Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Festival of Dionysus - full transcript

When beloved pacifist king Iphicles of Meliad refuses to cancel the new wine festival of Dionysus after his queen Camilla dreamed the virgins will, as the law allows them, kill him instead of prolong his reign by a year and then crown his firstborn heir Pentheus, she sends their junior son Nestor to Hercules, who had just been cheated by Centaur twins who sneakingly trade places at each drinking duel, without explaining. In Meliad they find the blind seer, who reluctantly predicts another bloodbath. Pentheus prays to war-god Ares. Captain Gudrun's guards fail to overpower Hercules and Nestor but he tricks them into secret underground water, then Pentheus tells them his plan to fix the maidens' wine and leaves, expecting the hydra to kill them off, but Hercules slays it and pins the corps down as a stepladder, just too late to stop the maidens drinking the new wine Ares poisoned, so they rush to the palace, seen by Pentheus and Gudrun...

Wake up. Iphicles!

What's wrong?! What is it?

You must cancel the festival.

I can't, you know that.

Well, I... I've-I've just had
the most terrible dream. I...

I saw the virgins.
They came for us!

You must cancel the festival...,
or you'll die!

Shh... My love,
it was just a dream.

Lie down and go back to sleep.

Mother? Is something wrong?

I need you to do
something for me.


- Pay up, old man.
- But that's all the money I have.

Too bad. A challenge is a challenge,
and ya lost.

But there's no way
I could've beat you.

You should've thought of that...
before you made the bid!

Give me the money!

Why don't you pick on
someone your own size?


This isn't exactly
what I had in mind.

Hmm. Save the excuses.
First one to drop, loses.

This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!


We're just gettin' started,

No. We'll take turns. That way
I'll make sure you don't cheat.

Now, your turn.

So that's how he beat me.

You snitch, you'll die.

You know...

Excuse me.

I'm... I'm not normally much...
of a drinker.

I feel... like I've had...
twice as many as you.

Huh. Gotta hand it to ya.

Ya hung in longer than anyone
we've ever faced.

- "We"?
- Huh? Uh, I mean "me".

Oh. Huh.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute,
there are two of you.

You're just drunk, that's all.

There's only one of us.

- Only one of you.
- Yeah. Right.

- Double vision?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Oh. Well...,
in that case...,

I better putcha back together

- Let's get outta here!
- See ya later, sucker!

Hey, that's my friend!


Hey. Come on, you guys.
Break it up.

Get your foot out of my mouth.

That's not my foot.

Ooh, I will never...
drink... again.


I have to find Hercules;
I was told he was here.


- Yeah.
- Uh, I need to talk...


Not so loud.

what is this stuff, anyway?

It's called coffee.

My father just started
importing it from the East.

We're the only kingdom
in all the land that has it.

No offense, but...

this isn't somethin'
to brag about.

So..., what's your problem,

I don't know... exactly.

Well, then...
what's your problem, vaguely?

You know, I don't know that, either.

My mother didn't say.

She only told me to invite you
to the festival of Dionysus...,

and..., well, not to take "no"
for an answer.

Look..., the truth is,

I'm not real big
on celebrating the gods.

Especially the god of wine.

But it's a royal invitation.
My mother is Queen Camilla.

That's funny. I never would've
guessed you're a prince.

All the same, I...
I have to decline.

You don't understand.

I think somethin' is gonna happen
at the festival,

somethin' bad.

Please, Hercules.

It's the first time my mother
has ever asked me to do anything.

I can't let her down.

A festival for Dionysus, huh?

Ah, I guess that old lush isn't
as bad as most of the gods.


maybe someone there
will have advice on hangovers.

So, what goes on
at this festival?

Basically, we pray to Dionysus
to bless the new wine...,

then everyone drinks!

You don't have to drink,

Only the virgins
have to drink.

For over a thousand years,
Dionysus has watched over Meliad.

And each year, we have celebrated
with this holy festival.

Now you have been selected...
to play its most sacred role.

Tonight, when the moon
reaches its full height...,

the new wine
will flow over your lips,

and with it..., Dionysus himself.

Then, you will know his will.

Either to confirm
King Iphicles' reign,

or... to end it.

If you must spill
the king's blood, don't think...

All right, good priest.

There's no point
in scaring these pretty girls.

Let them go and enjoy
their preparations.

I-I-I-I'm telling them
the law!

Yes, we all know, but
there's no doubt this festival

will only confirm my father
for another year.

Go. Be bathed.
Be oiled and perfumed.

Let my servants fuss and fawn
over you

while you prepare
for tonight.

Pentheus, have you seen Nestor?

I thought he was supposed
to be here.

Well, you know my brother.

He's rarely
where he's supposed to be

when he's supposed to be there.

I wouldn't worry.

I need a word with you,
my lord.

I saw that runt brother of yours
leaving the city last night.


Well, that's Nestor's loss,
isn't it?

He's gonna miss
quite a festival. Hmm.

Tell me about your adventures,

Danger around every corner?
Death up every tree?

Sometimes, not usually
up a tree, though.

I've always wanted to be a hero.

Killing monsters, fighting
all sorts of battles.

Well, believe me...,

battles and killing make better
stories than they do memories.

Besides, your time will come.

It's Prince Nestor now.
Someday it'll be "King Nestor".

Me? Naw.

That's for my older brother,

- He's the heir to the throne.
- Ah, well, that's just as well.

You know what they say
about power.

No. What?

Well, that it corrupts...,
makes men into demons.

Not in Meliad, it doesn't.
My father's a great man.

He's ruled
for twenty-five years!

He abolished slavery;
no one goes hungry.

He put an end to all the wars.

And you'd have to look pretty hard
to even find a sword left in our city.

Well, then I hope the people in Meliad
know how lucky they are to have him.

Hmm. They do.

- Long live the king.
- Ah! There you are!

- How's the festival?
- Just getting underway.

Uh, your subjects certainly
don't need much encouragement

- to start celebrating.
- Good, good, good.

As long as you're here,

there is something
I want to talk to you about.

With each festival comes the chance
that... my reign might end.

When the sun rises on Meliad
tomorrow, you may be the new king.

Father, please.
We go through this every year.

You're as morbid
as that old priest of yours.

Still, I want you to listen
to what I have to say.

It's important.

It's not that difficult
being a good king.

Just... rule with your heart.

Govern with kindness, kindness.

Never, never, never
with anger.

Our kingdom deserves
nothing less.

I'll remember that.
And many..., many years from now,

when the time finally comes...,
I'll put it to use.

Then, my son,
you will honor my memory.

So this is your festival, huh?

Part of it. The real fun
doesn't start until tonight.

What are we supposed to do
until then?

- Go mingle.
- Mingle?

Oh, but keep a low profile...,

'cause my mother doesn't want
anyone to know you're here.

So whatever you do,
don't do anything you'd do,

you know, if you were you.
See ya.

Go... mingle.

Ah, sorry.

Very talented.

Nestor, where have you been?

We missed you
at the gathering of the virgins.

Oh. Well, hi, Pentheus.
Uh... I've been around.

Really? I dropped by your room
last night, and you weren't there.

Oh. Well... Uh...

Well, I couldn't sleep...,
so I took a little walk.

A little walk? Goudrin said
he saw you leaving the city.

Oh, he did?
Oh... Well, I, uh...

Hey, did you get a haircut?
It looks good.

Nestor! Nestor, up here!

Guess what? I've been chosen
to lead the maidens.

- Well, that's great!
- You must be very proud,

after all, Mother was lead maiden
twenty-five years ago.

I'll see ya after the ceremony.

I'll think about you
every minute until then.

Funny, isn't it? Things go bad
for Father, and I become king,

- your girlfriend becomes my bride.
- What are you sayin'?

Oh, nothing, Nestor. Relax.
Everything's gonna be all right.

Sure, I did Hercules.

Phegus, you're lyin'!
You never defeated Hercules.

I sure did. Why,
I wiped the streets with him.

I had him beggin' for mercy!

Hey! He had more mama's blood in him
than Zeus!

Keep a low profile...

I got Hercules' attention.

Then..., I introduced myself.

And then I said:
"Nighty-night, He-Man."


you've just bought yourself
a whole heap of trouble!

No trouble at all.

When they wake up...,

tell them they're lucky
I wasn't Hercules.

Come on, friend.
Let's get you some fresh air.


Are you okay?

No, Hercules, I am not okay!

- Not now!
- I can't believe this.

You're the last person
I expected to see.

And you're the last person
I wanted to see!

You'll try and stop
all the bloodshed!

What bloodshed?

Oh... Ah, nothin'. Uh...
Forget I said anything.

Always a pleasure, Hercules.
See ya around.

Oh..., I should've seen him
coming. Huh.

Of all the times for my visionary
powers to cloud over, why now?

Doom at the festival. Ah, I knew
it was too good to be... true.

- Doom?
- I-I-I said "room".

I-I need a room at the festival.
Ah..., y-you don't know any inns

that're offering discounts
to the elderly, do you?

- I mean..., old guy like me.
- You said... "doom".

Now tell me
what's going on.

I thought this... festival
was just a celebration.

They bless the new wine,
everyone gets drunk, no big deal.

It is if... Dionysus wants
the king to rule for another year.

And... if he doesn't?

Well, then... the festival becomes
my kind of bash!

The new wine... drives the maidens
into a murderous frenzy,

and they slaughter the king!
Aw, it's fantasic!

Especially for the prince.
When the king dies,

the maidens crown a new king
with a night of unbridled passion!

Ah, girls..., wine, murder...,

What more d'you want?

But... all I've heard is
what a great King Iphicles is.

If that's true.., there shouldn't be
anything to worry about..., right?

Oh, su-sure,

But then...,
why would you be here?

You better tell me
what's going on.

- Here you go!
- Come on! Spit it out.

I want to know
what you're seeing in the future,

and I want to know... now.

Don't... let this get ugly.

Hi. My mother wants to see you.
Come on. I'll lead the way.

Well..., looks like I'll find out

Why can't you leave things alone?!
Why must ya always spoil things?!

We're goin' into the palace.

We can't have anyone seeing you
in there.

Nestor..., you're driving me crazy
with all this mystery.

- I need to know what's going on.
- You'll know soon enough.

Just put it on..., quickly.

Oh, Nestor, you naughty boy.


My brother said
you liked roses.

Thank you. It's lovely.

Nestor's lucky
to have a girl like you.

How come you and I
have never taken the time

to get to know each other better?

Pentheus, I don't think
you should be in here.

Don't worry.
We won't get in any trouble.

It's one of the benefits
of bein' a prince.

I pretty much have run
of the palace.

The whole kingdom,
for that matter.

there are some...

secret places
I haven't been.

Ya got fire too.
I bet Nestor has no idea.

I'm sorry, Hercules.
I wish I had more to tell.

But at least
now you understand

why there had to be
so much secrecy.

If anyone in the kingdom

that I had called you here...,

they would think that I was
trying to deny Dionysus' will.

And I'd never do that.

If it truly is my husband's time
to go, then I must abide by that.

But it just can't be.

He is the finest king
that Meliad ever had.

It's not his time to die.

feelings of gloom... Huh.

Maybe there's nothing wrong
at all.

Maybe I'm just being silly.

You're not being silly.

I ran into an old friend of mine
a little while ago.

It's... a long story,
but if he's here...,

then there's a good chance
trouble's here too.

Almighty Ares...,

god of war.

All my life, I've watched
my father's feeble rule

squander Meliad's power.

Our once-mighty armies,

Our weapons,
corroded by neglect.

All in the name of peace,
and the wine idol, Dionysus.

But tonight...,

with your help,
by your plan,

everything will change.


I will be
Meliad's new king.

And you, Ares,
will be her god.

A new era will begin.

Nations conquered,
peoples enslaved.

Real warriors
will rule again.

What are you doing here?

You know not to interrupt
my prayers.

I'm sorry, my lord.

There's a stranger
in our city.

I think he could be a problem.

Then find him and solve it.

Just what I wanted to hear.

I don't understand.

She should be here,
they all should.

Doesn't look like they've been gone
for very long.

Well..., where are they now,

Hercules, huh?

So that's who you are.

Welcome to the festival.

Too bad you won't live
to see any of it.

It's okay, Goudrin.

Hercules was invited here.
I know...

You know nothing, runt!

Get him!

Nestor! Do you have any idea
what you're doing?!

None, whatsoever!


I don't think you're showin'
the prince the proper respect.

You stand back
while your men fight?

I call that... gutless.


I call that smart.

After all, you are Hercules.

If you really are smart,

you'll tell me
what I want to know.

Nestor... Hang on!

Here! Give me your hand!


As long as you're givin' out hands,
how 'bout one for me?

That's it.

No way out
but the way we came in.

And I can't reach it.

You wouldn't... know
of any secret passage, would you?

I don't even know
where we are.

My father never told me
about the dungeon.

That's because
he doesn't know about it.

Just one
of the many improvements

I've made around here.


Thank God!

Get us outta here!

Goudrin's lost his mind!
He tried to...

Tried to what? Kill you?!

But... But why, Pentheus?

It doesn't make any sense.

It makes perfect sense.

If you were a man of power,
you'd know why.

I bet Hercules knows...,

don't you?


You're a power-hungry rat

who wants a throne
that's not rightfully yours.

It is rightfully mine!

And tonight, the maidens
are gonna do away with my father

and crown me
to take his place!

But you can't control
the maidens.

Only the wine controls them.

What if I control the wine?

That's where I come in.

I make sure you don't.

From down there?

I don't think so.

Now..., if you'll excuse me,

as you can imagine,
I'm pretty busy.

Oh, and Nestor...,
don't worry about Marissa.

I'm sure she'll make
a wonderful queen.





I can't believe it.

My own brother.

Yeah, well, right now,

we've got something even slimier
than Pentheus to worry about.




Put that one over there!

The new wine!

- I can't wait!
- And that one over there!

I think I killed it!

what're ya doing up there?!



You see? It pulled me under,
and then I started punchin' it,

and then it wrapped itself
around me,

so I just kept on punchin' it,
and punchin' it, and pu...


hold that thought,
would you?

Easy! Easy.
The new wine is precious.

Subtle, yet capricious.


Line the moonbeam...

so that the great god, Dionysus,
may enter the wine.

You look beautiful, Marissa.

Queen Camilla.

I was in your place, once.

That's how I became queen.

But, shouldn't you be
at the palace?

What're ya doin' here?

Don't kill him.


Something's wrong.

25 years, I've never had
such an awful feeling.


Everything's gonna be fine,
Your Highness.

You don't have to worry.

It's starting,
I have to go.

Please, Marissa...,

don't kill my husband.

Prince Nestor...,
your stairs await.

The time is drawing near!

The moon is almost
touching the wine!

Come on, Nestor! Hurry up!

Walk on your own feet,
will ya?!

A guy my age
can't afford to break any bones!

Holy Zeus!

Can't I go anywhere
without bumping into you?!

I was about to say
the same thing.

- Huh.
- Which way to the ceremony?

- This way.
- All right, let's go.

Not that way.
This way.

Oh... That way's not so good.

At last,
a little bloodshed!

- Hey! That was Hercules!
- After him!

Where'd he go?!

Look there!

- Come here! This way!
- In there!

- He went this way!
- No! Down here!

You two again.

There! Sixteen!

- Ya gotta drop on this one.
- Ah... I think you're right.

I'm feelin' awfully woozy.

Woozy as your brother is?

Two a' ya?!
And-And you!

I'm gonna kill all a' ya!

How ya doin'..., Hercules?!

Oh, I'm gonna be great once you two
do me a favor.

- Huh?
- Check the tavern!

We know you're lookin'
for Hercules. But guess what?

You found us.

After you, Cletus.

No, I insist, after you.

Boys..., food fight!

Excuse me!


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I hate those dreadful things.
Do they really have to be here?

Camilla, if it's the will
of Dionysus...

Surely, he can't be blind
to everything you've accomplished.

Then we have nothing
to worry about, hmm?

But what if we do?

Then, my love, we'll go.

If it's Pentheus' turn,
he'll make a great king.

The end for one becomes
the beginning for another.

I know.


Drink the last
of the old wine...

and let us face this

Look! The virgins!

Good people of Meliad!
Let me welcome you...

to the most sacred event
in the festival of Dionysus!

The opening of the new wine!

Soon, you shall taste
the sweetness of the harvest!

But first...,
it must be consecrated

by the lips...
of the innocent!

Ares, you stinking coward.

I should've known
you'd be behind this.

Now, maidens,
raise your glasses!

Give yourselves over to Dionysus!

Drink! Drink! [...]

No, stop!
Don't drink that wine!

It's been poisoned by Ares!
No! Stop! Stop!

Oh, Hercules,
what're we gonna do?!

Stop! Put them down!

Oh no, it's too late!

No, it's not,
we know where they're going.

You do what you can
to stall 'em,

and I'm heading to the palace.

Keep them away
from the wine;

[or] we'll have blood
running in the streets.

You talk as though
that's a bad thing!

Just keep them away from it!

Well, I'm not takin' the blame.
They can blame Hercules!

That's who they can blame;

It won't be long now, my lord.

You said Hercules
was dead.

- I thought he was.
- Well, you thought wrong.

I didn't come this far
to fail now.

Find him and kill him.

Whatever happens, Camilla...,
know one thing.

I love you with all my heart.

Well, well, well. Look
who's still drawring breath!

Yeah. I like it that way.

So do I.

Now I get to hear you scream.

So, Ares..., this is where
you've been hiding.

Hold it! All of you!

Nestor, my love,
it's so good to see you.

Oh, please, ya have to stop!

We can't stop now;
we're on our way to kill the king.

Now, to the palace.

You really ought to learn...
when to call it quits!

That won't do ya any good.
They drank Ares with the wine.

He's already inside them...,
controlling them.

There's nothin' you can do.

I'll think of something.

Get away from there!
Bar's closed!

Scram! Shoo!

I'm warning you infidels.
I'm not kidding when I'm riled!

What's the...?

Don't be alarmed, Your Highness.
I'm Hercules.

I don't care who you are!

Get out of here, before
you defile this ceremony!

He's here to help us, Iphicles.

The ceremony
has already been defiled...

by the people trying
to murder you.

Listen to him!

No, no!
He's the one who should listen.

You may not agree
with our customs,

but if this is Dionysus' will...

What if it's not?
What if it's Ares' will?

My father's blood...,
at last.

Now comes the best part.

Welcome, ladies.
Long live the...

No, you're dead.

You're dead,
I saw your blood!

I saw the blood. I saw it!


It was wine, not blood!

Bad news, Pentheus.

Your little brother's not the weakling
you thought he was.

Ares..., you must help me.

Here you go, Your Highness.
I believe this is yours.

Not if I have
anything to say about it.

Ares is in my veins.

There's not one of you here
who can stand in my way.

- Pentheus, I command you...
- Shut up, you pathetic old man.

If you had been a real king,
this wouldn't be necessary.

Now, I want
what's rightfully mine.

I've got that right here.

You're gonna have to do
a lot better than that.

You can't stop the god of war.

Watch me.

Go on! Get out!
Vamoose! Scram!

Ain't you people got homes?!
Look, it's not my idea!

If it were up to me,
I'd be filling goblets and...

watching you... idiots
drop like flies!

Everything's okay!
Let them drink the wine!

That's it!

My good deed for the decade
is done!

- Nestor.
- Oh, Marissa.

We owe you a great thanks,

You saved my husband.
You saved all of Meliad.

I only did
what you asked of me.

You were right all along,

I should've trusted you.

- Thank you, Hercules.
- You're welcome.

Maybe I'll drop by
in a few years

and see if you need a hand
with anything.

Well, Pentheus might.

He'll probably still be cleanin' up
that dungeon.

Is that what you did with him?
That's good!


- Good luck, Hercules.
- Bye.

You are not coming with me.

Oh, you bet I am!

Everyone in this city's now
so happy, it makes me sick!

No offense, Your Highness!

Thought I'd tag along with you
for a few days.

Knowing you, we're bound
to run into something terrible.

Ah... Make that definitely
run into something terrible.

Ho-Ho-How'd you feel
about a monster

with more than one head?
Hope you're not squeamish.

I think I'm getting
my headache back.

Oh! Ah! It's just as well! I brought
this goatskin full of wine!

A little bit of the hair
of the dog that bit'cha, huh?!

I-I-I got some... got some
pork rinds to go with it!

Or... how 'bout some fish, huh?

Or garlic toads as well!

Stick to your ribs
like dung to a loincloth.

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