Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Death Row Convict and the Executioner - full transcript

Gabimaru the Hollow has been sentenced to death. Carrying out that sentence, however, may require the services of an extraordinary professional.

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Beheading requires a high degree of skill.

The neck, which is composed of strong bones

and more than ten layers of muscles, \Nis not easily severed.

Any last words?


Furthermore, beheading a person \Nwith a single blow is next to impossible.

In most cases, several blows \Nare required to behead a person,

which makes executions a horrific spectacle.


Why? Why can't I die?

No, why won't I die?

I have no attachment to life.

I've killed countless people until now.

I don't expect to live a long life.

{\pos(426,310)\fsp.05\fad(1029,1022)}The Death Row Convict and the Executioner

Your name is Gabimaru.

Born a shinobi in the village of Iwagakure,

you studied only assassination techniques \Nsince you were a child.

Many lose their lives during training,\N but in exchange,

those who survive develop \Nsuperhuman bodies.

I see.

For someone from Iwagakure,

breaking a blade with your \Nown flesh is a simple task.

Well, yeah.

Someone that shitty \Nwith a sword can't hurt me.

I didn't even have to use any ninjutsu.

You can use ninjutsu?

Could you show me some?


As a matter of personal interest.

In that case, no.

Burn him at the stake!

Being burnt at the stake is normally \Nthe punishment for arson.

Searing the flesh inflicts incredible pain.

The heat causes the muscles to shrink,

bending the body so severely \Nthat bones break.

Ultimately, the person dies \Nwhen they suffocate

or are poisoned by \Nthe smoke produced by the flame.

It is an incredibly \Npainful execution method.

Sometimes the person \Nis killed beforehand as a mercy.

Uh, sorry.

B-But the flames are enormous...

I'm not trying to resist.

If anything, I wish you'd kill me.

I see.

If you're gonna look away, \Nthen why not give me clothes?

C'mon, c'mon.

My job is to record events, \Nand your nudity is no obstacle.

Please continue.

My background's not \Nvery interesting, you know.

It's my job.

My parents? I dunno.

I was only told they were killed \Nby the village chief when I was a baby.

I don't know why.

I don't have any feelings about it.

Dreams? Don't have any.

Shinobi don't have any great purpose.

They just kill as they're told.

Why was I caught?

Well, uh...

I tried to leave the village.

I was captured on a job \Nwhen my cohorts betrayed me.

The village chief probably \Nput them up to it.

The village doesn't allow anyone to leave.

It's not like they had a choice.

Why did you try to leave \Nthe village in the first place?

Have him torn apart by bulls!

In execution by bulls, ropes tied \Nto a person's legs are pulled by bulls.

Human legs can withstand up \Nto 500 kilograms of force,

but bulls exert 950 kilograms of force.

The method not only \Nremoves the person's legs,

but also splits them from groin to chest.

Oh, uh...

At this rate, the magistrate's \Noffice will be disgraced.

Bring more bulls!

It's strange.

My shinobi's body?


Despite saying you want to be killed, \Nit seems to me as though you were resisting.

Why would someone with no will to live...

Never mind.

Why did you try to leave the village?

Will you answer the question \NI asked you yesterday?

Who cares about the record? Just kill—

I'm working.

Um, the bulls—

I'm working.


I'm work...

It wasn't for an interesting reason.

I was the best in Iwagakure.

I had the chief's recognition, \Nand married his daughter.

But his daughter was a real idiot.

I don't know how a shinobi's,

much less the chief's daughter, \Nends up like that.

She was a carefree, naïve, \Nand sheltered girl.

She turned my life upside down.

Remove your shoes when you come inside.

Pray once a day.

Say "thanks for the meal" together and \Nexpress gratitude for the life we've taken.

I was totally bewildered, \Nand I got fed up with her.

I didn't want to lose my edge.

If that's the case, \Nthen there's no helping it.

But could you do one last job for me?

I knew I'd been set up.

But I also knew the people of Iwagakure would \Nfollow me everywhere, even if I escaped.

It was over the moment \NI was caught in their trap.

It was stupid of me to defy the chief \Nin the first place, so I gave up.

Well? Not a very interesting reason, is it?

Perhaps I should mind my own business,

but a woman shouldn't \Nget involved with him.

Do you know what his name is?

Isn't he Gabimaru, \Nformer shinobi of Iwagakure?

I mean his other name.

Gabimaru the Hollow.

He's a hollow man, without blood or tears.

A monster who killed 20 men \Nwhen he was arrested.

Rumor is the shinobi of Iwagakure \Nconsume an Elixir of Life.

The medicine of immortality \Nthat comes from Shinsenkyo.

The Elixir...

Forgive me for speaking such nonsense.

In any case, he's dangerous.

Are you sure about that?

Why would a hollow man fight back so \Nhard that he killed 20 people?

Despite saying you want to be killed, \Nit seems to me as though you were resisting.

She's right. What am I doing?

Why don't I just die?

I have no attachment to life.

Tomorrow. I'll end it all tomorrow.

With tomorrow's execution...

Death by boiling, also known as death \Nby cauldron, uses a large quantity of oil.

Because oil combusts at a temperature\N of over 370 degrees, however,

it could not be kept boiling long in \Nthe earthen pots used during the Edo period.

Why won't I die?

Why am I still enduring this?

I should have no lingering attachments.

I should be empty.

Damn it! Why won't you {\i1}die{\i0}?

Sir, the arrangements have been made.

I'm ready to start at any time.

What kind of execution is it this time?

Honestly, I'm getting tired of this.

When are you going to...

This will shut you up.

What is this?

She's no mere inspector.

She's a sword-tester sent here from Edo.

The executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri.

Yamada Asaemon is the trade name \Nof the Yamada Clan ronin

who have served as sword-testers \Nand executioners for generations.

They are master swordsmen \Ncapable of testing swords

and beheading criminals \Nwith a single blow.

You're an Asaemon... and a woman?

Yes, a woman.

Runaway shinobi Gabimaru from Isshu,

the shogunate has charged me \Nwith your execution.

You said you wanted someone to kill you.

I shall grant you your wish.

She's the real deal.

Sagiri-dono, kill him, quickly.

At once.

Why did you evade my blow?

You'd have died if you hadn't moved.

Could I have died?

Do I not want to die?

Through my job, I've been present during \Nthe final moments of many.

I've learned to identify how people \Ntruly feel when they're dying.

A person's true nature \Nis reflected in the blade.

Some put up a brave act \Nuntil just before their death.

Some desperately beg for mercy.

And some lie to themselves \Nand claim to have accepted death.


Gabimaru the Hollow.

There's certainly a great \Nemptiness inside you.

I'm certain of it after listening \Nto you describe your history.

But you lied about one thing.

You {\i1}do{\i0} have an attachment to life.

No, you love your wife.

To you, is she not your reason to live?

Pray once a day.

Say "thanks for the meal."

We should always strive to be ordinary,

so that we can be a married couple, \Nlike normal people.


I'm right.

Why do you lie to yourself?

You couldn't die during your executions \Nbecause of your feelings for her.

Are you not just telling yourself \Nthat you have no attachment to life?

Shut up!

I have no attachments!

You know nothing about \Nthe world I've lived in!

I am hollow!

You're not hollow.

No, the nickname suits me.

I've grown too accustomed \Nto terrible, ugly things.

I can only show you the same.

That's not true at all.

You're kind.

After all, you're the only one \Nwho wasn't repulsed by this face.

Maybe being accustomed to ugly \Nthings isn't so bad after all.

In Iwagakure, men are soldiers, \Nand women bear children.

We're not allowed to live as people.

That's what happened to my face.

My father burned it so I'd give up on trying \Nto live like an ordinary woman.

But people's hearts don't die so easily.


What are you...

Look at how much you're blushing.

Someone like you couldn't \Npossibly be hollow.

I am Gabimaru the Hollow!

I'm a heartless monster!

Try as I might, I can never be human!

I'll quit making \Na living by killing people.

The two of us will live a quiet life.

It's what's best for his daughter. \NThe chief will understand.

I won't kill anyone.

We'll live in a quiet place.

And live an ordinary life.

Like normal people.

It's impossible!

It's possible!


{\move(450,58,450,112)\fsp6\fnGeorgia}Official Pardon

This is an official pardon.

Not only does it dismiss all charges,

but it even grants you \Nthe shogun's protection.

With this, neither the magistrate's office \Nnor the village's shinobi could harm you.

What are you talking about?

But it comes with a condition.

You will go to the Underworld.


The Underworld? You mean the Other Side?


Are you telling me to die?


There is a land brimming with fertility \Nand joy, where there is no pain:


Believed in since ancient times, people have

called it Paradise, \Nthe Other Side, and Heaven.

It was said to be far to the southwest, \Nbeyond the Ryukyu Kingdom.

And it's finally been found.

Butterflies and flowers dance.

Beautiful voices can be heard singing.

It is as the legends describe.

It is said that the immortality-granting \NElixir of Life can be found in Shinsenkyo.

The shogunate sent a search party \Nthere to acquire the Elixir.


Five more expeditions were sent, \Nbut no one returned...

except for the things they became.

W-Wait a minute.

What kind of story is that?

It sounds like a fairy tale.


Everyone believed it was \Nmerely a fairy tale

until they saw {\i1}that{\i0}.

Humans became flowers?

How mysterious. How mystical.

That land must be real.

The Elixir of Life must be there.

Choose expendable people \Nfor the next expedition.

Gather criminals condemned to death from

around the country \Nand send them to the island.

Whoever brings back the Elixir \Nof Life will be pardoned.

I came here looking \Nfor potential candidates.

Someone with skill \Nand a fierce desire to live.

On my way here, I heard your \Nwife is still in Iwagakure.

Since the day you were captured,

she closed herself off \Nand hasn't spoken to anyone.

She must believe you'll return.

I'll ask you again.

Do you have any attachment to life?

Traveling to a mysterious island \Nwith heinous criminals

condemned to death and competing \Nwith them for a pardon

is the only way for you \Nto be reunited with her.

Will you risk that

for a life with her, Gabimaru the Hollow?

This is ridiculous.

I'm not releasing him over such nonsense.

The shogunate has commanded it.

He's merely a man condemned to death. \NThere are plenty more like him.

If you interfere, you'll go down with him.

Are you listening, Hollow?

Heartless, hollow...

People's hearts don't die so easily.

You said you wanted to see ninjutsu.

If this'll do, then watch this.

Ninpo: Ascetic Blaze.


I'll do it. I'll find this Elixir of Life.

So, what should I do now?

Come with me. First, we'll go to Edo—


Why don't we go directly to the island?

Edo's a detour. What a pain.

He's complaining more now that \Nhe's out of his funk.

If you don't want to go, \Nthen we can call off the deal.

I'll do it, I'll do it.

I'll do anything now.

It doesn't matter if I have to face \Ncondemned criminals or mysterious islands.

I'll make it back alive.

For you.