Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Samurai and the Woman - full transcript

Gabimaru and Sagiri's group cross paths with Yamada Asaemon Genji, who takes a dim view of Sagiri's involvement in the present matter. Meanwhile, Yamada Asaemon Tenza tries to find a way off the island along with his charge, Nurugai.

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Why are you looking at me like that?


The Samurai and the Woman.

You're awake, Sagiri.


Where are we?

What happened to me?

We're in a cavern on the island.

I sense no monsters or insects in the area.

You were poisoned by the butterflies'
scales and lost consciousness.

You shouldn't move around yet.

I can't do that.

I mustn't take my eyes off my prisoner.

Hey, you're awake.


How are you feeling, Sagiri-san?

Um, what is all of this?

I'm preparing dinner.

I'm mending our torn clothes.

I'm supervising.

Didn't you say we're short on time?

Well, you know... I had reservations.

Now that Sagiri-san is awake,

why don't we go over what we know together?

We can eat the food
Gabimaru-san made while we talk.

I'm in.

Hey, these are kikatsugan.

I was hoping for a proper meal.


I made them using stuff in the area.

I think they're actually pretty well made.

And while I was out gathering ingredients,
I scouted out the island.

To cut to the chase, I didn't see
anything promising in the area.

Though since we don't know what
the whole island looks like,

I can't speak much on the subject.

Would you be able to recognize
it even if it were around?

Do you know something
about the Elixir of Life?


This job was the first I heard
about the Elixir of Life.

I searched based on the drawing we have.


What I learned while gathering
ingredients was about the flora.

The species are mixed, but they're mostly
ordinary plants found on the mainland.

I saw a few unfamiliar ones, too.

We're near Ryukyu.
They could be flowers from there.

Wow, awesome.

What caught my attention was that

I found several flowers resembling
the samurai who had become flowers.


Could it be?

Where did the samurai sent here go?

If most of the plants
on this island used to be humans,

then we can guess what happened to them.

How could you feed that to us?!

I didn't use anything like that.

In any case, I didn't find anything
like this mandarin-looking thing.

Perhaps we shouldn't fixate
on the illustration too much.

The terms "Tokijiku no Kagunomi"
and "Paradise" used

by the shogunate were originally concepts
from different cultures.

The stone statues scattered around

the island closely resemble
Buddhist or Taoist figures.

Worrying about religious
consistency might be a waste of time.

What we should be focusing
on is the statues themselves.

Does the technology to create stone
or clay figures exist on the island?

If so, then who made them?

Do they even live here?

I find it hard to believe
people could live on this island.

Both the monsters and insects
are too dangerous for humans.

Their ecology and behavior are mysterious.

When I cut them,

it felt as though they had flesh
and bones, but organs and, um...

Reproductive organs?

Yes. I didn't see any.

So they don't have dicks.

Their appearance is strange as well.

Parts of other animals
are stacked on top of humanoid forms.

I'm not sure how to describe it.

I know what you mean.

The items worn by the monsters
seem poorly-made as well.

They're religious,
but the details are crude.

In other words...

They're like malformed gods.

Both the island and monsters are like that.

They're terrifying,
but they're also stupid.

Too unrealistic to be natural.

Too artificial to be mystical.

It's as though we've been thrown
into some kind of sick mandala.

They're so mysterious,
we can't begin to understand them.

Creatures that can survive
without organs point to immortality.

It's starting to seem possible
the Elixir of Life is on the island.

And if it's here, then it can be found.

If we find it, we can be pardoned.

Unless we're already dead,
and this place is the real afterlife.

I certainly hope that's not the case.

Gabimaru-san is right.

We should begin by examining
the monsters' ecology.

Where and how do the monsters live?

It will be dangerous, but that's currently
our only clue regarding the Elixir.


It hasn't yet been a full day
since we arrived on the island.


Sagiri, you should take
a boat back to the mainland.

What are you...

I shall assume your responsibilities.

My own criminal is dead.

You're a daughter of the Yamada
clan first and a samurai second.

As a woman, it's your duty to marry
the next head of the clan.

The shogunate wouldn't object
to me taking over your role.

In your current condition, you'll die.

Go home, Sagiri.

This is my job.

A warrior's duty is to complete their job.

Your intentions are admirable,
but face the facts.

Do you currently have
the strength to kill Gabimaru?

And your sword...

I don't know where you found that.

It just happened to
be available, didn't it?

A sword is a warrior's heart.

You've already lost
the heart of the Yamada clan.

I suppose it's not
uncommon on the battlefield.

During battle, warriors use
and discard their weapons.

After all, you can procure
new ones right there.

Your sword skills are exceptional,

but that's as a sword-tester
and executioner.

This situation calls for skills in battle.

Exceptional sword skills aren't
the same as exceptional skill in battle.

You're clearly not strong
enough for this island.

It's beyond your limits as a woman.

Would it be that easy to return, though?


Most samurai sent
to this island don't return.

Even if you used a boat, I'm not
sure you'd be able to escape easily.

We need to get away from the island.

We may not be able to see because of
this fog, but a warrior always advances.

Tameshi-itto-ryu Rank 10
Yamada Asaemon Tenza.

Why are samurai so stupid?


Read the currents.

You'll just get wet relying
on brute force and exhaust yourself.

Samurai are captivated
by things that don't exist.

They don't know how to be smart.

I see.

How informative!

Is that the wisdom of the Sanka?

My grandpa taught it to me.

He said to always reduce inefficiency.

Even if we're able to leave the island,
I'll be executed if I don't have the Elixir.

Don't worry about that.
I'll talk to the shogunate for you.

Trust me.

I promise I'll see you
home safe, Nurugai-kun.

Of all the criminals participating,
you deserve to live the most.

Look at that.

That must be a shogunate ship.

After all, it's big.

Now we can go home.

They're the shogunate's... No.

Could these be all the ships
that attempted to leave the island?

Idiot, don't draw your sword!


Most animals are sensitive
to shining objects and hostility.

If we'd turned back right away...

I couldn't help it!

I don't understand this complicated stuff.

Let's search for a usable ship.

Run, Nurugai.

If you die, the Sanka bloodline will end.

We don't believe in
things that don't exist.

B-But I can't help but wonder...

Is this divine punishment?


If you're lost, I'll take you
to the foot of the mountain.

Are you an Emishi?

Then allow me to rest in your village.

What's an Emishi?

One who doesn't obey.

A term for those who refuse
to submit to the shogunate

and live as unique
cultures in the mountains.

Under Tokugawa-sama's rule,
they're considered insurrectionists.

Take him away.

He'll be executed once we get the locations
of the other villages out of him.

Then all the Sanka in this
region will be eradicated.

I'm sorry, guys.

I'm sorry, Grandpa.

It's all because I brought
the samurai here...


I am an Asaemon.

Though I'm employed by the government,

I don't understand why
an innocent boy should be executed.

If there's a way for you to live,
then you should live.

What should I do?

Should I live so the village's
bloodline doesn't end?

Or should I die to atone for the villagers?


Kisho-san, why?

It's me, Tenza. Don't you recognize me?

Don't bother. It's too late for him.

We're surrounded.

What are you doing, Nurugai-kun?

Forget me.

If you're going to flee, then flee alone.

Forget about me.

What are you talking about?
I don't understand.

I've been wondering
if I should live or die.

I finally get it. This
is divine punishment.

For killing Grandpa and the others.

I don't understand.

Why does that mean you have to die?

Samurai are stupid,
right? Explain it to me.

The Sanka convention is to live
for the mountain and the village.

I'm the sole survivor. Everyone else
died because of me.

I don't get it. What's a convention?

Don't use big words.

What I'm saying is...

I told you to forget about me.

Until you explain it to me...

Until I understand it, I'm not leaving.

I'm nearly at my limit.
I haven't got much stamina.

Just explain it to me already.

I'm not asking about
your grandpa or village.

I'm asking if you want to die.

I don't want to die.

I want to go back to the mountains.

Then there's only one thing to do.

Do whatever it takes to survive.

It looks like there's
a usable boat over there.

We'll break through here and get on that.

Got it.

You're strong, Nurugai-kun. Thank you.

I could say the same thing.

We escaped the monsters for now,
but we ended up back here.


The currents in this area probably
all flow back to the island.

Unless we find a current leading outside,

we won't be able to
return even with the Elixir.

And those monsters...

They're different from the ones
that were on the island.

The mountain of grounded ships seemed
to be surrounding the island, too.

There were more than just the
expeditions sent over the past few years.

We can think once we've
washed off this blood.

The ships of the samurai who'd
been turned into flowers returned.

There must be a current leading out.

You're right.


Your form is rather...
girlish, you might say...

Girlish? I am a girl.


But... But...

Seriously? No, wait. But...

Why are you so flustered?

Face the other way if you're a girl.

Samurai love to fixate on things
that don't matter.

Face the other way!

It does matter.

Just face the other way.

I've fallen for your chivalry.

Once we make it back safely,
let's get married.

All the stuff with the island
and everything is too much for my brain.

I'm stupid, you see.

In any case, let's
review what we need to do.

First, we'll circle the island
and find a current leading out.

We shouldn't do anything
until we've secured an escape route.

And it's too dangerous for just the two of
us to try to get through the monsters.

We should gather
allies for the return trip.

Once dawn breaks,
you should sail home, Sagiri.

This job is too much for a woman.


half-agree with Genji-san.

Whatever the reason, you should
leave this place if you can.

But the other half of me wants you to

be here in case Gabimaru-san
needs to be stopped.

You do?

It's just a hunch, but...

Gabimaru-san seems rather different
now than when I first saw him on the beach.

It even looked like he saved you earlier.

Though perhaps that's because
he must return with a partner.

Don't you have some idea why he's changed?

Stay back.

If any case, I'd feel better if you stayed.

I see...

Are you going to watch me all night?

I'm not sleeping.

I'm taking turns with the other Asaemon.

Then what do the other groups do at night?

The shogunate's plan
is looking increasingly faulty.

Samurai simply obey.

- Then—.
- Um—.

Go ahead.

Just, uh... are you feeling better?


Why are you making that face?

I was just so surprised.

The insects' poison acted quickly

because of the wound I gave you, right?

So I thought I'd, um...

Didn't you say we're short on time?

Well, you know... I had reservations.

And I owe you a favor.

Because of you, I calmed down.

I steeled my resolve.

Rushing in randomly is too dangerous,

and if the Iwagakure are coming,
then I'd better prepare a counterattack.

I decided I'd live with my wife.

A long life, way longer
than this job will last.

I won't run from those who try
to get in my way.

I'll face them head-on.

You're strong.

So are you. Stronger than me.

I-I'm not...

You are.

I'm never wrong about that.

I don't know if it's heart, technique,
and strength, or influenced by your nature.

At the very least,
you were strong at the prison.

It wasn't just an impression.
It's a more practical strength.

I wonder what that feeling was.

You look surprised.

I suppose, yes.

The villagers used to say you
can't know how strong you are

until you've experienced
a lot for yourself.

People understand themselves
less than we might think.

Until they act, anyway.
I guess we're all the same.

Nothing showed up.

I guess the monsters
aren't active at night.

Sagiri, are you prepared to leave?

I'll escort you to the ship.

I appreciate your consideration.

But I won't be leaving.

If you're worried about
the rules of the job, then don't.

No, this concerns how I choose to live.

That's ridiculous. You're a woman.

You should return safely
and bear children for the Yamada clan.

That's what I've always been told.

People regard a woman who wields a sword
with astonishment and ridicule.

"You're a woman.
What are you doing?" they'd say.

And more than anything, my father
sometimes looked at me with disappointment.

A woman can't take over the Yamada clan.

You don't have to push yourself.

Live as a woman.

If I live as a daughter of
Neck-Chopper Asa, I'm scorned by outsiders.

If I live as a warrior of the Yamada Clan,
I'm shunned by my family.

If I leave now, it'll follow me
for the rest of my life.

I don't understand.

It's natural for women
to have women's responsibilities.

I can't stand to be looked at like that.


Please see me as a samurai.



Forgive me for defying a senior student

and allow me to live my way.

I know I'm weak and inexperienced, but...

I won't run from those who try
to get in my way.

But I at least want to decide
how I'll live for myself.

I'm certain both men and women—.

Or perhaps all people,
regardless of status, feel this way.

Please understand.

That was unbearable to listen to.

That isn't how a samurai lives.

This island is like a battlefield.

It's no place for women and children.



Weapons can be procured on the battlefield.

That's what you taught me last night.

How dare you!

A warrior's sword is his soul.

How dare you steal that from me!