Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 8 - One Hell of a Party - full transcript

The final 10 chefs are surprised when Gordon Ramsay brings in his daughter, Tilly, to celebrate her Sweet 16.

on "Hell's Kitchen."

Each team will have to
recreate these five dishes.

Let's go!

Chef Ramsay tasked the chefs with a seemingly

simple challenge--

That seems, like,
deceptively easy--

--but quickly revealed a jaw dropping twist.

chef from each team

is going to leave the
kitchen right now!

To sides!
- Go!


Trevor tried
to bide his time--


--As his
team left one by one.

The less people
in the kitchen right

now the more I get to shine.

But it was
Motto who remained

the last man standing--

This is mine.
I got this.

the blue kitchen--

I'll go.
This is good to go.

The women left thekitchen with little fight.

- I'm leaving!
- Kanae.

Come on.

Ariel was confidentshe had it all under control.

It feels like I'm on fire.

I don't need any
help from anyone.

At judging, Motto'sgrits got the red team off

to a strong start.

I mean, that is extraordinary.

But Ariel's chickenpiccata
brought the women back.

The point is the blue team.

Great job.

And just when itlooked like Trevor's cioppino

had won it for the men--

The dish of the day--

Thank you, chef.

A rookie mistake--

That's such a shame,

you're missing a key ingredient.

Ah, motherfuck--

--forgot to put the
fish on the plate.

the men the victory.

Don't act like the bossif you not the boss, man.

That night--

I'm trimming the fat.

--Chef Ramsay madeanother
shocking announcement.

This morning,
the first six chefs

who were willing to
leave their kitchen

will be cooking for their lives.

The chefs who stayed in
the kitchen are safe.

Good luck, brothers.

For six
chefs, it was do or die.

gelee was beautiful.

One by one,
chefs saved themselves.

Bret, head to the door.

Thank you so much, chef.

Roe, congratulations.

Thanks, chef.

Jose, congratulations.

Thank you, chef.

Until it all camedown to a battle of Atlanta.

Congratulationsgoes to Scotley.

Thank you, chef.

My teeth is showing now.

The wolf is here!

In the end, Gizzyfell short in her quest

to become the executive
chef at Gordon

Ramsay's "Hell's
Kitchen" restaurant

at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

And now, the
continuation of "Hell's


Let's do it!


I was really hoping that we were going to be

able to get rid of Scott Lee.

Enough of this, you know,
alphamale bullshit and everything.

It's a competition for cooking,
not how big your huevos are.

You and me sitting
here, I wanted fucking

Scott Lee's ass out of here.I did.

And I know he knows it, too.

And I, you know, I don't care.

Say it to your fucking face.

So you don't want
Scotley here, why?

Because of--

Because he's--

Because he's--

No, not that.

It's the wrong attitude
and everything.

Eh, I get it.

I'm trying to present myselfin
an executive chef fashion.


And he keeps
calling me out saying

that I'm trying to fucking
showoff for chef and everything.

My voice is running
whether or not

chef's in that fucking kitchen.

I ain't trying to show off.


And that's part
of the game, yeah?

It's a game, man.

Play it.

Some grilled shrimp
inthere would have been tits.


You have to be so grotesque?

What do you mean,
it would'vebeen-- it would've been good.

I'm sorry I said it.
It's a Northeast thing.


It has nothing to do withbeing gross, sweetheart,

and I mean no disrespect by it.

I'm not your sweetheart.



Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Bret.

So in the Northeast,
whensomething's good or great,

you say, it's the tits.

I like how he'sbreaking this down for her.

So in the Northeast, whensomething's fantastic,

it's the tits.

Don't take it personal.

No, it's not personal.

You're tougher than that.

So you shouldn't
be offended by it.

I'm not offended.

Just trying to change it.

You're not going tochange the way that I talk.

Not going to happen.

So you don't want toimprove yourself a little bit?

I'm just fine, improving
just well in life.

Thank you, though.


Bret's saying, oh yeah,I'm never going to change.

It's like, well, you're
never going to learn,

you're never going to grow.

And you're always going to
bethe same old fucking idiot.

Let's go.

Rise and shine.

Top 10.

This is big.


Every chef I know,
their love of cooking

began when they were young.

Right now, I'd like you
all to close your eyes.

Think about when you wereyoung, when you first

fell in love with cooking.

When you were excited
to cook that first meal.

Can you see it?

Yes, chef.

Open your eyes.


Oh, that's so embarrassing.

Kanae, I'm lost for words.

It was homecoming.

The theme was rolling '20s.



Mr. Goody Two-Shoes!

With those britchespulled up to the top,

he looked like the
white Steve Urkel.


Is that you?

Love of food at
an early age, chef.


What are those, puka
shells you're wearing?

What are those things?

Puka shells and braces, chef.


I love the braids.

I was living my SnoopDogg dreams at that time.


Is that high school graduation?

That was high school
graduation, chef.



Nice shades, man.



You've got a little bitof a turf going on there.

Yeah, just um, took a
while to grow in, chef.



Looks like you were dodging
thepaparazzi in those days, huh?


That was my 15th birthday.

My quinceanera.

Mia at 15.

All right, would you like
tosee something even funnier?

So cute!

Pretty funny, jockey right?

- Very funny.
- Great picture.

Very funny.

it's your turn, buddy.


Where were you going?

I was uh-- just to school.

Uh, you went to school?

The quilt. The kilt!


Yeah, Marino!

Look at those shorts, man!

Whoa them
some short shorts!


So one one more
thing, uh, chef.

I have a little surprise--

Time to get down to business.


The hair!

Look at that hair!

The hair, though!

The hair.

It's the same.

I totally feel likeif I was a 15-year-old girl

and Chef Ramsay was in
my class, I would have

totally been crushing on him.

Uh, get the hell out of here.




Just like most of
you fell in love

with cooking at a young age,
our next guest also fell in love

with cooking at a young age.

She comes from a
culinary family.

Father's a well-known
chef, restaurateur.

And at just 15 years
of age, is already

making a name for herselfin a culinary world.


She's a
very special young lady.

And I'm quite excited
for you all to meet her.

My daughter, Tilly.

Welcome to "Hell's Kitchen."

Good to see you, gorgeous.

You good?

Good, thank you.

How was the flight?

It was long.

How's the boyfriend?

I don't have one!

Good, good, good, good.

Keep it like that.

definitely look alike.

The eyebrows, the
hair, the smile.

My goodness!

But, she looks a little
cuter than Chef Ramsay.

Tonight, the dining roomwill
be closed to the public,

as we are hosting Tilly'ssweet 16 birthday party.

For your next challenge, you'll be creating dishes

for Tilly's 16th birthday menu.

And she will choose
whichdishes get on her party menu.

Tilly's been
around the industry.

You know she knows her food.

I would expect nothing
butthe best from her palate.

The team that gets the
mostdishes on Tilly's menu tonight

wins the challenge.

How much time shall I give them?

45 minutes.

That's generous.

I'm going to let
Tilly start you off.

Your time starts now.

Let's go.

In today's
challenge, each team

must create a tasting menu
forTilly's sweet 16 celebration

that includes two appetizersand three entrees,

including one vegetarian option.

Who's got app- who's
thinking appetizers?

Do it.

Think teenagers, don't
go too complicated.

Real pretty, think Instagram.

Y'all want
to do something,

like, a play on a fish and
chipswith the sweet potato fries?

I'll do the vegetarianoption, if you guys want me.


No, I'm doing my scallops crudo.

I am not looking
forward to cooking

for these little millennialpains in the asses.

They're glued to
their phones and--


Yeah, hold on.

Just let me send this text.

Ovens on, check equipment.

When did I get old?

As the teams
continue to cook,

Chef Ramsay takes a
moment to talk to Tilly

about her party requests.

Anything you do not
want to see tonight?

Can you try to control
your temper tonight?

Because don't want you
to be embarrassing.

Uh, listen.

I will--

No swearing?

I-- I'll try not to curse, OK? I'll try my best.

Are you doing?

No, chef.

I'm using the brioche formy pesto canape, right?

I want to do an appetizer.

I'm going to do an
app with scallops.

I'd like to keep itclassic "Hell's Kitchen,"

but I have this platingidea of, kind of, to plate

the pesto on a T. T for Tilly.

It's her night.

Bret, what are you doing?

I'm doing a baked ziti,
chef, with a meat sauce.

I feel like all kids love pasta.

I think she's
not your average kid.

There are all
girls coming, right?

There's no guys coming, right?

Umm, you have to wait and see.


What would you
like for desserts?

A 4-layer birthday cake.

Oh, Tilly.

Every guest should havetheir
own, like, personal cake.

OK, you just gave me anidea
for a punishment, then.

That haystack
looks amazing.

You like my sweet
potato haystack?


It's beautimous.

30 seconds to go.

Let me know if
anybody needs anything.

- Let's go!
- Anybody got a lime?

7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
2, 1, and serve!

Let's go!
- Thank you, chef.


Let's begin with the appetizers.

Let's go.

In today's judging, Tilly has total control

and can choose as many
dishesas she likes to feature

on her sweet 16 menu.

The team that gets the
most dishes on the menu

will win the challenge.

Roe, describe
your dish, please.

I wanted to do a
lighter appetizer.

I did our pan seared scallops.

Tried to plate it in the
shapeof a T, because after all,

it is Tilly's night.

I love the T.
It's really nice.



Ricotta scallops-- that's
abit of a strange combination

for me.

I love the orange
in the pesto.

Really good.


Would you like Roe's
scallopswith pesto on your menu?

Um-- I think I'm going
to pass on this one.

Uh, you have tobe careful with that ricotta.


Motto, give an insight
to your tuna, please.

I got-- have you alittle birthday confetti.

And then also, like,
little fireworks.

Well, I think it screamsfun, and I love the sauce.

I think that's a yes.
- Thank you.


Good job.

Wow, look at that one.

I went with an Asian
twist on the kebab.

Chicken, shrimp, and steak.

Um, I mean--

I don't think of kebabs
for 16-year-olds.

Uh, oh.

What do
you think, my darling?

Kanae's modern kebabs.

Would you like them on the menu?

Well, I didn't have
to think about this one.

"Hell's Kitchen"

is hosting a sweet 16 dinner
forChef Ramsay's daughter, Tilly.

Kanae's modern kebabs.

Would you like them on the menu?

Each team has
presented two appetizers

with the hopes of
getting on the menu

and helping their team
win the challenge.

Well, I didn't have
to think about this one.

That's a definite yes.

I'm very excited about those.

Definite yes.

Good job, Kanae.

This is a wild dish.

Really good.

Thank you.

It just made me
feel so good inside.

Kebabs going to be swingingup in this kitchen!

Red team, blue team.

One apiece.

With the
score tied, Scott Lee

hopes to put the red team in
thelead with his scallops crudo.

Why crudo?

I didn't want to just do
thesame seared scallops that we

serve every day for service.

Well, I love how
fresh it tasted.

But it wasn't my favorite one.

Yes or no?

I think it's a
no for that one.

A no.

The entrees, please.

Let's go.

Each team has
prepared three entrees

for Tilly to choose from.

You can't
have two tofu dishes.

That's all I'm allowed
in "Hell's Kitchen."

Up first are
the vegetarian dishes

prepared by Trev and Mia.


Trev, describe this dish.

I did a broccoli
and bok choy masala.

I love the coconut
milk flavor in it.

Very nice.

Yeah, smart move.

Not too spicy.

Next, please.


I made a creamy
mushroom fricasee.

I added some crispy
tofu, and then I

added a rosemary foam on top.

I love the look of it.

And mushrooms are my
favorite vegetables.

Ah, yay!

Which tofu dishwould you like on your sweet 16

menu this evening?

Well they were both
excellent dishes.

But my favorite wasMia's with the mushrooms.


Good job, Mia.

So we're left with
four dishes now.

Trying to impressa 16-year-old girl

never worked for me.

But does that really
surprise anybody?

Now, this
one looks interesting.

Please, Jose.
Describe this one.

That's, uh, my play
on fish and chips.

Underneath the sweet potatoes,
you have a mango mojo.

I love it and definitelywant it on the menu.


Thank you, Tilly.

It's my honor.

Hell yeah!

With Jose
evening the score,

Heather hopes to impress
Tilly with her filet

mignon and red onion jam.

Yes, I think I would liketo
see it on tonight's menu.

Thank you, Tilly.I appreciate that.

Filet mignon is
on the sweet 16.

Thank you.

With both teamsdown to their final dish--


--Brett is the redteam's last chance to tie

the score and stay in the game.

Today, I prepared a
meat sauce baked ziti.

Feel like y'all young
adultslove cheese, love pasta.

They can all, kind of,
you know, as they're

chatting at the table
andplaying and Snapchatting

in pictures with the bakedziti,
everybody can just kind of

get in there and get at it.

I really need to get a
point for the red team.

I have to.

Kids love fucking pasta.
Come on.

For sure.


I think it's a bit heavy,
somaybe not for my 16th birthday.

Not for your 16th birthday.

Ladies, first of
all, congratulations.

You've won.

Ladies in the house!

Let's go to the final dish.


I did a haystack
of sweet potato.

It's meant to be cracked
right over the chicken.


Very impressive.

A lot of flavor.

And it's fun, as well,
to crack the hay.


Love that.

Is it a dish that you'd love tosee
on your menu this evening?

Uh, yes.

I would love it on my menu.- Thank you, Tilly.


Good job.

see you tonight.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Ladies, well done.

Thank you, chef.


You're going to be spendingyour
day in your very own--

Malibu mansion.

Hell yeah!
- Yes.

The place is stunning.

It's breathtaking.

And just to sweeten
the deal, I've

arranged an incrediblevisit
from the Van Leeuwen

artisan ice cream truck.

- Ahh, yes!
- Heard of it, Mia?

Yes, chef.
I love ice cream.

So excited!

She eats it every
night, chef.

Have fun in your
Malibu mansion, please.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Thank you, chef.

Ice cream and poolside!


Men, this is Tilly's
big 16th birthday.

I'd like every
single guest to have

their very own 4-layer,
personal birthday cake.

There'll also be a
mobile photo booth

for Tilly and her friends--

tissue paper flowers for
thebackdrop, peaceful bouquets.

These tasks are all
about the details.

So please be precise.

Yes, chef.

OK, gents.

Head to the beforewe get that call from Maria.

Yes, chef.

Everybody on my
team and the other team

has been out of the
house more than I have.

I'm going to be like
Quasimodo in a couple

of years, just screaming, the bells, the bells!

I'm so excited!

Oh, it's so beautiful.


Let's go, guys.

Oh, my gosh!


The villa is just insane.

I would love to
throw a party here.

Look at the water glistening.


I love trampolines!

This is awesome!

Kanae, you don't look likea diva at all.

My Cribs episode
is beating Mariah

Carey's right now, for sure.

Jockey, are you mad?

Christina, what is she doing?

Christina, what is this?

Has she given up?

Yes chef.

Oh, my gosh.


Oh, my god.

Can I get a New Yorker?

You absolutely can.


Can I please try thevanilla and the chocolate?

Is it rose or ros?

- Rose.
- Can I try that one?

Yeah, sure.

Can you just give this girlone of everything?

I tried everysingle flavor.

Mia, you're so cute.

You're just smiling.


While the ladiesenjoy a carefree day in Malibu,

the men hard at workmaking
cake and decorations

for Tilly's party.

Give that up.

Chunk chunk.

I don't know about that.

This is really
important to chef.

This is his daughter,
it's her sweet 16.

Um, and we got to do it right.

The pressure is definitely on.

This would be
folded like this.

These flowers-- Oh my god.

Just understanding
the directions,

trying to see how,
even, to begin one.

I've never been that
confused in my life.

Take a look at that, Bret.

What you think?

This right here is going to
betaking longer than them cakes.

It's crazy, right?

Can I call my daughter
for a lifeline, please?

Obviously I can read directions.

I'm not an idiot.

I'm an intelligent guy.

But none of it makes sense.

Remind me never to do
tissuepompoms for my daughter.

That looks nothing
like the picture.

All right.

Motto, you got this.

I'm going to go
help him over there.

All right.

Heard that.

This is ridiculous.

What the fuck is this
smallscalloped tissue though?

What's a scallop?

But I blacked out.

I don't feel good.

My heart is beating
like a monster.

I don't know what's happening.

I just-- out of nowhere,
Istarted sweating profusely,

like, leaking.


I literally feel like my
heart is going to blow

out of my fucking chest.

Just try to take some
deep breaths, my man.

Yeah, I have been.
I don't know.

Like, even my arms are sweating.

Like, all-- like everywhere.

Something in your lungs.

If you feel heart right now, it's

Let's get the
medics real quick.

Your heart, you know,
that'ssomething you don't play with.

And that's something that,
you know, you take seriously.

You know what your bloodpressure normally is?


I haven't checked my
bloodpressure in god knows how long.

Find out what it is now.

Probably not good.

At this point, we usuallygo
ahead and call 911, have

them put you on the monitor.

Chest pain is not
somethingwe mess around with.

The last time I left becauseof
my back being blown out--

You've done bloody well.

But, I cannot let you continue.

And, uh, right now,
I feel like I'm

about to have a heart attack.

But I don't what's
wrong with me.

But whatever it needs
to stop so I can

continue in this competition.

We're going to take a look.

We're going to see what's--


He felt very diaphoretic
and a stabbing chest

pain or punching chest pain.

Ultimately, we
go to the hospital.

Stabbing chest pain
or punching chest pain--

Ultimately, we
go to the hospital.

You know, I
feel like, nah, man.

I can't do that.

It's just something
we gotta do.

We're just going to have
yousign against medical advice.

I mean, I'll sign whateverI need to sign, of course.

A waiver-- absolutely.

My heart will explode
out of my chest

before I leave here againbecause of an injury.

Now, you've got
any problems, don't

hesitate to call 911 again.

Yeah, y'all ain't
coming back, man.

I'm a die in competition beforeI
go out on some injury shit.

Thanks, fellas.

I didn't know what was
going on with my chest,

but um, few minutes
later, I'm back

in the motherfucking
kitchen with my team

and I feel like a million bucks.

After Brett's decisionto
remain in "Hell's Kitchen,"

both teams are back
at work preparing

for tonight's big celebration.

Oh, gentlemen, please line up.

Dining room looksincredible, let me tell you.

Blue team, line up.

Line up, line up, line up.


Tonight, as you know,
is very important to me.

A sweet 16 is a
birthday to remember.

You guys devisedliterally 2/3 of the menu.

So I'm looking for
a smooth service.

Is that understood?

Yes, chef.

And at the end theservice, I want to be happy.

What do I want to be?

Happy, chef.

That's right.

Get on your
stations, get set up.

Let's go.

I'm excited to
do this, you guys.


S, chef?

Sweet 16.

We're ready.Open "Hell's Kitchen," please.

Let's go.

It's a specialnight in "Hell's Kitchen"

as Chef Ramsay hosts
a sweet 16 celebration

for his daughter, Tilly.

Happy birthday, Tilly!

Chef to chef.

Let's go.

I'll do the seared
rare ahi tuna as well.

In addition toChef Ramsay's classic items,

tonight's menu will
alsoinclude Tilly's favorite dishes

from today's challenge.

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

First order.

Here we go.

Two tuna, two skewers.
- Yes, chef.

Two tuna.

There's an immense
amount of pressure.

Everyone wants to
nail the service

and make Chef Ramsayhappy
so we can be happy.

Help me out with this tuna.


Tuna's up right now.

All right.

I'm walking two skewers.


Look what we've got.

I can hear shouting.

Look where we've gotten.

Ragged, like a fucking dog chew.

No fucking way!

No way.

I've seen better tuna
in a fucking takeout.

He's never shouted at me.

He's not scary at home.

Take the tray back give
me fucking proper tuna.

Hey, young lady.

Yes chef!

- Stop hacking it, OK?
- Yes, chef!

Give me that tuna.


So, from now on, I am
slicing all the tuna.

Thank you, Kanae.

Two tunas, two skewers.

To table 20, yes?

I don't know what the fuckgoes
to table 31-- two risotto.

Two skewers.

- Let's go.
- Yes, chef.

Have you asked for
any help, yet Scotley?

No, not yet, chef.

I got this chef.

I'm ready for you chef.

After last night,
I'm definitelylooking for redemption.

My whole thing is, go hard orgo
home and I'm not going home.

Risotto, please.

Risotto coming in the window.

Risotto really nice.

Thank you, chef.- Let's go!

Hell yeah.

This is no fluke.

I'm here to cook.

This shit feels amazing!

Fucking right, though.

Go, John.

With Scotley andthe red team riding high--

Very nice risotto.

It's delicious.

Really good.

Carbonara right here.

Not working.

Kanae is back in thegroove in the blue kitchen,

and appetizers are flyingout to party-goers.

So good.

Now we're gonna
go with our entrees.

One halibut, one fish andchips,
one beef wellington,

one New York strip.

Roe, give me a time.

I need four minutes.

I feel completely
comfortable being

on the meat station tonight.

I've done well on themeat station in the past.

I am the steak queen,
andit's my chance to prove it.

Walking meat chef, yes?

Walking fish and chip.

Heard. That's the whole table.

Let's go!


Look, look.

No sear there, cremated there.

More importantly,
it's fucking ice cold!

- I got it.
- Come on, Roe.


Yes, chef.


Red team, two fish
and chip, three filet.

Yes chef.

How long, Jos?

- Six minutes.
- Six minutes.


Yes chef!

I love the adrenaline
rush of service

and just pushing out this food.

Welcome to the pass, chef.

Motto, let's walk.

Whenever you can
get all this stuff out

and it's all perfect,
it's just that--

ahh, the end!

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


They're nicely cooked.

Thank you, chef.


Fish is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Good job, Motto.

- Thanks chef.
- Trying, man.


Jos, Motto, me-- we'rea
force to be reckoned with,

these vets.

Better step it up.

Let's rock this, guys.

Come on, let's go!

While Jose andMotto continue to push out

entrees at a steady pace--

Oh, that's good.

That looks amazing.

It's so good.

--Over in
the blue kitchen,

Roe is trying to redeemherself
on the meat station.

Pushing New York, guys.

I need a solid 2 1/2, all right?

Please push it.

I'm a little worried
about Roe, however,

if we can pick back
up the momentum,

we're going to be great.

Walking re-fired
strip steak, chef.

I'm walking halibut.

Refired strip steak, chef.

Oh, he smiled.

That's a good thing.

Oh no.

It wasn't a smile.

That wasn't a smile.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Ramsay is throwing

his daughter Tilly's
sweet 16 birthday

party at "Hell's Kitchen."

Oh, he smiled.

That's a good thing.

And Roe's secondattempt at New York strip

has just hit the pass.

Oh no, it wasn't a smile.

That wasn't a smile.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

I'm not going to fucking
swearin front of the fucking kids.


Just come down.

All of you!

Ah, damn it!

I've already
trimmed the fat off!

It's rare!

It's fucking white
fat, and it's rare!

Come on!
- Yes chef.


Let's go!

Come on, Roe.

Get that fat trimmed off
thatone that's already seared.

It's trimmed, it's
trimmed, it's trimmed!

I have raw meat coming
backlike it's my fucking job.

I am definitely worried
that we're going to ruin

this poor girl's birthday.

Apologize for me.

There's no good time
to make a mistake.

But this is definitely theworst
time to make a mistake.

Walking meat, chef.

Refired strip steak, chef.

Let's go.

I like how it's cooked

Three fish and chips,
twofilet, one New York strip.


Yes chef!

I got your chips
in the basket, heard?


Don't worry about those.

I'm glad I didn't have
aheart attack this afternoon.

I think it could have
just been anxiety.

But it's Chef Ramsay's
daughter's birthday.

So do whatever I got to do
tohelp my team so we can finish

this dinner service properly.

They're overcooked, there, no?

How come I've got allthese burned bits in there?

I don't want these
burnedbits of shit in here, guys.


Yes, chef.

I don't want bits of
charcoal in there, guys.

I don't want to-- look at this.

Come on guys!


Don't sell that shit, Bret.

You know he's coming right back.

Yeah, I'm waiting for fries.

50 seconds no, chef.

There's no reason tostart fucking this up now.

With Bret recovering
on his second attempt

at sweet potato fries--

Let's go, let's go.

Over in
the blue kitchen--

Guys, I'm
running fish and chip.

Mia has deliveredher first attempt at the fish.

Can we a bit more batteron the fish, please?

More batter on the fish.

Make it thicker.

Yes, chef.

The only thing I'm
doing is fish and chips,

so I want to get it right.

Running fish and chips, guys.

Chef on your left.


Raw fucking fish.


Hey, just stop two seconds.

All of you come here.

Come on, guys.

I just- I-- come here.

Just touch-- just-- just--just t-- no, but touch it!

Touch it!

Tastes cold, chef.

It's fucking ice cold!

Mia, do you have
another one behind you?


Give me the head and
the tail and I'll put

it back in the fucking water!


Get the fish in.

Stop giving us raw shit.

This is ridiculous!

Jesus Christ!

Garlic, Trev?


You all right, Trev?

Yeah, I'm good!

A little easy on that garlic.

Take the-- that much--that's
too much garlic, man!


I would never talk
to somebody the way

that Scotley talks to people.

He barks at them.

He talks at people, not to them.

Garnish, please.

Come on, push the
fucking garnish, Trev!

Spinach for the filet.

You notice hejust mixes in a little bit.

Notice he just mix
it in a little bit.

He didn't listen tome, and look what happened.

Chef Ramsay sent
the fucking spinach

right back because there
was too much garlic.

--Cloves of garlic.

We don't work like that.

We don't just clump garlic.

Garlic, lightly saute first.

Yes, chef.

It's like disappointing
your dad, man.

It really is.

And when he has to come overand
show you, it's embarrassing.


Caramelized garlic.

You hit it with
the spinach, right?

- Yes.
- Correct the seasoning.



I don't want to freak
you out, but table 99.

It's Tilly's table.

Two New York strip,
onehalibut, one fish and chips.


Yes chef.

Sorry, baby.

Two minutes coming
with the halibut.

We started off a
little rough but I

don't want to disappoint Tilly.

I want to give her
a night to remember.

I'm walking halibut.


New York strips are
30 seconds behind.


Are you guys hungry?

I'm starving.


How long do you need?
- Hey, no.

Hey all of you, come here.

Come here.

I-- I-- I'm lost for words.

This is
Matilda's table!


I have another one
right here, chef.

I had such a perfectly
cooked halibut for him.

I was rushing and
brought the wrong pan.

It's-- it's-- fuck.

Just touch that.

Just touch it.

I gave him the wrong one.

That's the right one there.

I don't care what you've done.

It's raw!


Oh, he just threw it!

It's an
hour and a half

into Chef Ramsay's
daughter Tilly's

16th birthday celebration.

I'm lost for words.

But Ariel's rawhalibut for Tilly's table

has made this night
anything but sweet.

I gave him the wrong one.

I don't
care what you've done!

It's raw!


Oh, he just threw it!

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

Wave the white flag.

For the last five fuckingtables, timing is way off!

What's happening?

Get out!

Get out!

I'm the one who's
got to stand there

in embarrassment with
thefucking stupidity on my face.

Yes chef.

Get out!

Hey, two nominees don't
make your team stronger.

Yes chef.

Sweet 16, my ass!

You'd be feeling pretty goodif
you were the red right now,

wouldn't you?

Motto, Scotley.

Jos, let's go.

With some of Tilly'sguests still waiting on food--

Walking to the path, chef.

--The red
team's talented rookies

take over the blue kitchen--

I have the fish
and chips for you.

- You.

--And deliver thefinal dishes of the night.

Well, I have to
say, nobody makes

fish and chips like my dad.

Good job over
there, by the way.

Hey, Motto.

On point.
- Thank you chef.

Yeah, Jos.

That's the best
performance you put in.

Yes chef!

To go into the
blue kitchen today

and finish up their
dinner service--

that was a good feeling.

Thank you very
much for coming.

It's been really fun.

And thank you for
the really good food.

Thank you.

I'm glad you
could all make it.

It's been really special.


Thank you!


I feel like we all
let Chef Ramsay down.

I'm mostly upset about
that because it's

his daughter's birthday.

This wasn't the
service to fuck up.

All right, where
are we starting?

I'm not going to
beat around the bush.

Meat, fish and chips,
and thenmy last-- the last halibut.


That's the order of
the fuckups tonight.


Who was cooking thefish and chips over there?

I was cooking
the fish and chips.

The last ones I got
sent back is because I

had to refire one that I--

No, but I'm talking aboutthe ones from earlier.

Just not double coating--

You had the batter wrong.

Like, I fucked up
a fish, but Kanae also

fucked up a fish.

Your tartare was getting
sent back because it

wasn't sliced properly--


Mia needs someone totake the heat off of her,

and I'm not buying it.

I'm not having it.

I vote Roe and Kanae.

I'm going to go Roe and Mia.

Roe and Mia.

So, Roe and Mia.

I vote for me and Ariel.

Well I'm not
going down like this.

Chef Ramsay knows that
I'm a strong chef.

I think he knows it
was a meat heavy night,

and I think he knows
that there were

two motherfuckers over on fish.

I know the steaks slowedup
things, but I was alone.

There was two of
you guys over there.

So it's not all on Mia.

Like, if that's yourstation, you have to own it.

So would you rather
I go up than Mia?

One station, two people.

So if anything happens onthat station, it's both

of y'alls responsibility.

You're not not going
up for the meat tonight.

There's no fucking way.

I accept and own my mistakes.

But between Roe and I--

are you kidding me?

Like, whatever.

I don't-- I can't--

I don't understand.

Ariel, at the end,
when we needed it most--

Yes, I know where--

Why did we need it most?

Because the wholefucking night was fucked.

Your meat's going
to get off scot-free.

Sure, and send me and Mia up.

Go ahead.

When you learn how to
cook a mid-rare steak,

you fucking call me.

It's your station, dog.

I said, I'll go up insteadof her if you'd like.

Whatever you guys want to do.

You're not getting it.

Whatever you want to do.

Go fuck yourself!

Ladies, have you
reached a decision?

Yes, chef.


Blue team's first
nominee and why.

First nominee
would be Roe, chef.

We had all those
proteins come back

and that killed themomentum of every station.

team's second nominee.

Our second nominee, chef--



We had at least two or threefish
and chips come back first.

They were battered improperly.

And then the last one, chef,
that was battered properly,

came up to you raw.

Roe, Mia.

Step forward.

Roe, why should you stay
in "Hell's Kitchen?"

Chef, uh-- even
when things went

wrong in our kitchen tonight,
Inever gave up on my team, ever.

I did the hardest thing,
and that's not to shut down.

I wanted to finish thatservice
so badly for you, chef.

I know what it meant for you.

And I just wish we would
have performed better.


Are you in way
over your head now?

What happened tonight?

When I came to my station,
I didn't have batter done.

Why not?

I didn't set it up, chef.

So I--

Who set it up?

Kanae set it up.

So Kanae, you
set the station up,

and you didn't make the batter?

Chef, I--

I started making
the batter as soon

as we got into the kitchen.

She's trying to
play the blame game.

It was done before
dinner service.

It was done before
dinner service.

She is lying right now.

Regardless of
who set up, all stations

were set up on time.

So let's stop
talking about that.

She's trying to playthe blame game right now.

Mia, what separates
you from Roe?

Chef, I was communicatingthe whole night.

I do take ownership
of my station.

Whenever I set up a station, I make sure that it's

set up for success.

And I feel like minewasn't set up for success.

I'm a team player.

And I'm a leader too.

Roe, what
separates you from Mia?

I think Mia takes
a little bit longer

to kick into the next gear.

It's your station,
it's your setup,

it's your responsibility.

No matter what, no
matter who set it up.

And I just think
I'm a stronger chef

and that I can fight
back and stay vocal.

My decision is--


Back in line.

Roe-- listen, and
listen carefully.

When I put you on
meat tonight, I

put you on there for a reason.

Because I needed
to see the old Roe.

And your performance tonightwas
miles away from what you've

done in this competition.- Yes, chef.

Right now, you are

not ready to be
my executive chef

at "Hell's Kitchen," Las Vegas.

Please give me your jacket.- Yes, chef.

Thank you.

Good night.


Bye, Roe.

I'm proud I
didn't shut down,

I'm proud I never gave up.

But the mistakes I did make
werejust too severe to counteract

some of the good I did tonight.

And I totally own that.

Chef Ramsay shook myhand,
looked me in my eye.

And that's the best way youcan
go out of "Hell's Kitchen."

Red team, great job.

Well done, all of you.
Red team.

Thank you, chef.

Blue team--
quite the opposite.

Now, get out of there.

Yes, chef.

Right there.

That right there is goingto eat each other alive.

That's good for us.

Well, she didn't
set up my station.

Well she said yabba dabba doo.

It started because
they wanted her gone.


I have a feeling that
they'regoing to be really divided.

And I don't think it'sgoing to be good for anybody

on that team.

Me and her were
communicating on it.

I know, but nobody
communicated with me.

I know they're saying,
oh, yeah, you know,

she's playing the blame game.

No, I'm not playing
the blame game.

But I don't feel like
I was the one that

should be up for elimination.

The tempura batter
wasn't ready, so that;s

why the first order came back.

Everything was set up.

Mia has some little
chip on his shoulder

that she can't get off,
andthat chip gonna weigh her down.

GORDON RAMSAY: Last time she was here,

Roe was a tour-de-force
on the meat station.

But tonight, herperformance left me as cold

as a raw New York strip.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen."

The competition
is getting fierce.

There's four of them.

We don't want to be
embarrassed like that.

Will the men'slosing streak to the ladies--


--Lead tocracks in the foundation?

Why don't you ask for
itbefore we do that, though?

No problem, boss.

I'm right on top of that, boss.

There you go with the
sarcastic shit, man.

I'm going to
flip my lid pretty soon.

I swear to fucking god.

--That will bringdown the entire kitchen.

This is a joke!

They're flailing
around like idiots.

And when one chefsmells blood in the water--

Just look at that!


Thank you, chef.

It's like getting curb
stomped or something.

--Will she
take the opportunity

to go on the attack?

Let me bring you some help.

Ariel, come here.
- Yes, chef.

There's nothing
you can do to fix it.

I need that wellingtonto go with chef Christina.

team, wellington.

That's undercooked,
and he'sjust sabotaged the size.

It's all next time--

fucking stab somebody--

On a kick themwhile they're down episode--

I'm not an evil person.

I swear.

--Of "Hell's Kitchen."