understand.

I know you've travelled
a long way.

The least I can do is
offer you something to eat

and a place to rest.

I appreciate that.


Titus, where are you?!

He must... still be out
hunting with Ximenos.

You know, I haven't even asked
your name.

I hope you don't think I'm
always this rude.

Don't apologize.

Uh... I'm Hercules.

If I'd known the son of Zeus
was gonna be in my house...

It looks fine to me.

Even with only...
half a roof?

Uh, I thought that was something
to enjoy the stars by.

I wish it was.

This place is always
falling apart.

Titus and I can barely keep up.

But I guess we're no worse
than the rest of the town.

With all the men gone to war,

there's too many jobs
and not enough people.

Then let me give you a hand
before I go back on the road.

You know you don't have to.

It's the least I can do
to repay your hospitality.

But I'll need to find
the blacksmith.

- Hmm. Hello.
- Hello, ladies.

Hello? Is anyone home?

Back here.

Hi. I...



Oh, uh...

I need some nails; I thought
I'd find the blacksmith here.

You did.

- But you're a woman.
- And you're a man.

Which I could've figured out

even if you didn't have
your foot in your mouth.

Well, it's, uh..., no offense.
It was...

It was the steam,
it got in my eyes.

They call me Atlanta.

- What's your name?
- Hercules.

Well, you're big,
and you look fit.

But there's only one way
to tell for sure.


Is this really necessary?

No one's ever been able
to beat me,

so I figure it would take
a guy like Hercules.

So shut up...
and say "one, two, three".

Come on, just say it.

One, two, three.

What's the matter, Herc?
More steam in your eyes?

You just proved you're
as much of a man as you are a god.

So, what brings Hercules
to Fallia?

And more importantly,
how long you planning on staying?


Long enough to do some repairs
on Janista and Titus' house.

Oh, yeah, uh...
I'm gonna need those nails.

Slipped your mind, did they?

Damn that Ximenos!

Doesn't show up for work,
doesn't refill the nail box...


Isn't he friends with Titus?

Yeah, he's kind of like
the kid brother I never had;

he does odd jobs for me
around here.

But let me down today.

- Never mind the nails for now.
- You got something else in mind?


Do you know where I can find
those boys?

This is my headquarters,

And this is the army
I told you about.

- But... there's nobody here.
- That's where you're wrong.

Look at them, Ximenos.

All primed to kill.
We may be small in number,

but with Ares' help,
we grow stronger every day.

Soon we'll be known
throughout the land.

Known... and feared.

Are you ready to join
the warriors of Ares, Ximenos?

Are you ready to become
our brother?


- I am.
- Good.

He's going to do the ritual.

Now we'll see
if he's with us.

Ares! Ares!

- But first, you must burn.
- Ares! Ares!


- Yeah.
- Shh.

What's happening to me?

She did it... just like
you said she would.

Now we have real weapons.

Now we're ready to kill!

- For Ares!
- For Ares!

For Ares! For Ares!
For Ares! For Ares!

For Ares! For Ares!


Where are you?!


Hello, Titus.

Hey. How'd know my name?
You're not from around here.

I've been looking for you.

- I'm Hercules.
- You're kidding.

No, I'm not.

Did my mom send you out
to look for me?

I came on my own.

She thought you'd come back
by yourself.

I would have...,

but my friend's still missing.

Well, maybe we'll have better luck
finding him if we look together.

What do you say?

The last time I saw Ximenos,

he was headed down
into this valley.

Well, then...
that's where we'll look.

Ximenos, you down here?


What is this place?

I don't know.

I've never been here before.

Well..., someone was.

And not too long ago.

Hercules. What's this?!

It's something you and I
should probably leave alone.

What do you say
we go back home?

What about Ximenos?

Oh, I'm sure
he's home by now.

There's someone here
to see you.

Titus. Are you all right?

I'm fine, Mom.

Hercules told me
about what happened to Dad.

- I was worried about you.
- I'll be fine.

I just wish you'd known
your father.

He was a good man.

I'm gonna be a good man too.

Well, not if you're always
running off.

Where'd you find him?

In the woods.
He was looking for his friend.

Ximenos is a wild kid.

I'm sure he's tough enough
to survive.

But you, you kept Hercules
from fixing our roof.

Don't worry.
I'll still do it.

You better. I had to go down
to the blacksmith's

to pick up the nails
you forgot about.

Come on,
they're waiting for you.

She's, uh, very thoughtful.



Come here.

I thought something terrible
had happened to you out there.

Ah, it was great. The guy we
met, his name's Aurelius.

He wanted us
to kill each other!

Ah, that was just a game.

You'd have found out
if you hadn't run away.

Are you sure? It felt like
I was fighting for real...

like it wasn't even me.

That just means you have
the warrior in you.

Aurelius said
all good soldiers do.

He's got a whole army,
and they're just like us, Titus.

You're not gonna join,
are you?

I already have.

And you can too.

It'll be great,
just like we always talked about.

I don't know, Ximenos.

Uh-uh, Titus.

A soldier doesn't walk away
from his comrades.

When I go back...,

you're going with me.

Come on.

He sure is a sight
for sore eyes, isn't he?

I'd almost forgotten
what a real man looked like.

Why don't... don't you go
and talk to him?

Oh, no. Why don't you?

No, you go!

I don't think I can.

Y-Y-You must be thirsty,

I brought you something to drink.

Thanks, but, uh...,
I'm fine for now.

But all that work,
you must be starved.

Sorry, I-I... had
a big breakfast.

No, thanks..., really.


Ladies, please.

I need to talk to you.

Where's he going?

I don't know.

It's as if something
came over me.

I mean, the one minute,
I'm shaping plow blades...,

and the next minute,
I'm hammering out swords.

And I knew what I was doing,
but I didn't know why.

Who knows how long I would've
kept it up if I hadn't burnt myself?

Where're all the swords

That's just it; I don't know.

Have other strange things been
happening around here?

Not in this village.

But in Styra, three families
of farmers have been killed.

And in Lixus, there's been rumors
about roving bands of wild boys.

Does Hera have a... shrine
or a temple near here?

You think Hera's behind
all this?

Well, there's only one way
to find out.

No guards, Hera?

You must be slipping.

Looks like nobody's been
in your temple for some time, Hera.

You're not real popular anymore,
I guess.

But it looks like somebody
made a sacrifice here.

The sign of war.

But why in Hera's temple?


Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

- Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!
- Hercules.

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares!

Come on!

Did you see the look on that guy's
face when I cut him?!

- He thought he was gonna die.
- Yeah!


Pay attention!

- You did a good job today.
- Yeah!

The great god Ares
would be proud.

But that was just the beginning.

There is far greater glory
ahead of us!


You're late, Ximenos.

A true warrior
doesn't miss a battle.

- You fought somebody?
- They were no match for us.

Just ask
your brothers-in-arms.

Unless you'd rather hang back
with the women and children

with your friend here.

Titus isn't hanging back.

He wants to join us.
I talked him into it.

You did?

Is he telling the truth, Titus?

Do you really wanna be
a warrior of Ares?

Do you have the spine for it?

- Say "yes".
- Come on, don't be a coward.

You want to be a servant of Ares,
don't you?

I can't. I've gotta get back
and help Hercules fix the roof.

I'm sorry, Ximenos.

- Coward!
- Hercules.

Mighty Ares, god of war...,
make yourself present.

Hercules is in town.

Hercules, my half-brother.

So that's why you've crawled
to me in fear.

I just came to you
for guidance, that's all.

Who better to map a strategy
against Hercules

than the god of war himself?

Use the boy.


You were gonna read it
sooner or later.

I guess part of me
was still hoping that...

he'd walk through the door

Come here.

It's all right.

It's all right.

I know what you're feeling.

Hello, Titus.

What are you doing hehe?

I came to apologize.

Must have seemed pretty strange
out there today.

But every man in my army
wants to be your friend, Titus.

- So do I.
- I don't think so.

Listen to me, Titus!

I have something
very important to tell you.

- What?
- There's a stranger in the village.

It's Hercules.

He came to tell us
my dad got killed in the war.

It wasn't the war
that killed your father, Titus.

It was Hercules.

And now he's here
to take advantage of your mother.

- Hercules, come quick!
- Titus, where have you been?!

Come on! I've gotta
show you something!

What's wrong?

Those swords
that got stolen from Atlanta?

I know who's got them.
It's a gang of kids.

- They're hurting people, Hercules!
- W-Wait a minute, wait.

How would you know
about the stolen swords?

Where'd this come from?


Where are you?!
Come back here!

You're just a kid.


Atlanta, have you seen Titus
or Hercules?

No, I haven't seen Titus.

If I knew where Hercules was,
I sure wouldn't be out here.

Oh, I thought you might have.

No, I haven't seen him
since this morning,

when I showed him something
in the forge.

Oh, no.

Please be alive.

Look! He's still alive!

Thank the gods.

Hercules, are you all right?!

- Where's Titus?
- He's not under there, is he?

He's the one who led me
into this trap.

What are you talking about?

Titus wouldn't do
something like that.

Uh, maybe he wouldn't before,
but Ares has 'hold of him now.

I've gotta find him.

Wait! I'll go with...

You're not going anywhere,
but with me, Herc.

- But...
- No "buts" about it, Herc.

What about me, Titus?
You gonna try killing me too?

Warriors of Ares
don't kill women.

Oh, just men.

When they stand
in Ares' way.

And what about Hercules?
What did he deserve?

- To die!
- But why?!

He killed my father!
Ares said so!

And I saw how he had his hands
all over you last night.

Titus, you don't know
what you're saying.

Now please,
give that back to me.


I'm a soldier now.
This belongs to me.

Well, if you won't give it to me,
then you can give it to Hercules.

Dead men
don't need swords.

Well, lucky for you he isn't dead;
I just saw him.

- You're lying!
- No, I'm not!

Titus, come back here!

There, that should do it.

Thanks. I didn't think
you'd have such a gentle touch.

Come back
when you don't need repairs,

and I'll... treat you even better.

Sorry, but I've...

- I've gotta go find those kids.
- Fine, let's get moving.

This is not your fight, Atlanta.

This is between Ares and me.

Look, Ximenos might be out there.

- That makes it my fight.
- I understand your concern.

Yeah, yeah, you don't think
I can handle myself?

- You think I'm weak?
- No.

I would never call you weak.

But this is too dangerous.

Well, that's why I have this.

And if you still wanna
argue about it,

we can always


After you.

It was magnificent, Ares.

People will be talking
about our triumph

until the end of time.

Of course...,
Hercules didn't fall

until I delivered
the killing blow.

Fool! Hercules isn't dead!

- He-He isn't?
- No. I still feel him.

My troops won't fail you
a second time. I promise.

Not your troops. You!

- How?
- Use my blood.

I've always been ashamed that
Ares and I share the same father,

but this is as low
as he's ever sunk.

Using boys to get the blood
he needs to live on.

Well, can't Zeus do something
to stop him?

Why would he?
It's only human life.

That means nothing to him.

- Ow, my arm!
- Atlanta, are you all right?

I'm fine.

Not you, too.

Fighting in a woman's body?!
You're a coward, Ares!

What's the matter?! Can't you fight
your own battles?!

Atlanta? Are you all right?

Of course I'm all right.
Now get me out of here!

- What happened?
- You just tried

to whip the hide off me,
that's what happened.

What are you talkin' about?

Ares got into you
and went crazy.

He must've been the same reason
why I was makin' those swords.

I had the same
strange feeling.

Well..., warn me the next time
you get any strange feelings.



- Hercules is still alive!
- Old news, Titus.

Well, what're you gonna do
about it?!

I'm not gonna do anything.
You are.

Ares wanted you dead
when you screwed everything up.

But I made him give you
one more chance.

Hold up your sword.

Ares' blood is pure poison.

One cut...
and Hercules is dead.

Titus is my friend.
I fight with him.

You better win with him.

Hercules! Stop!

Titus... is acting crazy.
He's still tryin' to kill you.

I know that. I know that.
I know where to find him.

Please don't hurt him.

- He's all I have.
- He'll be all right.

The only one I wanna hurt...
is Ares.

Go home, Janista,
we'll handle this.

I'm coming. He's my son.

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!

- Ares! Ares! Ares! Ares!
- This is where it ends, boys.


Game is over.

That's what you think.

Great god Ares,
show him your power!

He's all yours.

I thought you were
my friend, Hercules.

But you murdered my father!

And you came to take away my mother.

We're gonna fix it so you
don't hurt anybody anymore.

Ares is filling you with hate
and lies. He's using you!

- Shut up!
- What's the matter?

Does it hurt to hear
that the god of war is a vulture?

Because that's what Ares is.

He'll have you kill me.

Then he'll even make you kill
your friends, and who knows,

he'll probably make you
kill each other.

He's telling you the truth, Titus.
He came here as a friend.

- Don't listen to them!
- Ximenos!

Hercules hasn't hurt anyone.

He's trying to help you
get free from Ares.

What are you waiting for?!
Kill him!

- Kill them all!
- You must be the leader.

You look like the kind of puppet
Ares would like.

A puppet couldn't kill you,

You fell right into my trap.

I'm Ares' general.

And what kind of general
could that be?

A general nuisance?

For that, you die first!
Kill her!

Show Hercules
what's in store for him.

- No, Titus, don't do it!
- Titus, Ximenos, think about it.

You don't want blood
on your hands.

Don't listen to him, Titus.
Hercules is a liar!

He killed your father, Titus.

Kill them! Kill them!
Kill them! Kill them!

- Kill them! [...]
- No, Titus, don't do this!

- Don't do it, Ximenos.
- Think about your father, Titus.

You too, Ximenos.

They fought against the very evil
that Ares stands for.

If you don't kill the bitch,
I will!

You're not killing anybody.

What's it gonna be, boys?
Whose side are you on?

- Yours.
- Good choice.

Don't listen to him.

You want to feel
the wrath of Ares?!

If you'll excuse me, it's time
to teach someone a lesson.

Attack! Attack!

Great! I wanted to fight,
but not with dwarves.

Stand back, Hercules.
This sword is poison.

That just makes it
more interesting.

One cut, one tiny little nick
and you're dead!

Then you better not slip.

Come and get me, boys.

You see that? Huh?

Ares! Help me,
Hercules is here!

So there you are,
little brother.

Stand back, Hercules.

I am protected by Ares himself.

- We have a deal.
- Deal's off!

I thought maybe I'd seen
the last of you, half-brother.

Well, you haven't gotten
any better-lookin',

that's for sure.

- Hercules!
- Get up!

He's coming!

Take your last breath,

Here, Hercules!

Use my father's sword!

Time to die, little brother.

I hate my family.


He killed him.

Next time, Hercules!

Next time!

I'll be looking forward to it.

Is that the god you worship?!


Take those masks off.

Go home.

Go back to the villages
and farms that you came from.

And if you have to fight,
fight for peace, not for war.

- Sorry, Mom, for everything.
- Shh.

It's all right, Titus.

Is it over?

For this town.

For today.

Come on.

Let's go home.

The circumstances
were all wrong, Janista.

But I'm still glad I got the chance
to meet you and Titus.

So am I, Hercules.

And don't forget,

there's always room for you
under our roof.

After all,
you built it.

Thank you.

Now, for you two...

Sorry for all the trouble
we caused you, Hercules.

We wouldn't have done it
if we'd known.

Well..., no hard feelings.

As long as you promise me
it won't happen again.

- It won't.
- Good.

The last words
your father spoke to me...

were meant for you, Titus.

He wanted you to know that...

the art of the warrior
is not to kill...,

but to destroy
the forces of evil.

I hope you'll never forget that.

You've got my word.

Good. Then you'll grow up
to be the man

that your father wanted you
to be.

Atlanta, what can I say?

Just shut up and say
"one, two, three".

You're not gonna, like...,
flip me or anything, are ya?

Would you just say it?

One, two, three.

Come back and see me



I'll, uh...

I'll save...
my strength for you.

Bye, Hercules.

- Thanks.
- Shush.

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