Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 7 - Last Chef Standing - full transcript

After a lesson on the importance of teamwork in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay reveals that for today's challenge, the chefs will be cooking five commonly served "staple" dishes. In true HELL'S KITCHEN style, the challenge comes with a ...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

Please welcome
the one and only--

Mr. Potato Head.

I haven't seen one of
thesethings in 30 fucking years.


Chef Ramsay challengedthe
chefs to create a dish

with potatoes as the star--

Oh yeah, that's perfect.

--To be judged byoutspoken chef Richard Blake.

Sometimes people are
beautifulin jeans and a t-shirt.

I wanted more jeans and
a t-shirt in this dish.

Rookie Mia continuedher
excellence in challenges,

earning another perfect score.

- Five.
- Five.


Great job.

I got a ten on my dish.

On the red
team, Chris surprised

everyone with his perfect dish.

Look, I have goosebumps.

That's how good this dish is.

Thank you, chef.

And when bothteams ended the challenge

in a tie, it was--


--who had the
best dish of the day

and won the challenge
for the men.

Good job, Chris.

Thank you.

But shockingly, only hours later,

it became clear that
theintensity of the competition

was too much for Chris.

I'm starting to feel,
like, certain emotions.

It's bringing back a demon.

Then you need to
go and get help.

- Yes, sir.
- Go.

Head out.

And he made a
very difficult decision.

Chris has
left the competition.

At dinner service--- All right.

Let's do this one for Chris.

friction arose

between Trevor and Scotley--

Who scored these?


Same team, bro.

--And Motto tookhis time to find his voice--

We need to talk.

Let's Go.

I wanted to show ChefRamsay
that I do have a voice.

Two filet, one
chicken, one ribeye.


--The men had
their best service yet.

Trevor, you'recooking has been on point.

Fuck, yeah, I
love meat station.

It feels good, man.

In the blue
kitchen, unbelievably,

season 16 runner-up
Heather and season

14 runner-up T were
adisaster on the meat station--

T, Heather, theydefinitely need more cooking.

Right here.

Heather and T--


Heather, T--

their meat meltdown

got the entire teamkicked out of the kitchen.

Get out!

Not surprisingly, the blue team nominated--

T Chef--
- And--


Ramsay decided on--

T. Take off your
jacket, young lady.

--Ending her dreamof
becoming the executive chef

at Gordon Ramsay's "Hell'sKitchen" restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuationof "Hell's Kitchen."

Get out of there.

Yes, chef.

Can I puke now?

Holy shit.

I made it the entire
season 16 without having

to feel the way I did tonight.

And let me tell you, it'senough fuel to never,

ever want to fuck up
in dinner service.

Yeah, Ken, can I get a
fucking shot of Jack?

Hey, Trev,
good way of holding

down that meat station today.

It was nice to be ableto actually work a station

for you guys, you know?

Show you the old man
knows what he's doing.

Sometimes you started
talking so much, though,

and you're like, "Yo,
shut the fuck up."

Yeah, catch your
breath, too, man.

I repeat, man.

I looked at
Scotley one time.

I'm like, "I'm going to
punch this mother-fucker

in the mouth."

He adds one more time,
this same ticket.


All right.

Last time.

This has been my
entire life, you know.

I get teased and picked on

Two strips, one video.

Just like I did the last timeI
was here in "Hell's Kitchen."

And I'm branzino.

When you're getting
picked on, it's

because somebody is afraid
ofyou or they're intimidated.

So go right ahead becausethat just means I'm

playing the game the right way.

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Come on.

Good morning, Chef.

Good morning.

Let's go.

Line up, please.

If I asked you what the
keyelement is to a kitchen running

smoothly, what would you say?

Time management.

Communication, Chef.


Consistency, Chef.

All good answers, but
nobody said teamwork.

If you have it, that's
when your kitchen

runs like a well-oiled machine.

Seeing that stock car
justwhipping around the parking lot

puts a little pep in your step.

My heart's racing because
I'ma huge Fast and Furious fan,

but the other part of me is justlike,
"Dude, I just woke up.

It is very, very earlyfor this to be happening."

Now that is what
I call teamwork.

Never in my life
would have compared

a pit crew to a kitchen--

All of you, head
into kitchens.

Let's go.

--But it is exactly like howa
kitchen is ran, actually.

Minus the tires and the
nuts and the screws.

Line up, please.


As you can see, there are
fiveamazing dishes in front of you.

Spaghetti meatball marinara,
veal scallopini piccata,

crispy fried chicken,
shrimp anddelicious grits, and cioppino.

Recognize those?

Yes, Chef.

I made all these things, in every restaurant

I've ever worked in.

These are staple dishes.

For your next
challenge, each team

will have 40 minutes to
recreatethese five incredible dishes.

It seems deceptively easy.

As always, it's importantto be aware of what

every member of your
brigade is doing,

just like the pit crew outside.

Staying connected is the
key to great teamwork.

Blue team, you
have an extra chef.

So which one of you six
sits out the challenge?

I don't want to
sit out, ..

I don't want to sit out.

I don't want sit out, either.

I'll do it.

Are you sure?

Dude, right away.

I'll sit out.

A little odd to me, but
I'm in this challenge.

I'm in it until we win.

Blue team.

Who sitting out?

I am, Chef.

You don't know those five?

Yeah, I know all of the five.

Well, fine.

Come on.

This side of the pass,
and youcan support your team verbally.

I know that I can cook.

The thing that I need to workon,
especially with my team,

is communication.

This is my opportunity
right here.

Your 40 minutes starts now.

Let's do it now.
Come here.

I want to do the spaghettiand
meatballs so I can knock

it out and float after I do.

The fish dish is going to
takeme the least amount of time,

so I can--
- Right.

Same thing with the
veal scallopini.

I can drive with you guys.So there it is.

All right.
Everybody's clear?

I can make this in my sleep.

Let's do it.
- Motto, you're good.

- Yes, sir.

Shrimp and grits, wasn'tthat his signature dish?

It is.
That's what he's got it.

I want to make this
shrimp and grits again.

I want to redeem myself
fromthe first batch of grits.

The shrimp is amazing,

destroyed by the grits.

That's a three out of five.

You could've got four
haddo you nailed those grits.

I'm going to show
Chef that I'm improving

and nail these grits.

Just like straight up grits.Right?


It's just grits,
cream, and butter.

What is that, a pork and beef?

Look like veal and beef.


I got this bitch right here.

Nobody stepped up
and wanted cioppino.

So I'm like, all
right, I'll take it.

As much seafood as I've
beendoing, it should be nothing.

That's probably one
of the easier dishes

to make right now.

Everyone knows
what they're doing.

- Yes, Chef.

Good newsbecause one chef from each team

is going to leave the
kitchen, right now.

Hurry up.

I have to stay right here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm staying.
- I'll go.

I'm saying I'll go.

This is good to go.

Spaghetti and meatballs,
definitely not a problem,

so I feel that I can leave
the kitchen right now

and be able to talksomeone through where I am.


I mean, the picatta
is fairly simple.

What else do you need to do?- Hey, go.


I got it.

I was waiting to see who
wasgoing to volunteer to go out?



It's, like, why
would you remove

yourself from the competition?

The less people in
the kitchen right now,

the more I get to shine.

The only thing that vealneeds, Trevor, is salt

and pepper before the sear.

I opted to leave the kitchenfirst
because I literally could

walk my daughter
through this dish,

so I can definitely
walk Trevor through it.

But the picatta is searedhard,
so you get the crisp.

That has a nice
yellow tint to it, yeah?


They're pretty white.

Listen up.

One more member of your
teamhas to leave the kitchen now.


It's shrimp and grits,
guys.What do you want me to do?

- Heather, Heather.
- Yeah?

You're going to have
tocream it out a little bit more.

- All right.

I got it.
- A little bit more

I got it.

- You want to take over, Motto?- I got it.

I got it.
- The chick is down.

This back-up chicken here.- Heard.

Got you.

Wake up, all of you.

Let's go.

Five people.

Four people.

Now three people.

Red team, blue team.

Do you understand
what's happening?

Yes, Chef.

I'm not liking
where this is going.

Meatballs about to
come off in 30 seconds.

Extra flavor on
those meatballs, baby?

Nice and fluffy

Put the shallot down first,
Mia, and then the peppers.

You got the shrimp, Mia?

Not yet.

I'm going to season itwith some Korean peppers.

Who got white wine?

White wine right here.

- We got some of that.

Take it.

Calm down.

All right?

This fish is
getting on my nerve.

Red team, blue team.

Listen up.

One more member of your
teamneeds to exit the kitchen now.

Let's go.

I'll stay on this side
because I got this good.

So one of you guys has to go.


I'm leaving.

I have-- asparagus is on.

My meatballs is in.
All right?

That's what I'm saying.

I'm doing my
thing to the sauces.

Which, dog.

Let's do it.


Add the white
wine to the sauce.

All right?
- Heard.


Drop the potatoes.

Get those potatoes
in the fryer right now.

All right.

No more white wine.
It's enough.

All right.

Talk to me.

Don't yell at me.

Just do it.

You know what you got
todo for the cioppino, Trevor,


Yeah, the cioppino,
I'm getting ready

so I can just boom and go.


Motto's got shrimp
and grits going.

Looking good.

Shrimp and grits.

Salty, buttery, creamy,
sexy, like bang-bang, baby.

Bret, I've got you,
buddy, but you're

getting way too into this dish.

Sexy, cheesy,
buttery, salty grits.

Nice and silky, baby.


The last member your
team needs to leave.


Decide, quickly.
- Really?

Get out, Trev.
Who's coming out?

Who's coming out? Decide.

Trevor's getting out.

Trevor has to go
because when it comes

down to being under pressure,
he really can't handle it.

One member, out now.

All right.

Coming out.

There's no way you coulddrag
me out of this kitchen.

This is mine.

I got this.

That's not the way
I wanted him to do it.

- What do you want to do, Kanae?- I'm good.

- Decide.
- Kanae.



I'm 100% prepared to
kick it into high gear

and win this challenge.

You got that veal
in the pan, correct?

Not yet.
He's good.

Get it in.

He's good.

He's good.
He's good.

Trevor's running
his mouth too much.

You need to have a flameif you're going to cook.

Trev, I got that part, buddy.

That shit is really
getting on my nerves.

I'm looking out for you.

Heard that.

It feels like
I'm on fire inside.

I'm just going to hitit with butter at the end.

I don't need any
help from anyone.

Meatballs are going in
the sauce, ..

Red team, blue team.

All of you.
Get back in there.

Let's go.

Back in the kitchen.
- Behind.

Right behind.
- Hurry up.

Get back on
your shrimp and grits.

Oh, yeah.

Finish this.

I really think I could
havegot it all together myself.

At the same time, I am
welcoming my teammates.

- Take it easy.
- Let's do it.

Everybody focus.

Here's your veal.

You want to do the pasta?

Yeah, I'll do the pasta.

Where's the parm?

Everybody's plating.


How we looking?

I think we're looking good.

Veal's ready to roll.

30 seconds to go.

Got to plate, Brett.
Got to plate.

Plate it up, boys.GORDON RAMSAY: Got to plate.

Come on, guys.

There's nothing
in the window yet.

Come on.
- Ready?



Yeah, blue.


Let's go, gentlemen.

Let's go.
- Spaghetti ready?


Come on.

15 seconds to go.

Ready, boys?

Plate it up.

Come on, Brett.BRET: Got you right now, Chef.

Ten, nine.

Got you right behind you.



- Turn it over.
- Sauces.

Sauce it.
- Five.


Come on.


- Sauce.


Everybody focus.

In today's Last ChefStanding
challenge, each team

is scrambling to plate
fivepopular classic entrees,

while one chef--

Come on, Bret.

running out of time.

Sauce it.
- Five.




- Sauce.


And stopl

You had it.

I got to sauce, though.

Before this challenge
I told all of you

how important it was
to stay connected

and to work as a team.

Let's face it.

Every dinner service,
there's always

one chef that has to pickup
the slack from another.

That happens in mykitchen on a daily basis.

Someone gets in theweeds, you help them out.

- Yes, Chef.


Let's start off with
the shrimp and grits.

Pass them down, please.
Thank you.


Blue team, whowas responsible for this one?

Chef, I was.

Grits slightly anemic.


So I don't see that
mature cheddar in that.

Please tell me the man
fromBaton Rouge nailed this.


I mean, that is extraordinary.

Winner of this round, by
a mile, is the red team.

Nice job, Motto.

One point and
I'm feeling good.

I wasn't going to fuck
upmine in the midst of cooking

all these other ones.

As Motto gets the redteam off to a strong start--


Let's go.

--Kanae we'll tryto bring the blue team back

as she faces off with Jose
inthe battle of fried chicken.

Chicken's delicious.



It tastes good.

Really nicely seasoned.

That point goes to red team.

Thank you, Chef.

And the blue team.

Thank you, Chef.

up, veal scallopini.


Visually, they both look great.


I'm not feeling good.

The veal picatta is
somethingI do often, you know.

It's a banging-assed
dish, and it's

served on every
Italian-Americanrestaurant in the country.

Slightly concerned,
the fact that I've got

no color on here whatsoever.

Oh, dear.

That's chewy and that
doesn't have the magic

of a delicate, melting veal.

Bret, you're supposed
to be Mr. Italian.

This is an Italian dish, man.

Where are you at?

What happened to your veal?

Blue team, who cooked
the veal on here?

I did, Chef.

The plate, by a
mile, is the blue team.

Great job.
- Thank you.

That is delicious.

Really good.

We have a tie with two left.

Spaghetti and meatballs.

Let's good.


Thank you.

Red team, the meatballs.

Who cooked them?

I cooked them, Chef,
andit was finished off by Motto.


That's good.


It's soft and it's really good.

Could've done with
a bit more sauce.


Who was responsible
for the meatballs?

I was, Chef.


That's soft as well.


This is really tough.

The point goes to the redteam and the blue team.



So we have a tie
with one dish left.


Let's go.

Blue team.

Visually, it looks beautiful.

Beautifully seasoned.

Really good, indeed.


Thank you, Chef.

Red team, who plated
the ingredients?

I did, Chef.

All of it?

Yes, chef.

They're actually
cooked juicily.

Did use any of
the cooking juices

from the clams and the mussels?- Oh, yeah.

I did.
Everything was in there.

That's the essence.

That's the magic you can't buy.

- Thank you.

Really good, indeed.

The dish of the day.

Thank you, chef.

It's just a shame you'remissing a key ingredient.

Oh, mother f--

wrong with your dish?

I forgot to put the
fish on the plate.

It's sitting right there, too.

Oh my god.

I can't believe this guy.

He was the first person
to put his dish up,

and he left out
the friggin' fish.

Don't act like the bossif you not the boss, man.

What a shame.

I'm having flashbacks
to my season.

Where is your puree?

Sitting behind you.

Why did you make astunning puree like that,

and then not put
it on the plate?

Spaced out.

You would've been
the only one right.

You're supposed tolearn from your mistakes.

I guess I don't.

The winner is the blue team.



It feels amazing right now.

I feel like we've worked
really well as a team.

Yet again I've pulled
myweight during a challenge,

and I want to just keep
this momentum going.

I hope you're ready for
afast-paced, hilarious day.

Go-kart racing.


That's awesome.


Yes, Chef.

Men, any tips for the
girls before they go?



Crash like you guys did today?


Give a round of applause.Come on.

Off you go.
Well done.

Ariel, good job.
Kanae, great job.

Well done.

Thank you.

Men, you're in
for a difficult day.

Today, Scotley,
would you believe,

is delivery day here
in "Hell's Kitchen."

Bushels and bushels ofcorn on the cob and peas.

Shucking every little
ear of corn by hand.

And those peas-- well, they're still in the pot,

so remove them gently.

It's a tough day ahead.

Trev, just come
down here a minute.

Bring that cioppino.

You've got al little
pit stop here.

On my say, go.


Stop what you got.

Stop watch is on.

Remember the pit crew?

I'm pulling in, vroom,
and 3, 2, 1, go.




I'm feeling pretty beat down.

I worked up a big
sweat just now,

so Trev leaving the fish
offis kind of disappointing.

What the fuck, man.

Start handing
me stuff, please,

and I'll put it on the tables.

Make sure those 10
of the corn, please.

This is all on Trevor.

He knows he fucked up today.

I'm breaking out
from something.


You think it's the peas?

I don't know, butit's-- yeah, it's running

all the way up my arms now.
- Itchy?


First, I left my dish offthe plate, and now this.

Sometimes enough's
enoughand a man needs a break.

- Oh, shit what is that?
- I don't know.

- Are you allergic?
- Something is.


You need to just get
looked at real quick.

Hold on one second.

Trevor's doing anythingto
kind of mask his fuck up.

You know, he's running
aroundwith his arms itching him,

and he's acting like
he's about to die.

My hands, they're bleeding.

Stop acting like a baby girl.

The red team is inthe midst of a punishing day

at "Hell's Kitchen."

Oh, shit what is that?

I don't know.

Are you allergic?

Something is.

My hands,
they're bleeding.

And the tensionbetween Scotley and Trevor

has finally hit a fever pitch.

Stop like a baby girl.

All right.

Scotley, just shut the fuck up.

I got a little
bit of a irritation,

a little rash going on here.

The itching is getting
more and more pronounced

as time's ticking by.

Both sides?

Yeah, both sides.

Clear gels.

They tend to work a
little bit quicker.

- OK.- We'll start with just one.

I'm allergic to something.

Maybe it's all
these punishments.

Where prima donna at, man?

He's still got his
pussy looked at?

You all right, baby girl?


I was wondering what's
wrong with ..

Well, they had to make
sure it was going away.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Now I don't like this babygirl
shit, and any of the crap

that comes out of his mouth.

I haven't come at you withany
name calling or anything.

This isn't high school.

Grow up.

Busted that out
pretty fast, I think.

Yeah, after you had to
dealwith your little rash and shit.

Oh, you saying that youguys took care of all this

without me?

I don't care.

Baby girl, we got your back.

I see how it is.

If I call Trevor
one more name,

he's going to explode
because baby girl

really gets under his skin.

Baby girl, come on, you
ain't doing nothing.

Haters going to hate.

Come on, ladies.

Let's do this.

Blue team.

The need.

The need

The need for speed.

This is absolutely amazing.

And I cannot wait to get
that helmet on and get

in one of those cars.

Oh, man.

The whole time I'm
hugging every corner.

I'm trying to stay on people'stails
and lapping some people.

So I was feeling
pretty good about that.

It feels good to just
have a different type

of adrenaline rush.

Not with Chef Ramsay
in front of your face.

Kanae is this
little wild child--

I'm coming for you, Heather.

--Because she hits
me, it's like, this

girl's going to spend me out.

I was going really slow.

I'm not a good driver.

You know, I like this to speed,
but I don't trust myself.

women have returned

from their high-octanereward, and all the chefs

are taking a rare moment
to relax before they

prep for dinner service.

I'm really looking
forward to service

because I think the six of
uscan do some serious damage.

I actually really want
to be on the station

alone because then you
have nobody to lean on.

I have no expectation.

It's just me.

Earlier in the day, Gizzywas the first one to say,

"I'll sit out."

I think she gets inside
her own head still

and that comfortableness in
thekitchen comes from experience.

My whole problem was that
Ijust wasn't competent in it.

And that will come, you know.

You're going to get
someservices under your belt.

Roe definitely
has my back

because she knows
exactlywhat kind of mental game

is happening right now.

She's gone through this process.

She knows how to
get around this.

I think get so
wrapped up in that

it's a competition,
that we forget

it's a fucking restaurant.

You know?

Think about what you do at work.

You know what I mean?

Don't act any different
how you would at home.

It's not that much different.

It's the same as a
fucking restaurant.



I'd like to see everybodyin the dining room

through the red
kitchen urgently.

- Heard.
- That was Chef.

Come on, guys.

Good evening, Chefs.

Good evening, Chef.
- Let's go.

- Line up.


What is going on
because obviously,

it's not set for dinner service.

Let me confirm something
very important.

There's definitely no
dinnerservice, but rest assured,

minutes from now,
the kitchensbehind you will be very busy.

As you can see, your
sous chefs and I

have transformed this
diningroom into a beautiful farmer's

market stocked with some
ofthe most amazing hand-picked

and seasonal
ingredients that you'll

find anywhere in the country.

As chefs, there
is no greater joy

than walking through and
lettingyour imagination run wild.

Every chef's dream
is in front of us.

This place just offers you
thebest of the culinary world.

Here's the thing.

Tonight, I'm trimming the fat.

Not all of you will be
competingin this challenge tonight.

This morning, the chefs
who stood their ground

and stayed in the
kitchen are safe.

The first three chefs who
werewilling to leave their kitchen

will be cooking for their lives.

Shoot up, Sally, becausethings are about to get

real, real fucking fast.

Didn't see this one
coming, did you?

Neither did I.

The chefs
have arrived expecting

a normal dinner
service, but Chef

Ramsay has dropped a bomb--

I'm trimming the fat.

--Introducing the secondchallenge of the day--

This morning the chefs
who stood their ground

and stayed in the
kitchen are safe.

--With one
very important twist.

The first three chefs who
werewilling to leave the kitchen

will be cooking for their lives.

Damn, Chef Ramsay.

You dropped the bomb on me, man.

And the weakest
performer tonight will

be leaving "Hell's Kitchen."

I know that I'm going to bein
this challenge right here.

That I've got to
fight for my bed right

here in "Hell's Kitchen."

Let's fucking do it.

On the blue team, thethree cooking for your lives

are Gizzy, Roe, and Heather.

Yes, Chef.

On the red team,
Bret, Jose, and Scotley.

I'm cooking for my life.

The game has just begun.

Say goodbye to
your fellow chefs

because this could be the
lasttime you'll ever see them.

Good luck, brothers.

I cannot believe that
justdoing what came naturally

to me just earned me immunity.

You got this, girl.

It bites me in the ass tobe one of the first three

to walk out of the kitchenon
our previous challenge.

I could kick myself inthe ass if I could reach.

You six.

You've all got 25 minutes
tohead into this market, shop,

and create one
spectacular entree.

Is that clear?

Yes, Chef.

The time starts now.

Good luck.

Let it shine.

We have the opportunity
to literally make

whatever the fuck we
want to make sure we

stay in "Hell's Kitchen."


Gizzy, what are you doing?

The snapper are a
littlebigger than I thought, Chef.


Complaining about
the snapper size.

Feel good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- OK.

Me, too.

What are you making?

A chorizo, a potato,
a charred corn hash.

Back home, I have
a lot of people

depending on me--
my wife and my kids.

So in my mind, I'm notonly saving my life here,

but I want to make my wife
proudand show her I'm definitely not

only here for me.

Stay focused.

Calm finesse on the plate.


Ladies, we're going tosend
one of them home, yeah?

Heather, this is
not a team challenge.

This is me against the world.

So I'm not going
to sacrifice even

a millisecond of
my precious time

to make sure that they're OK.

What are you going
to do??

I'm going to do a grilledswordfish,
purple cauliflower


Then I'm going to slowroast these baby carrots.

Oh, this is the best.

I'm going to super-super rustic.

What are you going to make?

I'm going to
simply grill it whole

and just be inspired
by the market

because this is
what I love to do.


This dish willdefinitely save me tonight

because this is the first
time in this competition

I'm not over thinking it.

I'm just doing
what's true to me.

Just over 25
minutes remaining.

Yes, Chef.


One stunning portion.

How's your oregano
coming into play?

It's going to be cooked
in with my lentils.


You don't see people
cook lentils when it

comes to a fresh ahi tuna fish.

You know?

You see light salads.

- Lentils?
- Yep.

Fuck yeah.

This is me as a
very unorthodox chef.

I want to show Chef
Ramsaythat I can step out the box.

Go hard or go home.

My squad ain't goingnowhere
today, baby, let's go.

Pick it up, Red-red.
- Yeah.

Let's go, man.

I'm making pasta tonight.

And I put together a,
truthof the matter, if you would,

seafood pasta.

Half of the
ingredients in my dish

are literally
tattooed on my body.

I'll be happy with thatin an Italian restaurant.

19 minutes.

Yes, Chef.

What are you doing there?

Chef, I'm going to do
thebutter-poached lobster tail

with a little bit of curry, and I'm going to finish

it with a pineapple salsa.


I want to be part of
Chef Ramsay's empire.

I have a lot weighing
on me right now to try

to better my life for my son.

I'm going to be safe tonight.

I'm not going home.

Two minutes.

Yes, Chef.

At me.

This thing is hot.

60 seconds to go.

Make it count.

Ooh, that's hot.

20 seconds to go.

I'm there.

Make sure you have
time to wipe down.










And serve.

Well done.

So who do we think's going?

I'm torn between
Gizzy or Heather.

I have no clue, either,
that's why I said,

I was like, I'm
not leaving here.

Jose's going to
be OK, I think.

I think.
So too.


It's going to come
down to Scotley or Bret.

Everybody knows I want
to see Scotley gone.

Nobody likes a bully.

You've got a big mouth,
butyou're not really a listener.

You're very fucking selfish.All right.

Get out of here.

It's getting real again.


Roe, please, bring your dish up.

I'm here to be ChefRamsay's next head chef, so.

I like this dish.

I'm proud of this dish.

Thank you.

Hopefully it's not the
dish that I go home on.

The swordfish,
it's beenbasted in a kaffir-lime butter

balanced with a raspberry,
crabapple and pomegranate


Visually, it looks beautiful.


Thank you.

Thank you, Chef.

The question is how doesit
compare to everybody else?

If you beat the
next person, then

you have a pass to the door.

Thank you, Chef.

Next up, Bret.

It's literally buffet
on the ..

You know, seafood,
pasta, sexy, simple.

Chef, I've prepared
a frutti di Mare.

Clams, mussels,
some grilled shrimp

with pan-seared scallops,
served in a Pomodoro sauce.

This is plucked
straight from the sea.

Thank you, Chef.

Really good, Bret.

Head back in line.

Thank you, Chef.


Two good dishes, butthere's one that highlights

the skill beyond belief.

Chef, you're killing me.

I love this dish.

It's gotta get me
back up to the dorms.

So tough.

The person moving on is--

Six chefs
are battling to stay

alive in tonight's intensecook
for your life challenge--

Two good dishes, butthere's one that highlights

a skill beyond belief.

--And Chef
Ramsay must decide

who will survive
between Bret's seafood

pasta or Roe's swordfish.

The person moving on,
basedon the complexity of the dish--

congratulations, Bret.

Well done.

Thank you, Chef.

Head to the door.

Thanks so much, Chef.
I appreciate you, Chef.

- Let them know--
- Y'all kill me.

Y'all both better come back.

--You are continuing.

Fuck, yeah, Mama.

That was for you, Mama.

That's a fuck yeah, yo.

I know my parents are
proud of me right now.


Without them, I'd
probably be dead.

That was for you, Mama.

That's Bret.

What happened?

I'm back, ain't I?

I see tears.
What happened?

They're tears of joy, yo.

What did you do?
What did you do?

Fruitti di Mare,.

Clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp,,,

tomatoes cooked down,
scallops, wine, garlic.

This this is what I did.

That's what I did.

My parents on a fucking plate.

Hell, yeah, Mama.

That one's for you, right there.

You gonna make me cry.

This shit is emotional.

You know?

With passion comes emotion.

Mad fucking highs,
mad fucking lows.

That one's for you, Mama.

There's really no
in-betweens with me.

Next up.

Heather, let's go.

Yes, Chef.

Roe stepped her game up
a lot in this challenge.

So she's setting that bar high,
but that's OK because my bar

is one peg higher.

I did a coconut-currypoached
lobster tail and claw.

Yeah, I mean, visually, it's beautiful.

It pops like a rainbow.

I tried to go completely
outof the comfort zone, Chef,

because I'm not trying
to play too safe.

It's very good.

Thank you.

The only thing that'sslightly obscure in that dish

is those French beans
because they didn't fit.

Step back in line, please.

Thank you, Chef.

This is really tough.

The person moving on inthe
competition is Heather.

Thank you, Chef.


Oh my god.

I'm here to stay.

This is probably the
biggest high I will

ever have in my entire life.


I did a fucking--

Are you OK?


Next up.

Gizzy, let's go, please.

I'm looking at my dish andI'm
looking at everybody else's.

It feels like everybody's
dishwent a little bit more elegant,

and I went clean and rustic.

Describe the dish, please.

So lightly grilled stripedbass
with a delicata squash.

Why so rustic?

Chef, this is the
way that I cook.

This is the way that I eat.

And I feel like this is thebest
way to show you who I am.

These ingredients did
not say rustic to me.

I'm feeling pretty
confident right now

that I have this in the bag.

I'm going up to the dorms.

Put on a pot of coffee.

Let's do this.

Are you expected
to eat the skin?


So why have you
left the scales on?

Did you scale the fish?

I did.

Well, there's
scales left on there.

I'm sorry about that, Chef.

Well, it's you on a plate.

And it's delicious.

Get back in line, please.

Good job, Giz.

The person moving on
in the competition--


Thanks, Chef.

Head upstairs

Thank you, Chef.


I knew I had a winner of a dish.


I've been the quietest
asset at this time.

Now Chef knows that I'm here.

I showed up.

I want to be his next chef.


Yeah, finally.


It was really good is cooked perfectly.

She'll be all right.
- OK.

She'll be all right


Scotley's plate
looks like a mess.

Gizzy, good dish.

Let's see if it's betterthan
the two remaining chefs.

Next up, Jose.

I definitely put my heartand
soul into this dish today.

I mean, I believe
that I'm safe tonight.

Here, I have for you, Chef,
is a pan-seared salmon,

chorizo hash,
and someavocado salsa verde, Chef.

All right.

Visually, it looks beautiful.- Thank you, Chef.

I love those colors.
They pop.

Thank you, Chef.

Let's get into that
salmon, shall we?

Yes, Chef.

Skin, really crispy.

Thank you, chef.

Can you hear that?


Back in line.

Yes, Chef.

I know I knocked this
one out of the park.

Only the strong survive.

a touch more acidity.

Just needs that pop underneath.

Now beautifully, let me tell you.

The person moving on is--

With only three chefsremaining in tonight's cook

for your life
challenge, Chef Ramsay

has to now choose
between Jose and Gizzy

to see who will be
the next to survive.

The person moving on is Jose.


Thank you, Chef.


Great dish.

Thank you, Chef.

Appreciate it.

Your best dish so far
in this competition.

Thank you, Chef.

It means a lot to me, Chef.

Keep it going.

It will mean even more to me.- I will, Chef.

Thank you.
- Good job.

I gave that dish
everything I had today.

I mean, I couldn't
feel any better.

I kind of just wished Icould have phoned my kids

and told them, "Daddy
is here to stay."

What's up, baby?

That's what's up?

That I have what
it takes to stay here

and to continue to proveto him that I'm that chef

that he's looking for.

That's for your kids
right there, homey.

Yes, it was.


Scotley, let's go.

Thank you for being so patient.

It's life or death right now.

Life or death.

I choose life.

What do we have here?

What I have here
is a dry-cured

ahi tuna with some red
lentilscooked down with some oregano.

Why red lentils with ahi tuna?

I just wanted
to bring something

more earthy to
the freshness of--


Just, just 360 for me.

360 for me, and have
alook at the freshness here.

Look at those
vegetables over there.

Yes, Chef.

And you give me dry lentils?

Yes, Chef.

Because if I
was in your shoes,

I would not be put in
lentils under the best

tuna in the world.


You didn't pick a
fuckingvegetable from the fucking

farmer's market?


The sear on the
tuna is beautiful.

I love evenness of it.

Step back in line, please.

I could have donesomething totally different,

but I went with what I wanted.

And at this point,
I got tostand by my dish everything

on it.

Listen, it's a great dish.

Personally, would I
servelentils under tuna tonight?


Two good dishes,
but here'sthe ironic twist this evening.

Didn't you replace
Gizzy in her job?

Yes, Chef.

How ironic is this?

Before I even got
into South City Kitchen,

everybody "GIzzy this.

Gizzy that.

Gizzy is talented,
and she can cook.

And all of that."

I have a battle of
Atlanta on my hands.

And I'm going to beat Gizzy
totake the title of fucking ATL.

This is really tough.

The person moving on--

congratulations goes to Scotley.

Thank you, Chef.

I'm still here.

I'm in this bitch,
mother fucker.

Fuck about, baby.

My teeth is
fucking showing now.

The wolf is here.

Only the strong survive.

Gizzy, you came in
like a firecracker.

And then something happened.

You lost your confidence.

And when I see young chefslose their confidence,

that tells me that they're
notready to be my executive chef.

And I appreciate your passion.

Thank you, Chef.


Come on over here.

Thank you for
pushing me harder

than I've ever been pushed.

I just wish you'd
continue climbing

that ladder, young lady.


Please, give me your jacket.

Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Good night.

The funny thing
is I was confident.

I was confident
walking in these doors,

and I don't know why I
let my own light dim.

I commanded to take charge.

I just don't know why I
couldn't show it here.

I mean, I held my own self back.

That's the end of the story.

Ihad such high hopes for Gizzy

from day one, but if she
doesn'ttruly believe in herself,

then I can't believe
in her, either.

Next time,
on "Hell's Kitchen"--

Please welcome
my daughter, Tilly.

--When a special guestshows
up at "Hell's Kitchen"--

How's the boyfriend?

I don't have one.

Good, good, good.

Keep it like that.

And the
chefs face a tougher

judge than Chef Ramsay himself.

What do you think, my darling?

I think it's a
no for that one.

I think I'm going
to pass on this one.

Maybe not for my 16th birthday.

Not for your 16th birthday.

Pain in the ass teenager.

Will the
stress of it all--

I can feel my heart right now.

I feel like I'm about
to have a heart attack.

--Leave one cheffighting for his life?

And with the pressure mountingto
create a night to remember--

It's a very special
night for me and Tilly.

--Will it turn into anight
everyone wants to forget?


My god.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm lost for words.

I don't care what you've done.

It's raw.

He just threw it.

Find out next week--

Sweet 16, l my ass.

--On a
fun family episode--

And I'm not going
to fucking swear

in front of the fucking kids.

--Of "Hell's Kitchen."