Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Weakness and Strength - full transcript

Gabimaru and Sagiri arrive on the island, but immediately get into a fight over what should be the right course of action.

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Even after being pierced by blades
and spilling his guts on the ground,

he remains standing in place.

The Chief of Iwagakure truly was immortal.

Apparently, it was due to a medicine he
acquired long ago from a land across the sea.

Judging by your expression,

it seems like you didn't
think it actually existed.

You mean...

It's real. The Elixir of Life.

The Tokijiku no Kagunomi.

I don't know if it's here, though.

Weakness and Strength.

What is this?

It's so fantastical.

This place certainly makes one believe
the Elixir of Life might be found here.

Don't you mean it's creepy as hell?

There's no rhyme or reason to the species

and natural habitats
of the plants growing here.

It's unnatural.


There's no telling what might
be out there. Be careful.

You're not allowed to remove your bonds.

You expect me to do this with
my hands tied? That's ridiculous.

Ridiculous or not, it's the shogun's will.

It's my job to keep an eye
on a criminal like you.

I cannot overlook any attempt
to break the rules.

Bind your hands.

C'mon, can't you let this slide?

In fact, this isn't the only
ridiculous thing about this expedition.

We've only been given food
and water for three days.

Our only clue is this drawing.

They're not actually trying
to find it, are they?

Bind your hands.

If you're confused,
then allow me to explain.

I am an executioner, not your ally.

It's not my problem if you fail to find
the Elixir and receive a pardon.

If you refuse to bind your hands,
then I'll simply take your head off.

Fine, fine. Whatever you want.

In any case, all I want
is to see my wife again.

I'll accept whatever conditions I have to,
but try not to be too rid—.


That's one down!


He let his guard down
under these circumstances.

He deserved to d—.


You surprised me.

You're all right?

I dislocated my neck.

Anyway, look at him.


That's Twisted Keiun,
one of the condemned criminals.

He's a warrior monk who fell in love
with weapons during his training.

They say he's stolen over
a hundred weapons from other warriors.

Actually, that's not what I meant.

His hands aren't bound.


That doesn't matter right now.
Well, it does matter, but...

Why aren't his hands bound, Kisho-dono?

You're as rigid as ever, Sagiri.

We can tie their hands
again on the trip back.

I can't be bothered to argue
with this scum over that. It's stupid.

See? See?

You're still the lowest-ranked
because you're honest to a fault.

All the Asaemon are ranked.

Sagiri's rank is—.

This is not the time for that discussion.


How dare you ignore
me, Gabimaru the Hollow.

You're as bold and
stalwart as the rumors say.

How convenient for me.

I can test my weapons on you
to my heart's content.

Weapons only shine once they drink blood.

Your body shall experience
their beauty firsthand.

Are you some kind of pervert?

If we waste time fighting here,
the others will get a head start on us.

That's precisely why I'm doing this.

We were given practically
no leads to begin with.

It would be wise to kill
the other criminals first

and then take my time
searching for the Elixir.

And you're first, Hollow.


We're just here to watch you.

Feel free to kill each other if you'd like.

I agree.

But it's a pointless hassle.

I don't want to kill anyone
'cause my wife wouldn't like it.

But I have no choice. Guess I'll kill you.

I'd like to see you try!

Bind your hands.

You're kidding, right?

Okay, they're tied.

How convenient.

I shall test all my weapons against you.

I don't have time for all of that.

He used a single pole as a lever
to launch his massive bulk.

It's hard to fight with my hands tied.

A single blow?

It's sewn directly onto his skin.

How truly outlandish.

We're just getting started, Hollow.

That was a waste of time.

Let's look for the Elixir.

My hands are still tied.

What? Oh, right.

Well, I'm heading back now.

We don't need to fight?

I told you, we're neither
your enemies nor allies.

If the criminal we're responsible for dies,
then we simply take his head back.

I'm going home and taking a bath.


Sixty men went missing on this island.

Be careful on your return journey.

Can you afford to worry
about anyone else right now?

If anything, I consider myself lucky
for getting out of this so quickly.

You're naïve if you think you're safe
just because his hands are tied.

The man standing next to you is a criminal.

Mere moments after we headed to shore,
I'd already seen so much.

Those who sought to reduce their
competition before we even landed...

Those who plotted to work together,
and those who pretended to...

They never followed society's
rules in the first place.

They don't care about duties or rules.

They'll attempt to survive
by whatever methods suit them.

They'll do whatever it takes.

But wouldn't breaking
the rules invalidate their pardon?

That's why I called you rigid.

To a samurai, the
shogun's word is absolute,

but what really matters is our priorities.

Priority number one is the Elixir of Life.

Everything else comes second to that.

Wouldn't the shogunate prefer we break
the rules to achieve our

objective rather than
following them and failing?

Besides, rules are illusions
that don't function

unless you believe
everyone will follow them.

For some, they simply never apply.

Like him.

Shall I cut him down for you now?

Let's not waste time on pointless jokes.

We're short on time as it is.

I just want to get back to my wife.

I don't care about anything else.

Let's hurry.

You're right. You should hurry.

Allow me to make a prediction.

The situation will change
again in just a few hours.

Are you hungry, Rokurota?

In just a few mere hours, there will
be a seemingly unpredictable turn.

More than half the criminals will die,

and within a few moments more,
so will the other half.

In less than a day,
there will be only one left.

You're expendable.

If your numbers dwindle,
then more will be added.


Hattori's messenger has
already traveled to Ishu.

The shogunate undoubtedly made
contact with the new Iwagakure.

The Asaemon aren't
a monolith either, Sagiri.

Rumor has it this job will determine
the next head of the clan.

I don't know if it's true or not, but it's
enough to inspire ambition in some.

Not that I'm interested.

See you later.

Don't let your guard
down around the criminals.

You've been warned.

He's right.

Even though we've been traveling
together for several days,

I still don't understand
this man's true character.


Which way now?

What do you think you're doing?

I was hoping to kill you painlessly.

I knew it.

This man's true nature is...

They asked to leave the village
the moment they had a child?

And they're supposed to be jonin. Pathetic.

I shall raise this child.

Yes, sir.

Look closely, Gabimaru.

This is weakness.

Emotions, even love between a parent
and child, make you weak.

Unless you're strong,
you can't protect anything.

Let alone everything precious to you.

Killing me is a violation of the rules.

Remember what your clansman said.
It's about priorities.

If the Iwagakure arrive on the island,
everything will go up in smoke.

I have to find the Elixir
of Life before then.

I have no hatred for you,
but you're a hindrance.

So you're going to kill me?

Sometimes there's no other choice.

I'm sorry, but you have to die.

This man is dangerous after all.

His thinking and morality
are extreme and abnormal.

He should be executed immediately.

But for some reason, I'm hesitant.

I can't...

I just can't...


I should've been able to
kill her just now.

Why am I hesitating?


I think it's normal not to
want to kill anyone.

Ridiculous. I'm hollow.

I don't have feelings like that anymore.

How can you say that
after you blushed so much over a kiss?

If you have emotions,
you should listen to them.

You're not your old self anymore.

True courage is being
true to your emotions.

As long as you're
like that, I'll follow you,

even if it means leaving the village.

I experienced emotions
after meeting my wife.

But among them was hatred.

He wasn't our target.

He said he'd take revenge on my wife
and the rest of my family.

No, wait! I can't die!

I've got a wife and child!

I experienced weakness as well.

Again. This is weakness.

At this rate, I won't be pardoned,
much less survive.

He's a violent condemned criminal.

On top of that, he's trying
to kill me, but...

The heart is such a nuisance.

Unless you're strong,
you can't protect anything.

Stop resisting. It's pointless.

You're skilled enough to know.

You can't beat me with that.

I don't care about the other criminals,
but killing you will hurt me.

Can't you at least die quietly?

It will hurt you?

You still have those
kinds of emotions left?

You're right.

I don't have emotions.

I am Gabimaru the Hollow.

I've killed so many people,
I've grown tired of it.

Killing one more person
doesn't make me feel anything.

That's how I was raised.

Unless you're strong,
you can't protect anything.

I knew it. This man is dangerous.

I don't need emotions.

Now die.



Why do I hesitate?

I shouldn't feel anything.

That's right.

In that moment,

and that moment,

this man has always

worn the same expression he's wearing now,

as though he's trying to endure something.

The environment he was raised in
simply gave him the wrong idea.

He's not a hollow man who feels nothing.

He's a human being with emotions.

And watching him allowed me
to face my own emotions.

Is this how weak I've become?

At this rate, I won't survive.

If I'm this weak,
I'll never see my wife again.

That's not weakness.

It's the seed of strength.

Feeling nothing is
the same as averting your gaze.

I believe not fleeing
from your emotions is strength.

True courage is being
true to your emotions.

At least allow me to say that.

After all, I was able to face
my own emotions because of you.

Is now really the right time to say that?

Your hands aren't moving.

Normally, I'd execute you immediately,

but this time, I'll overlook your behavior.

If you regret your own crimes,

face your emotions, and struggle
to reclaim your life,

then I wish to see that through.


Show me if someone like
you can reclaim his life.

I must face my own emotions as well,
so that I can become stronger.

Our relationship hasn't changed.

But you...

You're not...

You're not your old self anymore.

What the hell is this?

Those look like man-made objects.

What are you doing?



It's a butterfly with a human face.

That's not from our world.


Don't get distracted.

What the hell is this island?

Is this actually the Other Side?

I-It wouldn't be impossible
for creatures like those to exist.

This is starting to get interesting.


What is this... c-creature?

Stay back.