Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 12 - Break On Through - full transcript

Tension mounts when Chef Ramsay explains to the six remaining chefs that they will go through three extensive challenges to determine which five chefs receive a black jacket. Tune in to find out which chef will be sent home.

on "Hell's Kitchen."

In the culinary world
there'snothing more romantic than.

Dessert, chef?


The chefs
were challenged

to create romantic desserts.

Dessert takesa little bit of finesse,

you know I mean?

Puts you in the mood foran
after-dinner get-down.

Bret's attempt
at an Italian delicacy.

I'm doing
a white chocolate

orange zest cognac arancini.

Because you can't

do spaghetti in a dessert.

Left guestjudge Valerie Gordon cold.


Beyond undercooked,
just not really cooked.

So sorry, I fucked up, man.

And Trevor'stake on a healthy dessert.

These are avocado kisses.

This is my take on superfood.

Fared even worse.

I really dislike this dish.

It tastes like a bush.


A high score for Ariel

There's something

very smart about this.

This is a four.

Thank you, chef.

Secured anotherwin for the blue team.

team, congratulations.

At dinner service.

- It's all fucking overcooked.- Come on!


Heather struggledon the meat station.

In the real world,
you get fired for this.

And Kanae
dragged her salmon.

This is raw.

Leave me fucking alone.

But luckily
for them, their mistakes

were overshadowed.

Your pan's filthy
fucking dirty.

By Bret's
troubles with fish.

salmon is ice cold.

Worse than that, the
lady is pregnant.

And Trevor's breakdown on the meat station.

Fucking lamb's overcooked.

This is like one
of my nightmares.

That's the biggest
fucking insult. Get out!

The red team
lost, and Bret and Trev

were put up for elimination.

I cooked my heart out.

This is a lifestyle for me.

At least I'm not
a one-trick pony.

This is my life.

Chef Ramsay
said goodbye to.


Ending his chancesof
becoming the executive chef

at Gordon Ramsay'sHell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

But with only two men
left on the red team,

Chef Ramsay made a
request of the women.

Which one of you
will emerge as a leader

and jump in to the red team?

Now, piss off.


And now, the
continuation of "Hell's


What's up, Mia?

Not much.

about to volunteer

to come over the red side

I wanted to volunteer.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

- OK.
- I do.

Chef has been telling me,
like, I want you to step up.

And I want to step up.


I feel like you're
the leader in the blue,

and I kind of want
to lead as well,

and I want to show
him that like.


That I can lead.

If that's what you
really, really want.

- I want
- I will respect that.

I want it bad.

I want it really bad.

All right, cool.

Thank you.

I'm going to be finewhether I'm on the blue team

or the red team.

If it was anyone else,
the answer would be no.

But it feels the best
when you beat the best.

Now it's going to be
yourkitchen versus my kitchen.

Line up.

Good morning.

Good morning, Chef.

- Bret, you good?
- Yes, chef.

to bounce back?

Absolutely, Chef.

Look at those four
talented ladies.

Who would be the
dream pick to help

get the red team to success?

I got gotta say Ariel, Chef.


I feel like she's the
best one on that team

and she could do
right by the red.


Who is going over
to the red team?

I actually originally
volunteered, Chef.


But Mia and I had
a great conversation

last night about her
steppinginto a leadership role.

And I actually wouldlike a challenge tonight,

so I thought it
would be cool for her

to find her voice over thereand
give us a challenge tonight.


Young lady, here we go.

All right, Mia.

Good, excellent.

Thank you, Chef.

Back in red.

You know, Mia, she did
notcome to the red team to lead.

She may think that,
but notwith me standing next to her,

she ain't.

Now, during yourjourney here at Hell's Kitchen,

you've gained a great
deal of knowledge,

not just from me,
but fromthe many excellent guest

chefs that we've had here.

Five of those incredible
chefs are behind me.

Traci Des Jardins.

You always want to balance,
you a little bit of acid,

salt, a little bit
of texture on there.

That's the ideal soup.

David Lefevere.

Be careful how much
you'remarinating it with soy,

because what soy has,
that salt can do,

is it can draw some of themoisture out of the fish

that's already pretty lean.

Shirley Chung.

Chinese cuisine
has this thing that,

you want all the
shapes match, but you

have big chunk of chicken.

Richard Blais.

Sometimes people are
beautifulin jeans and a T-shirt.

They don't need to get
dressedup and wear fancy suits.

I wanted more jeans and
a T-shirt in this dish.

Valerie Gordon.

I think the concept
was interesting,

but the idea might be great.

The experience might not be.

Part of the reason
that the six of you

have arrived at this
stage in the competition

is not because you've taken
inknowledge, you are using it.

But now is the time tomove on to the next level.

My question is, which of
youare going to break through.

Oh, my god.

Scaring me.


I'm like, what?

And then I look up and I'mlike, ah, black jacket.

There are six of you andonly five black jackets.

The chefs who will receive
thecoveted black jacket today,

are the ones who aremost successful at facing

three difficult challenges.

not going to lie,

and bummed that I don't getto
whip these guys into shape.

The two chefs with the
bestdishes in the first round

will receive black jackets.

The remaining chefs will
competein a second big challenge.

Finally, there'll be
one more challenge,

and that will be the
final opportunity

to receive a black jacket.

Is that clear?

Yes, Chef.


Are you ready for
your first challenge?

Yes, Chef.

Waiters, please
bring in our first box.

Oh, no.

Just as you allare hoping to break through

to black jacket status,
you allwill break through the front

of this case to
retrieve ingredients

for your first big challenge.

As you can see, case
number one is protein.

There are three
additional cases.

Vegetables, starch
and a wildcard.

You'll take all
those ingredients

and create a stunning dish.

Everybody ready to
punchthrough for a black jacket?

Yes, Chef.

Good, let'sstart off with Bret, please.

Pick up your basket.

Take your time.

I don't want you
to break a knuckle.


Give me my protein.

Pork chop, Chef.


Kanae, let's go.

Lamb, Chef.

Motto, let's go.

I'm justhoping there's no live snake

or something back
there that's going

to bite the shit out of me.

Good luck.


But, I think I would handle
thatbetter than anybody else here.


Scallops, Chef.


I will take that.

Mia, let's go.

I'm punching the black
jacket, because that's

what I'm getting today.


Fillet, wow.

And Heather.


Duck, wow.


I haven't cooked duck ever.

Each chef has
now secured a protein.

And must punch through
to add two vegetables

to their basket of ingredients.

Asparagus and green beans.

Duh, duh, uh.

Along with one starch.

Celery roots.

Does this?

Purple sweet potatoes.



Polenta, Chef



I cook it all the time.

I love polenta in
all of its forms.

Merry Christmas, Bret.

Happy Hanukkah, Chef, thank you.

each chef will

get one wildcard ingredientto
complete their basket.

Ooh, black truffle.

Dried porcini.

Some whisky, Chef.

Duck fat, OK.

I got some bacon.



Some butter?

Cream cheese.



Yeah, I'm thrilled, Chef.

One stunning dish usingfive
incredible ingredients.

Your 45 minutes starts now.

Let's go.

At this
point in the game,

we should all be able to
doanything with anything we have.

Where's my bacon fat?

Nothing should be
sub-par at this point.

OK, you have a little bitof
a combination here, huh?

Yeah, a little bit.

A little Asian,
a little Italian.

I think I'll be all right.

It's that black
jacket on the line.

This is the round where
I need to end this.

Go big or go the fuck home!

Agh, really?

I don't like duck!

It's not my fucking
choice protein.

But it's all about flavorand how you execute.

I need to just put my
headdown and cook my heart out.

Ain't nothing but a
thing, chicken wing.

- You dusted this with sugar?- Yeah.


You put the, what is that? Duck fat?

- Yep.
- And salt?


I feel strong going
into the challenge

the same way I felt strong
goinginto all the other challenges.

I believe in myself to do it.

You know, I've gotten this far.

Why doubt myself now?

You use that technique before?



60 seconds to go.

Let's get those
black jackets, baby.

At 14, if I wouldn't haveleft because of my injury,

I would have guaranteed
myself a black jacket,

and even maybe a
spot in the finals.

So I need that blackjacket, I'm coming for it.

Hell, yeah.

15 seconds to go.

about that plating.

for a man pork chop.

5, 4,
3, 2, 1, and serve.

OK, well done.

Let's start off with Heather.

Let's go please.

OK, describe your dish please.

Chef, I have for
you a pan seared duck

breast with a purple
sweetpotato puree underneath,

carrots and peas.


The excess juice,
where's that from?

From the duck, I.


Did you let it rest
before you sliced?

I did, but not
long enough, Chef.

Not long enough.

Why's this puree
so sort of gummy?

What'd you do with that?

put it in the Vitamix.

Heather, why?


In the first today'sthree black jacket challenges.

Lamb, Chef.

Each chef
had to create a dish

using randomly
selected ingredients.

The two chefs with the
bestdishes in the first round

will receive black jackets.

And veteran, Heather,
has presented Chef Ramsay

with a pan seared duck
breast and purple potato

puree, which has him asking.

Why's this puree
so sort of gummy?

What'd you do with that?

I put it in the Vitamix.



Heather, did you taste this?

I did, Chef,
before I put it on.


Yeah, not your best effort.

No, it's not, Chef.

Thank you.

This dish is a bit
of a mess, Heather,

exactly like your jacket.

Word, that'sone person I don't have

to worry about on this round.

Kanae, let's go please.

Kanae is next up,

with her potato crustedlamb,
glazed string beans,

and asparagus puree.

You've gotsuch delicate, dainty flavors.

But then I come to this
unwantedcrunch with these raw beans.

So it destroys the
texturesthat you built the dish on.

But it's a good effort.

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you.

Hell, yeah, next.

Another one gone.

Next, Motto.

Here we go.

Here I have a citrus
glazedsalmon with crispy skin,

with a brown
mascarpone gremolata.

it looks beautiful.

Love what you do with the skin.

So you take the skin off?

Yes, this was a first shot.

What a smart idea.

It's cooked beautifully.

Mmm, very crispy, wow.

What do I change?

A little bit more seasoningand flavor in the rice.

- OK.
- Thank you.

Up next, Ariel.- Yes, Chef.

Let's go.

six veteran, Ariel,

has prepared pan seared
scallopswith bacon wrapped celery root.


I'm definitely feelingreally good about this dish.

I just want that first
blackjacket, just give it to me.

Did you use all
the ingredients?

Yes, Chef.

And I confited the
celery root cubes

before I wrapped them in bacon.

are cooked beautifully.

Love what you did
with the celery root.

You've done something
pretty magical.

The only thing that doesn't
workon there is the fried leaves.


But I think it's
one of your strongest.

Thank you, Chef.
- Good job.

Thank you.

Up next, Mia, let's go.

After Motto andAriel's strong showings,

rookie Mia hopes to impresswith her filet mignon

and Swiss chard couscous.

You plate
like an absolute pro.

For me, it's all
about the temperature.

What have we got in there?
MIA CASTRO: Medium rare.

Medium rare.MIA CASTRO: Yes, Chef.

How do you know?

Because I cooked it, Chef.

I know it's medium
rare, I'm a chef!

And I cooked it.

is a perfect mid rare.

I mean, it is
absolutely spot on.

A touch less reduction
in the sauce.

It's a very heavy,
very powerful.

It's a tough one to get right.Great job.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.


Bret, let's go.

Finally, season 14veteran, Bret, will present

his grilled pork
chop, creamy polenta,

and oven roasted sunchokes.

Wanted to go kind of
mansexy with the whiskey and

the double bone and pork chop.

Oh, stop there.

Man sexy, what does that mean?

Just looks like
a man plate, Chef.

A man plate?


The double bone pork
chop, the whiskey.

Bret, sexy.

I wouldn't say it looks sexy.

A tad anemic in terms of color.


I love
the sear on the chop.

It's delicious.

When you've got such a
hearty stunning protein,

rein in the garnish
a little bit.

It's a good job,
it's a very good job.

Thank you, Chef.

Black jacket club, I'm coming.


I've tasted six dishes.

Only two of you on that
roundwill receive a black jacket.

Congratulations, Ariel.

Thank you.

Great job.

Thank you.

I got the first black jacket!

I am safe.

Thank you.
- Great job.

Thank you Chef.

And I am feeling super,
superpumped to be here right now.

The second recipient, thiswas a difficult decision,

but the jacket goes to Mia.

Great job.

It feels amazing.

I made it, I made it.

Well done

I look the best in black.

It makes me look slimmer.

- Please come in.
- Oh, my gosh.

- Oh, my god.
- This is the lounge.

Things are here.


Oh, my god.

Here's a chocolate fountain.

Don't mind if I do.

I could not have
picked a better scenario

than it being
myself and Mia being

the first two black jackets.

You're just going
to go like a savage.

Go in like a savage.

Ya, filthy animal.

I'm just super happy
thatwe're both here right now.


Congratulations to makingit to the black jackets.



Right, time for
challenge number two

and the opportunity for two
ofyou to earn your black jackets.

As chefs, one of the qualitiesthat
truly makes us stand out,

is our creativity.

It's always
interesting to see what

different chefs will do withthe
same ingredients, right?

Yes Chef.

listen carefully.

You will each take a
turn spinning this wheel

to choose a protein,
two vegetables

and a wild card ingredient.

Whatever the wheel lands
onwill determine the ingredients

you will all be using.

- Yes, Chef.

You're up first.


big, strong turn.

Here we go.

The protein that all four
ofyou will be using is quail.

Now that is a tough bird.

Kanae, you enjoy quail?

Uh-huh, I like quail.

I can tell.

I can do a lot with quail.

I can work with some quail.

I perfected it in
culinary school,

so this is going to be fun.

Heather, thank you.

You're welcome, Chef.


I've never cooked
quail in my life.

you've got the spin

for the first vegetables.

Eggplant, nice.

Ooh, way.

I cook with it all the time.

And it's tattooed on me.

Right there is theeggplant with the mussels.

Second vegetable.

Kanae, let's go.

Here we go.

Baby leeks.

Bret, we need a
wildcard ingredient,

the last element of your
dish is cauliflower.

That's challenging.

Thank you, Bret.

We are not having much
success tonight, are we?

This dish sounds a nightmare.

a three Michelin star

chef doesn't even
know what the fuck

to do with these ingredients.

Your 45 minutes starts now.

Good luck, because
you're going to need it.

Ariel and rookie,

Mia, are enjoying their timein
the exclusive black jacket

- Cheers.



You too.


Your 45 minutes starts now.

Good luck, because
you're going to need it.

In the second
black jacket challenge,

the remaining chefs
have 45 minutes

to create a unique
dish, all using

the same four ingredients.

Quail, cauliflower,
baby leeks and eggplant.

get 'em, Motto.

I don't want to see you
in the lounge, brother.

Let's go, man.

I don't think I have to
over-complicate this.

If I can pull this quailoff, then I'm going to be

wearing a black jacket later.


I started with
the cauliflower,

because I knew right awaywhat
I wanted to do with that.

Then I wanted to
salt my eggplant.

Then I stopped and
looked at the quail.

I ain't worked with
quail in a long time.

I know it's a pretty
little bird though.

Real delicate, real gamey.

A verydifficult, demanding bird.

Oh, fucking shit.

I was looking at the
bird, like the shit was

going to start talking to me.

Like, hey, Bret, youshould cook me like this.

Or hey, Bret, you should
cook me like that.

You know, fortunately,
quail cooks quick enough

where I can think about
it, because I don't

want to just put it together.

This is something that Ireally need to think about,

because it has to be perfect.

guys got 15 minutes now.

does not want to rice.

This freaking cauliflower, it is not ricing.

Granted, I've neverriced cauliflower before.

Cauliflower, you can
kiss my ass if you

think you're going to stop
mefrom getting a black jacket.

Hell yeah.

Seven minutes.

I was going to cook
it whole, pan seared.


I think my most
challenging ingredient

is a quail itself, because
I'venever worked with it before.

I can cut the wings off, right?

You can do
whatever you want to.

The breast is very thin.

So I've stuffed the cavity,
and I'm going to cut the legs

and the wings off.

Hopefully, it doesn't
bite me in the ass.

I'm just going to make
it the star of the show.

No arms, no legs.

Three minutes.

Get creative and make
surethere's harmony on your plates.

Yes, Chef.

60 seconds to go.

Come on,
think quick, Kanae.

Push, push, push.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Right, time is up, well done.

OK, let's start off
with Kanae please.

Let's go.

I hear Chef's voice.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god.

This is so cool.

Describe your dish.

I have a char grilled
quail with a creamy rice

cauliflower and creamy leek.

Cauliflowerdoesn't look that appetizing.

I'm just a bit confused,
because it looks gloopy.


Um, I wanted todo like a creamy cauliflower,

but with the, I wanted
to rice the cauliflower,

that was my initial thought.

The actual cauliflowertastes better than it looks.

Thank you, Chef.

A little bit more
spice in the eggplant.

But the hero is the quail,
andit's definitely standing out.

Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.

Thank you.

I feel like I nailed
every single element.

So at this point, I'm
like, there's no way

I'm not getting a black jacket.

Right, up next.

Motto, let's go please.

Here, Chef.

Go, Motto.


Describe your bird.

All right.

This is like country
quail come to town.

The country quail has
takenflight and landed in the city.

Well, he took a dip
in a brine over there

and then got a quicksnack, and stuffed himself

with some thyme and
bay leaf, and then

had to throw on his pinstripes.

Now he's just waiting on
the rest of the party.

Motto's quail looks like
hehad half a bottle of tequila,

and he's just kind of likeperched like on a wall

just looking kind of drunk.

Looks good.


It does look good.

It looks really good.

Do you wantthe cauliflower this raw?

A little textureto kind of break that puree.

I think a little bite
in the cauliflower

would do the dish nice.

The awkwardness of this
is the raw cauliflower.

Yes, it's texture, butjust maybe smaller florets.

Ah, but it's a
bloody good quail.

Nailed it, good job.

Thank you, Chef.

Really good.

He's got it.

Next up, Heather,
let's go please.


Chef, I took the wings andthe legs off of the quail,

because I stuffed the
cavitywith a little bit of parsley,

lemon, and some of the leeks.

I see Heather's dish,

I'm looking like,
where is the quail.

Where did the quail go?

So did you usethe legs, wings for any of it?

I didn't, Chef.


What's the stuffing here?

What is that?

I just, lemon, parsley, some of the leak.

When you
got that lemon in there.


Turns it bitter.

Like. If you put a lemonit, then you take it out.

Rookie mistake.

Cauliflower, delicious.

Eggplant, exceptional.

So everything else
works beautifully.

Except for the lemon.

The lemon.


Thank you.

I got chunks of lemon still.

I can't catch a
break today, at all.

One more dish.

Bret, describe your dish please.

So I have
a herbs de provence char

grilled quail servedwith a cauliflower puree.

A bit much on that puree,
but it looks kinda cool.

Yeah, it looks good.


grilled eggplant

topped with a lemon
zest and herb remoulade.

I look at that
dish and I don't

think you've done it,
becauseyou're quite a robust man.

But you've nailed that.

Quail now pureed,
smart intuition.

Eggplant's the only
bit that doesn't

match the rest of
the high standard

that you put on the plate.

But it's a bloody good effort.

Thank you.

Thank you, Chef.

Hopefully I got a winner winner,
quail dinner, ha, ha, ha.

I feel like Bret and
Motto are coming back.


Based on this last performance.

Oh, my god.

Time to find out who
is going to make it

into that elite
group and be joining

Ariel and Mia in thatincredible
Black Jacket Lounge.

Oh, my god, who is it?

Who is it?

next chef to receive

the coveted black jacket is.

In the second blackjacket challenge of the day,

Bret, Motto, Kanae and
Heatherall had to prepare a dish

with the same four ingredients.

get 'em, Motto.

I want to see you in
the lounge, brother.

Let's go, man.

Now, it's
time to see which

two chefs will be
joining Ariel and Mia

in the Black Jacket Lounge.

Oh, my god, who is it?

Who is it?

next chef to receive

the coveted black jacket is.

Congratulations, Bret.

Thank you, Chef.


Hell, yeah, yo!

Yeah, baby, this one's
for y'all, I said.

This one is for y'all.

My parents, man!

Off you go.

I feel
ecstatic right now,

surreal, euphoric, phenomenal.

Black jacket, hell yeah, yo.

Are they here?

Who is it?
Who is it?


That's what I'm
talking about, yo!

He's not my favorite
in the competition,

but I'm happy for him.

Oh, yeah!

This one's for you right there!

The reason I'm a chef,
is because my mother

and my father.

Because for them
right there, you know,

they was really rooting
forme on my original season

when they were still alive.

That's what I'm talking about!

So this one was
definitely for them.

Definitely for them.

Damn, I look good in this coat!

Oh, dear.

Can I have a, Motto,
this is tough.

I really do not

want to go into sudden
deaththird round of this today.

Come on, Chef, just, justcall that name real quick

that you know I want to hear.


Get me out of this red coat.

Joining Mia, Bret,
Ariel in theBlack Jacket Lounge is Motto.

Great job, well done.

The brine, the flavor, bullet.

Really good meat.
Well done.

Thank you, Chef.

Excellent, well done indeed.

I got a
black jacket, you know!

Kind of solidifying thefact that I do belong here.

Now I'm starting to
find myself even more

through my cooking
and everything else.

And I think people might
should watch out for me.

You are part of
a very elite club.

Please, Christina is
going to escort you

down to that incredible lounge.

Ain't gotta tell
me twice, Chef.

Good job.

Good job, good job, Motto.

Thank you, Chef.

It's a great job, wow.

We play nine ball, eight ball?

What are we doing here?

We're like three drinks in.

I don't know how long
I'm going to play.

And I was already.

Who is it?


Bad news in the house!

That's what I was
talking about, homey!

I told you I'd see
you in the black room.

Motto, I'm super
stoked to see here.

He definitely deserves
to be in a black jacket.

Get a drink, buddy.

Do I think I'm still
going to beat him?


Cheers to an black squad.

We got one more to come.

Two talentedchefs, one jacket up for grabs.

That means only one of
you will be moving on.

Heather, I've seen betterfrom you, young lady.

I know, Chef.

And I know what
you're capable of,

but I'm not quite feeling it.

- Yes, Chef.
- You OK?

Yes, Chef.

I'm better than these
tworounds for the black jackets.

Like, I don't understandwhat is going on with me.

You know, I'm getting
shit that I've

never cooked before and I just.

It's conquering me,
and I'mnot going to be defeated.

Kanae, how are you feeling?

I'm pumped, Chef.

I'm ready to cook.

You've been so close
to the mark twice.

Continue pushing.

I will, Chef.

My eye's on the prize.

Going down to the last
round,I'm going to kill it, period.

I'm killing it.

I've thought long and hard
ofwhat this final test should be.

Let me tell you, I love
all styles of cuisine,

but nothing excites me
more than the dish that

combines two amazing proteins.

And of course,
I'm talking about.

Surf and turf.

Surf and turf,
you got it, ladies.

Give it everything you've got,
because your future depends

on this final challenge.


Yes, Chef.

I'm here for me and
I'm here for my son.

And nothing is stopping
me from getting

into that Black Jacket Lounge.

Your 45 minutes starts now.

Let's go.

Take a good look at
those ingredients.

They are the best.

I came
into this competition

knowing that I will be
a black jacket member.

And my eye's on the
prize right now.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Off we go.

I gotgood facing off with Kanae.

She's a really good competitor,
so at the end of the day,

I just need to have
that slight edge

and I need to be
better than her.

You got this?

Yeah, still working
out everything as I go.

What are you doing?
Pork chop?

I'm going to do pork.

Keep working, keep working,

And spot prawn.

I want to be creative.

So I am doing Asian
surf and turf.

Who does that?

This is extremely creative.

It's extremely fun making it.

And I think it's
going to be delicious.

Yours is pretty

straightforward over here.


One of my favorites, Chef.

Thinking outside the boxhasn't gotten me far, so.

I'm going back to what
Iknow and what I do every day

at my job with surf and turf.

Filet mignon and lobster tails.

But I want to step
it up a notch.

I want to give it that oomph.

you feeling, Heather?



Feel good.

Heather is plain Janewhen it comes to cooking.

I already know that she's
doingthe typical surf and turf.

I don't even have to
look, I just know it.

16 minutes to go, ladies.

I am so surprisethat Chef Ramsay hasn't asked

her, Heather, have you peaked?

Yes, you've peaked, Heather.

it look stunning.

Yes, Chef.

It takes everything.

Blood, sweat, tears,

passion, drive, determination.

Everything is in this dish.

I feel really confident.

I'm doing me.

And it feels
really, really good.


Oh, my god.
- Oh, you OK?

No, I'm not.

I burn the fuck out of my hand.


The veterans,
Ariel and Bret,

and rookies, Mia and Motto,
have already all secured

a black jacket, and are
enjoyingthe luxurious Black Jacket


Cheers to the black squad.

We got a lot more to come.

It's down to oneveteran and one rookie, who

are cooking for their lives,
by preparing their best

version of surf and turf.

But with 15 minutes
left to cook.


Oh, my god.
- Oh, you OK?

No, I'm not.

I burned the fuck
out of my hand.

My hand, it's on fire.

I grabbed like the full handle.


I could kick myself
in the ass right now.

I'm just goingto put this on here.

I'd like you to rub itreal loosely on there, OK?

I'm havingthe most horrible luck ever.

It needs to stop.

There you go.

Now you can work.

Blood, sweat, tears
and burns, I don't care.

I'm not going home this round.

I will work with likesinged skin, I don't care.

Heather, all good?

Yes, Chef.

60 seconds to go.

Show great flair, great finesse.

Don't over pile on those plates.

Come on, Heather,
startplating something please.

Yes, Chef.

it look stunning.

And come up with a
greatdescription your dish, please.

30 seconds to go.

Make it count.

It takes everything.

Here we go.

15 seconds to go.

Come on, ladies, please.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2, 1, Kanae, please serve.

Whew, wow, that was intense.

Heather, Kanae, only
one black jacket left.

Yes, Chef.

Heather, let's go.

Oh, my god.

The burn OK?

It hurts, but I'm
going to be all right.

She burnt herself?

I grabbed one of the sautepans right off the oven.

Tough day.

Describe the dish.

Chef, I did a
classic surf and turf

with a fillet and a
lobster tail and claw,

with sauteed broccoli rabe
andYukon gold mashed potatoes.

I kind of took a step
back and went back

into the comfort zone, but.

But what?

It's my redemption.


Why would youstay in your comfort zone?

What is that proving to him?

Broccolini, I did a little bitof salt,
pepper, chicken stock.

You haven't proven shit.

So you used half the lobster.


How'd you cook this lobster?

Brandy butter poached.

I wanted to bring
that hint of brandy

right through at the end, Chef.

That lobster's delicious.

It's so soft.


It's just kind of boring.


She plays it safe.

That wine on
her jacket though.

Temperature, what's have you got?

I'm going to mid
rare for that, Chef,

Mid rare?


Wow, it'scutting through with ease.

Yeah, that is a
perfect mid rare.

Filet, nails.

Thank you, Chef.

Lobster, delicious.

Plating, when you
havecontours like a filet mignon

and it's round and the
lobster tail's round,

the minute you startputting it on square plates,

it just looks confusing.


But it's a very,
very strong effort.

Thank you.

Thank you, Chef.

I'm happy with my presentation.

Should it be better?


Is it going to win?

Yes sir!

Kanae, please step
forward, thank you.

My dish isextremely black jacket,

it's creative, it is notyour typical surf and turf.


That looks beautiful.

is me on a plate.

I think I'm solid.

I have a single bone
porkchop with a soy marinade

coconut poached
shrimp, a slaw on top,

and coconut in cilantro rice.

Have you ever cooked
a dish like this before?

Uh, no.


life is on the line,

and she does something
completely new.

Who does that shit?

I thinkwhat excites me about you,

is that you're not scared.

You cook with no boundaries.


OK, andtemperature-wise, what have you

gone for?

I wanted to do like amedium well on that, Chef.

it's beautiful.

It's a chop, not a tenderloin.


You marinated it in soy.


Uh, because I feel
like it needed it.

Did you clean these?

Come on, Kanae.

Hopefully they were clean.

They look clean.

They don't look clean.

It's down to
the final challenge,

and both Heather and
Kanae are fighting

for the last black
jacket, and the right

to stay in Hell's Kitchen.

you clean these?


there's a sac in there.


praying to the food gods

that these prawns are notclean,
because at this point,

I need any small technical
errorto give me that slight edge.

And if you're smart,
you can twist the tail

and it comes out.

When I broke it off,
I alwaystwist that tail at the end.

- You did?
- Yes.

So you did.
OK, so they are clean.


Nice save.

Prawns are cooked beautifully.

It's very sweet.

A little bit more lemon.

And the rice, give
it a counterbalance.

Rice is under seasoned.

You got a bed of it
underneath there,

so it needs a touch of help.


Pork, delicious.

Great, thank you.KANAE
HOUSTON: Thank you, Chef.


Strong effort, Kanae.

Thank you, Chef.

I don't see why I don't
deserve a black jacket.

I did not play it safe at all,
and I will never play it safe.

Ladies, you did not
make this easy for me.

Both are unique, creativetakes on surf and turf.


Who you think?


I think Kanae deserves it.

But I still have to act
excited if it's not.

I know.

It might be.

The last black jacket goes to.

Who's it going to be?



Oh, my god!


A near flawless dish.

Heather, well done.

I'm proud of you.

I am so proud of you.

Thank you.

So proud of you.

Your best dish of thenight, young lady, you left it

to last moment, just in time.


I'm back at the
Black Jacket Lounge.

I was fighting for
my life and I finally

got in on the last go round.

Thank you, Chef.
- Congratulations.

- Keep your head up, all right?- Great job.

Tell everybody
I say hi and bye.

I will.

Thank you, Chef.

Well done.

Kanae, please come
forward, young lady.

Oh dear.

Let me tell you somethingreally important.

You may not be
ready yet to become

my executive chef
at Caesar's Palace,

but you are going
on to great things.

And you'll become an
amazing executive chef.

Yes, I will, thank you, Chef.

You have got nothing
to feel sorry about.


And you have gotnothing to put your head down.

Yeah, I'm proud of myself.

so you should be.

Please, give me your jacket.


Oh, Kanae, I thoughtI'd never be saying that.

Tell me you've enjoyed it.

Oh, I've loved every
moment of this, Chef.

Dream come true.

Thank you.

Best of luck.

Thank you.

Bye, Hell's Kitchen!

Nothing compares
to this experience.

Nothing I think ever
willcompare to this experience.

It makes me so happy to
knowI stayed here this long.

Like, I know I wanted to winit,
but still, it's like, damn

I did good.

I am so proud of myself.

It's Kanae.

I bet the farm on her right now.

I know.

Your lineup for
your starting five,

last but not least,
fromSouth Central Los Angeles.

Where's that a little homey?

Where's she at?

Where's that little homey?

You thought it
was the end of me!



Oh, wow, don't look
so fuckin' happy.


Oh, shit, it's Heather.

Oh, my god.

Don't look so happy,
guys, holy shit, thanks.

Oh, my god.

I'm so excited Ariel
looks like her dog died.

Bret looks like, what.

Yeah, bro, I'm back.

I'm back with a
fucking vengeance.

Like, don't make me
feel wanted or anything.



You made it.

- Thank you, Chef.


Thank you, Chef.

That's my boy from the Bayou.

Southern boy chefhanging with the big dogs.

It feels good.
- Yeah?

I'm stoked about it.

I'm only going to pick
up speed from here.

Well, the next
time we see you,

it's our first service
in the black jacket.

So that needs to
be the best ever.

I love it here.

I love the challenge.

It feels so special to
be a part of this group,

and I'm so grateful for
how much I've learned.

what an emotional day.


You were losing it in there.What happened?

I was.

I got mad, and
that was a problem.

And now it's
perfection here on out.

There is no room
for excuses, no room

for anything at this point.

You've made it, andthat's the most important.

I will cut your throat
out and stomp on it

to get to where I need to be.

Here's to the famous five.Well done.

Thank you, Chef.


Thank you very much.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen."

The odds are narrowing down.

All of you, well done.

Two rookies
and three veterans

are locked in, as Chef
Ramsay'selite Black Jacket Team.

And then there were five.

And for
the first time,

they'll cook out of one kitchen.

How long, Bret?

Hey, don't put your fuckinghead down like that.

I told you stop
talking, fucking do it.

But withexpectations higher than ever.

Heather, I need you
to run your station.

I apologize.

We have to maintain
our standards!

I apologize.

How about you don't
do shit to be sorry for?

Will the pressurebe too much for one rookie

to handle?

I need a garnish.

Get garnish for what?

She's flustered as fuck, man.

Like a deer in headlights.

She's like, argh.

Next time.

Oh, no.

No, no, no!

On "Hell's Kitchen."